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Only Three More Working Days Be
fore tho Casting of Ballots.
Including today, there are but three
more wot king das left before the
election, which according to law and
the mayor's ptoclamatlon, takes place
on Tuesday next, tho 19th. As yet
there Is no undue excitement over the
event, but the candidates are work
ing a quiet, methodical, buslness-llko
way, which will probable mean a mus
tering at the polls of tho greatest nutn
bpr of voters In years.
The principal Issue thlii year, as In
the past few, Is tho election of school
directors. The litigations nnd charges
of unfair methods made against some
of tho mcmbeis of the board which
has chaiuctcrlzcil Ioca.1 talk the past
year will have a tendency to bring out
their fi lends and the opposition In
great numbers.
Among tho membeis of the present
board Is Gustavo F. Svvlgert and, al
though ho has been a member of thu
board but n year, li Is regarded as
one of the pillars of the board nnd
m of the most publlc-splllted cill
yens In the ritv. 1'iogress .seems to
bo bis keenest deslic, and he Is con
iliiualt.v on tho lookout for sonic means
to improve the condition of the public
MioolH. Ho does not rest content with
b.ue statement, he wants It proved.
Mi. Swlgeit was a select cotiniil
niiin of this city for four years and
wjh Its pieMdent, making one of tho
best presiding otllcers this city lias
oxer known. Ho Is ci edited with
knowing more about Cushlng than
nny public officer In the city.
Another candidate for a bchool ill
leetorhhlp Is Thomas Boylan, who has
had e xperlence In that ollleo and who
Is making his canvass on the stiength
of the lecord ho made there.
The councllmanle nominees ura also
quietly at work and there are other
candidates who have made no stir. It
Is oxtiaoidlnniy quiet for the eve of an
election, but perhaps It will grow more
exciting In n day or so.
Succumbed to Her Terrible Injuries
Last Night.
Minnie Reese, who was stiuck by
an Ontario ami Western train on Wed
nesday afternoon, as 1 elated In yes
terday's Tribune, died last night nt 7
o'clock In the Cnrbondale Emergency
hospital. Resides tho Injuries to her
leg, nrms and back It was thought at
tho hospital on Wednesday night (hat
die had sustained severe Injuries In
ternally. It was undoubtedly these lat
ter that caused her death.
She passed a veiy bad night Wed
nesday and all day yesterday sank
steadily. At about 1.30 o'clock yes
teiday afternoon hope of having her
was abandoned und her mother, Mrs.
Fred Wright, of Farvlew street, was
(cut for. The mother remained with
bur dying child until the end.
Minnie was in years old and was the
step-daughter of Fred Wilght. She
liud been employed In the Simpson silk
mill for some time. At the time of
the stilke she came out with tho rest
of the girls and for a time was em
ployed In tho ofllco of the I'm pie Un
dertaking company, and at the ter
mination of the stilke went back to
woik In tin mill.
No f uncial airangements have yet
been made.
John Jessup Dies,
.liilin Jessup, the fourteen-year-old
boy, who, as 1 elated in yesterday'"
Tribune, was ucelved at the Biner
gney hospital in this city on Wed
nesday night, died early yesterday
morning at that institution. He had
met wltn terrible Injuries In the Sher
wood bicaker in Jermyn, having lnllcn
into the rolls, which criiHh the coal.
The legs and abdomen were terribly
lacerated, and tho doctors realUed
as soon as ho was lecelvcd at the hos
pital that death was only a few houra
away. The family have been sorely af
flicted with sickness for some tlnv.
and the boy's muthci Is at present
very 111, having given birth to a child
last Sunday.
At tho Welsh Chuich.
Ilev V. Davis, ot Relleviio. will
pleach at the Welsh Methodist chuich
nct Sunday at both the morning and
evening m rvlces. Ho v. Mr. Davis Is
11 talented speaker, and It Is hoped
bo will have a laige congiegatlon. In
fact the people of tlhs chuich are
Planning foi a tnit of 1 'union of all
former paiishloners at these servicer.
The morning set vice will be held at
lf:30 and the evening service at C
n'clock, so that all who wish to at
tend services in tho other chuiclus
can hear Mr. Davis and not be Incon
venienced. Still Woiking Oveitlme.
The employes of the Carbondale di
vision of tho Scianton Traction com
pany are, It Is said, still looking for
the ten-hour day. Six weeks ago they
"eat a committee to Superintendent
Kelly with' their demands, but as yet
they hav6 been given no leply. The
men 011. .tho Scianton division wcio
granted their demands, including tho
ton-hour day some time ago, nnd those
on this division nio growing Impatient
over, lha company's delay In this case.
Mr. Manner's Gitt.
