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u .
That Is the Statement Made by
Business Agent Luta, Who Takes
Issue with Mr. Laudlg Central
Labor Union Is to Make an Effott
to Bring the Silk Strike to an End.
Present Status of the Anthiactte
Coal Trade The Boaid for Today.
Other Offices Moved.
Although Secretary H. K Vanillic, uf
thr BulldctA' Exchange, Satuiduy gave
cult a statement to the effeot that the
loiiR-sluiidliitr clinicultles between the
nxrhtuiKP and Journeymen cuipcntprs
liad bfeii tulJu.Mted. and accompanied
tliin with Hip impels of Heltlenicnt,
lgned hy "the .Journeymen Ciitpen
tfia' CoiiK-ienco committee," Jltialms
AroiiL P. H. Uilz, of the Hti Iking car
vcntcrH. yesterday nnplutically stated
to a Tribune man that the HlilUe It
nut settled.
Ho dcclnied that the npieemcnt pub
HMied by Landlp was made a Itli nu'in
lii of what was formally known as
the "Good .Mechanic"-' club." ronnhtlns;
entirely of ox-mumbeiH uf Hip faipen
tniH1 union wlm returned to wnik. The
(.cale decided upon, he stated, wa ob
no.sloua to t lie cuipcutois at large, oh
it piovldrs for a nine-hour day, with
dally waRi-x utiiBliiK fiom .'.-'" up.
The union hah dnmumied an piphl-houi
ihtv, w 1 1 li a minimum mtr- of thlity
cpiiIr an hour. .Mr. I.ulz, continuing,
"While lmvp touched no fiKiee
inciit with the HuildpiK' pxchaiiffc. '
liavc Hlftned cuntructs with nimieripin
individual builders durhiR the pal
week, limiting teiniH with no Ipmx limn
II -p laigp contraclots and bulldeiH,
winch makes a total or nboul thlrl.N
live individual spulcuiciif-. We Imvp
ipcelved Rimianleei nr an eight-hour
day .mil our other dein.iniN have aKo
Ijrcii alnioit enlliely aranled. We have
frllKhtly niodlllcd our oiiRlnul jsi'ov
nnce.s and by meeting- thp hulldeis
lialf-wny, Ruined our point."
Anthracite Coal Tiade.
The niiBlne?ililB and
k.i.vh this about the antluacllp ujal
Willi feir- if li 4ti Ac ill-pollMl jihI "
ulhrr noi nr distant. Hip .intlnuiitp ("M tiule
i!ios a iiiluul decline In liming, llmngli 1iii-i-r,(
it icpoitnl to lm liill.i up in Itio cim?P
lot tin-, 'oi-oii ot tho jcn. 'I Mile "III linl'imc
with tlic upeiiins r,f like n.ii;.itln. Supplier
on I he iloUs .it I he IipiiI of Uki Nipinm Imp
i.iiiiIiciI: novor in ici'nt cn linn Hi" JocV.
licrn swept "ii ti in. 'Ilio in1 on tin- I
lliid. liuurwi, .iml liiMKition i? not cspcotnl
in open licfoie .May I l ( hii.ico tr.nle ti.i
1k n quiet. .Ml i.ul icil mnitcli iv to he
to Mipply .ill neeil". Alonj; the lower Mkis buy
ing Icll oil Willi the DiW" of no strike tins
h.iin. -nliond poinu. li fJii. lift ill
tui.iiiir li.ti bcin "linniljteil In iuw, winily
w C.I till I.
Illire b.i" b-en im h Ih.iii the ii-nil amount
.t W.ill -nut till, .ib'iiit anthr.nite loid- tins
seel.. It his hin .is-tileil Hut the I chmli Vol
. ,is In le irlilnl lo the lte.nbn? .mil tint the
X.iiniirhllls weir to I i,e over l)el.iw.ire .mil
'on Iieubt)i-s Mr. J. I'. Moiin bis not be.n
:i pise to .tii talk lint would kicp up n bull
ii.rkcl. ha ii a miller of tut, Mr. MorJn
lis hid i lu,i' inteir-t in!i;li Xolley t"o
i.a-, and tluie i-. notbins to Mion- that lie ir
tind to til. lie the piopeilj Willi Itoadin;,'. Tne
Vonk.-lulli hold -nine Heliw.iie anil llinliui
Un ami the loid li n eoiiiui tions with the Nw
ik Itiitiul, but Iheie h nothlnir to Miow
X.nnkibilt Inleie-N in the ioul .lie .m lnsi'i
Hi in lliev line luen. (in a hull nuiktt abnoU
mi kind of bull talk "tem. In ko.
