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ii$ vii&vv'jjrgw-r-nffi' tp mtrpf3$y vr v"r
WfrT t r.VrC'llT
L. & W. MINES.
Many Changes Aro Being Made Un
der the Direction of Superinten
dent Loomis Tho D. L. & W,
Board for Today No Change in the
Strike Situation Meeting of tho
Bridge Workers Female Organ
izer of tho Clerks Is in the City.
Other Industrial Notes.
Tho Cnal Trndo Join mil nys In mi
nrtlclc on Inipiovoim'iit.s being- made
by the Delaware, haulm wanna ami
"Western company
"This company, through the super
intendent. 15. II. l.onniK Im mnkliiK
two quiet luilluil departuies fioni
tlmc-woin method. Instead of lining
their shafts with timber, ns has been
the uUHtom, they am using- enneieto
lth expanded metal, liy tho use of
this expanded metal It becomes prac
tical to rellno an old shaft at a eoui
jiaratlvelysmall expense. Tho aio now
re-llnliiK sin old .shaft with cniieietc
twelve Inehes thick In conlunctlon with
expanded metal, ami e-speilmenls have
(IcmoiiHtiatcd they obtain a shaft
lining- with much gi cater tensile
strength than they vnulil by using
jilne tlmbei.s. They am able to do the
work much quicker, theieby niotdlui?
tho necessity for Klmttiiif? down the
mine for a long peilnd, and the woik Is
done at a cost that computes favor
ably with that of pine timber lining,
and when the woik is completed they
have :i peimnnent Job. This plan of
construction lias neier been used In
this connection befoie. and It Is be
lieved that its intioductlon will fill a
long lelt want.
"Another dcpaitme fioni tho tlnie
iioin custom Is the election of an
elect ilc.illy equipped bleaker: ouch
machine being dilicii bv an Individual
motor. In speuUlng of this Mr. Loomis
.stated that from the flgincs they had
made, tho cost of equipping a breaker
in this way would not cieed the cost
of equipping a hieaker with the neces
sary engines, shafting and belting, as
by dispensing with the shafting and
belting they would bo able to effect
quite n saving in the use of timber in
their construction, as they do not have
to build as heavy: the motors being
direct-connected. By equipping a plant
In this way they will elTect a big sav
ing in tho use of steam and eentuallv
in localities whore they have a number
of brcnkei.s their intention Is to opct.ite
them with one centially located elec
tric plant.
"In addition to the indieal departuies
mentioned above, they are electing
new boiler plants with a capacity of
over 10,000 hoi so power. The pi ineipal
idant Is to he located at the Hampton
mine, with a capacity of r,000 hoise
power. It is proposed, -w It li the steam
geneiatert .it this plant, to furnish
Mcnm to sK diffeient collieiies, the
openings of which aio conveniently
"Tho Delawaie, Lackawanna and
Western have under way, and
the oiigineei.s aio at woik upon it, a
plan to change tho ilialu.igc, whcioby
It is proposed to centralize all their
water in what Is known as the ICeyser
Valley, to one common point, or
"sump." and then hoist tile water with
onot moils buckets, Instead of pumping
it to the sin face ftom the dozen differ
ent points as at pioseut. Hy this ai
jangenient they will abandon tho use
of between thirty and foity pumps,
tonic of which aio of good size.
"The Delawaie. I.aekawana and
"Western is intioducing electricity
gonei.illy in its mines; using it for
haulage put poses, pumping, plane
hoists, etc,, and have lecently Instilled
in their mine at Avondnle the largest
rlectilc pump oor elected In tho
world. This pump has a capacity of
1,000,000 gallons per day to n vortical
helghth of S00 foot. It was manufae
tuied by tho Jeansvllle Iron Woiks
Status of the Strike
Thete weic no now developments in
the strike situation yesterday, and
local niattois now soein to ho at a
lest tenipoiiii Uy. Master Dulldor I..
T. C.uilleld, of tho Delawaie, Lacka
wanna and "Western com
pany, Is back tioni Saiatoga, where
ho attended the convention of the
master bulldots, and spent pai t of
the day at Maplowood.
