The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, March 25, 1901, Page 2, Image 2

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' '4
OiilCC :
burke CarboncJale Department
building! L j
1 1 1
a rorn.An ci.kwhmi uot;sr. fur tin nem-
" t cl All Vli line Houses to Pent, Heal
I'state or Other Property " Ml "r l.vclianse, or
Mho Want Situations or IMp-Thfe Smal Art
urlbcmcnts net One Cent a Wnril. Mx In'"'
I wis ror He Cents a NWnd-lluelit bltuatieiu
U anted, Which Are In-ctted I'rec
H'IIMlli:i) UOOOM Willi HO Mil) VI' Ml!
Wthlis, I? lliiioln .uriiiif . ul tlilr l'.i''l
lan lie oMilncil t) Hip week or inonlh
Miss Maty Roche, of South Canaan,
Dies fiom Tenlblo Bums.
Miss Mmy Hoi he. of South Canaan,
well I'.nown In this olt.v, mid 11 sister of
1'iolcssor Joint V.. Hoche, of Simpson,
nift ti tci ilble h Friday afternoon.
.Miss liochc kept house for lift father,
Thomas Hoi he, iind was engaged at
her housowoik u the'ii. About
:: o'clock. In some manner, her clothing
bocuiiio'lgnltod fiom the kitchen uinge.
" In h'l lAcltfiuont she lushed ftom
Hit? liltchni. tin- air running the Unities
to gio.itor filly. She fell olT the poteh
iind lay scieainlng with toituio. Sev
ii ii 1 nion weie winking In .1 field sonic
distune fioiii tin' house. They hcaiil
hef cl hh ami wcie Just In time to see
lit l" Itlllllitl? tiom the house
They liuiiloil to the scene Miss
'Kooho was lying whole she fll. the
loiiinauts of her clothing "till limning.
lic wan t.iiilcl Into the bouse ami Dr.
I'lho icspoiided to a tall. He
Miict ceiletl soinew hat In allaying bci
suit "lings, but ll hih seen fiom the
stmt that it wis hopeless to think of
j-.i vintr hrr life. She llngeiod on, how
ever, till II n't lot k lni night, when
(lea Hi lellcvctl lier.
Deceased was boni In South t'anaan
foily-llvc j ;-nts ago, and but for a eai
hi two spent in Siiauton, bail always
loslded there. Owing to a stioko of
palaljsls Mulcted a couple of yours
ago she bail been hi poor health slnoo
thai time. Mls Hoche was a woman
of kbitlly disposition ami a devout
Clulstlan Sh was beloM'il by all who
knew her. ami tin news of her de
plorable death has cnUM-d wldospiead
She Is survived by her fathir ami
two blothti.s, .John H. l.oche, of this
uty, and I.. A. I'.ocb', of Hlngh.iliiton.
The funeral was held josteldny
lunriillig at 11 o't loi k tiom her tale
homo, and the icin.ilns weie then
brought to this 1 1 1 to St. Ho.e t bin eh.
whoic- short scrv Ices wer held at J
o'doek. Inteinieiil was l.ilor inailc In
St. Hose cetuotuy. 1'lucliii
Moirlsmi was lu ehatge of the funi'ial.
l!ev. Fathr (iiirniiiii pioslded at the
.sen Ices In St, Hom ihiirth.
A Beautiful Story.
At the Opoiu House on Frld.ij lilghl,
Mr. Tim Muiphy will luc-scul "A
Huihc-loi s Kimianct" mr the llrst time
in thin (H. Mi. Aim li has In his
siippott A' Js-m Uoiothy Shell od and th
Sol Smith ISusscll lompanj. Mm.'
than tutllniry Inteiest has In en taken
in 1 Ills engagement by lotal the.itei
pitioiw, wllh the ic-ult that Mi. Mui
phy will be wcltoined by what piom-l-es
to be a luigo and billlhmt tut
tlicnte "A H.uhdui's Itomaiue" is a
beautlliil play in tour aetv by Mai Ilia
Morton, and was Sol Smith HU'-sell's
KitateM muccc.s. Ii. itusell is III.
unloitunateh. ami has been succeeded
by Mr. Muipby, who h , acctcdiii'' to
lepoits, at crtdltlni; himself with moie
than oidluai.N iiomu. His wmk Is said
to be notliluK i-hoit of a h vclalloli.
He pi-f.eiit.s mi ab.solutely olipinal ul' the lii.ilu ,sae editor ami
bachelor, who for veins has shut lilm-f-olf
up from uoildly ui.ilti ih u iii'ink
of totted. So absorbetl i.s be In Ids
wolk tint lie takes no milke of (let t
' Ins; time, until one day lib-, vv.utl. a
bcautitlll .MiUIlK VMini.iu, 111 dead
Hlcml'.s dauKhter, whuni H.iv hi has
placfd lu the ibMice ol a Hpinster,
bnakh ill upon his letlicinenl at a
time 'lien he is at till; as Judue in .1
J10.0UU prl,:c 1.I0IV i ontct olfeied by paper. 'I hen i;iadunlly IipkIiis a
ihaiiRO ami llavld foii-.ikes his loihl
hive voiatlou and beionios a man '
the wot Id. Full of ki ulle Intel est Is
his htoi, lull of rpiulnt humor ami
ttiiiebliiK pathos. The entile pi educ
tion Is i.iiilei by the company.
Spct till allentltin Is called to the
be.mtltul I'lMttilucn woui by the latlle.i
of the company. Mr. Muiphy eati!,T
with him all sciueiy, fuinituie mid
piopcillcs iiccc.ny ftu tin liiKiluu
lluii. ruueinl of H. I), Jones,
The heivlces over the ie
malll.s ol the hi tr 11. U .lonen, ol llytle
I'atk. cre held vestenlay atteinoon.
