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S "Best Milk for Family Use." 5
"Babies thrive on it."
aaaaaaaaaaaam a a-aa H
With Phosphates
and Hypophos-
phltcs Added.
Taste not chanQed.
Sold by Grocers and Druggists
The Dr. Hand Condensed MilK Co.
W rite for hwkltt. SCRANTON, PA.
Ice Cream.
OR Per
jjc Quart
3 elf r tione Ordara rrompttr l'.' vara 1
I 3f3i7 Adamj Avenua.
Sfranfon Transfer Co.
Baggage Checked Direct to Hotels
and Private Residences.
Offlce V., 1. & W. Pasaentjor
Station. Phono 525.
Hye, Ear. Nose and Throat
n"1ro njura9 .. r. 1ft 12 30 p. m.: ! tr l
Wlllliwa Building. Opp. Pastofflaa.
WlirsniNO MvTeil.-1'n.iii-wr M. 1. Iiwj.r
nul I'mlilto will wmtlc at tin Sranl'n
llujclo iluli house tmnniiow tuning
l A II l' ll.e lUawaro I ml Hint-Mi
ml 111 mjilnt cs at tlio Marvtne hinft. Let,
Kilt's CiccU, Diikwrn ami in Morch mlnn at
l'roi(iicc Satiuila).
I RfSHIO 1.10 -Paul Iloiiiu, iiiipli.vul it th
Mirvlne mine. It nl Mi lej, (iiIiul In .i coIIimmi
if r line utrs Mtmtlii. lie w.n taken to the
I il iwant.i liopli il.
stCK WITH I'M.l'VIOMV ndnw White,
nad Ml, n iittiud it tin" Ilahncminn hut.
i ml elciili with pnetiiiionli lie ha- Km
-iik ibotit two divs am! Is mij 111
IlltOM. Ills WKI.I -Mm lialilcl.. rl l.i.
"me itnct, was tilm to the Mews T..I r
hopitit uiirdai mirrrluj fiom a luokcn
n- the roult of tailing down on laikMni strop.
II lU'l'SflM: If.MJl 1I.--V baln of ttupuiliii,
I .imc UniUil in the opci itiu room of tlio
i ' ilJrm'i. watd it ll.i I ulau.min liwpitil 'it
ii diy lint the fire i iMinguMii I Inure ,n t
1 inline In en iloiie.
sIlillATs' (ONdin . Muiltiils if II in illmul College ot Music will tin i cm
i rt in e.tuiiwv ,i Wednodav tuning, IMi.
I'lin'i md violin tdm, ilwts ind utititloiH
i II i.inpil-c the prormiiu.
III IIIOMVs PAl'm' -"lo Whit I M. in
Mui.hl i l'ilnr Vttcinit to fmiliol the Amui or Illi I'd pit" will In till nbjul ot
Hit 1. Si riiomas' pipri whith will he n nl In,
f e the lliptlst p.istoi!' onleitmi toil n
111 Oil I! MII.1IM. Ilu I. filial iiicttm. f
t e.rccri JIUUf 'oniin' tluh will l,e hell
' i aftcrnirn in the pailor rf tin e.iom llhlte
1'ie ' itciiati (lunch at .1 ',ft o'lloih. tin i
H Iniilios nuiiliu lite ii t nf the .tttri
loon mil he bIm n lip to Muhil iiitiH iliiniii t
. 1 IlfllllTU iu Cdilllllt illllnl to lie niinl
ci.i,i:i.n(. iinr-i: uijhim mjiuit, i.
I l'lillllp-. irpnits tli rleailiiss nr the Sinn
lun ( li.iiltig Home soilitlrn J r t ft wnl
iik f-ilhui,; Moiiila, irJp,'ji''i .i! 'Iuvihi, frjM.
ruMII, Wciliuvlii. ii,Tii ,,'i, Iliumh,, s.'i)
'-W.23, fiiilaj, MMi,Sli;,U; Sitimlit, HIV'Mm,ii
total, 1,J0I,'.';-i'ii, (oiie,poiiiliuS ,,ik l.ut
,imr, I, .'!, ,'H W
MM'RM.H Mil M'(.01,l)IIKK-i.mi. M.
(.olUilch, hu lltliiu Mm shipp,i anj iiiaimiiii
if tlio ilrlMlo nt (.old nmliV Ha1141, nan pha
ntl uiiprUil SitiiKl o liy llie implodes of the
ftoie upon his Hllium nt from the In.air In
iiistose in othir liiilnrx,. Vilnanl Huimhi, mi
rrrltitinilii.l, on lihnlf ot the ihik. ami (, hi
miltli hrothui, pni-eiiteil him win, j ji,,
Jaullnler ami ,i uplonilM pilin Mi. II. n n'. i
4-4--sV4. -f-f-f-f-t--fs.sVsv
List of cut tent oft'eilngs sent
on application.