Tho stiikois aie now eager to oou
fei with tho nuthoilllos of the Anioil Locomotive company, In older to
nuive at a settlement of the dilllcul
tie.s existing at tho Cliif sticot shops,
lit case of a confeienco, theic aie like
ly to bo Immediate developments, as
the local shops aie the only ones opci
nled by tho combine at which a stilko
is In pi ogress.
Thomas Mageo, one of the sti iking
machinists, was aiieMod estetduy at
tho instance of John Hon" and John
"Itoss, jr., who aie now walking for the
Dickson .Maiiufiicuiiing (iimpau.v.
They chaigK Mngoo with tliiealenlng
them and with culling them vile names
on tho stieel. Heft, who bus woiked
tor the Dliksnn lonipiiny for over
twenty yeuisuiu! who letuinod to woik
nfter helng out u lew weeks, said that
Mageo bad oven gone so lar as to go
to his homo and tin oaten Ills wile.
M.tglstiutn Millar, beloip whom the
LUbo was tiled, held Mageo under $:!00
bonds to keep the pe.ue, and an opted
llumpluey It. ('implied, tho machin
ists' leader, as his bondsman, stating
that ho believed Mr. Campbell did not
:ountcniinco such tactics and that he
would see that Mageo did not indulge
them In tho tuture.
Bridge Builders' Meet.
A special meeting of tho Ibidge
Builders' and lion "Work
irs' union was held last night In
Guernsey hall. It was attended by a
sirge number of memheis, and us a
result of the session the moiuheishlp
vas increased by thirty applicants.
The charter of the union Is expected
here by next Fiiduy,
Female Organizer Here,
Miss Emma Lemphcte, the female
national organizer of the Cleik's as
sociation, left the city lato last night
for Bradford, after spending several
days investigating locul conditions.
Last night, In company with John II,
Devlnc, of the local Cloths' associa
tion, she visited Noith Scianton and
addressed a meeting of the Cleiks' as
sociation of that section.
Miss Lemphere, in a conversation
with a Tribune man, said: "I have
found everything in splendid condition
In Pennsylvania, considering the fact
that the organizations tuc all pi ac
tually new ones. We Jmve done noth
fw pm yat In this locality tovvurds
All Ages and stages ol Life
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Lf irojn
- v
He Wasted Monesy.
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Coughed Night and Bay.
"My wife was taken sick iu August, 1897, and was sick for five or sir
weeks," writes William Huelbig, Esq., of Benton, l'ranklin Co., Ills. "The
doctors and neighbors pronounced her trouble consumption. I had two physi
cians but they dtd not do much good. She coughed night and day; could not
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Address: DP. P. V. PW.PCF.. Ruffnln. N. V. I kw-'WlfvV.4
fonning an association of the oung
women employed In stores, but expect
to soon get such a movement under
way. in other sections wo have nu
nieious fcmulo mcmbei.s and number
thousands of them in our national or
ganization. Miss Lompheio'.s homo is In Cl.ilei
burg, 111,, and sho is ono of tho young
est org.inlzoi.s in tho countiy. She
will leturu heio later In the year.
D., I. & W. Board for Today.
The following Is the mnko-up of the
D L. & W. boaid for today:
TiiriMivv, j I'm: lt
Wllil Cm i:.i.t-S p in, T. MiCaitli).
lltlllW. il'.m: .
Wild Cit Put IJ (0 ,i in., Jl. MipliM, with
T, llt(iilil(k'i uru; ii i in, r I". Siphons;
l'J ,i. in , M .1, IIiiiiiLmii; II J. in , M. CoMm;
J p. in, (', W, Dunn; ( p. in., A, (!, llaiiimilt,
hummiU, etc li J, in., (ail, .l.nnra C'jiiIc..';
8 a in, ucst, 0, I'roiinfc Ikn ; l) p. in., r.ut,
J llHiuifc'dii; t p. in, rail, Y, II, Miliols; 7
p. in., east f i nm Sty Auk, i:. Mc MlUtrr; 7 p.
m wrft fli'in ('a; us i, Thoinp'Oiij 7 p. in.,
west from IMiir.i, Milane
1'iislim S j, in, I', Mc llonnoll; 10 a. in., S,
Klnncrt); a. in.,; 7 p in.. Miirph) ,
0 p. in. I.iiuplne; in p. in.. Whlrwr.
