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ft Sailor Believed to Be Tlmothu
AlGGarttiu Is Murdered In
Examination of the Body Proves
That He Had Been Killed by Two
Shots from a 32-Calibre Revolver.
A Pawn Ticket Pound In His
Pocket May Reveal the Man's
Kpcchl to the Scranton Tribune.
Mnghanitnn, X. Y., Juno US. A luko
sailor, believed to bo Tlmoth)1 McCar
thy, wits murdered lust hIkIU In this
e'ty and his body was found In a Lack
awanna freight oar this moiiiliiyr. A
veil of mystery hangs about the mur
der, but there are clews which may
lend tn the discovery of the perpetra
tors of the crime, though at present
II spoiiis doubtful.
About U o'clock this morning a
switching crew employed In the yards
if the Lackawanna went to the cast
end Hwltch to pick up a freight car
which was near the factory of Cran
diil. Stone & Co. Karly this morning
it had been taken from the Syracuse
tracks In the vicinity of the Stlckley
Rrandt chair factory and kicked up to
the main lino switch. When the yard
crew wont after the car one of the
men looked Inside and there he saw in
a heap In Hip corner the body of a
in. in. Kxamlnatlon showed that ho
had been killed by two shots from a 32
lallher revolver Hied into his left side
near the heart. The bullets either
passed through the heart or severed
the main artery.
The car was brought down to Lib
erty street and Coroner Smith and
Chief Moore were called. They exam
ined the body and car and found a
black slouch hat and a small blue cap,
which was of a boy's size. The re
mains were removed to Strait's under
taking rooms, and there a more thor
ough examination was made. The
man was attired in a pair of sailor's
tiotiscrs, brown coat and vest. The
body was piofiisely tattooed and upon
th" breast was the French motto,
"iJleu et limit droit."
Disability Certificate.
In his pocket was found a seaman's
disability certificate signed by William
tirlflln, master of the port of Kuffalo.
The certilicate was made out in the
name of Timothy McCarthy, and It
uus stated that he was 2S years old,
had ilaik hair, blue eyes, was 3 feet, G
inches in height, and was tattooed on
the wrists. The certificate was dated
May .0 last and showed that the bear
er had been employed as a wheelman
on the Monteagle of Oswego. It was
also stated that Timothy McCarthy
had been in the I'nlted States service
twenty years. The description on this
paper corresponds somewhat with the
description of the murdered man,
though it might have been more ex
plicit. Hesides the certilicate. there were
found tea cents in money, an outfit
for tatooing, razor, a copy of the
Leader of last Wednesday, a copy of
yesterdays' SeranJon Tribune, a bit of
looking-glass, a mutch safe, tobacco
and a handkerchief, as well as a pawn
ticket that may assist In establishing
the man':! Identity. The pawn ticket
was given by Frank X. Forsler, Hi
Kast Sonaca street, ISull'iilo, last Tues
day, and showed thai the bearer had
received ?: for a suit of light clothes.
The pawn ticket was number ,'i'..
Coroner Smith saw the body at it
ii'cIih k and thought that the man
could not have been dead more than
eight hours.
The murdered man was seen about
the yards yesterday, lie Inquired of
some of the railroad men if they had
seen his partner, also a sailor. From
what lie told the rail mail men. It was
evident that the two had been travel
ing together, anil he let his partner
h,ie a dollar to go and get something
to eat.
A Probable Quarrel.
It is considered a probable theory
that the partner did show up at tho
box car In which tho two were stay
ing late in the evening, ami then a
quarrel ensued, In which McCarthy,
if that Is his name, was shot. As the
car was on the Syracuse tracks until
this morning, it Is probable that the
.shooting occurred in that vicinity,
Last night when tho searchers were
near the factory of Crandal, Stone it
Co., looking for the body of James
Morlailty, a sailor entno along and
remained there for some time, lie
told those present, iibuut being en
gaged on the lakes, and gave pointers
as to hifw to search for tho body.
Detective Stephenson saw him there,
This morning about ".so o'clck l'o
llcenian ilanloy was coming from his
home with his wife, and at the cor
ner of Chenango and Munsell streets
H. man accosted them, asking tho offi
cer the time of duy and the name of
the street. Ills description tallies al
most exactly with that of tho sailor
on the river bank last night. Pollen
man Hanley was attracted to the man
by his peculiar actions. He hud In his
hand a copy of the morning paper,
which he had probably stolen from
home porch, and It'ls a theory that
this was McCarthy's partner; that he
had shot him while the car was on
the tracks in that vicinity, and had
como out on Chenango street to avoid
being seen. Policeman Hanley was in
his citizen's clothes and accordingly
did not strike the man as being an
ottlcer. lie had picked up tho morn
ing paper, probably, to learn if the
murder had been discovered. This
man was short In build, wore a soft
uit and a small badge upon his vest,
mil his face was covered with a
neck's growth of beard.
