The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, May 27, 1901, Image 1

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rwo CUNTS.
. tv,u if isjsf
t. i iniVT
Five Persons Killed and Over Fortu
Wounded In an Electric Railroal
Smaslnm Near fllbanu.
While Bating- for n Switch at n
Speed of Potty Miles nn Hour, Two
Tiftcen Ton Tiolley Conches Col
lido with Feaiful Results Both
jtfotouneu Aiei Killed nnd Mnny
Aio Frightfully Mangled The
Dead pud Wounded Ale Taken to
Albnny The Hen-y Cais Toin to
1'icccs in the Collision.
Ill I- iiim ii fi ii I Ik vwiiiiiiiI I'c '
Hiin m.i jc i:ii i ti if t uis i.k ins
l"i ii swltth, while i tinning in opposite
tin. l llnlis ,ll tile lil to of fell It mile ,ill
lllllll t nv 1,. is (lll-t afternoon bv
a tin ilii (iillKion In whli h ovjr toitv
P"imiiienl people w o i ( lnluii'il, sonic
t it.ill mid iithei s vpi Inuvlv. Tin m om
ul the net iilpjit was .i point .ilioiit two
inli- out ot 'in-i nhii ,h, on IIk lino til
llio Alii 1 1 1 .mil Hudson i.illwiiv. Tin
point ulion- tin i,uv mot on tin- vingu .it ,i vlia ip i ui vo nnil vo fust
won both miming .mil vn sudden was
llio iolll-ni-in that the inotoi moil moi
li nl tliin- to put n Hi,, bo I ore
till VOIltll-lloIlMll I u ll.lll ROUP .lllllllvt
oli in tliiniigh tho inn th-liniinil i .ii .i ii.l
hung mi tin. , ,gp ot i high lilnif with
I - ol viiii, Unm-, m.iiiiinl hiimnu
it t din- vv.u- pinlonod up
iilnst tin- vm.ivlioil limit uf tin
vi uili-liounil mi with lioth loav vov
i il mil Uilloil iiivt.intl, while Hi .
mini onn lived lull ,i low niiuiitov
I'ullt 1J0 null women mil (liililion
r H im-il 11 stl lIg.lillR sill if KitlfT pvin
Miil niKoil with lilooil, detached )Oi
lionv ol lllllllllll lllllliov .mil tin- am i ok
.i-i ol tin! i .iiv '
mhiio oi tho nioip vIIrIkI" Injiuoil
nn n i-Min ltoil themselves and hegnu
to pull ji -upli- n)i t of the onilv of
Ii two i.iiv .mil iilmnst ovoiv ono amis
i ili u out in Ihiv w.iv .mil iieiiilv nil
mm built IllllllOil.
Anions- tin Klllfil anil Inlurod me
tho following
1 litXh vi, im.iniinui
'Ml I 1 VM l( IlOt lii.tnriiiin
'll P M 1 llil.d nf lioim I I ,1,11.
tNXII liunXI . of v,,r,ln ,n,
TiWIll MUhlXIV, inn, .mil,, pnr, K,. imun 1
Tatnlly Injuied.
i i-i I It it i I mi, Imrl liileinilh
rml I vnniii lm, iiijimil inliiiiilh.
Seiiously Iniiued.
v ill i mi i i; in , in,
Mm linn, Inn
I mice I' lliiui r Muni, ille,
1' Ml llllllll-lt. III1
D ltl C Minn,
Miliv 1MI, Vllnnt
llotijul I Roii-m. Ulnni.
Vr II r. Itiv.n, Alhnif.
rioci rs. Alhinv.
A W Ciot-h-i, Mlinn.
I rctl rni, Vlh.un
1 ir I Hero,, Ml im
Women Aio Hysterical.
The few tv omon ji ,wl r lit 1,1. ., .. i. 1. ,.1
- "- ii.iiii ,, iiu null
ot.ipoil lnjuiv and death weie hvs-'
n-iieal mm added theli tries to tho
shrieks of tho thing ami mutilated,
.Mi'ii with bioken .11 ins .mil bouew, (iis.
Incited joints nnd blnodv lio.ids .mil
f.H-es tiled to assist otliois who weie
moie helpless. Help had been sum
moned from G republish and Hlu
li y and In ,1 little timo tho biuKul
mass of Ininianity -ilth tlu nuitil.itfd
doad, tor a Kitiosonie and v,.nt (oiu
pany, woio loaded nn .-ti.i ciiv mid
t.iKon to Albnny. Thoio .iinhulam cs
and physklans had been summoned,
mid thn pnstollho tin nod into a nioigue
and As .is tho phwlolans
foulii tompoiaiilv ll- up thu wounded
they woio tottlielr lioiue.s or to
tho hospitals. '
AVIlh both mntnimnii Killed, it was
hatd to sot at tbp io,il oiiu-o nf the
aioiilent, but it is ptotty well ik-tiT-inlned
th.u It was rausoi by an ,it
1 nipt nf tho hoiitli-bound oai'to leaeh
h vooond switeh. instead of waitliiK tor
Hie rioitli-boiiiid at the sidlm,'.
Tho 0,11s wi-lRh flftoeji tons each and
aif- the laiKct oleitiie p.ih built, but
mi filu'litful was the thai both
ars woio tflin almost to spilulms
Hotb mis woio lllleri t, .Stiiidnv
PloAsuio.seekei.s u-tuiiiiiiKr tiom thn
neu- loereatloii riuuiuIs that tho mll
wav oompany had Just nponod Tin-south-bniind
ear lett Alb.inv at 1 ::o
n'flook and tho neoldenl mi lined t 3
The motniiiian of the soulh-bound
far leaohed nun nf the swlleliM. but
peliiK no lioith-houiid em, deiidid to
take olmnees and bo mi to the nou
sldhipr, rt was at 11 uiie botwoon tho
two where the cm, mot.
The Wounded Auive,
Telephone rails woio .sent fiom the
ccno of the wieek to Mils ,t nnd
about oYloi-k, when the Must car m--hid,
loaded with Injuied, a I'lowd nf
voveial thoiivanil people woio inut-ftt
about the Albany toi minus nt tliV load
ijeoitte i. Hniij. of Tiny, and Upiuro
T niltein, of Xhenlllo, woio jilnied
In the Album hospital ambulaiiu-. Tho
fnihei nnd slstei ol Jinny won- vein 10
the hospital In a lai tlae. (ieniee, f
Rany's injutles mav pi mo fatal llo
is hint Internally r'eil J .-inilth, nf
Albany, was taken to tho hoiucopathio
hospital llo Is Injuii-d about the head
and back and also Internally, but may
Daid Jlahom was ieinoed to St.
