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Medieval Forms Observed in the
ImDosIno Ceremonies In
London yestendau-
Brilliant Seeno in the Courtyard of
St. James's Palace Eavi Roberts
and Headquatters Staff of British
Army in the Procession King
Not Present Ten Thousand Troops
Lined tho Streets Proceedings in
the City The Proclamation Read
by Heralds.
Iljr Ksxluslse Hire fiom Tin- Associated Piii.
London, Jnn. -1. London today was
given a glimpse of tho customs of
medieval times. The quaint ceremonies
with which Kdwnrd VII. was pro
claimed king at vorloitH points of the
metropolis followed undent nrecedent.
The olllcials purposely arranged the
function an hour ahead of the time an
nounced, and the streets 'between St.
James palace and the dty were llni'd
with' troops soon after daylight. About
10,000 soldiers, Life fjuaids. Horse
Ouards, Foot Guards and other cav
alry and Infantry regiments had been
brought from Aldershot and London
barracks after midnight. All the oill
cciH had mourning bands on their
arms, and the drums and brass Instru
ments were shrouded with crape.
The troops made an imposing picture,
but they were eclipsed by the spec
tacle presented hy the officials of the
College of Arms.
Tho ceremonies were 'begun at t.
.I.unes palace, where, at It o'clock, Kd
wurd VII. was proclaimed kins of the
I'nlted Kingdom of Great Britain and
It uland and emperor of India. The
proclamation, which was rcail by AVI1I
lam Henry Weldon. klng-at-aims since
IMtl. and formerly Windsor herald, was
as follows:
The Proclamation.
Whura, It In pleased Almight) Rod lo all
tu Ms inoriy our late K'lcreign lady, cjueen
Victoria, ol litiwcil and glorious miir.orj, by
whose deowse the imperial (imill of the United
KIukiIoiu d( Uital llnUln ami Inland is holcly
and rightfully come to the Inch ami mlnhty
I'rlnee Albert hdntird, wc. thctcfiirr, the lords,
spiritual amt tcmroral of IhW realm, being rcre
rrslsled with these of her late inaiel'a piliy
eouncli, with numbers ol other principal gen
tlemen 0( quality, with the lord major, alder
men and iltlcni of I,ondon, do now hereby with
i no idee tt (.uncut of tongue and heart to
Publish and proclaim the high and mighty
Prince Albert Kdward Is now liy the death ot
mr late row reign of hippy memory hecome our
only lawlul and liahtful liege lord, Kdward VII.,
by tlr of (Joel, kins of the United Kirs
ilom of (ircit Itrltalu and Ireland, defender of
the filth, Kmpcror of India, to whom wo do
i knowledge .ill faith and constant obedience
v ith all hearts- and humble affection, beseeching
(,nd, by whom all kings and queen do lelgn,
to Mm, (lie roval 1'ilnco Kdward VII. with Ion
iiml htrpi j ears to relsn over u.
King Not Present.
The king was not present. There was
a large assemblage of olllcials and
college heralds. Among those In at
tendance were Field Marshal Karl
Koberts. members of the headquarters
staff and other army oillcers. The pub
lic were present in thousands. The
proclamation was greeted by a fan
faro of trumpets. At the conclusion
of the ceremony the band belonging
to the Toot Guards played "God tfavo
the King."
Tho members of the king's house
hold witnessed the ceremony from
Marlborough House. On the balcony
overlooking the Friary Court, from
which tho proclamation was, were
the Duko of Norfolk and several olll
i ei's of state. The balcony was draped
in crimson cloth. Ueslde the olllcials
In resplendent uniforms were stationed
the state trumpeters. Mnny prominent
persons were seen, among them Sir
Henry Arthur White, private solicitor
to the (tueen.
But Many Will Bo Allowed to Look
Upon the Dead Queen.
1); i:ilusle Who fiom 'I lie snocUtcd Pres.
r I Cowes, Islo of Wight, Jan. ::., 12.30 u.
m. Ho hampered have been the ar
rangements at Osborne that tho body
of Queen Victoria still lies In the bed
room whero sho died. The elaborate
decorations necessary In turning the
dining room In Osborne house Into it
cliapello hardente occupied so much
tlmu that, although the roval house.
noiu waited hour after hour for the
first private seivlce, it was found Im
possible to hold this yesterday mom
lug. All being well, however, the solemn
function will be performed this (Frl
day) morning by the Bishop of Win
chester In tho presence) of King Kd
ward, Kmperor William and almost
every other member of tho royal fam
lly. The coflln was brought to Osborno
last evening. The coillned body will
be trausfotred this morning to the din
ing room, now hung with deep purple.
The dais is wreathed with tho toyal
standard, and on each side are great
candles. Madonnas by famous painters
hang from tho draped walls. In one
corner magnlllcent wreaths from all
parts of tho wot Id crush their blos
soms ono itgalnst the other. Atound
the coflln chairs aie arranged lor tho
royal mourners.
