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Music Was a Strong Ecntme of the
Exercises Meeting of Boys Em
ployed About the Mines Cnlled for
This Evening Fourth Anuiver
stuy of Moses Taylor Sister Lodge.
Meeting of tho West Side Board of
Trade Will Be Held Tomonow
Night Peisonnl Notes.
The usual liasler advices vote held
In nil of the West Scianton churches
yesterday, and while the weather wis
Jimrc like the middle or February than
- ni'll huge a.sscnibluBO.s turned out
both morning and evening to praise the
iNen King and sing hongs to the Gieat
The members of the Young Women's
Christian association held their iiahter
services in the 100111s Saturday even
ing, under tin- direction of Miss Ijisssdu
I i Ice. Special music wan rendered by
Mr, ntirdlek. MKses Louise Flynn and
Jlminu Frank. Math's eommunon. ser
vice was rendered at St. David's Kpls
topHl chuich at 10.:!0 a. in., and the
min-lcal programme was .selected from
i he host composers. A special offering
wa taken tt) during the lay, which
will 'he devoted to cm rout expenses.
Children's vespers weie suns at ;! p. 111.
and evening at 7.K0 o'clock.
A. sunrise prayer service was (he lit si
assembly of the ln al the Washbutn
Stioet Piesbyteilan church. This was
mllnwed by the usual morning service
at 10.::o o'clock, at which I Jr. Moffat
pieachcd a special l.asler sermon. The
music was especially ananged by TMor.
'. H. Dcrmun, and was up to the usual
standaicl of excellence. -A choral ser
vice was hold in the evening, with or
chestral accompaniment.
Prof. Plumley occupied tho pulpit of
the Sumner Avenue I'rPsbyteilan
(lunch last evening and spoke to a
laigo assemblage. Chorister William
Phillips and Oiganist Miss Kdna D.
Kvans wet e la ehaige of the music at
thn Plymouth Congregational chuich.
The soloists were Mrs. A. B. Kynon,
Miss Agnes Joseph, Miss Ueilrude
Hughci and P.lchaid Phillips. nev.
Boyl pteached at both tho moinlng
and evening seivlre. The exercises a I
the Sherman avenue were of an
interesting natute.
At the Hampton Stieet Methodist
Tpiscopal chuich. Itcv. llenninger
spoke in the morning on "The Kesur-
1 ana colds
The Silk Department
At the Globe Warehouse
Is one of the recognized features of this city, because
it has not a duplicate for huudred miles around. It is
a complete department in every sense of the word, aud
the marvel of every stranger visiting us, i3 that a city
like Scranton can maintain a silk department of such
generous proportions. But vrhen you consider the fact
that we have been building it up aud educating the
people to the fact that we carry everything that any
silk buyer can want, there is no mystery about it. We
have the stock, the outlet for it and as keen a grip on
the market as any house in the trade possesses. Silk
buyers will find this department exceptionally interest
esting just now, as it is bountiful of the season's new
est and best productions.
This Week There Is a Special
Bargain Sale of Fine Silks
Every yard of which is guaranteed, aud as the values
are exceptional, we suggest the advisability of our pat
rons taking advantage of this money saving opportunity.
,-Black Taffeta Silks
i; Full 22 inches wide, firm, solid
jcloth, from the looms of reputable
truakeis. The dye and finish is
perfect and every yard guaranteed
just as though we had charged you
the actual value, in place ot the
Jtowest bargain figures quoted this
ir,75C black Talfeta Silk,
22 inches wide, for
,8"7jc Black Taffeta Silk,
32 inches wide, for
$l,oo Black Taffeta Silk,
22 inches wide, lor
The Sale Is Now
T t
Globe Warehouse
rected Body," nnd the choir rendered
a splendid piogranuuo of F.atcr mtlsle.
Uev. It. C. lllnman olllelated at the
Simpson Methodist Episcopal church
In the absence of Dr. Sweet, who was
detained at home on account of slow
ness. The tegular choir was augmented
by additional voices, and un elaborate
progi attune was rendered.
A number of new members were re
ceived into the St. Mark's Lutheran
chuich at the morning service, and a
programme of lecltntlon and song given
nt both services. The mitslo at St. Pat
rick's Catholic church was up to tiro
usual standard of excellence, and was
rendered at the different nusses lit a
faultless manner, under the direction
of Miss Mary Johnson.
