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TTJjrjHT" "5FW
Food Properties of Milk
.ire lost hi tliu ordinary method of coiulons
ing. Dr. Hand's process retain! every food
clement of the richest milk, unci lias added
tin bone, nerve and I'looiMiiiiUlinj; tio
pliatcs and liyjKiphobpliites contained in a
iliet of whole wheat, l'or thcsc reasons
Dr.' Hand's
Condensed Milk
is t''- rcfrc.sliinj,' drink for the talile
tUt '.in-st .jluable food for infants and grow
in:, li'ldroii the irre.itest restorative for
inw id or ajcvd people. Better than to-day's
crain. II rile Jot l';s
Titr )!:
!7i P..H ON, HA.
He Was a Fireman on the D., L. and
W. Road, and Was Killed in a
Wreck on July 3 Lant Non Suit
in the Kilmnrttn Case Refused.
Verdicts in Two Other Cases.
Number of Deeds Acknowledged
by the Sheriff Wills That Weie
Admitted to Probate.
Ice Cream.
'Jcirr:neOr(1trrrompttr Dt'.lvarai
,3rJ37 Adams Avenua.
ic rtitfiff
Scranfon Transfer Co.
l'aBBafte Checked Direct to Hotels
;inJ 1'iivate Resiliences.
D.. L.
Dr. H. B. WARK,
'. I'.' ' a. in. ;
! UOl'lt-'.
J I p. m.
Opp. I'tMlOlllvC.
ftf tTt
T1IMVX I I,. -Iln' lM'i..l "I Paul Vi
nt, inunt -on of Mr. ali.l Mi". .1. VI. 'litiruii.
.. place truiti Hie tr.iiJuiif. I'm Mmliii lOiini',
' H'.Wl j. in. ActienUi.
M.KU -IH1.VI.. -I lie Wilis Mil.
. .1.1.1 1 I lull Will t'Otldlllt .1 '. alll.l
Moii.'iiii' 'mil, VI i; .imiii.1'.
1.1 I'ttnlic April 1.
1.1 M
1 1
l'V lV. il.c Ikluivjw .mil llu...,ti mm.
pin' imi jiXrnl.iy It the lielaa.ii'c lliltluioii',
!. lUltlmnK', .o. .', lullimoro Tuum-l jiM
iiii;ni;hutn iiiIiim .U U'lllvcu'lljitr. nhvv jii:.nti:ii. -a ii'mim- t
M -i.. IIoih"Ii"ii j- li"M tan itiglii i'i il.J
. o'.i- oi tho lluil.lir' llMlnnsc. unit .in amount
inipoitaul lniii)i'vt t,iii'.ii dil. Klulit no'V
1 i Ill'll'U "111' Illlll.ltCll.
I Mil lT l'iKl'(iT,l.- II. in.pi it. uli.d
- in linve InvD lirlil iilu'ln m liii.i.ui' i" r-
ijd I.illlillli.- MR. mill.;; Hi.' 'J .11 li i.i l.l'.i.u.lii
i .li till n.i po.l, imi'il until u.nilii it 'i n .,
i iitif I'uii.iui I'anu- In 1114 t)..' "ill.' int. -it inl
i'. hi min n(
Lackawanna Exclusion to New Yoik
Mi April Oili ili'kot iiki'Iiih m th
I i rkuvvnniiii rall.-uail a III fll npi-i'tal
. Nt'iii'Hloii lU'Ui-t.i li Now VmU city.
i;oiiil KuliiK mi unv train thai dale, fur
I I turn on any train until Apill tit It.
ii flusivi-, at rate of uiic way fun jil'i
1 i for i he iiiiind trip. ,
Wnid'n Millinery Opening
Sat m ilny. .Mundi !." IPS Wai-lilnstou
tvi'iuie. "''
..v -
Will Be at Our New Store
ununtimv. alntygiM'liic fnniwiur.
Walt for iiii. ilnlnWsliui stmv, :ii
!.ui'kiuunna uveiun-. H
Given by the Pupils of Conservatoiy
of Music.
