The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, April 29, 1901, Page 3, Image 3

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V.W'TC ,'
r f J . '..J saKf..7.V5. 'j ., ....A.
i . . , t r
v V t
L'l 'H
V (!.J")ViW' VxtpKnv--?k!,i'u.r vHy '' .-;'-wi.1?,.,.,i
1 ht HI l'l
A.U iii thMntrthftt.
I4a tkK iinllti nntva VhAt,
JWiiln fhn milk ttlfct Id llftcil fflf
V .1.1.. .1. ft t.jidt i 11 f Anita fnVln
'f ftntn. crowintt children Invalids and
Or. Hand's
Condensed Milk
!t l il.hflt. fuint nllt-UhFkiil1ittii ta.
k L.ji.J- .k.Ai. akikta ttte.. libit J
naoniirrj iuou
nflrf mr in" irrr nnoRtvii
r. Mini CondmiM Bilk ft.
Sainton. P.
Ice Cream.
OC Per
j)c Quart.
?jt37 Adams A venus.
I'llOIlAIUY XI.XT VI:i:K. Tlic Home for llic
lii'iidlcS'i iiiminaitc r.ilc will piobibly take t'l-ict
ne.U w-ek.
HAS AN" AUIOMOMI.K.Ault mobile aie be
uimint' plrnlifiil in this city. Andrew lliilfoul
is the last nun to h;ivc s-uuh an acquisition.
CIIAltTint AStii:i) l'Olt. Attorneys Vosbufff &.
p.iw.snti on Sitnnl.iy applied to court for a char
ter lor tint Von Moirli Keg Fund nssoclalion,
1'AV-IlAIS. 'Ilic Deiauaie and Hudson paid
mi Sattiiday at tlic following Wilkcs-Ilarrc mines:
Pil.niaie, D.iltlinjie No. '.'. Ilaltinioic No. :.',
Pjltlinoio Tunnel and ("ujnirhnni.
HAS CltKATU) IMTHI'.ST. The announco
mcnl that s-olimuunl'diik. Jlmd l'owell and
I'tr. union bavics .lie to himr. in Scranton on tlic
JIM. nt M.iy i.i uc.itins great, Inlet est.
IIII.I.MDi: IIOMi: VISI'lTO. The members rf
ihe Scranton poor Ward paid a visit to the
1'ilMdc home Saturday for the purpoe of in
piotliiir some of the new impiovemcnts being
m.i.le .it that institution.
on. jir:niMAV i.mijhi:d. nr. nronre c.
,'4(, nlulii driving alonir Uleclilc iivenue
mi "aturdjy altcrnoon was Ihromi trr.m his enr
iiiije, hi h'nive lieinK tnuhlciied by J fcireet
,ii 'Ihe doitor was thrown into a rulvert and
his h,:cl; w. ipiite badly wirnihetl.
I.TMMAcn SAl.i:. The ladies of the film J'.irk
i lunch will rrnduel. a nimnuie siile at 12:1 Pcnn
.n'l-iiiie c-omnieiK-in." '.villi Ttnnsd.iy of this week.
I.jrt if.- It.iine: artiel.- tiiey wi-h to contribute
vlll leave word with the janitor ot tin: ihureh
or at the piiMinaso and they will lie innnc
ilialeiy uill.-ii lev.
lc tniiiinc ill will be uiion in the Kxielsiur hm-iil
('hill's dub hcie on Wefliinytiin .Meiiue tomoi
n niuhl lor the benefit ol the buildins lund
o' the 1 1 w tcmtile of the Linden i-lreel o;i)2iii;a.
lion, hinsins- by ne:.'io plantation vooalUts will
be on" 't Ibe leatiires of an e.vtelkiit prograiume.
Itl.'.Zl: AT XAV Alili i'AISK. A lot nl nndir.
I.....I. !.. V... l... t. .! ....... ,.,!..,.. .......... . I... I
l'lll-l III .... ...IK Jl.tll, I.M.I . ,111111 .I1I.1I..V, V
tnven Vine and Mulbi'iiy sheets was et on file
jertcrdav 'afleincon in some unknown nianiiei.
The lielief Cue company ri'.-powled lo a still
al-iirtt and succeed, d in evtincul-hinK the Ware
but not until a several hundred npiaie feet
in (linl had been binned dear,
WEEK'S CI.KAlllXi !. VIh- 'linJeis Nation il
bank reporla olearinss for the Scrtoiton C'leai
ms House .tAfociatlon tor the wiek cudit.g
plil 27, ai follows: Monday, !fift!,Bifl.2(. ; Tues.
day, S2"n'iSli.f,li Wcdiiel-day, ji,iiT0.SI; 'llnirs
day, $?2;!,nC0.S-; l'liday, Sltl!i,83O..0: S iturd.iy,
.,C-7,T62.t.'J. Total, MjO'l.nor.'Vi. Tlio dcjiin(,.s
fur the coruvpomiiiifi wed, of lat year was
1,31 3,227.07.