Securities bought nnd sold on
Commonwealth Building.
-44-4'4-4-4-4-4- 4-4--4-4-4-4-
Fin i, gj?
. Dr 1,I lis '
marks irrru hrlef Iml (esllfleH In the Mteem l.l
which he wis hchl hy tlio Mhfr emplnyt. Mr.
fhilit.llnlth al.n polie ntnl ISHIireil hlvl of the
flim'n ImM wlnlirs for his future micceM In hit
Hiv Imalnrva .
nnonillT rmiM remains o
.Mrs. f'atherlne Met'arlhy, who v.m a reMent c(
lli.s city onii llftron jrais a(.o ami who tiled
n Demer n fettr dayii ago, anlteil in this illy
)terdy and mn taken to Cnslek's iindertiik.
nij rurlors Kin North aklilnirton an hue. Thej
will he taken at i!.!(i o'clock t)ls afternoon to
Ft. IVlcr'a tnthcdral, from where the funeral
will be held.
After Further Argument Was
Hoard on Saturday Judge Arch
bald Said Opinion Will Be
Handed Down Today.
further iiimimonts In tlio rust- of
nistilct Attorney l.owin voihus the
County of hackaunnim, which wits
brnuRht to nottlo the question as to
whether tho new cotintv olllcers are
cntlllpd to f.j or salary, were inmlo
on Satilnlav buforo thi full bench liv
W. J. Ihtlid for the plnlntlff mid ov-TtlelR-.
H. A. Kntiip nnd Ira II. Hums
for tho defendant county.
Mr. Hand contended that the only
auction at Isu was whether or not
tlie Aet of isr.O, pnnldlntr for fees or
the Aet of IS7C, piovldlnn for salai lert
In counties huvlnir over ir.0,000 Inhab
itants, was In foice on November ,
1000, or election day. He iirgwd that
the Act of lSfcO wu.m In force, because
the census teturns showlns: the iiuiu
latlon as being over 150,000 weie not
announced until November 10. To put
the Aet of 1STC In opeiatlon after
date, hu said, would be to lolutc the
constitution, which s.ijs that no olll
rial's salary shall be t educed after his
It was the date of the Announcement,
he said, and not the date on which the
census was taken, that was to be
tnken Into consideration. He pointed
out tho annlaKotis pro Islons of the net
classifying cities, which provided that
a city shall ko fiom one class to an
other when Its population Is officially
announced. The attoines lor the
county iitKUed that the county came
under the salary act in June, as on
that date the population was over 150,
000. The .IikIkcs announced an opin
ion In the case would be rendeud this
morning. An appeal to the Supreme
court Is to bo taken, no matter which
sldo wins, nnd an attempt will Us
made to have it henrd nest month.
Last Week of the Tonn.
The third week of tile January boim
of common pleas com t will open this
nioinltiK. with Judge John P. Kelly
picsldliiir in tlie muin couit room.
Judge II. AV. Archbald w 111 be in No. 2
It is probable that a large number of
the thlrty-tlo cases on tlie list tor this
week will hae to bo continued, lo
calise ot the lllncs of attorneys and
the parties and witnesses In the cases.
Withdrew tho Objections.
The fftort to have the ceitlflcate of
nomination tiled by the Coyne faction
of the Lackawanna township Democ
lacy, deviated Illegal, came to an ab
rupt termination S.ituulny. Obje.tlons
weie Hied on Wednesday and Saturday
llxed as tho time for the homing.
When the matter was called up Sat
urday it appeared that tho constable
who had been intiusted with the work
of selling notices of the objections
upon the persons interested had fnlled
to do so, anil as tlieie was no service
tho objections had no standing.
The pioccedings will lie Instituted
anew by Hon. John 1'. Qulnnan, who
appears fot the objectois to the certifi
cates. Court House News Notes.
finncis H. Day says lils wife, Annie
Pay. deseited him lour yens ago, and
he wants a dhone Tlio libel In bis
suit was llled tor him Saturday bv At
torney M. J. Martin.
Next Kliday then- will be a he.nlng
befoio one of the Judgt s In tho matter
of the lun.icj of Hcnr Lango, who
has lieui tontlncd to the Insane dip.ut
mtnt of the Hillside Home since Janti
aiy 17.
In the ej. otmoiit suit of .Mi.s, Maiy
Unity, ot Cailiiindalo against .Miss
Mni Dully, of this city u vet diet In
f.noi of the plaintiff was letuined
Satiltday momlng,
In the m.uidaniiif. ptoc ceilings brought
by the Hkt trie Clt. U.ind and Impio
ment compan.i against John W. Mil
ieu, alditman, tho petltlonei was al
lowed S.iliuday to discontinue th,. p,.,,.
coed lugs
Ho Hit Joseph Hays Who Fell to the
Sidewalk and Hurt His Spine
As the itiMlIt of n little li.uas m
Spiuto Htieet, nt the conui nt Rnj -muiid
lomt, list oienlng ut :,:w o'clml;
Joseph Ui. ;, jeais of age m nU.
fulo, lies in the Lackawanna hospital
In a de-iii ions condition and his heal
mnv bo tiaotmed at the base of tin
skull, l'hll Youngs and Italian Nell
tin- detained at police heaihiuaiteis to
answer tot his Injuries.