The Conservatory of Miialc gave an
other of ItH I'liarinltiK pianoforte rpcll
oIm la.-t nlplit in St. Luke's pariah
hinicc allilitoililin. Although tliu neat
Inn raii.u-liy of this hall Is much prruat
or than that of th" one used on lor-
rii-r similar oceaMions, Iho uiidltorlutn
win -i-ovd(d with mi eiithtlslastU' au
dience. As iisiinl, the admission was
flee, hut tile pllvlleire of lii'lniT aide
to pick out all i xeollent scat and have
It lvseiAcil fin (lie nominal sum of ten
onts was taken nilviiuttiKf of by u
latse number, fully half of tho ball 1x
ItiK reserved. Thus the plan of Direc
tor IVunltiKton to provide a sebolai
rhip fund to assist needy but talented
snuileuts has been inaiiRiirated villi
excellent success, fur all money iccclved
frmn received seals Is nppiopiiated to
this U"P.
Musically, tin- n-ctlal was piobably
the best shell by the Coiis-ervatory thii
year, and slunu'd mncb proKi'i'ss on the
pari of Individual pupils. One of the
ptoininctit features ot tbes.- leeltals is
that all grades and depaitmeiits of the
systematic trnlnlm; are repivnonted.
Thus the piomainine Mas made np of
solo pleii's raiu;llli; fiom the easleM.
played by a tot of seven, to ditllcnlt si
leetiiiils lioni Clmpln. Itulilnstelu. Half.
I.lszt. Si hiibort.aud llcetlioven. varied
by eiiseiubk' numbers rendeted by two
dllTereul sets ol eisbt pupils eaeb at
four iiinuiw. and class recitations by
yoiinKor pupils. In all. sixty-live .vouiir
people were upon the proRrumme.
Tile leslllts obt lined by the use of
iln Kaelun nyslem of plnnofort' in
stuictlon are siirprl.'lucr and the lllus
tlatlons ftlveii lint evei'lm,' by the
younger pupils show -il a poslllvo
knoMledHo of k'.v relationship anil
tiiinsposltloii which Is never expected
save In imisii Inns ol lonp study and ex
leilence. That this knowledge Is pre-id-,
ly what Is needed to seeuii- the
ipdekest ivkiiUs In a nniMrnl cditciitlon
Is apparent to every one aciiualnted
with music study.
As usual in these the plnylni,
of pieces in any kev aski d for by the
audieilc e made n MMisitlon, and es
I (.dally so when this was doii" by little Jlnrjo.-lo I'liristiuu. the
younses. pupils of the school. It
would be unfair to sitmle out lor spe
cial mention anv of the others since all
who played, fiom tin- younscst to the
more niatine. hethcr In Milm- or en
semble nuiubeiH played mulcally and
with iiioie than usual technical pro
Fl ml. r Hil- lii.nlnic klimt liltrii ..i h.i.Mi-.-t
uil) de pnliljli'. win ii in c.inip.mliil, lor pnt.lli.'i
lion. I.y iln- iwltivY n.niu-. 'Ihi' 'Inlmiii' i.'- ni.r
.1,-inni- ii -)i"ii-il.iln ..i npiiiluiii Inn' iNpuxiil J
Alts, f'athurino CoHlUcr .Ncsierday
bejrau it suit uualnst the Uolawaro.
liaekawanna unit Western Itnlltoad
company, in behalf of heiself and
thteo ehlldii'ii, to recover $50,000 dniu
nRts for the death of her husband,
Harry Cotrlls'.or, who was killed on that
road ut Hcnryvlllo on July 3 last. Shu
Is lepresented by Altornej-M Joseph
O'Hrlcn, M. J. Martin and 1. II. Hums.
Harry CoRllsser uas a llromuu on the
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western
road, and was couilmr towards this city
on the day of his death. The eiiRlnii
on which he was employed was one of
thict-attached ton heavy fielRhl tialu.
Theie bad been a wreck on th east
bound Hack and cars toppled over on
the rails of the wcbt-bound track. Thu
engines attached to the fielnht liiilu
crashed Into the wreck and I'otjllwj'
was killed.
Common Pleas Couit.
It was so cold lu the main court
room yesterday that JuilRe Kelly had
to move into No. :'. There was no
cases fop JuiIkc AlhrlKht to try ill
thai court, the last having been dis
posed of and all of the Jurors weie
dlschaiRid from further attendance at
court, with the exception of those
sworn In the ease of Mrs. Amil Kll
martln ORalnst th" l''lre Insurance
coinpany of rhlladelphta lo recover
$1,000 on an Insuranee policy.
