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riui itonmi.v iiAnDWAm: stoke.
Sunshine Not
When you have the new
Model Laundry Dryer In
connection with your
ranges. The same heat
that does the baklug and
cooka tho menlB will dry
the clothes and do It as
well as tho sunshine.
Call and let us explain
tho advantages of tho
new Model Laundry Dry
er. Foote & Shear Co.
119 N. Washington Ave
The Coat
Season Is Here
And to arc the children's t'OATP, JACK
IIS unrl tir.l'.mttS In all tlie new Mjlcs
mid rulnu. Olio Will1 ItccCrrs (nr llic 'I
and .1 )cir id'-.. 1 Irr mid lull
I'ntUi l"r I In- I and U jc;ir old girls.
Th? Baby Bazaar,
510 Spruce Street.
Ladies' Tailored
Suits We Make
Kit the Isdy n; the hcili 111 tl.c bilil. The.
n.ikc. Mjli-. Ml, lltn-li and prlii'- ar" nil prrln t.
Urn- piin- .-.lork is -now uwaiifni; Juii' ia-pco-tlmi.
II- lo fco joii any tinn-.
Kins: Miller, Merchant Tailor,
Repairing Done Gratis.
0 0
0 &m2.afi 0
0 -"-
6 n m
o o
An exooedliiRly IntcreMling iurty
was rIvi'H oh Wednesday afternoon
liy Mr. mill Mia. V. C. DuueUlee, oC
7;" .lolTi'ivoit avenue, for their daugh
ter, Margaret, hi honor of her seventh
lilrlhtluy, which was a most enjoyable
affair to the many guests liresent.
Daueliifr and prames were Indulged in
ami a "peanut hunt" at which Helen
U'Hrien rarrleit off the prize was one
of tin; features provided for the little
The dining room was deeorated in red
i iil iiiiiuin "
and whilu anil
scene. "When t
I'm' the iltilnl
and presented a charming
the children were seated
lty lunch prepared for
them a basket of novelties, tied up
with red ribbon, was passed, the emlH
of which wen; pulled by each to re
ceive the prize. The afternoon passed
all too rapidly and It was with n sigh
of regret that the little ones bid their
hostess good-bye. Miss Margaret was
tho recipient of many beautiful gifts.
Those present were:
Tin! Mi.-ses Katlii'tjn t.'liuion-, Dully Not Hum,
Dfula Hr.wlni, M.iisiiut ..'criiijn, K.ithijn Cour.
Mil, Until I'.ijiic, Helen ami M.ujciy O'lliiin,
Miiipnit sluin. Annette mill M..ricn Kslilcnuii,
lSejtike Mi('niiil), I'lawes tliandmv, (nlr lli.',
Jieiutliy U'.miU. Helen Mi i".ilcy, r.innic aid
I'lluliilli I'nncnurn, IJthcl Woolwmth, I'tounca
I'oli mid Margaret iMm-khc- M.ilcrs .loseph
C.iiiutoi, WilnKiir ro.tuii, Vanillins Hoar, Uoorgc
IMiKmHi, lord LMiIcmari, DonuM Ad-ili' and Wil
liam llmieklie.
The umrriugp of W. J, Lewis, Jr.,
f.on of Hon. YV. .1. Lewis, of North
fieraiitoii, to Miss Margaret Williams,
of Peckvlile, was solemnized Wednes
day evening, tit the home of the bride's
parents, by Ttov. Dr. CieorKo 15, Guild,
of the J'rovidencu i'rcsbytutlun church.
Mr, and Mrs. Lewis will reside la
Scranton upon their re.turn troin a
wedding tour to Philadelphia and
At tho home of .Mrs. Sidney Ilun
Mood on North Main avenue yester
day the last of a series of whist games
played by the Ladles' Whist club took
Mrs. Almond Stonier entertained her
Sunday school class of I'rovldeuea
Methodist Episcopal church Wednes
day evening, at her home on Theodore
stieet. A very enjoyable evening wan
spHt by all present,
Those in attendance were: Mr. and
Mrs, Almond Stonier, Misses Amber
Stonier, Carrie Longmore, Gertrude.