Has driving along Spuuo
stitet with Italian Nell u dlssoluto
woman about town, when Youngs
balled him fiom the sidewalk. Hays
lulted the hoise ttnd got out of the
buggy to see what was wanted, when,
accoidlng to the statement of by
stander, "iotings hit him. Hays stiuek
tho pavement with tlio back of his
head and was i outlet cd unconscious.
When ho u mined i onsclousness ho
became delltlous and requltc-d tho
unlled olfoits of two policemen to liolct
him still until the ntiival of Di. Wal
ker with tho l.atkawunna hospltul am
bulance. When taken theio ho became oen
moro .lelh fous mid tlvo men had to
sit on him. while tho doctors con
duett d their (wnnilnutlun. Uo was
l.itci In a sti alght Juckct to spend
the night. The dot tom mo as yet un
able to state whether the base of tho
skull Is fiiictmed op not, but thero Is
n possibility that it Is.
Hitvs and Youngs woro chums and
tuo In the employ of Wnldron, tho
hoi so dealoi. Thc wem left over hero
to accompnny what hoi sen weie not
sold at tho unction Thursday to Uuf.
Yonn' was jealoiis of bin partner
and took this mean to Ii;iq sntlsfac
Hon. After knocking Hnyw down he
went to a hotel on franklin .tivenue.
where he was u rem ted by Lieutenant
Davis and Patrolman Neuls and
lodged In Center street station Iioum.
He Refarrcd to tho Splendid Reign
and the Rich Legacy of a Good
Name Which She Has Loft to Her
Son, King Edward VII -Tlio Blblo
Wa Her Companion and Guide for
Life and She Defended Throughout
Her Life tho Christian Religion.
A special set vice commemoiatlvo of
the death of Queen Victoria was held
last night in tho flist Piesbytetlan
church, which was tluongcd to the
uoors wun members or the congtege
tlon nnd members of the nilous Ihtg
llsh societies In the city. The pastor,
Kov. Ut. JiitueH McLeod, paid nil clu
I intent tribute to the life of the dead
sovereign. Ho said In part:
"The whole woild Is In mourning for
Queen Victoria! Newer before hae
such honois been paid to n dead sov
eulcn. All loyal lulors acknowledge
her vlitues, and most feelingly have
tii'M expressed their sMnpiithy wltli
her ihllilien and with all her sonow
Ing subjects, Tli- high nnd the low,
( tlio tlcb and the poot, pi luces or po
tontati'E, republics and moiinichles,
tho piesldent of the United States and
the president of Prance, the king of
(iieeco and the sultan of Tut key, tho
'ineen of tho Nethei lauds and tho em
pot or of rjeimiiny, the cz.u of P.usslit
nnd the pope of Home; chinch and
state, pulpit and press, Piotestant and
f.lthnlln nhrluMfiii mirl 1 . irn n n 1 1
unite In choius and slug tho piitKos
of Victoria tho Hood'
"for more than sltj this no
ble woman has stood out in the lull
blaze of that 'Heron light that beats
upon :i throne,' ami during all thai
time she held the reins of gow tu
rnout with a puto nntl powerful and
toady hand she won the bents of
her own people and tho ii-spict of all
nations nnd isho pi mod lit i self to be
i'Vcm. Inch a queen and e'.oiy Inch 'i
"She has left a royal legacy to her
children and to the Hrltlsh tunplre.
and to the world. Hut tho richest leg.
ney alio has left to her son, IMwatd
VII, does not consist in the gold, and
itlher, and crown Jewels, nnd es
tates, and ast emplte which ho In
hei Its these. Indeed arc ioal llches
-but the noblest treasuio she bus be
qitlHthod to him nnd to all her chil
dren and to the Chilstlan iritlon, Is
tin unsullied CluMtan chuacter. "A
good name Is better than i lobes,'
and Queen Vlctoilu valued It above nil
else, and she maintained It until bor
dlng day.
"She never foigot her exalted static n
with its tremendous responsibilities
and throughout hrr long and eentful
lelgn she possessed a name that W
without ropiouih. This choicest leg
tey she leaes to her son, and It Is
i I he tidiest Jewel In her glorious crown.
May what w is so true ot Victoria,
Hngland's quei n, bo, henceforth,
equally tmo of her son, who Is now
fngl'ind's king. Long live I. d ward
"The Hilllsb aio wedded to mon
archy, and this state of feeling is due,
in largo measure to tho queen hersolt.