Shell t.eiies veie hold et Hit. bons
ai - o'cloi I and at the Shnp'-tiii Metiio
tlhl Hplstnpal i hui eh at L' u oMix-K.
Tim .Mi'r-oiilu Hateiiilty was 111 iliait)
of llio obsemiles anil lliu attcuilauce
mi unusually husc
Will Kesltlo in WnshinRtou.
J-ll-H Ulill.l llllllll'. VlllO llUH Jleell
ppi ildlnK Iho piiht live or hl uioTiili,i
villi her aunt lu Washington, D. ,
jetuilictl hcie Satuiday. She will,
Iliowovei, icmalii 111 t'.n bonrlalo but a
.uhurt tlinc, havluK tlet Idod I i etui n
to AVnshliiston fcoon' to mike It her
.'lK-ini.ijUnt home.
"" Annual Meting.
"The annii il business meetiiiR of Tiln
Ity.PiuUh Jur Jho eleithn of vchtry
nien nnd-tiaiifuctlon-of othef nuitteis
vl be held on Hust"r .Monday. Apiii
R. A iiuniber of Impoitaut iuestlons
will be unfolded to the iiiembeis ot the
Tuesday Night.
The ntlvimce naio for the Tim Mui
phy onmitrcniciit win open tumoiiow
CM'liliifr. Maich se. at 7 o'clock. ClK-eks
will be ijlven out at ti p. in,
To' ir, anil Mis. J.
Hlv6r Btnot, u ton.
A. Hi cumin, ot
Married in Philadelphia.
Announcement Is mado of the mar
rlaKC In Philadelphia of Miss Lillian
Curefi a Cough or Cold at once.
('mailer Crouii. W hooplas Corcli, IironrhltU,
i.tinpe wad Coumroptloii. Qulik. mri-,f ''.
Dr.liiill'K Pills cure Corntljutlon. MplllJlOc.
A. .Tonp?. tlaUBhter of Mr. and Mil. .T.
W. Jonc. of South riiurch ntieot, to
Wllllt.lil t V.hlte. of that ilty. MIhh
Jones tatiKlit school In this tlly for
sevotal ycuiH nflcr h(f Bnulimlln'i
fiom tht) C.irbondnle lllqh school, Mll
klfvlllo State Norninl kuhool and
Pleico rull.'-m'. Phllndel)lila. l-'or t-oine
llnie she wiiM n member ot Hie choir of
Hoiciin HapllKl cliuich. Kor the past
few yeatx she has leslled lu Phlliulcl
phlH. The bildoKiooni Is a chemist In
tie employ of Ilance Htos. A: White,
i luti'iimdHi!. In the City of Ihothorly
John W. Bell.
John W. Hell died on Saturday after
noon at the icldonte of his father,
Michael Hell, 'Jt Splint? stteet, ot tumor
of the heart and complications, ased
SO ycais. He was a veiy well known
icsldcnt of t'.irbondale, hnvliiB served
on the police force of the city for about
four years.
Mr. Hell was born In t'nibontlale on
Sept. I'O. 1870. When he was about 21
.veals old he Joined the pollc folic
and was an Ideal ollltor, beliiff laiRo
unit KtloiiR and at that time a line
specimen of humanity. Hcfoie he bail
b"on a polleeinau lonp, however, he be
Et.lll to he tioubl'd With llciuoi lll.iRe.,
and his heart kiivo him a ureat ileal
of anslety because of Its ei ratio movt
inonts. After four eais of police dutv
he letliotl ft mil the lite to tak" up hl'i
tiatle as a machinist at the Dolawaie
and Hudson shops. The weakness of
his heait made blm somewhat of an
Invalid, but lie kept at woik until
about thice mouths ano, whn he be
came soi lously 111 and lie bad boon toli
lllietl to Ids bed slme lice. I.'i last, lie
was a popular townsman, an hbal po
llit olllier, a lov Iiik sou and a devoted
biothci. He was unmaiihil and board
ed at the home of his father.
Mr. Hell Is suivhed hv hl. f.ithfi.
Mlibael Hell, thiee biothers, Andiew,
William and Wallat e, all of r.ubon
tlale; six slsteis, Mrs. Small Cook, of
Salt Lake 1'lt.v. I't.ih; Mis. Mary Hup-
prt, Mis. .1. J. Hosier, Mis. William
lleildon anil Mlsies Doi.i and Alice
Hell, all of t'aihondale. In his einllor
.ve.ns Mr. Hell was a nioniber of tin
Is'nlKhts of Pythias but bad leslned
his ineuibei.ship a few .v ears a pi.
Tile unci ul will be held at th" house,
mi nor Hiook avenue and Spi Iiik slieet,
toluol i oh alleimion at " o'clock. The
I'ei. A K I'hallte. of the Klist M. II.
i lltlti ll, w III pieslde
Fait of John Malta's Land Diopa
Into No. tl Mine.
NinUlicr : ei Ions -In has taken
pl.o e on lower Pike Hlltet, Ileal the
scene of the teienl tail wlikh itllned
t lie house ot Austin I.avelle. This one
Is on the niiiisite side o( the t.tloet. on
pi opei iv ul' jiihti Malla. between
DniiKlii it. and Monolian propei-
Not as larKi an aiea Is iiifei tetl as in
cither of the two former falls, but the
dr pt ll ol the hole Is much xicatci,
belllK almost lifty feet. No bulldlim'S
weie alfcctetl Ibis time, liowev -r.
The Rechei die's Dance.
'I'll- Hetheiehe Smlal t lull will hav i
a social on T.iositn iiIrIii. All II '.'.