Ivord Pelham Clinton authoilzes tho
statement that there will be no lying
In state, llowover. there Is good rea
son to 'believe, that many persons will
be afforded the pilvllege of seeing their
dead queen as she lies In tho gorgeous
ly transformed dining room, where she
will remain until February 1, In tho
hope thut this may be tho ease, people
are already pouring Into Cowe. If
they it ro disappointed In this ruajivct.
tliuy will, at any rate, bo lewarded by
wltnesclniT u great naval display.
Yesterday King Kdwnrd replied to
thousands of messages he has received.
To those from rulers and great per
sonages, lie replied In person. To those
from minor dignitaries, ho commanded
hiii equery to return thanks, A par
ticularly grateful messa.Ru went to
President McKlnley.
Thought That Coronation of Edward
VII Will Not Occur Until 1002.
lb Kxiluslie Wire Irom The .oeIutnl I"reM.
London, Jan. 24. An extraordinary
Gazette published an order in, council,
"that It Is expected that nil persons
upon the present occasion, the death of
her lato majesty of blessed and gloi
lotis memory, will put themselves Into
deepest mourning."
nothor older In council rubstltut
lug "king" lor "queen" and "Kdwnrd"
for "Victoria." It nlso Inset ts "our
gracious queen Alexandra, George,
Duko of Cornwall and York; and the
Duchess of Cornwall and York."
The fact that the court goei Into
mourning for a year and the further
fact that the public Is enjoined to go
into the "deepest" mourning, lead to
the supposition that tho coronation
will not occur until 190.;.
The Instruction thnt the Duke of
York Is lo be named In the prayer '
book "Duke of Cornwall" seems to
throw light upon the much-debated
question of the heir npparent's title, t
It was supposed that the title "Prince I
of Wales," which belongs only to a. I
son born of the king, would be con- '
f pi red upon the Duke of York by royal '
patent; but the Gazette announce
ment seems to indicate that this, will
not be done and that the Duke of
York will hi-urefnrth be known as tho
Duke of Coin wall.
King Kdward VII has been pro
claimed in many cities and towns of
the I'nlted Kingdom, the usual pro
cedure being that the mayor, attended
by the other members of the corpora
tion, has read tho proclamation In the
town hall or market place.
Progress of Body of Queen Through
London Will Be Imposing.
Ily I"ac!u-Up Wire from The Associated 1'it-s.
I-rfindon, Jan. 25. It Is understood
that the body of Queen Victoria will
arrive in London on the morning of
February 2 and lie taken across the
metropolis to P.tddlngton. Troops will
lino the streets.
The collln will be placed on a gun
carriage and draped with flags. On ar
riving at Paddington station, It will be
transferred (o a train for Windsor,
llually reaching St. Georga's chapel
about noon, where a magnificent funeral
seivlce will take place.
1.30 a. in. It is understood that the
progress of the body of Queen Vletoiia
through London will be an Imposing
military pageant, and that members or
the houses of lords and commons will
bo Invited to follow the procession, At
the same time there seems to be some
apprehension lest a change of decision
should omit the London portion of the
programme. The Dally Telegraph edi
torially claims for Ixnidon a right to
share In the obsequies, and declares
that nothing hut tho deceased's own
wishes should prevent this. The funeral
has been delayed to enable all the for
eign representatives to arrive at Wind
sor in time.
Will Be Made of English Oak nnd
Lined with Satin.
'! i:iii.sirc in from Pie Associated l'.-ejj.
Cowes, Jan. 24. The collln of Queen
Victoria will be of Kngllsb oak, lined
with satin. It was ordered hero this
afternoon. The outer casket, will be a
reproduction of the one used at tho
funeral of the Duchess of Kent, the
queen's mother.
A magnlllcent satin pall, with the
royal arms In each corner. Is being
Wheiover It It averse loads the body
will be borne on a gun carriage.
Kniperoit William decided this even
ing not to leave Osborne till after
the funeral.
Piof. Huber Herkemer. It. A., made
si water color sketch this afternoon of
tile queen for the king.
A Glowing Eulogy on Queen Vletoiia
Delivered Before St. Andrews.
fly r.wliisho Wire fiom The .MocUted I'rem.
Xew York, Jan, 21, Andrew Carne
gie paid a glowing tribute to the mem
ory of the late queen at tt special
meeting of tho St. Andrews society In
this city this afternoon. Mr. Carne
gie bald:
iiein ViitciU mi. i.tuiplul ,i iio.llioti never
hi lorn iiiiipli'il t,j .in) nili'i -ur 1 ni.i sj, -by
uny imllMitiul. .Nor wan !' priut enh as a
It. Id amgnir those who iHiimled the fureiiiont
l"itln. but as .i woman, ulte, motliir, irrunl.
n. other, eounsi Hi r, ( lamw of ni n.imc to vrul
tint whli It she has ipjih' li.r bemelf. she ktond
fii iicr.MliIii- ii i.ouiui uuijU tu stand fur.