Newberry, Eva Proudlock, Anna
Uhule, Louise Morgan, Helen Chap
pell, Holla Cousin. Lucy Duwltt, Mr.
William Wright and Charles Uowltt.
A pretty wedding was solemnized at
the Holy Itosary church Wednesday
afternoon, when Miss Kathryn Me
Tittle was united In marriage to An
thony Thornton, of West Market
Miss Julia Jennings was the brides
maid, while the groom's brother acted
as best inun. The qtiurtettu marched
down the middle aslo of tho church
as far as the altar, to tho music played
by Miss Thornton and Mlss Katlicr
Ine Iteardon, uf South Scranton. At
tlte altar they were met by Itev, J.
J. O'Toole, who performed tho mar
riage ceremony. The bride and the
bridesmaid were attired In costumes
made of white batiste, trimmed with
point lace, and carried beautiful bou
quels of rsd roses, After the cere
mony the young couple save a recep
tion and wedding dinner ut the
groom's home, at which many friends
were present,
It was Incorrcutcly stated In this col.
limn yesterday that umiulnsr was ono
of the pastimes. Indulged in ut the sue
prise party given Wednesday evening
by At v. and Mrs, W. It. Case, of North
Scranton In honor of their duun. liter.
There was no dancing at tho party.
C. 0. Iloland 1 In New Yotk.
.tallies Poland, of iv'llkc-ll.ltir. In thU
city yesterday.
I!. I!. K.iullntan, ol 1'icjcott acnuc. Is trout
iflstilni; in Ulltton township.
Attorney ilolin I. Murpltj went to New Voilf
jeslcnl.iy afternoon on legal Im.hicss
l)llrlrt Attorney W, II, Lewis and tirollier,
Joseph, wcie tMilnir at Ml. I'oconu .veslctdaj'.
John II. William.., private sciretaiy to Con
arcuiiiin Conn'.'ll, I. icihIIiik trvr days In
At. l. liiiiu, rtt M.idlion avenue, Puninorc. It
FpendliiR a few il.ij. at Sihencclady, X. V., with
lil I'rntlier, ilio Is very 111.
Mies I.Ida We.ner, cl .tellcr'nn avenue, Oreen
nblgr. n lelnmed irom HVIilmtlnn, n. C,
alter n two inonths' vllt iltli ti lends.
It. It. II, Klnljicti, oiiff.ot tlio rleiks at the
poMolllrr, lesmncd Ills rlutlc? jeslerday, niter a
rrrral ilaj-s' alisenrc on account ol IlineM.
.1. C'l.iikc Pronn, leiently employed in tho
diaimlitlus dep.ntincnt of tho Rctlilelirtn Steel
Morks at south tlelldehein, l a Ruit at the
In tim or hU liiotlierdii-la-, .!. A. Mellon, on
Niitth .Main aiinue. He will 1euvo on Monday
for I'lttMiurir. wine lie l to become ajslilant
chief diain;lit-in.iii for the American Hlecl and
Wire lonipanj
Grading' Work of the New Trolley
Rontl Between Here nnd Plttston
to Be Done by Paterson Man.
The contract for the grading, truck
laying iind masonry of tho Lacka
wanna and Wyoming Valley Rppltt
Transit company's Pnc, between here
iirJn plttston. wits awarded yesterday
to John It. Leo, of Paterson, N. .1. The
cotnract price Is not made public.
Tlie contract calls for the completion
of tho grading wont by August I?. Mr.
Lie said yesterday that he will put
J.tiOO men mi the jub next Tuesday.
There are tSO.000 yards of earth and
110,000 yards of rock to be cut. Tho
work will be started at Mooslc where
the heaviest cuts arc to be made. Mr.
Lcc uropuoses to sub-lot considerable
of the grading work.
Within a month from the thna the
grading is finished the tracklaylng and
ballasting is to be completed. The
electricians, bridge builders and equip
ment manufacturers are already at
work and If present plans do not mis
carry the road will be In operation be
fore the snow files.
