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' Mmtfdt
HB past week was not laid down
In tho calendar us bolnff a. con
tinuation of Ix-iit, nnd yet u
Boodly portion of society', at tenst
thi Presbyterian end of il, lias
beon dcyotlnrr Itself somewhat tmiinl
niously to Rood works In the sluine of
promoting the xu'lftnr- of the Presby
Ifty In fcshIoii in the First Pn'rtby
terlan criuix-li. Tho Indies, In particu
lar, $pcnt about hair the time In pre
paring food for tho nilnimurri to out
during the other half, Klaborn to
lunches weie pervert In the church, und
the member, of tho Presbytery were
lavishly entertained In various homes.
There Is some reason for the sus
, tdelon that to the excessive hospitality
of tho entertainers Is duo the prolonged
sessions of the Presbytery, which only
by a heroic effort was brought to an
end Thursday night. Adieus) were
spoken agitln and aguln, and still tho
luclhmn lingered. One reverend gentlo
lnan finally ltrt. tho lnt afternoon ses
sion with such precipitancy. In order
to catch a train, that he took another
minister's hut in place of his the
other, by the way, being a prominent
pastor of this city and In his haste
neglected to carry along his own over
coat. He missed tho train, returned to
the church, corrected his mistakes, nnd
jltiitlly pot away from town the next
The following ladles are patronesses
of the benellt performances of "The
New Dominion," to be given at the
li.vceuui this afternoon and evening, for
the benellt of the International Corres
pondence Schools' Social, Educational
nnd Beneficial society: Jlesdames T.
E. Taylor, J. A. Lansing-, Outlier Kel
ler. J. A. Connoll. Theo. Wolf, O. Ivl".
Ilallstead, P. JT. Spencer, C. T). Simp
son, H. H. Brady, T. H. Watkins, T. C.
Von Storch, C. P. Matthews. T. T
Penman, 13. H. Ttlpple, J. S. McAnul
ty, Ueese Prooks, Wlllard Matthews,
AV. n. Mr-Clnve, II. A. Knapp, E. G.
'Join-sen, John I,. Wcntz, T. E. Jones,
AV. -U Conncll. C. O. Sanderson, L. (3.
l.aiJnr, James Archbald, John Jerniyn,
Frank Jermyn, George Jerniyn. Ed.
.Tormyn. AV. II. Dickson, K. T,. Fuller,
15. Hand. AV. II. Jtarple, T. J. Fos
ter, F. o. Barker, A. J. Connell, R. J.
Foster, F. J. Piatt, J I. M. Boles, II. B.
AVare. S. S. Derman.
Aliss Drusllla rhillips was tendered
h pleasant surprls.1 party at her home
on Mylert avenue Thursday evening.
Games were played, refreshments
s-orved and an excellent time enjoyed
)ty all present. Among' those In al
tewlanoc were: Jllsses Nellie Bush,
Nellie Brundage. Lottie Morn, Grace
Shotto, Mame Harmon, Annie Hislop,
Knima Goulsby. Jane Ray, Daisy
Deener. Ira Hislop, Emallne Taanyon,
T-.flie, Belle Gorton, Drusllla Phil
lips, Ethel Zlert, Messrs. Joe Moran,
Henry AVetmore, Frank Perrls. Jesse
Gurllmrn, Robert McMillan, William
AWdeman, Albert AVilcox, Norman
Bush. (Jlmi-lem Swartz, George Dixon,
Harry Ilinkley, "William Shoemaker,
Edward Phillips, William Phillips, Mr.
and Mrs. Zlert, Mr. and Mrs. Phillips.
Miss Mae Talndubury, of South Main
avenue, entertained a number of
young people at her home Thursday
evening after an enjoyable trip to the
mine.?. The guests were Missurf Flora
Lewis, Eva Lewis, Berlin Follows,
Nell Brown, Edward Alldorf, Arch
Deans, itnlph Allyn, George Lewis and
Robert Davis.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Hancock, Jr.,
cave a progressive euchre party AVed
ne.sday evening at their home on Lin
den sdrcct, in honor of Mrs. James Cas
terllnc's guest, Mrs. Dyer, of Syracuse,
N. T.
Mrs. A E. Berry, of Gibson street,
entertained at dinner a party of friends
on Thursday, In honor of Mrs. H, H.
McICcclian, who expects shortly to re
New Dress Goods
Just received a great variety of new fabrics for
dress and street wear in latest
spring shades.