The iiiembeis of the t lull hold a nii-i-t-lm-
ycsienla.v altcinoon lu Huikt's
ball and lall.etl over plans toi Insulin,;
the silt i ess of the event. A Iiuk-- Ken
dal tommlttee was appointed, as 1 1 1 -
lows: Thonia.s Shannon, .loseiili Walk
er, Joseph Powdeily, J'unrs Hlllke,
Joseph I'.moll, Joseph (Jllhool, Martin
Kennoih. John Haily. Jaui-s ilonne.v,
ol Plttston: Ihisene cushk. of Stian
lou, Joseph Malum, of til.vphalit. M.u
lliew .Mlllphv, James llealev, JaliifH
Campbell anil John I.rittus, lo'-eph
Walker will he policial manasit.
A Successful Swindle.
Caibund.lllans shullltl be mi the look
mil for a new swindle, wlibh is helnjj
voi kitl with (iiiislilLinhlt- hiicecsh hv
a u.-pet table appeal Iiik. middle-lined
man. The sehenie ol this .snluillor H
based upon the l,i. I theie Is a
t oiisldeiable piomium upon the IS'U
Columbian half dellai". The man en
tci.s a st'uc and makes a small pin
i base or (jots in a dial witli the pin
pilitor, in oitler to lead up to his offer
ing a specimen of tills pilynl loin af
a letlllcetl IlKllte oil the pioiuiuill, 'i"i
cuts or a dollai. cf the loin
Is lounteifolt. It Is said he has passed
oil a l.HRi uuinhcr ot tli-in.
May Be a Stilkc.
'llleie Is a luosptit of a Htlike lie.
Ini, Milled today nt tin- Hlcbmoudalo
mine. The men pome lim.. uro laid a
I'Uinbei of i;i Icwiuci's beoio riupprln
tiiident Allen, and on lrltlay lu staled
that he (tuild tlo nothing tor tht in The
Illinois met that cvculntr. and the k"ii
ci ul sentiment was lu favor of koIiik
out at unci. Another uieetliiK: was to
have been hold vesteulay, and in nil
piohublllty the men will quit woik tins
moniln;;, iinliss the matter Is fixed up,
The Number Involved.
It Is said that If a stiikc Is. called on
Am II 1 the men of the entlie aiilhia.
idle lesion will terpoiitl at nine. Tho
iutciests Involved topioscnt iSO eollioi
ics, In elKlit couutlos, valuoil at VIM),
iiiio.OUO, with an output of is.noo.nuo tons
a tar, and cinployliiK IGO.oun men and
boj s
The Receipts.
At tlie solvit es In St. Hose church
yostciilay It was aiiiiouiu od that the
net icielptH of the onCM-t.ilntnont held
In St. Hose hall on last Monthly tilKht
amount to $100 r.u, and that the endue
patty Ik Id Just befoic the heRliinlnir of
Lent luitl icsultotl lu a piotlt of Jllj.
Meetings Tonight.
Common council.
Olive Leaf loilue, Xo. 150, Independ
ent Older of Odd Fellow 8.
Federal union, No. 7.J0I.
Patriotic Older Sons of Amcilia.
Carhondalc council. No. ;Uti, KnlBhts
of Columbus.
Laylnp Out Lots,
Tin co of Survcjor PuniiliiR'h men ot
Si umtuii wcio luyhiK out iiuvv lolK on
the AlhilBht tiact. north of this, city,
on Saturday. Theio wcio ton lots told
on thU tiact l.iKt lull.
Young- Men's Union,
Theie will bo a siwtdal meotliic of
the Vituns: Men's union at tho Cowrie
'Phone :
NEW, 286
OLD, 0423
Rational church tomorrow cvenlnft at
8.1." o'clock.
Tho Passing- Huong.
Miss Maltha ShiRcr Is vIslthiR In
Patrick Catden la 111 at his home on
Dundaft' Ktlcut.
A. II. Fellows will leave today for
New Yoili city.
Mis. Sidney Plctcc has tecovticd
from a kcvi-io Illness.
Mis. P. J. Mutiny has icmoved fiom
Pike to Fat-view- sttcot.
lillbeit t'olbttin, of Hclmont street. Is
vciy III with brain fever.
Miss Kate Forbes, of Jlayflolil. Is v!.
IthiK .Miss Lizzie Latkin, on Uiooktyu
.1. W. Seaman, of lloncsdale, spent
Sunday with his sons, C. W. and A. V.
Thomas Caiilcn, of Woodhiwn ave
nue, has bought Council's house, on tho
West Side.
Mr. anil Mis. J V.. Hutr, of Lincoln
avenue, have l etui lied fiom their
southern tilp.
Theron Lc" Is homo to spentl his
Haster vacation with his parents, Ilcv.
ami Mis Chillies Lee.
Mi?s Colla Clink, of Pleasant Mount.
Is the Knot of Miss Maiy Walker, on
South AVashiwrton wticet.
Mldiae Kelly, of Htooklyu sttct. on
A pi II 1 will stmt In business In tho
stoic of the late Mis-. Ann, on
Woodhiwn avenue.
Miss C.piiPVleve Rlis, of StroudsbuiR
Not mill choo, and Miss MaiK.uet' Mllleisvllle N'oimal .school,
in r- lioine for Haster.
Jennie Hiytlcn. of I'aiboutl.ile, was
ontoi tallied at the home of Mi. anil
Mis. Hiyilen. of Main slieet, the e.uly
pail of the week. Miles AVaileinau and
wife wen called to Calboutlali hv the
si-lions illness of Mr. WiidPinan's sls
It r. Ilnuv lleliiiiir ami wife, James
Mav, wife and tlaiiRhtcr Ihmn.i, of
Caiboiitlnle, wcte rallul bote by the
sellout Illness of ll. J. Tnvlor. Peek-villi-
Join mil.
The Jr i mv ii borough t mint II w 111 hold
a nieetiiiR- tomoi low cvenliiK
for the pin pose of appointing a hot'.
oukIi attonuy, the toi in of the late
bniotish attninov, Jlulbollaiiil, having
tsplltd. It was thoilBht the matter
inulil be laid over until the liet niPol
liiK. but nvvlwf to HlP fait that the
holder, of the watoi bonds have coni
iin mill an action tiRuliist the boiouRh,
ll Is ncetssaiy to cnKORe IpryiI talent
to look nflcr the IioioukIi's Interest
This will be done at tomoi row even
lug's iiirntlu?.