Alter the plaintiff rested yesterday
morning the defendant asked foi a
non-suit, but it was denied. The de
fense ai'Rlles thul the huildlllR oeull
plod by Mrs. Kllmarlln was deliberate.
ly set on lire. Tho case will gu to the
Jury today.
In the ease of II. V. WIIII.inu against
the lOleetrlc City Land and Improve
ment coinpany, a verdict was yester
day returned lor the plaintiff for :.7...-
A vitdie' for the plaintiff for :tl0,UT
was returned yesterday lu the case of
Tripp & Co. against .1. K. John'on.
To Keep Well.
It Is cusy to keep welt If we would
only obxerve enih day n few simple
lilies of health.
Tho all Important thing Is to keep
the stomach right and to do this it is
nut neeesinry to diet or to follow a
set rule or bill of fare. Such pam
pering simply makes a capricious np
pethe and n feeling ilia' tertnln fa
vorite firtltbs of food must be avoided,
1'rof. Wdchold kIvcs pretty good ad
vice on ibis subject, ho miyi: "t am
(JS years old and lmn never had it
Kcrlnun Illness, an 1 at tlv name time
my life I. as been largely an Indoor one,
but I c.nly discoveieil that tho wnv to
Itr-cp liet.lthy m'iim to kei p a healthy
slmiach. not by culiiu crnn oraehers
oi iiieimii of any soit; on tb. non
liary I always eni what my appetite
craves, but lor the past eight yems
1 have ninth It . it' dallv practice to
I like one or two of Stuart's Dyspepsia
Tablets after each meal and t litlllb
ute my lobust he.iKb for n man of my
age to tin icftiiliir dally ine of Stunt t'.i
Sly Phyili I'tn ibt. advised me to
i si iheni becnuse lie saM tiny were
pi'ifectly hatmless and weit not a se
cret patent medicine, but contained
only the natuial digestives, peptones
and dli.tnre. anil after using them a
few wer ks I have never ceased to thank
him for his advice,
"I honestly believe the halilt of tak
ing '-tuurl'w Dyspepsia Tablets after
meals Is the iciil health habit, because
tin Ir n' brings health to the sick mid
elllng and preserves health to the well
(iiul strong.'
Men and women past fifty rears of
aue peed a safe dlgiblive nfter meals
to Insure ii ported digestion and to
watd off disease, md the safest, best
known and ninsl widel.v ued Is Stuait's
Dyspi pxla 1'ablets.
Thty ;,!. founi1 lu every well regit
luted housebolil front Maine to rul;
foirhi and In (Jreat Mrltnln and Alls
trallii iiii rapidly imshlng thli way
Into popula" lavor.
Al! diuggifts sell Stuail's Dvspepala
Tablets, full l7. (! packages, at rcnti
and foi a weak stomach n fifty cent
paikagi' will of km: do fifty doltaia
v. oil h of good,
country hold their meetings at the
noon hour and ninny advantages are
claimed for the plan. The business
men arc nil lu the business part of the
city at that time and tin hopo of n
cheerful hour or so In social luteteotirse
with tlie other members of the organi
zation Is said to bo a powerful Incen
tive which secures a large attendance
and eoneo.uontly n greater Interest In
the matters up for eonslderntlnn.
It I h plan is adopted. Secretin y
Athetlou proposes to have ti lunch
served lu Iho Hciatiton club ut the close
of every meeting so that the members
will not be able to otter the excuse Hint
they've got to go home to luncheon.
1 Havitand & Co.'s French tthinal
f tlt t f
We offer subject to piivious
Lehlghton Water Supply Co.
Gold Bonds
d pet cent. Fiee of Tax. Ma
ture 1020.
Interest payable Mny and
l-LCUIril h t'lll-t Mollgab' Jll till'
pic-pcrty ut Mit I'ornp.iny, iniislbtlm; ui
icjI i'..tatr, UMivoll., nuni ln.iiiu, ul
Uilili- ,t.a.i' light, i.uiliiuili, itt.
'Hit: lanillrfa Jl pri'n lit .ill niipV
tutphu over flxeil .ii.i'sc-.
to Answer.
I I'M ill. y. .diet
.ml, pliMti- an-
O'Malley Requested
i iiiiui- ut Tin' riiiniiii'.