Bnttmnn'M mass in IJ flat was sung
at St. Lucia's Italian Catholic church,
on Chestnut stieot. and Miss Hose AU
gonl sang Millard's Ave Mnrla in F for
an ofi'eitory. Tho Flote orchestra as
sisted In the services. At the First
Uaplit church services an elaboiato
programme; was given, and the even
ing seivlces at the Tabernacle Congre
gational chuich weie given to Faster
Pi of. Lewis DaK the chorister of
the Jackson Street Baptist church, pre
sented an excellent programme, and
the Welsh churches also observed the
day In a tilting manner. The altar
decorations In all the churches were
superb and elicited much itdmliallnn
fiom the chuich attendants.
To Instruct the Boys.
Walter Jones, secretary of Local No.
rtlT. ('lilted Mine Workers of America,
has forwarded a communication to
The Tiibune, announcing that thera
will be a special meeting of the union
In Co-operative hull this evening. Cor
the purpose of instructing the breaker
boys, rtilver boys and door lenders
employed at tho Continental mines "in
the wisdom of complying with (he
i tiles of the organization."
The bleaker bnyi tan away fiom the
colliety on Fiid.iy' last. be.:.uis tl.e
boss would not discharge non-union
help, musing tin- shutting down of
operations al the mines for the day.
Secretary Jones snjs: "Wo aio anx
ious (hat thpy be Informed as to their
duty toward the organization and also
our employers."
Moses Taylor Sister Lodge.
The lorrrth anniversary of the Moses
Taylor Sister lodge -a HI b- celebrated
with an entertainment and social at
Mears' hall Wednesday evening, 'ibe
progiamme "w III Include piano selec
tions by Miss Maiy Beegan, Mlss-s
Cusick and Lavelle: vocal solos by Sid
ney Hughes, AVnlter Ueckelnlck. Miss
Kate Connor, John Washburn, P.
Connois, Mis. II. Logan and James
Ilecitatious -v 111 be c,icn by Miss
T.oietta May. TJei tha Fiancls. Willie
nnd liene Francis. The instrumental
selections will be i endured by 0. H.
Gibbs'and Ralph Ilanison, and Mr.
and .Mrs. Blossom Bud will give a cake
walk. Miss Xellie, Curran will furnish
the dance music.
Events of This Evening.
Regular meeting of the Columbia
Colored Taffeta Silks
32 different shades to select
from, and guaranteed worth at
least 6oc a yard. Special . '
sale price this week 49C
Silk Remnants
Mostly waist lengths, but some
are larger. All kinds of fancy
weaves and colors included in this
lot. These silks are worth 75c,
87 c, $1,00 a yard, etc. .
Choice now 49 C
New Foulard Silks
Beautiful range of new
goods worth 65c a yard, .
lor 49C
in Full Swing
Hose nnd Chemical company nl their
qiinr'tcra on Division street.
Vfrolce Boclnl at the Garfield A Venue
mission of the AVoIgh Baptist clrurclr.
Kntertnlnrnent nrut soolnl nt tire
First "Welsh Corrgrcgtillonnl thru eh,
t-oulli Mtiln nvemtc.
Antltow llllflnlplil nml Knitik Ilniir
et, two tncls tosldlng on Hcnintoir
street, engnged In nn altercation on
Friday lust, nnd the former Mrtick the
latter with n poker, nfter Hirshet hml
painfully sritteeiMil him. tluslnlskl
was in rested for assault and bnttory
nnd held In ball by Alderman Kelly
to await tire result of n.iBlit'l's In
juries. A regular meeting of tho "West Side
board of trnile will be lreld lir the
looms, over the bank, tomorrow even
ing:, commencing nt S o'clock. Chief
unions the mirttfil to be brought up
will be 1 lie annual nomlnntlon of offl
en? The matter ot better street ear
her vice will also receive attention, nnd
other matters of equnl Importnnee.
The Tribune 1b requer.teU to 1111
irouui"! that the atntenicnt published
In this department on Saturdny, to
the effect that the rirent Atlantic and
Pnelllo Tea company Is to take tlf
building tlrat tho Seunlon estate Is
about to nreet, Is not so.
The children ot St. Patrick's or
plmmurp have been hrvlted to a matt
nee contort by TJaiior's band at the
Lyceum next Thursday afternoon.
The T.adles' Arrxlllory committee of
the Simpson Methodist
chinch lecenlly presented Mew and
Mis. .f. Si. Sweet with an easy chair,
and Inter ero entertained at the
homo of Mr. anil Mrs. "William Brun
InK", on North Tlydo Park avenu:.
Born To Mr. arid Mrs. John Wll
llelin, of North Lincoln aveirue, n
daughter. To Mr. and Mrs. John It.