Genuine Tornado Does Much Dam
age to Proporty No
Lives Lost.
By llvrliulva Wire from The Associated Press.
St. Paul, June 1!8. Heavy slornw,
with more or less damage, are reported
all over this section this afternoon, and
the loss will run well up Into the thou
sands, while a number of people have
been Injured and many live stock killed,
The worst storm was that which
passed through a large district south
of New Richmond. It was a genuine
tornado, and did much damage to
property, but no Uvea were lost. On a
smaller scale It resembled the tornado
which swept over and destroyed the
greater portion of New Hlchmond two
years ago. Over a dozen farmers have
already reported the loss of a part or
all their buildings, windmills, live stock,
machinery, etc., and the loss there will
be heavy. In some cases the buildings
weie crushed down and in otheis swept
away by the wind, while Hood damage
was reported elsewhere. Kaln fall of
nearly four inches is reported there.
A tornado Is also reported to' have
caused much loss about Star Prairie,
some distance to the north of New
Hlchmond. Hector, Minn., reports all
crops destroyed, six miles north of
there, by a destructive hailstorm. Hlrd
Island and Montevideo, Minn., both
sutfered considerably. In these two
cities the storm was very threatening,
but only minor damage was done.
Oood Feeling Restored Between the
Two Nations by an Automo
bile Race.
By Kxclnsiic Wire from The Associated Pre.
Berlin, June 28. Tho automobile
race from Paris to Berlin Is responsi
ble for the fact that for .the first time
since 1S70 French and Herman Hags
are peaceably Hying together In Ber
lin. The tri-color is seen on nearly
every street, and on the hotels, and it
has even been raised over public
buildings. The French and the Ger
man Hags are intertwined over Hie
gate of tho barracks of the crack
guard du corps, where some of the
competing auto cars will be housed to
morrow. The entire city of Berlin Is agog
with excitement about the race. The
contestants are due here tomorrow.
Bets are freely made on the winner
and M. Foamier is tho favorite. The
police of Berlin are tonight making
extensive preparations to safely han
dle tho immense crowds who will wit
ness the finish of the contest and to
avoid collisions and accidents. There
are thousands of visitors in Berlin
from outside points and two trains
have arrived from Paris, bringing
those Interested in the event.
A succession of minor accidents
marred the middle stage of the race.
A petroleum motor blow up while ap
proaching Uusseldorf, and its occu
pants were slightly injured. While
(lie French consul, with a party, was
going out to meet the racers, his
car overturned. Count Do Perlgord,
the fourth racer to arrive at Aix In,
Chapello was so seriously ill from tho
strain that he has been compelled to
abandon tho contest.
Identification Impossible Coal Op
erations Resumed in
By Exclusive Wiie from The Associated Prr".
Illuelleld, W. Vn June US. Two
boilles were found In a drift pile at
Landgraft today. They were so far
decomposed that identification was
Impossible and the bodies were burned
promptly. The railroad and liulstrlnl
situation Is Improving rapidly. It Is
expected that tho Norfolk and West
ern railroad will be In shape for a
train to get through tomorrow, al
though about forty miles stilt remains
to be connected, owing to loss of
A number of coal operations re
sumed woik tills morning and loaded
over -00 cars, Ilalnstorms continue to
visit tills section and while they do
not cause very high water, they delay
The telegraph lines have been got
ten up as far as Vivian, It was
more dllllcult to run this line than It
was to construct It at first, as In
many places the Hood washed the soil
to the bedrock and poles could not bo
Baldwin-Zeigler Party Will Leave
on July 12,
llundee, Junp ti.v-The Ameiica, the llaghp
of the lliMuin-KelKler North polo rxpeilitlon
has left here from Tlunisoo, Voivvay.
'I'lif llalilvvln-Kclgler evpcdllhin Hill ptnbably
lulu I'miu Josel land July 12, The lluee ves.
nla of I lid expedition, the Amciiea, tin llel(;ln
uiul the t'llthjof, will leiide.iinis licit! before
that elate. llahjwiu will Join the KrllliM
ut Troui-no ami will ilun go m villous points
on the White, sea and emhaik tJ iloss.
Shot at a Steamboat,
fly Exclusive Wire from Th As-sociited Press.
Louisville, Ivy., June ii. As the Louisville and
Kiansvlllo mail steamer, Tell Clly, was baikim;
out from Schooner Point, Iml,, eliiilnir the nlKht,
two well known shanty boat nun tired on it with
a rifle anil shot gun. Slany of their shots passe,)
timing h ill," pilot bouse ami upper vvoik of the, but no person was wounded. No cause for
the (hooting h kiiowu.
