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    . fu(i:,yj r tt- m 'sris-'i r&W"S'&l- tv'V Vtvir;''
ly .-V- .
Representatives of President Diaz
Meet Mr. McKinleu and His
Partu at El Paso.
Scneinl Hernandez, on Behalf of the
Mexican President. Extends the
letter's Congratulations Mr. Mc
Klnley Replies In a Happy Speech.
A Warm Welcome at Chlhunhun.
The Ladies of the Cabinet Ten
dered a Bienkfnst by a Mexican
Banker. ,
lit I mIi Mi ' Win' do." 'Hi A'soci.itrJ I'rc'i.
Kl Paso, Texas. May Ik Ameiican
q ti.l Mexican lings weie intertwined In
lu d.'cornti.'ns or lliu plaza where
lie ollielal greeting of Pri'hlilenl Mc
Klnliy iin.l Ids cabinet look plan this
morning. The ptc-enee on the st.uvl
if Coiiet-al Hernandez, principal rep
i .- nt.itlve of President Diaz, iiml tli
p.viimi- of tin- slate of Chihuahua
;,IM (ill Intel national significance to
'lis mi'iil.
Then 'mm i' thousand- of Mcwlcnni
In tin1 vast ciinciiini of people to
. limn tlto pi evident spoke, mill their
rptlitp-liiHin wan almost as wild as that
of tin- Anir,rlenns.
ileiioinl Hernandez nddreed the
ifhlili'iit on behalf or his president,
Mending tin- hitter's congiatulations.
suvl l'tesident MeKlnley, in his te
sponsu. p.iid a high tribute to the pres--lil
in ol the Mexican republic, and
i liatged bis emissary to convey to his
bli-f Ids warm regard and personal
siiem. with his best wishes for the
ontmui'd prosperity of our sister re
l iihlic.
I'ln pivsid'Mifs speech was very
li.ippy and was especially notable on
iicm unt uf his injunction to the peo
ple not to hi. alarmed about "imper
ialism." Theio was. he said, no Im
perialism, cxcepl the Imperial power of
i hi s-ineteign people of the T'nitcd
The governor of Chihuahua alo
.:. Italy welcomed the president to the
bonier. The exercises in the plaza
weie pteceded by a. military parade.
The ladies of I he cabinet noised the
Kin (Jr.iiule io .Inure;:, where they were
tc-juleieii it breakfast by Juan. Ochoa,
a iiinniliK'Ut Mexican banker.
Mis. MeKlnley illil not attend the
bie.ikfast, but enjoyed a short drive
lining th'1 morning.
At noon tlie paily ro
stiined ils journey westward.
President's Speech.
I Hiring the course of his speech, the
president said:
Tin- H tin 2.ilfii..y to (lie icpublie
:.nd I Mint, in tin-, lonntetion. to epics my satM.n ten mtli the nrill.ll .-alut Jtiniis
I 1 1 I i In iin hi lint Rieal ami distluKulsheil fit our Hit icpnl.ltc, President DIiu
kiiI u-i i-iii- upplnw .aid uies of lii.iiii). 1
lhi.llh Ills lfilt'a(Ii(jli.i foi Hip M-or'N
'Mi ihiib. In' In- pic-intul tin- fciliiisr of ic-i-l".it
.mil rc,'.ir.l uf hit illmliioits pirsidi'iil lo
-t jroii rumen! ol tlie 1'nilcfl Mates, ami I heir
ii ii In- "ill lonio.i to his pi nl the iaini
i sn'.U and llio pi i-toeui whl.h I lime, lor
is ilni'l ni.iRi-lialr, which is .--lured by t lie
vlmlc Ameiii.m people. (Applause). Ami mv
j'i tor Mill tin t lie i piospcrity .iilinneemuil
uuong lit- people, ( Npplaii-.. anil ties of
hi .HOI
Ml' ll'llfiW IlliClli, il tll.'IO fid AMs any doubt
.I'lOtti .mis lii'ini; .1 niiiliil people, if you coulil
1 ir tr.nille.1 Willi mi' 'J.nui imli-, liuin llio ,ii W.i-liincU.n io tin- mi of I'.l P.iMi,
iiml iloiilit moiiM line bci.i foinpii'lily lii.-pilli il.
ppl.iii-M. 'linn iioi' mi- niih unity in tlio
l'liltnl stjlrs ,is llii'io It at tins limn. Then
tii'ivr ilis hi niiiiti lot' .i ii illnii ol TS,tM0,(m.l "f
priiplf to Ik pioml o .1- .il Mas honi. Ai
pi iii-i i.
i lino sont, oui .uiiii ,uiil oui ll'.l, ti ill.
Mia si'.is nml tin ii.iw only ..ililiil aloty to
i ir l.ijt. 'Hii-y Inn In.iiiIii no slianii' upon
t ir iin liuin t nliuii. f ppliin-i'l. We M'lit tlirtn
to I llill.l IO liMIIC 0111 hcllMBlMCll ll'pllWllll'
'io( an tlu'j ilii the ivetl, ittii iliil it iiijk
ulllrciitly "llli llio of Ihf tiiill.iil
"mill. (Appl.itisi'). lint il U mn in tin art 01
".ir thai ( like our mcili-t piiilc. Ue nro
Hoi i M'.irllki' pi'oph'. Wo .in' i.ot ii imllt.iiy
i ni!i, tV iirid no Io V..H unless vi Iiim In
i 'k p.'ju', (Appliil-o). Our piii'o U in the
r. ft, in iniiii-i iil .mil iiiti' Ii
lopioiiit !n llo !,'ii)iitli of our iniiiiiir, m llio
io wiii r;iu ul of riiu pcopli, in i liill.illuii, in tli,.
.ii in tin m temps, nml Ii. ii'iuuUitiiiis, Thi-i
t- Ik nul pncle oi (he luu'rii in jieopl .