I'lrl of .ill klie ktooil for that irteatetl uf all
noininly attribute!,- pin Ily. Sirondlj, lm stood
fur lirn(it, "! uln Hood fop peine. c
lme rt.iun tu 'leineinbcr t'hU and ln thankful
U: hir lundiiit. When thin npubllo i.u in
lurd htr.ilm, a warlike secrctarj had already
pripareil ,i ineiuiru would hae meant
n .it lirtueeii ui and our riiotheiland. Hut Mir
tine ilispatdi vith her own luinls- and
tliii.i in cried muli a ulumlt)
M.indltig, aa w.o cm almost be naid to HjiiJ,
at her llu, mo hould Ukt this hwun of her
lifo and as hr nut eeor lu announced ho ulll
ktrbe to follow in her footsteps.
A meeting of Ilrltlsh subjects and
representatives of British societies and
organizations, called by the British
consul general, Sir Peicy Sanderson,
was held today nnd arrangements mado
to hold an otllclal meeting to express
tho regtet of the Ilrltlsh community In
New York at the death of tho late
Sir Percy Sanderson, who presided,
stated that permission had been grunt
ed for tho ttsu of Trinity church for
the meeting and It was derided to hold
it there, but the dato has not yet been
definitely determined.
Thirty-Five Persons Perish.
Ily llmhuihe Wire from The Assoc Istfd l'ir.s.
Tmnillijeiu, Noruuj, Jan. 21. Thirty-fist per.
noun perUI ihI In a hurrktne at Hirro, Jan, 2J,
Slxly boata were nmk in the harbor and oigln
houses blown on ay,
Additional Oblectlons to the Pres
ent Conditions Are Oilered bu
the Plenipotentiaries.
A Request for the Return of Public
Buildings International Commis
sion on Indemnities France's Rep
resentative Favors Another Year
of Occupation.
fly Exclusive Wire from The Associated Press.
Peklu, Jan. 1C (Delayed In transmis
sion). The note which accompanied
the agreement delivered by the Chi
nese plenipotentiaries reiterated the
Chinese objections alieady published,
adding thereto a request for the Im
mediate return of the public buildings
to Chinese possessions, and the total
cessation of military expeditions. The
desire for a definition of the limits of
the legations was expressed, also a de
sire for the removal of the troops as
early a. possible.
German and French officials believe
it to be unwise for the troops to leave
I'ekln for several mouths. The French
especially object to what they call "the
cowardly behavior of other nations In
not protecting the Chinese Christians.1'
For that leason they say It will be
necessary to keep the tioops at least
another year. The Kngllsb, Americans
and Russians seemingly believe that a.
gradual withdrawal can bo made as
soon U8 the liver opens, about tho be
ginning of March.
Tho Chinese aie anxious to have the
indemnities payable to the different na
tions adjudged before an International
committee. A majority of the minis
ters here are of the opinion that their
governments may make separate ar
rangements with China.
The mlnlstei-s will soon hold a meet
ing to consider the next step lo be
taken. No formal reply Is to be sent
to the Chinese objections, but they are
to be considered.
Captnin Humphrey Is Presented to
the President by Sena
tor Perkins.
Dy i:iitsie Wire fiom The As-oi.utod Pie".
Washington, Jan. "1. Among the
callers at the white house today was
Captain O. J. Humphrey, of San Fran
cisco, who was presented to the presi
dent by Senator Perkins, Captain
Humphiey visited the executive man
sion as the special envoy of California
commandery, No. 1, Knights Templar,
of San Francisco, to personally present
to President McKtnley an Invltntlnn
fiom the cominandeiy to meet with It
ii Don his visit to the Pacific coast the
coming spring. The card of Invitation
which he handed to Sir Knight Mc
Klnley pertinjm rivals In splendor any
thing of the kind that was ever pie
sented to a president. It is a solid gold
plate, Slixfiii Inches and about one
eighth of an Inch In thickness. In the
upper right-hand corner Is an enam
elled cross, with the usual In
signia of tho order, having in the
centiu a fine diamond of about one
karat In weight. The "card" Is beau
tifully engraved, with the following in
scription: Mr William MiKlnlcj.
Dcir Kir and li.iur: California loiunuiideiy,
S'o. J, KnlgUtH Templar, liiUi"U the honor nf
jour pri-ntp at a atatid jMinkly of our lom.
mandery, Friday evening. May 17, l'lt'l.
Vourii fraternally,
W. 11. I'lank 'lllu,
Kmlmnt CouimaniU'r.
Hiram T. (.r.llK-, Kn.nliloi'.