I In. mills bi" anuouiiie.! then "prin;: piuos
1 1 jo auuoum (Hunt ii a now I ine in thai it ioi.
I mus (lie winter "tbeilnle, but ulieis a ilieo,iiil
ii ju (iniN pei ton toi all coil bought in April,
in (int-. for tli it bouulit in .May, .'0 (ents loi
J. in, -."i i nils loi ,li'l- and 10 fents foi unu-t,
Willi tin' lull wniiei -tliedule .iRain on epl. 1,
'llii-. -ilii 'no if a Miyli plice with ." m id
id ilifotu ts hi-, nun been tiinl befoie, at aiti
rot ('ii ju-i llic pn int plur. II srciiis euiinent'j
I Ir nnd bone"t. In the nun who huj, in Apiil
i Miv lii'. a fiil'-t.iulijl di.(oiirit ofleied him.
and the picmit 1 1. . nnlrol oi tie .u ions iniiN
i" assurance lint .luh pun'" will not be lowei
I on piil pi lie-, as In- Ion often been the ci-e.
( iii-ii. ners in iv not like lull ,;i' of the
dl-iouuts thi .Mil, waitilin' to Me how pneis
will be iiiiiutalui'il. If upheld, huweici. the new
pi in "liouhl d imiib In iM-iiibute bill Ins oiei
Ike Jen incur eienlj linn liw been the ia-e, thii'
in-tiiiue "leadiir l.u-ii f .,i tlic loinpinie- and
inoie uulai iiiiploiuuni til Ihe mi n in Hie
I iime.
ilin- to thr fill in ii, in Hid inii.l oi Hie (id
in lies aie now woikinir -.1 time
'lie piil pilces loi iicr-b'iiiiiii;. nliilt -,.i iod
I o li iw ..ik Harbor pull me: I'.iok. n,
.' ,'Oi iK TJ.T'i; stun and mil, l
Today's D., L. & W. Board.
The make-up ot today's D,, L. and
V. boat (I Is as follows:
M l., M'ISIt 7
wild iat Hi-t-s p. in., r iiiiiet.
MUMMY, Al'llll. .
wiM r.iu r.i't l.'.ai .1. ., r, u iiogenj s
in., K. M. Ilallit; Id a, in., I). Cue; t p. 1 1 ,
. (aitnui l.'u p. in,, 1 1. Wallace; .1 p, m., W,
fi. Wmf, i; I, p. i I.,
Mininiits, i:tr. -in ,i in., we-t, ll. rinisnfcll.ri .
o p. in., (ait, .1, llenuliMii; 7 p. m , west from
Ijuiim, lime inline", Jkl.iue.
I'ullii-r, i:. srioi.
IMMlirii S a. in., Ilnii-.i: 11) i. in., S, '.
ncriy; II oil a. in, Moian; 7 p. m., ilmpli.i; y
p. in., I.aiupiiiy; 10 p. in., Wpluei.
PaKsoiiu'i r I iiKiliio " j. in, (lulneyj 7 .i, in.,
Sillier! : .f,...ll li Ml.. Slinlo... 7 ,. ... tir...A...
- . , ".. . i ., '.,,, v, ,
Wild L'alu H'i.t-0 , in., T. J. 'lhoniiniin; II
. in., J, II, Masteu; 1 W. W. Uillair;
S p. in., P. Walli a p. in., .I. II, Jlcfann; 4 p.
m llatfunn; d p. in., Mills with Jf, Cituiodj's
loiiduitoi W. W, W'.ufel jnd new, Loiitluclou
T. ntypatiitk. II, lllstiln,', If. J, Ijtkin, A. I",
Mullln and llukoncn .lo-cph ,1, Cullcn, June-)
ll(ile., tieorce IUi;i;crly Jnd Jolin C.'jlluglipr
will t nl supi'iiiileiiJciils office 0 a. in,,
Monthy, April S.