Heltons, Tweeds and Homespuns Double X
fced and plain mixtures, Oxford, medium aud X
natural greys, browns and blues 75c up to $2.50 X
Oranite Cloths For street or fine dress wear, W
40 to 50 inches wide 50c to $1.00S
Poplins, Whip Cords, Armures, Prune! Is, f
Vicunas, both light and heavy weight, $ 1 . 00 to $2. 00 fi
Silver, Natural and Oxford Greys Com- K
plete assortment 50c to $1.50 X
monairs in black,
J5 Sicilians Heavy, stocky and firm 50c. 65c.
j 75c and $1.00.
g Taffeta Mohairs Full silk fiuish; in apppar
5 ance. service and beauty they excel all Mohairs.
J5 Very light weight, 40 to
X to $2.00.
Z .. J,.
ixew urenaaines, crepe tie Chines and
figured Crepe Foule $1,25 up to $4,00 ft
Cashmere Taffeta Silks Cheney Brothers 5?
famous goods; 27 new shades,
Poulard Silks An immeuse new line, more X
beautiful than ever. )
jjMears &
U 0-417 Lackawanna Arc.
rfta v
side at Red Dunk, N. J. Among thoso
present were Mrs. II. H. McKeehon,
Mrs. AVllllnm Fields, Mrs. H. Brown,
Mrs. F. I,. Meyer, Mrs. George Okcll,
Mrs. C. Mlrcher, Misses Ruth and
Christine Meyer.
Mr. Frank C. Fuller gave a bvitutliTil
dinner Monday night at the Country
club, in honor of Miss Post, of New
York, who has been the guest of Mlsfi
Belln. Tho decorations were In red.
The guests were Mr. and Mrs. Paul
B. Belln, Miss Belln, the Misses
Archbald, iptnln Davis, of the
United SUitc.i army recruiting sta
tion, located In this city; Mr. James
Blair, jr., and .Air. II. D. Merrill.
The mnrriuKC of Miss Frances Fruit
to Mr. Andrew Nelson AValkcr will
take place, as before announced, on
Monday afternoon at three o'clock at
the Second Presbyterian church. A
reception will follow at the homo of
the bride's mother, Mrs. Benjamin II.
Pratt, on Mulberry street.
Mrs, Thomas Dickson Is in New
York after having spent the last few
weeks In Atlantic City. Mrs. Dickson
will not return to this city now, but
will go to her country plnre at Mor
rlslown for the summer.
The Misses Richmond returned last
night from the south, where they spent
the last two months. Mr. and Mrs.
AVilllnm It. Richmond will remain In
Atlantic City for the present.
This week, a sweet and gentle spirit
passed out of our city and left the
world poorer for Its going. The beauti
ful life of Mr. Angle, which has just
closed, carried a benediction.
Mrs. T. C. Aron Storch and Miss Boies
will be among the ludles from this
city who will atctud the alumni dinner
at Dana hall, Morristown, N. J on
May .1.
Rev. Dr. It. F. Y. Pierce and Mrs.
Pierce gave a pleasant reception Tues
day night to the oflicers of -the Penn
Avenue church and their wives.
Among 'tlTe delightful dances qiven
this week were those of the Knights
of ColunVbus, the Lyceum ushers and
the Excelsior Social club.
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Peck are now oc
cupying their elegant new colonial rest,
dence at the corner of Jefferson ave
nue and Olive street.
Miss Katharine .Kennedy will return
next week from ' Newport and Glen
Cove, where she has been visiting for
some weeks.
Friends of Mr. and Mrs. re. B. Jer
niyn are sharing their anxiety regard
ing the condition or their little son.
Will In m.
The concert to be given by Miss
Ethel Newcomb, on the 23, Is attracting
a great advance sale of tickets.
Miss Alice Matthews and Miss Ger
trude Spraguo attended the cotillon at
AVilkes-Barre Monday night.
The marriage of Miss Truesdale to
Mr. Bissell, or Chicago, will take place
the middle of June.
Mrs. AVoodln and Miss Jcssup enter
tained the Senior Friday Card club
There will bo a delight eotllliim at tho
Country club in the course of a few
lovemeate of People
Air. llany
Ilyndnnn Iik lrtuincd fioin At-
lantio City,
Mr. and .Mrs. W
1). tlieen, of Pelanare stitet,
promise better sale than
60 inches wide, 59c liu 5
' H K
have returned from Cllfoinl, nlicie they hire
been foi Hie hut two nionm,
Miss Holes Is In New York,
Mr. Charles Dul'ont Knilt Is In Monliose for
a day or (wo.
Mm. I'ninres II, Svan airbed In the rlly from
New York last tiltht.
I'. V, Malthcw.., nt the Hole! ,bimjn, I suffering-
from 111 health.
Mr. anil Mr. .tnlm 1. Poller nnd d.iitiililcrs
wiled lor Kurope lhlt uirk.
Mr. J, b. CrAHfoid irtmiml l.i't ntglit Ironi
I'loHdl, where slic penl the wlntei,
Ut-Shetln" Honlmon accompanied FVnalor Find'
ler to Xetr York jwlenljy nllcrnoon.