The card Is enclosed In a hnndsomo
cas. bearing on its cover the super
scription In gold letters: " Sir Wil
liam McKlnley."
It Is probable that the piesldent will
acet pt the Invitation and he may hold
a reception In the commandery asy
To Take Port in Inter-Collegiate Con
test at Philadelphia.
11.1 KkiluslM' Wiro from The Associated I'ltH,
I'hilaililphla, Jan. Ui Tho Pies toinouoiv
will niy thai the board of steivauU of the Inter
Collepiatc llouini; association of Annrlia has- cc
tendeil an Imitation lo the uhinei of the IK-lord-CambridKc
boat laie to take part in tic
Intir-rolleirlatc rowing tontctt litiuen Wireon,
pin, Columbia, Cornell nnd I'eiiUsjltania on the
Iludion rlier at roughler-pale, oi. July 8.
Tlio board, It ii unileutood, tlx sveeU ujo,
lorwarded n letter to lliidolph fl. Ihirun, Har
vard' former KiijtlUh oith, turn to
rxteiid the Invitation on behalf of the Ameri
can. It l belletcd that ho hat made a reply
at a meeting of the board nf steward islll be
held in Sew York on 'Saturday. In txtemllnt;
the Imitation tu th winner of the dual uni
versity I ate, tho ateivarda agree to pay all the
cpcntcs of thu ilnitott,
Steamship Arrivals.
Ily Kxtluiiie Who fiom The .Usociatul l'(C.
New Voik, Jan, 21. Aril wd: Hohciiiollein.
Oenoa, itc. j Lalm, llimtii and Southampton.
Killed : L'AquItalne, llavie. (Jueciutown .Sail
ed! Teutonic, New York, Southampton Sailed!
WraternUiul (from Antwerp), New Veik. Lliarel
I'akwiili La Champ.iune, New York for llaue.
(Jenoa -Airbed! halfrln Maria TlureJla, ?tcw
York ila Gibraltar and Naples, ll.nubuii Ar
rlsedi Cap I'rio, New York, liottt ribim Sailed;
htatrndarn, New imk shi lluuloinie, Promt n
AnlU'Jt Tiae, New York, (Jueenstoiwi Ar
riled! Germanic (from Xnv York), for Liver
pool. Napka Airbed: 1'nrat lllsmarck (from
Alexandria), for New York,
President Loubet's Sympathy.
My Kuluslvo IVIro from The Associated Pre..
Pari-, Jan, 2L Prealdent Koulxt today paid a
sltlt lasting a quarter of an hour to the Ilrltlsh
ambassador, Sir Kdmund J, Monson, at the cm.
b.imy, to exprew hta condolence on the death of
Queen Vletoiia,
New Plan of Action on Part of tho
Pennsylvania Railroad.
By Kxcluilse Wire from The Awoclited Trew.
Philadelphia, Jan. 24. A director of
tho Pennsylvania railroad company
stated today that at yesterday's meet
ing tho board of directors approved
the plan for Increasing the lesources
of the Pennsylvania Steel company,
nnd authorized the Immediate deposit
of stock owned by tho Pennsylvania
railroad with the Glrard Trust com
pany In accordance with tho plan.
The statement was verified by K. C,
Felton, president of the Pennsylvania
Steel company, who said:
"This action gives uh now, with what
promises have Hlready been made by
holders of shares, the consent of a big
majority of the holders of both com
mon and preferred stock. Thus tho
plan Is practically assured, although
we desire to have the consent made as
unanimous as possible, Shareholders
have until March 15 next to file their
consent and stock with the trustee."
The plan provides for the transfer of
the properties owned by the Pentnyl
anla and Mary Steel companies to a
new company to be known as the Penn
sylvania Steel company, which will bo
Incorporated under the laws of either
Pennsylvania or New Jersey with tin
authorized capital of $25,000,000 In 7 per
cent, non-cumulative preferred sharoH
and $2.,f)00,ou( common stock, making
n total capital of S.W.OOO.OW). It Is tiro
posed to Is.iue $lC,fi00,000 preferred
shares and )l0,Tfi0,Q00 of common stock.
The Saloon Wrecker Is Attacked nnd
Roughly Handled by a Liquor
Seller's Wife.
fly Kuluslse Wiie from Th .wclated I'usi.
Hnterprlse. Knn.. Jan. 24. A street
tight occurred here today between wo
men, led on one side by Mrs. Carrie
Nation, the saloon wiecker, nnd on
i the othrr by Mrs. John Schilling, wife
I of the manager of the saloon wrecked
yeiterday. Mrs. Schilling was backed
by a dozen female friends.
As a result of the light. Mrs. Nation
swore out warrants against Mrs.
i Schilling and her husband and Mrs.