The surveys of the division between
Wllkes-Barre and Plttston are about
completed. President Houghton satd
yesterday that this division will bo
ready for operation at the same time
as the stretch between hero and XJitts
ton. Word was received yesterday from
North Carolina that the 1,000 car loads
of tics and 400 car loads of poles which
have been contracted for arc ready for
shipment. An Inspector is to be sent
thither immediately to sec to their
Mr. Lee who will do the grading work
built a section of the Delaware, Lack
awannaand Western road at Dansville,
sections of Baltimore and Ohio at
Havre do Grace and Chester, and por
tions of the Illinois Central and the
Chicago, Madison and Northern. He
will have his headquarters in tho of
llces of the Transit Contract company,
on the tlfth floor of the Connell build
Elk Team Takes Two of Three Poorly
Contested Games from the
Black Diamonds.
The 151k bowlers last night took two
out of three games from Captain Frank
Beavers and his Black Diamonds, as a
consequence of which tho latter team
falls below the, West Enders, No. 2,
with whom they were tied, and the
Elks increase their percentage by al
most fifty pins. The league now stands
as follows:
l-o-t. Il.
Ilicjele i lull l'i
P.icku ilub 10
10 S ..Vii
!l ! ,&o
n i,i- .tr.q
Vi is .lit
S 1!) .'."I')
Wist nnd Wheelmen ....
Wist Knd No. J
ISl.iik Diamond?
The match was rolled on the Bicycle
club alleys, and was devoid of any
btartling features. The bowling was
exceptionally poor, the Elk's totals be
ing but 2,222, while the home team only
rolled 2.161.
Filley had high score, 180, and Charles
B.iehl's average was the top-notcher.
One hundred and sixty were the figures
which put him at the head of the lad
der. Smith Gorman led his team. The
ex-Backus bowler had a high score of
177 and an average of lor, 1-3. The
scores follow:
f.i'lliun 177 12-1 Ml loG
iwjs , 115 uu i i res
Wittlliii; 131 II". Til 131
Mnyer lit uu Hi :.!
UtMvri.s iui !:; l'ji -;:,
770 70.i oS 3II
Wikhil 1ft-, lii'i ISO tvi
rilley 117 I.V) uu it,
ll.lihm l.7 130 Mi -tl'l
Iiuidiw,- i;i7 uu i-jii I?,
ltlclil 1.5 HI-.' 170 IfO
The Century Cub Wheelmen will ar
rive bore todnv. a. nnrtv nt nhntit nnn
dozen, who will be tho guests of thu
Hlcycie ciuti. The team which will
meet tho club team tonight will con
sist Of llr. W. H. Moni-iv ranlnlii'
Juck George, the famous long-distance
cyclist: ,iocK ruiriey, a. b. Ehst and
uert uuiger.or. Tins tram does not,
however, represent the maximum
bowling strength of the organization,
three members of the regular team be.
lug unable to bowl. Dr. Warden,
Moore, Dutlleld, Mitchell and Uoper
will roll against them. Tomorrow
morning and afternoon tho visitors
will be entertained by the local wheel
men, nnd tomorrow night they will
journey to AVilkes-Barre and thero
meet the Weit Eudeis.
Ask for Kelly's union crackers.
Local data ("V April
Highest temperature ,
lo.vcft teiiipiiaUue ,
Uclatlvi! Humidity;
1001 i
.37 degrcei
10 dcgren
S a. in S7 per cent,
ti p. I' .-. S2 r '
I'icclpitatioii, "I hours cuded S p. m., 0.20
iui'li. Weather ahonri.
llOI.LISTKlt.At llollkttnillc. Wan count,
l'a.t April 2J, 1001, Willlaan A. Ullittr, I(t4
71 j ear, lunnal will n uMvmcrt ItUr.
Wilkes-llarrc papen pleate copy.