She was no llgure-hoad throughout her
long reign. She had wise counsellors.
! for the most pait, but she had a mind
01 nor own, unit, on more man one
occasion, she taught h"r counsellots
whilom. She did so, notably, during
our Civil war, when she lovlsed the
tough message that Lotd I'alni"iston
submitted to her to be sent to AVabb
Ington. The queen of Hngland mmi
appeared moro queenly than when slio
smoothed down her lough pi lino minis
ter, theieby livening n threatened war
and paving the way fot an onduilng
"While loul to out own fotm of gov
ernment, wo hne no leuson to llnd
fault with that of Hngland. It tho
excellencies of the two governments
could bo combined, nnd it the defects
of each could be eliminated, the tesult
would come as ne.u as possible to gov
ernmental peifection, As it is, how
ever. It Hngland might Kiin some
thing fiom us, wo might Ie.nn some
thing fiom England. Our Inws aio
quite as good as the laws of Hnglnnd,
but can It bo tiuly said that they aio
as wisely and as Impartially ndmln
"When moie than sixty yenis ago,
on Iipi i oi Dilation day, the Aichblshop
of Canteibtuy, handed to tho young
queen a copy of tho Bible, he addiessed
her In these wouls: "Our giaclous
queen, wo piosent vou with tills book,
the most valuable thing tho woild nf
fouls, Heie is wisdom, This Is th"
loyal law. Those are tho lively 01
acles of God. Blessed Is ho that lead
eth. and they tbnt hear tho wotds of
this book, that keep nnd do the things
loutalnod In It. For these aio tlio
winds of t tornal life, able to make
.vou wise unto salvation, nnd, so, hnppy
loicvci mote thiough which is iu Chi 1st
"Fiom that day until the day of her
deatli the Blblo was Queen A'lctorla's
e ompnnlon and guide. She vowed, on
her coionallon day, that she would
keep the faith, nnd, that, to the utmost
of her abllltv, she would maintain it
tlnoughout her dominion. That vow
who talllifull.v kept. She fostered ling-
Alhround Aid.
The subject of Intuwst Is n
unique study. It has been tho
midnight theme of many n tiav
elei o'ei rough roads leading to
the happy city of Success. Jt hns
boon the single stnr of hope to
doubting thousands in dlstiess.
Its magie power i tiles business-
1 1 tho phot ot a woi id's com
mence. Were It not 101 the ollhleni fotco
ot lntertst, millions would motitn
elilenl. The dlsioniaged ti ados
man Is kept going till perplexity
Is passed. And thousands of
cautious souls tliiHt to Its aid foi
a start In life thu only hand of
help In sight for such
Inteiost both cats and cams.
What It takes fiom one it gives
to another, and wo aio the "mid-dlu-man"
medium of exchange.
To evoiy dollar left In oui I'liie.
wo add 3 per cent, and compound
all savings twice each year. Re
sults Hiupilso tho steady suvem.
Savings Depnitment
Cor. Wyoming and Spruce
IMi education, she promoted and re
joiced In Kngllsh freedom, nnd her
ctltlcs to the contrary notwithstand
ingboth by her precept and exninnle
she defended the Christian faith. Tlie
gteiitest gloiy of fngland began when
her people had freo access to an open
Bible, for this great boon Wycllffo
111 st nntl after him other roformois
wrought and surfeted and died nnd
won the dnv.
''it Is well to lemember this, because,
the same forces that made Hugland so
great and so glorious arc the very
snmo forces that have contributed to
our own nntlonul greatness Htid glory.
Tho Bible, with Its sublime and holy
doctilnes, lies nt the foundation ot our
national life, and It behooves both this
nation and old England to gun id well
their foundation, for 'If the founda
tions be elestroved, what can the llght
eotis do'."
"It Is to Bible Chilstlnnlty more than
to all other poweis combined that the
f nlted States and England owe their
high place among the nations of tho
o.itth. Will these two nations that
speak the same language continue to
occupy this exalted position? Yes; If
they continue to bo tine to God's tiuth.
Queen Victoria did her part well, may
her successor bo equally faithful. AVhat
the lutuio bus In store for fngland and
for tlio f nlted States Is only known to
' omniscience. Meanwhile this nation
says to fngland, All Hall!
' May those bonds which bind to
gether these two nations the bonds of
a common ancestry nnd a common
biothethood, the bond of a common
language, tho bonds of a common
Bible and a comnm faith may these
bonds giow stronger and stronger, and
be oini' c loser and closer. But If thero
must be liv all y between us, let it bo a
ilvalry as to which nation can do tin
must to tuomote tho cause of human
liberty, and exhibit the woith of na
tional vhtue; or let It be a still holler
liv aby, as to which nntlon can do thu
mol to s i ve tho lost, and to exten 1 the
bnundntles ot tho neileeniet's King
dom '
Rev. Dr. Giffln's Tribute.
