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FJl -1,
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Bencavnge Not Guilty of StenHng
Geese Stnbbln-j; Is Successfully
Laid nt a Missing Gypsy's Door.
Two Move Plead Guilty of Main
taining Slot Machines Baldncr
Wa3 Only the Barkeeper Wife
Sided with Brother Against Hus
bandJudge Would Not Allow a
Child to Testify Against Its Father
Quui'lcr ."-osstloiiH i-iiiiu' l a 'lm yes
toi'l.ty nn inr us juty liluH are con
ccincd. Toilny oporl wlll'bc vreflvf-ti
frnni the live- jurloM out al mljuui-n-nienl;
pentonce.i will lo Impohcd nnd
.xiiroty fuses hoard.
Verdicts wrro returned yoMlonluy In
it ininibei of rapes. M. ". TSoncavnBf.
who wis accused of .selling: "wm
which did not belong; to lilni. was
toitnd not Bullly nnd I In.- roiinty was
directed to pay the costs'.
Andrew Feitlo,- .t liouriJinK
Keeper of Austin Height, was found
not Riillty of the chai-Ke of feloniously
woiindliiK Kate ShefsUI. 1-Vrilo nnil
Ills witnesses convinced the .iury that
tho other fellow did It. The other fel
low was n Gypsy, nunied George "or
mpl, wlio boarded at Kerdo's. Conupl
liart dlsapepaied. Jacob Summers, Urn
well-Unown Old Korpre meiohant. was
on record as helnpr ball for Ccrruid.
Just before the case was railed to
trial District Attorney Lewis received
a. note front Alderman "Wlllui-, which
stated that throush a mistake Sum
mers was recorded as bondsman for
Ccrrupl. This fact and the fuither
inct that Ccrrupl had skipped, was re
porter! to Jmlsn Kdwards when the
ease was called to trial. The judge
did not- commit himself.
Tho offense with which Fordo was
charged was the stabblnp of Mrs.
.Shefski diirinrr a brawl at her house.
It appears Ccrrupl had broken some
windows in Mrs. Slirfski's house, and
slu- came over to Ferdo'f, where, he
lxiarded. intending to demand that he
make good the damage. A row oc
curred and she was stabbed in the
pi in.
Her witnesses swore Ferdo did the
..lnbbinr. while Fcrdo's wltncsess
swore it was Cerrupi. that ho sneaked
down stairs while the light was on,
inbv.od ii knife into "Mrs. Shefski and
Micakcd hack into the house. Fcrdo
ir, acquitted, Cerrupi is sone, and It
is impossible to hold any one as his
A mil pios. on payment of costs, was
entered in the case in which Constable
Joseph F. AVoelkers charged Frederick
lialdner with selllnpr llciuor on Sun
.l,iv. The court records show that
Fied Martin and not. Baldncr was the
licvnei'O of the place. Baldner claimed
he was only the barkeeper and that
since his arrest he has given up the
Alex. 'Wvsheloski was returned guilty
or interfering- with Police Otlleor
I'hnrlps Chccouski. of jroosio. while
ho was attempting to serve a warrant.
D. "I. Betts and P. J. Davis, of Peek
ville. plead guilty of maintaining slot
machines at their hotels. Sentence in
Retts' case was suspended until today
at the leanest of his attorney. Mr.
Ctlroy. Davis paid a flno of $10 and
CL'T rtUBCKU iiosi:.
Domino Mlkno was one of a number
of Hungarian laborers at tho upper
steel mill who cut lubber hose coup
lings from care to make gloves for
themselves, to piotect their hands
when handling rails and pig iron.
Mikno was caught in the act and when
arraigned yesterday plead guilty. Jle
was sentenced to thirty days In the
county jail.
