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Considerable Amount ol Business
Disposed ol In the Senate
and House.
Tocht BUI Recommitted House Elec
tions Committee Tnkes Action
Upon Other Ballo. Measures The
House Kidnapping Bill Is Amend
edMr. Bliss Intioduces a Skele
ton Appiopilntion Bills Passed
riunlly New Business Consldeted.
11 ,. Illlvr Will flOlll Hie Xl lialfll I'leSI
Iluri fsl.'ti pr. Pa.. Alarch 13. Tho sen
ni met -it I o'clock tlilH afternoon nnd
disposed nf om,ldorable business In Its
wo hours' session.
Mi Fo, uf Dauphin, leported favor
nlil finni the committee mi public
ginund.- nnd buildings' the bill ptovlel
Ing for tho completion of the state
capital Ijtillflltirr. ns nmotided. Tho
amendments i educe the amount uf
iinmcv neocssaiy to complete tho bulbi
ng tiom fi.fioi.fioo to r.0O,tii)n. and
'Units Iho life of tho commission In
c lunge ot llio eoustiiictlou of tin liulld
Ing to .l.miMiy 1. 191J. when tho struo
tmo must ho finished
The Foe-lit ballot lofciiin bill, whlih
iuii on tin- tnlPitdm for llt'st renting,
was looonnnltti d lo Iho connnlttoo on
olortlon- on motion of Mi. Cochran, of
l.vronilng. Mi FiicM. of I'lilmi. I"sc
nndul tin inotlon. lit o.plalnod that
ho untiled hi.- bill thoroughly musld
fnl by nil pd'h and amended If nce-'-s-s,ny
befoie b"itig placed in llnal pas-
The bill pU'Vontlnt? the multiplica
tion of jios, poles and conduits, and
ninwin:,' foriioiatlon"! to enter Into
c nti.ut with oil' h other for Joint usT
ot the wni", "as .iln ucoinnilttod.
Tin hcu.-o bill hlih miikea death
hi- uidMmuni penalty for kidnapping:
ii .'imoiided o that tho inlnlmiim
I unNliment shall do Imprisonment for
Mte or Mich term of years as tin court
ti nt tit to imposo. Tin bill was
i'omi laid ovei foi pilntlr.K.
Tl.e.o bills iijfKpil llnrll
ll'litniu to tlie Is-iiins of v.iu.iiit lo Miiir.r
itiuarraiilnl tell r-t itc. tallilillni: vairanu
liditoii'K liued and 'LintiliR of patent on
in vetiirni of riiiney on i -li n-arrauN.
ttoii-r 1 III (tiilillni; tllj. lounti, waul. ton-
i'T. Mliool and IioiuiirIi ti colleitoii to ml.
ei tlr foi Hie patmepl lor mMiIi tiny
br nut iiirv.nilb llatilc, ii for wlikh tlie.i -liall
Ijilrnr l'"H become perv.nilU liable without !.-
m lolltiied tlie viine by the ixplration of theii
'rni ol i .Kite and to rMtwl tlie time toi ol
1'iiion 'if the Mine for a hho1 of one eir
IiiioipuilliiK the Mllainille lliblui ooinpmy
in tj;iu (omit,.
I ui.un all faun limU Milliin I lie limits
' an lioioiiffh fintii the av...intnl and lollei-
ii ot oi tac toi tlie ot llhtlni; or
ppl inc the sum ullli 1I11.
The bill piovldlliK for the establish,
nint of a eoiitt for the tilal of Juvonlln
offindus wan advuiHod to thlid tead-
Bills Intioduced.
Ii iniii'iln.'i, , nun PruMdme Ihdi it i
I'l lllmx. Ol III, lllt lllss. f-tl ill lill pul
I ulilo Hi irdki tlii-iii I. and to iiiiim
mi'- I IteltllliK and n-iiiltl(. ti'l Iho lion
i.ii ! .m.i iinlinii ii .ili-l in 'Ii fault ol pi..
in in t.i pniihU Ii r "Millennia In tin tin I
mi piImjIi hi to ImiiI lahu' upon tlie tuei
i i In wliili Im tin liunllt ol the illl
II Mi Cue In .Hi. I.j i online 'llu (tiifle.i ballnt
r in in bill, ind a bill ippio 1I1II1114 i2,(tV to
1 e llniiKi' (litteiitoii Ini'iie of Wllllnuvpuit
H Mi 1 men-. Mc-uei - Illl lepeallinr 'he
iiip!.iiirii to the lit ienl.-itlni; Hie praijlce of
oi 1 m. i, .ipproifd Miy it. 17, nnuliliic pit.
in 1, lrep (heir ii.itllli.iti. of leglstrallou In
1 iip iuii plue wliiih w.i apptoiul .Inno
ii , .
lb Mi linlit, I ilpti ( teatitm and iliMiln
llu ofltio.e 1 1 dNoidiil.i i-nduil b priot oil
' and lallwae ism. uhth 01 piii.ue
,il... and tild.le ti 111ml, k(H lur lb imii-i
'i' ot of the fiublii npd tiim tin pciultin P 1
ie s.cne; empoHeuii tuH pjeivei rallu.i 1
in rpoi ited tmdi 1 tin law ot tlie ttate to .in.
poin' polliemeii
lb Ml. -inil(i, ( Iii.Ipi -II0111I11111, le.i."H and
. ml nit ilamiiiK piopiMtv and otirii.ilp in
1 am.-, melodiaits and oipjiis n them leanl or
il'l upon the Instalment pi 111 to rIic notbe
of their ildlln b. pnntlii',', tjinpini.' ot iiiRtav
mu in 1 ioii I1111111. plue nioii tie fionl of
'I mull In.itiiment tho ninio of the lifor or
lor pieiidid in the Moid., "piopirtj of am
iml In." anl fin- .1 eii,ilt,i for failure 01
'Cleii to (.tie Midi iiotln- .ml .rentiblnj a
iiinkhmfiit fer Iraiidnlentli m tiulldoul- ile
i.i--IIK or remoilni,' Midi notlie.