Second Legislative District,
Notice is lien by ciwn to the Itepubliuu vnleu
il the Second lecMative district!;awanna
iiiunty that n piinuiy eleelion will be held on
Suntday. Ma. Is. lHOl, .it the reKular polling
places, between tlio houis i I and 7 o'clock p.
in., for the puipo-i; ot electing two delegates to
itpxfcr.t the .said IcRidative dUtricL In I tic coin,
bit; llcpuhlican ftate convenllun to be held in
Harrisburu', The foiivention to compute the ote
rdll bo held oil Tuesday, .May 2, 'jij, at 10
o'clock a. ni. In the com I liou-e in Serantoii.
In necorriaticc with the niles Roveinlni: the
dinlrlct, (he candidates will be voted lop directly
by the u.lcrti at the pulls and nuit tester
with the disliict chairman Idx full luuie and
postoftuc I'ddtess, and pay hU .imviik nt tiueeii
das before the election, or hii. name will not bo
placed en the otliclal ballot, neither will any
lutrs cast lor him be counted.
The distriU vinilanee conunltlfe In aiioin pic
duets will conduct the election, and the result
will be reported by thn reliitn ludge to (ho dis.
tiict coinention, which will he composed of
judsfs o( Ihe various districts,
A wrltlen notice contalnlii',' fmilicr intiiicllnnt
ill be mailed to each number l the sdd dis
trict vigilance committee,
I'redeiie I'leit,
Chairman S.vond hesWalive Disttid.
Atltsli Walter i:. l)avl, Sctrct.ur.
We offer subject to previous
$ 1 1,000
Ithaca Street Railway Co,
:Gold Bonds:
O Per Cent. Mature 1023.
As the fceeonrt mortgage
bonds of this company are sell
ing' at a premium the value of
the firsts is beyond question,
(rwb wfyf
M BroiCvtj, N. T. WHUtJ-Birrc, --
4- C'tbondle. -f
4- i 6 od C, t'eiimionwealth Did:.,
4 Kcuotco. 4
,t m-ft -f ttH
Presentation to Gcoi-go A. Cullen, of
Sfitwitny it jmitr or wcHtoin ntll
roml nion, )iflncl)tilly from thu Wn
bnnli, imssctl throtiRli tlio city. 'J'liey
tiri tlic gnonlM or tlio Ijiiukttwnrinii
roarl ixnd llio nrly wna In oIuu'sp C
(ItioiBc A. Gallon, ot Chicago, the
I.ticilcnWfinna'ii Ronornl ivcalom li
f.onRer airftnt. "With him wore! 11. V.
P. Taylor, iisslsUmt ccnernl nnssen
scr nsont oC tlio 'SViihnpli: 1!. O.
Tliomiisoti, Rcncral Ofrcnt Fort Wnyne:
R. Swift, Southnrn iifisscnKCf npent,
Clnclnnutt; ('., V. Mnxrield, tllHtrlol
PiiBRonBcr iifiont, liullaiiit)olln; li. It.
CofCon, city iiassoiiRur tiRcnl, St.
liOUlsi -H, 10. AVnltts, lmssciiRcr and
ticket aRPiit, Molillo, Aht.i James
daw, travollnR niiHsuriRer aRciit, Buf
falo, X. V.; T. H. Ktialmni, cnntral
IKiB.Monger asunt. I'lttsbnrs. !'! - !'
ICcrnnn, rlty lmsRiniRoi' and ticket
JtRent. Chlt'aRO, 111.; Krunk Oi'tmo,
trnvnllng pancnRor nRottl. (..'otonello,
Alu.j II. c. SlntlttH, traveling imsscn
Kor URont, KutiHtift Cll. Mo,: 11. N.
nutorltnld, travcllnR piiHMPUffer iiRant
Lnckawiinntt railroad, CIiIchro; K. Jt.
AVlHlmrd, travollnR passenser agent
'Frisco line, CIiIcoro.
Thfy becntno the Riirsts of the lick
nwiinnn railroad at llnlfalo Tlmr.eday
and their special car was attached to
train No. 12 and whirled on to Now
York. There they found themselves In
the midst or friends and old acquaint
ances. They were the RUests of the
Lackawanna ofllclnls dttrlnR their stay
in the city and on Frldny evening a
banquet was served to them at the
llottllvara cafe.
Saturday morning thflr special car,
the' bountiful Alexis, was attached to
train No. ", tlio Queen City Limited,
leaving New York til 10 a. rn., and
wended their way hack toward the
banks of the Wabash,
The party wan uuroinpauletl from
New York to Washington by General
Tlekol A sent T. "W. and General
SupHi'lntoiiilnnt of Dining Car Servlco
Smith. After dinner was served in
one (if the Lackawanna's beautiful
dining cars the party returned to their
private apartments, when 11. V. P.