Petei'fi hospital and died .soon aftei .11
rlvliiK theie.
Isaac Hlamclt, eloik In the Mute
lio.iHitei'h olllce, had 0110 leu broken
and the other dlbloented, One nf the
pathetic incidents of the dlsiMei was
the death of Maude Kellojr, of Hound
I.nke She was on the Miiitli-boiiiiil
with her (lame, (Jeoise t Jinny, of
Tiny and Mi Han.W father. When
the (.1.1M1 I'linie she w is. unshed to
death almost liiHlnuth Xenr her,
pinned ill h the broken wieiltiiRe, lav
hei MWei'lliPinl. I'liintk'iillv be tiled to
1 cm Ii lii'i, his own iiijoiilf'H, Internal
Injuili'v, fniKotteii. Klnilliiif he eould
not mine, he npiiealod to his father,
who whs i-ttlcutliiK himself, but the
Kill was dead On the wny to the ilt.
In the tnr ho pleaded with thovp at
Ipiulliu; hlin to lot him die. He will
Piobabl obtain hs wish, lor his In
J111 Ipm an- pioiiouiiied fatal.
The Albany and Hudson load Is tho
longest load opomted li the tblld mil
sNStem in the woild. It is the lliwt nf
what wits nniioiinied would bo a ss.
toin of eloplile lines loiinictliiK Allmtij
with Now Yoik city.
Sopinno in n Chuich Choir Takes n
Giievnnce Into Couit.
Rj rxrliilp Win- trim The Avnrlat'il Prr
WllinltiKioii, Del. Mu L'ii -Ailhur r:.
AVobboi, the tilling elilot, mid Ml.".
Mm iv A .Mmsliall. liudiiiK sopiano or
tho Chi Istlan l'iosb tell. in hill oil an
at odds and Mi and Mis. Mm shall to
il ny liistltutid suit toi vlmidei iiRalnst
Midi 1 Webber
Thou- lins been tmuble in the i hiiieli
l.itolv, hut It was adjusted iicontly bv
tho mlnlstor leslpiilim-. Uldei- Webber
was ,1 stfiunoll Miippoitei of tho mln
Istir. Mis. Mnivlmll .iIIoros that she
w.iv ousted fniin tho iholi, and that ,1 nuclliiK of pu-slnteiv Hlder
Wi bboi soslpped about Iipi.
Geimnn Offlceis Chnipe Upon the
American Sentries at Pekin.
Date of Depmtme Fixed.
Di I ulwitn Wiif fiom Hie vrrialnl l're
I'iklii, May JC The I'nitid t itos
U'Kiitlon Ku-iid Ins hud its Hist tioublo
Lofj.itinn stiopi is liplnjf lep.iitoil peat
tho Iok.iiIiiu, .mil an Anuiloaii sonny
w.iv pl.npii at the point with ouleis to
iiluit jionplo in omul b a side Ml eel
i:oihnilj obpod the itipievt with tho
efppllnn nt the r.oiiiims, both oftleeis
.mil voldluv, who hno paused the
AiiiPinaii pimiis ninth tumble
One ol tho (ieiniiiu nlbieiv diow hlv
vwnul ami ihaisvd an AniPiloan vol
dlei. who bioui-lit hlv b.nonet to
"eliHijfi " wheieiipou tho ntllifi- de
sisted Subvpiiupiitlv a flu man voldlei
h iiKi'il p iM the souti ,, who IIikI, hli
titifr aiiothoi (leiinan soldier near the
(.loiiiim loraiion, ,1 itiiaitoi of 1 milo
oil'. This Ini tunatoK w i- ouh .1 slls;ht
lb Mi wound The spnti has been
plat eil iindoi ain-vi anil M.iloi Uoheil
von Ins Instituted 111 in estimation
Tho atlituilo nt ui Miitnni Von
Si hwai tonstoin iloiman iinnistoi lep
lisentliiK the rhlli.iiis, and Count Von
Waldeiveo, ropiLsentitiR the mllit.uv,
a.s well as that ot othei high ullli ialv
hav been p.n tli ulailv fiiendlv towaid
the .Ymoiit ius, which niaUov all tho
111010 pionounied the uiitiiendh feelhift
e lined bv a ni,ioiit ol the (Jpiiimii
olllii iv and men This unfi iendliness
is attnbutpil to the Anieilian iittitude
in n'tainiiiu- lOiuiol with tile legation
Kll.lld ol one oiitiauie to the till Is In
side the iit, which the Clot minis inn-siili-i
11 lelleitlon upon thtlr natiuiial
honest v
Todu'v nipotluj, ot tho nilnlsteis of
the poweis was deotid to iloMliR-Aip
details of business inili pendent or the
Indemnitv iiuestion, alihoiiKh the mili
um aulliniltiis of the aiinus poweis
sfoni to eonsiilei a settlement in vlsht,
as Koni'ial pipp.ll.itlolis aie belliKT
made for tho evacuation of I'ekin in
tho e.ul.N filtuio
Two (ieiuiiu 111. nine battalions bao
loft lor T-iiM-'I'.tu. Count Von Wuldoi-
di'(i epi'i ts to leave about the middle
of .rune.
. -
Edgar Benuchlight Shoots Inez
Leonntd nnd Commits Suicide.
I1 1 ilinm Will- from II" U-cililul I'ni
Im 1 WiM, 111, Mn Ji lilitir IK iiirlihjit
li-l nlliI l't "nl Mllul Ml-.. I111 I ion ml
ni-l tluu Hllcil Mm lit llolli win- 111111111114
ut llu llOiiiioml I11II1I Op. 1 1 iniiiiaii, now
pluliis luri I lie traulv wj, iiuitul 11 J,0
o'llml. I In s (viiinliM 111 iiiuirf In Mii4 Lcoriinli
llu- ol In r 1111111I111 nf Ihf iouium knun r
nn 1 iii-c (1 r llu- inuulir II" niiipli "in
ili'uol I 1 In- iniiijiij IIiiii' lull hull im pit
I011. rjiiaiiil, m ur d l,non Mi-v I mini, I
i, In.iii Phil uMplili Hi 1 l.ill.M mil 111-t In r
an- luilh mi tin -tin,'
Reduction in Tonnage on Account of
Piospective Invasion of Texas Oil.