Americans Beat Pacemakers.
By Exclusive Wire isom The Associated Press.
Henley, Lnu'land, June M. The Pennsylvania
unlvetslly i uw luil a icmeiktble fast tiial to.
day. paced by the famous triple scullers, (iolUu,
Sullivan end 'fount. Pulling foil -two stiokes to
the minute tliiouglioiit, t lie Americans beat the
paee-makci; by thrc"Uirters of a length,
no other right was ever able to do.
Will. It Is Believed, Result from the
Prolect ot M. WaldeGk-
Now Only Awaits the Signature of
President Loubet The Abbe Gay
raud Says the Law Is a Stigma
of Shame Upon the Government.
Count De Munn's Opinion.
Ily inclusive Wire finin Tho Associated Piess.
Varis, June 28. The premier, M.
Waldock-IJoussean, has carried the
most important project ot his minis
try, the law of association bill, which
now only awaits the signature of
President Loubet to become law. The
chamber ot deputies tonight, In a sin
gle session, definitely adopted tho bill
as amended by the senate, by nil! to
219 votes. Several attempts wore
made by the opposition and socialists
to again amend the bill; but the
chamber, in every case, supported the
The Abbe Gnyrnud, (Catholic no
publican), said the law would remain
a stigma of shame and opproblum
upon the government. The Abbe
Gayraud was called to order1.
Count Albert De Mutt (Seine ct
JIarne) declared the bill to be the be
ginning of a war against Catholicism.
M. Itibol, (Pas do Calais), slild he
would not support the bill because
It was inspired by a policy of hatred.
M. Waldeck-Kosseau, replying, said
the law would be applied vigorously,
but not In a spirit of persecution.
The vote on the bill was greeted by
prolonged leftist applnusc and shouts
of "Viva la Kepubliquo" and "Viva
The President Not Disposed to Re
gard the Applications of Ellery
P. Ingham and Harvey K.
Newitt with Favor.
Ily i:xclu--ic Wire from The Associated Press.
Washington. June 2S. Tho applica
tions for pardon of ex-District Attor
ney Kllery P. Ingham and ex-Asslst-ant
District Attorney ilarvey K. New
itt, who were convicted and sentenced
to two and a half' years imprisonment
for their connection with the famous
Jacobs' counterfeiting cases in Penn
sylvania several years ago, have been
denied by the president.
When the papers in the case were
sent to the president, they were ac
companied, at his request, by an opin
ion from the attorney general, lu the
course of which he says:
"It will bo seen that aside from the
qualified reassertion of their plea of
not guilty tho petitioners set up but
one reason for pardon i. e., their dis
barment from the practice of law
which they claim is a greater punish
ment than their Imprisonment, a pun
ishment not provided by the act of
congress, 'which the trial judge could
not have considered when he imposed
tho sentence.'
"I have weighed these suggestions
deliberately and with great care and
with a mind disposed toward discov
ering in them merit
"The more I regard thoin the weak
er and more Inconclusive they appear.
"Certainly It Is true that the acts
of congress do not provide for the dis
barment of an attorney who commits
a. crime; no more do they provide
that a minister of the gospel shall bo
stripped of his cloth or that a great
moral or social leader under like cir
cumstances shall bo dethroned anil
cast out In disgrace. Congress lias no
function In such matters, Society has
Its own way of protecting Itself; Its
own system of rewards and punish
ments. "Tho petitioners' disbarment there
fore, was no part of their sentence.
It was the commendable act of the
Pennsylvania courts to purge Its bar
of those who had brought discredit
and shame upon It, Your pardon
could not restore them to practice.
This Is a matter solely for the courts
which took action,
"Tho suggestion that the hlgh
mludcd judge who Imposed the merci
ful sentence In this case could not
have considered the posslhllty of their
disbarment needs no comment,
"In my Judgment there Is no reason
why tho petition should bo granted
and I therofore recommend that it bo
Stenmship Arrivals.
fly Exclusive Wire from The Associated Piess,
New Voik, dune 23. Cleared: I.iicania, Liver
pool; Amsterdam, Rotterdam via lloulague; IVnn.
MlVJnla, Hambitrc:, llaie Arrheili l,'iUl.
lane, .N'ew York, ll.imburi! Arrheili ( Nald
enee, New Voilr, (Senna Arrived! Ti.ii New
York l.i Naples. Moville Sailed! Anihoril
(liom (iliHtow), New York, Southampton
Hailed: Deutscldand (fiom liamburi;), New Ymlc
ia (Jlwboiirc, Hiowhead I'assedi (icorgla, New
York for Liverpool! Siilly l'jt-H-il: (iroNr
Kiirfmst, InW York for Cheibourp and lliemeu,
Ule of Wl(rht I'ji-ed: Potsdam, Itotteidam for
New York,
Glass Factories Closed,
Ily Kvehiilve Wiri from The Associated I'reis.