Taylor announced that he had a charge
that lie had carried from New York
and, as II was becoming burdensome,
he wished to unbosom and get It off
his mind. He said he had n feeling
toward one of the party, but It was
of a friendly character, nntl he desired
every one present to share It with
him. Ooorga A. Cullen was sum
moned to appear In the center of the
party and Sir. Ta'ylor in n, very neat
and appropriate speech presented him
with a beautiful watch fob with solid
gold settings and engravings appropri
ate to the occasion, and also a beau
tiful solid silver match sale with his
name Inscribed thereon. Air. Taylor
saltl these would in an humble wax
testify to the grateful feeling of the
members of the party for Air. Cul
len's kindnesses to them. The latter
was quite overcome by the surprise
given him, but earnestly thanked the
gentlemen about him for the evidences
of good feeling and regard which the
gifts brought him.
Ceremony Was Performed in Penn
Avenue Baptist Church,
The spacious auditorium of the Penn
Avenue Baptist church was filled Sat
urday by a largo company of rela
tives and friends, the occasion being
the wedding of Mr. Harry A. Pierce
to Miss Grace T3. Rose, both popular
young people belonging to the fash
ionable circles of the city. The church
was beautifully decorated with palms,
ferns and roses by Marvin & Mulr,
llorists, and Professor Charles Doer
snm presided at the grand organ.
The entire arrangements of the wed
ding were art almost exact reproduc
tion of similar services which were
held for Mr. George O. Sharps and
Miss Ann K Rose, twin Mster or the
bride, which were held in the Penn
avenuo church three weeks ago. The
bride was handsomely attired in a tai
lor made gown of navy blue, a picture
hat of plnlf, and carried while roses.
The matron of honor, the twin sister
of the bride, was attired in a tailor
made gown of brown, with a light blue
picture hut, and cart led dark icd
Promptly at 12 o'clock the wedding
match from Lohengrin was played and
the wedding party moved up the center
aisle of the church, preceded by the
ushers, llntry llouck and George O.
Sharps. Tim bride wns met at the
altar by the groom unci Dr. Frank C.
"Wardell, the best man, and by Itov.
Itoberl V. Y. Pierce, D. D., the oflleiat
ing clergyman, pastor of the church.
The beautiful ceremony arranged by
Dr. Pierce was performed, while the
soft slraius of music filled the audi
torium. The bridal party retired while
tlio great organ peeled forth Mendels
sohn's wedding march. A wedding
bteakfnst wns served by Caterer llan
loy at the home of the bride's parents,
7110 Olive street, to the Immediate fam
ily and bridal parly.
Among the out-of-town guests wero
Mrs. ,T, II, Pierce, mother of the groom:
Mr. and Mrs. Kd. Swell and Miv day
Jordon, sisters of the gtoom, Mnsler
Harry Swell ami Miss Dorothy .lordon,
oil of lioston. Muss. The gifts to tho
bride wore numerous and costly.amoug
them being u gold certlfleato for V,
leather couch, leather chair, mahog
any music cabinet, mahogany table, a
Bieat nbundaneo of China, cut glass,
silver, linen, pictures, FOfn. pillows,
real laeo work, .iardlnlors, carving sets,
cr.ndclabras, chilling dish sots, etc,
The groom Is one of the most prom
ising business men of the oily, and
tho bride has for several year been
nn instructor In tho city schools, and
Is popular In muFicnl circles. The
brJdo and groom loft for n tour In New
York-, Philadelphia and Atlantic City.
tTpnn their return thoy will reside at
"The Linden," ,'!(7 Linden street.
Mr. Powers Will Sing nt tlio Studio
The Studio i lull coucM-t, for the bene
fit of 'St. Luke.'t! Freti Kludergurten,
wlU be given tomorrow night, begin
ning 'it x.lfi. Tho photograph of Mr.
Powers, who will appear In this eltv
for tho Hist ilniii at this concert, is dis
played hi tho window of Powell's muMo
store, and Is attracting much atten
tion. Mr, Poweis not only possesses a rnro
voice, and a. rum stylo and finish In Ids
sinning, but also a very line presencu
and superb physique. Ills charming
and genial 'munner always captivates
his audiences, and has made for him u
wide clrolo of friends In society. For
years he has been the most sought
lifter and In the greatest demand of nil
the Now York muslclnitii.
"Who has the agency for the Cleve
land nicyclos? Florey A Brooks, of
eourr v
Executive Committee Has Been Em
powered to Secure Suitable Quar
ters for n Club House Benefits
Are to Be Paid Only to Active Eire
men All Applicants for Places ill
Reorganized Department Have
Now Taken Both Examinations.
Other News.
One of tho ortlecrs of the Firemen's
Relief association explained to n Trib
une man yesterday Just what plans
that organization had under way for
continuing in existence after tho re
organization of the fire department.