Thomas, of South Lincoln avenue, a
Thomas Skonltt, of North Garfield
avenue, lias been appointed engineer
of the breaker eimino at the Mt. Pleas
ant colliery. The position amis former
ly held by AVllllanr Oi r, who has taken
a position at A"llkes-l"!nrie.
The Sunday closing of the saloons,
nccotdin? to the order Issued by Direc
tor of Public Safety Hitchcock, was
religiously observed throughout West
Scranton yesterday, ns far as could be
learned, and the patrolmen had little
trouble In carrying out the order.
The alarm of lire sounded nt 12.30
o'clock yesterday noon was occasioned
by the overturning of an old stove in
the Carluccl block on Ninth street.
Tho stove was carried into tiro street
before any serious damage resulted.
Mr. KleppiriQor, of Tnuuuiu.i, is vis
iting hi1 daughter, Mis. George Fieh
lir, of North Sumner avenue.
Miss Delia Davis, of North llromley
avenue, has accepted a position with
P. B. Finley.
Mis. Arthur 'Williaiii, of South
Main avnue, is entertaining Miss Mar DaK oC Nantlcoke.
Mis. Abi.iham "Widenor. of North
Garfield avenue, is a victim of pneu
monia. Mis. Fred Davis, of North Sumner
nvmie, is reported to be quite ill at
her home.
Fiank Detrleli, of Tunkhnnnock. is
a suest nt the home of Arthur Krosge,
on North Sumner avenue.
Mrs. P.obert Kldied, of North Hyde
Park aenue. Is recovering fiom an
attack of tonsilltls.
Mis. Helen Kilmer, of South Main
avnue, is ill at her home.
Miss Margaret Moigan, of North
Filmore avenue, has returned home
fiom a two months' visit villi her
sister at State College. Pa.
Mis. M. 1!. Avery, of Avery Station.
"Wyoming county, spent Sunday with
Mis. Kllzabeth Ki loser, of North
Hyde Park avenue.
.lenkln T. and family liae
taken l.oses.sion of tho residence for
rneily occupied by the Jute B. Hushes,
on Washburn stieet.
Mr. and Mr", John B. Fish and baby,
of New Ldndnn, Conn., an- the guests
of Ttev. David .Tones, of South .Lin
coln avenue.
AVllllanr .lone-- and AVilllnui O'Conpell
.sjh nt Sunday In New York.
Mi. .lolin Jones, of South Main ave
nue, mother of Druggi-t David M.
Jones, is 111 at her home.
Tile fair which Is to be held by tho
members of the Church of Peace, will
operr this evening at Hchlmpffs hnll.
which lias been beautltully decorated
tor the occasion. A special musical
programme will be rendered llrls even
ing, aud refre.siunents nnd Ice cieam
vlll be .served every evening.
Henry Armbrust, of itemlngton ave
nue, Is seriously ill.
August .Mo.ser, of New Jeisey, Is vis
iting bis parents, at their home on
Prospect avenue.
The Sciantou Saengeiiunde met In
monthly .session ye.steulay afternoon in
Athletic hall.
Seven members weie Initialed at the
meeting of Columbus council, Young
.Men's institute, yesterday afternoon in
Phurmacy hull.
Camp ISO, Patilotle Order Sous of
Amcrleu, will meet in llaitinun's hall
this nvenlng,
The nienibeis ot" the Piiental base
ball club held a regular mooting yes-li-tdiiy
afternoon at their rooms on
Jlirch street, and elected Itobert AVat
klns as captain. Alter ihe meeting a
smoker was held,
People living along the lino of the
Clreeu ttldge People's, trucks complain
of tho noise of the flat-wheeled ears on
that line. Thoio were three of these
cars in use yesterday and their nolso
disturbed tho comfort of those who
were forced to listen to It.
The sacrament of baptism was ad
ministered to ono candluto at tho
Green Itldge Baptist chut eh last even
lug by the pastor, rtev. V, a. Ford.
.Miss Sarah Fordlruni, of Capousa
avenue, spent l.'astor lit Huston and
rlll go fiom there to New York today
and spend the week In New Yoik and
Miss Jennie Okoll, of .Madison ave.
line, la spending her ICnster vacation
In Philadelphia.