The hoinc of Mi. ami Mis. Fiank
llenieli Iglit was hilghteiieil cstcid.iy
h.v the aiilval of a little son. A iIiiurIi
ti i has also at lived at the bome of Mi.
and Mis. Hit-haul Jones, of Main stieot.
ami Mi. ami Mis. Samuel Piloi, of
.Mavlleld, ale icjolcliiR over a similar
hupp.v event.
A ihlld of Mi. and Mis John Ken
neth, of South Main sHect, Is ill of
Mis. A. I'uioiy, who has been spend
Iiir .several months bete with Jeiinyn
lelalives. has ictuinetl to her lioine at
Wllkes-U.u ic.
Mis. Lewis Mollis ami family evpeol
sluutly to Join hei husband lu Denver,
Mr. and Mis. II. 1 Picas sivnt Sat
iirdnj evening w lib Cai bondale fiiends.
.Mis. C.iioj, of South Main stieot, Is
ii'llnllslv III.
Mis Isaac Jones spent jo-ttcitlay
with Plttston ti lends
nniRRlst Jones and family wcio In
St i anion ye.storthiy
Mr. and Mis. (Icoikc Peiulcreil, jr..
anil .Miss Stella Pendeied weie In Car
boinlale Satin tlay cvenliiR-.
Mi and Mis. Hairelt, of Likcsldc.
Siisiiuehanna ottnty. aie vIsIHiik at
the Imiiip of thdr sou. Prof. II. .V. ij.u-.
It'll, of Set ond stiet I.
A I.iirc ileligation of dtlzens assem
bletl at Mahon's hall on Saturday even
lug and dlstussed the question of the
p.ijmeut of the boiough's shale of the com t, which the Supionie
coilit leiently decided could lint be
legally paid b.v the boiough. From
tin- speeches made It was gleaned that
theie .no two ways of adjusting til"
matter. One Is to hold a special elec
tion to legalize the payment, or loi
the piopeity holdei.s along tht line ot
tlie sew ei to conti Unite and pay olt
the balnuto. The lattr plan seemed
most feasible, but in in tier to get the
opinions of all peuons Inteicstctl a
loiiiinltlce of ten weie named to wait
on the prupoilj- owners today. If the
tltlzeiiH do not appiove of this plan, nil
oitlluanco w III bo picsentod at tonight's
session ot touiidl piovlillug for a spe
cial clot t Ion.
A Iho toinpaiiy Is about to be organ
ized In (liassy Island, On aicoiint of
tin- gieat distant o tiom the ential
poll Inn of the town miidi tlamnge has
been done in set Hon of late before
the Iho i omp, inle.s could leitpontl and
In order to he better pioleelod lu the
future the citizens in that section or
the town will oiganlze a new lompany
lit a lew days. Council will be askeil
to assist lu bujiiig the netcssuiy up.
Miss r.tla Loftus, of Paleisuu, N. J,
Ih visiting Miss Mamie Kogan, or
Scotch hticet.
Th boiough council will meet in an
adjourned session tonight. The appro-
pilallons for the coining jear will bo
made and the salailcs of the vailous
binough oiriolals llxcd.
The Olypliaiit Mlnstiel compatiy will
give a performance at the opeia house
oil Apill 2'.'.
The llrst session of the Lady Hllen
Penman lodge of Itebetca, width was
oisaulyod two weeks ago, was held
on S.ituiilaj In the Sweeney building,
on I.iukawanna street. The afternoon
session opened ut 2."0 o'clock. A hymn
was .snug, aft-r which thirty-seven
iiiembeis weie Initiated by Deputy
(li.iud Master .Mis. Sklllhorn and her
staff, from West Seranton. The fol
lowing otllcors were then Installed:
Noble grand. Mrs. J. ll. Folhamus;
vice noble gi.ind, Miss Kdlth Kvans;
tr-asuioi, T ll. Hiown, assistant
treasuier, Mis Ueiijumln Williams;
seciotai.v, Chailos TIioiuiih: tiustecs,
Uccue Williams. Miss Jennie Phillips,
Mis. Jamoh Vine. At fi o'clock u lunch
was horved to tlie iiiembeis and visi
tors) In Llojd'H hall. At 7 o'clock ths
evening session began by tho singing
of a hymn. Forty-six more member
weie then Initiated by the deputy stand
master and her si tiff. Sevoial mem.
bPi-M from the Aiehbald Hebec-cii lodge
weie piesent and nuule appropilate
speeches pertaining lo the order. There
were also delegations pres? nt from Jer
myn, Carbondalo and Providence, At
the close of the evening session refresh
nicnts were again ssrved.
Mrs. Anthony Corcoran was called
to Newatk. N. J., on Saturday, owing
to the serious Illness of her son, John
Corcoran, at that place.
W. i:. Lloyd, of Deposit, N. Y., Is
visiting- his mother, Sirs. Frederick
Lloyd, of Ulakcly.
Mrs. F.ll Lowfoctc. of Hyde Pail,
spent yesterday with lelatlves In this
Mis.- May Morgnu, of Providence, vls
lled friends hete ycsteulay.