K". Dr. ('. M. CJIllln changed the
announced subject of his seimon last
night for an iiddiess, in which tho deul
Queen of fngland was tlio central
llguio. The text was from II Samuel,
.'I-.". "Billing In the fear of Coil," al
luding to D iv Id's icvlew of his icIgn.
Tho speaker paid a touching "tiibuto
to the tn mi 1 1 f til and noble life Just
ended, fiom which ho drew the follow
ing h -sons-
first Tho Importance of piopnia
tluii as jl coming Into a matciy in
dicates the value of tho queen's previ- l
ous ti, lining for her high position. A
gieat many failures are noted because
oi Impel feet piepnratlou for the duties.
Second Hei course of training did
not dimliiMi her tiust In Ood. Loatn-
lug Is never to keep us from leaning
on divine strength.
Theio was an lmpioveincnt In a .stock
of degeneia(cs. She came from a raco
which had become utmost a lace of
I fools. .Many loptosentativcs wero In
sane. Her father was a spendtlnlft.
Sometimes wo woik this hereditary
theory too much. AVhen It hits wo
give It credit, when It misses we s.iy
It Is a queer lapse.
But deeper than blood Is the charac
ter ot tho queen, fnllko her father,
she was p uslinonlous, and In her
mental balance her stiong, calm mind
surpassed most.
Her long lelgn Indicated that not
woik wisely done kills. Bishop Brooks,
when her guest, once wrote to friends:
"I am visiting a veiy respectable but
dull lamllv." The iuecn said of him,
' He Is too fast," alluding to his be
wildering lapidlty of speech. This
calm, quiet, tegular life of heis gave
hoi ,i long reign. Ameiiean women
cm led her the loftv position the, bui
teiilv existence, but Queen AMetotU
was leallv the baldest winked woman
of the age.
Alter alluding to tho length of lelgn,
as Indicated by the changes In the
woild. Dr. C.lltln .spoke of tho fact that
the queen's life shows how gieat may
be a woman's competence to manage
l.tige iilfaiis. .Manj men will admit
theli abllltv P control in a limited
wav, and although they may say that
she hud tho advantage of gieat men to
advise her, jot It takes supieme
shtewdness to pick out such assistants.
Tho address concluded with a tiib
uto to Ainei lea's sense nf tho gieat
loss of a liiendshlp so tmo and last
ing The queen espoused our cause In
tlio davs of Civil war and lefused to,
pei mil Pal mei si oil's Insulting declara
tion In the Tient ailnh to be issued
until II was io hod by heiself npd the
lying pi luce consort Tho suggestion
was niaeio that the successful .ulmlii
istiatlon which had i loved was passed
Into the son's keeping with such ease
that It should tend to diminish certain
i.i'nlil llepublltan Ideas and to Instill
the thought that the Biltlsli foim of
emolument Is not the wotst In tho
Tho quoin, when iiniillcd ot her hc-
esslun. fell on her Knees befoio tlio
envo.vs. piaylng 'Clod help mo to bo
M'od," and ih' did.
The speukoi btlioiod that theio
should conn an Anglo-Ameiicnn alli
ance founded on alfection
Many Crowns for tho Queen
Rev.Di.R.F Y.Piei co paid a glowing
ti Unite to Queen A'lctoila last evening
in his put mou, "Many Ciowns for the
Quen. or, Coionatlon Day" Uc took
his text fiom fstbei 2. 17, which Is us
follows 'And tlio king loved Esther
above nil women, ami she obtained
gince and fnvoi Iu his sight inoio than
all tho virgins, so that ho set tho lovul
ciown upon her had and mnilo her
queen Instead of u A'ashtl."
In opening his address nr Pierce
stated that he had set a great task for
himself in trlng to give pioper credit
to tho dead queen's v li lues In so i hurt
a ilmo ami that hums could bo spent
Iu telling of her wotth.
Queen A'lctoila was a mighty woman
and with her womanly tact and wisdom
made tho English nmplro what It Is
today No queen um st upon ,i
ihiono mine legal or swayed a sceptic
more biilllantly than Quo n A'lctoila,
the speaker stated,
"Tin Amei leans ate taught by tno
hlsloilans to always hate the English.
I tiust tho time will omo when tho
inothei country will be ennsldoiod our
fileiid, and that wo will speak kindly
and leveientlv of her."
Compailson was made to tho soriow
of Italy over tlio death of King Hum
bet t. Then tho gilef did not extend
bovond tho bordeis of Italy, although
America did show a good deal of sym
pathy. "Now England Is In tears. Scotland
Is weeping and Iielnnd Is lamenting.
Evorywheto In the nation and tho Isl
ands of the sea there Is weeping, sor
row and lamentation, for no woman
was so deeply mourned ns Queen A'lc
torln. Tlio woild sympathizes with
Continued on INife (3.)