Without leaving the bos, the jury
in the case of Michael Ilishie, chained
by Edward Ford with assault and bat
tery, agreed upon a verdict of not
guilty: lounty to pay the cosls. His
hle Is fil years of ago and Ford six
rnrs his senior. They vciked in ad
joining chutes-' as slate pickers In tho
Hellovuo breaker. Ford says lllshlo
assaulted him without provocation
and pushed him b.ickvnrds-M'rom his
heat into tho chute. Ilishie admitted
he gave him a little push, but claimed
he was provoked into it by Ford call
lug him vlla names. The ago of tho
parties, and volubility of Ford when
In all departments
of active service
stand in need of the
readiness of mind
and momntness ot
action which depend on a healthy nerv
ous system. Let a railroad man be "rat
ted," and every life depending on him
is in danger. A great many railroad
men have found in Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery a valuable tonic for
the overstrained nervous system. It
buildB'itp the body, purifies the blood,
nourishes the nerves, and induces a
healthy appetite and refreshing sleep.
ii differed for six years with couitipation md
iudigcuUon, during which time I employed tv
rral uhyslclani. but tbey could not reach my
case," writes Mr. O. Poiuleell, of Kurrka
bprings. Carroll Co., Ark, '! felt that there
hji no help for me; rould not retain food on my
ttiimach; had ertlRO uiid.would jll htlplcss. to
the floor. Two year ano I commenced taking
Dr. rieree'a Golden Medical Discovery and Hi
de 'Kelletjand iniprored from tlie itart. Af
ter Ukiuar twelve bottle 'of the 'licovery' I
was able to do light work, and hac been im
proving crer alace."
Send 31 one-cent stamps to pay ex
pense of mailing ami get l)r, Pierce's
Medical Adviser in pajer coven, free.
Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. V.
"f"L """"raj"" "
m A
on the witness stand, resulted In the
ceso being laughed out of court.
In tho case of Thomas Btirke, charged
by Lena Hnrttnan, of Petersburg, with
being tlie father of her child, the Jury
was unable to agree, nnd nflar being
out for twenty-four hours wore dis
charged. A Jury was out ut ndjournlng time
In the case ot Benjamin Thomas, of
West Sernnton, charged by bin sister's
hu.yband, William Green, with assault
and 'iMtlery. The defendant admitted
that ho did lay violent hands upon hist
brothcr-ln-lnw. but used only what
force wan sufficient to restrain him
from beating his sister. Mrs. Green sat
with her brother during the trial, and
testified for him.
Another Jury was out In the case of
Jennie fhnltli, alias Jennie Dally,
charged with larceny by bailee, by
Gertie Jones. Gertie worked for .Miss
Jennie nl Miss Jennie's hoiudliig house
on Center street. One night, while out
for a stroll, some police oftleer mistook
her for a direct walker and arrested
her. Hlit sent her $" worth of jewelry
down town to a pawn shop to iuIho
monry to pay her line. When she got
out she wanted a couple of dollars to
lake her lo WIlkes-Barre. Mlsst Jennie
happened to hove 'i. handy nnd let
Gertie have II, taking in exchange the
pawn ticket for the jovlry. When she
came 'back from n visit to Wilkes-IJarre
with money Hittliclent to redeem her
Jewelry, she found that. Mls- Jennie had
taken It nut nnd disposed of it. Miss
Jennie's defense is that she bought the
Jewelry outright fioni Gertie and had
a right to do as she pleased with It.
Tho pawnbroker testified that tho jew
elry had become his property by the
failure of (iertte to redeem It within
the pi escribed time, and when Miss
Jennie presented the ticket for It, to
gether with money enough lo make
good the loan and Interest, he let her
have the stuff.
Henry Kennedy, of Carbondale, wits
arraigned on the charge of beating his
wife. He claimed ho did not beat her,
and that she It was that abused him.
Hhc told 'that he had treated her so
abusively ever since their marriage,
ton yjL'ars ago, that she was compelled
to leave him three times, nnd nil told,
only lived with him three years out of
the seven. Their seven-year-old son
was called to the stand to testify
against the father, but Judge Kd wards
wouldn't let him. The jury was out at
udjournlng time.