Although Hard Silk Workers Wed
nesday Voted In Favor of Return
ing1 to Work on Terms Offered by
Superintendent Davis tho Members
of the Soft Silk Department Yes
terday Balloted Against Accepting
the Proposal Beforo Warpers' De
mands for Increase Is Ginntcd,
The settlement of the silk mill sltike,
which seemed so imminent after Wed
nesday's meeting of the hard silk em
ployes oC the Sauqttolt mill, at. which
tho girls decided by an overwhelming
vote to return to work, has been post-poncd-!t
may be a day or It may be
Tho employes of the soft silk depart
ment met yesterday afternoon, and
after a long and stormy session voted
gainst any resumption of work until
the demands of the warpers are com
plied with. The latter at the eleventh
hour In no uncertain tones slgnllled
that they must have an Increase In
wages, and there comes the hitch.
About three hundred girls were pres
ent yesterday afternoon, when the
meeting was called to order. "Mother"
Mary Jones, M. D. Flaherty and others,
who have been prominent throughout
the strike, wore rented near the presi
dent, and soon after the opening of tho
session "Mother" Jones delivered an
address, in which she advised the ac
ceptance of the very fair offer made by
the Sauquolt president.
The terms were announced to the
girls nnd the general consensus of
opinion wus that the one-halt cent
per yard increase was a liberal
one. Hut then arose tho question
of the warpers, forty-live in number,
for whom the operators' proposal In
cluded nothing in the way of an in
crease. During the past few days noth
ing has been said, however, which
would lend to the supposition that they
demanded any advance, as their only
grievance was declared to be the de
sire for reinstatement of Miss Eliza
beth Roach, the forewoman, reduced to
the ranks for going on strike with the
They met, however, during the week
nt tho home of ono of their number,
and decided that while they will modify
their original demands, still they must
have an increase of one-quarter cent
per hundred ends. 'They formerly asked
one-half cent. At the meeting yester
day they declared themselves satisfied
with the disposition of their other
grievance, as Superintendent Davis lias
pledged himself to give Miss Roach the
first vacant forcwomanship.
The matter of wages Is therefore the
sole obstacle remaining between the
strikers and a settlementT The mill
owners have stated throughout that
this branch of the silk mill workers Is
the best paid, and that no advnncn
could possibly bo granted Its members.
A committee was appointed yesterday.
to wait upon Superintendent Davis and
report at next Thursday's meeting. K
the result of their interview is an en
couraging one, however, a special meet
ing is likely to be called.
It Is not likely that any action will
be taken by the strikers of the other
mills, regarding a renewal of work, as
it Is the union's purpose to call the
strike off on some fixed date, and for
all the strikers to resume their tasks
on that day. A special meeting of the
Sauauoit hard silk workers will take
place today, and this afternoon the
Harvey girls will meet.
What action will be taken by the lat
ter it is hard to say, but it is not likely
that any decisive move will be made
by them or any of the other girls until
the Sauquolt local has decided on its
course of action. Among the hitter's
members there was a most spirited de
bate yesterday afternoon, as numerous
girls wished to accept the offer, despite
the warpers. The vote taken was not
given out, but It is understood that It
was not a very heavy one, as many of
the girls refused to cast a ballot, owing
to their undecided condition.
The Taylor local will meet tomorrow
afternoon, and "Mother" Jones will at
tend the session and endeavor to bring
about an amicable condition of affairs
between the Mulherin local nnd their
A prominent member of the Klotx
local last night said that the action
taken by the members of the Sauquolt
soft silk department would have no
effect upon the decisions of the other
strikers. Said she:
"In my opinion, our girls will decide
Sunday to resume work. The greater
part of the girls ut all the mills are
now witling to accept the owners' offer
and the fact that this does not include
the warpers, who represent but a tiny
fraction of the striking forces, is not
considered by any means a sufficient
cause to keep the hulk of girls out on
"However, wo all anticipate a settle
ment of the Sauquolt soft silk workers'
grievances also and It Is likely that
work will be resumed simultaneously
at all the mills some day next week."
At a meeting of the Central Labor
union, of Wllkes-Barre, held last night,
Attorney F, J. Strauss, representing
the silk firm of Hess & Goldsmith,
whose '100 hands have been out on
strike for some time, .appeared and
a&ked that steps bo taken toward a
settlement. The matter was referred
to a special committee, with power to
Tho employes of the Simpson mill, at
Mlnooka, returned to work yesterday
Jones Long's Sons wish to call at
tention to an error made )n tho even
ing papers of yesterday, whereby in
the 2 o'clock hpurly sale, articles in
the China Department were quoted at
10 cents, instead of 15 cents.