"A great many mistaken notions
concerning this matter liavu got
abroad," said he. "and I think that
It is nbout time our position wns set
forth clearly and correctly. The Fire
men's Relief association ls'n chartered
organization ami will continue In c.x'
lslence after tin re-organlzatlon ot
tho lire department the same as nl
present. It will Include In its mem
bership both the volunteers who will
be disbanded and the members of the
re-organlzed department, including
permanent, bunk and call men.
"We shall "pxtlnue In control of the
funds now lit V treasury and of the
money now rt Ived from Ihe city,
this being the city's share of the lax
on foreign lire insurance companies.
This money wnl be expended as here
tofore In paying benefits to active llre
nien who may bo hurt while respond
ing to an alarm or working al a. lire.
"Many people have got the Impres
sion that sick benefits will be paid to
ex-volunteers out of this fund. Noth
ing could be further from tlio truth.
Benefits will be paid only to active
firemen actually injured while engaged
In active service.
"The ex-volunteers will, we believe,
remain members of tho relief associa
tion merely for old time sake. Tho
volunteer companies will be practi
cally disbanded, but theoretically they
will not be. Kach company has a
charter or its own nnd all will bo
amalgamated Into the one associa
tion. In case or a parade or re-union
the companies can parade as separata
"The board of directors of the as
sociation has been instructed to look
around for suitable rooms for the lo
cation of a club house and have prac
tically decided upon a building in the.
central part of tho city. It Is a. four
story building and three floors are for
rent. It is very probable that these
three floors will be rented and occu
pied by the association Just as soon as
the department is re-organized.
"It Is planned to lit the rooms up
as a regular club house and to fur
nish them with the furniture at pres
ent In the sixteen lire houses, nil of
which Is owned by the volunteer or
ganizations. Thej-e is more than suf-
iicituii gymnastic apparatus scattered I
among me sixteen companies to lit
up a gymnasium and it is probable
that one floor will be so fitted up.
"Bat lis will be provided and also a
reading room. In fact, the place will
be transformed into as cozy and as
comfortable quarters as are possessed
by any club in the city. There are sev
eral hundred men now members of the
volunteer department who spend the
best part of their idle time in the days
and their nights in and around tho
lire houses. The tlisbandment of tlio
volunteer department will mean the
throwing of these men out on the
streets, and we feel some place should
be provided for them.
"The active members of the re-organized
department will, of course, be
accorded tho privileges of the rooms
miring their Idle hours and will really
be the principal benefactors by the
(.nliiiua...-o of the relief association
We f(.el confident that no citizen or
the city who thoroughly understands
our position and plans will for a mo
ment object to the continuance of the
existence of the organization."
a it ..
Dr. W. G. Fulton has completed tho
physical examination or the men who
tire applicants for places under the re
organized lire department and, to use
a slang expression, It is now "up lo"
Director of Public Safety Hitchcock,
Ho has tin- names of all who have
successfully passed bolh the mental
nnd physical examinations and their
fate rests In his bands.
The colonel will not divulge Just
when ho intends to make the appoint
ment and parries all inquiries along
this Hue by slating that ho will an
nounce the appointments Just "as soon
as things are in shape." Ho is known
to be considering the advisability ot
appointing only tlio permanent men
first ami waiting to appoint the niuu
until such "time as a sufficient num
ber of persons pass the required ex
amination or making no appointments
at all until enough men to nil all va
cancies are secured.
No provision whatever" has been
n ade in the appropriation ordinance
tor th purchase of boots, rubber
coals or helmets for tho hunk or cull
men. It Is claimed that by the lime
a bunk or call man flls himself out
iwilh these requisites that u great big
parts of his first lx months salary
will ho gone.
Not only this, but no provision is
made in tho appropriation ordinance
for tho purchase of beds for the bunk
men and additional permanent men,
The beds now In use In the several
hoso houses, with the exception of
those used by the majority of ihe per
manent men, are tiv property of tho
company, who may be exported to,
and who will, move them out just as
soon as the volunteer force Is disband
ed, lu fact, when the companies move
out overjlhlng they own them will be
very little left In the firo houses ex
cept the apparatus. Now chairs nntl
other furnlturo will havo to ho pur
chased, hut no provision is made In
tho appropriation ordinance for any or
tiieso things.
It Is planned to divide die new hoo
which Is n be purulmi-oU during thu
coming llsosil year among tho cmtral
rlty companies In order that ea'fi of
these companies may havo a doubli
supply lu case of u big lire such us
the Lackawanna nvmuio bl.tze last
February, when almost ovary avail
able foot of hose In the lUui.irtinept
was frozen stiff on tho sireut, leaving
tho rest of tho city at tho mercy of
any blaze which might have broke out.
Guernsey Hall,
Kit Washington ave Scranton, Is tho
best and most reliable place to pur
chase a good Piano. It will pay you
to call and get prices and terms. J. V.
Guernsey, Prop.
Smoke the Pocono Oe, cigar.
Petition for a Nine-Hour Day t6 Be
Presented at Lyceum.