Sonic time ago there was a little fire
'11 the People's shoe store. The fire
men succeeded In keeping the blaze
Jown to a smnll one, and not much
lamaije was done. Vlrcent C. Man
ners. Pf the stoic, has given tu th
Columbia Hoso company an order for
the b'?rt pair of shoes In bis stoic,
rilo.glft will ba used a3 a door pilzo
ifUiG'lalr tonight. The firemen feel
.cry grateful,
War Heroes Banqueted.
The veterans of tit-'5, members of
William Hi Davlea post, Giaud Army
of' tho Republic, woto banqueted by
f'nptnlji George E. Hnndolph camp,
Soryj of Veterans, last evening in the
' Cures all Throat and I.ung Affection.
W Get tbc genuine. Refuseaubiitllutei. Jk
Vis sure
Salvation Oil curt KntumaUia. is & as cts.
latter's rooms In Cambrian hall, on
South Church street. After the routine
business of the camp had been trans
acted the festivities began. A pleas
ing programme had been prepared and
was tendered in a most creditable
manner, Instrumental and vocal music
helping to make the entertainment a
varied one. After tho completion of
this part of tho celebration the guests
nnd members seated themselves nt
the banquet table and a substantial
and delicious repast was served. When
the Inner man had been thoroughly
provided for various inclnbers of tho
post were called upon nnd tholr anec
dotcs of personal experiences on the
firing line, en mnrch and In the camp
brought back to the battle-scarred
eterans vivid memories of the trouble
some days of the rebellion nnd fur
nished most enjoyable entertainment
for their younger hosts.
Rev. William A. Nealon.
lit. llcv. Thomas F. Coffey. V. G., or
St. Hose's church, lecclvcd a telegram
icstctday morning at about 10 o'clock,
announcing the death of Ilev. Father
William A. Nealon, of this city, at tho
monastery of the Trapplst Fathers In
Gethsemane, Ky. No further pattlcu
lars were given In the telegram, and
It Is a surprise nnd shock to his tela
tlves and many friends In this city, as
when the last news was received by
his mother, a week ago, he was well,
and appatcntly the disease which
caused his death must have arisen
suddenly. Father Nealon went to the
monastery In Gethsemane a few weeks
ago to spend two months in retreat.
Ills brother, John M. Nealon, and
Father Motntt staitcd last evening for
Gcth&cmanc, which is a shott distance
from Louisville.
The deceased pi lest was bom in Car
bondale on October -', 1SG9. He attend
ed the public schools in this city and
then went to St. Bonnventure's col
lege, where he mudc all his classical,
philosophical and theological studies.
He was oidalned as a. ptlest In the
cathedral In Scranton by Bishop
O'Hara on August 20, 1SS3. Ills lltst
appointment after oidlnntlon was as
an assistant In St. Maiy's church.
Wllkes-Barro. He was then an as
sistant priest at St. Patrick's church
In Scinnton, and from there he went to
St. John's church In Susquehanna.
Fiom the latter place ho came to his
native city and was associated with St.
Hose's church, under Father Coffey,
for five eais.
Father Nealon madu a pilgrimage to
Home, with Hlshop Hoban nnd eleven
other pilests from this state last year,
and saw the pope.
It Is expected that his bi other nnd
rather Mollltt will at rive In Gethse
mane this evening by 5 o'clock. If
eveiythlng Is In icadlness they will
leave immediately and ictutn to this
city by 10 o'clock Satuiday night. It
Is expected that tho funeral will bo
held on Monday moinlng, but this is
not jet determined on.
Father Nealon Is survived by bis
father and mother, Mr. nnd Mrs. John
Nealon, of South Chinch stieet; two
bt others and a sister, Allda Nealon,
reglhtiv clerk nt the po.stolllco; John
M. Nealon, assistant postmastel, and
James F. Nealon, of this city.
The Trolley Cars Delayed.
It was a cold day to wait on the
street corners yesterday for a car und
paitlcttlarly exasperating to the wait
er when, after a long session of com
muning in a inonlogue ns to tho habits
of trolley cats in being late, the car
came not. tint theie were two good
reasons for long delays yesteiday
moinlng In tho early bouts. The
schedule was suspended for .1 time by
accidents, Identical in nature. The cat
lea vlng the power house at 7 o'clock
got as far as chinch street switch
when the forvvaid axle snapped In two
pieces. The next car up got only ns
far as Evans' meat inatket, on South
Main street, when one of the axles
broke. The repair cievvs at once got
to woik repairing them, 'the cars being
hauled to the nearest switches.
Mr. Sahm Impioved.
Abe Sahm, who sustained such sell
ous Injuries by being thrown from the
wagon of tho Columbia Hose company
on Wednesday morning, while icspond
lng to nn alarm of lite, was much
improved yesterday. On Wednesday
evening ho wns delirious and passed
a bad night, but during estenlny he
rallied and showed a gient gain of
stienuth. His hearing Is still imper
fect, and as yet no steps have been
taken to nsceitnln If this Injury is of
a permanent natuie. It will piobably
be a week oi more before he will be
able to leave his bed.