Piltsbuiir, June SA All the Hint kIj-.s fJftorlea
of the country operated under the ejle of llio
Ameiiean Dint lilJvs Workers' union wilt dose
tomorrow night for periods ijiikIm fiom lour
week to two months. I'ully IO.ikiO men and
boss uill enjoy the ni-tninary tummer vacation.
Will Encourage Naval Militia.
Ily Kxelmlie Wire fiom The Atwelaleit Press.
Wadiington, June 25. The nuy del mi I mint to.
day eute out a statement to I lie eftett that It is
ready to chc every encouragement tn the naval
militia, 'ibis sua tailed out by ieirt that the
department ha decided to abandon the iiillilia.
Now York's Fire Commissioner Un
der Heavy Ball.
NVw York, Juno 2S. Two Indictments
were returned by the grand Jury today
against Klre Commissioner John J.
.Heannell, charging hltn with neglect of
duty. Another Indictment was re
turned jointly charging Commissioner
Kcannell and William L. Marks with
conspiracy. It Is alleged that nearly
all supplies for the lire department
have been purchased through Marks.
There aro three counts In tho In
dictments. One Is a charge of evading
the law, the other Is for defrauding
the ity, and the third Is neglect of
duty. The Indictment against Marks
charges him with connivance with
Commissioner Heannell to defraud the
city by selling Inferior goods at tho
highest pi Ices. It is also chnrged that
the commissioner gave Marks exces
sive commissions. Bait wns fixed at
$2,r,00 each and was furnished.
Prof W. E. Bemis Believes That the
Masses Should Be
fiy rxctuslvc Wire lrom The Aisocialed Pies.
Detroit, Midi., Juno 28. "Unification
of Reform Forces and Organizations,"
In Its various phases, wns the subject
discussed at tonight's meeting of the
second national, social and political
conference. Trot. Secly. of Ohio uni
versity, the first speaker, advocated
direct legislation, the adoption of
which, ho said, would result In reform
ing all the social and economic evils
that exist at present. 11. Gaylord Win
shite, of os Angeles, Cal., argued for
the co-operative system as against the
competitive wage system, and assorted
that three years from now the co-op-enitive
system will be recognized as
the remedy for present economic, con
ditions and will bo generally adopted.
Prof. AW U. Bemls, of New York,
discussed trades unions In reform
movements. Jto said:
"In older to progress socially and
economically!, we must educate and or
ganize, and I think that the unions are
giving men lessons that will help
greatly in organizing the masses."
Discussing Prof. Penils' paper. Rev.
Mills, of Chicago, said that labor must
follow tho example of the great trusts
and by becoming political masters of
the country make themselves an inter
national factor. ,
Miss Mario C. Tirehm, of Chicago,
talked on "The Itetution of Temper
ance Organizations to Kconomic P.e
fnrni," and the subject was extensively
discussed from tho floor.
A. M. Webster, of Grand Rapids,
made a plea for the leforenduni and
urged the organization of a society to
propogato this doctrine.
Several Members of a Lynching
Party Come to Grief.
Ily nvclusiie Wire fiom The A-'ociated Piess.
Panther, W. A'a June 1!S. Peter
Price, a negro, cornered in a house by
a determined baud of infuriated citi
zens bent on meting summary justice
to him, charged with Insulting a lady,
In his desperate efforts to escape, cut
and killed George Hooks and F. M. Mo
Gran and seriously cut Chuiies Davis.
Tho murder occurred at lager, a small
town live miles south sf here. Price,
on seeing his pursuers, toolc- refuge In
a small room In the rear of a saloon.
The mob battered down the door, and
as they entered tho room Price threw
himself at them with the ferocity of a
tiger, with it knife in each hand. Hooks
and MeGran fell to the Hour. Two re
volvers in the ciowd were discharged
at Price, Indicting but slight wounds.
With one desperate swing of his
knife lie laid open Davis' abdomen, and
then leaped from the window. He was
puisued and captured by olllcer.s iiio
hurriedly sent him to the jail ut Welch
to avoid the vengeance of the Infuri
ated populace. Hooks and MeGran
were both well-known citizens, and in
dignation runs high.
Irving Smith's Hopes Destroyed by
tho Wall Street Panic,
Ily i:ilu-sivc Wire fiom Tho Aviclated Pro'.