Ilv Ml. M.,011, Clis VutlKiiUliiK the on in 11
Vtvees and ocenpantk of liml to foilml inlu
11K thereon fot the pnrjia-e .)( hootlnif or ta.
tntr wild animal. blid, same 01 Ibh, ami piu.
ildlntr 1 penallj for n ilolngt nNo a bill pro.
splint; for the pintctlkii .unl iinuse ..1 lull In
mull uit of boiindaij lake, of nioie tlui, i,m)
acic, and In water on 'my ieiiliiiili, or In my
1 sv tu or comstnl ilth U;, Jjl.,.-.,
iml decliilntt the pidi. of tl.'i In mhIi wwlirs
til'U .ire sum' nrd tho'e whhh ui nun.
tipichll) uluahle toi tuoil,
It was decided that tin stwlnn of the
senate on Tites-days shall boirln nt I p.
m and on Wednesday's nnd Thursdays
nt 10 n. m. After the senate hud cleat ed
the calendar. It adjourned until 10
o'clock tomonim.
In tin hou-p thlt. attetuoon the Hed
ford, Vandyke, Ciuffey. Chew and Ar
nold ballot tpforni bills wcie teported
fiom the elections tommlttuo fop print
ing, after whkh they will Iw reioni.
rnltted top a. inpr.
The Beacom bill, icquliinf- counties
to pay the expenses of election con
test, vuh tavoiably icpotted.
A the Keneral apptoprla
tlan bill was Introduced by Air. Jlllss,
of Pelawaie.
The Kame commission bill was lecon
sldeicd and fuither consideration post
poned for tin picseut.
fu motion of Air. Call, or IMilladel
phlu, tin icioluilon to appoint a com
mission in draft a eoipurutlnn law was
considered find laid ttbldo for the pros
en I
Bills Tossed Finally.
'"iipplfinenl to the 11 1 ol Mil 2.S, 1J, relat
In; 111 the lanail'in of ity and Ih" pintritluii
( tlirrp, pioiidlti Hut (lie fund raised by the
taxation of docs be applied In addition lo the
loss of nhifp (or the lis ot other domrktlc ani
mals bitten by mid Kk.
Liiconrtitliu; the urn of wide ilrc upon wmroih
vipon public: lilRliwa,
Xallditlnj prlMlc ulc? f Teal e.lalc of de
cedents heietofere made tinder authoiltx' of or
phans' rourts upon petition of executors or ad
tnlnlstrators for pa.inietit of debts.
'Ilie Coopcr-McClaln libel bill.
Amendltiir the net of ,prll ". ISJl, irlalliu;
In liornujht, o ptoitilp a method of la) Ins nldc
walk". Detiulilnir homeirft count from the Sixteenth
judlclil dbttlel composed of llctlfonl and Som
erset connllci, and erecting It Into a beparjie
ladabllslilng H separate otpliaus' (ontt In
Wfntmoicland conrilj.
The house adjourned until in o'clock
tomorrow morning,
Arrangement of House Members.
Lackawanna and Luzerne Dele
gations to Be Increased.
By lAeln-lie Wire from The .Wotlnlril I'reK.
JlarrlsbiirR, Alarch lo. Senator Kin
cry, of Mcrcct, tills nfteinoon itilro
iIuppiI in tin senate a bill apportioning
tin It'Klslatlvi dlsttlcts of the state.
I'ndor the bill the house will consist
of iio members instead of 201 as at
present, t'nder tlio bill Philadelphia's
meinbeishlp will bo increased lrom ."!
to tl membcis. with ":. instead of is
districts. Tin llrst cluht d'sttlcts, each
of which lll have one member, have
not been apportioned. Tho others ara
as follows:
Olli ..
lot tl .
mil ..
itii .
tiiii .
nth .
r.tu .
l"ih .
triii .
Mli .,
lsth .
.Mil .
"let. .
J.'d .
'.Mil .
'.'Illl .
-'.Ill .
'.'nil .
ixtii .
2Mb .
2tlli .
:10th .
KM .
'I.'.l .
... iih, bull. ..
IMt, 1MI
'.'Ir, '.'tth
Sid. l-.ti
. .ith
tii.ti. iti
The Allegheny county delegation
Inci eased from sixteen to twenty-four
nieinbets. The Fltst district shall con
sist of the First. Third, Fourth, Sev
enth. JClKhth, Twelfth nnd Thirteenth
h arils of AllPRhcny city, and shall
hao two members.
The Second illsttict Is nude up of
the Second, Fifth, Stth, Ninth and
Kleenth waidn of Allegheny city, and
shall luive two membeis.
Tho Second. Thlid. Sixth. Seventh,
I'lBhth. nteventh and Thltteentli
wards or PittsbuiK shall bo the Third
dlMilot, but the bill does not say how
many members shall topic-cut It.
The Fouith dlstilet Is to consist of
tho First, Fouith, Fifth. Ninth. Tenth
and Twelfth wards' of the same city.
and shall have one member.
Tho bill does not define the Fifth and
Sixth dUtricts.
The city of AlcKcespott will bo the
Seventh dlstilct, with otto member.