All annngonients have been i om
pletcd for the coining of tho Hlcctilt:
City minstrel troupe to town this even
ing, when they wilt give an up-to-date
perlonnance at Wcbei's rink, for tho
benefit of the Price Library associa
tion. The sale of tickets has bein
huge. Admission 2," tenia. The fol
lowing Is the piogranime: Opening
chorus, Klottilo City Wheelmen Min
strel company, grand Intiodttctoiy
oveituic, bones and tainbos, "Choir
Ccltfctlal," David Owens; "JJveiy ISace
Huh k Flag but the Coon." William
l'i Ice: "Oh Answer Mo," Walter Da
vis; "Just Hc-cnuse She Mnde Them
(Ico-Hoo Kycs." hen. Allen; "Mls Vlr
glnlo," Thomas Stephens, selection
(I'lirmonlca), N. Loomls; "My Honolu
lu Queen," Arthur Davis, "Asleep In
the Deep," 1J. llolllstcr: "No Cake
Comes Too High for Me," Luther
Thomas; a little 'lance, William Hiieh
"Lamb, Lnmb, L'lliib." William AVII
lianis: jelectlon. tiuaitette, "Dolly
Grc.v," Ihurys Joseph; mandolin selec
tion, 1-al. .Morse; selection, John
Thomas: "A Little Foolishness," ( A
William. Hn. Allen, gram! finale, "The
Holy City," H. H. D'ivIs and ioiii- bones, Hilly Williams. A O. Da
vis. W. H. Davis. Tainbos. H. N. Teets,
Lutlirr Thomas, K. D, Morse. A dance
will lollov the perfoimnme
Hcv. Frank Mllinan, Ph. D., of Potts
vllle, pastor-elect of the Second Pics
bytcilan ilmreh of Pottsvllle, oceil
pletl the pulpit nt the Piesbytoi'hin
ehui oh .vestenlay nioinlng and deliver
cd an Interesting sermon.
Following Is the result of the contest
for the lancy quilt at the Stew ait Mo
tnoilal cliuich fair, which came to a
successful termination on Fildny
evening. For the quilt. Mrs. Thomas
Wybmn collected ffil.oi. Mis. Joseph
Cnlbeit,'; total, $12".fi1.
The Ice ci cam and fagRot socials lvld
on Satin day evening at the Welsh and
Flist Congicgatlonal chinches veio
well attended.
A large number of Taj lor people at
tended the fiineial of the late Mis.
Thomas at the Hiech Woods jester
da j.
Mcnibeis of the Taylor worsted and
Lmkaw'inn.i silk mills union an- ie-
Itichteil to meet this inoinlup at ! ID
o'i lock. Mother Joucs will be pieselit
at Hip meeting.
Measles hip plentiful In this boiough
mill now nie being lepoitetl
Taylor, I'yne and Aichb-ild lolllnles
cniploj-ps ricelved theh nnil-nionlhly
p.uiilngs mi Satin daj.
Taylor Mais villi jouinev to Piovl
diliic tonioiiow liiRht, whelp they will
meet the stats lu the basket ball iiic-na
at the Auditoiiuin
.Miss Jennie Dav s, a trained nurse,
of l'hlliidelphl i, Is the guest of icln
tlvcs lu town.
lhublem tllvlslon. No "7, Sons of
Temperance, will meet in icgiilar ses
sion tills evening.
Hert C.omlall, of 1'eckvillo, called on
fi lends In town on Satindav
Chlinril AVIIllanis. 'if Main stieot,
leaves for Xr w Yoik this morning,
whole he will seeiite a po.ltlon.
Mis. Thomas Owiiis, of Union street,
has letuructl home fiom her visit to
Mr. and Mis. Chillies Hodge, of
I'nlon stieot, visitt tl their son ul the
Moses Taj lor ho-tpltal yestoidaj-.
David C. Davis, a popular .voting
man, died at the home ot bis sister.
Mis. James H. Watklns, of Malnsticet,
ycsteulay afternoon Horn an attack
of pneumonia. Deceased fornieily ic
sidetl In Pltthton, wheie he was em
ployed as a suivejor up to the time
of bis ibatb. announcement
will In made later.
The cuv lug In .of tin- mines of the
Temple lion tompany on North Main
stiect has caused gteat excitement in
that vicinity, as the Riouud has set
tlctl to quite an extent. On the prop.
city of D, Lewis theio Is a cave-In that
extends nuoss the pioperty. It Is
about thlity teet wide and some twen
tv teet In depth. The . W. Huiii
tlagt pioperty I.s also a siufcicr Tho
pi finises me occupied bj C, J. Ganze-
niullei and family and they weie great
ly turpi Ised on Filday moinlug to
tlnd a hole home thirty feet lu depth
and oNtondlng over quite a Jong sec
tion of the surface hail made Its up.
poaraiuo dm lug the nlghi. The
gioiintl In and about that vicinity Is
settling and gicat ctacks In the earth
are to b seen. The Temple lion com
pany will today endeavor to till up the
depicsslons In the ground by lining
with culm It Is thought that when
the fiost leaves the ground the caves
will become mote extensive.
All. C.. V. Taj lor was tho guest ot
Mr. Hjtnn Travis, of Mooslc, yestet
duy. Ml and Mis 11. H. HligRS, of Car
bondale, weie guests of the foimcr's
patents, Mi. and Mi. S. II. Hilgg.-,
Miss Isabelle (i.inzomtillcr Is able to
be about attorn wcok'fsevpie Illness.
Mrs. Anna Kiolft and daughter,
Cbna. or Moildale, N. Y.. Is being en
tortaliietl at the home of her luuther,
Mi. L'dwnul Haines.
The local cauih of Modern Woodmen
of Amcilia will hold their regular
meeting at Ledy.ud hall this evening.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
lAe l.ivallir llrumo Quinine 1'alilrti. Sic. '
Mis. John Godfrey, nn old ami ic
spceted rcsltlent of this place, was
stunk by the il.09 hoiith-bonnd train
Saturday aftetnoon. Fortunately, the
old lady escaped serious Injuilos.