Ilrakeiuiii P. Coicoian rrpoits for duty with
Rrukrnun George Colfiiuii repoitj for ilillv
with T. .McCatllij.
Department Transfewecl.
Those connected with the mechanical
engineering department .of tho Penn
ylvanla Coal company received notice
Saturday that their services could be
dispensed with in tho future, their
work being tranbfciictl to Xow "Voik
Those afCected by the change are
Chief Engineer William Forsyth, C. .S,
Farrar and Ernest Close.
Attempt to mediate.
At a meeting of tho Central Labor
anion held yesterday afternoon In
Economy hall, a number of represen
tatives of the striking bilk mill ghls
wero present and pleaded their cause
In Mich effective terms that tho union
decided to attempt to secure a con
feienco with Superintendent AV. H.
Davis, of the Sauiiuoit mill, with u
view to settling the .strike.
Superintendent D.iyis was selected as
being the representative of tho larg
est and most lepresentatlvo mill, and
President Jones appointed tho tollov.'r
ing committee to wait upon him:
(icoige 11. Clothier, sccictary of the
union, John 11. Devlne, of the Clerki
O. S. MHz, of the Carpenters! Hum
phrey Campbell, ot thp Machinist,
and V, A. Stanton. This committee
will first confer with the strikers' ex
ecutive committee and discuss the sit
uation with them.
There weie no other new develop
ments In the strike either rialuidoy or
New Baggage Check System.
During: the past week a now bueffaRe
check H.Vftem was Installed at all
points on the Lackawanna railroad,
dolus; away with the use ot nil checks
wllh brass duplicates. In place ot Ihe
latter numbered caul checks aic now"
employed, Those pan only be twed but
once, as after thcbtiBKUge Is dellveied
thp checks ai o cancelled.
This system has been adopted by the
Kcnnral passenger association ot tall
roads, and is already In general lice on
nearly all of the leading railroads In
tho United States. It is a vast im
provement on the old system, and pie
ctutlcs the possibility ot any biigftuKc
.being claimed by others than the legiti
mate holders of duplicate cheek.
This and That.
The Sdanloii, or Xo. I, dlstilct of
the United Mine AVorkeis, being twice
as lame as cither one of the other
dlslileu in Ihe anthracite Hold, a
movement has been slatted for Its
illusion and the formation ot a new
district, which would make four In the
ha id coal lpglou.
A well attended meellng of the Cen
lial Labor union was held jesterday
afternoon at Economy hall, and an
amount, of Important Iiip-Iiipss tran
sacted. Action was taken ltgaidlng
thp hIIIc strike situation, as told In
another column, and vat Ions other
questions c.iiiic up for discussion. A
communication received fiom AV. K.
(tllhool. was lPforred to the "Wagon
"Woikprs. It contained tho statement
that .Mr. Ilhotil was willing to union
ize his shops, and received favoiable
comment fiom the labor union as a
This moinlng will mark the opening
of the riuartPily convention of District
Xo. J, TnitPil Mine "Workers of Ameri
ca, at Olypbanl. Fully Hire? hundieil
ilelenatps are expected to attend, and
business of vital Impoitance v 111 be
transacted. The .session will bo called
lo otdcr in Father Mathev ball at 10
o'clock by President T. D. Xicholls, ot
Xantlcoke. Much interest Is rife as
to what disposition the convention will
make of the matter of dividing tho
dlstilct. which lias been much dis
cussed. The general opinion Is that a
division will take place.
Spring Brook Wftter Company Gets
Distributing Facilities of Penn
sylvania Coal Company.
"Within a few days a deal will b-i
consummated by which the Spiing
Biook "Water Supply company will
purchase (be water system at Plttston
formerly owned by Hip Pennsylvania
Coal company, but now the ptoperty
of the Kne Uailroad company.
The system Is not a largo one, and
was used entirely for furnishing with
water the company's collleiie'!. and also
a few of the dwelling house's of its
Negotiations have been under way
for some time, they recently being con
ducted between General Jlanager W.