The ptescnt Sixth dlsttlct. with two
member, will be the Klglith district,
and will have lour membeis. Tho pres
ent Ninth dlsttlct will be made the
Seventh, with three. Instead of two.
inemhets. The ptc-enl Highlit district,
except .McKeiV-pott, will bo tho Tenth
dlsttlct, and will have two, instead of
one. loprer-entntlvi'S.
1 hestr-r c cuntj's iopri"s ntatlou Is 1 nt
fi mil fiur to tin 00: T.ancas-ter and
Schuylkill from six each to five each;
Alontgoinciy fiom five lo four: r.rad
loid, l.iuks. I'rawloid. l.uhtgh, L
(omlnirand Meicer from thfco inch to
two earh' Adam", Center, elation, Co
lumbia, Ftnnkllp, Huntington. Indiana,
Susquehanna rind Wayne, fiom two
i.tih to one each
,1c ffet son's lepietontfilioii Is inetcastd
fiom one member to two. Rlnli, Cam
lit In. Cleni field and Nnrtlniinbetlan.l
will thiee mcmbeiM oacli iustoad
of two each, a at ptesont. J'nvptlc's
memboishlp will be Inct eased fiom
'hue to lour: Iacltawanna's from rout
to Fix; I.iirerno from Plx to elsht, and
Westmoreland, fcur to ftve.
Tin rcmcfeiiuilnn fiom nil Die other
ci unties leiiiains the r.ime n-' at prep
U Kuluihe Wit from fin sioelaled Prc,
T1n1l.l1 innocV, l'a., Manb 1,1 A piojeU 1. on
tool to ifdUttlet the Uiotnlnc iniifeiirni ot
(hi Mi'lhodt-t I'pi'i-opal 1 hutch at the vcv-ion
In be held at Went lilt-.lcn In tprll 'Ihc ion
fiience ! roinpoMil ot tin dMiiita and the plan
now tiiapp'd out irdi'oes tho nuinbei to lour.
Iftiiesftile .111.I nienanijo ilKtihN will be ibol
Mini and a new dull lit created with -uanioit
.11 the lenlei.
Ihe Wjomlns ilLtnil will be nuiicilalU te
I iluieil In fclze. Tin ip 1" to be iiuuli oppn.i.
Hon when the plan is unfolded .11
Rev. Hi. Moigan Declines,
fti fAchilip Wire from The sjorjted Pie'f
New VoiK. Maieli 1.!, 'Ihe Itei. U. II Mot.
Kan, of the finll.ll Metliodlnt, i;pIm.o,aI il.uuli
of Newuit, N J lias drcliiud the i all to tin
l'ltt Mithodbt i:plnopal iliunli ul Willi v
nne, l'a
Sheimnn Hauls Hanged.
B.r Ctcliuh Wire from Tlii AuocUted IMeji.
spellnun, f!i , Maiclt 11. Tlio body of s,er.
man Hauls, colored, was found todaj kwlnglni;
fiom a tier. lx miles fiom line. He was ac
ciwd of Mllinz Mdiicy King:, a inetcliaiil, jes
teid.i.1 Postmaster at South Aubuin,
tie Cicliu-lvr Wire from lh Associated l'rfs.
Na.hhicloti, MjicIi 13.- T. W. .laelion wjs o.
dai uppolnlnl potlmastei at South Aubuin, Sut
quchanna cnunl.i, l'a.
No Woman's Suffrage.
By Enelushe Wlie from Th stoelted Vltn, Man h 13,-lly a into ot Ui tu t
lii)" loilai irjeiled the piopilllon foi ex
truding Minute ill this klati Id uoima
Celebrates His Retirement with a
Donation o. $5,000,000 lor Dis
abled Carnegie Emuloues.
He Hopes Friends In That City Will
Approve of His Action in Rtlvlni
fiom Business, and Assures Them
That Pittsburg's Iuteiests Will
Ever Bo H1b Interests A Deep
Debt to the Worklufjman.
Ily I'irlii.hp Wlie fiom 'Ihe soilted IV
Pittsburg. Alnrch IS. Two connnuni
cations fiom Andrew Carnegie, which
aro otliclally made public tonight, toll
of the steel king's rctltement fiom ac
tive business life, nnd of his donation
of $0,000,000 for the endowment of a (
fund for superannuated ana ellhniiioel
employes of the Carnegie company.
This benefaction is by far the largest
of the many created by Air. Caiiiegie,
and Ispiobably without ti countei part
anywhere In the- world. This fund will
In nowise Intel fere with the continu
ance of the savings fund established
by the company llfteen yeats ago for
the benefit of Us employes. In this
latter fund neatly $:',000,000 of the em
ployes' savings -ate on deposit, upon
which the company by conttnet pays
six per cent, and loans money to the
workmen to build their own homes.
His letter referring to Ills letlremeut
fiom business 1. addressed "to tho
good people of Plttshuig." and in it
Air. Carnegie says, In patt:
An o'lpoitnnily 10 retire turn bii'lneM iame
to me unsought, and I considered II in, iliit In
oeccpl. My refolve wis iraile in to t
Hie before old ar, and 1 hope mi friends ot
PilMmrir 'illl apptove of mj ai licit. hlle Mill
in lull heiltli and sIroi, and I fin nasonaldj
I'Vpect nuny ears foi ti-.efuliie.s-4 In field-, wnnh
line otler thin perianal alms.
The fain of cliaiuro and epaiation tiom bii.l
tie ss jv-r-il.illiil.s .'.ml emploies Ij indied lain
iniclate who at at once the best o pattn-rs
ind the bcl of Inend-.: unplojes who nre net
only the bifl ot woihmeii, but the inot respei t.
ini; bodv ot men whleli the woild lias to khow.