-Ir: Will Mr Willi, in u.
i.iiil.i Ihn.ili i.i Mic Twi'iitiilli
h'.lrl Mil' liillowlllg intClloiiNl
rii.l Hill Mr. (I'Mallt-.v ii.l; tlie uilt; nf ilec
ilmi in l lie iliitiiitti In tin. Tni'iitii-Mi
nil to pi.xuii' the lullnls e.nt ut the
Ii'il iun fur Koliit loiiiiilliiian, Itclil mi llw, ,
N'luiiO lijil Mi, it'Vtallu ii'cvirti thu ilil
lull'!., limn tin' juJki' ii tliu stvim-jI ildiriiti
i t liw lll.llll'
II Ir.l-Plil llr. ir.Vtalk'1 iiuta' i !Nt i.t .ill ivl.ii
iii.l u-.ilii-t dim, ulil ii.iiiil'1, l.t'ins uUi'ii Hum
Hi" li.illiit mill li -t of vi.ti'i."
I'nui 111-Dili .Mr. (I'Malli-y nuke tlunl. to !!.
li.irgo null woililns umlrr litni uliu vutwl
:tSillrtt lilm'.'
I'lllli IHil Mr 0'Mallr.v jml Mii pntai.i
..I ili'itiuii laioir Hut tliln min ,i it.itr pii-i.Ti
A-. a mi it nf llir Tivnilalli w.uil, I tdlnl; u n
Mr. lI'M.illi.i'n ilntr Hi a illlrn In ,nmv, i w
jlioi iiiell(in. II null a mate of iIiImuh evNt
(ulilili i rillni'ldl) It i .iliuiil time that .1 M,p'iilil lie pnl In It, mill pi'i-illly, It's ,ni
I'U'iy ROOll llll'l'll Of tlie Man)
hi. M'tiet U liotlilng dnt i
outiagi on
i li i nl:
li int.
If.nnli- lair Mill M. i'!l'jI1i'.i' klmnM Lu itlwn
i iliai.-i' li the nlioie rumor aro nut connt to
put .1 .tup to the in.
I'I. .no in.(it Hi" allow -ii your; p.ipir
.nut .liiilu'. I'jiililt,
2 1 Oil I'm-iml nvniui".
.'.n. I'.t . Sl.mli '!.
vMik.fc.njnc -f
H1.IB., f
f8 firmfiwn,
i. a
N. V.
ml C, CoiuiriuiiiH'4itli
Sera n ton.
Guernsey Hall,
IHI Wasi.lnglon ave,, Scianiou. Is thu
best and most lella.ble plnco lo pup.
chuse a good Piano. It will pay you
ten all anil sot prices and terms. J. V.
Ciiitrnsey, Pi up.
Fancy Northfork Valley Colorado
The lines t and best peon In this city
for many a day, at Marvel's .Market.
Wills Admitted to Probate.
The will of William Stern, late of
South Si ronton, who i ouimltted suli Ide
at South Scranton last Saturday, was
admitted to probate ycstenlay and let
tels testamentary gianied to Harriet
Stem, ills widow-, who Is h ft his entile
Tho will of Kllaibnth A. Sweet, Into
of Menton, was admitted to probate
and letters testamentary granted to
Klllott Sweet.
iillie Tiirack was named as exccit
tlix n the will of Frank Trefta. late
of I'rlcchurg. and letters testainentaty
weie granted to her.
l.iun lli'.iin. .ii-tiutay liogin an .ntii.ii in
ti'pk'iln t" niunr h'.uv hnlil ;nnh iilm.l jt
Hl, lie ,illrs;t-i luio I n iiiilantiilli'
ifioil dy Nn-.ih 1 Mic Jll. I (i.n-t.ilili' 1". S.
'Ih.' tiptau.i ot Mi' i otul lmiiic .ipp.aieil in
unlfi.iiii yc-ti-i.lay fi.r llir tint tlini-, llii'i' ,ni'
ef il.nk l.lui', tlie eojt.-, aie ot tin. iluulilc-liri'.it-nl
larlcly .mil ;ne mi. nli'.l with ln.i-
t.,in. l.ach tipitnll l i1nli;iiatri dy .1 iiiiitilci,
ivliidi I. lii-iiil..i wpen a b.nls.' do iirjii. I'luli'
.l.tle Itiller h No. I.