Ohnlc.1 P. M4rlon hut relumed from p thrco
weeks' vMt with trlemli In Washlngtnn, U. U
Deputy Rcvcnire collector I.011U K. fliWuirff, of
WilkesdlirTe, wu . lltor in this city ymlerdjy.
John ,t. Colllni, of the Collliry Krifrlneer lulnt.
Init department, kit yctcrdjy for u few ilajs'
Ml with. hi parents In Philadelphia.
MIm Ptullne O, Hill, of tho Seranlwi College
of Mmlc, ttm culled to llufTiito on lnilnr, Fil
d.ry. She will twahwnt a!ul ten davs.
Itev. KrancU J. Tobln, of St, Josepli'a semlrnry,
Ilaltlniorr, Mil,, a former claAMnate of the late
I'athcr Medftiry, afler attending the timcril nnd
paylhjr thn list rnarU of njmiMtliy to the be
lened family, i-clrirned home Tlmrsd.iy afternoon.
Ho w accompanied by Tathera MiCiHhr and
Wclbers and Uev. Ilanlol JlcIIale. Joneph V.
Murphy leturncd to ll.dtlniore yclerdav.
TIIK clmrcbo.f M'hluli Imve not a
'blflboii miss a Oenl. llelng
a MutbocllKt, allbougli n more wo
man, trio writer of this Is competent
tn nuthorlze such a statement. A
bishop Ik a groat ins-tltutlon, and
whether or not the early founders ot
tho Christian religion were right In all
their Ideas they made no mistake In
retting up a bishop the very first thing.
Now a bishop has u certain halo
about him impossible to dellne and
equally Impopslblo to classify. It sets
him apart, inaken him distinctive
among men and in all denominations,
whether he wears vestments and mil
linery In profusion or wh&ther he looks
simpl.v clerical lir the doleful black
coat nml white ncclc-cloth of the fra
ternity. His otllco somehow drawa
about him an invisible guard ot dig
nity and men instinctively doff their
hats at his approach and defer to his
opinions when he speaks.
When he has almost the power of
life and death in his hands, the clergy
men under his temporal y rule, self-
effacing as they must seem from the
voluntary vows they have taken, nat
urally yield every appearance of def
eienco and obedience to his wisdom
and decrees. Wo who aro not thus
bound and others who by no force
of religious government or precedent
acknowledge any superiority, may
smile a little at. this apparent humil
iatoin and perhaps may even criticise
if sarcastically, but after all there Is
a glamor in acknowledging the author
ity of a superior In the religious world
just as In social political or military
The private in the innUs, often looks
up to the leader of the hosts with a
sentiment verging on idolatry- Tho
other oflicers. when not influenced by
Jealousy, arc apt to entertain the sumo
sort of feeling. Tt Is the natural inner
yielding to recogniced power, tho god
like quality in man that separates him
from his fellows.
It was this supreme control of mind
as well as matter that made Xapoleon's
grenadiers weep for love of him. It
was tire greatness of his rank, as well
as the magnetism of the man, that
caused Loc's f-oldlers to go mad with
priae anu joy at tiro sight of Ills su
perbly carried head.
Hero In democratic America we aro
rrot supposed to look the second time
at royalty or to envy rank. Vet wo
run enthusiastically after our own
rulers, set them up In shrines and kow
tow to them for a lit IK lime and then
pitch them down and erect new idols.
When we go abroad we aro as eager
to chase after the nobility as arc the
nutlves, aird at home we display a deal
more energy In that direction. The su
perior has u ehurnr.
In tho political life, a great leader
compels similar adulation by tiro sheer
force of his superior ability. Wo may
turn again and rend him when anothoV
popular man comes along, but wo
always lravo some guidon to follow
which Is held high in some strong
hand, benath whose sway we bow.
In society It is the same. AVo fol
low the popular fad, which Is to wor
ship In .somebody' train, perhaps not
tho monarch of wealth, of talent, of
beauty, of brilliance alone, hut surely
the monarch icpreseirtlng power and
Thus It Is that in religion the un
conscious bending to authority when
vested lir some great dignitary Ik only
a lopetllion of tho Infinite, longing to
roach upward anil grasp something
beyond what 'we rtow know. Perhaps
to a degree 'the thought that In him
is snadowed tho Master Himself, en
ters somowhat Into tho feeling, but
even more Ik tho purely worldly de
sire to bask In tho light near the throne
to catch some faint reflection, or else
in some occult fashion to labsorb into
the fibre of being tho richness ot some.
oiner me wnicii nas muuuu'ii tn a
higher altitude.