Hot nnd Dusty Ride.
neinliiLT. X. ,M May B. Shortly afiet
luavlnir Kl Vaso the train crossed ilm
line Into New Mexico and tan tliioiiirh
I be KlltzlllK secllon of the teviltory, It
was a hot ami dusty ride. The tlrst
stop In the lerrlloiy was made at Deiu
Iiilt. where the piesldoiit was welcoinod
by Governor otcio and his stalT. Them
"an n biff ciowd and a band at the sta
tion, and llio picsldi'iit mis kIvcii a
warm Kieellnir.
V. M. Hei'tjt'i. pitsldinl of (lie Now
Mexico I'i'css tiHsoulailt.ii, had met the
putty at I'l Vaso and accoiiiimiiled tlto
I rain the tenlloiy. The address
of welcome at PemliiK was largely de
voted to New Mexico's claim for stale
hood. , banner above the irnln
lead: "New McMcii demands slate
hood," The picsldein spoKc Inlftlly.
l Ktiluilii Wire (loin The ,.oiiJleii Piom
Wa.liiti8t5ii. Miv ii. iUIiii M-ta iileJ iiuh
the bpanlsli filing icninilFtlon luikij In licl.alf
cf ll'iiry ili-C'aiui a ,ean.jii 0,1 the ill-lakil
Maine .ho h.i, hlouu up in la.n.i h.i
hot, dtkini; ijlO.Oul lor injinie. Milaine. Ijv
lilm in ioiirt.iitiiiu ot Hie explosion. . iljim
ei IJoOun tut i,u.i 1Pujr 0( t.itltciii.o Ilium.
ho.e tan, a rntpor.'l ot tiutino, iva killnl hy
ihe unii etploMon. Iinil,r ami IIjihi.o.I, of
Km Uik lily, uliu II!.. 1 the tlaim,, hae (honi
mi ili moiinil llial Spain .JiniUy or ..v reason
nl riCiilljsinir, tispoasiule lot the f'vplmlon.
Repoit from Delngoa Bay.
Bj KxduJlte Wiif from 'Ihe A-soiialc.l I'iMt.
lirij."!?, Mjj i). -t u itpoiti.l hetc that He
k-i.ij;o.i la. lallioul lu aifaln bem iletiei'.
ij ttji'r foim uii'ltr (.'omnunilant
Bodies of Hnny jxmnetheau nnd
Two NcBro59 Recovered.
Py nelnlve Wire from The AimvlntciJ Pkm.
.liieksoiivllle, Kin., fny C The body
of Harry Hotinetheau, n. real estate
dealer, wnti recovered today from the
St. .folins river. The bodies of two
nefiroes wen also recovered. All are
victims of Krldny's disastrous Ihe.
There are many rumors of I'uitlier
loss of life, but owing to the deparl
iii i' of thousands of pcopli from tli a
city, It will bo Impossible for several
days to veill'y the reports, unlesn Llio
bodies are found.
Mayor Dowdeii today Kstictl a le
Miiest, that all slKht-seers remain ttway
from .laeksonvllle. It Is reared the
vast army of Idle negroes may (,au"e
some trouble, and It Is believed that
all those who will not no to work at
i per cluy and rations will b" de
ported. .Martini law i midlines Io be i lt;iilly
Governor Stone and Adjutant Gen-
eial Stownrt Do Not Believe They
Will Visit Harrisburg.
Ily KiiltMM' irrt fioiu 'Hie Aw.nlilnl l'iei.
Unrrlsburfr, May . Governor Stone,
A.I hi t;i n L Ceneial Stewart and other
state ofliclals take no stock in tho
stories that the mlueis hi the anthra
cite ickIoii are proparlnK' to march Io
Ilui'ilsbuim: to demand the jiassiiKe of
the anthracite mine bills passed by the
house eaily in April. These bills are
pending before the 'jenate eomtnitlee
on mines and minliiK, and it is expected
tbev will be reported out after "Wed-nes-day
nifrht's liearins.
Tlie state otlleials also denied Unit
Hit. National Guard is to be called out
to escort the miners to HarrisburK, al
though there has been unusual activ
ity about the state arsenal in this city
since Sattiiday. It is probable that a
portion of the guard will he ordeied
out to prevent any possible trouble, if
the miners -should decide to come heie
In a body.
Pottsvlllo, Ti May . Colonel TUch
ardion, of the state arsenal. limits-l)iii-5?.
arrived in this city today, with
a view of learnim; the true situation
of the proposed march of Ihe miners to
Harrlsburj;. Colonel Kichardson would
not discuss tlie situation, but it is said
that secret orders have been sent out
to certain military commands, and
should there be a movement Io march
on Uarrlsburs: the miners would bo
turned back.
Them has been no request made by
llli. sheriff for the militia, -which Is the
custom in cases where law and order
arc to he violated.
First Election Held in Baltimore
Under the Law Calculated to
Disfranchise the Illiterate.
By i:ela-nc Wue from The Associateil I'iw.
naUimore, May C The fli&t import
ant election to be held under the new
ballot law devised by the Democrats
to illiterates-, will take
place in this city tomororw, when a
new city council will be chosen. Tli
election will be InterestlniT principally
because of lis beailnpr upon the new
law, and the opportunity which 1t will
alioid for testlni; its efficacy from a
Democratic point of view.
Hoth parties have been comparative
ly inactive In their canvasses and tlio
general public Is decidedly aiiatheii as
to the remit. Of the two, however,
the Hepubllcans have made tho si eater
effort. This fait, together with the
further fuel that a factional light In
the Demoi-cratlc ranks Is on, with
.Mayor Hayes and his friends on one
side and the followeis of I. Kieoiuan
Kasln. on the oilier, makes It highly
probable that the council, which Is now
Democratic, may have a Republican
majority after tho votes ai'i counted.