New Yoik, .lime 'JS, Irving ('. Kuiith, M jean
old, an imentor of a number of steam mid elec.
trio engines, committed buicidu today by shoot,
ing liliii.iclf In I lie head.
The Northern I'aclllc pinie in Wall sheet rained
a firm vtldch was In have lliiauced one of Ids In.
vi lit Ions, an electric motor, to abandon the pro.
jut, and llil.s in. Hie him despondent.
To Strengthen tho Knights of Labor.
Ily Kuiiitlre Wiie from The Associated I'ies,
New Yoili, .lime iS. The flit nf a seilcs of
miet nicctlnss to formulate a plan of aitlon
for tint purpoMi of htrcuHthenlnir tin) Knigliti o(
Labor was held in this city tonight. It wa.s at
tended by a laigo number of pioinlnent members
of the organization, icni'reiilln- all lli bodies
of the IviiIkIiU of Labor In the nictmpnlltaii ilis.
1 1 let. At the conclusion of the meeting the an.
liouncemeiit was made that nothing hut u pie.
Ilmiinr.v dl.-i u..,.n of the 1 1 1 .s to bo taken up
tool, place.
Manager of Erie,
fly Kxliulve Wire fiom Tim Assochled Press.
Cleveland, .lime 2.". It was annoimuil in Kile
l.illiuad chiles today that Clinics It, I'ltdi,
now ucimtiiI iiunager of the inslcin ditlsion of
that load, has been made t'fiipial mauaiier of tb
enllie s.lcm, and that John ('. Moonhead, now
giueial mauau'cr of I lie (lido division, lias been
sell i led alslant geneial manager. Albeit A.
Mltvbell, who has hem siipeiinlendeut of motive
power, Ins Ijien sljled nieihauical guppilulendcnt
vvtli ofttics in New Yoik, ami the ollue of npcr
inlendint of motive power ban been abolished.
Ship Load of Gold,
Ily Kscliiiive Wire fiom The Associated Press,
Seattle, Va.-h., June :& The lcamship City
of Seattle nulled fiom kagvvay this afternoon
Willi 175 Oattkon pa.-sen;(crs and a large amount
of licaMiic. Tlieie was nu bank of .company
gold. It Mas all peisonal llcasiuc. 'I', S, l.lpnj
hinught Ill.Vimi. I'uiscr Paimalec had bags in
wldili he estimates llnic aie 7J,0U0. Many of
tin.- pasMiixiis had gold In their talc luonii of
which they would nut make uu estimate.
The Russian Minister at Pekln Has
Been Transferred to the Post
at Munich, Bavaria.
It Is Reported That the Chinese
Bandits Have Seized Eour Walled
Cities in Manchuria Prince Tuan
and Duke Lan Arrive at Their
Place of Exile.
By Inclusive Wire from Thi Associated Press.
St. Petersburg, Juno 2S. M. do Glcrs,
the Russian minister at Pekln, has
been, appointed minister of Russia at
Munich, Uavaiia.
Shanghai, Juno 28. Tt Is reported
here that bandits have seized four
walled cities near Mukden, Manchuria.
According to advices received hero
from Slan-Fu, tiling Sing, president
of the board of civil appointments,
committed suicide when tho Dowager
Empress stigmatized ns treachery his
advice that tho Chinese court, return
to Pekln.
Tho taotal ot Shanghai, Sheng, at
the request of Liu-Kun-KI, tho viceroy
of Xnnkln, visited all the consuls to
day and urged that, ns the foreign
forces were leaving Pekln, they ought
also to evacuate Shanghai.
The consuls are referring the matter
to their respective governments.
Pekln, June 28. News has been re
ceiver! here of tho arrival of Duke Lan
and Prince Tuan at Ulumskl, Turkes
tan, in which place of bandishmetit
"hey have been sentenced to reside. A
Unsslan consul is stationed at Ulum
skl. lie will notlfj; the Russian gov
ernment should the' bandished Chinese
leave that place.
Silvela Attacks Ministry for Not
Preventing Creed Conflicts;
Madrid. June 28. The discussion ot
the religious conflicts In Spain led to
such a tumult In the chamber of depu
ties that the sitting had to be tul
journod. Senor Silvela led the attack
on the government for not preventing
reed conflicts, but his remarks vere
drowned in a storm of Republican
hisses and protests.
Tho minister of the Interior, Sonor
Moret, promised to protect Catholic
religious demonstrations so long as
they were not of a political character.
Miss Jessie Moore, of Ridgewood, N.
T., Is the Victor Other
Games Played.
fly Ilvclusive Wire from The Associated Pic".
Philadelphia, June 28. The principal
event In the women's national cham
pionship tennis tournament today was
the final roud between Miss Marlon
Jones, of Nevnda, and Miss Bessie
Moore, of Ridgewood, X. J In which
the latter came out tho victor. The
weather was extremely warm and
both players were almost exhausted
when the match was finished.