'file bMieiji seems
niunent Institution
church olllebils,
niunent us Ik b
to be u jimru iior-
tluui most o,thir
lb'lni; thus jipr-
', i!u liiututlons
nf uii'ii and things itpom in
clYoct 111 tn less nml to his ofneo
tiro uioit, Iliuicc It lmiiciiH that when
ho Is tho nioslillnsv olllcer of si niei't
InpT, the pincpctlinfrs arc rather cer
tain to he I'hurueti'iisioil by Rreat 1Ik
nily, tho trivial olomeut holng clltnl
uatcil anu useli'ss illsciisslon cut blrnrtj.
Wc may ctltlclso a mountain; wo
may say It Is too ruKKi'il nt the base,
tno illlllcult nf ascent at that "towered
citadel." tho .summit, tno massive to he
available for tunneling, too lofty for
tho valleyh to appear cnmmeu.surubly
extensive but our i.rlticlsms do not
ffeet tho mountain, II Is alt theso
gusilltles which eo to nmlii? It gicut
that show It to bo tho irountaln it Is
'o do not pause to ciltiolse ami Bruin
hlo about a inerft hljl wo, who nmst al
ways bo In (ho little valloys und never
on the mighty mountain tops. It' tho
mountain weie iinl Rivnt and mighty
and htupejidotts tfbovo all other things
wo should not complulii about Us ex
tent, and It would not have made
epochs in hiMory and nmrUed the dif
ference In races and the fall of tmtlons.
Thus tho fact that ya ciltlciso, some
time vaguely, often In Jealousy, the
leudere of great ohurches, Is an evi
dence Hint these leader.? are wondrous
ly colossal among men for "to ho great
h- to be misunderstood," said Emer
son, and he knew,
Down deep In our being, whether
we nro jich or poor, bond or free,
believer or agnostic, our heatts inuko
silent obeisance to these men, who
may wear no visible mitre, but who
still in their own personality embody
the possibilities which llo In man. und
the Inner light which Inspires great
thought and purpvec, Saucy, Uess.
4 4- 4
"Inaeenrale Miowlodie I a dinucnnu thlnff,
.N) In all things let u bo iiccurite,"
llrattf lit of tho Salad would Rrc.illy aid rno
In my lak by .vkliiR rpier-tlorn (not nun
airily for piildiciillon), wlilcli li ranlle will
l,i nnwered In full In nn early imit of the
Weekly Halad and their receipt acknowledged
Immediately by mail. All juuh mnirminli.i.
tlom mri't, bowei tr, n j. riieOer of covr'e, the writer's torrwt name nnl nddriM
olliemtifl they cannot lis trken Into ton
Hldei.illon. IS tr WItON'll for coming to inirry? Thlaqirtv
tlon is nkc(l li.r one of tin readers of tins
Scientific S-tlad oml li.u been l.pj ami Ah
iutl for liiimlietll, luy thousand, of taii,
l'.v philosophers,, rutiirallL, telljloirs
tcaehprs and In utl liu Miilou boar
iiiRS from a inorjl, ethical, IijrIciiIo and politico
economical standpoint upon ...i' welbbcin? and
piosicH of the Iniinm raci'. I rniut, tlicieforc,
content rn.Hclf at this time, and In thU limited
ipiw, nltli a tncclncL l ileincnt of the moil
pioiiilnenl fn;U In connection with tho qtnwtlon,
m tho.v arc known to cxM and Icuc to th
reader to theorize about them nl liN leisure.
In alt the prominent and impoitant, ami In
many of the minor viteriiit of religion
me einicai uvti Mildly forbid the ni.irrl.iRC
of blood lehtlon-t (ninsingnlns) und in thu
Mlble, in well .11 in Hie Koran and tho other
Hell Known wrlttfii ami coiby of
Il-IIrIoih liw.s many references will be found
pointing to the cIl cIIclU ot comuiiKulnlty
upon the ofKiintr, and -K.vljy In the tecond
and third generation. It U an Indisputable
fact that all the useful, wcrful and cnduilnt;
products cf nature aie tho result of the union
of opposite or of elements which mc not like
each other. Thus m uhctnUtry, the union of
acid's ! produces sail and minerals and in
ph.wlcs tho oicetiio euircnl li prodmed by Ihe
in lion of one clement, actlnif nntiiirotilstlially
upon another in their union, 'flic number of
llht'.ti.ilifiim which may ho cited ii legion.