Surface Indications point io this ie
hiilt as Inevitable unless the new law
cms olf oiioukIi ik-kmi voles Io give
the Democrats a l tory.
E. J. Eibhor Convicted of Buying-
Stolen Brass.
IS. Kulu-ne Win Honi 'Ihe .W.Ki.nnl rio
WilUsllJH". Ml' IS.-1", .1. I'lshi'i', .in I'M. ii
sii'o jnnl; il.'ilii'ci llif-. liiv, .i led i.v Mn
tiiii'ul iu com I to .six iiMiuli-- in the loiiut.i jjtl.
The prI-oii(i was toiivieliil n nuhiii: utolin
bus- ami his .n r. a K.I to ihe luealiiuir up of
a uane of liict'i Mi hj.l licen robhini 'Li; fof ,
Hie thrlls hail l.eioui.- m miiiiiioiis ,, I iu
;eaii lhat the I'l'iuuih'.uii.i, l.uiluli V.ilh.i, I . it . Iljiltoail of .V(iv ) i--( , l.ii'k.iiuuua in I
luliuiii' ami lluiUoii iMupiitiis toiiinl their
li .-i.s in Into thou.inib of moiillili.
Tlie ililll ili Hi llll' it the ui lolls l .Mil. oi-guui-cil,
ami lii a i.tiiiulie clloit MiiKe.leil
In ii.unillliK lh thioes up, A kh.u ileal of
the sluliii l.ijss wis li.iti.l jo ri-h.rV Junk yard
in (his iit..
Tinlnmen In Convention,
Dy 1!1ikIib Wlte Itoui 'the ,M.,elalf. 1'ifsi Mn i. -Tlie Ullli litcntiial n.nnri
tioii ol llli' llr.ithdi.oo.l ot llalltnuil '
met lute I r i l.i y mil ju ot...lili will out i mu- In
cuaion lor tvin ve ks. j .Matleu fit routine ilia
ailrr weie ilitCUsM'il at (lie opilili.i; rvloli.
ChaiiLia h) llio loinlllulion ami nullet ulKcl'
inK the iiivilaud hull. Il ot Ihe orilu an- I lie
principal i,ieil(.ii. Itili. the roriienlioti, ihu
n.hai- of whuli lie rii'et. Aholll MM Ul.-S.n.'
ate in alleielaiiie.
First Tinin Over Akion Route.
Dy lAilnsiin Win ttoi't ")u i.s, ioia..'.l I'.iw.
llutlalo, lj II. Tli" hijl tiaiu oui the kvon
mile i l'i nils tula an.) I'tte) airhcl here lli
iiiuiuliiir biinnli. pasientieni from Cii.i InuJtl,
N.ilillle anil si. I.oiiiw. Ihete wera mei Kl
Carter Gets DecUlon,
My l'-cluie Wire from Tho Ajfwlatcil Pie.-ai.
houiiiille. May 0. KM fatter, of llrool.l'n.
wat toniglil (,'iun Ihe .1. i ision oin Jack 11- n
ur. ol .Siinimit till, l'. Toe flu lit went the
IttClll) IOUIl'1 lllllil.
Senate Devotes Much of tlie. Time
to Bills on First Reading.
Mr. Reynolds, of Inckawanun, Offers
n Resolution Regarding Passenger
Railways Beer Brewing Bill Re
committed to the Ways and Menus
Committee A Resolution Provid
ing for Auxiliaiy Commission
from Pennsylvania to the Pan
American Exhibition.
Py' Wile front 'Hie Vi-ou.ile.l 1'iess
Harrlshuir, May 0 Tho order of
business in the .senate tonight was bills
on llrst rending. After the ilrst read
ing calendar and the president's table
had been cleared, the senate adjourned
until tomorrow nlBln. at 8 o'clock.
.Mr, .Scott, of Philadelphia, Introduced
il bill supplementing and nmcndlnqr
Section 4!) of the building laws of 18!I,
to as to allow the constrtiellon of a
new Philadelphia theatre under the
plans as originally drawn by the archi
tects. The bill has the approval of the
Philadelphia building Inspeclois.
Mr. Cunitnlngs.of Warren, Introduced
a bill making recltnls in deeds and
other Instruments of title evidence of
certain fuels in actions Involving Un
title to land where the title to land is
drawn In finest ion.
A special order was made by the
house tonight, at the wiliest or Mr.
Vooihoes, of Philadelphia, for his 1)111
providing for a submission Io a vote of
the people at the next general election
the question of removing the capitol
from llart-ioburg to Philadelphia. The
bill was read the llrst time at tonight's
session, will be taken up tomorrow for
second reading and 'Wednesday for
third rending and tlnal passage.
Mr. Reynolds' Bill.
Mr. liuynolds. of I,aekawanii.i, of
fered a resolution, consideration of
which was postponed for the present,
that any and all bills in the hands of
the city passenger railways commit
tee lie referred to a .special committee
of nlne.which shall report at Its earliest
Tho bill levying a tax or one cent a
gallon on all ale. beer and porter
brewed in Pennsylvania, was recom
mitted io the ways and means com
mittee. Mr. Plisp, of Delaware, leported from
the rules committee a resolution, which
was adopted, making senate bills on
third reading' and llnal passage the
order of business on Tuesdays and
Thursdays; senate and house bills on
third reading and tlnal passage on
Wednesdays and second leading bills
on Fridays.
A lesolution was offeied by Mr.
Pomeroy, of Franklin, and adopted, di
recting Governor Stone to appoint
twenty persons, not more than one
from ench county, to bo known as an
auxiliary commission from Pennsyl
vania, to the Pan-American exposition.