A fourth jury was out in the ease or
S. D. Musser, charged -with larceny by
bailee, by Mrs. Emily lUiule, anil a fifth
was deliberating In a John&on's patch
assault and battery case, in which Jo
seph Bolln and John Wargo were de
fendants, and Patrick Payton, piose
cutor. Henry Fonwick, of Carbondale,
charged by his niece with being the
father of her child, was returned not
guilty, but directed to pay tho costs.
Yesterday's Marriage Licenses.
Prank A. Snjilfr I.enov, Stisiith.inna tonnlj-
Rnah A. lV.UI.rr 1517 Tripp im
.tohn lewii Sv-ranlon
Amelia Woacr Scranton
Frank P. Jcuincs t'iltston
Annip (lolbert 3H lies' ,ivi
Michael ', Itntdiford Virhlulfl
Aiiniv Kcunio.v Archluld
rotor Ciabeit AicliUld
Katie Daley i(lituld
lVul & OKI force
Maiy Hoiii'il.i Olil KoiUr
Itnbert r. Marsh Imnwi
Mary B. nrennan CulioniUlc
The Uaj injunction ac was ,nin
postponed jcstM'laj-. this lime (ill mu Crida.
Th application tor an lnjunciion to iclrain
the labor unions from hoyiottinir ihc scranton
iati wia not rrncwed ,C4trida,v, as was cptd.
It will bo presctil.'d toilay or caily nct ccl-,
Attorney Murphy -a.M.
Work That Is Being Done by the
Bridge and Construction Depart
ments of Lackawanna.
The bridge building and construction
department of the Lackawanna rail
road are busily engaged in making
many changes nnd improvements along
the various divisions.
A new double-tracked .steel bridge
is being put in at Oak street, on the
Kcyser Valley branch, whleii will per
mit of heavy train q over that point.
Xt'W bridges ate also being erected
at Dover, Upper Hackensaek and Now.
ark, N. J,, and at Klchflold .Springs,
X. Y. Work has also begun on a
bridge on the Oswego lino.
At Binglinmlon new curves In the
tiacks aro being put In, and a new
train shed will be eroded at Bingham
ton tor the lUiea train.
A sixty-foot .steel, turn ubl.i has
been erected on the site of tho old
round house in Scranton yard and a
similar turn-table will be put In at the
Cayuga yard.
The present tound houses at Scran
ton, Great Bend and Syracuse iillt be
enlarged to house the new engines now
in use on the road. In the Scranton
i wind house each stall will he length
ened eight feet, a new roof will he
built, and practically a new house
Today's D., X. & W. Board.
Tho make-up of today's D., h, & W.
board is as follows:
rnnAV, Ai'iur. i.
Wild Cat., i:ai S p, in., O, Randolph; M n,
in,, .'. Moiir; 11 p. in., .1. llmMuil.
h.V'UIRD.W, Al'lllh so,
Wild ("aw, J'.asl-JS.TO, i. in., T. Mfl.ulln, .j
a. m , .1. P. Mattel; 5 :i, in., II, Wallair; 7 a,
in, A. I', Mullt'ii; S 1.', iu Iliih Policuy; 0
a. W.. II. I'nimity; JO a. in., t'iipitiiik; II a,
in., O'C'ornor, ullli HjMciV uku; j p, ni., ),
C.iioi 1 p. in., !. r. Miiili; .'ip . ni., I', ia
anineli; ti p. in,, V, U. I.jIIji-
hiinimitfc, llti-.-H a. in., ca-st, .1. Ieiinlsan; 7
a. m vit, ficoige : r p, rn., iat,
W, II. Nlilioh; I) p: ni., cat, .1, ranltri,'; 7 p.
in., went from f'ajtiea, Mil.aiiBj " p. m., -et
luu i C'a)HSJ, Thompson; 7 p. in., ml tiom
Say Ann, l.'divaid McAIIMcr,
I'uller 10 a rn., I'. E. Sfror.