Tomorrow night, In the Lyceum the
aire, tho members of tho recently or
ganized council or nfllllatcd machine,
holler, rnr, blacksmith unci pattern
shop employes and machine shop labor
ers nfllllatcd with the Central Labor
union and a. council of delegates from
lodges of tho Intc.rnnllonal Association
of Machinists on the. Delaware, Lacka
wanna and Western railroad system
will Jointly present to their employers
a. petition for a nine-hour day.
Tlv affair will bo lu th nature ot nai
entertainment with the presentation of
tho petition and an address nt Its con
chislon by Humphrey It. Campbell, set
ting forth the merits of the nine-hour
movement. The superintendents and
foremen of the various companies em
ploying machinists have been invited
to attend and the eight boxes and the
logos have been reserved lor their use.
Those who are to participate In the
entertainment are nil members of Ihe
several unions nfllllatcd with the coiln
ells. The orchestra will bo In charge of
AL J, Leonard, ot tho Lackawanna car
shops, and will render several selec
tions. Tho programme Includes t.wo
songs by tho Electric City Glee club,
led by Moses Morgan, a member or
the choir of the Second Presbyterian
church: a bass solo by Prof. H. K.
Jones and a brief farce-comedy, being
a. "Reproduction, of the Memorable
Mooting of Knockers, .Kickers and
Leather Jnws."
This will bo a satire on one of the
meetings of tho union, and will bo par
ticipated in by a large number of the
members. The committee In charge of
the affair announce that thoy have re
ceived very few responses to the invi
tations sent to the; employers, and
would wish that they might be nrt
swetod at once.
Eulogies Pronounced on the Late
James B. Nicholson, Grand Secre
tary of Grand Lodge of State.
Odd Fellows from all th lodges in
Scranton and vicinity attended thj
memorial service and eighty-second
anniversary of the establishment of
the order in America, which wns held
in Odd Fellows' hall, on "Wyoming
avenue, yesterday afternoon. The
memorial service was in honor of the
lato James B. Nicholson, grand secre
tary of the Grand lodge of Pennsyl
vania, who died In Philadelphia re
cently. Hon. James Molr presided over the
meeting and delivered an eulogistic
address on tho life and character or
the deceased brother, and prayer was
offered by Rev. It. F. Y. Pierce, of the
Penn Avenue Baptist, church. Tho
Silurian Lodge Glee club sang several
selections, David Jenkins rendered a
solo, and addresses were delivered by
Past Grand Master V. Gayloril
Thomas, Past Grand Master Piereo
and Past Grand Patriarch Edward C.
Mr. Thomas' address was an able
effort in behalf of the life ot an able
man. He said that Mr. Nicholson was
a giant among men In every sense of
the word. He measured up to the
highest type of elevated manhood. De
ceased entered into the work in Penn
sylvania In IS.","., having been initiated
Into the order in IS45. Thus he was
for over fifty-six years an Odd Fel
low. In fSGil he was elected secretary
of the grand lodge, -which office he
held up to the time of his death.
There was no man In the order bet
ter qualified than he was In the teach
ings and principles of Odd Fellowship.
His reputation was not conllned to
Pennsylvania alone, but as far as Odd
Fellowship extends his influence is
felt. No man was ever niorc loved,
esteemed and respected and no de
parture will be more regretted than
that of James B. Nicholson. He was
a. splendid specimen of man, morally
nnd mentally.
After a song by David Jenkins, Rev.
Pierce spoke on Odd Fellowship ana
its uplifting influences, also paying a
worthy tribute to the deceased, lu
whose honor the meeting was held.
Incidentally, Dr. Pierce remarked that
he himself has been an Odd Fellow for
twenty-live years and he felt that lie
shared with all Odd Fellows a sense
of per.ional bereavemen.t In the loss of
Air. Nicholson. All had lost a true
friend and tho order a wise counsellor,
He gave a beautiful word picture of
the relationship of man to man and
spoko with an earnestness that be
tokened a deep regard for the princi
ples of the order. Ho said that a
great procession of a million men are
marching to the silent tomb and wo
should all so live that we shall enter
Into immortality, and so llvo that wo
leave an Impress on other lives.
Tho closing address was made by
General Edward C. Deans, past grand
patriarch and representative to thu
sovereign grand lodge. He dwelt more
particularly nn tin accomplishments of
the order nnd Its founders, naming
Mr. Nicholson as one of the architects
and builders of the order In Pennsyl
vania. The meeting was closed with a
selection by tho glee club.