Our New Stock Wall Papers,
the handsomest styles for the price
we have ever handled. See them.
Nortons, Wyo. Ave., next Dime Bank.
Say, cabby, where Is there a com
plete sporting goods stoic? Why, at
211 ' Washington avenue. Flopey &
Brooks, of course.
The Klng'a Daughter, of Elm Park
church will hold an apron and cake
social at the church tomorrow after
noon and evening.
Cameras and Kodaks?
Brookii, of course.
Klotey &
Smoke the new Kleon cigar. 3c.
Paine's Celery Cempound Doing Won
derful Work
The visit of hundreds of bright Cu
ban teachers to the United States last
summer has caused a tremendous
health-revival In Havana and San
tiago. The American idea, "A. sound mind
in a sound body." is one of the first
lesons Cuba and Porto Jllco are learn
ing. But they arc learning' fnst.
Whatever distrust Cubans may have
of American politicians, they have
confidence in America's greatest rem
edy, Paine's celery compound.
It has opened the eyes of the people
of Havana and Santiago to tho possi
bilities of good health in a way their
crude remedies had never let them
Paine's celery compound Is doing a
tremendous missionary work this
spring among tho sick, not only
throughout the United States, but
wherever the American Inlluence is
The best families in Santiago are
taking Paine's celery compound. The
common people are looking after their
health ari never before. American phy
sicians in Havana, are ordering tho
great spring remedy. Its health-giving
effect on friends and relatives who
first tried Paine's celery compound In
the United States has encouraged
Celebration of Veterans of the Spanish-American
War Veterans.
General .1. P. S. Gobln command. No,
41, Spanish-American Avar Veterans,
met last night at Itaub's hall and cele
brated the organization's first anni
versary, A large number of members
and friends were present and thor
oughly enjoyed the excellent pro
gramme rendered and the tasty lunch
which followed.
The hall was handsomely decorated
with large American and Cuban flags
and the members of the command in
their campaign uniforms, added to tho
general martial atmosphere. Presi
dent , Del A'oorhees oppned the meet
ing with a brief address, In which hn
told of the growth of the command
nnd letters of regret at not being able
to be present were then read from
General J. P. S. Gobln. Colonel H. A.
Coarsen, Colonel F. L. Hitchcock. Hon.
AVIlllam Connell and Henry Harding,
of Tunkhnmioeli.
"My Country. 'TIs of Thee," iwas
then sung In chorus by all present,
and following tills the William Cou
ncil Glee club sang. During tho night
this aggregation of talented vocalists
were several time. heard, rendering
"Peace to tho Souls of Our Hoioes,"
Becker's march, "Comrades in Aims,"
nnd "Kathleen Mavoarneon."
Excellent addresses weic- made by
Attorney J. Elliott Ross, who spoka
on "Patriotism," Police Magistrate
John T, Howo, who, in his accustomed
happy vein, spoke of "The Old Sol
dier," and Attorney Richard J. llourke.
whoso theme was "The Young Sol
fl Smart Redaction
In the Pric? of . , .
The rainy week previous to Easter injured our
Meek wear-business. We've gone through our stock of
Neckwear anything we could pick a quarrel with we
knocked a big piece off the price,
For Friday and Saturday Only
Some Are Reduced a Third, Others a Half or Wore
35c Each 3 'or $1.00,
Hultorllys Batwing Ties Imper
ials and Ahfots, in a vailed assort
ment of silks and colors.
A big line of tho popular Derby
l''our-ln-Hands, In neat colors
some plaids and plain colors, all of
the r-Q-cent sort.
"On the Square1
Hmong Sick.
thousands of despondent, hopeless suf
ferers nt home to use It. Tho result
In all these cases has been (the direct
cause of the health-revival that Is
now arousing such tremendous en
thusiasm. That Santiago seconds Havana's en
dorsement of Paine's celery compound
is shown by the following letter from
Mrs. Bellen Guerra:
Sanliiiso, Cuba, Jan., 1001.