Of this 1 (im assured nnd scrj proud.
I lull hae iivirr lime now to ileiole to the
instltuli .Hid teclinlc d r hool whleli .Hi in tin
blether ilmtiiln of VitUbtug'a life. I'itulmu
fr'e'ul the i-oto of in lieart when 1 tu J bov",
and .-iiMiot be loin oni Mj tieasun Is Mill
with .sou, in. heart is till with son, and bow to true Pitt-butt, is tli qiteMlon nbidi
l.nin In me alnio-t ift, dsj of ill life
The Donation.
The letter anuoutulnK bis donation
is In pan kis follows:
e ieil.. Man li V, l'XI To the 1'ii.ideiit
and M nut, 'I', the cannKip Compani. I,entle-i-itn
Mi Kraiil.. in asliier, will IimMI o er
I i sou upon sour acceptance of the tuist, Vi.lso.
000 of Ihe Catnecip lonipiny bonds, in InM tor
the folloveinj purpo-s-..
'Ihe Inioine nt l,nil,l' to be spi in in main
li'iuln.' tin llhinles b..lll b im in lb iildm K,
lloiri"le.iil mid lluiii"tn.
'lie Inisilm- 1 I the ithei s.ImHI,ojii I, lo be ip
piled: I'ii-t, to pio1de fer Ihe empluii- ol the
('.ittionie eompim .in nil its work, iiiliie-, iall-wii-s.
hhor etc., itiiuud in it ersici', and Ii 1
tho-e depsndcnl upen nail rniploics -. a e
hilled S'lO'id, to piouili .mill pcii-iotn 11
ihls lo Mich emploee- as ailii lout, and ued
iUlde enit tliH'iikh PMfptlniil ilreunistanees
need Midi blip in thdi old mo, and who male
I .rood use ol it. Niould ilne uses not 1 -liiiio
ill of Ihe inetnie and .1 siuplus ol Vitsi,
loo be lilt altei tin eu-' opeiatlon. then foi
alt out this wirlnrr in mills ollur than ihe
( .inii'giP compiny in Mhnheiw eounti shall be
1. mie ilisilde fer the participation In the tun I,
tho mills lie ire-t the wolKs rf the f imctjti Meel
couipaiit belt's t1il cmbived.
I'acli MiMrliitendiiil will lipotl -.iidi iaei 111
his ih pal ttiu nt as ho tliluh- worths ot ui.l
fiom the tniid, ami Ihe ptrildent will in turn
II poll lo the diieilois with hu leeoiiilueiiditlon
fi r action
npirl lo be nude nt the t ml ot ivuh sen,
i;ilnt( ,111 mount ot the tund and of Us di
tltb'itlcm, shall bo pulill.-liril in two pjpira in
I'lltsburir, nnd c-opns poMed It eel at the es
ual worls lint eurr rmploi inis Know wmt
Is lielnif done. I'lildiilly In this nnltu will, 1
am uie, h.lio .1 bendlelal itlirt
1 male this fliM ue of Miiptus wiatili upon
nllriiiff fiom bit!iiiprs as an aikuowliilitmeui of
tlie deep debt whidi J owe to tin woilmtn who
hue lOntllbutcsl mi Kieail to mr miiciks, I
ln,e the lonliil trillions whidi plt between
iinplo.icia and unplojcd throuehout all the l.u
litijii' cempan works mat neier be dltmbed;
In 111 ernploseis and emplovod reuiimheilu; what
I nahl In my la.t cpeeeh lo the 111111 it Iloniu.
-lcd :
baboi, capital and hu.lueos ubiliii, ne Ibe
lluec less of a llnro-lemtrsj utool neilhii Is
lint, neither U econd, neither thlid: tin re U ro
pneeditKP, all bring erjuallv iicceK-cin He
who would boh ill'iord is an enenn of all.
Six Hunch ed Delegates Respond to
His Call at Hazleton Proposals
for Joint Conference.
B.r 1'iilu.lie Wiie from 'Iho sssoelated l'ies
Hazleton, Alarch 13. President Alllch
ell railed the T'nittd Mine AVoilters to
order tit 0 o'clock. There were tiOi) dele
gates present, lepreseutlng HIS local
oiganlzatlonH, nppnitloned ns follows;
Fiist district, iJl-l,:; locals
Seventh, lot delegates, Id locals, ami
Ninth. i delegates, H locals
President Mitchell paid this moinlng.
"As tho convention has not yet taltcn
up tho matter, I cannot talk of the
possibility of a strike. AW ate entitled
to a-joint conference, bemuse Hint Is
the only humane, sclentlllc and up. to
dale method of settling labor elllll
eultlCB." I'lesldent Mitchell was eleited per
manent chali man, nnd John Onllaglier,
of Din trie t 7, permanent secretary.
After lepeatlng the call Issued on
February IS, In which the various
locals In the anthracite field were notl
llpel that the object of the crnncntlon
would bo to agree on a. scale of wages
for the, ensuing year nud holding a
Joint fonfeience with the opciatois,
Piesldent Atltchcll read a telcgiam
sent seveinl days nrteiwnrd to the
piesldents of nine of the coitl-cnirylng
rallioads, Inviting them to participate
In a conrerence. Only one reply, that
ot rtesldent Olyphnnt, of the Dela
ware and Hudson, declined the Invita
tion, This wus followed up a few days
later with 11 letter from Air. Olyphnnt
to Pifsldent Mitchell. In which the for
mer said tin company had no Intention
of deviating from last fall' ngieemenl;
that he did not believe In nn arrange
ment thai would lie- a binding con
tract, anil that If the emptoyess wished
to have any grievances adjusted they
could nt all times confer with the nffl
tlals of the company. The convention
then went Into executive session.