Miss Gerrlty Burled.
The funeral of Miss Maiy Gen Its,
who died at her tesldence on Got don
avenue ot tho grip, was held estei
day moinlng at 9 30 o'clock at St.
Hoso church. A solemn high masa of
requiem was celebrated. Father Wal
ter J. Gorman wns celebrant, Father
Holmes, of Athens, dsacou, und Hev.
John White, sub-deacon. The remains
were intelied in St. Hoso cemeteiy. A
large number of her fi lends nttended
the services.
St. Valentine's Day.
Yesterday was Cupid's holiday but
It was no holiday for the postofllce
force and tho letteis curlers. These
unfortunate mentals had to put In con
siderable overtime in finishing their
woik, and In tho ftlgld weather con
ditions yesterday It was a haidshlp.
Hut. perhaps, the warmness of the
sentiments In tho valentines they car
ried helped to allevlato tho coldness.
An Approaching Wedding.
Cards are out announcing the com
ing wedding of Frnnk Jones and Miss
Ida Carter, both well-known residents
of this city. MUs Cniter Is well known
and highly esteemed In Jeimyn, where
Bhe fonneily resided. Mr. Jones Is
employed at the Delawaia and Hudson
locomotive shops here.
Euchre Meeting.
Tho Progressive Ruchro coterie met
nt the homo of Mr and Mis. E. J.
McIIale and passed a veiy pleasant
evening. After the usual session with
the pasteboards rofrcrhments wero
served. Tho club will not meet again
until after Easter.
B.L. Hatfield, man
ager of the Cuban
dale edition, will be
pleaded to receive
callers seeking Infor
mation or desirous of
Imparting It. Tele
phone numbers: Mew
386: old, ajaj.
Judge Instructs tho Jury to Dis
charge the Constable.
Tho case against Constable Stephen
Ollby, ex-County Detective Leyshon,
piosetutor, was tried yesterday before
Judge Arehbald nnd a Jury In the
court house at Scranton. Gllby was
indicted by the grand Jury on tho
chnrgo of felonious wounding. He had
shot nt and wounded Edwntd J. Gor
man while tho latter was escaping
from his custody after being commit
ted by Alderman Dele van on a charge
of larceny. Tho shooting occurred on
New Yeat'fl night of this year. Gor
man wns taken to the Bmeigeney
hospital and has been nn inmate ever
since, the bullet finding a lodgment
In bis kneecap,
A few days after tine shooting Ley
shon came to town nnd nnested Gll
by on n wan ant. He was put under
bonds for his appearance at court.
Tho case has been twice postponed,
but came up yesteiday morning. After
the witnesses for the proreeutlon had
been heaid, nnd without the defenso
having put n witness on the stnnd,
Judge Arehbald Instructed the Jury
to acquit Gllby without leaving their
seats. The Judge uparently took the
view that the constuble was nctimr
entliely within bis rights In stopping
tho escano of a tleelnc nrlsoner who
had been regularly committed. This '
vindication of the constable will serva
to make men In custody of ofllcora
more apt to go nlong without resort
ing to tactics ot assault upon their
T'ddlo Gorman was taken to Scran
ton ns a witness against Stove. His
leg Is still very stiff nnd he piobably
will be lame for a long time, If not
for life.
All Next Week Holden Comedy
Tho celebrated Holden Comedy com
pany, one of the largest and most ex
pensive repertoire companies on the
road, will open a week's engagement
at the Grand opera house next Mon
day night, piesenting the sensational
comedy-drama, "The Diamond Break
er." There are twenty-five people in
the company and two carloads ot
sceneiy aie used In their productions.
Fifteen specialties every evening.
Matinees will be given on Washing
ton's biithday and Saturday.
A Visiting Priest.
Father O'Kcefe, of Clinton, Mas"., of
the Springfield diocese, Is a visitor at
tho parochial residence. This clergy
man Is building a beautiful chuich at
Clinton. The bishop of the diocese,
Hlshop Heaven, who delivered the
morning FOimon when St. Hose chuich
was dedicated in December, was so
much pleased with tho local church
that be recommended that Father
O'Keefu come here and see It. The
reverend genth man Is very much
plaHed with St. Hose and Is glad he
took tho long Journej, for he says he
has obtained a number of Ideas which
he will embody in the completion of
bis church, especially in regatd to the
stained windows.
A Muslcale at the Club.
Tho boaid of governois of tho Car
bondale Cycle club have nnanged with
Pi of. John T. Watklns, of Scranton,
for a muslcale to be given in the club
rooms next Tuesdav evening tor the
members and their friends. Ho will bo
assisted by other Scranton talent and
a number of his Carbondale pupils. A
most excellent programme Is In courso
of ptepaiatlon.