Mr. Corny, of Ijiizorne, introduced a
bill prohibiting the mmiufncture and
sale, importation or exportation or dis
pensing in any wny of all Intoxicating
beverages in Pennsylvania, except for
scientific, mechanical or medicinal pur
poses. The calendar of llrst reading bills
was disposed of, after which the house
adjourned until 10 o'clock tomorrow
Work of Relief Progressing Sys
tematicallyRebuilding Has
Already Commenced.
IV i:iliune Wit" ft mn The AtF.'i I itiil Piet.
Jacksonville, l-'la May il, The woilc
ot iclief In Jacksonville Is piogrcsslng
systematically, Th relief association
today Increased Its coinmltlce of nine
to lifteon. appointed a ilnanclal coni
mllti'i of live, adopted a constitution,
made lempoiaiy orgiinl.aiIoii pi run
ucnl. with (', K. Oarner, ptesident, atid
.!, IS. I'anott, vice president, Tho
following lire the dead so far iccov
eieil; 'Hurry D. llollianeau ami AVIll
ritirk, white, and an unknown negro,
found In the liver today at the toot of
Maikut stieel, .Mrs. Cornelia Thomp.
son, widow of tho Into Cioneinl Waildy
Thompson, hones found hi nilns of old
ladles' home, I'nlon and l-iiuroi slieuts,
today, Manila IIuficii, a nego woman,
woman, ioiiiuI yesteiday at ticean and
State stieels. One othei unknown ue
gto l. reported found In the rlvi r, but
the icport Is not coullt iiiuil, lloth
niieau was .M yems of age and a prom
inent real estate man, He, with Cl.'irlc,
was cut on' by the lainf.s at Market
Mi eel wharf, Sis thousand
uiiro fed today by the teller -is
(ioveruor Jennlng. has pel iVctcil the
military government of Ihe cliy. Tho
lecelpts of cash by tho relief asso
ciation and other agencies approximate
$50,01)11 tonight.
Ten on loads of supplies were iv.
reived today from t'liarleMowu, and
one fioiu Atlanta, as wdl as nittuy
other smaller lots. I'eilV-ct older pre
uills. The woik of relnillding com
menced, lusiiiaiico adjusters con
tinue to airive, but no concerted plan
of loss settlements has been ar
ranged. Pennsylvania Pensions.
Il. Kseluiir Wire liom Tl.u scccl..lci 1'iu.
Wjiliinxtnii, May M. John (I. Smith, of SYun
ton, l.a teen Riai.tril j p.iulon of 10 u,
art'l Cioiue llaii, of siianuu, a peintou of Ul
ft inoiilli. Tlio latttr ii iharceaMe to thq ac
count of the war with bpaln.
For Party Reasons Ho Desires to Re
tain Hie Scat in tho Senate.
Dy I'vclmhc Wire frem 'flic Awoelalnl I'rcni.
tlarrlshurg, May 0. rontrary to gen
oral expectations, Senator K. H. I lard -eiibergh,
or the Siistiunhannti-'Waytie
tllstrlct, did not resign his sent In the
senate tonight In order to allow him
lo assume the olllce of auditor gen
eral toinonow, to which he was elect
ed last November. Auditor General
McAuley's term expires tomorrow, but
Mr. Hnrtlenbergh desires to retain his
sent In the senate for paity reasons
until the adjournment ot the legisla
ture. lie has asked the attorney general
for pn opinion as to whether the pres
ent deputy auditor general, Snm Matt
Friday, of Lancaster, can act as au
ditor general until lie Is ready lo as
sume the ofllce himself.
Republican nnd Democratic Lenders
Try to Foimulato a Bill Party
Circle to Be Dropped.
By r.xilniivi' Wile from The "Wndaled 1'icm.
Tlarrhburg, May (!. A conference be
tween tho Kepubllcan and Democratic
leaders of Pennsylvania on ballot re
form legislation was held tonight at
the executive inanson. The purpose of
the meeting was to try to formulate a.
ballot bill which will receive the sup
port of a majoilty ot the members ot
the picsent legislature. The Republi
can confeiees were United States Sen
ators Quay iiml Penrose, Governor
Stone, JiiMiianee Commissioner Dur
ham, Senator Focht, chaliman of the
senate election committee; Senate
President Pro Tern Snyder and State
Chairman Ueeder. The Democratic
representatives were Colonel James M.
Guffey, of Pittsburg, member of the
national committee: Congressman Polk,
of Montour; Representative Ikeler, of
Columbia: ex-State Chairman Killing,
State Chairman Creasy and Senator
Miller, of Cumberland.
The Democrats favor the passage of
a hill which does away -with the party
circle on the official ballot, and will
agree to no measure which provides
for lis retention. Senator Quay also
favois the elimination of the circle, but
some of his associates are opposed to
doing away with It.
The conference came to it close after
midnight, without reaching a definite
agreement. Hoth parties agreed that
Ihe party circle Miould he dropped and
that the party colninc-i" .should lemaln
as they aie on the present ballot. The
Democrats insisted that no person shall
be entitled to assist more than ten
voters to prepare their ballot, and that
bofote a voter can secure assistance he
must, make aflldavit. that be cannot
read and write, or that he is physic
ally unable to prepare his ballot. Tlio
Republicans objected to the feature re
quiring the voter to make affidavit as
to his disability, and promised to take
the matter under consideration and re
port later. Tho original Democratic
proposition was that no person could
assist more than three voters.
Senov Corona, of the Cubano Libre,
Slightly Wounds Ricnrdo Miran
da in a Theatei' Result of
r.y Kuhklve Wire front The .WovUlcil I'ioi-i.
Santiago do Cuba. May C Senor
Corona, editor of the Cuban Libre,
shot and slightly wounded Itleardo
Miranda in the theater here tonight.