Wi-IU. Itiili.iiiNmi Co.:
Hear Mi ft 1 have had the xmt in iny tlngeifl
and hand-'. My limits wi-ic licinniiljcd nnd I could
luuilly stand. I vit t plijlcians. A
druppt?t ndvi-jpd me lo u-o Paine's celery com
pound. I lieitun at onc to set better, and today
I nm pein-ctly well. Xal'iially I have Rieat
faith in I'aiii"' cclerv lumpound. Veiy liuly
,AiiK. MUS. HKM5N lil'KitltA.
Every ono in this springtime needs
to purify the blood and regulate the
nerves. Carry home today not by
and by a hottlo of Paine's celery
compound. Cure nervousness, neural
gia and rheumatism this spring. You
can now put your health on a sound
basis by means of Paine's celery com
pound. Such evidences of an unhealthy con
dition as those constant headaches,
melancholy, dyspepsia or constipation
rapidly disappear under the cleansing
regulating action of Paine's celery
dier.'' Clerk or tho Court T. P. Dan
iels gave a number of phonographic
Lunch was served by Comrade Hir
llnger. after the entertainment, and
then came a thoroughly companion
able, social camp-fire, Tho committee
in charge of the affair consisted of:
Del A'orhces, Harry Coursen. jr., E. It.
Connolly, J, W. Benjamin and Charles
Yesterday's Marriage Licenses.
Wai-ar llioivaniy ,.
(iiMhla (iy.".c-.l;a . .
John KouolM;
Mai, Dnliiiiict.-k.i .
Hairy A. I'ieuo ..
fiiaop i:. ltoso
Joe Kowovki
Annie Spasm-
licovaiud ViUiiti ..
Itusliu Apiridl.'. ...
Oiby shafi'i-
MaifMiot Wel-ili ...
Mike I'llra
Vrion.1 (iiuvliins ... Mmhlik
Veinnlll.i M.i izl.o ..
Many Makal.i
Annie Ilia)
Old l-niKC
I Hd I'l'l CO
::ilO Caitleld iiiimiu
illlli liailleld iivcuuo
Sri ,i nl Oil
72U olive stieet
." niakcly
Old Poise
Old IViKo
31:: Kloiiu Mint
107 lllvcr i-licct
lain Scianliiit Mrcct
... ;::!() south Wailnulnu aw,
Old I'oiBe
Old rorjjB
Who furnished the Alert and Oriole.
Base Ball teams with those pretty uni
forms'.' Why. Florey & Brooks, of
Regina Music Boxes and Tune Sheets
A full line. Cash or time. L. 11.
Powell & Co , exclusive agents, 0M
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A saving on Neckwear leaves
something for other things.
There's nothing better In spring
Neckwear than these narrow Four-in-IIands
of the one dollar sort
no better stylo no better patterns.
$1.50 and $2 Neckwear. $i.t)o
Aud excellent quality is
shown in our BEER, tf
ever the conventional
"Must Be Seen
To Be Appreciated"
was ever properly em
ployed in advertising, this
is the occasion
Wholesale Liquor Dealers, 216 Lackawanna Ave.
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Guaranteed long Havana filler.
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Free of Charge
at Our Store
We invite you to come and
see the delicious Waffles.
Saratoga Chips, Doughnuts,
Fried Oysters, Layer Cake
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Louis Arthur Watresi President
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Interest Paid on Savings Accounls
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all inJiiniT of 'Ilil-H; In sit ;is
lli'irlvrr, 'IVii-lcc, (, .Vlmlui-lu.
(nr or l!.rmtor.
Till! V.U'I.TS of llils lUiik .UK protect
nl liy tlie llnlmfi Klrclilc Alaim
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City with a
First-Class Stock of
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Sterling Silverware
Clocks, Etc.
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Wedding Gifts.
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(.hapcil 'ot for sixty minutes, but
all day. ?),Tj value,
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