In oriraiile r.aluiu 11. tm been pioicil beyond
doubt by cuoftil and long continued observation
and by ciiefullj conducted csperlmcnts upon
animals nml plants Hut the union of members
of the same f.imllv has a deletttloiw effect upon
Ihe oIKprinas. As hli Iking examples may be
lited the facts that ftult trees of tli'e same
fjniily (for instance H.ullet pcu), when pljntrd
In nn by themselvivi, witlicut the admix.
line of ftult trees of the same tpcLics but of
dlltcrcnt families. bear fiirit whlcli is
mii.iII and inlerlor in fjuallly, ns well as In num
bers, and is apt to fall from the stem before it
is fully ripened, and also that in flowering and
yeel bearing plants (as for instance in tlw ca
toroll plant) through fructification by pollen from
members of the name family seeds will result
which when plained produce plants ot slow and
stunted growth bearing seeds which ripen very
lute and lire incapable of germinating and produc
ing new planus, thus causing tho extinction of
the family iinle-s liny have been fructified by
all (noii-tautlly lelatcd) pollen. Among the
animals anu especially among the higher ciaswi
lc which man belongs the physiological fact
Ills totig been established that the offrpring in
licilts a ceitain amount of the individual family
(Mood) and late peculiarities, both physical .ittd
spirituil, liom cjcIi parent, wlilcli Inheritance
finds oxpicshlon in xarious ways, some times the
one Ir.iiMiillted thiough the male parent and
sometimes the one belonging to the leniale pro
genitor pudomimting but making up a sum
lutal of pcuillailties, iudbidually similar to
Hut ot both parents bill ssentlally dttferent in
itself, if Ihe pucnts are. aliuis to each other, tliat
K if they are not blood relations; and this
diftorcrice is the instill, in the num. of tho
union and action upon other of (hcnc. in
herited stiajns.
On the ollui hand, iC the paictils arc Mood
irbtimis (first cousins, for Instance) the offspring
will inhciit a double amount of family or blood
and peculiarities which will naturally oxer,
lulince Ihe cflcot of the alien strain transmitted
fron either grandparent ami consequently a moic
or les prominent want ot proper balauce borl;
in the physical and spiiituil s:iili,uiti(s of lis
llle lonillilons lnn-t he the result,
Tnipei.iineiil and euinple.xions ale only spiritual
and phytic a I eiitixloiis ol indixidu.illty as dc
Imil .iboe anil us such Uu their rr-spcctiic in
liu.iife upon the Indhidiulily of the oilspibii;
hui only in the piopnitioir of parts to the whole.
Infection of Wounds by Perspiration
of the Hands.
M. K. ti.-ievcl his mlopleil this melliod of
4eiiliinpj his haiuK fir siirsicjl pu.e.eduui:
Washing nnd Fuubbnur m it It !.o,ip .Did water for
fifteen iniiitilr.-, then twi.-bin. vnlh a p.ul of
sterilicd etaue inipiesn.iled with ether, then
ntviiii; them ilh nincly-fne per rent, alcohol,
nnd finally vr.ihlii them wi'h flciiliznl water
for flvis liiirutttM. ,No uillinc'i eould be ohtaiuiMl
fioin the hinds aftei this metlioil of disinfection.
Hut Mhi-ii the bands u-ir- made to peispirc fictly
ailcr such a 'ahinj,- tc trau-piied lluid al.i.s
icb!ed a puie and irulrnt eultuie ol the Sta
phylococcus alba.. The author concludes: (I) it N po-ihle to uhtain absolute sterilia
lion of the hands; (2) that 04 soon i1. perpr
ration ot the hands beitirH, infection of the
wound is povlhle; (8) that, as il is impo.-ihlo
to disinfect the opeialhe aie'a, the lips of Ihe
cutaneous vound should always he protected;
(4) disinfection of (he hands should be completed
l'.v their immersion tor ten minutes iu n ino-
per cenr. solution of taiiiiiu lo inhibit the sweat
Ihk; (j) gloves should be wom in seille opera
tions where mere manual deUeiity is not an im
poitant factor. X, y, Iftdiial iloumal.
fly a close raleulallon this wa.hinit ot hand',
whlili of coiusii is but one of the Items in Ihe
piepar.ilioii ot tin- modem siiircoii for nn ordinal-
i'iciy-d.1 opeialion.would ixcupy .It iniiiulrs,
time ciioim-h for tin- p.illint to iic If the cuo
is one of uiffeiuy oi time ciiuiirIi to perioral
most nt llin intliiiuy eeiy-d.iy operations tint
tin- piai thinner is called upon to perform fioin
bi'ltiuiiiiit; to end. It Is well enough and advlh
able that a suh-pou sliould have clean hands
when operating, hut he should not fowl that
his time is simply wasted when, ,m fo fiei)ii(nlly
happins dropr of penplntlou fall from bis blow
iiniiolleed by him lulu I ho open wound limine au
opeiution. "CleanlluesS ts licit tn godliness,"
as Slern in his Horn of T)eotiun jjit, but it
tan liaidly be plieed net to Rodllness when it U
e.mied lo such an extreme by Ihe siuiteiiu
lie neglects lo luvo his instnuniiils e.f the he,t
ouilir.r, shaip .nut in pericit worUIni; euilcr In
lii-t ellotls to hue lliiiu and cwythlns eli
clean and sleiillml, II is refresh In;; to heir
such a man as I'rof, Warton in Popular .Silence
NeiNS express his opinion and letleil tho oplnbu
of many other independent IhinUers on Iho sub.