In executive position this uf tot noon
the convention considered the wage
scale and tho refusal of tlie opeiator.s
to enter Into a conference. The fol
lowing committee on scale was pji
pointed: Dlsttlct No. 1, Theodote Pat
rick, (lien Lyon: John Honey, Ply
mouth: John Reynolds, Plttston; T A.
Wutklm. Providence: W. Collier. Oly
phraut. Alarlou Hatlle, Cnrboudale;
Jesse llilttan, Hanover: Uetij.tmln Da
vis, Wllitis-llaitv. James Smith. Dun
tnoie. Dlt-tliet No. 7. W. II. Detttev.
Nttiombing; James Cavnnnugh, Coal
dale; Flunk It.iy, Jeddo: John Aielil
bald, West IJustlolon; Michael Mctlugli,
Coletaliip Daniel Doyle. Froeland:
Hugh nallaghei. Inttimer; Tlionias
Duffy. AI1A1I110. Dlstilot No. 'I. James
I'-tnnol Dykens': Chnrls Farmer.
Shi'iiiindoitii; Frank O. Doyle. Alalzo.
vllle. William Tlley. ShainoKlu; .Mar
tin Nash, (lien Carbon; Thomas Davis,
Pottsvllle, AVIlllam Alaitln, Alt. Car
mel; John Huckewlt'3, Shenandoal'.;
John Wlnoflty, St. Clair; I.eon Tntsa,
Alalianoy Clly.
A telegram was lead fiom Repre
sentative (iarner Infoimlng the con
vention thei w.ih much opposi
tion to the enactment of the C.nrner
mini Inspection bill, owing to the piop
ositiou to tedttee inspet tins' nlarl(s
Itom JS.OOO lo S1.200 per year. The con
vention expressed a willingness to per
mit tlio ptrsent salary paid Inspector
lo be Inserted 111 the bill.
Immediately nftot the adjournment
of the sess'on the scale committee
went Into secret session, Their leport
may bo presented tomorrow. Piesldent
Mitchell gavo out n statement this
evening, but ii was moiely a synopsis
ol the day's proceeding's.
Thiee Trainmen Are Killed By the
Explosion of a Lehigh Valley
Railroad Locomotive.
I'v 1's.ilioleo Wur from The si.oelat d 1'ieis
Wllktis-Iiiitre. Pa.. Match 13. The
boiler of an engine on the Lehigh Val
ley railroad exploded this moinlng
while Iho engine was pulling a coal
tialn uear Alud Run, and three men
were killed. They 111 e: Knglneer Wil
ton Albert. I'll email Ale ijmii Alonls
and Braheman Robot 1 AIuAlullen, nil
of Pitthton. Tho engine was blown
Into the Lehigh liver and the men In
stantly killed. Tho train was not nf
fcclcd. and ran top 501110 distance with
out the engine. It Is now known what
canted the boiler to f-cplodc, as 11 was
a comp.uatlvoly new one. All tho men
killed were man led and le.ue fami
lies. Tho bodies of tin- engineer and tli'i
mnu woie badly manglid. AIcAIullen
was .standing on the rear of the tendei
when tho explosion ociurietl. The
bodies were all blown into the liver.
Tlie locomotive was 1 ompletelv wree Ic
John Hendeison, Muideiei of Mrs.
Younger, Ciemated on Coisicnna
Couit House Squaie.
13 Ks. laslee VUre fiom The vstciatcd I'icss
Coisleana, Teas, Alntcli 13 -John
Hendeison, coloied, who biutally as
saulted and muideieil Alls. Younger, a
lannei's wife, living just outsld- this
city, soeral days ago, was but nod to
death in tho court house squaie hero
tit noon today
A wiitten confession 01 tho eilme, at
tested by Justice Unbelts, was seemed
tiom tho prisoner. Five thousand peo
ple witnessed the binning, and busi
ness was practically stispondoti foi a
Henderson was capuued osuidfiy
near Hlllsboio. TT was hi ought here
and placed In Jail.
A committee was appointed to sop
lilm and pass finally upon Ills guilt or
innocence. Finally he made a written
uinfesslon that he had muidered tin
woman. It was then decided lo bin 11
A 1 nil was e'ilen Into the
ground In Iho comer of the omul house
squaie. Doxes and diy timber worn
piled around It and nittnati'd with oil.
Just befoto noon about forty men lush
ed liom the jail across the squat e to
the place whole tho all had been
planted, In their midst was Hon tor
ton, handcuffed, lie was Listened to
Ihe rail with wire and chains. Cans of
oil weie I'lnplloil his clothing, and
dozens of lighted matches touches lh
Inilammable mutcilal, Tho flic ulaims
veio kimg, and tho stoies were de-
p?ited as thelt oecitpants lushed to
the seiuaic to witness the running,
lust tts the pile was (lied Comvnv
Voungei. husbaucl of .the inuideied wo
maii, junipeil at Henderson and slash
ed him ucroFs thu face with a knife
Henderson showed no Indie utlnn ot
bain or siiffeilng. Ho rolled his eyes
to get a gllinps of tlio angry mob
which sntiouniled him, find there was
a slight movement of the hands. In
ten minutes Henderson 'sas dead. At
no tlmp did ho make nny outciy other
than p 11 occasional groan.
Gill St 1 liters Chanted Inciease.