A. May, of tho TJiie. and Hon. L. A.
Wanes, of tho waler company. The
Hpring Brook lesprvolrs have supplied
the eollleiips with water since last sum
mer's drought, the drought which
caused the water lamirte in Dunmoio
boiough and resulted In the Dunmore
Gas and "Water company being event
ually absorbed by the Scranton com
pany. The old Pennsylvania Coal company
built a vety complete water system at
Plttston. but their icservoiis wpip un
ablp to stand last summers thought
and thp Spiing Biook company has
controlled the system ever since. The
den! is alieady practically closed. The
consideration is not known, but one
oi the inteiested pailies yesteiday 10
marked lhat the ptice was so small
as to He uuwoithy repetition. In con
nection with the matter the samo per
son gave out tho following statement:
It is runioud that the Spiinu Drool; Water
Nippl) coiiipiny bis pnicbasoil the I'enn-jU.inia
toil compiny water hjnteni .it l'ittton. Tlic
w.uer Jtrni of the toal cotnpauv ufeircd to
i nmpri-r but a few inllcrf of pipe and lu
been ueil ecluiM'ly for their own colllerli",
willi the exieptiuii that II alio suppliul a few
of their ieiionicnlsi occupied hy their rmplo)e.
'I In- I'ciinijhania Coil company weio ihoit
of w.ilcr ilnrlnsf the late m-mtb diought, and
the S-priiiAT Urook Water Supply company, willi
t lirne new n-Mnoir on bprlng Hrnuk, lioldliiB
iboiit two billion ('J.OOO.WW.noO) gilloni will be
.ihlc lliroiich tills purch.i-e to heuue to the
I'eiitKihanh Coil compiny an abundiiit Mipply
of w.itei.
Aie Acknowledged by Dliectois of
Florence Mission.
The diiectors of Florence Slls-slon
Krntcfully acknowledge tho following
donations In March: si nice. Pi Anna ( iJlk. Dr. tl. 1!.
Dliii; dental herUce. 1)1. I'li'deild: meat from
Mr. Iiifhl. Miw. Marberi?cr, Cmr, W'oimser,
south fl(ie flore. AjIpsuocUi; take from Young
I, idles" C'lirUtian band of the Feconil 1'ieshy.
tcilau church; cakes from Women's cchinso;
medicines, I), J. Thomas annual icports, KKIW,
ijIIkoii llrotlieu; fumlisatiiit; aflcr i-rar-lalln.1,
Siranlon PrihllnR coinpan.i ; bicad
and cakr, .'eliller and Lindner; lumber, Seian
ton Wood Woililns companj: cuilaiin. Miss Sin.
dfioon; whole plore nnhleatlied Rhectlnc, 1', II.
1'inleyi tlothins, Mrs. Pr. llunui wiapptr aivl
cash, 60 cents, Mrs. Uencdict; literature, Mli
Puck; cah, $1.50, Mli I'.iam: mill: dally, Pcian.
Ion Dairy company; inillc dally ami Ice ercain
once a montli, Lackawanna Palry companj.
An Kaster offering Is earnestly hollc-
Cheap Rates to California.
Parties desiring to make tiip to Call
fomla, Arizona or New Mexico, either
for business or ploasutc, can do so now
at almost half price.
Every Tuebday, until April lioth, in
elusive, tickets inaiked "Colonist" may
b? pm chased via Southern Railway for
$44,00 from Washineton, ?16 50 fiom
Philadelphia, and coneapondlngly low
prices from other points.
Tho Southern Railway and Southern
Pacific company operate thiough ex
cursion sleepers fiom Washineton,
leaving Mondays, Tuesdays and Fil
days, the Tuesday sleeper being avail
able for "Colonist" tickets. Tho beith
rate In these sleepers Is only $7.00, two
nconle being allowed to occupy one
berth If desired. Personal conduclom
and Pullman porters go thiough with
each sleeper, Theio are other new,
convenient and economical fea tines
connected Willi these excursions which
may be ascertained from Charles L.