Jeit when ho sa)s; "flierr Is meat tlaiv,-er uf
tin' eiao lamllnt; Its devnlies In
.1 1,'i.inmiic, fioin whiih ttlileatlon will be dllll
cult if not luiposslhlo without les.s of piotlS".
'I lie eaim-sl imesliaaton are prone, in their en
thusl.iri'i, In lahe loo iniicl. lor guided (the vili
i.c-hicr father to the thought), iinl it will not Iw
.u all stuprbhiK Iu fmd tliat many steps will
lino to he iiliate, many liiKcnlenis and pinmls
ins ili niies, II should bo borne In
rulirl that uiliiosiopic lire i; in the iiriiu bene
lie cut to huiiiiiiily; that the taifcttrs tif.soe iuh.l
Willi ilu.'.i.-o .no Lompaialhcl lew, by couipaii.
sou Willi the olbcif, and that in the ease of thn
bacteria tliat liawi been liefmitely identilird with
speiille ili-eiisei, it h.i I'CM'r been utisf le-lofilj
doiiiKUslialid lhat tlie'.v aio the causo and not thr
producl in aiiclt fa-is uf il.iae. Although oinr
facts aie positively limun In baileiloloxy, jet
the eoncliislons elraun iiuii limn are mainly i"ii
Jnliiul; and in this, as in olhcr flelda, It Is
not ;.t ail uullU'b tlul Ihe n'Nl BeniM.iliou w l
see. I l.o pie-iiil teachings t ill civ. n rut and a rceatlini; of Hieuiles lal,e place"
The Toxicological Detectiou of Ar
senic nnd the Influence of Selenium
on Its Tests,
Hv W. II. Wilcoir. II. I). The author' e.pcn.
iiiciiIj no to sho; while selenium does not
irlie any result per so with the test In
the abWneo of aiscnlc, ,et It has n most decided
effect upon tho nature of tho mirror when arsenic
Is picscut. The proximal half ot the mirror is
of a UTinilioiwed coloi, while tho dUtal por
tion has tho Usual appearance of the arsenical
mirror. Thu author examined many of the sam
ples of contaminated beer from Manchester during
tho recent epidemic of periphrial neuiltle, and iu
no rasa were the) cmlouj minora obtained, such
as are ghen ly selenium and aisenio combined.
These facts piova that the poisoning could not
luo beta due piluurlly to .-elculuni and, second,
illlly, to arsenic, as lias been suck-estcd by so
many of the daily pjpem and ccu dlsciused ut
Icnalli In luedle-al and other sclentlllct publici.
tkih.' The epidemic i there and 2 elite kail
r .
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In be found to satisfy public opinion and so
anal her bunion waq looeled upon the patient and
enduring' bark of the' innocent but much ma
ligned cl wholesome heierape of the people of
the Anglo-Saxon uee.
The Becquerel Rays.
A new tcchtdcil journal, KiichlioB"i. Technischc
blatter, to be bsiiert within a few ilis, will
C'ltitairr on intciestins arllclc lonceining the'
latest iay.
In 1S9.",, a 1'iencli chemist discovered ias ema
nating troni the element uranium, which pov
se-scd piopertlcs similar to the llocntfc'en lajs.
They weie railed Hecepieiel raj. after their 'J is.
ro.eier. Hut while the dbcoveiy of tlin Ilocnt
rcii nioiisisl Rreat interest in the whole chlllzeil
wurhl, leading to radieal in lucdieal
iliasmosis, the Uccuueiel rays were only emptoycil
in a eiy limited way in , labors tot lei,
and an asertioii by the ITenth seientist, lieinar
eaj.j, that they were not emitted fioui uranium,
but Irom a new element, made no Impression.
Itecent epeiiments by the licrlin IIIkIi School
of Technology have proven this assertion that
a new clement is responsible for the llecepjercl
ravs ami the interesting; tact has been oh-
served that theso rays render almost every trans
parent substance luminous in the darkness.
These rejs mahe it possible, ro tell ifi'iiu
ine diamonds fioin artillclal ones in the
dai!;. This will proio of greal piao
tieal importance in testing, The is.
peiinicnls have also lesiilicd in obtaining, tor
tho Hist time, laiccr quantities of the new
element, which has ik-monslialc-d that ras
emanating from a larger quantity mahe the air
such a conductor of eleelilelly that it is hoped
thin property can he utilized in wlieletss telegra
phy, flxperinients for this puipn-o are bi-inic
rua'do iu the llerliu institution, but the deepe-t
secrecy is maintained concerning them. It ts
tilled lhat the result, wbl soon he hid befoio
the emperor, which smns to indicate that the.
elbcoury is regarded as one of meat linpoilaiuc.