The Cuban Libre had published a
statement accusing Miranda and two
companions, who are all prominent Re
publicans, of Indulging in drunken and
disorderly conduct the previous nlghl.
The article called particular attention
to the private character of Miranda
and his friends, Miranda, accompan
ied by his companions, called at Cor
ona's house during the day, but the
latter i of used to see them. They left
it message that I hey would whip Cor
ona at sight. Tonight at tho theater
.Miranda entered Corona's box and at
tempted to assault him with a. cane,
corona quickly drow a levolver and
shot .Miranda above the ear. Indicting
a painful, but not dangerous, wound,
Tlui attack Is a lesult of the political
feeling hetween the two Cuban fac
tions and considerable excitement has
been aroused. All the participants In
the affair are in J.ill.
Steamship Arrivals.
Iti iMlil'ilo Wire lio. n 'Hi. Atsoilatc.1 I'm---
Ww Yuri;, May.'.. Alfhiil: Mi.isil.nn. hotter
.liiiii Tl.u.', .Yil..s; D.uts.'hl.iit.l, llottiiilim.
Il.nie irlwih l..i IIjjiokiic, Viw Yoil,. fliei.
l.oins-ilheil: lI'llliaiiiMi, Neil- Ymk for Hie.
in. n, silleil: K.ii-eiin MjiIi Th.tenia (irom
lli.'iiiiii una Sotith.iiiinn). Niiv Yoi I:, lillnil
In S.ilU.I: lloheiiolliin tnom f'enoa iiml
N,iilii), New YoiK. Airiu'il: Alia, Nov Ymk
lot Naples aii.l (iiiiot (.nul piofeuleil), I.uiul
-I'a.seil:, Nov Yoil. lor Itntlei.iim,
Not Committed to Km get.
Hi '..lii.slie Ulic limn 'Hie Wmh'I.iIhI I'teni.
U.i-lilngtcii, May I'. It 1, leameil m the n(.ito
iti'..itlmut thai llio ineil.linl lias mole iej'
iiiiiiI tliioncU an) fl tho mull ilumiiU to thu
elleit that U u.u. tifiho lo lecii'.o Krni;ir
ottiiially oi iinolli. ially. The koi, eminent lia.i
ii'aili in. . .oiiiIm' a. lo the ihtnitier ol Ills le
ii.lloii il he aliouhl iluhle l.i i I.ete.
Postmaster Sobel's Case,
Py i:eltnlie Wire ficm Tlie Aoclitil ru
Waaliingleii. Mai u Tin- liill service coiiiinlii
ioii has il.'iiileil flul il.e i.kd u( l'.slliu,tir
sohel, of lliic. Pa., ihime.I uilh political av
Iliil) is one lor the ilollin ilep tri imiit to
dial unit mill IMpiH ui.i le f.irnaiilc.l to that
K i.n I mi lit .
Russian Lieutenant Shot Dead.
Ii. r.Mlu.h.' tite Hum lit .;.clitcil I'm?.
Tim 'Mn. Miy 0, llio llulan lienlciunt,
I'll. Iioi.'k.i, fioiu the Kunhoat llohr, ua .hot
ilejil l.y a Cirnian schllir ilnriiifr a traeas on th
Tikit r.ia.l. 'Ilie I .'oi in in fl i 1 1 n s. U-iiilViu o,
l.liiiteii'ie TeliUi-n-hj halu Jllaike.l him iilli
1:1, .III I..
An Unotilcinl Memoranuiim on the
Nlcaraouan Ganal Affair Is
Submitted to Pauncefote.
What They Embody Is Not Known,
but It la Understood Thnt They
Are aix Expression of the Views of
United States Senators as to the
Essential Features Which Should
Be Included In the Treaty Tho
Features of Negotiations Are the
Neutralizing the Canal.
By Ilsdmhe Wire from Tfie As'oclaleil fun.
London, May (I. The Associated
Press has been officially notified that
Lord Pauncefote has received from
Secretary Hay tho draft of a new Nlc
araguan canal treaty.
It is undTstood thnt II advises neu
trality. It is learned from an authoritative
source that before Secretary Hay left
hero for the west he had several con
ferences with Xord Pauncefote rela
tive to the basis for another Isthmian
canal treaty and that an unofficial
written memorandum was submitted
to Lord Pauncefote on the subject.
The ambassador has made known the
general results of these conversations
and tit the memorandum to the au
thorities at London nnd it is doubtless
lo this that allusion Is made in the
London dispatches. It Is said, how
ever, that the negotiations ate not
so tonatlve and informal that they
are not regaidcd as an official ex
change or proposition. What they cm
body is not made known Ttere, tiioiigh
it is understood they are an expres
sion of the views held by I'nited
States senators as lo the essential
features which should be Included in
n treaty. "While this is not a ptorfer
of a treaty, It conveys to the Uritislt.
authorities what is considered essen
tial by the senators who control the
ratification of any treaty which will
be made. It i.s also learned indirectly
from the senators who have been con
sulted that among the features in tho
negotiations are a neutralizing of the
canal, the I'nltcd States alone under
talcing fo guarantee this neutrality,
and the admission of all shipping
on an ecmui basis with that ot the
I'nltcd States.
Although, as stated these confer
ences and the written memorandum
have been exchanged. It is not ex
pected that there will be any further
negotiations prior to Lord Pauncofote's
departuie for London, which occurs
on June r, or during his absence. The
Prltlsh embassy will remove to New
port as soon as the ambassador leaves.
Mr. Oerard A. Lowther will be Urltlsh
charge d'affaires during Lord Paunce
I'oto's absence.
Curtain Operatives Organize National
Association at Philadelphia.
Ily nclus.Ive Wire f torn 'the A&jocUtcd Pres.