Meetings Tonight
Junior Order United American Me
chanics. Lackawanna encampment, No. IS, I.
O. O. F.
Columbia Hose company's fair.
Cooking Club's Meeting.
Tho Young Ladles' Cooking club
will be entertained nt tho home of
Miss Josephine Hurt on Chestnut
stieet on Fiiday evening.
Was Pay-Day.
The employes of tho Erie tailioad in
this city nnd Forest City tecelved their
month's pay Wednesday.
To Mr. and Mis. Peter Flnn ot Ca
naan stieet, a djughtci.
Its Weekly Runaway.
Mall Agent Walkei's hoise "Dyna
mite" Indulged In its weekly runaway
jcateiday, this time on Salem avenue.
Mr. Walker was In the sleigh, but the
animal "took the bit In Its teeth" nnd
dashed off up Salem avenue at a 2.40
clip. The driver tugged vainly at the
reins. At Church stieet tho horso
tried to sweivo fiom Its line, but Mr.
It's the Evidence of Scranton peo
ple Published in Scrnnton Papers
that has made such a Reputation
for Dr. A. W. Chase's Nerve Pills.
Standing clear and distinct, maiklng
tho dlffeiente, tho supeilor merit, tho
adaptability to piesent-day ailments is
the volume of local testimony for Dr.
A. W. Chase's Nerve Pills. It's so dif
ferent to tho oidlnaty remedies lefer
ring to eutes made at distant points
which It Is hard to verify. There Is a
leason for Dr. A. W. Chase's Nerve
Pills commanding home evldenco wher
ever they aie known. It Is their won
derful tnlluemc In bilnglng up tho
staudaul of neive foice.
Mr. Heniy Alberts, of No. Old Hitch
stieet, Scranton, Pa., says: "For about
two ycats my back and kidneys had
been sore, lame and the secretions In
bad shape. Nothing seemed to help
ino until I got Dr. A. W. Chase's Nerve
Pills at Matthews Uios.' drug store,
No. 3i0 Lackawanna avenue. They did
the work, e'urlng the soreness and
lameness, making thu secictlons
healthy, and generally giving mu
health and strength."
Dr. A. W. Chaso's Neive Pills nre
sold at 50e. a box at dealers, or Dr. A.
W. ChiiRo Medicine Co., Huffalo, N. Y.
Pee that portrait and Hlgnaturo of A.
W. Chase, M. D., are on every package.
. Full Upholstered Parlor
X.49 Suit Unusually well made
all through, plenty offsprings in the seat
well staved coverings ol splendid wear
ing handsome damask, in new designs.
There are good points about this suit you
must examine. Best See It.
Sideboard, similiar to one shown above, French t
bevel mirror, .32x38 latest design, $28.00 value .ply.Zy
Walker succeeded In keeping It in tho
middle of the road. The hill at the
school proved too much for his
equine highness and thu driver suc
ceeded In again getting control of hii
Wreck Averted.
What might have been a dlsastious
wreck whh narrowly averted at Thomp
son early AVcdnesday evening. Tho
passenger tialn which leaves here for
tho noith at 4 p. m. was speeding
nlong at the nbove mentioned place at
a rate of thirty-five miles an hour,
when suddenly- tho steel tire on one
of the big driving wheels flow off. The
train's momentum carried It along
several hundred feet, and how the
locomotive escaped leaving the tails N
a mystery. An Urle engine, which was
near, pulled the passenger tialn to a
neaiby siding, where It stood, to tho
great displeasure o!S the passengers,
for about two hours. A dispatch was
sent to this city and an engine fiom
the round-house was sent up the llnu
to tako tho place of the disabled one,
which was brought home for repalis.
The Fourth Night of the Fair.
Iast night -was souvenir night at the
fair of tho Columbia Hose company in
Uurko's hall. Every lady visiting it
was presented with a handsome hat
pin. The programme presented from
the platform was the best that has yet '
been tendered, the selections by the
Lackawanna Symphony club being es
pecially pleasing. The attendance
fchowed no falling off and the hall was
well filled. After the programme,
dancing was Indulged In by a Inigo
Tonight tho Lackawanna Symphony
club will appear in an entirely new
programme. The door prize this even
ing will be nn older for the best pair
of shoes in tho People's shoe store.
A Costly Bout.
Mayor Ullpatrlck heard two young
rounders in mayor's court yesterday.
They were gatheied In the night bo
fore In a central city saloon, where
they were engaged, when "copped," in
a flerco liaud-to-hand, or flst-to-faee,
bout. The quarrel began quite eatly
In the evening and at frequent Inter
vals they broke out In vociferous dis
cussions, which llnally terminated In
blows. The mayor lined them $3, which
they quickly paid and then decamped.