I'assuimr I'liislurs i a. m , J, lijITiir-); 7 a.
in , I'. shiver; 10 .i, in , Latimer; S.oQ p. in.,
staiilou; 7 p in, .1. .1. Muir.iv.
Wild CjN Wc-tr-T a. in., A. I'. Mullen; S a,
in, A, t: Kolilum; 11 a. in, )', Will; J p
in, ('. Miitln; I p. in, J. II JklViniij O
p. in , John naliagjn
W t WatM and iw UI1 urn 11. '0 p. in.
wllil tat .lunu '27.
W II ll.ii tlmlnmrw with 0. Hartholnmcu I
clew "ill inn U n. m uihl eat, .tunc S, In plaip
01 .1, II, snuiU ami irew, anil will alternate
witli su.uu'b iii'u on tliU run until fuilhcr
mil ko.
II .1 l.aiUn ami iron will run it a. in. u 111
cat, .hint- ', in plate of I', liillisau ami irnv
ami will nllrruitr wllh fllllluau ami new on
ihls tun until further notke.
Drakriiiin .1. Smith will ko on with John
Baxter, .tunc '27, until further not lie.
C. W. Dunn will uport ut tupirlntciiJint's, 'J u. in, 1'iiila.s luuc -3.
Tiy the new 5c cigar "Kleon."
That Was tho Highest Point Reach
ed Yesterday Week's Weather
Has Beon Very Warm.
Yesterday was the warmest day of
the warmest week that has mused
rills of peraplintlon to tilekle merrily
down tho backs of unhappy Scianlnu
Iana this summer. Tho olllejal ther
mometer of tho local station of tho
weather buioau, stationed high on tho
summit of tho observatory upon the
(,'nmicll building's mnf, shaded from
all artificial boat, true nnd unvarying
in its stateniontH averred that at -::iO
o'clock tho sun-god vwts dilvlug his
(lory chat lot Ihinugh the atiuosihoio
at a clip of ulncty-tlueo degrees,
This was tho highest point reached
but all nf lei noon tho nieicuiy con
tinued to bubble and sUlo over tho
ninety mat k. And this was on tho of
llclal thormumotiii, etc, which hasn't
tho ilery air lislng fioni led hot pave
ments to icckon with and tho other
genial accossoiies to tho simple i.tys
themselves, The theruinnielci.s hung
in fiont of ceutt ul city places nf busi
ness gave much hlslui tendings as
a lesult and thoso who .stopped to gavsn
plaintively at thein wont lnvailahly
upon their way, wiser and yot sadder
The lowest point yostoiday was seventy-four
degiecs and consldeilng tho
fact that It was only about S o'clock
when this was the leading, the llguies
do not rcpiesent exactly what might
bo known as a filgld illuuitlo stnte.
Tho aveuigo teiiiporatuie for the day
was elghty-tlueo and oue-lialf de
gtees, und while Obsoivor C'lnik,
casually temarked that he didn't con
sider it' purtleulatly 'vvatm, still most
of the coat earning, heated looking
individuals who weic on tho stteela
during the day will beg leave to dls
puto his nsseitloii.
Tho week has on tho whole been
pietty waini. Sunday cighty-onu dc
giccs wus the highest tempciatute und
Uencu! Agent foi Iho Wjomlig Dijlrlrt for
Dupont's Powder
Mining, Illa'.tliiz, Spoiling, SmoKiIosii and the
Itepmno ( licinkal C'ompinj'a
Safety Futc, Taps nnd I'xploilers. IUoni lot ton
mil llullJliv .bt-untcn.