Philadelphia, May fl. National Asso
ciation or tlie Lace Curtain Operatives,
one of the most skilled branches of the
textile trade, opened the tlrst meeting
of a three days' annual convention here
today. Beyond the recognition of dele
gates, little business of importance was
transacted. I
Many radical changes in the laws
governing tho association are contem
plated before adjournment, mid this
session Is expected to make a new era
In the trade. The body Is small, hav
ing not over ".00 members located at
Philadelphia, Wllkes-llarre, Scranton,
Chester and Tarlffville, Conn. A Tea
tuio of the gathering today was tho
icport that good business was almost
universal in the tiade.
Total Number of Deaths in South
Africa 14,204 Men large Num
ber Unfit for Duty.
By I'Atliisbi Wiie from The Assoilatcil I'tew.
London, .May i!, The war oince to
day ntllclally gives out the total num
ber or deaths In tho South African war
at 7H officers nnd H.JW men. Four otll
eeis and 1114 men have been Invalided
home and subseiiiently died.
Two thousand, four bundled and
ninety-three iion-cominlssloiied oillcers
and men have leit ttie service until for
State Convention of 0, U. A. M.
Hi rciiihc Wiin nom Tin .Wori.iie.t i'n.
VorK, l'.i.. Maj C 'Hie .stale lonvitilloii of thq
(Mir L'niti'il .umrlcni Mechanics Mill open in
this clii lomonow. Tmliy tin (With annual
.'s,lon of llio AM .i5-oi iilion was licM,
it i hiili .1 lines Iteiil nn.l A. II., li.itli
ot I'lill nlililil I, mn ii'-fledul piesiilinl anil
... i.ifi.ui , iv-k' thi'li. Ti imuihiulilp of die
a.sotlatton Is now al.oiil l,."ii, an annas mir
last ion- 'I'm U iLliiis ii'iii I'.ii.l iliiiiu;;
tho u-t year.
Factory Doors Locked,
:t i.xtli.-he Wire liom 'lh- .o.Iiti.l I'tc.
siiaiu.e, Jtay n, niicn tic idl employis ot
t'e M. S. Dcncillet M.iinif.'ctiiiint toinp.iny cf
l.'jsl Siacue, ituU'iT ol klbcr metal tf.,o.l.s, te.
tuincil lo ivoifc toilay lliei- the tulory
iboti locke.l, Tlio nieu l.elleVL lhat the aili.m
Is tl'W jo the iroMftlie lomalion ol a uiii..ii,
') lie i.i.iiip.ili) claim, lo hoe cl.ul ilov. n .,i i'j
iiit The Catch of Seals.
Hi I'ulmitu V lie fioin 'fi ksoiiiieil Pried.
W. Johns, X, I'., May b. The M'json'f njI
fishery came to a close Lst i Iglil ivllh Ihe ar
that at tliis oit of Ihe Kaler Viiglma Like,
lu total caltli wj.i :.M,i)oii m:iI. tabu.. I at
((Jil.uii, 'llieie im not u ,ii;sle faiallly or n li
ons aiciilent anion.' thu ..iK) men eiua.'eil, ami
nilv ""v Usui, the Hope, tw .t.
Weather trtdlcatlann Today:
1 OcnTitt .Tnd-K AilIiI..i1.1 Ornllilin tlie Xei
I't'tli'Ml Court,
Oreellmnt for I'tclilctit MeKlnley from Metlco,
l'nr A New Tirily.
Doings of the -jutt t.iwnifllcfi.
2 Ceneral C''ilile Pcpitliiiit.t.
.1 Lndt aui(illitrn.lcr.l l.loyii Ciinnnt Coieiilcr
MaclilnUls' IteqiKvit'i a l'reetiteil.
nny Ply In the Local Court-.
Ml ike on (he ) , I,. A W. Mar iir.t.l,
4 Editorial.
Note ami Coni'ii. nl.
6 Ioctl Miyor Moil's Irllmle lo Hie VoliuUict
JJIshop l'otttr Will He Hpi'Mier .11 l.ajliilt "t
V. At. C. A. t!oi tiers-tone,
0 Local West Scraiitnti nml Sutnirlian.
7 Ocncrnl 1 lie Tribune rMiicitlnnil Contivt.
Northeastern Pennsylvania.
Financial utnl Comtnerclil.
8 anil Lalioi
Mr. Fahy Is Pleased with the Result
of the Interview the Committee
Hnd with Senator Snyder.
Py rilll..iv.' Wile fn.ln The Avoii.lleil 1'irvs
Hariisburg, May fi. A committee of
miners consisting of John Kahy, presi
dent of District Xo. 0, United .Mine
AVorkers of America: John Williams,
John P. Kearney, Thomas .). Itlch
ards and T. J. 'Llewellyn held a con
ference with Senator Snyder, of Ches
ter, tonight In icgard to the mining
bills that ar now In the senate com
mittee on mines and mining. Mr. Sny
der, by virtue of bis position as presi
dent pro tern of the senate, Is an tv
oflicio member of ths committee. The
conference was held behind closed
doors and at Its conclusion Mr. I'.ihy
said the committee had a "very satis
factory interview and Is highly
Senator Snyder bad little lo Rive out
as to what took place at the confer
ence, lie, however, said he as.sured the
miners that be would do all he could
to have lb bills reported from coin
mitee. The question of marching was
touched upon and the delegation in
formed the senator that Ihe nihit-rs
were anxious to come here.
Mr. Fahy after the meeting refused
to say whether or not the miners would
march here and make a demonstra
tion, but It is generally believed that
such a movement will not take place.
The senate committee on mines and
mining will hold n meeting tomorrou
At midnight the following telegram
was sent to the district leaders ot the
miners at Hazletou, Shamokln and
'Ihe Htiulinii ij tnuili timie f.nni.ihle; no
tify men to ilclaj fomimr anil bold thuu-clvej
in lei.lines-i on luitlici commnnleaiioii
f"i;jno.l) .lul.ii Pahy.