The Pool Toureny.
At the Carbondale Cycle club last
evening two more games In the pool
tournament were played. This very
nearly clears off the llfth drawing.
The Hrst game was taken bv L. K.
Kobeits (third class) from John G.
Hecpe (second class) by a score of CO
to 44. J. Gllhool (third class) won the
second game fiom II. 15. Uriggs (third
class) by K0 to 33 1
A Laborer Injured.
A Hungarian laborer, employed at
Wilson Creek colliery, had a big piece
of top rock fall on his foot today, but
by the assistance ot a fellow-woi ker
was able to get to his home in Simp
son. The Passing Thiong.
Dr. J. it. Slttoily was a vlsltoi beie
Rev. J. A. Mollltt, of Taylor, spent
yehterday in town.
Miss Helen Hatvey it, confined to
her home by illness.
Miss Mary Collins, of Kingston, Is
visiting her brother here.
Wilght Campbell, of Dundatf street,
is confined to his home by Illness.
T. P rtellly, of Scrnnton, was a call
er In this city Wednesday evening.
Mis. Cella Cornell spent Wedno3day
with f 1 lends In Jeimyn and Aich
bald. Miss Cella McDonald, of Scranton,
spent last evening with friends In
Tom Maynes, of r.ushbiook stieet,
Is seiiously 111 of symptoms of pneu
monla. Sylvester Jf. llayley, of Canaan
street, Is enteitalnlug his sister from Lake.
Miss Maigaret Lenlhan and Ml is
Mary Tally, of Scianton, are visiting
friends here.
Miss Myrtle Oliver, of New York
city, is spending a few days with
f 1 lends In town.
James Creegan, of Hazleton, was In
town last evening. He wns formerly
a Carbondale boy
Dr. Mead Schenck. who has been a
guest of S. A. Purely on Park street,
loturned to his home In Honesdnlo
Mies Agnes iiutlcr, of Moosle, and
Miss Catherine Adams, of Port Jei
ls, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J.
F. Sullivan.
To Cure the Qiip in Two Says.
I.ji.allvi- Hi 01110 (Quinine rfnioci th cause. "
Tho fuuetal of tho late Mis. Michael
Dougherty was held yesterday morn
ing, and was attended by 11 large con
courfce of son owing and hyinputhizlus
friends. At 10 o'clock a solemn 10
qulem mass was celebrated In St. Pat.
lick's church by Hcv. J. K. O'Toole,
of Providence, who nlso preached the
tuneinl sermon. At the conclusion of
tho services the remains were taken to
St. Patrick's cemetery and laid to rest.
The pall-bearers vveie Mcsms. P. T,
Dougher, Michael Curran, John I.uns
han, James Harrett, John Kearney,
Flunk Kennedy.
Eight pel sons weie baptized In tho
Upholstered Rockers
Best of springs in seat, high back. A well
made comfortable roomy rocker that
has many good points. $4 value. .. pX.UU
Parlor Couch,
comfortable and strong, plenty ol well secured
springs, coverings of Argyle three toned velours
in modern patterns, gives splendid .
wear and looks well p4.VO
Klakely Paptlst church on Wednedny
evening by the pastor, Dr. Spencer.
Miss Mamc Langhnn entertained .1
few of her friends at her homo on
Second street Wednesday evening
Those present were: Misses Jennlo
Langhan, Mary O'Uoyle, Katie How
ard, Annie Langhan, Nellie McQrall,
Dunmoie; Mildred McNetly, Mcssrj.
John Langhan, James Langhan, Cul
lcn, Dougherty nnd Hopkins, of Dan
more. Tho funeral of the little child of Mr.
and Mrs. Patrick Dcmp'-ey took plic3
CFtordny nfteinomi at I! o'clock. In
terment was made In the Catholto
The Juvenls dancing class gave a
prc-lenlen social In Mahon's hall last
evening. Tho affair was attended by
a large number of voting people, who
enjoyed themselves Immensely. Music
for dime irg was furnlyhed by Lavv
encer's oichcstia, of Scianton.
D. K. Iteddlngton met with painful
Injuiles In Ne. 2 mines Wednesday
morning. While attending his duths
as miner a fnll of rock cecuued and
bo was caught beneath It. Ills In
juiles consist of thteo bioken ribs.