The two players gave the best ex
hibition of tennis ien during the
present tournament. In tho first two
sets Miss Jones played by far the
stronger game and In spite of ' the
swift and well placed drives of her
opponent, kept n good length ahead
and any allowed Miss Moore live
games In the two sets. The third and
fourth sets, which WPtit to Miss
Moore, were more evenly contested,
Tn the fifth and deciding set It re
peatedly seemed as though Miss Jones
would have to default, as she ap
peared to bi almost exhausted from
the heat. Miss Moore kept up her
strong game and won the set, ti-:t, and
the match, three sets to two.
In the men's singles, "V. J. Clothier,
the local champion, bent It, D. Little,
of Princeton, tho Inter-colleglatu
The match between Miss Moore,
challenger, and Miss .Myrtle McAleer,
of Pittsburg, the national champion,
for the championship of the United
States, will bo played early tomorrow
afternoon. Summitry:
Killed by Lightning.
Py Inclusive WIiii fiom The Associated Press.
Pittsburg, June 23. Diirinx a short but vicious
htoini today linlitnlnjr shuck a law oak lieu
In Itivcndde Park, under which II rs, V, II,
Young and hr four children were eating a pie.
nio lumhenn. ticortto Young, aged six yeais,
was Instantly killed, Norman, a jouncer biother,
was lendeieil unconscious ami will probably die,
Mr. Young, her a-jcai-old daughter ami an 111'
fant weie sevuely shoiked, but will lecover.
The Meteor Damaged,
Ily Exclusive Wire from The Associated Press.
Kiel, June Ji.-The Meteor vva.s seveiely dam.
au'eil dining her passage fiom Kuxland. Conse.
iiiently Ijiipcinr William entered I he Idiini In
today H'k'.illJ. The Iduna anived at Tuicimuule
at ft oMoik this ntlcutoon, the u inner lu a Held
of folly-three yacht. The empeior steeled (lie
j oi Id himself through, a rough sea.
Cricket at Philadelphia.
Ily inclusive Win from The Associated Press.
Philadelphia, June 23. The Canadian cricketers
began a two days match with the llelinont clicket
eleven at lllmwood Iodic. When stumps ucre
diuv.n tonight I lie vlsltois had scoied IS,') mat
for Die nisi innings and llelinont had gathered
bit inns for the Ions of seven wickets.
Canton Homo Ready.
Ily Inclusive Wiie from The Associated Press.
Canton, 1)., June 23. President McKlnley's
borne is now in leadlniicna (or (lie arrival of the
family, which will be inly a few hence,
lb. MiKlnlcy ill be warmly welcomed upon
her archil.
Weather Indications Today:
1 fteneul Sailor I'oiinil Murileied In a llnx Car.
Ituisliin Minister lle-citled from China.
War Against Catholicism In Kiiincc,
batge lliokenigo l'lnii I'ull".
2 tlencrnl Carbond.ile Department,
3 Oenernl Charleston a Treasure I'ifhl for Stu
dents of History,
Commencement at St. Paul's School,
4 lalllorinl.
Note and Comment.
5 Local Social and Personal. 1
One Woman's Views.
Sclentlrle Salad.
(1 Local Prominent Men at Law.
7 Local ritteen Persons Injured In a Trolley
Wreck id Jermyn.
Kiliie.1tlaii.1l Contestants Hard at Wnilc.
S Local West Scranton ami tiiibmban,
0 (ieneral N'orthe.itein IViui-jlvatiU.
Financial and Commercial.
10 Story "A Summer Holiday."
11 Local Sunday School Lesson for Tomorrow,
Itetlgloiis .Vews nf the Week.
12 Local Industrial ami Labor.
(Jossip of the (iuard,
Klre Department Matters.
He Thinks That Equal Taxation
Will Do Away with the Evils
of the Combine.
By Exclusive Wire fiom The Associated Press.
Detroit, June 28. "I am one of those,''
said Mayor Tom L. Johnson, of !Iee
land, before the national social and
political conference at Its opening ses
sion today, "who believes that the
greatest evil thteatenlng this country
today Is monopoly In private hands."
Mr. Johnson thought that the euro
for monopoly was equal taxation, and
said: "The day that the evils of tax
ation in this country are cured, the
day that all classes of men pay the
same rate of taxation, that is the day
this country will be able to conttol
these monopolies."
There were less than one hundred
people In Philharmonic! hall when
President Wl tweed Pomeroy, of Xevv
York, called the conference to order,
and introduced Mr. Johnson as chair
man of the session.