William Hlltner. charging them with
assault, and Mayor Hoffman sworo
out ii wairant against Mrs. Nation,
ihnrglug her with disturbing the
peace. All were arrested, taken be
fore Judge Holt, and released on
bond, .f
Mis, Nation, in company with Mrs.
Hoffman and other members of tho
Women's Christian Temperance union,
enteied a stoie near William Schook's
saloon. Mrs. Nation, npaprently to
gle him warning that she would at
tack hW place, sent for Schook. He
toplied to the summons in person nnd
while talking to Mrs. Nation she was
nssaulted by u crowd of women, or
ganized since last night's raid, and
who had been awnltlng today's
thietituneil destruction of saloon prop
erty. A general fight between the women
ensued, during which n woman, heav
ily veiled, rained blow nfter blow upon
Mis. Nation with a horsewhip. Mule
spectators offered no aid to either side
and quiet was restored only when the
police interefered. Mrs. Nation was
badly bruised.
Judge Holt hound nil concerned, ex
cept Mrs, Nation, over for tiial tomor
row. The case was conclu led promptly.
Mrs. Nation was fount' not guilty of
disturbing the peace ar.d was released.
Mrs. Nation declares sho will swear
out additional warrants against these
women, charging them with attempt
to kill.
Mrs. Nntlon returned home to nurse
her wounds, and, as she declares, "pre
pare for tomorrow."
Much excitement prevailed over tho
affair, and business practically was
suspended this afternoon.
Passenger Train No. 300 Is Derailed
at Glenfield Engineer Injured.
Special to the Seranlon Tribune.
Pittsburg, Jnn. L' I. 'Passenger train
No. SOt!, known lis the "Flyer." which
left Cleveland at 1U0 this afternoon
nvor the Cleveland and Pittsburg
load, Jumped the truck at a switch
near uienitoia, eignt nines ueiow tnis
city, at about 6.:10 this evening. The
train was going at about h forty-mile
rate at the time. Tho engine was de
railed and turned over, tho parlor car
and two coaches were thrown at light
angles across the four tracks of the
Fort Wayno road and a. blockade
which requited four hours to clear re
sulted, Knglneer Holleran, of Cleveland, had
his shoulder broken nnd was badly
hurt about tho head and body, but
will probably recover. Thi passengers
sustained a severe shaking up, but
beyond tills no one was Injured.
Pear the Approach of
Carrie Nation at Hope.
I'y i:eluilvc Wire from flic Aaiictlated I'reM.
Topeka, Kin., Jan. 21. Mr Carrie Nation lelt
ftilerprlre tonight fer 11cim Kaiaaii, where the
will hold a meUinc of the- temperance women
tomorrow afternoon. I'rnm theie she will ro to
Kalis C'iti, Kansas, Kiturda), and will Ix-jln
tho nsinl operations time.
'lhere are two subjoin In Ibpe, .1 Miiall vil
la,(o twentv miles aouth of KnteiprUe, and the
lliiuor peoplo tin-ID are terror-it rie ken at tin
knowledge) of lier eomini,'.
Ily j:eluslies Wlra from 'I ho Associated I'reM,
Weat Chester, l'a., Jan. 21, Benjamin Hayes,
father of tho well known Arctic explorer, Dr.
Isaac llnies died at his- homo In thla borough
today. He was ud eara nf age, Mr, IU)e nas
a nalbe of ("better county and Ibcd hero for
oier Iweiity-flie jeara. He lease two daujhton
in addition to Dr. Isaac lluic.
( U-iclnnd, Jan. SI, (Itwlav A. Ilalier, former
editor of tho Waac liter nnd Anulger, died thla
aflciuoon of (uiralysis. lies n born In 162a at
llelrlir, llrandcrbunr, Prussia
The United States War Vessels Are
Expected to Return to
La Guaura.
The Attitude of the Venezuela Gov
ernments Towaids the Borraudese
Asphalt Company May Provoke
War According to Dispatches
That Have Escaped the Censor tho
Position of Venezuelans Is Hostile.
By Kxehulve Wire from The Awoclated Presi.
Fort do France, island of Martinique,
Jan. 24, via Haytlen Cable. As a ic
sult of the Inquiries of n correspondent
of the Associated Press Into the ntti
tude of Venezuelans toward Anietl
enns, the tevolt of ttoops at Caracas,
and the sinking of a Ilrltlsh vessel by
n. Venezuelan gunboat, the following
leport N filed here owing to the picss
censorship In Venezuela making cab
ling of news from that country almost
The attitude of the government of
Venezuela towards the llermudese As
phalt company (American), Is hostile
for the reason that the concessions ie
ccntly accorded by the government
have been given to people In touch
with tho government and who would
like to resell them to the Herntudete
company. The government having re-
fused to accede to the inquests of the
American minister who demanded a
suspension of action the new conccs
donlsts Interests took possession oC
their grants.