Puihers-S a, in., Ilourerj 10 a, in., ,S, Pin
nertyi 1I.M a. in,. Moiau; 7 p. in, JIutpli;
V p. in., Lamping; 10 p. in., IVIdner,
Pitatngir l.ntstiKfs 7 u. in., fiarfney; 7 a, in.,
Sur.-ir; 6.:;0 p. in., .Stanton; 7 p. in.. Magovcru.
Wild Cat. We.t-10 a, in., p. Hastily; l
p. in., ('. Klnsliy; !i p. in., 1', Wall; s p. m.,
tloar, Willi .lolin (I.iIijjjiiiS n'ln; ii p. m., .1
Iliul.cincii Sheridan, Maloy, W, l.aliut jnd k.
ljolilnur will upoit at traiiinustct'a oilhe llili
i, II CI llOI'll.
llraKtinati II. II. PelYw icporU for duly ullh
praleinan J, II. Jonn icpoiH (or duty with
llraUcman (Jcoiije HasBerly icpoiti for duly
with Mullen.
I Mc-llbtcr and rrevv will run summit cjvt
7 p. lu. flcm Nay Auf, April Co.
This and That.
Joseph Jackson has been appointed
foieman of tho boiler shop of the Dun
more Iron and Steel company, at Xo.
0, the position which lie held before
being appointed boiler Inspector for th
Pennsylvania Coal company, Tht tot-
The Now Discovery for Catarrh
Seems to Possess Remarkable
A new ralairh cure has lecetitty ap
peared which so far as tested lias been
remarkably successful In curing nil
forms of catarrh, whether in tho head,
throat, bronchial lubes, or In stomach
and liver.
The remedy Is In tablet form, pleas
ant and convenient to take and no
special secrecy is maintained as to
what it contains, the tnblot being a
sclentlllu combination of Gualacol, Kti
calyptol, Sangulnarla, Hydrastln and
similar valuable, and harmless nntl
f.optlcs. The safe find effective catarrh euro
may bo found nt any ding store under
name of Stuart'a Catarrh Tabtets.
Whether the catarrh Is located In
tho noio, throat, bronchial tubes or
Hlonmcli, the (ablets seem to net with
equal success, removing the stuffy
feeling in head and niwo, clearing the
mucous membrane of tin oat and tra
chea from cnlmi'liul secretions, which
cause the tickling, courjhlng, hawking
and gagging so annoying to every ca
tarrh surferer.
XitMil caturih generally leads to ul
ceration. In some eases to such an
extent as to destiny the nose entirely
and in many old cases of caturrh the
bones of the head become diseased,
Xasal caturrh gradually extends to tho
tluont and bronchial lubes and vety
often tti I lie stomach, causing that very
obstinate double, catarrh of the stom
ncli. Catarrh Is n systemic poison. Inher
ent in the blood, and local washes,
douche!-, salves, iulmtcib and sprays
cm have no effect on tho real cans- of
the disease. An Internal remedy which
acts upon the blood is the only rational
Irentincu and Stuart's Caturih Tablets
Is the safest of all Internal remedies,
us well u the moat convenient and sat
isfactory from a medical standpoint.
Dr. Kalou recently stated that ho had
.successfully used Stuart's Cutairh
Tablets in old chronic cases, oven
wheie ulci'intion had extended so fai
ns to destroy the .septum of the nohc.
He says, "I am pleasantly surprised
almost every day by the excellent le
sults from Stuurt'n Catarrh Tablets. It
Is lemnrkiibte how effectually they re
move the excessive secretion and bring
about a healthy condition of the mu
cous membranes of the nose nnd stom
ach." All druggislH sell complete treat
ment of tho tablets at t"0 cents, and
o "tittle book giving the symptoms and
causes of tlie vaiious forms of ca
tarrh wi'l be moiled free by addressing
!". A. Stuart Co., Marshall, Mich.
tor office has been done away with and
Jackson returns to his former positinn.