Mis. W. Butler Duncan Breaks the
Traditional Bottle of Wine on
the Yacht's Bow.
Pi Wire liom The vdaleil l'iei
lliislol. U. I.. May C With her hull
gaily decorated with flags and her
deck well tilled with suilois, the yacht
Constitution was christened this even
ing by Airs. liutler Duncan, who
bioke the traditional bottel of wine
cm her glistening bow just as she
htnrteil slnwlv down the wars Into the
1 sea.
A platform hnd been jigged under
the bow of tho boat, and on this Mrs.
Duncan stood when the gong for the
i starting was sounded. Heslde her on
i the platform was her husband, tins
I manager of the new boat, bill all tin?
icst of the party stood ,i Utile dis
tance off.
At tho MHind of tin gong Mrs. Dun
can dashed a bottle of cliiinipague
against thu yacht's bow and ns the
wine gushed in sparkling foam on the
prow, tho .sleek raerr acquited motion
and slowly began her descent Into tho
water. With the breaking of the bot
tle, Mrs. Duncan, In a clear voico.
"I elul-t' n thee constitution."
The scene was a hillliant one us the
Constitution slowly loweted Into tho
jvater, the cheering fioin ihe boats'
outside being loud and vigorous, while
the seaichllght from the steam yacht
Colonla, just outside ihe dock, illu
minated the stern of tlie Constitu
tion. Uo'ikets and other fireworks
added pot a little lo the gaiety uf the
Py rArlii'ltn Wiie fioin Tne S..vlil"l 1'iih.
IMrN, May (.. MatiJtio Ignuio Prailo, m
piivl'lllit Ot Pent, Is ll.'J.I,
Mniann Isnieln pridn wa Imtii in s'.:, lie
Liitltliatiil in (.'tti.'ral (IwlllUS ri'Mvlitll.iii
aj.Mln-1 I'lhlnhineN ituMiiiMiit III lil. II. i
iiiarcluil uu.ilnst Mini In li'. .m. I iiilu.'.l IIlj
t'lpllal Not, ii at the of ,i ti. lotions army.
(In Nor, "ii In ilfcl-ml dictator .ml ens
siilise.jtienlly eleitul fon-lltiilloiu pn.l.Knt hy
Ihe I'fiuiiJii fonxioi... lie Js .i'jln rleile.1
i(s.l.'iit in IsTil.
" '
Coal Tax Oppressive,
ll.i llNiluhp Wire Hi.' -.n'iji.l l'n'
J.oii.ivii. 11 iy 'i --The I e Mas. nnihint .iiiliiintoii
jml in in ,lln. lentso o coiiimonc ten In
nhen Ihi Ut in.t illnunt of the 10.1I 1 1 i. so
lution iltl'.ite W.H iipiiieil I'J ."-ir IMwjuI (.ley
(l.ibei.'.b, ilio ili'lini'il lli inea.uii J-i ami
i.iiii-iive. 'Ihe hntia.! a.lopU.i Ihe i.ut las I.
a ioi ol .KI.I lo 2.7.
Hospital Tents Received.
Hi IaiIiiMVi! Wile liom llu Aiiocijle.l l'iv,.-.
Wjhlnt;lo-.i. Mj.c (', The niiittfimotliT seller
i'i d'patlinrnt toilay rueiinl .i II,uleh ftom
Paphln I'.nsons at .lai! soiiillle, I'M., Jini;
that Iw lu;i I urrltdl Ihric ii!i the hospital l.r.ts
sent liy lh wir licpiitn.enl. He ml.l-i Hut Hi)
upoils ol llio loti Iiil not Irfiii cs-KsciaUJ,
ami thai l''..i0 pcopl.' aiv hoim'li,
Organized for the Middle District
ot Pennsylvania bu Judoe
Robert W. flrchbald.
Ceremonies Followed with an Ad
dress of Welcome by Lyman D.
Gilbert A. J. Colbovn, George D.
Taylor nnd Charles A. Van
Woimer, of Scranton, Among; tho
Officials Judge Archbald Tendered
a Banquet by Dnuphiu County Bar.
Py i:vi' Wile fioin Tlie AsMi.'l.ileJ I'tri-l-.
TTariisbtirg, May C The newly cie
ulcd Pedcial court for the Middle ills
It let of Pennsylvania was organized In
the Dauphin court room Ibis allornoon
by Judge Hubert W. Archhnld, of
Serantiiu. This ceremony was lollowed
with an nihil ess of welcome by l.ymaii
l'i. (illbcrl, of Marrlsburg. on behalf of
Ihe bar of Dauphin and oilier counties
composing the district. Following Mi.
Hubert's speech, .linlge Arcbhald wn
tendeieit an Informal leceptlou h.
inembers of the bar and state oltlclal..
This evening (he oillcers ol' the new
court weie tendeteil ii liaii(itet by thu
Dauphin C'ounly Uar association.
.Indue Achcsnii. of Ptltsbtirg, . Itn
pn sided at ihe opening of coin t, nn
polnled William ll. Crocker, of AVill
lamspiirt as ( ,ii of tlie clictiit Tor tlie
iiiiddlt division, and A. .I. Colbert), jr.
deputy clerk at Scianton nnd Frank P.
Sandglass nL flat risuurg.