"The Function of tho fiiurch in
Furthering Kquallty," wa.s the Hist
subject on the programme, and Jtcv.
H. S. Blgelow, of fincinnntl, and Dr.
Alexander Kent, of Washington, pre
sented their views ot the question, after
which It was debated from the floor.
"How to t'se the Press," was discussed
by James K. Sorlpps, of Detroit, who
frankly admitted he did not know, and
"Willis J. Abbott, of Ann Arbor, while
George 11". Sibley, of Washington, and
Charles B. Patterson, editor of the
Arena, discussed "How to Une Books
and Pamphlets."
Will Aid His Fellow Citizens in
Throwing: Off Philadelphia's Yoke.
Py l.xclusive Wiie from The Associated Pre-s.
Philadelphia, June 23. District Attorney P. V.
Itothermel, jr., who wxs last night named in I nun
meeting as nu independei t candid, lie for distriit
attorney against John Weaver, the nominee of
the regular Keiiiililliaii organization, was for
mally notified of his selection today and in lepiy
accepted the nomination. His letter of acceptance
is biief and leads as follows:
"r.dvMiid Shippen, Hsu,., and I'ellow Citii-eiN in
Town Meeting Assembled:
(ientlemen: Your letter of even date received,
Tlieie can be but one answer: I would be fal-e
to honor, duty and true citizenship should I
lefuse to lend my every cflnrt to aid the palilulic
and linsellbli del oi in hut ion nil the. pait of me
fellow eitlens tit tlnovv oil the joke of coiinp,
tlon under vviilili Philadelphia so woefully suf
feis. I accept your ion for the ilMiirt
attorneyship ami place myself uncouditlouallc at
your service."
Well Known Labor Leader Buffers
from Concussion of tho Brain.
Ily i:cliisivo Wire fiom Tho Associated Pie.
Washlnglon, June 23, Samuel Rompers, pi est.
dent of the American rcdeiatlou ot Labor, is
lying dangerously ill at his home In tills illy,
suffering from condition of the bialn and a poi.
slide fiactutc of Hie skull, While his condition
is ciltlcal, his physician a.vs lie will piobahly
He was Injured last nluht as he alighted (loin
n car on which he had taken his two clilblieii
for an outing,
The Belgians Have Not Been Mas
sacred. ny Inclusive Wire from The Asoii.ited Piovs,
Pckin, June 28. The governor of Shan HI prnv.
ince says in a message lo Li Hung Chang that
the Itelglan mUslouailcs have not been massacied.
According to a dispatch to llio Associated 1'ie-s
from Pekln, June '.i, tho Hclglau minister at
Pckin that day sent a messenger tn Sian Kial
with Instructions lu veilly n icpoit of the mas.
tacre tlieie of four llelglau mivionarles,
Jack Daley Knocked Out,
By Exclusive Wire from The Associated Press,
Wilmington, Del,, Juns :K f.'eorue SM'addui,
of New Vol I,, tonight knocked out Jack Daly, of
tills city, in the ninth I omul of what was sched
uled js a llfleen round Indit. Mcr'addcu had all
the belter of the tight liom I lie liil lound.
Italy was knocked down right times in II. e ninth
lound befnie be received the right swing on the
jaw- which put him nut. The men fought at PIS
Damage from Fire.
By Kiclujlvo Wire fiom The Associated Piess.
St. Petersburg, June :!. A fire at Tsarililn, a
(oi tided town in the cm eminent ot Saiatova,
iwisumed scvcial sivv mills, twenty our timber
laden barges; and the limber depots and iptav
on the Volga. The ilnnage Is placid at ii.Omi.ik'l
roubles, anil it Is leportrd that several lives wcic
lott In (lie the.
Ily Exclusive Wire fiom The Associated Press.
Cedar Itipids, la., June 2'.--T. S, Parvin,
grand sccictaty of the Iowa Masoniu liund lodge,
died today, lie was one of the most widely
known Ma.vuis In the co.intiy ami piubably the
last of the utigiiiit pluuuu of loy-a.
Wall Street Failure Directly Con
nected with the Suspension of
Seventh National Bank.
Since the Closing of Bank the Fail
ure of the Firm of Brokers Was
Bolieved to Bo Inevitable Assign
ment Made to Frank Sullivan
Smith No News Regarding the
Seventh National Bank.'
Ily Exclusive W'liu fiom The Associated Press.
New York, Juno 1'S. At 10 o'cloofc
today the stock litoklnts- and oanklnjr
firm of Henry Maniuand & Co., at 160
Hroadway, announced Its assignment.
The failure Is directly connected with
that of the Seventh National hank,
which suspended payment hecauso of
loans of $l,i;oo,000 to the linn whose fc
curltioH were not considered of proper
value hy the controller of the currency,
.Since the suspension of the hank the
failure of the linn wns believed to he
Inevitable, although the efforts
were made to Ret financial assistance.