"tlulll'H lliTlli Hill- J'tKtlllljy llkllU.'llilli'.l 111
op'll I'ulirl to Mi' tellollill'; for ptofu'llt" e
i Italy unlil: Mic-4i ict .1. VleAiidrcii, V.
A- U.ioMi'i', ('.i-opii.tllie lliiitilin',' dink, I.i- m
S. KlnilMll, (.'inn.iti lliilMlii-r V..ciation, No n.
I'. I. Mjiili'i', (luili-i liolilnvm, "1 In-
11111)11111-; nml l.n,m .i.ioi Ion, Jaim-s I. Vi I) ,.
,i., Jolni 11. Ycigir, I'Miul-.i-i Tadtiuo It' Vt.
ilivi, Mli'li.n'1 .1. Mf.Vn.lriiv, ( o-opir.aiM llir'.i
Inn time'.i .Inhn llapoli, I'I
ivanl Sutlt. Coinun ll.iiMltitr an.l Loan i... 11
Hon. No. 1. Vntonl Silu..k. Tlie in-ria will,o .nlilltiiiiul ili-ul-i n.'t Tluii-.t-ii
In the matin ol Ilinri II.II11. Ji., .-main-t Jim
tii' M. Kviiill nil nlhi'i-i, .liulirc A11I1I1.1I.I !
leiilay li.iii.l.'.l il.nni 1111 opinion illie-itim: tin'
tolloiiltt-j ill-tiil'ii-.lon i M-Vi In tin- I1.111.I1 ol
Iho fh.-illl, ln-lim a pari of the ttimls ihilvi'.l
tlolll the klll'llll'- .lie of i-l.-fclli'l lilt's plopuH'
I. .mil in limit, sIVi: iirtiK of .ni.llt. 1 Ic, sl'.i'i, for illsltiliiilioii, l(r,.:i--., uliiili i-liall d
.linliidiitid n- lolloiii.: To Iti-oiin II llliiuluiin.
on uii'iliank'i Mm. sll.Ie. 'Iho inlani.-, mi u",
1 -evaiilctl to Iluni olin. Jr., on juiluun in on
i. nuni in ilj;. i' ' l s'i'lii.
Alleged Highwayman Committed to
Jail Without Bail.
Thomas Ford, the man who was ar
rested by I'aliolinan Lona Day at L'
o'clock yesterday morning for assault
ing and robbing Stanley Denlskl, was
committed to the county jail without
ball yesterday.
Fold and his partner, at pieseiit un
known, lined Deulslil to the Delaware
and Hudson Hacks, under the Llnd. n
street bildge, and while Ford graspi d
him b the throat, the othei- hit him
with his list They hurricillj. examined
his clothing and oxtineicd Sir., About
II o'clock tho I'lilnndoi- was lound In a
lialf-eonsiious condition and tiiKeu to
the Center strict station.
lie described one of ills iiM-mimus as
a man with a w union log. and with
this due Patrolman Day succeeded in
11 nesting Ford In tlie rear of the
Columbia hotel.
Ford was analgued bcoie Ahl.-i 111.1 n
Kasson In police couit yesteidny, when
Denlskl preferred the cluirge--. The
prisoner denied nil knowledge of the
affair, but Denlskl unhesitatingly Iden
tified him ns the man who knocked
him down.
Ford recently completed serving a
three months' term for selling lleninr
without 11 license In West Scranton.
Collection of a Poll Tax Is Optional
with Councils,
.MuiiJ discussion lias aris'-n .us 10
whether the levy and collection of a
poll tax oi" $1 as provided for cities of
the second class Is mandatory or not.
A careful reading of the law would
seem to show that it Is not mandatory
but rather optional with councils
Common council sat down on tho prop.
oslton on Wednesday night and
amended the tax levy ordinance so as
to exclude the provision for Its levy
ami collection.
The act of 1S7S explicitly sets forth
that the councils of cities of the second
(lass "shall" levy and 1 ollecl such a
poll tax in lieu of an occupation tax.
The ilpper bill, however, merely gives
councils the "power lo Impose and col
lect" such a tax. Th" early net makes
It mandatory while the latter makes It
optional. M0II1 provisions are Incon
sistent one with another and the es--tabllshed
1 tile in such a ease Is that
tlie later ad shall pievail.