Judge Arcbhald made the following
Mirk of llu 1IM11..I 1 nml. Ii. II. W. s.'.iih-,
of M1.nlro.s1 ; deputy i lerk, 1' P.,
of ll.ttii--hinLr,
( 'oiinni'X.ioiiii''. (,'. I). Tailor, s'lianloii; (.iiisti.v Wilkis'llarre; .1. W. .Mi. TnunniM; II
S. Ill ntl.i, WTlllaimpuit; T.croy .1. Wolfe, Hun
I.uik: (I. Jl. Wali.i-, fii-IUshniK: r. 1'. Mill,
ll.i?lelon; I". Jl. Iluivr. Slinnokhi: Fie.l Sir 1
Mils. I'.ni.lerspnit; .1. II. Van i:ilcn, Jlllfopl
T. . Ihlun, limtiii.'.l..ii: T. P. Capp, l.ehanon.
llefeni"! ill liankriiptiy, ('. A. Van Wonim,
Si rant. .n, for l..ickaiann.i, Siis.iirhannn. W30111
Inic .mil Monro. counties; Alono T. Searle-i,
Ilotifs.hle, for Waine ami I'ikc t oiintlcj. ; II.
A. t'lilli-r, 1MII.cs-ll.titt'. for I.ureine count i
l.ouis M. Hall, Toii-aniki, for llrailfonl count.;
. W. Duy, Illooiiulntrr, foi Columbia 1 ount.i ,
Win. fl. Tlmmi-', MjuiIi Cliunk, for
f unity; M. A. T.nrtcart, Sunlniiy. for Xortluiui'
l.erltiid, Montour, Siiyilei- anil I'niou countie
1.1011 11. 1'eriy, Wellsboro, for TioK.i county; W
II. Snider, William-port, for i.jioininif ami P11I
livait (.ouulies; Alono It. Jloore, Cotulerspoit,
for Potter nml Caineiou loiinliei; W. J'., fir.1.1,
lleltcfoiite, for Cii'lie and Clinton counties; M
W. .knolls', llairisbure, for Dauphin, Perry an
Cumberland cotinlt.'s; C.irus It. Imts, T,ehanou,
for Lebanon county; Smj?er William?, Yoil;, for
York and Adams coiuitlo; W. Hion-011 On, ol
ChanilieulnniT, tor Frnnklin nnd Pulton .ounties
Itiehanl William-on, lliinlindon, for Himtinicdon
Mifltiu ami .luniit.i (ounthii.
Joseph Joerge, a Geimnn. Nobleman'
Takes Carbolic Acid.
Dy Kiclu'iie Wilis fioin 'Ihe Asociitrd Prcs
Xew York, May 0. Joseph Joerge,
who committed suicide In Ifoboken or
Sunday night by talcing carbolic acid,
is said to lie a member of the (ionium
nobility, rightfully entitled to call him
self a count. A Mister lives In Ma in?.,
Germany, and his hrother-ln-law Is
Count Von .itrllch, .said lo be a privy
councillor to the kaiser.
Joerge came to this country sonm
seven yeai.s ago, slncn which time he
has been In itveipt of quarterly u
mlltanct'S, the, to the amount ot
of $700, having conn to him two weeki
ago. This sum be I.s .said to have
squandered in less than a week.
Winner of the Twenty-seventh Ken
tucky Derby Takes Clark Stakes.
fly Kwliphr' Wire from 'I lie iei.itcil Presi.
Louisville, May (i. Ills Ihulneuce,
winner of the twenty-seventh Ken
tucky Pei by last .Monday, todnj
demoii'Slraled his supeilorlly over th
westeiu 1 nits that have so far facci
ihe ling, by today winning tin Cliiil
stakes at 0110 mile and an eighth. The
Clark stakes, worth tja.fino to the win
ner, Is second only in hiiportntii'o ic
the Kentuokv Peiby.
Tho Puritan finished M'cond, wltl
liih-coll third and the otheis strag.
gllng In the rear.
Tip trail; was fast and a crowd 01
T.Oort people was prest'iii.
The Johnsons Buy a Trolley Line.
pi I'Tiliislto Who lini.i TI11 U-ocLtid I'riv.
'lieiiti'ii, Miv 11. tlie fljiiilieile heailed l.y 'ton Alheit f. .loluiiou, I0.I11- punhisiil tin Tien
ion, Mrnisville anil Yanlley (ulley line, wltl. a
nun frnni Moil isi ill's 1,- Yanlley on Ihe I'hiu
ejlvinia kiilu of Ihe Dehi.-an ilvci. Tills io.k
1ul.t10l.-1 the a.pi.'.ic)i on the P. 1.11'ih.ilil.i
In Ihe LritUi airn.s the llelawaie llier fioi'
M(rlllli' mJ Triidon, wlihlt ll.o .(.'lui-oti p.s.
pit Loiiuht Ki me tin..' .in is a link in tli.'.i
.I)1.KI. 10.1.1 I'll. HI Pllill.l. IpllU 10 Sell Olk,
Sultan Shoots a Doctor,
Ily I.Mlu.lie jie 1,01.1 llu. .o.i.ilcil 'r(.s.
I.oinl.iii. May 7. "h H iuiuoie.1,'' ayn ll.i
(VutantiiiOile roiii'.-...ii.'Ui ol Ihe Daily l'.
piesi, "Hut Ihe Hiluii tln.i dead a plijulrln
ivl.o, iilule alteli.Iiug him l'i t'.ir coinplaiul am
iiij.t.islii' him. imiiltini,'iy hU iiiijei;
intni.-o pain. The 1 liiuil'eiUlii in-hcd into tin
room, nml the Mho siippo-.d there 'l.i a
.itteiii.l on Ids' Hie, nml :i;aiii, vioiiniliiig tb
i-4Vif l
-V i
f 4
WashhiKtrti, May i.. 1'oieiast for Tiles i
day mid; ll.islrru Piim-iba-
- nU Partly cloudyj iiatmir in Miutlicant. -i
. rn pnitlon; nhoMtrs In lh .
.illiltiooii or it i.lijl.l Tuesilaj. Wcdnc- i
4 day, hlioucK Hi' I loolii; luli In brisk 4
4- ii"filmtit'ily Mind.. i
tliHHHt tnttt