Ho Served with Distinction in tho
Civil War as a Snrgeon Albort G.
Ives the Tollor at tho First Na
tional Bank -Success That Editor
James Mahon, of Free Press, la
Meeting wlth-NelsonW. Gillespie
of Providence Is Going to England.
Di. N. V Loot, who will this week
rotlro from the position of surgeon-ln-chief
of tho Moses Taylor hospital,
which ho has held over since that
great Institution was opened, Is a man
who has been actively engaged In the
practice of medicine horei since befoio
Scranton was a cltv. Ho was born at
Sprlngvnie, Susquehanna county, and
for a time was a suigetm In tlio regu
lar nrmy. Ho served nil dining the
civil war, fiequontly luboihig on the
Hold for days without test to relievo
the suiforlngs of tho thousunds of
binvo follows who went down while
fighting lor the ling dmlng the terriblo
battles ot that awful war.
Soon nftor the war was over, tho
doctor ciuuo to Sctantou and Is In
sepauibly associated with tho medical
hlstoiy of tho city fiom that time to
this. Ho hns for many yenrs been the
suigcon of tho Dclnii inc. Lackawanna
nnd Western, and bis services In that
capacity hnve called him nil oioi tho
toad. Ilo Is a nrin who cm always
b tolled upon to do bis whole duty In
any omeigency, and because of this
Is loved and honored by hundreds ot
poisons who have come to know lilt
worth. Pndor u somewhat hi usque
exterior, he has it natuie that Is kind
ness pel sonified nnd that always re
sponds promptly to tho call of stif
leiing or dlstiess.
Albeit '. I vps, teller at the Flist
Nntlnul bank, Is an Ideal bunk cm
plove. fmo who not only enjoys the
onlldenie of bis employers, but also
of his follow-employes without excep
tion. This tooling also extends v rv
widely outside ot the bank and ln
existed over since the time when Mi.
Ives was a boy and began service .is
the bank messenger.
Mr, Ives Is a good looking, pleasant
spoken and keen-witted gentleman.
In fact, on account of his wit his
friends have to shaipen up t heir's
whenever they see him coming or It
will be one on the friend.
Mr. Ives Is inairled and has u small
but Intel cstlng tamlly, which he
started to bring up In tho country,
but concluded a short time ago
that being "the man with tho hoe"
outside of w oi king boms was more
fun than one man could reasonably
bo expected to enjoy, so ho now lives
In Green Rldgo. ,
Editor James Million, ot tho Sunday
Free Press, Is a oung Scruntonlan
who has shown and Is evoiy day moio
fully demonstiatlng that ho Is entitled
to a place well up among tho first of
the generation on which the Electric
City must soon expect to lely for the
culture of the prospeilty which the
fathers have planted for It.
With bt.ilns and biawn as the chief
component parts of his capital stock
he took hold of the Fiee Press when
it was on the veige of lollnpse and bv.
the exercise of good business Judgment
and unspalrlng toll gradually but
steadily hi ought the propeity out of
the slough Into which It had been
allowed to sink nntl made of It a pay
ing Investment witli an assuied for
tune. He is piudeiit In bis manner ot deal
ing with tho news nnd problems of
the day and, while this policy is not
conducive to i.ipld giowth In tho mat
ter of circulation, It insuies a Iwalthy
Increase and in tho long run u stable
clientele It Is Mr. Million's wont to
hurl a haipoon Tilbunew.ud and it oc-
aslonallv pleases The Tilbune to re
ply in kind, but It has boon the ex
pedience of tho lattoi that in sucli In
stances It has always had a manly and
honest even though enlng opponent.
A v M M
AL'x.indoi Aibuthnot and Nelson W.
Gillespie will leave for England this
week, where Mr. Gillespie will continue
newspiper woik. Mr. Aibuthnot, who
is a lesideiit of Imdon, has been In
this countiy tor some mouths. Ho now
letuins to icsiime his work as secro
taiy foi a member ot pnillnnicnt and to
continue ns a w liter lor the London
Times. He Is a nung man of oxeep
tlonnllv fine abilities and pleasing pei-j-onallty.
Mr. Gillespie has been engaged on
the Now Yoik World, and while In
tho motiopolls was also a member of
the Batcheller syndicate toi some time.
Ho is a very capable and talented
joung man and loaves his old homo
In Proildenej with the kindest of
wishes for iTis success on the other
'How to s.e the I Iffhl" i tin li pii of ,1
tiiituitul urmon preichid list night hv Kit
I. It VukIIii, pa.tor of the AMi Mutt MethodM
',plccpal ihuirli.
Hu .lame. I) lillliighul, tlute Mipirnhndent
of the t'nbeialNt church, pleached two ter
mom jetrrrtav at All Souls' chiuth. He will
pieaih lontgbt and alto Tueda nnd Wednesday
"llie ll.tiorprcl, the Pi ope it and the lleli!