An occupation tax, however, cannot
be colleelod In a city of the second
class and with count lis refusing to
Impose and eullcc t the poll tax. the
city will be out during the coming year
just about Sl.l.OOi) which is approxi
mately tin; aggregate amount of the
oi-itipatlon lax levied lal year.
Secietaiy Atheiton Sounding- Boaid
of Trade Membeis on Proposition.
S.-cietar.v D. II. Athetioii. of the
board of trade. Is sending out Ituiuliies
to each memli.'i' of that organl.nilou
asking them whether Ilu-y favor hold
ing boaid of trade meetings in the fu
ture at the noon hour Instead of at
night. If a mn.lotity of the members
signifying their approval of the plan it
will be adopted and put into forci In
ginning with the April meeting.
All the lnie boards of ttadc In the
Suggestion That One Be Elected
Charleston S. C. Made nt a Meet
lug of Colored Citizens.
An Indignation meeting was adver
tised tu bo held ut tho Howard Place
African Methodist F.plscopnl church
last night, when It was pioposed lo
pass resolutions protesting against tho
stockade outrages of South t'arollnn.
ISevordc.-i- Molr. Major W. S, .Miliar and
City Solicitor A. A. Vosbttrg were Minted
lo address the meeting, but other busi
ness pn-veuted their presence.
Hpv. D. S. Henlley. pastor of the
church, pteslded over the meeting, and
John Walker opened Iho exercises with
n prayer, President Campbell Hughes,
of the Keystone Hcpuhllcan club, stated
the obl-ct of the meeting, denouncing
In bitter terms tlie present attitude of
Hits Southern people towards ills race.
Am chairman of the conimlt'tee on nr
langements, he Introduced tho follow
ing resolutions:
lli"olu-J, i-i-, (lie toK I liliin nt
Prr-intnn, Inieliy inli-r our nmpiillui il pinlr-.t
j-Mln-t tlu'W violation of tin- iiikjiiIc- Luis of
tho country and Iho tiller ili-rrjnl of all tin?,
ilbliie am) lmni.ui, ai c.!ilMtil in tlie npoalnl
iiuli.ii;i'H pcrpilialetl upon the nr-ion by nioln in
tllP Milllll.
lti'tolivil, That ne nidi to tr a monument
In the n.iilli irutiil to Aln.1h.1111 Lincoln an.)
will aiit tn ovciy p-v-ilbta maimer (01 il ici'itul
i ' Inn.
Itcsohtil, Thu Cluilotori, swilli Cuolina, l
thi niet tlislr.idlo pl.110 tor r-uili louiuitriii.iralloii
of I'rclilcnl l.liiiolu, ami it. pi-c,tiiti ulll at
U-t uhc tin aisuiaiKP of no tint Id. no loutd,
no la-t, tin net, .nut lnlng In IN train that tor
villi It ut all dale MMltcil aid rfghe 1. pcrman---iit pioipctuy lo 0111 countiy .in. I all nt ill
After Koruc little discussion, lirouglil
on by John Walker, who did not fully
understand what connection the mon
ument bad with tlie question under
discussion, nnd who exp'eitsed some lit
tle alarm as to how and by whom the
money was to b. raised to defray the
oxponfoK of the memorial, the resolu
tions were adopted as rnonmieiided.
Knr years Hnviland & Oo.'h China has been recognized as the
leading China of France. D hat lent none of lis fori ner nre.-Ulge
today, although their shapes and trade marks lire coplc H as near as
itiifcrtimiloit manufaettiretM dare and li-op within t in bound of
Inw. We give you an opiiotiunliy lo bu.v this cxccl'ivnt, satlsfac
toty ware at price" lower, by far than most dciiei-w usk for In
ferior ware. We have made Inr;;- iitiditlons to pp irtieii stock pat
liirnx. which -were most deiitliil, sele(t sutit pieces tlH y01t witnt, it
sIiiRle plute or complete Dinner Set, The Star, by ,'ur the best sell
er, a graceful pretty shape wiih bonier and sou'.teied sprays ot
dowers in delicate pink and arecn with coin gold stippled handles,
is one tho-" patterns of which one never in-os. stmt now
by selecting 11 rev pliees; in u rhurt time Von will have a com
pMe scl!
Tea Cups and Saucers, per dozen $5.50
Coffee Cups and Saucers, per dozen... 6.75
Tea Plates, per dozen...
Breakfast Plates, per dozen....