lit Itilii'lte Win linn II"' -i iiifil I'm-
lliimliuluiii, h. Mm -'I llu 1 In iii-l 1 ml
Mb- In tin' liUlmt nt 111 inl "tr In llil illiiiul Ini
jiiii ju-i loin minium nl 11" lilimiiii in Ni
OiliJii., Mi bill iml I'M -null, a luliiiiiuii ur
iiimu tluu -' " r mil lutliu' Ijoi 11 mull lins
lllllll Hull lllll-l k ll" nn I" Ni w Oiloini iflJl
pir ion tfi Mobile, fl in. iml I" I'liiunlj,
s 0 llu- 1 jli s luiiliiiiiH lute hem ft ?' In
1.11I1 (111
11ii I'liiilllul v .lil-i- it Hie ImIiii ll, 11 nt lilii
to Niw Oi t !li I- Hie nu.Hiiiir iiiMloti nt
nil fniin Hit. ltti oil I11I1U fur llu niiiiii nf
(in I.
lit lulu.lw Wirt fniin Hie vuihtftl I'n
tMIIUiuiiiil, Mi- Ji. l,l"il Mini-oil ili il,
tl it Ji iiii I111111 I ne of nlil jet- Ml Muli-oii
niilnlll il Inn UlU hi, vnlol inillili, S ,
pill JI, IS.II), J 1 ill'.-l fllilllll ut lilt 111 -I
vllltn ot Siu 1 iiIjiii1 mil a lomii luiiihii
man lie bitau luniliiiin; when il a ioiii
pjiilinl.t toiiug nun Jul In Im llu- Hun nf
Muinoii, Mi'iiiiiuii i l omimit ttnf trnn.lvelv
rimiciii In tliis In.lii.lli In I Union Jin) Poller
iiuiiitui tin- .iiile Huh ilmlitr lioilliv p
iiiiluiST 40,nOO ain- V fttt jui, lain ilr
1iiiim)ii I oi .11110 inliiiHeil In the IiiiiiIici inilui
tl.t in Williaiinporl, being .it illffeii-iit Hum a
liuuibir of llu- limn nl John It ( 00U A ( 0111
unj,, lluttjul . ( ami sinK
tteathei A binxiii In lirt he lei line the Mile
owner of the hiiliu if tin Intel Ann iml
iil-o opiMliil jw mllli in I lintoti lounl) until
hi ntlifinenl in le1"! He leati J ttile jinl two
ton, 0111 ot whom 1 I" ) .1 ltai Muiiiu,), of till.
,11), one nf the most piuiiilnint jlluriie.ii In
I'll ll-llWIlli
ViUngo Destioyed by Stoim.
n I'nclu.lte Wli (ni'ii fins Hoelnlnl I'ren
Mjillll, Mj) 'ii tin- lilljie of uiijiiJ,
pintliiii- of llulll".-, Im Inn gliiiu.-l iiiniiltuy
lU-ilro.tul lo 4 .tuuii Oni win ui n u.11 1,111,, I
Commissioners to the General As
sembly n(jdln Siipplu fill of the
Quaker Gltu Pulpits.
It Will Be Resumed Todny and It Is
Believed That Some Definite Action
Will Be Taken Befoie the As
sembly Adjoin ns Much Comment
Hns Been Made Over the High
Chnincter of the Discussion nnd
the Absence of Hmsh Feeling Ad
journment Will Not Be Made Be
foie Thuisdny.
Mi bxiliMW Win from Im niiilitl l'ii-'
I'liilail'-lphl.i, .May L'ii Coiiiiniwliin
eis to tin- KX' ussunblv nmiln sup
plied lunli .ill of the l'losbvttiian
pulpits arid those of seteial othei ile
uoiiiiiiiitious in thiv dty and kin
It) totlnv. iM.inv iieivonv took aihan
tiw ol the oppoilunlif to heai the
men whoso elniiieiit.o iIuiIuk: tlio p 1st
week held tin- attention of tbous mds
In c.ihait i-iimoh In the tlNi uvslou
ol the qiiestlnn of the letislou ot the
nufosvitju (,f mini. T'ho lemleis of
the vt-u-ial p.utlos that hate battled
Im Mipiomacv wen- lieaul hi ho
piominpiit (liuieliev, Modoialoi Min
ion delheieu two soiinous one in tho
11101 iiIiik- In Xoithiiiinstc-i 1 inn di mid
the other in tho evening- ,u Olitol
t lunch.
1!' .uiKolital woiK and methods woio
discussed at ji l,u-el atti niletl mtti
liiK of Hie evaiwlli-nl loinmlttie in
the altoinonn in Withei spoon hall.
The nuotimr was hold sn thu 1 0111
iiilvv() t0 10 jrnp,,, ,1Ss, niiih
(Oiild have an nppoi tunitv to ask
iiuostions ennceinliiR llu- woik I0I111
II. Ciintdsi, of this plt, who has
been thallium of tho lomniitlep 101
the past two o.ii anil who has boon
le-i'Ieeled to tlio olllce lot tho tlllltl
time, piovidod. Mi. Coinoiv.- gate ,1
shoi t hlstoiv rii the movement In
spoukin- ol the woik in
this 1 lty ho said the lesults hail In en
n'l that oi uld bo deslud. Mon than
lin.nnn peivnns had attondid the i-iiot-iiiks
hold in lit- tents 111 this , tv
last tiiillinel. Other aililipvv,s woio
nude bv ( lent fie h SUvvail, pi evident
nf Alibuiu veinlnmt. Tnhii Willis
H.11.M, fvfiioial sppiolaiy of tho 1 In iv.
t lull I'nd iv 01 hoi-letips. mid the Itov
Hiifill K. Walkoi, ol l.ov Allfiolos
Debate on Revision.