Ah a result of sti allied relations be
tween Venezuela and the I'nlted States
war vessels are expected to return to
ha Guyra and If the Venezuelan gov
ernment employs force to take posses
sion of the nsnhalt lake It Is believed
the Vnited States auxiliary erulsor
Rcoiplon will land an armed force.
The attitude of the Venezuelans to
wards Americans may be described as
Natives Attempt to Delay Taxation
of Land An Engagement
at Tenagunn.
Ily Lxe-lusiM- Mire fiom The .Wncialed l'ieJ.
Manila, Jan. 24. The hrurlng of th
municipal government bill today
showed that an attempt on the part
of prominent Filipinos had bren mado
to obtain a delay of two years before
taxing land which the owners tiro un
able to cultivate on account of Its
situation In tlKhtlnir tetrltory. Tho
bill originally deferred taxation for a
Tito coiiiinlbslonPi'H adopted an
amendment providing that land own
ers who are not Implicated In the
Insurrection after next March and
piove that the unsettled conditions
prevented the worklnp of the land,
be exempted from taxation for the
second year.
Lieutenant Steele, with ten men ot
tho Korty-thlrd regiment and seven
native soldiers, fought a fierce halt
hour's engagement with a large force
of Filipinos at Tenagua, Island of
Iiyte, on Jan, !.
Over a hundred Insurgents were
killed. Private Kdward McGuglc, of
Company M, was killed.
The situation In tho Island of b'a
mar since the number of troops there
was increased has been quiet. I.ub
Uan's forces are In hiding.
Captures, arrests and Feizures ot
' s continue in the unpadded dls
trlcts of the island of Luzon.
James White, of Sweet Valley,
Taken to an Asylum.
liy Exclushp Wlra fiom The Associated I'reM,
Wilken-llarre. Jan. 21. James White, of Street
lal'e, this county, was taken to the county
inmne asylum today, hopclensly inane.
Homo months ngu White and bis brother,
Joaiah, w-era shot at by their untie, Italuh
White. Jculah win kllleil and James ellshtly
woundtd. James ncier recovered from the
hock incident to tho trcric eirnt. It continu
ally prejeil upon Ida mind and hue friends had
to kttp a iloo watch on him. Yesterday ho
became siry slolcnt and It was deemed licit
to e-onliie htm to an alnm.
Hamburg Syndicate Expects to Con
trol Market of West Indies.
Py i:cliube Wire from The Awociated I'reM.
Caracas, Venezuela, Jan. 21, lis Hajtlen cable,
A Hamburg; r-iudleate has putih.ucd for four
million maiU tho estate of the late Prrslde-it
Cretpo In the Orinoco dlstllct. It has an arr.i
of ten million acies and upon It their are S0,0tX)
bead ol cattle.
The sjiidlcato intends to control tho meat
miikct of tho Wtat Indies awl also the parking
My Exclusive Wlro from The Associated Prcsi.
Wiuhlnirton, Jan. 21. llepresintatlve Mier.
man, of New York, today Introduced a resolution
which was rcfcrresl to the naval committee pro,
vldlng for the appointment of u select commit,
tee of five members of the house to Investigate
bating at tho nasal academy at Annapolis,
Weather Indication Today,
FAMj COLOffff.
1 Ocnenil Kdisard VII. Proehlnied Klnir.
Wur Heiciiti: Hill Iteporlnl in tha Senate.
Vineiuela la I), tl-.nt.
China Haines OhJretioiK.
1 Carhcmlate Department.
Al.ll.ltidic of llilli Intioihieed lit ltorrilhurc,
3 l.oeal-t'ourt f'onsldfni l'tn of County Olfl
co"- . .l,.uvaJilOil
Criminal Court Trial I,lt.
4 Kdllorial.
Note and Coinnuiil
5 Local Solicitor ViKburx tut lidn lJufHtion
of Aivortlo.inicnt.
Senator l'llun Want a Coniinomlw on tlic
"IlllHici" lllll,,
(J Local et Scranton and Suhuibm.
7 fleneral-Northeastern I'ennfjlsaiila
I'inanclal and Comuierclal.
A IHat I, lie Yew ol the lndlKtllul Uoild.
A Number of Semlnoles Threaten to
Join the Creeks Who Have Been
Terrorizing Peaceful "Reds."
fly Lxcliislsr Wire from Tic Assoc I.itnl Press.
Kansas City, Jan. 21, A ppcolal tele
gram to the Star, from Mtiskoaee, I.
T says:
chief Hi own, of the Semlnoles, to
day aptie-nlcd to the authoiltlcs here
for aid, stating that a number of his
tribe tliii'iitcn to Join tlit antl-allot-mciit
Cri'ekp, whir have been terroriz
ing the peaceable Indians for several
days. It N expected that within twenty-four
bonis the baud of marauders
will number over 1,000 armed Indians,
all of whom will he swoin to stand In
(Iffoiibo against the soldleis.