At a meeting of the company, held in
Kaston lai-t night, the contract for
constructing the Delaware Valley rail
way from East Stroudsburg to Hush
kill, was let to .Michael P. McGrath. of
Worcester, .Mast., who is to have it
lendy for operation by July. Air. Mc
Grath is a responsible railroad builder,
having, with others, built many of the
electric lailways in Northeastern
Pennsylvania. Especially in Xorthnnip
tou county. There were a half
bids for the woik. The contract price
was not made public. Work will be
commenced in a few days. Strouds
burg Times.
Jangling Nei-ves.
Are you irritable? Do you sleep
badly? Is It hard to concentrate your
thoughts? Is your Hppetite poor? Do
you feel tired, restless and despondent?
Try Lichty's Celery Nerve Compound.
It will do you more good than any
thing you have ever tried. Sold by
Matthews Brothers.
v v vi v v V v v v v i v v v
I Spring Opening Today f
I Richards & Wirth's I
Clothiers, Hatters and Furnishers, 5;
5 326 Lackawanna Avenue.
We extend a cordial invitation to our friends to attend the
opening. We will show the cream of fashion in
Young Men's and Boys' Clothing
For Spring and Summer Wear.
Besides a very elegant line of
Neckwear and Furnishings.
The Entire stock is brand new and all Union-Made.
$25 to $30
N. Y.
Tailoring Company
406 Spruce St., Scranton.
New York Announcement.
Horner's Furniture.
"Wo bid for your patronage on
the following grounds:
1. Our stock represents the pro
ductions of tho BEST MAKERS
ONLY, in addition to poods of our
own manufacture.
2. Our assortments are as com
plete in the plain and inexpensive
poods suited to the modest home, as
in the more elaborate- and artistic
lines required for tho more preten
tious home or mansion.
3. Our prices are tho lowest at
which furniture of standnrd quality,
andbenring the stamp of style and
merit in its appearance, can be manu
factured and sold.
All the Iat?t designs and finishes
In oach and every line. Including
the fashionable light woods and
efforts for summer furnishing.
R. J. Horner & Co.,
Furniture Makers nnd Importers,
61 -65 W. 23d St., New York
A tMolnlns; Kden UTiinee.l
A iMt to the entahliahmmt of R. J. Hernar 4
Co.. bring you in touch with nvorythlne that In
new anil worth nrtlng In the Furniture world.
Xeuapaper Comment.
Riches in Your Grasp,
That's what joii hrin; by joining the Poo.
pleV Coimnei .-uscclation. It brings to jour
floor agencies businwi opportunities and load
of mail, A "OoJ ;nd" to agents Send a flu
ctnt piece for partieul.ii.-i.
Auburn, X. l'.
J y
& i
N. Y.
Capital $200,000.
Surplus $500,000.
United States Depositary.
Business, personal and sav
ings accounts invited.
3 per cent, interest paid on
savings accounts.
Open Saturday evenings
from S to 9 o'clock.
Wm. Connei.i., President.
HhNRV Hhi.iN, Jr., Vice Pres.
Wm. H. Peck, Cashier.
California Oil.
IVe liaic a fuel ela proposition In which e
are ollcrlm? charter iiieinlier stock at 11V. )Lr
share. 'Ihe company owns VISn acies fitu.itcil
in the er,y center of the creat California oil
belt, and h.ia options mi additional ground. Wo
me offcrintr Iic.imii.v stock to raiie money to put
down wells as quickly as pot-iihlo. The stock
U iKin,.a!.rui.i1itr and rairics no lia
bility. We furnish the uiy highest
IViite for particulars.
Denver. Colorado.
? l, " " ,t " t
g t it h n n .
Hayes & Varley.3
42 1- 12ft Spruce St., Between
Ladies' Shirt Waists
We are making an excellent display of white and
colored Shirt Waists, styles and makes that are con
fined to us. The White Lawns are made with small
box plaits, and rows or clusters of tucks, new Bishop
sleeves, collars detachable. Our special price, 75c,
$1.00 and $1.25, up to $5.00.