I , it ol a (,oi ( hri-llan" v. the II, tmo ef
llie turmoil pieaine-d J ot night hv lift. Jamei
lltigbiri at the Ailims Ammo ihapr ot tho tno.
uml I'rn-b.rtcilan church
The .National Juhllee irceri and riiteilalncr
lingered feterrl seledloiw Ust nijiht .it th)
Mrhan MethodM 1'plw.opal chuirh on Howard
place. The pastor, Ili't II. h lliutli, pitaihed
a vriiion on "'Tho flirMltui l.lle"
Itct. Kfjlnald s, Ptiklllle, genual niiwionan
tf the 1'rotcaUnt I'piwopal dlocex of Ccntril
1', nntlanl I and .1 epeakir ol great fouo aim
ponri, ppol.o joileid.iv morning In St. ! uke'e
ihiinh and liU nl.'ht 111 M, Hit Id' cliuiih,
Wol Strantou
Vttntiuy V V llattci fiio (he j.ruiul ot a
miIci rf kphndldly llliwtratid lilka 011 the llie
i, l hilr tisWuliy uftum on at the liallro.ii)
.oiii MinV (hilitlin fl-Hiclathm i,,.,nn hcfoie
a laiue audlcncia, Mr. lloir is an doipuin
KpraVci intl the htereoptlcon vlinn aliunn wcro
1 cellent
Ito. W. II VI illl 1111., the iliuiiiuier ftanf
lUl, londiiitnl two unll-Salnou laauiie niritlnga
votinlaj At 10S .1 in, In llie IWijterlnn
ihiinh, .1 p in, MilluxlUt ihunli,
Nay Auir At both pi ices Vlr. Wllllains wis
greilid hy gool tonu'roKatioin. At the clow
ol liU addre&i he pawed cnrollmeiit canlt and
tnoiy new nitmhcre were lidded In the antl.
Saloon btistie Mi Wlllhnii mj he now has
a membership In lhl count) ntono of otir
5,iXXl. lh liopoi to woilt nn in. til It U W,Vfl
Wliltlug Allen, who lu.s hitu in adtancc ol
"'Iho Cadet Cllrl," retuinal lo town with a caw
of Canadian grip. Upon rrvover) ho will litgln
writing the paper for the coining feawii of the
I'orrnaugli ell c Irons, urd will continue with
that aliotv In charge of Hi newpapci lnulnnai,
Ntw York Momlng Telegraph
Marie Antoinette Cups 1
Have you seen them ? The
their slender stems modeled after the designs made in the
Royal Potteries at Sevres. There is a great reduction in
the high-priced pieces in the case. Plates which have been
$65.00 a dozen arc reduced 20 per cent., and all other
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C WlYYStT'VfsvYV .
m s A
Geo V Millar &
VJCU. V. miliar t
Gold Crowns $3
Gold Fillings $1
Bridge Work (TV.,) $3
Set of Teeth $5
All work guaranteed for 10 earj ('ill and
have jour tieth enamlned free of ihaiKc.
Satisfaction or no pay.
1 K
Schimpff, the Jeweler,
That's the name. You've heard it a good many times
most every time in' fact, when jewelry is the topic of convef
sation, for the one implies the other.
Schimpff, the Jeweler,
Has much to show you in the Gift li e more than you'll see
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317 Lackawanna Avenue.
y 'lheNewNcversll? As
K nhalt Rcmovnblc
Horse cannot slip
?( and will oulwc tr three
sets of any other calk
? nianiifuclureil.
Dr. James J. Walsh Advises Avoiding-
Association With Persons
Who Have That Disease.
I)i James J Walsh, of New York
city, who Is .1 native of Parsons, had
an 111 tie lo In a leeont Issue of the
New Yoik Journal on the gilp, which
he Miys Is a contagious dst.,io. Dr.
Walsh savs.
"Wo have Just gone thiough Mime
typical gilp weathei. liver .slnco the
Hist great modem epidemic of gilp In
ISVl cises of the elheaso have been al
most constantly with us Hveu in tho
summir time, when it Is oidlnarily
supposed to bo dotmant, eaieful liac
toiluloidcal examination of the .socie
tlons causeel by tuituln c'hstlnato lolds
has shown tho piesenii- of the bacillus
of gilp. This bacillus dots not stnnrt
iv mm, sunny weather well, anil as 11
comec'tience these cases aio only Just
fieciuont enough to kerp the b lelllus
continuously alive iu our 1 enmity,
'Tor gilp does not originate anew
each winter, but Is a continuation of
tho epidemic of former yens. Tho In
iluenza bacillus Is quite as Individual
In Its cliaiactoilstlcs as uny member
of the plant lamllv. It noiei by anv
chance U modliled Into nny other bacil
lus. One might as well expect to
I gather ocoins from elm tiots as have
grip bacillus produced hy tho microbe
of ordlnaiy pneumonia, tor Imtnnce.