Gifts to the Hahnemann on Its An
nual Donation Day,
The directors of the Hahnemann
hospital gratofully acknowledge the
following gifts for their donation day:
Jin. Ceoige Sandoison, two tete-a-tete tela for
t:indoison and .I.kI;s'jii roomt, two pound of
.-olfce and one pound tea; Mi. Willriin II. Km
si 11, nialtiial lor nittlus- II.uiihI wrappers for
women's wardj ,MIa Nettie Newell, one pair
pillow cae?, two fillet: iteldmiii, J oil A
.., one piece of lmu-liiij Mis. I., 11. M.itlne,
.': Mrs. II. Jl. Ilolco, two doien ten poous; two
lo.:eii fori:. Mr. '. w. KirkpalrUk, tluee
ula-tfs of jell, six tl.i. s; Mu, ,1, II. pjiuuild.,
W tahlopooM, twelve iranonqn; Mts.s llrlln,
one don teaspoons; JIIsk Marsaietta 1,. llfliu,
Master D'Andrlot Helm, four pillow caics: Mlis
lUlle llmlbiit, canned fiult and jellv; Ml. .1.
ViiUcui I'eclt, s! pain il cooks; Iwdvo IowhN;
Mi V. ". Weld, iloiliins, icadinff matter; Mis.
T II. Clarke, one iloru pillow i-ascx; a friend,
oikj Owen .silierplated forks; Mia, I,. II. l'owell,
locklm: chair; Mis I. I), Hcrodl, (our tnwiK
one haiku of aoplrv; Ml-s Itidiiiioiul, on. lug )l
luirinps; Mi f'l.m Mariny. tiller gliieih in
jill ; Mi,, ThoniH I.',, one iloziu tup
hini; Mi, fhailti) i:. Uoblnson. V. Jtu. W. 'I',
.-mill), MV. Sirs. X. (!. ItoUitson, tvtr wrappers
for Mi'iueii'tf waul: Mis. Paul llelin, lied thread:
Mm. '. II. Scott, lutir ipiarU of milk; Mrs.
fuavle., II. Welles. iie pound., biitlci; I'ooto ,V
I'iiIIi'I'. one iloau iHr phlrd kuin-Mj Mrs.
11 .her! 1". V. I'leiic, one ihvni towels: Mticciiau
. ('onne)l, emsuvin: Kciuutli II. WUIfs, one
pair pillow tau-a: Mi. I'. II. I'wlej, .-,; Mi.
llrod lliud, one pleio lectins; .iolui Arm
biibi, ten pounds ot laid; Mr. ('. p. slmpyjii,
t nicjd thlit.
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He Told of the Early Establishment
of the Lutheran Church in This
Country; of the Persecutions It
Suffered in Its Early Days ami of
Its Rapid Progress to Third Place
in tho List of Protestant Denomina
tions in the United States Some
Interesting Statistics.
lUiv. Luther Hess Waring, pastor of
Graco F.viingollcul Lutheran church,
gave un Interesting account before his
congregation last night of the growth
of the Lutheran church In tills coun
try. IIo told interestingly or tho first
Dutch Lutherans who came to this
country In 1621 nnd established them
selves in New Amsterdam, now Now
York city, but then a Dutch colony.
Tlio established church In Now Am
sterdam at that time was the Reform
ed church and for years, ho said, tho
Lutherans were compelled to submit to
what he termed "Infamous and cruel
persecutions." Heavy lines were Im
posed' upon Lutheran clergymen for
preaching the gospel and upon those
who attended Lutheran services.
In IGC-1 the English came Into pos
session of New Amsterdam nnd relig
ious toleration and freedom ot con
science took the plnco ol bigotry and
persecution. In 1C3S tho Swedish Luth
erans, lie said, begnn to emigrate to
this country and first settled In Dela
ware. Here the first Evangelical Luth
eran church erected on the continent
was built. The first translation of tho
Bible into u. heathen tongue was, made
by these Swedish Lutherans who
translated the Scriptures into the lan
guage spokeir by the Delaware Indians.
Though Protestantism had Us birth
in Germany, he said, It was not until
the early part of tho eighteenth cen
tury that tiny German Lutherans set
tled in this country. Though they
were the last to come thoy ue now
the strongest in numbers. They first
landed in 1701! in Georgia and largo
parties kept coming at frequent inter
vals after that.
Bey. Mr. Waring told of the growth
ot the Lutheran church throughout tho
world. He said that it is tho largest
denomination of the Protestant church,
numbering tiO.000,000 communicants.
The growth of the church in this coun
try has been marvelous, he said. The
number of Lutheran pastors In this
country since 17S0 he said was as fol
lows: 17S0, 70; 1S20, 170; 1830, f!00;
1S-I0, 100; 1S50, S00; 1S60, 1,200: 1870,
1.900; 1SS0, li.OOO; 1S90. 3.000; 1000. C.763;
I'M, 6.S14.
The number of communicants of the
Lutheran church in this country in
1S00 was about 20,000, ho said. At the
present time there are 1,674,173 Luth
erans In the United States. In eighty
years the church has multiplied its
membership forty times over, he said,
and in the last ten years It has gained
500,000 members. It stands third in
the list of Protestant churches In this
country In point of membership out
stripping the Presbyterian church
which stands fourth.
"Wo are forging ahead at a surpris
ingly rapid rate." said Air. Waring In
conclusion, "and there is no telling
what God has In store for this part
of His zion."