Miss Amanda Carr, of Dickson ave
nue, Is contlned to her home by a so
voro atluck of grip,
Mr. and Mrs. It. M, Scranton, of
North Paik, are at Atlantic City.
well as the luiujjoinot, and otlicu
no iiolicd to call on an.r iliusiiUt anil pec
dru a trial Initio cl Kemp's llaljjiii for the
'IliiuJt ami Liiufc's, a ivincJy that U cuiuntrcij
to iuio and ulictc all Clnuiilc ami Acute Coughs,
Akthmi, DioiKliitil ami Coiuumtition. 1'riie -vf.
and 60i,v
A Repetition of the Sacred Cantata,
"The Great Light," Was Last Night
Given Rev. Mr. Smith Assumes
Pastorate of North Main Avenue
Baptist Church "Because She
Loved Him So" Will Be Presented
Tonight at Audltoilum Other
News Notes nnd Peisonals.
The service at tho Providence Metho
dist F.plscopnl church last evening was
almost wholly ot song under the direc
tion of Prof. J. H. Cousins, the choris
ter, nrrd nn augmented nholr of fifty
voices. A shott addrestr was made
by the pastor, Rev. G. A. Cure, touch
ing on the ISuster Benson.
The feature of the song service was
tho repetition of n laige portion of
the sacted carrtata, "The Great Light,"
which was so acceptably given on lust
Thrusdny evening. The solos were
taken by Mrs. J. U. Cousins, soprano;
.Alls. Susie Bnines-Stoler, contralto;
Jonathan Broadbenl and David AA'at
klns, baritone; Mr. Thomas, basso, and
Joshua John, tenor. Others who were
prominent Irr the numbers wore Prof.
Martin, Mrs. Shook, Mrs. AVoatherby,
Misses Fnddon, Service. Alice AVll
llarns and Harrison. The different
numbers ere sung in splendid man
ner. Concert Tuesday.
The following is the programme to
be given Tuesday evening, April 9, at
tiro North Main Avenue Baptist church
by the Junior pupils of Miss Elizabeth
Owens, assisted by Joshua Johns, the
talented tenor singer of Scranton. It
tII1 In all probability be the last ap
pearance Air. John will make In Scran
ton. as he will leave the end of tho
week for Washington. D. C:
Piano duet, Danodill No. '! Orth
Mioses Nellie Thonus irnl Jlay .lone.
iteloily SlieabboB
Mi-i Iltlirl JJ.uK ll.iilc I'arlf.
"Belli al raentlde" Kropnanti
Aithur Dojit.
"Guaul M.inli" StrcaMiog
Miss Jcs-Ee Wells.
"Buglit Kjm" Ttead
Jli- Until I'ollir, tljile l'.irk.
"Iho Bioolilet" li.wlei
JII- Jtiy Joiim.
"Bi.ic l.ittlc W.irtior" Kiojsimnn
Clinics Itjinr.
"Away to the Woods," Moiley
Miss i;thel Robert", Iljile l'.nl..
"In the Uij" tli'hr
MUi Illt.ibptli I,owK Oljplunt.
A ocal Sole, "the lleaicnly ions"
. llimilton Ciioy
Mr. .lothui'.Iolin.
"In a OunUol.i" Carl Itoii)7.
Mi-s Itliea Simpson, iriaUrly.
Mclotly from ".Miiric l'luto" MoirL
Ati? Alice Kaine.
"l.ittlc Lifclilfoot" Read
r,icino .Janics, IIjilc IMtfc.
"Mcir.v Ilonis" Renter
MNs Uelcn l.hrsoocl.
"Pre. ana ot A out 1 1 Sartoiio
311- Kdlth Lewis.
(a) "-pihu" clmlz
(b) "llappv I'CHfiant" Selmmin
MNs neitrude Ilcihcrinston.
"Hand in Hand" Orth
Misi Canio Jtorpian, Olyphant.
"Keho A'nUc" Sticabbog
3Iis Glidj5 Ketcluun, H j tie Par.
"Doll's Dream" Ocslin
3IKi .Minnie Ketcluun, lljilc Pari..
Voi-il f-olo, "llnnc" llolnu
Jlr. John.
"Kilflwctv." A'andcibeck
Mi-5 Nellie Keatherby.
"Boat Song" Millinud
3IK Mite Hlllcr.
"J"aii. Piiicc." Rathbinn
AU, Nellie Tlionu
Cal "ftlad to Sic A'ou" Kjrts
(b) "liood Niirht Lone" Spauow
31m llciiiice Leonard.
"( aiol nt the ShcphculesV Legion
Aichie Ate, Hjdc l'.uk.
New' Pastor in Charge.
liev. Air. Smith, formerly of Ber
v, iek, Aho was recently called to the
pastorate of the North Alain Avenue
Baptist church, occupied that pulpit
yesterday morning and evening.