.The microscopic plants letnln their
Identity as effectually as any of their
I higher plant tulntlves. They may be
come modified by climate and cnviion-
1 ment, but chnneo their Individuality
"The most Interesting propeitlcs of
the Intltiensta b.icllliiH tue that It soon
loses Us vitality when ehled. and It Is
veiy susceptible to tho action of hun
light. The typhoid bae lllus stands dry
ing Indellnltoly,' Stilngs dlpiied In ul
tures of typhoid bullll uml then hung
up In a drving chambei for two yeai ;
are found to hnio llvo bacilli on them.
Kven when nil tho molhtuie In iho nlr
of the chamber Is icmoved by con
cent! utcd sulphurit acid tho typhoid
bacilli hip not killed. The bae lllus of
grip polishes undei such conditions in
a few iluvt,.
"Tho gilp bacillus Itixui lutes In
moisture'. This gives us iho why
tlio disease Is ho pievalent at tlio pies
cnt time, Wo have had a mild winter,
and now for tho last ten days most of
tho country has had eiamp anil cloudy
weather. This Is the typical gilp
weather so often spoken of. It was it
mild, open winter, not unlike the pies
cut season, but with much moio tain
in It, when tho lit st gieat gilp epidemic
occui led nnd tho disease seemed Its
hold on western civilUatlon for all
beautiful chocolate cups
rune nn
ff r. s
V ;
Co m Wjomin? Aveane g
VU. W.lkln.ndl.c.ok Around 3
Extracted Absolutely
Without Pain.
Our ajulein of PAINM's penlbtry is far
auperinr to the old method of doing work.
lie both fill nnd extract teeth without tha
least particle of pain. Our prlcm for the
present are ixtremcly low, and if jou uro In
need of any Pmtal woik. Call and liava
your teeth examined.
We nuke a specialty of fine Crown and
Undue Work nnd It will pay jou to tall and
Krt our prices hetore going: elc here. All
siork absolutely Palnleiw.
Dr, ReyerTDentist
DM Spruce M., Opp. Court Houae.
126 and 128
m Franklin Ave.
"The other favoiablo factor for tho
Blip inleiobo has been the compara
tive absence of sunlight in iccent
weeks, t'lear. cold weuther soon dis
poses of grip An bout's exposure to
direct sunlight will kill the lulltieiuu
bacillus. What we want now lh eleai,
hard winter for 11 week and tlio grip
e-pldoiulc will be a thing eif tho past.
"Whin gilp lh st began to spread it
was thought to In curled through tho
nlr fiom placo te place. Caicful In
vestigation showed, however, that tho
disease never ti.ivolcd any faster than
the means of communication between
towns in many towns It
was noted tint the people of tho
town attacked bv gilp wore on moio
than 0110 occasion tho otllclals of tlio
i.illioad stations, rutin these It spieatl
thiough the town.
"In a wind, gilp is a contagious dis
ease. The most Inipoituut means of
avoiding the Is to have as little
association as possible witli those sur
loiinjf fiom It. It Is a well-known fai t
that physicians and their families f,nt
for much moio than tho lest of tlv
community fiom gilp. The reason is
Us ontaglousness. Thu affection Is
much moro contagious in tho enrlv
stago of tho disease than lutci. When
coughing and sneezing me fivquent
the bacilli aio forcibly ejected and
scattered In the sin rounding air. t
bus been shown by uctiml expei linen r
that gilp bacilli weie thiown out ovoi
tin eo feet from a untezlng Iniluemsii
"Of couiso not all colds dining grip
weather are teully gilp. Tho t) pleat
symptom of gilp Is the Intciibo pros
tiatlon that comes with tho disease
When tills has developed iu what
Hiemed at flist to bo a common cold,
then visits of other meinbeis of tin
family to tho jiatlent should bo dls-
outaged. If possible, only ono poiaou
should wait on the patient. Tho at
tendant should wear a long outer gat
mutit, and thl.i should bo put off before
coming out of tho sick 100m to mlngh
with the lest of the family This piv
1 tuition will si em extiemo to most peo
ple, but It would do moio to pi event
the spioitl of gilp than ull the pre
taullonaiy lemodles known,"
Took an Appeal from Sentence to tha
Superior Couit.
As loretold in Tlio Tilbune Salur
diy. At ten ney fleoigo W. Beale was
1 culled for sentence on that inoinlng
j on tho chaigu of embezzlement on
which ho was convicted In Heccinber.
IS'iy, and vias dlioctcd to pay a fine or
TldO, costs and spend six months Iu
tho county Jail.
I llealo's ntloincv at unco wont In -fine
Judge P P. sjnilth, of the R11
peilor court and look an nppoul, widen
the court allowed as a Biipoisedcur
This stayed tho sentence 41ml IJoal
will bo nt llbeity pending tho din
position ol the appeal,