The Dramatic company of this place
I.s making great preparations for tho
production of "The Shamrock and the
Rosa," which Is to take place Tuesday
evening, A pi 11 10. The past few months
the company has been rehearsing this
di lima under the oaieful direction of
J. it, Kennedj', a gentleman who Is
well known on the stage. "The Sham
rock and tho Hose" Is a loiuantle
drama of Iilsh life during the lebelllon
of '!i5. hi four acts, by John Fitzger
ald Murphy. The ciiBt of chat actors Is
ns follows: Harney O'Brudy, an Irish
Mondial, John McAndrcw: 'Squire
Fitzgerald, Hose's .father: James Keel
er; Jos Desmond, up outlawed patriot,
P. II. Oallaghcr: Sliuun Carey, a spy,
John Sweeney; Captain Heck, l.leuten-
Don't fail to come an J see .is Rroat bargains
are waiting for you.
Ill New Guernsey Building.
Gooth callctl lor anil delivered. Cleanlne,
I'-thiK ami rrrfslmt,
Golden Gate
Dininq Rooms.
llol 23 tent rural in (he tity.
Kiie Meal Ticket. $1.00.
bundj dlnnfr a pv laity.
Home nudo I'.utr-.
W. J. Bahriscale.
1' trimming
Tiling lor (loon.
I'lerlrle Wiling and l'ivlitre.
Ileclilc Pell and Telephone Moil.
309 Commonwealth Building.
Dealers In
Plate Glass and Lumber
Kingsbury & Scranton.
Manufactiiicit' Agents
Ii-likt' Amenta for
John V ltorhlinyN Sim lo a Mire Itopf and
Fleet rlral Mire Cutla Peirlia ami It iblier Mle
l o ' llellinit, 1'jiltlnp, Hove and Met litnii il
ItuUier l.ond. Knowllen I'atklnir l irtri'n
nil ( loililnc lloom ,;ni Piull niili-
Iloipc Miwiiisr and Hlarksmiiliin;
M.14011 .iml ( muse riullillns and lliiliber Tnr
ant Douclas, Thornton, of th Kins's
Veomamy, J. H Kennetij, 'I'huimii
Foul, W, H, Dciniodj, 1 espeet Ivcly.
Ilo-e ritget.ild. tlie "Hose (.r Wit-k-low,"
Akiios Foul: llcen O'ltouike,
Hainey'M "Shamrock." Hee Hyine.Nano
Desinoiid. JoIiii'h sister. Heatilce Foul,
anil soldlcis anil lusiiiKt-nts.
Cauls au- out announcing the mat.
ll.ifre of Mi. Mm tin (iolden ami Miss
M. J. Holland, both popular youns peo
ple of this plate.
The t'nlted Mine Workem of Ameii
1.1 will hold a special mejtliig at their
looms tonlKht I.tilu Hiatlv and anil Wlnlfied
DoiiKheitj' weu caller.s In Scranton on
- -
Sketch of Charles M. Schwab, Head
of the Gieatest Steel Woiks in
1 1011 Cavil l'i M u.i'iiii
The ranks of those who have won
dUtluetlon lu developing the Ameilcan
Iton and steel Industry to Its pies-ent
lilKh state holtl as one of their youiiK
ost, anil yet one of tholi most promi
nent members, Cliailes M. Schwab,
the ptesldent or the CaincRie Stool
company, Limited, of I'ittsbuiR-. He
I.s a native ot the Mate of Pennsylva
nia, and was boin on Feb. lo, ISC', al
Williamsburg, Hlalr eounty Ills re
mote ancestors weie Germans, but his
patents weie native Ameilcum-. Ill
father wa.s a woollen nianufactuicr at
WIlllamsbuiK lor many yeais. In 1S7J
the family icmoved to I.oietto, l'a., .1
little mountain hamlel on the 01 est of
the Alleghanlo. famous as the ciadle
of Catholicity of the western slope of
the AlloKhanlos, and tlie place wheie
the prince-priest, Demetrius Oalllf.en,
kin to the present house of flussln,
struggled 100 years ago to plant the
ctos and spiead civilization. Loretto
Is the oldest heat of icllglou and loam.
Ing In tho Hnltetl States west of Hhlla.
tlelphla. and theie, under tho tutelage
of the Franciscan friars.young Schwab
leceivetl his .sclentltlc education. When
but a boj. before his tolloge dajs, his
time was emplojed on the fanu and In
riilvlng tho coadi vihidi caiiietl tin
malls and iMsseugeis riom Cicsmiii
station up to Loi otto, his father hav
ing at that time the contuut for car
rying the malls between these points;
and thei-p nie many who yet lcmember
the piesldent of the great Caincglo
Steel conipanj- as the smiling, com to.
mis lad whote Intelligent conversation
enteitalned them on the four-mile
ill he fiom Cresson to I.oretto.
In July, 1SS0, he was graduated ftom
college, and Immediately set out lo
e.1111 his livelihood. Dm Ins tho sanie
month he engaged to take a place In
a groceiy nt Hiatldock. Pa., and thus
the executive head of one ot the Idig-
est industilal establishments In tin
wot Id began his business career. The
gioiery tuide, however, did not lin
piojH the joung man as a puunlslng
Held In which to icallo his expecta.
lions, and when, alter two months'
expoileuce behind tho sugar counter,
ho found an opening mine suited to
hit. taste and abilities ho relinquished
his position to enter the set vice of the
Caiiiegle Steel complin v, Limited, in
tlie ouglneeilug department.
Ills ambition was to beioine an engl.
neor ami his beginning was at the hot.
torn The llrst duty assigned to him
was stako dilvlng at the Edgar Thom
son Steel wot Us, Hessenier. Hut fiom
the outset almost It was evident that
Schwab was capable of eventually till
ing a high position In tlie department,
and tho transition lu his foitune was,
consequently, rapid. In sis months
alter he enered Carnegie's service hj
was appointed superintendent, and In
that capacity supervised the construe,
lion of eight of the nine blast furnaces
now comprising tho Kdgar Thomson
Mr. Schwab also oilgiuated oilier en
glneeilng woiks of conslileiable mag
nitude at tho Thomson work.,
Including au addition to Hie i.ilt mill
department, giving tho works mi out.
put owocdlng any mill lu tht- woiltl.