"What Constitutes a Man" was the topic
spoken on yestenlay inorainir m All Souls' t'ni
vcisalist tliurch by Alfred Donley.
itev. Dr. .l.unts Md.eod, pistor ol the I'iisl
l'rcibjtirian dmich, and Ttev. Victor Herbert, of Wilkevllaiic, exrhantted pnlpita yi.
"'Ill fool's Povettj" was the topic- of an elo
iMioiit". Feriuen preadied last niiihl by Her. Dr.
(.'haile.-. '. liobinson, pastor of the Secuiid Vreo cliurdi.
"The lteauly of tlio l.oid" nnd "Tho Joy ot the
Lord" were Hie topiis of two wrmons preadied
yesterdiy by ltcv. .1. .1. Lininir, pastor ot the
(linen llidf,'e Prcslijlniati elniieh.
llev. floor!:!' Ii. Aliieh, pastor of fltaee He
fnnr.ed conducted the scivlro.i jesteiday
afternoon at thu Uallioaii Vniinir Men's Chtislian
Association rooms. There was t-peciul niiisio by
the Simpson male quartette.
Tlio inrmbors of Columbus commandeiy.
Knights of Malta, attended the .Vbury Methodist
KpiK-opal church last nlfrht in a body and lis
tened to an able sermon by the pastor, Itev. Dr.
W. O. Simpson, who spoke, on "ChiKtiau
llev. Dr. Ilobeil 1". V, I'Iriie, pastor of the
Although It Is not generally known.
Dr. Stephen V. Lewis, the unassuming
young physician who tukes charge of.
the duties of junior resident house Bur
geon at the Lackuwanna hospital will
not follow the example of his prede
cessors at tho institution and after the
course of practical training afforded by
the Lackawanna hung out his shlnglo
either in this oily or elswheio.
Dr. Lewl.t intends to enter the mis
sionary Hold, nnd at tho end ot his
year's service will leave the olty as a
medical missionary under tho Presby
terian board of mission?, A brother
of Dr. Lewis, who was formerly a resi
dent physician nt tho Lackawanna has
preceded him In the field and Is at
present surgeon to tint legation at
Dr, Lewis comes from the western
part of thin state and is n grudtintn of
the University of Pennsylvania. While
tit ccllego ho distinguished himself as
a. worker in c-olleRlato Young Mou'
Christian association circles, and was
pionilnent in all associations of this
nature. Personally ho Is r. most at'fa
hlo, pleasant young man and has tic
milt ud numerous friends during his
term at the hospital, When ho leaves
the Institution to go foith and li.glu
Ihe great llfo's work he has planned
fur himself ho will bo accompanied by
the good wishes and GiHh'pcod of ail
who know him.
Attorney M. l. ltuddy, who vill this
week succeed Frederick Fuller as al
derniun of tho .Sixteenth ward, is n
young mini who was born In this oily
and has been engaged In tho practice
uf law at the local bar for the l.isl
llvo years. lie was od.icaled lu ihe
lllgh school in this city and from that
institution went to Holy Cross college
at Worcester, Mass., where ho com
pleted tho classical course. Return
ing to this city he took up tho study
of law In the ofllce or Connolly and
Dayls, completing his .studies at the
Dickinson Law school In Carlisle In
Mr, Tluddy's popularity with tho
The Cautious
HiOtiRltlfut Dnyoi tint njiotvl a
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g People Who Ride the
Penn Avenue baptist church, delivered last iiiklit
the thiol of his series of sermons on llimyan's
immoital "Pilsnin'.s l'iorcs," taking lor tin
theme, "The t'alaco beautiful and the Vale of
Mnulous." After the snvbe evaimelistio wniies
vure conducted In the loner temple by KianK'--linl
John Davis, of lliimliaiiiinii.
Allotment Is Expected from the
Treasury Department Soon.
Communication is active these days
between the local postotlicc authorities
and the treasury departmental Wash
ington, regarding the re-arrangement
which is to be made of thu rooms on
the second and third floors, for tho
olliclals of the new federal court dis
trict. Plans of the building have been
drawn and sent to Washington, show
ing the exact location of tho rooms,
and from these will bo made the new
allotment, by the tieasury otueinls. as
this department has supervision of all
tho federal buildings in the country.
Marshal Fred Leonard and District
Attorney McCarrell, will. 11 is su lii.
make their headquarters at llarrls
burg, save of course when the court
convenes In this city.
llooms are already provided In the
building' for the marshal, and aie now
Mention of Men of the
people of his ward Is demonstrated by
tho big vote he received In February,
although bis Republican opponent was
an unusually strong candidate. Ho
has the knowledge of law and of prac
tice which is essential to the man who
ntt"iiipts tho dllllc-ult task of adjudica
ting the disputes of others and more
over has a well-poised mind. Mr, ltud
dy should make a worthy successor
for Ald.'iman Fuller, who for thirty
years has been dispensing Justice hi
llio .Sixteenth ward, anil who is g'-n-orally
lecognlzed as one of the best
aldermen In this part of the slate.