The Zodiacal Light,
Tin' Zodiacal light, so called bfcau-o it
1 1. nil -is the Zodiac, is a phenomenon of Hi
heau'iis that probably iery few people have
witnessed, as even sea captain, who havit sailed
.noiind tlio earth a iiiiimxr of limes, state
that they have nccr seen it. Sllll its eMriico
Is i well authentic iteil fatt. Quiet rrecntly il.
l.eou llienuer has been stud; be llui UkIiI
fioui the nbwrutoiy nf Manou, Auatrla, wlieie,
Judalnsr livm his account, the uppoiluiillli-s
for ubserUiiR it must be exceptionally fine. Ho
states tliat at buiu, on the seal level, wlieio
tho most faunable pulods for ohsemtlon am
from .lanuaiy to Much and iu September and
Oclnber, the srodiaral liirht is, upon faoiablo
niKhU, from four to ,l limes as IhIkIiI as the
nillU.e w.i,,, and upon such cicainnR some elclit
or ten times ss luleiiso, lie ili-eilUs It as j
I'.uaiuld of light with Us ba-o at iho place
where the inn has set ami Us point vi-omIui;
thu 7odije. 'J lie apex, ho, Is se-aresily ills
cemible at hiil, but ineieaus in x
I.Uir and .'ixes lise at .1 point oppo-Ilr to 't
kcrorul tono of llulit which Is tailed the unll--.odlae,
Tliis pciiillaiity was nolcd by Un.iMti
tn 1SJI and by lluinholt in leO,!, M seen from
l.ui-sin, il. Ilrnnner sa;s its brightness is otten
niieii that up to loity decrees in height it
cntliely nbsciucs, to thu naked eye, the stati
in its immediate vicinity, and tUit at Iho same
time thn unlbnillacal light l.s three limes is
bttitlit as thti nillliy way, l'iom a spectroscopic
examluitloii ho auiies al tho combi-iou that
iho lin'nt is retlcclcil solar lighl, Tliln bo veil
lies Willi the poUiistope, whleii separalu llrj
pnlilUid Iiliht trom the oidiiuiy u.
Ilumbolt, in reitiTinu to it, tint w-heu
il is eceu ficm elcutions nf iinm r,000 to l.'.O'ii)
feet at the equator it oilcn exceeds in bright.
)ies tho moot brilliant parts ol the milk)- xx.iy,
an I II. I-lals coi.tirms; this by eayiiif that when
a qT.1 xiew can bej golteii ol it iu the inter
tiophal zone it is the most beautiful of a' I
Mlbc-rmau catrc to Iho conclusion trim hit
observations that the phenomenon had a clo-o
attaint) with the arilucncc of shooting sUu ami
the appcaaanec of the Auroia ilorealis. He rc
uurU 'n a memoir presented to the Academy
tics' Sciences that, whenever there is an affluence
of shootins etars there is an Auiora bore a 1 1),
cither luminous or merely cloudy, in the mean
latitudes, and that numeious facts make him
think that suclr Isalxi the caiu with the zodiacal
lllil.t. It is also stated that ltespighi, iu 18b6,
or thereabouts, Jicertaincd by spectrum analysis
that the brilliant nitrogen ray previously ills
coercl in the Aurou llorulis vxl-tcd iu tit;
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rmllacal lulit. l'iom the,ai lant deduclious, an-.--uiei'tcd
by fj place's indisposition to admit that
rmllaeal ln;ht mlxlit be a wide extension of the
niu'rt atmnsphcie, liamhossuu camo to the eon-
ilu-lo'i that the lishl was in reality i ?odlaeal
It can hariiy be uc'lioiied but fiat the tun
must leient InvesliKalors, owing In improved
I and methods, am neater lo Hi?
truth thill I lie otheri Slill, a Iho case n;w
stands, there is no lesliiitlon upon one's choice
ot an explanation.
Plfiltt JOoctOlH,
A ilciuainl has leiii made lot pn)siil.ius lhat
ran minister lo a plant dlneased. It is thoiiiiht
lo be ;i mailer or impoilauto that
exeiy ayilrultutal district should ha-e Us rciru
iaily ediiiuted pi ml dm lot, rhosu biislni-n it
would be lo alleud tn and cure plants that are
llut'ilr-ncd Willi disease or luxe been stricken
with II, 'V,0 this end II. is suux'-ted I wc
should luxe oehools of piai Ileal plaul pilhooe;y,
whero plijsiel.ins iniy tui taught In tirat plints
just -as In xeteilnary seluiols they am taught to
treat horses and oilier animals. This is eeitainly
a valmblo ant timely tuggc-illou and shuulcl
seriously ensane our liwmakeis and imlllulhins
nf leamiii','. -specially as It eouhl he added as dii
luipoilant braneji to tin- newly et4blllied pro.