Dinner Plates, per dozen
Soup Plates, per dozen
Sauce Dishes, per dozen
Individual Butters, per dozen..
The line Is too largo to gtvo prices hen
of Indhidunl pieces, as
li Includes everything made for tho table, Itauiakius, Chop Dishes,
etc. We guarantee safe delivery tu all out ot town customers.
Mall otder! reeeiv. prompt attention.
'YuxwaTVfeAX ,
i Geo. V. Millar & Co.
1.11 Wromins AvcttiiR
VV'Mk In and l.onk Around.
C. A.
National Secretaty of Y. W.
Will Conduct It.
The national city secretary of the
Voting Women's Christian association
Is visiting the central association and
brunches of this city. She will eon
duet the Sunday afternoon (Jospel ser
vice at, at tho central rooms.
This will be a union service of all
the branch associations and nil wo
men and gills are most cordially In
vited to attend.
A Beautiful Line
of Tlie Terhune "Union .Made" shoes,
the shoes that have made Mroekton
famous, at .Million's shoe store tomor
row, :!iS Lackawanna avenue. "
Dr. Coii'iell Has Returned
And will be In his olliee today at r
lar hours.
Ask for Kelly's union crackers.
foi r l.llilun Moil, i
iho ( lilhliin' Homo
New Store, New Stock.
The newest styles nt Million's shoo
store. OpeultiB tomoirow, 3it Laeka
Wiinn.i avenue. ""
"" " ' J ill 1 11 HUCIUSfullj ""llll .
Three Dollars' Worth of Artistic Pho- ami ptanii lu nn- iim
That Is what Sohrlever t, now i.iblnet
pot traits atnnd for.
osiery Sale!
Every pair of Hose in
f reduced.
I All I2c Hose for 10c
: All 15c Hose for 12c
25c Hose for 21c
35c Hose for 29c
50c Hose for 44c
j Mears & Hagen 1
: 115-11? Lnckinvaiimi Avcniiv. :
MARCH 28, 29 AND 30, 1901.
Ask tor Kelly's union truckers,
(irai', tor jut- 4 nurie r.
V .1 iiL. liia.oU . I it
lclllllli, now pl'ipaii'il
; t'..', 1 illul viuil . ,
I ll.11 Fner-l Powili'i- nil (I1II1I1 n ll'i-i arc
1 uiinli So ut milk, In lake .. .il i,. vcr (i.i
A cciljln cine for loivililitu,-.', . ..u.ilpjMi n.
Iifjiljilie, tceililiiic aii'l ilonuih ilUonli'th mi, I
Hliime moiiik. At all 'Imscl.-U. !''. Siliipli
1e.1t Vfli:i:. V'Mrii Vlldi - niiiiiti'.l. l,.ti.J,
,N. V.
We Jesite to announce to our patrons and friends our
bpiing Openinp, on the above dates, and also our re
moval to a larger and more commodious store room,
1.2.I Wyoming Avenue (the Old Leader Stand), where
wc will be better prepared to receive and supply your
wail's ill our particular line.
I httiikhie; Von lor Past Favor,
Always Busy. Always Honest.
1 14 and 1 16 Wyoming Avenue
?t9 )(IVtJ.fVf) (fyM?MIM0 (.! (IMfM!1 W fVf flfl) W (t)sf
Genteel Shoes
For Gentle Spring
This is the sprouting time of life.
We furnish shoes for humanity
the noblest of all life.
For the Ladies.
We have four ol the
most perfect creations in
the art of shoe making,
They are :
The Always Busy $2.00
Oar Special 2,25
The Nay Aug - 2,50
The Beautiful Melba 3,00
These shoes are all the
feet need.and all the heart
desires. In style they are
in perfect good taste. Our
guarantee goes with every
For the Gentlemen.
We have styles that
are comfortable to the
feet, and beautiful to the
eyc The prices are :
S2.00, $2,511
$3.00, S3.50,
And $4.00.
These shoes are in
the prevailing leathers
Vic! Kid, Valour Calf and
Patent Leather.
114 and 116 Wyoming Avenue, Scranton.
E STAB 1-1 SUED I ,M 1888.
Is Your Bicycle
lu good shape for the ridlug season?
Is the time to have your work done,
it properly.
We do
II Bittenbender & Go.,'&
H V ' BIf
Q 126 and 128 Franklin Avcnup. Q
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