Tin- il"b.ito on the lovivion ol the
cm tesssiou nl f.mli, wliuh look up
the whole nt thin davv list vtik.
vtill be lisiunid lomoiiow iiioinlnt,,
and It is bellevti! some dellnlte ,11 tlon
will have been taken beloie tin- as
vemblv .hMouiiis lot tin- 1 tv .Mm Ii
1 oinnient has been madi bv th 11- oti-i tln I1I14I1 chaiai-tei ot
the debate as u i,s It has Mint -Thno
his boon 1 tntal ab-iiite nf
haivh teellni;
The iiuo.vtinii now holme the awt m
bit iv 'Shall tin majoiitv ippnn he
adopted in itv eiuiietv?" Thiv ippoit
bllellv stated, tei omiiieiids'tlie appoint
ment nl 11 1 ominittto to ptep.uo a biief
stimm.iiy nt the leloinietl I.iltli, bi.u
itir. the same iilaiion to the innfpvslnii
whii h llio idiiutPi' catethlsiu hems to
the laiBi't latethisiu, and tuiiuod 1111
the fseiieial model ot the eniu'eiisus
1 nod pi opai ed inr the assemhlv of IS'12
in the "nl Holes of l.ilth" of the t'n.s
btteilan chin oh nl 1'nfrland. Tho 10
piu t aho 101 oniliieiultf that this enm
nilttto jnopaie amendments to sevenil
ihapieis ot the 1 unltssloii, elthoi bv
niodilltntii t the text 01 lit deilaia-
tmy siutonieni, sn as mine tleailv 10
eiii"-s the mind nf the iliuuh The
millions to dismiss- the whole nialtor
nnd tu. strike out the letomiiKiuluiInn
In the iiinjoilt.v lepoit fm n hi lei hiuu
inai.v lmvliiff been deflated, tho 1 oil
iest has n.u low id down ti a sttiiKKle
between the ndvotnte-i nf a new oiood
and those who tlevlto uiilv- a inoileiato
li-von ot the t'onfovsloil. It Iv pie.
dleti-tl wltli eiinsldeiable show of mull,
ileiue that the niodeiate iovlvonlss
will win nfialrist tho now oipodlsi.s and
that It will then lovolvo itself into ,1
1 oniest ns to the naltiie nt the 1 haunts,
The two votes alieadv taken would lu
illiate the lepoit of tho mnjniltv
will bo adopted without iiiniii?liiun 1.
hill II that iniiii'- about II will not be
without a ,stiin,'slo The inndeiate 10-vli-innlsis
who otod with the 111010 ex
it erne menibeis of llio iliuich against, will now all) theinst.ves
with the dsiulssulist.s afiiiinst mi) i.idi-
ill uiiiendinents to ihe lepoit The
sentiment tm u dec I.iiatoi v stateiueiH
a.s iiR.ilnM u bllol suiinnaiv Is hiowIiik
and It Is believed lhat the final vote
nmv lome on thoMi two It-sue.s.
It Im not likely that llio tisseinhlv will
ml join 11 befoie Thin Vila), The Ttov, Dr.
"W, 11, rtobeits, the Mated cleik, fjatn
out the Infni in.illiiii that Iheie is jtt
two dnvH vtoik befoie the assembly
atler the ii-vlsloii iiiesuu Is out of
tho wa,v Afloi tlio piesent inattei is
illspcioi-d ol tlio piopnsitlop of the t-s.
tiibllHlinient oi 11 Judlelal 1 iiniiiiission
will hold the attention of ihe us.ein.
bly l.lnes aie shniply diawn on this
iiiultPi and it ma delay soniewhal the
llnnl adjournment Quite a iiumhni of
1 oninilsvioneis lnive ieuiiieil to their
Mingei's Body Found.
lit i:ilusitp Win fnin Ihe ioijie.l Piet
St IMnl, Mj) 10 Ihe both of lltni) Mlncm,
tthu -Iiol ami Mlleil liU lnnlhei in-ljn, I'iiiiI,
l,ici(l, In Dili tilt lat '"ml i), vu. Iniiii 1
lull it in j Miull lala nej llo-tnioinil, t .lime
ilbljliu- soulhtteft of s I'jiiI, Vilnius lun
all.uht.1 J klnne 10 a lope jml tifl llio lupn
jhout lil netk
MInibterinlibts Retuined.
Itt l'tilitsitf Win- finiu llu- S4utiJlt ! l'ii.-
Vljilinl. Wjt -" -I lie (lutlons to llu.- ttiuto
lute iiMilieil iiiiiioiinjltl) In the rilinii n(
oie him lit, I jml Ittinl) 111I11UI11I ill-lv iml thlr.
It iiniiil i-l nl Hit "iipo-llii 11
Antlnacite Tiade Begins to Wear Its
Summer Aspect.
lb l'velu.lte Ui- froln Hit vntulnl Pre.
I'hlltidrlphln May 23 -The t.eilfror
In Us eoiil ititlele tomoioitv will miv:
The authinelto mal Initio Is befclli
11I11B to wear Its suiniuei uspeet, yet
there Is 11 polled a bottler ditniind
than usual at this upimoii. Tile pub
lic aie toin lined that tho coal 10111
panlos liilend llvlnu up to their eh
eiilar pi Icon mid ithnt the montlih
ndvnliies of ten lentw per ton will
come uloiif,' with lofjulaillv and thoio
will be no ittltltifr. Coiiveiiuently the
bin or bus no hosltutlnu In plaelnfr
01 dels and the de.ilets me .stoeUliifr up
bettor. Thoio Is a Rood movement
west wind bv the lakes mid n wither
better shipment by sea. rt Is doubt
ful, hnwovot, w hethoi the ,110111111111
1 oiild he lopl up to piiiinl the supplv
weie not the I'omp.inles mnkliifr 11 em -tullliiPiit
and thus ledui'liifr the out
put. The liibor sltuatlnu In the nti
thniolto H'frlnn is fjoiul, with less
tioublo lliiui llsuut, nnd the nutlnok
Is -oiv pionilslufr. Tin 10 Is nu ln
iiouvotl intiuli v hi this citv fm coal
vewolv for Xc v Imttlatul oil.
James R. Kcene's Thiee-Yem-Old
Cnnteis in with Odds of 4 to 1
Against Him.
B rvchi"ite Wire 'Kill The Vod.llnl Tre?"
Xow Yoik, May J(i .lames It. Kienos
c'niiio). the ihst tluee-)eai-old to win
.1 Hiooldvn bandit.. tp, tanteied hump u
winnei at the C.iavevend l.iee
.vovtoitl.iv with the odds of -I to I
.iKilnst him, while Ileibeit llnlvhetl
vi oml, with St indhifr In tlilnl povlilon.
The lavoiite, II 11111st.11. was awav bin k
in ihe iiulv, iiii.iIiId to fiet up his speed
In Hit- la. iv) fmliiK.