Ily I;hIiiIi Mil" from The ,sort,itn I'rrM
Vw Voil, Illlll t.l.-Iho llalednn irhet
iillla ill I'aliiM'ii, N'. !., line Cltnlf-l the till'
kill Miilirs an .nivalin of l'i rents on inry
bundle of two liiunlreil anls of ebet lliey
handle, ami the irlrl. hle tillilieil In work,
llili' Is no change In Ihe allitallnn at the nth r
mill atlreled.
The Ex-President Expires f
at His Home
Stiff eilng fiom nn Attock of Pneu
nioula nnd Intercostal Neuralgia,
He Sank Into n Semi-Comatose
State on Tuesday Evening from
Which He Did Not Rally Uncon
scious nt the Time of Death His
Son, Russell Havilson, nnd Oldest
Daughter, Mrs. McKee Weie Not
at His Bedside Sketch of His Pub
lic Services His First Case at tho
Bar A Promotion on the Field of
Battle Caieer as United States
Senator An Oitttor of Ability.
By EieUwse Wire from Ih- .Woeii'id Press
Indlaiiapolls, Alaich 13. General
Denjamln Hartlson died nt 4.15 o'clock
this afttrnoon, without icgalnlng con-fcciouh-ness.
Ills death was fitiet and
lalulefH, there being a gradual sinking
until tho ond came, which was maiked
b a single gasp for breath as lite tie
pnrlod lrom the body of the states
man. Tho tPl.itlpK, with a few ex
ceptions, and several of the old and
tiled friends, weie nt the former ptes
Ident's bedside when lie passed away.
The- general's condition was so bad
this morning, ntter a lostlcs night,
that the attending physicians undei
stood that tho end could not bo far
off. and all bulletins sent out from the
sick room wcie to this effect, sn that
tho t, unity and fi lends weie picpated
when tho tmnl ilow came. The grad
ual falling of strength shown by the
patient become mote noticeable in the
afternoon, and a few moments befoto
the end there was nn apparent break
down tts the suffeier aitteiidered lo
the disease against which h hid hten
so brnvply battlfhg
Tin change was noticed by tin pftv
blo.l.uis nnd the 1 datives and ftlend!
who had tollied from Ihe sick room lo
the libraiy wen- quickly fiimmoned
and leached the bedhide of the gen'tal
befoto he passed nway.
News of tho dentil ipiead fpilckly
thiotigh the city, and revetal of the
11101 o intimate fi lends at 01100 hunted
to tin1 Hnrilson icsldonce. The word
was Unshed from tho bulletins of all
the newspapeis. and (hus 1 ommunl
' uited to Iho peopl.' on tliolr way home
In the evening. The announcement
produced Ihe great oil soiiow. Within
it. few moments the '.lags on all the
public buildings, and most ol the down
town business blocks wcie hoisted at
half mast and other outward mantles
t.etioms of mourning wore made.
Nbne of fiuneral HanUou's chlldien
wetr present at his death. Neither
Colonel Russell Hartlson not Alls. Alc
Koo bad leached the city, although
loth were buriylng on tl-ilr wa. to
die bedside of their ciylng patent as
last as Fleam could carry them.
I'lbabclh. t"!eneifel Hanlson's little
ctaughter. had teen taken fiom Iho
tick toom by her nurse bofoie the end
At the Bedside.
The 'gioup at tho bedside Included
Alis. Dni risen, W. II. H. Miller. Sam
uel Miller. Uv. Dr. AI. L. Haines,
pastor of the I'll si Presbyterian
church, which Oeneinl Harrison had
attended Torso many years; Secretaiy
Tlbbett, Drs. Jameson and Dnrsoy, Col,
Daniel Ransdell, sergcant-at-arms ot
til? Dulled States senate, and a close
personal friend of the dead ex-piesi-dent;
Air. Cllffoul Aulck, and the
two nurses who have been in constant
attendance. Oenernl Hanlson's two
sisters and nn aunt were also pnspnt.
Airs. Haulson kneeled at tho light
hand side of tho lied, her husband's
right hand gtasped In Iipis, while Dt.
Jameson held the left hand of the dy
ing man, counting the feeble pulse
boats. In n few moments after tho
friends had been summoned to the
room, the end came, Dt. Jameson an
nouncing the sad tact. Tho gieat si
lence that fell on tho sorrowing watch
ers by the bedside wan broken by tho
voice of Dr. Haines, raised lit prayer,
suppllc atlug consolation for the be.
leaved wife and famll.
Steps -wet" at once taken lo notify
the friends and relatives outside the
elty. The first telegram sent to Wash
ington was by Colonel Ransdell to his
wife. Other telegrams followed to
piomlnut men at the national capital,
Including Senatois Fahbanks and Ucv
erldgp, of Indiana.
Cicncral Hanlsou had been uncoil-
scions fot houis befoiei his death, tlio
exact llmo when he passed Into a com
atose state blng difficult to dplermlno.
Ho spoke to no one today, failing to
iecognls:o own his wife. The greater
part r Tuesday, also, hu was In .1
soml-coniatose condition, although ho
wiih ut times ubl to lecngnlsto those
at his bedside. At that tlmo he spoke
to Alis. Newcomer, his aunt, and also
to Mr. Millet-, the words, however, be
Ing very Indfstinct. "Dot.toi" and "my
lungs" were the only words under
stood. Almost tho last words h- ut
tered wcte addressed to his wire, of
whom he Inqiiltcd. shortly befom he
be-camn unconscious, If the doetois
were present.
A Pathetic Incident.