At both services he spoke on
thoughts suggested by "The Itesui lec
tion." and huge audiences were pies
ent to hear him. The choir rendered
s-peeUil music. Rev. Air. Smith and
family are at present guests .'iL the
home or Dr. AV. H. Jenkins, but In
a fpv days will take possesion of the
new parsonage, on Oak .street.
'Because She Loved Him So."
"Because She Loved Him So." a
four-act comedy iliunia, which has
been loheaihed for seveuil weeks by
tho Keystone Literary and Dramatis
dub, will be pt minced this evening at
the Auditor hurt by the above-mentioned
Tonight's play will show people what
homo talent is made ot. The t-eenoiy
for 'the play in lived Saturday morn
ing, and consists of a gulden scene, a
house scene, a fnnn scene and an otllce
Tomorrow's Basket Ball.
Owing lo the large expenses of the
North Knd Stars in bringing tho
Bloomsburg Normal School team heio
tomorrow night, the price of ndml.sslun
has been changed from 13 cents to 2S
cents for gentlemen, and 10 cents for
ladles. Th Normal School teurrr Is one
of the most prominent and well known
teams In tho country, atrd for seveuil
years held the championship of this
The K.iiuo starts promptly at 7."0
At the second meeting of tho Mac
cabees of this section Saturday even
ing, it was ngieed lo change tho meet
ing night from Saturday to tho ilrst
and third Mondays of every month,
making It a better and more conven
ient night for tho business men who
are members,
At a meeting of the Father AVlrltty
society yesterday afternoon In the
iconrs In St. Mary's hall, tho follow
ing officers were elected for the, cn
Milng years President, John Mot
ley; vice president, Charles O'Boyle;
molding secretary. Oeoigo Lottus;
tinanclal secretary, Martin Coleman;
treasurer, Alartlu C'avauaugh; .ser
geant at arms. John Heuley.
A benefit ball will bo given Wednes
day overling In O'Malloy's hall for the
benefit of John Tlgue, who was Injured
u shoit time ago In tho lirisbln mine.
John AVolf. of Itliacu, N. V., is spend
ing u few days at tho homo of Airs.
Lewis, on North Alain avenue.
.Mr. nnd Airs, A. 11, Van AInrk, of
this section, spent yesterdny ulth
friends In Cnrbondalc.
Clonrer Alorgarrs Avas again before
Aldermun l-'ldler yesterday, charged
with street loallng and committing a
nuifcf.nco. After begging with tho nN
dot man to be lot off nnd promising to
go to work, ho Aas discharged, .
'i'lre II. A, Mace lodge, of Kailtoad
Trainmen will hold their first annual
ball tomorrow evening nt tho Audi
torium. Itev. AV, V. Davlcs was called lo Hd
wutdsdalo .Saturday to nillclatc nt ti
funeral and to preach there yesterdny.
Two lavge electric tights have been
placed lit front of the St. Joseph
Lithuanian church, on North Main
avenue. The lights stand on tall brass
standards and throw n. bright light.
The standards are based up otr Ihe bot
tom of tho stone steps at tho eirtiairco'
to the church.
Airs. George Archbald, of WW AVayno
avenue, Is very seriously III.
The Kaster-tlde services lir the Prov
idence Presbyterian church will con
clude this evening with a sacred con
cert participated In by tho full strength
of the choir, assisted by AV. A. Itoberts,
Airs. D. M. Brundage, Air. nnd Airs. AV.
A. Whitman nnd others who have as
sisted In ninny of the festal occasions
at this church. The music will bo of
a Christmas and Master character,
blending the gieat themes of the Na
tivity and tho Resurrection.
Professor Bovard's Piano Playing
Delights Dunmoro Music Lovers.
Professor Krrrcst Bovard, the talent
ed pianist nnd teacher of this borough,
of whom so much has been said re
garding his wonderful piano playing,
gave Iris second recital In the Metho
dist Episcopal church Saturday night.
Never before have Dunmoie people
heard In their town such an exposition
of piano playing. The nudlenco ex
pected great things, but were not ex
pecting to hear a finished artist. From
the tlrst ringing chord at the opening
through tho long programme of six
teen numbers which Avero played by
Professor Bovnrd, entirely from mem
ory, it was clearly demonstrated tlrat
the report of his clear-cut playing and
brilliant tcchnlc were not evaggeratcd
one bit.
Perhaps the numbeis which caused
the most surprise were the difficult
"Scherzo," by Edward Norn; the "Ala
zurka, No. 2," by Barowskl. and Pro
fessor Bovard's own composition .