TIIOS. lOrtP I'iltfton
joiix n sjnrii & so piimoiuh
W. l. MUI.UUA.V Wilkea-llarru
seventy-two the avoi.igo, Monday the
flguios woro eighty-three ami soventy
tluee, Tuesday clght.v -eight and sov-onty-two,
and Wednesday nliicty-oue
and smenty-sovon, which with yestei
d.iy's llguies give an nvoiago tor tho
week of Just about seventy-six,
(Jeoigo Wall.uo, coloted, nil employe
ot the It.u her Asphalt company, was
overcoiuo by tho bent while working
on Washburn stieet, at 1 o'clock yes
terday aftoiiioou, but uftci an hour or
so was nhla to go homo tinusslsted.
They Elected Officers at Session Hold
Last Night.
A meeting of tho call and bunk men
of this city was arranged for last night
at the rooms of the Firemen's Itellef
Association, on Spiiuo street, hut only
a small number vveie present and no
definite action amis thcietoie taken on
tho uiuttoiK of foiemost luteiest to
the mcmbois.
They oiganlzed, however, ami elect
ed ollhert). I). J. Huike, of tho Wll
llam Council Hose company, was
chosen picsldeut and James itlgel, of
tho Nay Augs, sccietary. Only a few
of the companies weio icpiescutcd,
thcio being only about twelve men
picseut. 'Another meeting will bo
held next week.
Pocono Heights flofcse
Aiiflinmoihlri ,10; mnilun InipiMdiienli; tmut
ttn inn on picnil-os, tunic uiuiluaU, Inol r (
cniKCj. Siml fui liuulu,
Samual Etlinsar, f't. Pocono, Pa,
Straw Hats
New Stock Just Arrived.
All styles, from tlje $1.00
Alpine Straw to the $12.00
Don't forget we are head
quarters for
Summer Shirts,
Underwear, Etc
Try Our Special 10c Linen Collar
E. iiis
Manufacturers or
43B to 455
N. Ninth Street,
Telephono Call, 2333.
Booms 1 and'2, Com'Ith B'l'd'f.
nining and Blasting
MsAa at Mooile and Ruihdala WotlU.
Ekotrto Batterlei, Elattria Explodtrs,
zpladlag blaiti. Sofotr Vx aaa
Rfliaum Chemical Co.'s vx
The Blues
U one signal -vthicli foretclU physical
decay. Another Is pale lifeless skin.
The muscles shrink nnd become flab
by; the body becomes enuchtcd, nnd
there is ail early tendency to round
shoulders. 1 he step lncks elasticity,
the neres become weak; mental and
physical activity arc n burden.
This condition Is called Mi vous De
bility; It is. cured by the use of
They feed thehuntrry nerves, revive
the weakened organs and make life
brighter nnd sweeter to any man or
wom-m v. ho has suffered from physical
SI.IHI per box; ! botes (with legal
mi-irautti; to cure or refund the money).
g'llW Hook free. 1'fcAl. MhOIClNB
Cn , Cleel.ind, Ohio.
For sale by John II. rhelp3, I'hirtnaclst, corner
Wjomliit' ateiiuo and bjiruie street.
jn Prof.Q.F.THEEL,527,?hr
R rJ rhlladfl'ihln, la. Oiilj litrniAa hpetUlUt In
W ZJ) Amrrlfa, lJortnlt to run- tlm by tutll I'rlitt
i lilkCMT, rirrfcitt aiiuivi, nioot romin, Trou,
9 Dfhmij.l ol ninnooi,(riroreiitrtirirmre(ior
tV-,LWHl iiltlngt LndfuloprnTtt A bhrunkm Urgtnt,
Frb7iiM curt J 4 to lOdtj'o.SAjrm irnrtlrl V 0 7n(
hdiiittal tiprrlrnrr U ttrnmnx. Nnd for hook "Truth1!-!
poalair rj mrdtral & rtfftrlfal fraud Station tbli paprT
K I fell WMf -r J
Uoeeda Jinjer i
- -tiAi4