Hopkins, District Passenger Agent,
Southern Hallway, S2S Chestnut street,
0. R. Faitrldgc Succeeded H. E.
Talne In the Regular Body from
tho Ninth Wntd W. F. Jones'
Work as mi Advertising: Man and
Window Diesser Lieutenant J?. A.
Murphy Has Been. Tiansf erred
from This City The Delinquent
Tax Collector.
The common council now iiiiinbeis
among its members two lawycis. The
llrst to take his seat was II. S. Ahvorth,
of the Second ward, and when council
rc-ornnnlzed last Monday the second,
Attorney O. U. Paitildge, was sworn
In as tho regular common cdunollinan
from tho N'lnth ward. Mr. Partridge
has practiced law in tho courts of
hackawamiR county for a number of
years with honor to himself, and Is
associated with .Senator .1. C. Vnitghan.
llo was nominated by tlic TtepubllcatiH
ot the waul at the same tlmo that IT.
K. Paine- was chosen as a. candidate.
At the prlniailes Mr. Paine had a con
siderable lead over Sir. Partridge and
so confident, was he that he would poll
more votes than the latter that he
placed himself In the hands ot ills
f i lends and made no active canvass.
AVIth Mr. Partridge it 'was different,
lip made a -vigorous and aggressive
fight and Mr. Palno was the most sur
prised man In tho city when after
election he discovered that his oppon
ent had polled two more votes than
he and was therefore the regular com
mon councilman, lenving him with a
law suit ahead ot him before he hada
chance of taking a scat. Mr. Part
ildge, by reason ot his legal tiaining
and sound practical common sense, will
undoubtedly make n splendid coun
cilman as soon as he "gets on to the
The up-to-dute and progressive mer
chant of today recognizes good news
paper advei Using and artistic window
di easing as two of the most Important
factois In carrying on a successful
business. The firm of Samter Broth
ers wore among the first In this city
to establish a department In
their Immense store- lor this work,
placing it under the charge ot "W. F.
Jones, who Is undoubtedly one of the
best men In the business. We do not
hesitate to say that both the window
and newspaper advertising done by
Mr. Jones for the Samter stores will
stand eompaiison with the work done
in the same departments of the lead
ing stores of the United States.
Mr. Jones has had a most Intel eat
ing career in advertising anil window
decorating for the retail clothing trade
in some nf tho laigcst stores in the
country. Ho was born In London. Eng
land, Nov. IS, JSC9, and is, a tailor by
trade, having served his apprenticeship
with the well known firm of Samuel
Brothers, of London. Tie came to New
York to accept a position with Mac
Stadler & Company, Broadway, and
since that time has had chaige of the
publicity departments of such promi
nent houses as .T. M. Guskey's, Pitts
burg, Pa., the Sterling Clothing com
pany, of Chicago, and J. Tj. Hudson, of
Cleveland, Detroit and Buffalo. Mr.
Jones is also a vocalist of much ability
and is a member ot the Penn Avenue
Baptist chinch choir.
Lieutenant P. A. Murphy, ot the Sev
enth cavalry, w ho succeeded Lieuten
ant Rollins in charge of the local re
cruiting station of the United States
army, has received transfer orders,
and the many friends ho gained duriils
his short stay here aie giieved by te
knowledge that he is soon to leave for
other fields. Lieutenant Mutphy, like
his predecessor, is a "West Point man,
and graduated fiom the great military
college with the class of '97. He stood
well in his class, and Ins ability as a
btudent or affairs military is evidenced
by the fact that after serving out West
for' a short term, after leaving the
academy, he was called back to take
charge of a class, as assistant In
Mtuctor. "While at West Point he also took a
lively Intoiest in lnter-colleglato- ath
letics, and was particularly fond of
base ball. Kveiy man at tho academy
is naturally fitted for athletics, as to
pass the l Igorous entrance examina
tions a man must bo well-nigh physic
ally perfect, and it is therefore no
.sinecuie for any ambitious embryo
Miles or Fltzhugh Lee to make the
representative teams, Lieutenant Mur
phy, however, succeeded, and now
bears the piouil distinction of having
played shoitstop on West Point's nine,
No stronger argument again t tho
glaring accounts of caddlshuess and
uiiinaullness pievalllng at West Point
can bo found than In tho peisous of
the stuluait icpief-entatlves of the
greatest military institution of its kind
in the woild who come to this city.