Miss Mae Van Cleft l-ecltcd to good
advantage three pretty numbers. She
shows careful work as an elocutionist
and that training is essential to a
good reciter. Miss Lena flundnll, one
of Professor Bovard's advanced pupils,
show excellent ability nndJ training In
her rendition of the second piano parts,
A gang of four tramps was rounded
up last night by the police- and taken
to the central station. The quartette
were captured at tho Pine Brook col
lory by Sergeant Ilidgwny and Patrol
men Addyman, Potter and Conner y.
OBITUARY. ION' AltriIKU CllOrr. Venton Atelier
Cioft died at the residence or hi fithcr, 1-tu1
Croft, at UMI Satnidiy morning, for more thin
eighteen nniilhs he luul luen a bii'.fcrrr villi
pulmonary lubeuiiln,i. All thlonsh hU lone
lines.? he. cUnccd that Mipnli quality ot his
nature uhirli bad .ilwajs cndtaied him to liU
many frkwU. perfect clieeriniv. Hi death
conuw as a gieat la to all with whom he hai
oer tome In contait, tor be a ono o those
raic men to whom one lietomes .attached thioiiRh
mere association. Mr. Holt became well Knoh-n
in musical circles through Mi abillly as j tenor,
hawnff fiintr in the ebons ot the Second iliimb,
the Yonnc Men's Christian association in
ton and llinshainton, the Trinity INotcataiiL Ipu
copal and other chui ehe.
Ihe funeral - ill be hold toil,, pmalely, at
the comenience ot the fa-uilj.
.10UN It. MUION. At the home ot hit mother,
Ml 'third stlcct, .John Jt. Mibou, died jcsterdiy
afternoon (it J.SO after an jllncvt of two month,
lie was one i,f tho best kno.ui joune men ot
the city .and was imperially prominent in biiai
nesi ciicle-. At different times lie held inipoi
tant portions an bookkeeper with Goldsmith's
Iti'ani rnrl the lukiw.inna Uieuinir conipiny
ami at th" time of his death was in the employ
of Itjhbins A. bpencci, of Kiitlith sticct. lie was
a ton of the late Aifhcw Jlilion, who was foi
yeais ono of tho bet known mcubaiits uf Ihe
Uellevue section of the city.
I'lic moiillu .iso Ml. Jlahon's wile died anil
Miuc then with liis three jounpr clnldicii lie hn
nude his home with his mother on Hind -tiect.
'Ihe children .no Andiew, ifeuedes and Mai
carol. Two buithcis, J.eo and James, and three
sisteii!, .Mis. .John .loico, Mis. Patrick O'Mal
ley jml Acnes, also unie him. 'the
fi'ncial will lie held Wurncday mom
int. at 0 o'clock fiom .111 Third stieet. A
hiirh in I-.-, of rcniiirm will he iclebuted ill Holy
Pios-s r.ilholio rliiuili and liiteiniciit will be
madij in the eennteiy.
Mllil.UM llCXNISf!. William Ibiiiilns, aed
.11 ears, died at Ilia hnino on pple aenuc, nn
saliiidiy inoinin alter an illmv.-, of mcnl
inoiitht' iluiation. lie was a well Known iillren
Iumii',' icsidrd brio nearly all bis life.
He is Miiviuil li" a wife and nine chlldien
and the lollowinj; bio.heis anil tister-: Thoina,
Ildinlmr and .Mi-.. John Dawes, ot" I'linidcnie;
.Mic. A. C Sijil-T, Mi-. Ilucl Dexter and .Mis
Allan ItolniiMin, of Dinmiuie. The tnnenl wliiih
will lie piiv.lli', ociuio lioni drcciscd's lalo ie
ileiice this aiternooii at .1 o'clock, Jtei. V. I.
Ollibons, otllclitin,-. Inleiment mil lie nude in
Dnmnoic ccmeui),
MH-.. ItirilAItl) -M (.UU W W the Lome ot
her dimrhlir, .Mis. Anihui.y Mcllile, oi limb
hin Miccl, Mn Itlchaid JLfiO'an ditd f-itnrdiy.
Mie is Mirwuil by tlneo diudien: 'jiioiiik, o
West JI..iLit street, Mti. John Conner' and MiJ
Anthony Mellilc. 'Ihe funeral teniccn will be
held 'Inesihy nioininr, at 9 o'cloK, in the Holy
llcisiiy tlniiih. Inicriiiint In tho Cillu ,li.i cime
JOHN li:i,N Jiiliii ilei ot Jlonioe ato
mic, Dunmoie, cllocl last cieiiuiff. Ho was IT
jeaiii of aue and n miner by occupation, 'Ibe
funeral will be held on 'lne-diy morning at U..'.0
o'cloik fiom t Paul's ilnnch, (iicm ltiiljc,
'I he of SIMiatI f!. Colden will lake
place this morning at 0.U1 o'clock fiom Iho fun
ily residence, 518 P.'lin street. A lequlom ma's
will be telcbiatcd at HI. Jolin'.s chuich and in
teinient will b? undo in tho Cathedral cemetcty.