Colored Shirt Waists
Made of Chambray, Mercerized Ginghams, or
Madras, in plain or stripes, with sailor collar or shield
of white pique, Bishop sleeves, etc, 50c, 75c, $1.00.
The more elaborate ones as high as $5.00.
Colored Dress Goods
We are showing an extra special line of the new
Spring shades in Venetian, Vigoreaux, Satin Cloth, etc.
special price, $1.00.
-. -tf -r w
Wc arc now prepared to show you an entire NEW stock ofM
! Carpets I
Wall Papers
t Evcrv item is this season's goods, and wc arc prepared to serve
you promptly and at
T j
Temporary Store,
126 Washington Avenue-
run rujAftURK and ritonr.
The moil beautiful and affectionate nf all do
mestic aiiimaR: I lie finest of meat for the
table; cleanly ill lublls; cjost but little lo
keep; lc.niire small amount of attention and
spwc to Ihe in; nnd are TIIK MOST WON
WOULD. We can tell jou lion- to cam f-'iOO
AYEAUtronianiiuottneniof 2'.. Ifjouluve
a wnall luck jard, a shed, liarn, or an empty
attic, and will dciotc one hour nichl and
manihu; we can start jou in an EASY. KAS
The finest home eniplojiueiit for boj-s or
women. We .'hip health. fine pedigreed
Mock hr pic"a to art- point and guarantee
safe delivery. frnd (or particulars. BOSTON
niil.fJtAN HARK CO.. IS Hanover Sticut,
llihtou, Mas'.
' " ' " 1 t
mm . n n n n
Washington and Wyoming
1' tTT W TT T"TT T Tt
s - -- V. w m T-
and Draperies I
our well-known low prices.
Manufacturers or
43B to 455
K. Ninth Stroat,
Telephone Call, 2333.
Cor. Silrntli Ft. and Irvins 1'lace,
Ameilcan Plan, !.".iil l'er Day and Upwaid?. Plan, fil.00 Per Djy and L'pward-t. '
Special I'atM to Timlllcs. J
t. Tiiumi'tiUJN, nop.
27th Street, Broadway and 5th Ave., New York
European &mgmj&S Absolutely
Fireproof I
(a the centre of the Hoppla inl theatre dUtrlct
A lotlem riiucUvi Hotel. Complete In all Ita sprelntv
inrnl). I urnlstiliis and dccorttlont nawthroucliouu Actcii
Inn.l4tlr.uv fr 500 ?u.-.tftl 10 ulte vrlth tlri(. Hot an I
lc.14 wain atut ulcThune In everjr room, CkUlno un.icelktl,J
For Business Men
in tho heart ot tut wholesale
For Shoppers
s minutes' vuk to Wanamalcers;
S minutes to Slearel Cooper's Ble
Store. Unsy of access to the irc4C
Cry Goods mores.
For sightseers
One block from B'way Cars. glv.
ins easy transportatlou to all
points of interest.
Only ono Block from Broadway.
ROOmS, $1 Up. PesTAnN.i'.e
Every Woman:
n bom ibe uon4ciinl
Ai'ViL nnirnnn spray
lhein;iTlMlb;rl. JnjU; na.i Stirltmi. llit SAl
'or II,
II hniMlinoi Sllbl'ly tbo
.11.1111 L'l.. aen l.ttu.
otlier. hut tend fttu m i fur 11
ilftMau..! luwik ft,ltd.U ClVM
TaluaUctoUdlei, il "lIlVKI.fO..
llgpiu 669, Timed VJ'., Sew "lOik.
7 . 7k.v t: I
-6 .,s.-lr wv.tT
-nar.i" '. -''4.w.m
Itkiuui druifttt ror It. VVa&nCiy-"
X My '"wrm. jr
"T ' w ".iZTH
v ftms
.' 'mwy