KnotiRh aid was In fact obtained to de
lay the assignment until today.
Prank H. 1'oor, the Junior member of
the firm, made the announcement he
fore the opening of tho stock exchange,
and later It was announced on the floor,
where Immediately a large number of
stocks and bonds were dealt In "under
the rule" for the benefit of the sus
pended firm. It wa announced also
that the assignee wns Frank Sullivan
Smith, of fl-l AV'all street. The assign
ment was without preferences.
Mr. Smith, the. assignee, and repre
sentatives of his lawyers, Strong A
I'adwaliader. took charge of the affairs:
of the firm, and' at once went over tho
books. There was no excitement at tho
ofllces, but a constant tieam of sym
pathizers poured In who talked matters
over with Henry .Marquntul and Mr.
l'onr. Tho latter appeared to have re
covered from the nervousness .which
has marked his demeanor since the
bank failure, and seemed calm and col
lected, fie had no statement tn make,
but at lO.'lo o'clock the following by
Henry "V. Taft of counsel for the firm
was given out:
We cannot tell tho condition of the film just
at present. We had not had lime to make any
examination of the books, and, of, am
JKiioraut as In the exact status of a (Tails. Wo
will not be iiblo to delenulno what Die assets
and liabilities nie for two or throe daen at least.
The situation so far as we have hern able to rie
teinilue in the slioil lime at our disposal simply
depends upon the manner in which the secuiities
which are held for loans may tie disposed of, par.
tlcnlaily the inaclivi- sciuiillcs.
So far as can he jiitlgcil by a ueneial view nf
(lie situation, cvei.vlhlnK looks f.iioiahlc. I can.
not say whether or not the Him will lesimie.
That will depend entirely upon tin" situation de.
veloped by the ev.iniiuatlon nf the hooks. Thy
principal ipiesliiui is on the leaiialion of col
lateral held for loans. I uudeistaml that there
is a Ioiik ll-l of Iheiu and lint It will recpiira
come time lo make a schedule of them.
No News Regarding the Sovauth.
When asked as to whether or not the
creditors of the firm would suffer large
losses through the failure, Mr. Taft re
plied: "I do not think so. I'nless
tlieie should he general slaimhter of
the securities held for loans I think the
creditors of the firm will come out in
good shape."
There wns no news today In connec
tion Willi I lie suspension of the Sev
enlh National hank, The temporary
lecelver who was In charge said thoie
was nothing to be made public today.
flenrge V. Adams, the cashier of the
brink, gave out the following card to.
Mewrs. Ki-kine, Hew III, Hindi Kelly and
f!i7i Seniple letiied as dim lors of lhe Seventh
National haulc in January last and -line that time
have had no i, III, ill council Ion with the s.ijd
bink, This statement Is made by rea-oii of publi
cation in vaiious papom thai the above named
Kcntlciticn weie lonnecicd Willi the puwnl man
aiciinent of the Seventh National hank.
(Mulled) (leoIKe W, Adams Cashier.
Assistant Postmaster .Morgan said
Hint the pos-tollice was now uslnc, the
Mib treasury as n temporary pi k of
deposit, instead of the Seventh Na
tl. uial hank, and that oorythln was
goiilg aloiur very smoothly. There is a,
margin of iihoitt S.Vi.nim, he said, lit
tween tho postal depo.s-ltH In the bank
at the time of tho failure and the ju.Mi..
000 government bonds put up by the
hank us (security,
Creditors Safe.
Frank Sulllvtii Smith, assignee of the
firm of Maniuand & I'd., wild this af
ternoon that ho had been going over
the books and list of scout Itlos of the
firm, but that probably several days
would e!upe before a .statement could
he given. Mr. Smith said Mm linn had
many excellent securities, and added
that lie had called petsonally upon Hie
creditor Interests, reiiuestllig them not
o saerillce any of tho firm's securities
which they held as collatcial for loans,
Mr, Smith further said that under tho
circumstances he did not think any ot
the eredltois would sutfer.
local ilila for June '.!?, fU:
llltiheat lemperaluie , !1 decrees
Lowest temperature , ,,..,,... 18 degiecj
Itrlative Humidity:
K a. m 73 per cent,
K p. m ,... nil per cent,
Pieiipltal on, -I hours ended X p. in., 0.U4 inch.
Washington, June '.s. -Forecast for
l.'aslern Pennsylvania: Local ralm and s-
probably thunder storms S-'aturdayi show. 4,
era and cooler !iiudjy; fie-sli southerly
windi and squalls.
t t T 1 1 t . T f f t "f. f t t t