Brotherhood Wine Co.'s
I Ine Old Ptilt", niirgiilullr. and
S'lilfiiici. I'unU 'J ratio Onlj.
Great F'ire Sale
Now dolus On.
line I r ami all Kliuli c( WiV-m car.
Scranton Laundry,
Calls by tctcpliono rctcht iirompt altcntlnn
"Tliat's all "
Tor l,iillc and Cent',
Ml slilm-s ic
Succewor ti
Me mike a perhlli of fine lueid atnlta
Orrlu tor Sibji, Ojttcu, fro'inm, fir,
promptly lillnl,
A lull line ol Lie (reini and lie
Eureka Plating Works.
b'ber, (Sold, Mi III, Cupper ami IlriM
I Inndelleri RefiiiMieit
Leading c fdeiUr
Two l'lionea.
Nn ,i in I ,, K.m 111111 ate
j The scriANron Vitrified Brio:
M.iken .. l-nini, Pn.i fi. M II llll
I. Sr, anii, liilln .lii MuOiiusloii 1
Muks ,11 Vi V11.'. I'd , I K M It It
The t h.mges m. id. at that time with
Itnpioieil blast fin e and siei 1 iun
veislon praetlie. effected mil b huge
ot onoiules in inannfiu titling tost as to
make eniiipi tiilun possible in iho u.m
Itets of the voi Id. to the extent tit
the pioilllcl of tills mill is now to be
found 111 t-veij qiiaitei of the gl ibe
where lailioads are opiiated
He contluued as stipci intepdctir nod
nssliitnnt man. iger of the Hdgar Thoin--011 es alltl steel woiks from ISM
to 1VST. The Lit" Cnptaln William 11
Jones, wl-ove enduring woiks must
ever be assoi Inteif with tho enrlj dr
velopnient of the American sted in
ilu-tij. was gontral manager of ihe
plant at that time, and shoved abiding
talth In the genius and capacity of his
assistant Mr Schwab iii-opeiatnl
with C.ipttiln Jones in tin jieife.
and practical deiuoustiatioii ol the in
vention known to the stool iiulustij as
the "metal mixer," which has made
Ihe name o Captain Jones almost as
fnmnu- In the world of nietalltiigv as
that of Hesesmer, Siemens, Mai tin aim
In 1SST Mr Schwab was appointi d
siipeilutendent of the Homestead steel
works of the Catnogle company and
let onstrui toil the entire plant making
It the largest plant in the woiltl of It,
class, producing steel blooms, .siiul
tural shapes, bridge steel, bollei, in
nun. ship and tank plate and Med
tastings. Shortly alter he assumed
the management of the Homestead
woiks, the Carnegie lompany under
took the inautifactuie of .111,101 plate
at the request f the t'nlted states
navy depai tinent, and the slltces;i at
tending this great enlerpilso fiom th -Hist
day of operullou may be atti Unit
ed to the eliglneei's dear pen option of
tlie mechanical anil tlltb
cultles Involvetl and the manner In
whldi he oven ame obstut les In ihls
gigantic woik.
No blanch of the steel Industi.v pie
sentul in its Inception inch hazards
to the cuglncci and steelmaker as 1II1I
uimoi pmleniiiklng, and the icsults ac
complMiod by Mi. Schwab vieie par
tloulailv ciedltable fiom the fait that
ho succeeded almost tiom the initial
efloit, while evciy pu-vlotis iittempt
failed at the beglnnlnrr and armoi was
not piodiitod suttessfiilly until niter
a long period of experiment
Mr. Sehwnb temalned at Honiestead
as htipeilnlendeut until Octohei, issD,
win 11, upon the de.ith of Captain
Jones, icsulllng fioin au accident at
the lldgar Thoinphon tuiiiaces, he was
appointed geneial siipeilnteiiilent of
the Thomson woiks ami lur
liates. In lS'U Ihe Hnuiosti ail Steel
Woiks weie also placed under his
management for the second iliue. and,
with heailqiiiirtois at llnniestead, he
illicctetl the opeiatlons ot both Im
mense establishments, cmplojlng
thousands; of nu'ii ami piodiielug sever
al million tons of sled per annum, lie
was declod a member of the bo.ud of
inan.igciH In IfcDi'.. and lu,
IS'iT he succeeded John J. A. Lelsh
man. I'nlted .Si.iIi-h nilnlsioi to Swltz
eilantl. In tho olllce uf raesldcnt ot the
vast C.irueli- enlei prises.
Tills, in bilef. Is the lecoul of ("has.
M Schwab's uucii. Horn the countiy
lad on the dilvoi's seat of the niouii
tain dlhigc mall-coach lo tho pics!
dent's thitli of one of the lending cnin
meulal Institutions In the wmld. Ills
life of !ott than two-scoio yeais has,
liuieed, been reniaikabl" uuecessful,
and Is all the more creditable since h
owes nothing to advantageous ch-cum-stnmes
tif till til and exceptional oppoi
tunlilcs: but. un.ildeil. and b.v tho
nieilt of his own efforts, ho has at
tallied a fotemost phut- among the
IiMdois of Industilal commerce or the
woiltl. II l.i 111 hlevoiiionis have been
many and note win thj tttid as a me
ibiinlcal 11 ml nn iiillutKir-Hl tpeit of
the. t'nrniglo Sfd louipanj'. he has
lu en an Important r.u lor lu the urn -cess
of that establishment. Mr,
Schwab's services to tho Imp Industry
are highly valued, unci tunny of tho
tolling mill dovhes iilld steel winks
Implovciiieiitu now emplojed on bulh
sides of the Atlamle are tho punliiet
think! iV;i;r,,,n,ut4d,
F. L. Hitchcock
t& Son.