He was lemoved to bis home on Dun
more street, where he tecelved medical
Mrs. Jenkins, wife ot Ttev. IMwnrd
Jenkins, whose setlous Illness has
from time to time been alluded to in
The Ti ibune, died at her home on
Main stieet at half-past 10 o'clock on
Wednesday night. Deceased, who was
born In South Wales seventy-two
years ago, has been a resident of this
borough for the past thlrtj years,
and was held In much respect by a
large ciicle of friends. She is survived
by her husband and n son, Alfred, nnd
two bitters. Mis. Lewis L. Jones, of
Providence, and Mrs. John H. Jones,
of Hjde Pnik. The funeral will tako
place to-moirow afternoon at 2
o'clock. Services in the Congregational
John Jpssup, th" little boy who mot
with huch frightful injutlcs by falling
Into the rollers at the Sherwood break
er on Wednesday afternoon, died at
the Emergency hospital, Oatbondale.
a few hours after his admittance
there, his Injuries being beyond hu
man assistance. The leinalns vre
bioiiRht hete to his homo at West
Mayfleld yesteiday morning, and tho
scone at the home was most pathetic.
The funeral w 111 tako place at '1 o'clock
on Sunday afternoon. Services at tho
Pilmitive Methodist church.
Jabez Smith, a pioneer yrttler of
Scott and one of the most wid el v
Known lesldents of tho neighborhood,
died at his home in Scott township on
Wednesday evening at the lip" old
age of eighty-throe yeais. Deceased
.settled In the townilhlp over si.Mty
yeais ago, and was for many y3ais,
after the discovery of coal In this
vicinity, engaged extensively In tho
lumber business. At one time be wns
the owner of three saw mil's, and In
nlso became noteworthy as a dam
builder, most of tho damn existing
today In the. neighborhood having
been built by hlin. Ho was 11 man
every one had a good word for, and
was a frequent visitor to Jermyn, nnd
was hid In great esteem. He Is sui
lveel by his wife, three tons, Nichol
as lirastus and Ceorse, nnd two
daughteis-, Mrs Hllza Stacker and
Mrs. Daniel GilPlth", of Wayne coun
ty. The funeral will take place on
Sunday morning at 10 o'clock and In
ternment will be made In the Carey
cemeteiy nt Lake Clupinan.
Theie will be nn important meeting
ot the congiegatlon of St. James
chuich at the close ot this evening's
i-ervlce, at which all membeis of the
chuuh are Invited to attend.
A stug party of about fifteen ot the
piomlnent young men of the borougli
was held In the St. George hotel last
evening, nt which nn claborato supper
was seived and several hours enjoy
ably spent.
Luther Keller, formeily eleetrlchn
ot the local electile light company,
who left town about two yeais ago
under a cloud, has jmt 1 emitted
JltL'.Cj, funds ho held to, ttcasurer ot
the Jr. O. U. A. M society. Mr. Kol'er,
who had been prominently engaged in
church woik, cnused a sensation at
tho time by his flight, and obtnlned
considerable notoiloty through the
picas. Ills lemlttanco of th money to
the toclety fulfills what his fi lends
have all along piognoMUatcd. that ho
would 1 ay up the money ho embezzled.
Tho cause of his fall was uutoi lunate
Tlie masfiuerade ball held In 1M
munds' new hall last evening undo'
tho auspices of the Junior Order
United Ameilcan Mechanics wns ou
of the most successful affairs of the
kind ever held In Jeimyn Theie were
over a bundled mnHqueraJeia pieseut
nnd they weie In many Instances ie
maikably grotesque. Sevoral of the
ladles wero aitlstleally die-ssed, and
the scene on tho Hour of the hnll was
for fceveral hours befoie the dancers
unmnsked an enjoyable sight.
Cards aie out announcing the np
pioachlng wedding of MIm Ida Caiter,
a former well known rcFldent of the
borough, and Finnk Jones, of Caibon
dale D ALTON.
The Items ic-fenlng to certain jouug
men of this town nnd our einclanl
school board, whleh upiicnred In yes
terday's Tribune, came not fiom the
pen of the uuthoilzed correspondent
of this impel' for this place, and he
wishes not to bo held u-gponslble for
any seeming lellcetlon which they
may cast.
Trade Sale Prices ought to tempt you to
buy for future wants.
Dinner Sets,
American porcelain, handsomely
decorated. 100 pieces. $10 value.. ipO.y
Child's Commode Chair,
for the nursery, non-exposed pan, removable
tray in front, golden oak finish, up- t
bolstered covered seat, $2.50 value. p I ,Zy
Rockers Six assorted styles, saddle shaped and 0
genuine leather seats, solid oak bodies, value $4.75 to $6 43yO
(Concluded from l'.ic 1.
Another bill ot Judge Atchbald's
drafting was lntioduced In tho hous-i
by Mr. Harris, of Clearfield. It pro
vides that a party who claims title to
leal estate by squatter right, and who
Is not In actual poueslon of the
property, shnll be icqulied to record
Ids title so that notice of his claim
may bo apparent. At present, owlnt;
to the Inadequacy of ihe law abov
Indicated a party may purchase va
cant land and then discover that an
other party Is claiming It by having
squatted on It for twenty-one consecu
tive years at some time or other.