Orders for the movement of cavalry
to the bceiio from Fort Iteno has
aroused a greater degre of defiance
among the Creeks, but .Marshal Uen
nett and Indian Agent Shoenfeld today
mustcied their forces of deputies and
Indian police mid ordered them. to
Hrufh Hill, ten miles west of Checo
tah. where tite Indians nre In council,
and demand their surrender.
They also carry a message from
those government ofllclals, stating that
If the Indian!' will lay down their arms
nnd submit to arrest, that they will be
treated with every courtesy and be
consulted In the settling of their griev
ances. In some quatteis this move Is be
lieved to be iimvlfc., but others con
tend that the Indians aie willing to
Tump A, of the Eighth cavalry, or
deiPd out fiom Fort Iteno. will leave
the cars at Holdenvlllo and will make
an overland charge Into the nation.
Tho Creek uprising is growing to
dangerous, proportions. Marshal Den
nett has Just lecelved a telegram from
Hrlbtovv, I. T., announcing that COO
armed Creeks, stationed two miles
from there, aie pieparlng to attack the
town, and pleading for protection
from the marshal. Marshal Bennett
and Agent 'Schoenfeldt are swearing
in large numbers of deputies, whom
they are forwarding to the scene of
trouble. It Is now feared they will
reach the town too late and the mayor
of Hrlstow has been Instructed to
swear In all the men necessary to pro
tect the town. Soldiers are being hur
ried from Fort Ueno to the seat of
trouble, but they will not reach Hrls
tow before tomorrow night, as they
will arlve at Henrietta first and go
overland, Indian Agent Schoenfeldt
will ask for more help and It Is
found that one company of cavalry
cannot handle the situation, for the In
dians are dividing up Into bunds of
one hundred. Marshal Hennett with
six deputies Is about to leuvi for Ku
ftuilu, whete Crazy Snake was seen
today, and will attempt his captuie,
Tho Snake band is within three miles
of nristow anil Is reported to have
whipped two white men. The Dawes
commlslon Is fearful for the safety
of Its patty of appraisers, headed by
Hepresentatlvo Hackbust, of Leaven
worth, Kansas, who are In the AVe
tumpkii district. Nothing lias been
heaid from them for two days.
Wichita, Kan., Jan. 24. A telegram
received hoie tonight tsayii that dov
ernor Karnes has asked Cedonel Hoff
man to come to (lUtluie to be reaelj
to take chaigo of the mlUthi that
may be oidored to Chandler, Stroud
and other towns bordering on the
Indian territory before morning. Cor
respondence with the various bonier
towns shows that the Creek and Choc
taw uprising.'! aie veiy serious.
Tho military company in Shawnee
has been ordered to bt ready for duty
at a moment's notice.
Ily l'vclusiscs Mho from The Awoiiaiiel Pn.
New Yoik, Jin. 21. The following telcurom
wiu received hue today:
llhica, N. V., Jan. Zt
"The Associated Press, New York,
"Kindly deny throusli the Associated 1'iwJ
that I have any Intuition to niii-atcc a team in
any Jeanne. (Mirnrel) "HiikIi Jennings-."
May Have a Sympathetic Strike.
Uy Ksclustvei Who from Tim A-ewcintnl Pie.s.
Ilarletou, I'J., Jan. 2). ' he attempt today
o' rommlttco of mine- workers, lepiesentliiR
the men employed at the Harwood colliery of
C, I'aidre & Co., to kecure the iriiistatiinent
of two ell barged laittimcr drill luiuier, on
whoa,- aciount a Mrlke was begun at tlat place
this week, win not iiuei e-ssful, supe-iliitendent
Drake told the committee tint the truuble- did
not nftect them In anv way. The HjihooiI mine
worker, will meet tomorrow n!ht when, it
Is reported, the ipiestlon ot be-ginnlnir a am
p itlietlc strike will be dlcus.-,ed.
Will Receive a Divldond.
Dy Kxiluslu Wire Horn Tho Associated 1'iew.
Philadelphia, Jan. 21. The Pre tomorrow
will nil "A stteet report wjs, whllo lacking
(ontlrmatfon at nftlclal lunik, the tmpicsston is
HI hub in the street that the minority holdern
of Philadelphia nnd I'.rio stuck aro likely to be
rewarded In a few- week by the Pennsylvania
control deciding to declare a dlsldcnd. Tho
lncrcaso In the net rarnlnrs for the year will
be upward ot $373,000, which Is 4.H lr cent,
en the Mock, eleven months already reported
liarlnir shown an Increase ot J32t,OUe'
Mr. Aldrlcli Announces That H
Will Gall It Up in the Sen
ate Next Week.