fi's.lon (new in Aliierita) of foiesstry, A well
rduratid and reicntiflii plant doctor could he cf
cien gri'-tter nule'tial benefit In th Uiiner aud
planter than Ihe elciiiuiy sniteon is niw,
Lead Sponge.
nru inc. e...s for uukiiiii pities ot p.nous lead
lor use in accumulator oi u at Id fllleis liar
lllely been paleuttd in (Iciuuny by Itlchaid
Itauer. In plaio cf tiealtng: the mcllrd lead
by i fcl gas or vapor, as is often dune, tlii
lurciitnr iisch 4 tiiaifihl whlili by eonlail with
the uiellt'd metal s volalllUcd and penelrales
lliroujjli the mass during tho eoolinic. Sulphur
is best adapted for this puipose;t bu the prop
eily of (oniblnlii'V with tho lead to fomi sulphide,
and this sulphide when clKomposol by diluto ie acid leaves a tcusi of poious lead.
In piaetleo the operation in eairien out as fob
lows: rim two halves' of a platd mould uwi
belted and j. .null euautity of melted bu!(Mnir U
introduced, so that after' tooliwr the tides ot
the mould aro lovercd with a, la.vcr ot sulphur,
Iho lead, healed to icdncss, is then poured into
the mould; the sulphur is Vapmi.c'il and pene
trates into tho mas-'. Atler cooling-, the plate
taken from the mould Is romiwrcd of load,
sulphide of lead and an excess of sulphur. Tho
latter is removed by a preliminary washing and
the plate Is then treated with dilute sulphuric
acid, xvlil' It decomposes Ilia sulphide and leaves
a plat: of puic lead, which is citicjacly peroui
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To 'Remove Stains and Dirt from the
I'liee a cm unity of sal soda in a. slullow dish,
iu a warm, dijr place, and cxivoso to tho air.t,
liesic cullon will soon follow and from a coarse,
biiup.v mass it will soon beeomo an impalpabbi
powder. If now the flngcre aro moistened willi
water and applied to tho i.urfato of tho
Ml sodi a small quinary will adhcie. Apply
Willi a llltlo water to any surfacfl lo be cleansed
and the result will appeir nuirleal. Dirt wll.
ill.sappear, vvllhout injury lo tlm skin, if ih
p.Hl be all rln-ed ntTl) ,1., Xcnlal Oil",
and bah.
The Sizes ot' Coal in Commeice, '
Thi sizes of anthracite coal and tho siisens
Ihniugli which they aie made, aro as follow.,
nays .steam Kiiadrieerius: Coil which, runs a si icon havint; a mesli .'Mil ot an inch
iv failed bailey; -!, rice; IMti, buckwheat; ,?,
jwaj l'i, chestnut; i, stove, 234, egi;; 4j, tjTlte;
7, steam. Coal bejend this lUo li known at
lump roal, lllluminous coal pa vies over bars
I'j Indies apait; hituiuiunus nut coal passe(
Ihiouiili bais I inch apait; slack- eojl pjs..'
Iliioufili luis ij of .m incli ipail,
I'OUU. l'i)4'l 13 any substance vvhhli, fwheri
liilioilucfd inlo a linnif mvanl-ni, may in ut II
bed by llo orsauisiii lo fiiinbb'il jfltb the
i,.Hnsaiy matetial for biiildiusr new tissue, thus
proihicliiij- grow lb and development, and tin re
placo what has been Used up and discarded as
vviste in Iho life proce of the organism. Tluw
wn hive a Rieal xailety of aiticles of fod and
ili naluro often Is tho only means of ijlilin
Biilsliim; and classlfyins somo of the lower or
iranlsms. Tho main anil most reliable distine.
lien lietwccn aniiral -ami xeseumo erganieiiu
1 that animals feed on organic) suhsUnres,
hilo vesetables feci only on inoigaiiiu mate
rials, sucli a salll, minerals-, tvaes and so fouh.
Pari Keller, Jf. 1).
T ' I l .
Many School Children Ara Sickly
Mother Cray's Sweet I'ov.'ders for Children, ue.
by Mother CIray, a nurse In Children's Home,
N'rw York, Ilrcak up Colds iu 21 hours, cure IV
verbhr.esa, Headache, itoiuaeli Tioublej, Tecllilna
Diserders. novc and KKuUtc tho Uc-wels, and
Destroy Worms. Mrs. t'nilly Mjionn, Ucrid-ii,
Ct., savsi r'lt is tho bc.-t medicine in the worM
tor (,hildicn when fcveiish and eoinpJainin;
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