Mr. Huitman, ot Luzerne, lntio
duced a bill to provide for an addi
tional law judge In Luzeine county.
A similar bill for Filalr county was
Introduced by Mr. Gamble.
Playwiights' Bill Defective.
The bill to prevent pirates from
stealing unpublished and undedlcated
plays was reported from committee
this morning. The bill was diafted by
the American Dinmatlsts' club of New
Yoik and Is a copy of a law lecently
enncted In New York. The associa
tion Is trying to have It adopted In
every state. The copyright laws do
not adequately provldn protection
against these thefts, so It Is deemed
necessary to stiengthen It by statu
legislation. Dan 1. Hart has charge
of the bill In this statq. He entiusted
It to Sol Hacharacih, the governor's
executive cleik, and Mr. Hacharach
had Mr. Stroh, ot Lebanon, to father
It. The Hlks have sent a petition for
Its adoption.
The committee's leport was a nega
tive one, but this was not because It
opposes the bill. There was a legal
defect In It. This atternoon the com
mittee got together and drafted a new
bill along tho lines of the other, and
tomorrow It will be reporti-d favorably
Among the other bills lepoited from
committee were the following: Pro
viding for a department of building
and loan associations; poimlttlng
barbed wlte fences to be erected along
highways; piotecting trade marks and
union labels; making Somerset and
Caibon counties separate Judicial dis
tricts; providing for the builal of In
digent soldiers.
To Protect the Flags.
The resolution to prevent the taking
of Hags fiom the executive mansion
to be used In the Giant tomb was re
ported with nn amendment to th ef
fect that It might be permitted If a
majority of the survivors of the tegl
inent which the Hag lepresented la
voted It. The amendment was killed
and the resolution wns passed as origi
nally lntioduced. It requires that the
consent of a majority of the Grand
Army posts of the state shall be se
cured befoie any Hag can b taken
from the state depository.
Tho lonunlttce on military affalts
lepoited adveibely the bill providing
that military Instruction bo provided
for In all public schools.
The lesolutlon recommending Lieu
tenant Colonel Theodore J. Wlnt for
pi emotion to the position of brigadier
general of legulais was unanimously
concuircd In by tho houbo today, on
motion of Mr. rieheuer, and Is now
ready for the goviuoi's slguatuie.
The bill amending the notniles public
act by icmovlng tho prohlbltloungalnst
dlreetots or stockholders of banking
institutions becoming notaries wus
passed on thlid reading In tlu senate.
A proviso Is made that such notaries
cannot transact any business with
which the bank they lepiesent Is con
nected. Passed Second Heading.
An act cieatlng the olllce of assist
ant district attorney and an act poi
mlttlng councils to make an annual
appropriation not exceeding $300 to the
support of each company of the Na
tional Guard having permanent quar
ters In tho city, passed second reading
In the venute The bill creating tin
oillco of lecelvor of taxes m thlid
class cities was halted on eeond rend
ing by a motion to postpone for the
present. The motion was madu by Mi
Fox, of Dauphin, the father of the bill.
Ho sajs them Is a epiestlon as to
whether or not Ilanlsbutg wunts tho
bill to pass.
Tho act authorizing the supei Intend,
ent of public Insttuetlon to employ
lecturets for summer assemblies tor
educational purposes was defeated In
tho senate nn second tending
Mr. Flinn's Bond Scheme.
On iiiutluu of Senator Fllnn, the bill
lntioduced by him peimlttlng county
coninil..sloneis to bonow money and
Isue bonds foi Improving county
roads was laid over for amendment.
Tho famous Fllnn load bill, by which
county commissioners can, If they so
elect, levy nnd collect taxes for road
building Is not furnishing mvenuo
enough to keep tho contutctois busy,
and .Mr. Fllnn pioposes to penult them
to go Into the pockets of futuio gen
erations by menns of a bond Issue.
Since the bill was passed In lSlt'i Alle
gheny county, which was tho only
one to take advantage of tho act, has
expended a million dollars In Imprnv
Ing seventy miles of the county roads.
Theio nre over three bundled mora
miles of 10.ul that will penult of being
Impioved and it Is the purpoho ot the
FHnnites to Improve) them ns inpldly
as possible. Tho vigorous attacks
that aro now being made on tho Pitts
burg ring by thu rlppeiltes aro said
1 f rkQ Bed Room Su,t Golden
I U.VO Ash, neatly carved, Dresser
has German Plate Mirror, and is
fitted with heavy brass trimmings.
See our better suits. We have just
as big bargains t4o.oo.
to be responsible for the temporary
withdrawal of tho measure,
T. J. Duffy.
Hearing on Application of Floyd
young" for Amendment to Conden-
sery Charter.
f-pecUl from 1 Staff CorroDonilcnt,
Harrlsburg, Teh. 14. A hearing was
had before Secretary ot the State Will
lam C. Grelst. this afternoon, on th
application of Floyel Young for an
amendment to the charter of thu
Clark's Summit Condensery company.