The funeral of 1'loiencc, the Infant daughter
Jlr, ami Mis. ML hail Mcllale, uf Klin Mrcel,
occinu today at ,'i o'clock. Iiiti'imeut will be
inado in 01 pliant.
m '
A lr,o week' term of oilmiiial lonrt will
open today with Judgo J, I', Kcilv oil tiie bench
in the main eouit loonrt Jiulco If, M. .MoChne,
of Lewisbunr, in No. '., and Judge 0. S. 1'uidy
In No, J. Tho llcWl.ionic iiiuuior cjso Leads the
Jnuzc Kelly (n batuniay refused an iii)Uiicliou
in tho cao of A. I,, t-penccr against I inl llni.
riy and Thoma.s IUuliei, his luitners, in tic
I'mcry blato Picker MjimfaclnrinK Company.
llildget Jcnnlne, by her attomey, 11, C. Nct
comb, began an acllon In ticpJM Satnrdiy
afc-ilnsl the Pdauau, Lackawanna and Wtstcin
llallroad cempan. Mis. Jcnningr tues for dam.
ages for innrles nbtaincd ino a wietk near Uith,
N. V i atiout bis weekj ago.
Mi.. llctlhi 1). Hamilton bewail an action Sat.
unlay to tecuro a dborio irom l'. P, Hamilton,
to whom the was nwnlcd in June, 1611. She
allegu that Ler husband dcsoitrd lier In July,
150,". Mis', Mil' M)(is alo necks a divorce ficin
Sicih(ii A, Jljim, to whom the was married In
Noumber, ism. she had to lean him In July,
liO'J, becatiso of ciucl and baibaroiu treatmrul.
Rivers Ends Hor Life by
By Hxclmbc riic fiom 'the Aksoclated I'leu-
New Vork, April 7. Miuy, Rivers, IS
Jonas Long's Sons
We SoldThousands
Duriiur the first four davs
the quantity was large, and the nssorttnciit extensive, and so to
day you will have an opportunity to lay in a season's supply '
of the best grades of ribbon at from a thud lo a HaJI oil lormcr
In addition to this great value giving opportunity in Rib
bons, you will find in the following
best kinds of merchandise, at prices that will last.
For One Day,
Domestics, etc. Linens.
Two eases of new sprlnpr Calicoes, A tine quality of blenclicrl Table
in llRlit. rnwlltrin and durk 'grounds, jOnnm-dc, 58 Inches vide. Con.ild-
nll the latest colorings. 'KoRUlar ored Rood value at Do cents. Mon-
vnlttc, 6 cents. iMonday, day,
3C. 25c.
One case Orrteora Standard A full Mxe 20-20 llnek Towel, wd
rrlnt-j. Percale patterns, warranted ' white border, londay,
fast color. IteKtilnr vnlun, 7 cents'. ZUC.
Monday, Wlslj naR! nliulc of ne Tr,n
5C. TowcllnR! rcRitlnr value, 5 cents,
Fine Drr-a-i fiiriRliaiii!', In stripes". -ir
checks and virrlotiH color blondlnss. '
Ttegulirr value, 10 cents. Monday, Canton Toweling, while with red
(c border; regular value, R cents.
U4W Monday.
Batiste, In fancy stripes and scroll -y T
patterns: forty Inches wide, lies- -!--
nlar value, 12' cotrts. Monday,
Good Blue Striped Tleklns. Mon- White vJOOQS.
"C A fine quality oC lawn, SO Inches
Pillow fl.ises. rnnde of bleached wide; reirulni' value. 10 tents. Mon-
iriusUii. with plain hem; size, l,"-u6. day,
Monday, gg
-" Apr nil Lawn. 10 Inches ile; ooli-
Slieets. Unbleached, kooiI iiuiillly sldered good value at 12',i cents,
of muslin, standard make; size, Monday,
Sl-Oli. Monday, QC
44C. AVliltc Oliecked Xalnsook In a va-
Suiiinier Blankets, In white and ilety of pntterni; good valuo at 10
gicy; 10-4 size. Monday, cents. Monday,
49c 7c
Best quality Cam
bric Linings. Reg
ular sc value.