600 ami 507 Cummonnrallh nulldlng,
Onlj flrt clan rompanlei rrprettntctl. Clilnn
piomplly paid.
O. S. BLOSS "aSS&'c
L. SOMMAR, lliilldinn Contiactor.
i:mplo) union men. IMInutei rliecrlully
Chen Itrmorlellng and repalrlnu a apeclall.
will .ell ill tlirlr tampln ol line Imported
Mailr.i Milrl lor men nt l.'h , woith 1 n 2, V)
(lold Me.lit
lit COIIs and Wr...
OSs of .ill Unrtai
aim lloa-ei and
llulldln; l.ol at
bareiliH IIDIf-ES
I I.IIMM'D and
(!ttOO-.l) at
M. T. Keller's
I uKawannaCarrhg
Clllltlirn' -Xl
V aperllltv Pr
Ireterlni Hrtoni 1, t.lnhe alme
limn t In V 3'1 p
111 t f'llMllUM.Hi
dee -plienc n"ll
BERNHARD, jeweler.
.1. I..M h, NNv AVI'.MI.
Me lany the larne.t
Motk ot I'mbrelU", l'ar
tjJYv "'"I" al"l llmdle.; we
SK&s aNr, ItlCONtnt ninlirella
ijj U243jk. and imwI and make
? id fcm ""'", "I' r'lIM" " K"01'
'vt I i?AV "en """ K-raniT inn
'.ft oyA inkes tt In lower thin
VW ,,nl 'in,,e In tho t ll.v
J N Me repair all 0111 iiid
tor one ear I HI. I. Ul
(II Mini:.
50 YEARS' .
m - . - . -- -
' TnADE Marks
Designs 1
Ilimnirii;iiy..iiiniuiii. on .".."'"..". ; .....
aont free, eililo.t nceney forneeurlnir patenta.
Patents taken thrnuuh Munn A, Co. rccelTfl
tpeelal notice, wllhout charge. In tbo
Scientific American.
A handsomely lllii'trated weekly. I unrest rlr.
iiiliillon of uny selenium lournal. 'lerins. M n
Ttiar: four months, ti. gold byull newsdealers.
MUNN &Co.3G1CrM,wa'' New York
Uraneli Offloc. CJ5 K 8t, Wnsblnmon, 1). C.
tsr S (IT C T II V. ." A i 1:.
I hlU(1.lhU. I-., ilnijr ...rui.i. npwt.ii.e j
Vairrira. I..i4-antr1n rur ilSy m.ll
111....... I ir. Ahu..., PIihmI ToSnilt S.r.AU.,
I PrMlltr,lo.l,rlro..l.'MrlFtirfiio
9 .uiiUi. . I nil.,lAtiRi.iil. A hhrunl.n Omn.
(7ih r.- .r-d 1 In lOil.r.. Sft ..n practlralA A Jftr.1
IbofpUul rip.rl.n. I" e..rmy. -.oil for hivk "TrBth"f .J
Ipo.ini ..r BiMilf.l .Iwtrl'tl rru. H.tlii IH. l.ri
' !
I 2ft
of his genius He holds membeishlp lu
vailous sclentllli and Industilal organ
izations in Ameiha and Huiope. In
cluding the Auieiioatl lion and Steel
iismii iiitlon. the Amcikan Institute nt
Mining Hnglneers. and tho lion and
Stool Institute ot Uie.u liiltuin.
Mr. Schwab's peisounl dun acteils
tlcs au stilklnglj foiceliil He shows
keen and o-i tain Judgiul'-iit and ic
manner openly fiank and unassuming;
hut the piodomliiatlng trait of his na
luie Is gentle, alfable anil sj lupathetio
tr mperanieni. whldi wins ailmli.ttloii
and tilendslilp.
Appieclatlng tht ueiessitv of train
ing the voutli of todaj. that they mav
bo self-dependent In after life, Mr.
Schwab founded III Homestead a fui
polytechnic fcIiooI In which Instru. -Hon
Is given In nieihanlcal dinwlug,
iiiillni-ntni v engineering and kindred
piuctlcal studies. The st bool Is con
ducted as a biandi of the Pennsyl
vania State schools, and It ha nu-':
with such giatlfvlng sin cess that the
founder now contemplates building an'i
equipping a tialiilng si honl lor clrbv
Ills bendlt ence has been well nppllel
In Ihls undcitiiklng as well as to nil
met nus woithj chaiitles whldi he sup.
polls generously though quietly.
J tie hot- tli it Inniril ont 1ml .e taUert hi pjr.
dita seed ami u in :
Ihij puinleieil wlul as Ivsl fur I1I111 and lne
lliey mntlil lo tin.
Ami they .it last ilrudeil lliej would kerp In 1
lioine .it iilkdila
s.i he inulil not take pjit in .ill the ether ho-.
'Ihej nrirr let him pUj vfltli lioja wlio went in
their liare rrll
Tlu-i kept lilin from llii t imiiiiiiar hole in I
Urpt I1I111 off Hie itieft.
lie cur lull 11 ini'lo fUM, ami on Ml lid-
llo ttllli Hit- oihrr hide liuj v,, nrier, net.r
II' nt'ier nlole an 1 ppli- fium & nclglihoi's appia
lieeuiiM- lis uiutlier'a i-asle eo w,n nn lilm
lie netcr m a "litiw." bfcaute 111 pa.ntl
nlu,iya fall
'IIhj illtlu't nanl In loinmj lo lm
lint tilirn lie srew up Into '(Mrs, tie tlslinl min
Ut) 1 ' t tee
Tin rty sweetest Joj III life liivu bfen ik-iili-d
to liw."
Ami all tlie pent-up splilt ot Hi (ellow hreka
and ran.
Ami wlil U inUtlilfl lnt l-e.v Is rrlmlnsl tn
I1b-w1 fetuinr, In Iwllanipilli !'m.