Oenige AV. Jenkins, tho recently ap
pointed collector of delinquent taxes,
has been a resident of "West Scranton
for many yoais, and has always taken
uu active interest in the political af
fairs of the national, slato and city
government. Ho is a close personal
friend of Recorder Molr, and It has
been said that no appointment.1) ot
West Side applicants have ever been
made by the ex-mayor without the ap
proval of Mr. Jenkins.
At tho present time ho Is the chair
man of the First Legislative district
committee, and was an Important fac
tor In the election of T. Jefferson Rey
nolds to a seat In the state legislature.
He Is a druggist by profession, and Is
a resident of the Firth ward.
4 V
llezaleel Davies, the new police mag
istrate fop West Scranton, Is a icsident
of tho Fifth ward, wheie he has re
Hided for many years. Prior to his
election asj, an alderman lie conducted
a grocery stoie on South Main avenuo
for fourteen years. He has. been active
in ward pontics., but has never been
beyond that spheres
He practically owes his appointment
to his son, Walter Davies, who was one
of tho secretaries of the county com
mittee for a time, and Is really better
known In politics than his father,
Maglstrato Davies has his office on the
becond floor at 10S South Main avenue,
which is a shoit distance fiom the
pollco station.
The Dickson Mnuiiracturlug Co.
tcranton and WUUovlt.irra. I'.,
Manufacturer of
Boiler, tlolitlnsaud Pumping Machinery,
general Office, Be ran ton. Pa,
Is Worth
A bushel you can't buy
it for 38c. Neither can
you buy a pair of shoes
worth ?.oo, for $1.98
or $2.f)8, A great many
stores endeavor to make
you believe you can, but
you can't, Many shoe
buyers know by sad ex
perience that it can't be
done. We have shoes
for .00 and they are
worth $5.00 and we sell
them for $5.00. They
are fine shoes. They are
the best shoes made.
We have only one fault
to find with our $2,50
and 3,00 shoes they
often spoil a sale on our
$5.00 shoes they are
so swell.
This Week
We are showing the best
line of Union-Hade
(Union Stamp) Shoes
in the world at $2.00,
$2.50, $3.00 and $3.50
Step in and see them.
Look in our windows for
good shoes (up-to-date.)
Lewis, Ruddy,
Davies & Murphy
330 Lackawanna Ave.
New Headgear,
Gloves, Neckwear
Are as essential to your
Easter outfit as your new
Spring Suit.
Our Neckwear Stock is
up to its usual standard.
Hundreds of beautiful pat
terns in all the popular shapes
are here.
The You-ng's $3.00 Haf
Is equal to the best.
We sell them.
See the New
412 Spruce Street.
Places in Virginia
Can be comfortably and easily
reached by the
Steamers (til diiljr except Sunday (ram Tier S3,
Korlb niter, foot of Ueich street, Xew York, for
Old Point Contforl
Richmond, Ua.
and Washington, D. C,
Connectlnc for All Points South and West.
Through Tickets returning from Washington
by rail or water,
for full intonsatlon apply to
81-85 Beech St., New York.
II B.WALKEn,Traf.Mgr. J.J.BROWN.a.P.A.
At the Top Today
You may couut that day lost that fails to ,liow some new merchandise interest U
public attention at this store. Handkerchiefs lead today. Some advertisers might
want to inform you as to the uses and purposes of Handkerchiefs but then many
advertisements are stupid. Our aim is to tell you something of the value, quali
ties and prices of the Handkerchie offered in this sale.
25,000 Handkerchiefs
Lot 1
in 4, 4 and 1 inch hems, and are unquestionably the best bargain in All Linen
Handkerchiefs ever offered the people of Scranton. 9c each or $1.00 per dozen.
f yf- y 350 dozen Ladies' Hemstitched Embroidered Lawn Handkerchiefs our
-"l' """"usual i2jc, ic and 20c numbers choose among the lot at 9c each or
$1.00 a dozen. ,Some of them are slightly soiled they were the top, open, boxes
for display, at the importers where we bought them, thus they were bought cheap
the little they are soiled does not harm them in the least and there is a great saving
in the price.