The Now York Senator's Talk Upon
the Shipping Bill May Be Ono ol
tho Featuies Today House Con
tinues Consideration of the Naval
Appropriation Bill The Provision
for tho Increase Is Made Occasion
for Interesting Debate.
By Exchnilve Wlro fiom The Associated Iress
Washington, Jan. 24. The senate de
voted today to tho discussion of the;
Indian appropriation bill, making only
fair progress. The only Indication that
thero may die any diversion, of Inteiest
tomorrow was contained In an an
nouncement by Senator Frye that to
morrow he should move to afford an
oppottunlty to the senator from New
Yoik (Mr. Depew) to address the sen
ate upon thu shipping bill.
The discussion of the Indian bill was
frequently Interrupted by calls for a
quorum by Mr. Wellington (Md.), who
was insistent to the lust upon tho pres
uico of a full senate. Mr. Pettlctew
made an attack upon the Dawes com
mission, saying that there was nothing
to show thut theio was any chance of
the e-oniplotlon of tho work, even with
the $300,000 provided. The war revenue
reduction bill was reported from the
finance committee by Mr. Aldrlch. who
announced that ho would call It up
early next week. Mr. Gallinger nld
that he would call up tho pension ap
propriation bill when the Indian bllj
was out of the way, The only point of
Interest outRlde of the talk on the bill
was the declaration of Mr. Pettigrew
that ho did not Intend to make tiny
llllbtister against nny measure.
In the House.
The house today continued consider
ation of the naval appropriation bill
and practically completed it before
adjournment. One small mattpr went
over until tomorrow. Tho debate upon
the present naval bill has lacked the
Interesting and sensational features
of recent years. Tho fight which the
appropriation committee wages ngrtlnit
hydrographlc surveys under the aus
pices of the navy was abandoned thl
year by tho committee and several
other questions Including armor plate-,
which usually entail much dlsausslon
occasioned no comment whatever.
The provision for tho Increase of the
navy was mado the occasion of an In
teresting debate upon the length to
which the building of the navy was to
go and drew from Mr. Cannon, chair
man of the appropriations committee,
a notable statement to tho fleet that
when the ships now nuhorlzed and to
be authorized had been completed $320,
000,000 would havo been spent upon the
new navy and that In his opinion the
time lo stop will then have arrived.
An amendment offered by Mr. ltlzey.
of Virginia, a Democratic member of
the naval committee) to strike mil the
provision In the bill for two battleships
and two cruisers, was dofeatcel, 4G
to !)0.
The Revenue Bill.
The war revenuo reduction bill us
agreed upon by the senate finance com
mittee provides for a reduction of neai
ly $40,000,000. Taxes are repealed on
the following: Promissory notes, mort
gages, bills of lading for export, pow
ers of attorney, protest, charter party,
certificates of nil kinds, leases, ware
house tecelpts, telegraphic dispatches,
telephone messages, passago tickets,
costing less than $20; express receipts,
f i eight lecelpts. bonds, except bonds of
Indemnity. legacies to religious, chailt
uble, literary or educational Instltit
tlonsj commercial brokeis.
The amendments fix the fax on beer
at $1.50 per barrel, and on tobacco,
clears and snuff at 0 cents a Dotind.
The tax on bank checks Is restored,
and that on telegrams and express re
ceipts Is repealed.
Record of Low Temperatures Broken
In tho Yukon Valley.
Ily i:tlulic Wire frrm The Associated Tress.
Seattle, Jan. 21. In advices frouii
Dawson and the Yukon valley It Is
reported that that section of Alaska
has just passed through the coldest
weather recorded since white men
have Inhabited that country.
The climax was reached on Jim 1B,
when the mercury at Dawson fell to
6S degrees below jsero. In a message
from Foity Mile tho same day It was
repotted that tho temperature was 7K
below zero. Tha coldest weather re
corded before was In 1S96, when the
mercury was not quite US degt-pes bo
low zero near Forty Mile. Tho aver
ago for tha seven days ending on Jan.
JC nt Dawson was 58 below zero. All
the time n dense fog hunir over thq
Will Attend tho Queen's Funeral.
Py Ilxcli'jslve Wire from The Associated Press.
Madrid, Jan, 20. The Sennlkk cabinet 1mm !
pointed the Ruk ot Manilas, the Spanish imbas.
aador at London, and Admiral Cerveia to, bo the
delegates ot Spain at the funeral of Queen Vic
toria. Admiral Centra' reorted illness ap
parently proied to hue been not serious, '
-t- -f -r
Washinfjton, Jan SI,- Korecait for rrt- 4
elav and Satuidiy: Dastirn 1'ennsj Ivanla
-t- lair in noilliem poitlon, rlearing in -e).
southern portion I'rlrity; colder; brisk -
-4- to high nurlhwcstcily wind,, with g.ilt
nubble. .Haturdas, fair. -i.
.t t"f-t- tt-r-rt---.