A mine ill.v iKieoublo dav Ini the
liiokolvn hnnilkap 1 ould mil have hi en
imagined. J'oni ni Iv mm nliifc tlio nun
had been ooniin down, with now and
thin 1 It. ulna -Ikiis which riivp piom
se of powlblo t Hi weuthei bv the time
tin- meat i.ito was t tin The Hist tin t-e
i.ues weie urn under loweiinR cloud
Tho iiuiiitot ol limneis m the i:pet
tatiou Stakes had haidlv finished, how
evpi, when the lain rame down In
i.uiiesL and the IiIr event was pulled
oil In ,1 diiv ini, lulu
In spit, of the thieitoiiliiR weuthei
then- was .1 IiIr tiowd at the Hack,
liillv J" imo petsons ttatthliiR thetiiif;
f.le In the lain. At 4. 11, when the luiRle
i.illid the handicap lioives 10 tilt- post,
the w.iv like a ciiiukiiiiip. llim
avtui wav a 1 (insistent lavoiite all the
time, with t'oiunv stiond 1 holt o antl
Sldnot 1. 111 as. Heibeit ami It.iefallo
well I1.11 ked The 1 audlilates weie ap
plauded as they (unified up to the
nun. ISaiinstai In the load ITve times
did the st.utor Hv to Rot them awuv
1 ml as manv times did tin deeliue to
n In Rood oitlei On the sixth hN
lenipt, hnwevei, the hoists arnt off In
Rood stvle Hnmstai was Hist to show,
witli lloiboit and lluffnelo next In lino
ami Ciiiimt close up Ainund tho tin 11
thet iiislieil anil the hud roup hut 1
lew si 1 nits w lion O'Connoi vent the
ihiei -t t ,11-nltl Contov to the fioni and
he 1, line with vueh ,1 itivh that ho was
two open leiiRthv to the Rood .id ho
pissid the judge's stand foi the fit st
t lino, linmistai vt.iv hi sppond plaoo,
llfibeil anil SlandiiiR kippiiiR him
Without sine keniiiR spi til in the least,
and with tho mud llvliiR. they .seninp
eiod ainund llu- lowei nun, Coniov
hnlilliif, hlv aihaiitiirie Itanastnr had
he, 11 p tvvpil bt lit 1 beit nnd SlandiiiR
nnd wav half a IoiirHi bphlnil tbein.
ComhiR into the buKstieic.h Smith
sent Tleibtit aftii Couint mid foot bv
fool he bpRiiu to 1 ut down tho load of
the tin ee-yeai -old SlandiiiR and Ilan
astai biRiin to 1 lost up, too, and as tho
upper 1 111 n was teat hid ti looked as if
the vounRvter had all oady hud his
liio.isiue taken, Council, hnwevei ,wns
on the aloi t mid still had a Rood hold
nil Ki i'IH'V hoi so. The k.ldeis 1 ushoil
Im o the tut 11. .lust fm one instant did
ll.iniisim- dhow a llnvh of his spied
which ho exhibited In the I'
hamlliap of twti veais .irci onlv the
ooncliHnus weie so tliffei out but It did
not last and he boRiin 10 di op buck,
lloiboit bv this time was op even
tot ins with Cciniiiy and SlandiiiR wan
hut a leiiRth away and thev woio tuin
liiff Into the stieth for the liiial iiish
o'Coniiur, on Coniov, Hien i-muched
low nil his liiullllt mid went to woik
Com ti) Rfimoh losponili'd to the iotK
e.t's appeal and In a few jumps left
lioibei t as it ho weie hiandinR .still In
Hie twinkle of an oe he was a couple
of lfiiRlhs In fitiul, nnd in a low bounds
111010, ii, far up l be ievt vteto 1 onieined,
the 1 tiniest was ovei, fm, miuisrIo as
the) uilRlit, ihe neti'i (ould catch
Colli ot, mid the latter, pulling up
stinilRl.v. iiilltued past the IiiiIro'h
stand the Kind nf a winner by
a IoiirHi and a half hum lloiboit, who
wus twice that tll.staiuo In ft out of
PtandhiR, and tho othei s badly beaten
The cliei'iliiK at the loiieliislon nf thn
laoo was tiemelidous The suniniuilos.'
The lliooltlvn luinditap, one mile nnd
11 iiuiuter, Coiuo), 02 ((TConiioi), I
to 1 (Uld S io ". Ill st. Ileibeit fll
Hiiuith), " tu 1 and ." to -', semud'
SlandiiiR, II" iriSRottl. 1J to I and R
to I, tlllld Time. L' 01 AMI,,.. SI1I110)
I.utas, Ituffaelu, llanastar, KIiir Mi.iiii.
hie mid Wnioi fine al-o inn mid iln
Isbed in- iianiod
lb ImIiimIi wir fmnt'lhe soiulul I'lu-
llillliln M-v -il u nh ilownponi nf uln'
In in 1 irlt inoinini. nnHI lne loiiUhl mnh Ihe
I'm 1111 1 lull ivpnilllm loniuli loih Ilk, 1 il"
tllfil lilt (ml n Hii'-i "Im tlhl luvii Hie
iDiiu.i- to In it" Ihe tlinienu kjiohi t licit time
in ibt ivlnl'll IjhiIiIiiu, vuiiie of tthlth tine
opi n 1 put nt tin ilit, rr In th" iMiipli' uf
liuii. ttlnii di Mi-1 niMii ii' .i- hi hi'
thli afuriiiHii fall .inl until leluml to
Ihe iniliihi'iii -ii'lii- uf Hie niJinninlli pipe m
cm Ihe uu'Jii lui iilniu-t l,lnl pipei jml lifit
Hint fpijl-li'.' n.liieie
Big Piodticei In Texas.
Hi Ixiln-lte Win fiom The ciatril I'icti
lluiiinonl, levji, Vj) i, -Mi I'jililin will X'o
I lot the I M (iiillet I'ltroltiini u'iiii.nii n.u
1 khi.Iii ui luil i) llijitunil-will Xu i uitie
ill la.-t t Is-In vnil iiM inikiilllient u-lioi, It
Ii the mn) 1UI1I imli will In ihe Ikhl iml ion
Miimntl) Hit hl.-.-i-t piitliuir
Unless Filipino Generals Still Holdino
Out Surrender Qnlcklu Theu
Will Be Surrounded.
Will Concentiate n Stiong Foice of
American Tioops About Cailes
and Malvar The Lntter Boasts
That He Will Be the Last Insui
gent to Suiiendei Piosecution of
Coimnn, Caiianza nnd Othei s
Accused of Tiadiug with Insui
gents Has Been Abandoned.
Bt Ivthiiiw Win- fiom lit moi laleil 1'ieM
Manila, Jl.iv T. t'nloss (lenei.ils
Ciilles nnd Malvai suiiendei- ipiit klv
(.(1u1.1l M.iiAithur will cunieiiti.iti.