One of the most pathetic Incidents of
tho Illness of the genet al occurred on
Tuesday, beioie ho became uncon
scious. Thu Rpnpral's little daughter,
Elizabeth, was brought Into tho nick
100m for n tew moments, to see her
father, and olfcred him a small apple
pie which she herspf had made. Gen
cihI Harilbon smllpd his 1 recognition ot
the child and hoi gift but the e-lforl
to speak was too much, and ho could
do nothing more lo e-Npiess his appro
elation. Today all erfotts toatoil'-e the slowlv
dying 1111111 to e onclousnoss failed, and
ho died without a wind of r-cogultion
to any of those who sun minded his
The Funeinl.
The funeial will take place in t Sun
day afternoon at -.' o'clock. The ser
vices will be held In tho Fltst Picsb
terlan cliuich, of which Cionctal Hni
1 Ison was a member for neai ly llfty
oais. Rev. Dr. AI. L. Hiiynos, pastor
of the Chun h, will have charge of thu
services. The bodv of Ocneial Harri
son will lie In state In tho rotunda of
tho state capital all day Snfurd.iy. The
highest honors which ni In the power
of tho state to pay will bo tendered to
the lemnlns.
Tomonow iniunlng a meeting will be
held In tho oltlco ot" Covet nor Dm bin
to perrect the details of tin funeral. It
has been decided thso- the honoraiy
pall-hearers shall be the membeis of
his cabinet. It Is not known positively
how many of them will coiue, but It is
supposed by tho metnbeis of the fam
ily that all will be ht-io.
As far as they eotild be reached by
telegrams, the living members of
President Harrison's cabinet weie
ptomptly notliled of his dentil, and
mosL oC them will attend the funenil.
Foimer Scoietiuy of State John W.
Foster Is traveling In Ali'lco, and
could not bo located.
A telegtam lrom AIisAI.uv Hani
son JIi'Kfe, received tonight. announces
that she will arrive at noon tomorrow.
She will he nicompanleel l her hus
band. Alts. P.i.-in. of Ottumwa, Iowa, !cn
etal HnniMin's sister, will not bo able
to attend the func-uil on account of 111
Had Sympathy for Boeis.
From one who was piese-nt at th -deathbed
It was learned that the al
legation.! of cruelty nud Justice dealt
can by Dnglaiu! to the Moors in their
snuggle lor llb-itv had boon a sub
joct lor though In the mind ot Con-e-tal
Hnrilson. To his ft lends ho had
ollon spoken of the pltv and --haine
as he vie'M'd thai the luavo nud sturdy
lainKr.s of South Af lea should If
lobbed of theii country, ol all iht'v
have in tin- vnild, nnd foi cod to .sub
mit lo terrible' miboiks in totlsiing tip
oppiesslons of a woild pown lc-n-etal
Hnirison, It Is stated, voald .a-p
l'kid nothing bolter than to come out
frankly and stiougly and sav to ovetv
oiio wno would hear what he thought
of Dnglnnd's cruelty. H was Ir. his
mind com-tiintly. but In believed iliut
an es-presle'i-nt should observe the
same propeitles 01' -speech which ate
obseived by a pi est lent of the United
States. Uo was at all times caicful lo
.say nothing which 1 mild lie miscon
strued or twisted into a seeming dis
regard fur the dignity of the high of
fice which ho once held.
In his renil-tousclous 1 onelition, when
the "cnllnols of ellF'Totlnn and propil
etv had gone lion their po-ts and tlio
mind of the man was wandering, he be
gan to speak of th lloers nnd their
hopelos.s .tiugslo for national life; but
the listeners bonding over him could
heai word" if pity for the dying far
mci icpubllcs.
Piesldent McKinley and Pnity Make
Ily rxtluslip Wire from The Wcicialed lV's.
Washington, Alarih 13 President
McKinley will attend tip luueial of
tieneral Haiiison. He- will lc-ato hero
Weather Indications loJay,
1 r.eiifrjl i:-PiPnlJfiit IfaiTifOii Pies at lie
Wmk of tlie Lei-laloit.
Murilfhent 1,111 of nrlnw ( .lineulp
Comrniion of Autliiaclte Mineix.
.' tieneral ( ail ondale Depailiiient.
.1 Local-Thrllllne: I'xperlinn of itslumrv
Hijir In Chin.
1 ouit I'roeicdlii-js,
I Kdlloilal.
5 Local WiefcllT l.istei llelcitol In .1 Local
Pioposed llcmlip-f 'loiiinaniiiit.
II Local Wish Set. in 1 011 and .-iibiul'ati,
7 fieneral Xprlliw'iitfui I eiuwlianli,
l'in.iuelal and ('omiiicrelal.
l.oeal-l.he News of the Incimtrlal Woild.
mm ' llH i
probaul lonioitow nlglit. aceompanlect
by Alts. McKinley and Secretary Cor
telyou. The party will stop tit Canton
for a day or more, and Airs. AIcKlnley
will remain there while the piosIdenL
nnd Air. Coitelyoit pioceocl to Indian
apolis. Although expected; the death oCOen-oi-al
Hanhon was n distinct shock to
tho piesldent. the two men having .seen
much of each other while the foituei
was In the executive olllce. The pi evi
dent sent a telegram of condolence tu
Alts. Hanlsou
None Should Fall to Realize the Lato
Benjamin Harrison's Services.
Pilnceton. N. J.. Match 13. When In
terviewed tonight bv tho Associated
Puss conespondont. ox-President
Cleveltind 111. ido th" following state
ment 011 the death ot foimer President
Unit ison
"I am exceedingly moved by tho sad
Intelligence of All. Harrison's death,
lor, notwithstanding the hile diseout
nging renorts of his condition, I hoped
bis life might yet be spat eel. "ot one-
ot our countiymcn should for a mo
ment tall to realize the son Ices which
have been poitormecl lit tin ii behalf
b the distinguished dead In high
public olhcc In was guided by patriot
ism and devotion to duly, often at
tho sacrillce of tenipotaiy populatits.
and in pilvute nation his Intlucnin
and example 10 always in tlio eli
lcctlon of dccoiti' and good citizenship
Such a rat eei an 1 the Incidents related
to it should leave a eUop and useful
impie"-lon upon ooi section of our
national life "
Thiity-Four Yeais in Public Office,
and Twenty-Third Picsident.