Monday, 3jsC.
Standard quality of
Sclesici,in black and
staple colors. Reg
ular I2jc value.
Monday, 8?4C.
Jonas Longs Sons
Sixth Anniversary
tt-t-M-M-f f't-H-t-t-t-t-
Our New Store
-)V We would lie pleased to lu.e ou piv
. lis a In o-ir now Hoic and m-c our
tc of (onslitiitc-, j iiiu'iein, ! 4.
tu J ill! ttOk nt
Out miuy yrais' i-xpcilriKr In i-i-nins -f
tin1 iicopli- nf ClJl'toll uulili-. 'i I" 4-
4. Know tliolr 'lantf, jml mir iwist inl'j .
. IjiiiwIiiK bu-inti ino'Oj our .
t Prices Right. :
; Remsmbsr Our New Location, X
513 Lackawanna Avenus. X
years old, iliniKlrter or Jlr. antl 'Jlrs.
Charles Y. Ttlvers. uvangeliBts, of Jer
cy City, roiniirlttcd sulcido torlny by
tnl.luj,- eni'liollc nclil. Tiro parents) say
they ot no roabon why .she slionUI
have ernlfd liur lllo.
Tlny wnro r.wny from Iroinn in an
adjoining town when tho slrl took Urn
poison, Mr. nnd Mrs. Hlvers huvlntr
Bono to pi ay tor a pomon whom tlroy
hay rrceded pr.iyois-, iiird Old not Unow
of' tliolr daughter's uot uiilll they 10
triniod lutor In tho day.
The Murdeier of His Mother and
Brother Found iu Spring House,
Py i:lusl U tie from 'I lie AiwelateJ IT"'.
Sinihury, I'a , April ". Iteinoisofnl.
hagganl atrd worn, John Oullck, who
last Tuesday murdored hh mother and
brother at their home near this city,
was lodged In jail hero this niornlnir.
lie was dlstovorcd In the sprlnn- lrouso
on tlio aullcl; faun. In this place ho
sukUi'pil his drat r-lreltur blnce comnilt
tlntr thft I'llnie. lie said ho uas tired
arrd hod come IwoU liomn Intendinfj
to elvo himself up Jlonday, Slnoo
tho day ot tho crime ho had roamed
IrimiKli tho mountains during the day
arrd ut jrlpht went to neaihy towns
and begged food from baelt doors. Ho
positively rufu&ed lo speak about tho
crime, merely saying ho was very
To rhief of I'olli'O Mulzlor he staled
that he wltiioss-cd the liinoial of his
victims from a noaiby hill. When
fcoarched, the lovolvor with which In
committed the crime was found In his
coat pocket,
Ainny i
of Yards of Ribbon
of our Great Ribbon Sale. Hut ,
list sonic of the newest and,
Today, Monday:
Shrunk Dress '
Canvas, in black and '
grey. 32 inches wide. '
Regular iSc value.
Monday, l2yC.
Mmaceri and LtsJtr. Local Manjger.
.Ui iiii. ui:i:k.
'Hie 1'ocilr.d l'AVonli, Liltlf
Irene Meyers
Mippc itt'tl I"- Iifr own 'lict sOiiipjn 111 ifpir-
loin, I'lOsiiiilnK
.Momhv Miliiui' "fluid Two 1'l.iss''
.MoiuliJ Xlsht "H'C Mowaway"
.MjUii-i- prlirs-W nml '-0 iciiIk
i:ciilii',- piUf-s- 1U, 'JD ami M ceuH.
ALf. . lillltltlMrlOX, Jlaiiaser.
Three Days Conrmerrclng Monday,
April 8.
Matinees Daily,
In the
at the
of nil
Broadway and 30th Street, New Vork
City. Orders for seats by telephone
or 'telegraph promptly attended to.
Telephone No. 3084 38th Street.
Seats selling' four ieeks in advance.
outside (Sew York this iciton
air. C. J. Onnzeniiillor, book-keeper
for Dolplr Kobortson, had tho rnls
fortuno to badly sprain his unkln while
luuning to tho lire which eonMimid tha
linn's stoio on Saturday evening.
Theio lll ho a meeting of thi Mod
ern Woodmen at I.edyard's hall this
Mr. Ira Jenkins nnd family, Mr.
Charles Hoger and Oarrjo Walton
.spent yesterday with Mr. uutl Mifc.
Corny Jenkins, of Moohlc.
Mr. William Hirmles nrrd family spenl
Sunday, sith NatrtleoUc relatives.