11 stioiiR fniip of Atiioi Ic ,111 Hoops and
sn 1011111I them Thev mo the unit
pioinlnenl InsuiRontv who hiito nil
tbei , t leldeil 1101 bt en lapttlled. C.illes
i-i valnlv 1-ophiR 101 a RU.n.mtoe fiom
the American authorities that he will
tun be tiled loi tin- mm dem and alio
i'HIc" be is ,illef,,-il tu hiivo 111111
niltted. Miilv.n Is hnaslliiR that he
v.lll bo the Inst insuiRont to sin len
der. The nttompt or clenelal HurIu's to
aciomirtlsh tin- stinriidei of the Insur
Reiit loader, I.ueban, on the Miuul of
h.inim, Is without lesult.
Tho piosecution .ir.iIiisi D M. Cai
man, Senoi C'.iiian.i' and nlheis, 110
( used ot trudiiiR with tho Insui Rents,
has boon abandoned. 1'iovost (leneral
Davis, who lias lev lowed the testi
monv in llm Caiman rase, said to the
loiiospondont of the Associated Pi ess
tint while Carman eould bo convicted
ol tiadhiR wnth the llnsuiReivts. it
would be 1111 lust to punish him when
neat Iv oveiv tradei In Manila Is ruII-Iv-
nf stmll.11 pint tlcos
Government Expeit Piedicts That
the Output of Oil Will Soon Be
2,000,000 Bin els a Day.
lb I i liistt 1 Win fiom ihi ts,,,i ! iti-il Pun
Washington M.iv "1 The output of
the Texas nil Holds will soon bo J.OMl.OOO
ban els a dav, in tho opinion of P.ob
( it T. Hill, thier RonloRist for the Tut
ted States geological suivov Mi Hill
has 1, 'tinned I10111 an extendt'd Reo
loRie.ii linphtiRntiou in the Texas oil
Ileitis, and has embodied the lesults
in a li-iioi l, in which ho snvs;
"The Impoi t.nue ot this oil Held Is
In Rieiiiei tli. in at piesent inn be
described oi estimateil. It means not
only a (heap fuel siipplt to the Imgest
vtuto in ate.i In the I'nlon but owing
to its pioximltv to tidewater It pioni
Ises mi oxpoit tiade such as exists
nnwbeie else In the win Id, Piopaia
tlons mo being made tu sink hundieds
of wells anil veiv sunn Hie piesent
output of "nii.ililil I) 11 1 els 11 iluv nmv be
1111. lib uplort
"It Is ontliolv w lililn
mnbihllitt that oil will
the limit nr
be fuuiiil at
manv plates tiiinif,hniil
llio coastal
pi allies, ovpelallv in tlio southern c-
tous nn tnwiiK tno inn in. nun' aim
In the inn thciistein suite
nl M'cxlt o nt
Tuinalipiis The ntlteiop
nf the tenl-
ton fnimailons In
In Wllsnii. Atasnii
Sonthwest Texas,
McMnllen, IJ11-
v.ill and othei nullities Is nituiallv
rich hi oil . the oil beiiilug toi thu )
stiata oxt"ilds east ot the .Mississippi
into .Mississippi mid Alulmina, II Is not
hevimd pnvvlbilltv Hint nil ni.iv bo
found in those states.
"It lu Impossible now to state ox
aetlv the extend of the oil .vleltliiig
bed which supplies tlio IbauillOlU ttellv
and this can onl.v lie dotei mined bv
dillllllR expel imeuts. The aieii nf pin
Htable explollatinn of the Miaumout
oil Holds Is (Oiilliied belween the San
.lnrilito and the Sabine ilveis, o ist of
the Houston and West Texas,
and south uf Oil Clt.v, XiiRd in lies
Biooklyn Handicap Results Respon
sible for Suicide of Gin. Cohen.
ll rxihuiie Wire from The V.torated I'km
Will.11 Hun Mn 11 I .in 1 1 hen, win Iml
ittiilniil Mime inoiiiliirnii in lei d iiuillili ii
1I1., innimiileil mih hie it hl 1 rnni' in ttil- (In
Ills iniiiilu', lit inhilliii.' illnniinitlli: 1. llo
w i It ji in nf on jml hli rint! hi i- b'
I hi 1 1.
It Is siltl lie lo.l ill hit- imnt mi iln 1,11m
Imi iiuitlh ip iilnnlit
lb Ivtliiiiti- M IIP film I In vi iiiinl I'n
I nnil in, M.a Jo Hi tin 1 (In 1 hi. imi Ml
tit lull,. unit, th'-paii h hum I ml Km In in
1 1 1 til I'n lull 1, II iv 'ii
V .iiiniin lout ol llniii iiikIi 1 iltieimniiil
.III uk in .1 niiito) lilwiin Vllllllnlloip Hlil
I'nl.i In l-linjiii Vl,it I Inn win tliitin nil inn
I,.-, uii loin l.ilkil ml limit nttmlnl Im
1 nit ft) nilterl in rlfilt '
Pt r.iliiilte Wire turn Ihe uoi,l.fil 1'ieit
I.unilai 1Jt .'7 -"Ihlllt two holm,, oine of
1 In in u 1 libit innliljteil, lute Ikiii iruiiinil
nl Ihe Inlnnil milieu 111 s, ii.luntilil. m
llu- llhomlli ullii tiluii jii ikplo-luii in run 1 it
linlii Iiioinlnt Ihe '.lUM-niio woik piontin
lilt .luttlt Jul in J in lulufnl Mini, nn wit
iiiv-ul ill Ihe pil 1 inoiilh.
TOT .nl,l,n C? 1. .... . r. f ,,
-Xltvl.ll.lvl Wl,lfJ III UJIOlli I
Hi I silu.lte Who fiom Hit vmclaleil l're
lolcilo, M iv mi -Ihe Inlnln M.ilniic jml 1
iiiiiiini loiljt nolilliil llu- nnil Inl-i," iimmil
Hi lljl II ttoul I il'ii llu itt -ui I, mil Hit will -I ait luiiioiiott. Ihl j 1 in oi the
JIKI'-1 plJIlt Mill' Hit lll.uhllll.l. llrll mil 11(111
Lbt Mttlinunt "Ji iHKtpfilnl
Wenllier Inillcntlont Tuiln ! I
1 Hi in nl I'llil Imlln fiillblon Nnr MI1111
Klllini liKiiiri'iiimi i ii lt I ml
Innfllil.l Milemilil 1 In Iln liitnlir ( i-
l'iilileiiiii C i,iiiiiil-ii HM siip,, I'hllnlel
phi 1 I'lllpils
'J Ci lit 1 il - I till -11.1 ill Hi pnlini nl
I It.til-llet Pi I I' liuhliitii, Itiilsl.i fiom
the siinml I'n -lulill ill ( hnu h
ItM v II smU, l'1-nlt fu Iln- smith,
t lililn nl
.NuIl .mil Cuniiin nt
fi I 01 il I ji I nu mn 1 llonl'il Nt tt 1 iniltn
I'li'RH s j( lilt V'llH lllnll ll I lllltlil
ii I nnil Wot 1 inli-ii mil siii.niiim
I.MiMil- bib lllt in 1 of tin Mine Mnh.
l'miim I il Jinl I ntnmi 11 IjI.
k- tnllll-ll-l ilf Pill l-l ll -illilllll llllllill in
I I nn nil. 1
v,i nil n s I unit I'm r (tlini,i.