In the articles of incorporation It ap
peals that Mr. Young Is credited with
having subscribed for 4S0 shares t
stock. He claims he only subscribed
for thirty shaies, and wants tho char
ter corrected.
Tho company is In seilous financial
dinicultv, and the other stockholder,
und some of the ci editors, among them
H. J. Northup and Mr. Dcrshlmer, ar
endeavoring to prevent him from se
curing the amendment.
The application was represented by
cc-Judge II. A. Knupp and John F.
Scragg. The objectors' attorney If
Geoige D. Taylor. T. J. Duffy
Mrs. LMvvnrd Lutsey returned homo
fiom nn extended visit among friends
In Wllkes-Barre on Tuesday last.
Eleven weie admitted Into full mem
bership nt the Baptist church on Sun
day moinlng last at 11 o'clock, when
tho baptismal service was adminis
tered to them by the pastor, H. Pai
lett East.
A. II. Decker, an old veterem of the
late Civil war, died on Thursday last,
after an attack of piip with a compli
cation of other ailments. He was an
esteemed citizen, who will bo gi eatly
missed by his many acquaintances. H"
leaves a wife and two daughters, Mrs
Hnima Terwlllleer and Mrs. Sarnb
Cope, and one son, George Decker, the
latter living In Blnghamton, and two
brotheis, George Decker and Charles
Decker, of New Mtlford, Pa., and one
fclster. The funeral services were con
ducted by the Hev. H. Parlett Bast,
pastor ot the church to which he be
longed for many years.
Mrs. Newel f'allender, wife of tho
Itev. Nuwel Callender, died on Satur
day evening la&t, after a piotractod
Illness of weeks, The funeral
services wero conducted 111 the Bap
tist church here by the pastor, Itev.
II. Pailett Hast, cm Tuesday of this
week at It o'clock. Interment won
made In the Clark's Gieen cemeteiy.
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Smith and
daughter. Hazel, were guests at thtt
homo of Mis. Smith's paieuts, Mr. and
Mrs. C. C. Cook, for Beveral days, and
leturned to their homo In Nay Aug on
Monday last.
Miss Nellie Callender Is seriously HI
at her home.
Mrs. A. II. Decker is icported as be
ing somewhat better, and her giand
daughter, who Is suffering from ty
phoid fever, Is ulso repotted ns much
The donation which was held at the
homo of Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Wheelct.
Tuesday evening, for the benefit of
Itev. H. Parlett Hast, was a social and
financial success, und netted tho neat
sum of about $50.
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Coon spent sev
eral dayH with the patents of the lat
ter, Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Decker, In
llouesdale, and returned home on
Tuesday last, since which Mr. Coon
has been confined to his homo -with
Tho Itev. M. S. Godshall will deltvei
another of his couisc of sermons on
Sunday evening next at 7 o'clock.
Subject. "Heaven."
The membeis of the Prlco Library
nfchoclatlon will bo entertained with a
musical and llteiary programme at
this evening's tneotlng. The entertain
ment will commence at 8 o'clock, when
the following excellent numbers will
be rendcied; Solo, Richard Watklns
lecltatlon, Miss Sarah Price; solo, Miss
Olvven M. How nils; oration, John
G wynue, esq., solo, Arthur Morgan
esav, Piesldent W B. Owens; zither
holo, William Hvans, paper, R. B
flendall; closing exercises, Tho publlo
Is coidlally Invited.
Tho funeral of James J. Lynch, of
tho Arehbald mine, who died nt the
Moses Taylor hospital on Tuesday, w III
occur this afteinoon.
The Men's union, of Old Forge bor
ough, have seemed Attorney Fred L
Beets, of Scrantuu, to addtess them at
their meeting this (Fildny) evening at
7.30 o'clock. The meeting will bo held
In Drake's ball. Attorney Beers will
tako as hls subject, "How to Vote."
All citizens uie invited.
Tho niembeis of tho Young Men's
Christian association band aro making
extensive piepaiatlons for their coming
banquet, to be held In Llewellyn's hall.
Tho fuueial of Mrs. John Reynolds,
of Hyde Park, will bo held tomoirow
(Satuiday) afteinoon at 2 o'clock. Ser
vices will be conducted at tho house.
Interment will be made in the Wash
burn street cemeteiy.
Mis. Thomas Charles and Mrs. Levi
Day. of Olyphant, wero guests of lela
tlvi's beie 011 Wednesday.
Talllo Jones, who left hero some limn
ago for Indian tenltory, has leturned
to town.
MUs IHhel O'Horo, of Mala street,
has leturned homo from her visit with
her aunt, Mis. W, R. Jones, of Car