I t.-nj iini ti ll'iiri.-mi w i-. bom on i Kii-t
ll.l, at the I111111 of ins cruiilfalher at Notili
II ml, i. hltien mills firm ( im limits' IV
wis tin m n 11 ot 1 1 11 o lauioun foi dceoltou to
pilliile, saliil, iiicntallly mil i"ipiblhl. Ma
.01 lieiieial lliiil-in, .111 I'lull'li aneestor. boio
m. ns Willi Olbei fiomvell. and le-e with him
to pioiiunetiip In the lleveimimi It fell lo lis
lot lo -icn tb" d atlt of Charles f. nml
litter I'll- ipstotltloli he paid 'he peelll IT
this let, belnc hink'iil on Oeteliei- II, liafl lien
jiiinn Hani-oil, the hist de-srciidiut of Inn
cell's treii'iil vim ippeitf ill Ann in in hl
toi, was .1 iiieinbet ol the Misuila llou-e el
IIiucikU's, later 11 lelnritp lo ilie 10ln1i1.1l ion.
iiv, .1 i.ic,mi ot He dii I nation of imleprml-
in . I hire limes uoieiiioi' c'l Mrglnli. and I
ii'enibei ot the couee'itlon tin' lalllind ihe con
ttitr.tlnii. Ill- 1.011 wis Cenrril William Ibni
llirn.oii, who-o lioiu lable uieei- aa i old r
.mil stitpsniiti ciiliiilKilid in ids 1 let t ion m
liintli piesldent ol ill t idled Maies In 1H. 10
he lollo.Mil Ia his ili'ith In the while houv
one niontli alii 1 his In.iir.m.iuoii Ills f-ou I '- 11
Sioti Itm 1 i-fli. Iwlie a imnibei of eoiiRie ,
mi the falliei ol lli'iij.imni llirtlstin, who wa.
his feiiml son lv his mowl wile, who w 1, a
Mis I llnbrtli Irwin, olnn: llnainin r.i-. ei1
iieatrd In 11 mliool ho -i op-olti Ids falhei's
inr.i and e,uilooUlnr Ibe Ohio riier llunm.
Mil Uien time In- led the cattle and did
liilll.lni,-. e.iwcil wood mil did olhfi thiiiss whhli
in after lllo In- said lit did 1101 ean epeeiill
im 'Ilie farm was lonplrlei isolated fi in
tie world, .unl .oiitig liuijimlii ery seldom ki
uranrfers, Whtiieui he did I o rvuiilncil Hi 11
sen cutloit.l.
When II r.ns old In- was lent lo ( in")
eadeine, on Walnut Hill, a sutnnli of Uiiein
nitl, when he rem lined foi Iwo oai, and
lien ciin- ol his tla.siiutPS was Mniat Hall
stiail. The ear aflrr ho Jrll nhool In lost lee
mother a bUs that albclu! Ihi Impieselble ul
inn of ihc miuc mm fm u limit lime. In tlm
fill of Js-,0 In- beeaine 1 stiideul at Miami inn V, tUforil, II. lie riitued j a number '(
tlio luiilor eli-, inn I li .lim. Isii, he '8s
kiaduatnl fiiiuth In u ilas- of bl.
ftfl leuliik Ihe nnbeislty llurlsnti lnftati llu
stiidv of Ian III .litiltfu Ih I mil Kotei's otflie. In
I'liii Ir.iiall, while he iiinilnnl toi two sen,
hi llitohei, s"i.l. In fore leiihlnir hl inijoriti,
hi nuiiicil Mlit (ailie J. Soott. ilauuhlcr of
the Itei. J. W. ki-oll, of foiil. O , and .uti r
ot e.iieli;o John V. volt, a pop.ilai- iuetii in.j
attoinei of Indian ipoli. lb- Ins two chlldien
In It-ll llemul Haiiison uihomiI to 1 1 1 I i J 1 1 .1 1
oils wih ,1 toi 1 nns of iil tnliiiltul (rum one uf
Ids nlatlies. Iiiirinir the ueM fiv scan Hu
ouiik lawecr uu'luill.i oli'-ilunl n I11111 pin lootliold. be'couiinit 1.11011 os a sis
nous, paliietakui; alloirn- .ii.d an clorpirnr
adeoc lie. Ills ei.ei; and applliallon in i-hown
by the following imldfiit .Man..- eara ao, be
foie Im bad .ittjlned pioinineiien In I1I1 pro.
le.slon. In was iippnlni. d t" jirioeiulc i nt?r
ihaued witli .itleniiitini. whole. lie inurdei bt
pillllni; polwni Into lln lofleo at ,1 liulil lie
bad enlv one iiIrIiI in wliiih ti plipar" for the
tilal. Ho bad not ,1 pnllile ol esperlence In
II out limed en Picro I I
r -f t
n.nliinlin Minh in. I'om il for
'Ihituilay and I'llda lor eutirn Penu
el'. nil 1, ii"W 01 1 dii Ihui'dis, lirltV.
to lileli werlnhn wind,, beioiiuni; south
crlv. I'lbli, oica.lonal lain or "nos
aMSrXr J
'i 1
, x- t 1