Inln-lilil in I liilin
Mis. McKinley Paisset. a Comfoit
nble Night Ctossiug the Siemib.
lb Iviln-lti- Win fi mi Hi- Vsitiiiul I'hm.
URtleii, 1 "til ll, M iv 'ij Tlio iios.
nentliil 11. -In ti noised the slate nl
Nevada todat and le'iilutl Oglen at
(1 .10 o'i lot k tonight IJui hiR most 01
the dav the tlev.itlou , xceeded .1 iHHJ
I 'I'd ai'd siiov -t la I peaks wen- 1 nll
liimillv lii sight fiom the 1.11 win
dows Mi Alt Kliilev iiJs,tl u (tini
loi table iiIrIiI iio-siiig ihe Slfiiav,
but tl.e trip lodav wav looki d fm
w aid to with -onio uppieheiislon.
ICiin, howttti nllitfjl Ihe aiixlelt
It, nod linlii hint ami diiv, and Di.
I'.ixev ippoin-il toulglii thil Mis Mi
Klnlcv was stiindiug the trip v ei v
well She sum nil no Im nuvi nlonco
fniin the 1 iillled atinnsph, n-
'I In- dav nbo.iitl tin ti.ihi pissttl
without Incident. The piisldelil
ni.ikps il .1 niie onllnaiilv not to
tlivel nil Siind.iv.i but Iln- piesent
1 in unistniii os weie sn cxi 1 plloiial
that he set aside his ccniipiini tlons in
oidti that hlv wile might the tnniii'i
leach home
(u the wa.v link to Washington,
Hi- pifvldeul antl nieinbeis nl Hil
1 ibinot an devntliiR a good ileal n
time to the 1 iiii-iilt-iailon ol llu- Chin
ese situatlnn
c'llii ago. .11 1 oidliif to the piesent
schedule, v. ill bo leu hi (I Tiiesilav at
i 1 noon, anil the n.iin is pxiulIoiI to
,11 live at t'ashliiRtoii Weilrn-vtlii)
The Lnigest Attended in Spnngfield
Since That of Piesident Lincoln,
lb IvtliiiiK Win tuin Hi ,1 1 in tl Pin-
Spiiiisliebl. Ill, Mat .', -The li
nei il tula) n 1 x-lint ei nni Tallin 1.
with humus, was the kugest
uttendid otoi known In iipi IiirM. Id,
With the oxiopllnn Of Hill ol I'icvL
dent Linrolii in April. I Mil Iheiv
l.iilioid biought exc uisinnv The
boilv lav in siute in the state hoiisp
finiu s in until I in p 111 ami a vteulv uf pi npit iiss, i ihinugh 1I10
stale house, Ihe uiiinbt 1 Icing 1 vil
li aled a1 ""n"
'I'll" leiniins tteie then leninveil to
M Haul's pio when
sei v ins won laid At Ihe 1 lost- of
tile ,-ei t Ii e the llllllill In l).ik Hlilgo
timolol) began The no cwloiis was
lio.iiled bv ilieinni V. Hfv mil hiv
mllltait si, 1 11' in lull iiulioint, lol
lowed bv the Tilth iul.iiitit, Illinois
X.nloiial Ciu.inl The he.uv , ,11
1 Iiiros with muuiiii'is ; 1 .iiicl 1111v nl
Ihe Kepublli , Mills nl V'-loi ins,
Kulghth 01 Mm ilnev i.iiiiii mini 1-,
I d bv -late olllt Ms .-ipiiiiRlioltl 1'nl
tjiitlon o I.aboi nut) lastlt (nlil ll
liivvs. Mm viitinc
Competitois foi Positions on the
American Team to Defend the
Palmn Tiophy Meet at
Sea Giit.
II) Ivln-hi" Win limn Ihe -nliiiil I'n.t,
.Vow Yoik, Mat .'ii Thiwilile niugo
11 Mil Hilt, X ,1,, was npeiii tl foi the
season toduv, nml iiniwiilimiilliif, the
laliistuim and high tv iml Hieic was .1
Rood alloiid.iui ol tompi'litnis foi
positions on ill,- Miieiiiaii team wllitli
Will llfli'llll hi I'.lllllll llllllill j the
Intel nillliinal shunt next Sepleiuliei
I1I01IR till' Illim piniiiliieiil null oil
llllllll li'i' lloilt'l.ll I tl I tl W Mte, 1 I
Cilopel C A Held Cumulus C II
Spilngsteud, C A, l'aikoi, William
.Mm tin, Miijiu II l.iilliiiaiin, in W i
Hudson and Hcigiiiul .lolin .Malt 0111
and 1! H MiAlpln Tin nhiiutliiK was
(iilllllied In tile sOO-tanl i.ili(,e, mid
viinieveiv tli'dllabli s,uiestvei, uiaile
( Hpt'llioi s In Itn'lpl nl must
one iilliaRillR Itjiulls lliiui Ihe lunges
lllioiigliiiiu Ihe 1 iiiiini t wheio ovpoits
mo macHciuR ill unloi tu iiuulilv Inr
Hie Hepl( inbi'i loin uaiiient whole all
lliosti limiting till' li'lllste inn eliliiRti
W III be assembled
N'oM week Hie New ,l,ise -lulu
team whli Ii Is tu nnil the Irish nam
lliiui llio I kiloi Ilill't uisoeiaHoii in 11
letltill uf llio Ciieilllioie Dull) liiullllt
1 oiliest nt iiiuin lliiui (wi'lilv jeiiisagii,
will begin win U.