.1. tines I. Mntouey, the young man
who has been sent from the Hevnntli
ward to succeed lion, 'John K. Uoche
lu the t-eleci council, will muke a valu
able member of that body. Ho is n
level headed young business man who
bus a tluuougli knowledge of Ills ward
mid Us needs us well as sound ami
.sensible viows on the question of mu
nicipal government in general, a field
where so many men go woefully astray.
.Mr. .Mnlniii-y hm been in tlio Sev
enth wnid all his life, was educated
in llio public schools titer , and after
hi i king for a sho.t time lu the htoal;.
or learned the tinning linde. Ills ag
Ki'(ssIvo uaiiito would not permit him
to chain himself to the workbench nt"
smother and soon ho formed ti part-tii-shlp
vlih John ie annoy. I'lbier
the llin: name ol J, I', Mulouoy & Co.,
and opened a general plumbing and
tinning Establishment on Capouse -nue,
which has grown steadily from
the moment It opened Its doors?.
Ho will t.-.ito hN seat at the ncvl
meeting 'f the select louiieil, ami whlln
ho cannot be e.vpe ted to 111) the niche
vacated by his distinguished predeces
sor ho will I u a member who will rap
idly win it phue for himself lu that
W. W. Adair, the secretary of the
railroad department of the Young
Men's Chrlstiuu association, who suc
ceeded F, W. 1'carsall, is ably carry- !
Seldom Erf
itoll.iv fnpn tHniwf Sot. of jy Linrl until thfj .!
how imicli or how little yoil.liavo fo upend, 'J
you will Unit it. trim economy lo iiitrrham Im !
pallrrns - on can iiialcli nl. liny time 8a
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Scranton how cheap and
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our terms are.
126-128 Franklin Ave. f
occupied by Deputy Mlarshal Clark:
Lowry and Uuforeo (.'. A. Van Wormor,
Under the new arrangement a. separata
apartment will be assigned tho referee.
Tho quarters at the far end of tho
second floor, which are now occupied
by Deputy Clerk A. J. Colborn, jr.,
will be used by Jnlgo Tt. W. Archbald.
It is not yet known which apartment
will bo occupied by Clerk of the Couit
It is expected at the postofTico that
word will soon be received from the
licnmiry department, showing the new
arrangement of rooms.
Wants to Be Separated from His
Wife, Who Rnn Away.
(.'ail Keller, through his attorney,
Joseph O'Hrli'ii, on 'Saturday filed an
application for a divorce from his
wife, Natalie Keller. Albert Xontn, an
Italian contractor, is named us co
respondent, Mrs. Keller is about ."0 years or age
and some months ami Zeuni began
fiaylng her attentions. Keller rebuked
htm on several occasions, but was not
surprised when ho arrived homo one
day and found that his wife had ran
away with tho Italian. Neither of the
two have since been seen.
Ing on and extending tho work of that
popular secretary. Tho work Is de
veloping wonderfully under Mr.
Adair's direction, the membership
having reached ovor 900. Sir. AdnW
has a modest and unassuming, ye!
vigorous, personality that makes last
ing friends for the association. He i.
a good speaker and has been in fre
quent demand for Uiblo readlnRS, for
which ho has w?ll prepared himself
by severe courses of study,
Outside of his work the thing that
Mr. Adair prefers Jo do is to go out
on tho Pocono in company with soni"
railroad men nnd fish for trout, II
doesn't do tills any of toner than an.'
of tho other expert troutir.-s who mulct
tho Uallroad Young .Moil's Christian
association their headquarters, but
still ho does 11 often enough to keep
his hand In und feel "proud of tho
graceful way thai ho can drop a fly
In any "rilllo" right this side of ,i
"deep black pool." '
., i
Frank li, Iteeso, tho newly appoint.
I'll clerk to Director of I'ubllc tfnfeiy
Hitchcock, is one of tlio best known
of tho younger element of Ilepuldt
enps whouhnvo done so much of Jain
years lo contribute to the parly's su, -cess
hi this county. Ho Is president pi"
tho West SIdo Central riopubllcyii
club, which numbers among Its nieiu
beiM soino of tho lending citizens ot
West rierunton, and was a year ago a
candidate at tho Republican primaries
for tho nomination for recorder ol
deeds, Ho made an aggressive light
and e amo out third In the race out ot
tho nine candidates who entered tho
Ho ias a candidate for the appoint
ment as Recorder Molr's jirlvato secre
tary, but, as the recorder saw lit ti
ictaln II, t Hution In that place, ho
was given the appointment as secre
tary to Director Hitchcock, a place or
almost as much importance. Ho Js a
young man who is uniformly polite
and courteous, who numbers hN
friends by the hundred, nnd who will,
no doubt, yet bo heard from In Lacka
wanna county politics.
j& JCTttm-Vllr- ' -
,.,'i. ,t,mfj".a . ,-.