I yf. -3 joo dozen Men's All Linen Hemstitched Handkerchiets, in
LUl O inch hems, at 12c each or $1.40 per dozen.
I .4- A ;oo dozen Men's tt.11 .uiuen nemscucneu nanaKercmeis m y, v3
LyJV T inch hems, of a
price, 15c each or $1.75
Capital $200,000. Surplus $500,000.
United States Depositary.
Business, personal and sav
ings accounts invited.
3 per cent, interest paid on
savings accounts.
Open Saturday evenings
from 8 to 9 o'clock.
W.m. Connm.1, President
Henry, Jr., Vice Pres.
Wm. H. Phck, Cashier.
Central Agent for th: Wyoming
District for
Ulnlnr, Ellaatlntr, Sporting, Smokeless and tli
Rcpauno Chemical Company's
High Explosives.
Safety ruse, Cans and Eaplodcra. lioom 401 Con
ceit Building, Scranton.
TI103. lOni) rittstnn
JOHN B. SltlTll & SON riymoutti
W. II. MULLIGAN Wilkes Barro
Strong Nerves
are the true source of good, healthy
Persons with half.starved nerves at.
ways loolc worried and, "ilragged-out,"
Vou cannot be happy without nerve
vigor; you cannot he natural without
all the powers which nature meant you
to have.
produce a healthful glow which art
cauuot imitate, They invigoraleevery
organ, put new force to the nerves,
elasticity to the btep and round out the
face aud form to Hues of health and
$1 00 per box, 6 bes (with written
Siaruntee), $-'X. Hook free. 1'KAl.
EDlWNb Co , Clevelaud, Ohio.
ror laic ry uunii m "vni n-iv -.-
Wjomlntf aumic and Spruce street.
- i. i -- t.i. it nl.ali.a 1ll.Atmiitct rnrnir
SS TProf.Q.F.THEEL,527K,:l
id thIUiUlpbU, I'. Oil fceraia bprW.IM lot
J fJJ Awrrlc. fiurlttmall7 wiJU'rlutfj
5fc Drblllljr,! ot JUoboixM wlfcrU .fchfrlf turriiof
9HBlUae).ldeiltfiBal & tttrnnkra Ors.f
r f are4 4 t 10 (Ujt. U Jtkn pr llnl 6 l'"r
tl f iprrlrsr Is Urn My. H4 tor bk "Trulk"i'l
r 91 m B4If14 lirlfI rrU. illn lb I pptr.I
.. i - -4
Plain Linen
to Scranton.
800 dozen Ladies' All Linen Hemstitched Handkerchiefs of a fine, smooth
quality, usually sold at 15c each, at 9c each or $1.00 per dozen. These
. .1 T TT i?i1.J TT
special fine "quality, regularly sold at 25c each. Sale
per dozen.
We arc now prepared to show you an entire NEW stock of
l Carpets, I
5 Wall Papers and Draperies I
Every item is this season's good. -
you promptly and at our
Temporary Store,
126 Washington Avenue-
mis m
Manufacturer ir
485 to 485
N. Ninth Street,
Telephono Call, 2333.
Dlt. DENHTK.V, .111 Spnue ktnet, S-rauton,
la. Alt Aiute and Ctiroulu Ditfasra ol M?n,
tVuiarn and Thlldren. ()n3nllatioa and oi
linlnatlon fret. Olilc. Ucxit. liily and Sunday
I a. w. to V p. in.
SV( '" 4-4 -
the largest purchase of
Handkerchiefs ever brought
, i and 1
J1 1 '- I '
a and r
127 AND 129
, and we arc prepared to serve
well-known low prices.
Said the bait to the fish.
Or next thing you knotv
you'll garnish a dish.
I came from the store of
Florey & Brooks,
And I'm dangerous.
211 Washington Ave.
Boons 1 and2, Com'KM B'r'
lining and Blasting
Ma at Mooalo and UuaadaU Worki,
leetrla Uattarlea, KleatrleKzploiItri,
plodluz blit)ti, Safety Put an
! Ropauno Ghanlcal Co.'s w"Tm
t lnii Fly