I.etteis hiue iccilvul Hum Mi.
leliiiy John .MiiJeiinii, ol lilinst ie
laud, mivIiir Hint the Irishmen have
bt on .It pnu tke lor sniue weeks jiast
and Huh stoics liuiliaie tluu llu New
.leisev loam will have to leatli a teiy
high staiidaid lu onli'i in win Tlu
lilsh will lean- lot Anicilia 1111 Hie
steamship mm via mi August J11 and
iliuuieis will be piovliUd loi tin 111 nil
(heir 111 rival nl Sea (ill I
Sympathy Strike Did Not Occur.
By l'vilu..lte Wirt- bom lie- Wuhteil I'n.J
Itijillli., Mjt J(. llu iniiinu if lihui iltk
kjtn in in jlmig the linn ut ll" itullng nil
ttjt to iiiiiihki Hit iiiiilhm uf i-M( hdiiig the
.tiikt to the ulliouil III iiinpllliv with the
J.u.i .Hiking iiiipl.iui of 1I10 Hulling Iron 10111
pun, aiintiiinttil foi luilj). It ii Jiithoilutittl)
iUli.1 tlhl 11 it Uli pljie.
flu Uiioiilcldl Statement Made bu
Solicitor General SliowinQ the
Questions Involved.
Opinions Given Upon the Insular
Cases Henul Last Winter AroPiob
ably the Most Impoitant Rendeied
In Many Yetus Questions of Juris
diction Material Subjects In
volved Pi Imniy Question Beats
Upon the Tienty of Pails.
Pv I'xtliHlie Wire front Tlie Associatctl rreti.
Wasliingiiin, llav M. Owing to tho
fait that the United States Siipiemu
com l will adjuuin toiuoirovv lor the
tLiin, II. e cjiin on Is quite Roneial that
Hie i oil' c will deliver Its opinion in
the insular cases which weie hemd
last winiri. In levv of this proba
bility Solkltm fleneial niehaids has an ttiic-lllciiil statement show
ing the ciiiestiutis Involved In the vari
ous c.ivcv, which Is ns follows:
I. Duties on gunds impotted into the
I lilted Stales f 10111 the Philippines af
ter the l.itlllcatlnii of the tieaty. The
tniiiiopii illamoud rings case, I'epka,
claim. ml.
- Diltlos on Roods Impelled into I'm.
to Kit o 1 1 0111 the United Slates dining
the milltnt v 01 1 up.! Hon of the Island,
iiltci Ihe signing of the piottxol, and
beloie the 1 .itil'iution ot the tidily of
I'.iiiv, Such wen- some of the duties
(1ilc1tc.1l In Ihe Aimstiotig ease.
I Duties on goods impelled into Inr
tii Ilk u mini Hit- 1'nlteil States during
Ihe niillt.ii v m 1 up itlon. but after the
1 pvvltiu oi I'm in Klco by the latlllta
tlnu ol the ticuv anil beloie the pus
s.iro ii the I'm to llkai! act. Such
tluiios weie iniiii n-il in the Ai nisliong
I ave ami In the llivf Dtiolev cave
I Dlltlci (.olbttttl on goods Impell
ed Into the I'lilted Stales fiom Pol In
I I It o ullei the l.itillivitlnn of the Hcntv
and beloie tlio taklnt, olfei t ot lb
I'oitti Hlin nit Mlc Ii weie duties ox
.11 lid lu the iiuVte 1 ase and lu tin
Deliui.i 1 i .
" Duties iiilloitcilj nu goods cnitlillg
lliln Hie I'nllid Si. ilev fiom P01 to
Him ili"i the I'm to Klenn act took
ellut Tin- v.ilidltv nf those exactions
Is IiiiiikIH In iiio4iion lu llio Dnwnes
ti Dulles 011 Roods entiling
'llio I'oiio 1 Mi 11 110111 tin I'liiti d Slulcs
allcl tin Inking 1II11I ot the Potto
lib 111 ait Sin i wen- the duties cx
.11 It tl in the set nnil Dnolt v i.ise
7. Dulio- t ollei Ii tl 011 goods luipoit
(d Into Hit- I'ullttl Suites iniiii Ha
waii iltei the iiiiiexatiun ami befuio
Ihe lliwaliaii ail wont into etfccl.
Questioiib of Juiisdiction.
The pioniletv uf the tolllse ol uo-
II dine is in iiiestiin in all theso
i as, s ,-xnpt the lulu illiimuiid ling
lien This lesults litim the dllleioilL
molliiiib ailoplid bv i oiiiisi'l In test
ing the 1 niisiitiiiionalitv ol tho cus
toms exaitloii In the (ioite ami
Ciowinan iii-iv the duties won- paid
iiudei piuti'st, and the ptncoduic laid
ilouu in the 1 Ustinov iidmlnlsHutlt o
,111 was liillottti! This government
ollb lals hi'liete to lie the pi opt r
nu thud Hut If counsel in the insos
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but do not iinolve the validity nf tin
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Material Questions Involved.
Tin pi iniiii x iiuevtiuu is wlielher tin
ii-Hsinu lOlltuillid in Hie licitv ot Palis
iniitlc I'niio lliio mid the I'hlllppluos
an liitegial pint nl tin ('nltml Slnti 1
Wltlllll Ihe lllo.llllUR ol the pnivlsloii 10
(lulling "all ihlt h st, imposts and excise
to be IlliiliilUI tllliillglinlll the I'lllteil
The set iiiiilui v illtsui s wht'lhei
the pint Mini in the I'oitu lllcan not
b'WlllR illlllis up giiutls milling fliim
I'niio llltn lulu tho I'nlted Studs ami
nu Riiuils 1 oiulng 1 nun the I'nlted Sintov
llltn I'm In Hlin 10 In livid ni Hie
henellt nl Pol lu Itim 11111 i I the Insulin
Riitcinmeiii iniiid pnivido lovenuo of
llsimii, vlolnlos the coiistliiltloniil pio
V Iviuii Hint "no lax 111 dut.v .shall hi
laid lu 111 ili Im expoilnl limn ain
Slate "
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Hull inlsiil In tin Hawaiian cave name.
It, Wlltllli'l III'' icsollltiull nt lllllll x
iitlim made Haw. illaii an iiiicgiul pan
ui Hie I'liitcit Stiiies within Hie menu
lug nt Hie limit. nlnn ui the taxing
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lutw applied theie not wltluviu tiding tin
expnss pinvlsloiis ul the it solution
Hint tin oxlsiiiif, 1 tisiniiis law of tho
Hawaiian icpublit should luullmii' in
liine until iniigiess slunild pass- nil act
exteuiliiiR mil 1 ustiinis laws 10 Hi
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