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England's New Monarch Takes the Oath of Office
in Presence of the Privy Councillors.
The King Adopts the Title in Accordance
with the Wishes of His Mother Pro
' gramme at St. James' Palace Crowds in
the Streets to Welcome the King as He
Drove Through New Ruler Apparently
Tired and Sad Queen's Body to Be
Taken to Windsor.
By Ksxludte Wire from The Associated Press.
London, Jan. 24. An extraordinary
I'huo of the Gazette this morning,
which appears with black borders,
announce:) the death of Queen Vic
toria, adding:
"The event has caused one uulversal
feeling of regret and sorrow to her late
majesty's faithful subjects, to whom
i-lic was endeared by the deep Interest
l'i their welfare which she Invariably
manifested, as well as by many signal
lrtues which marked and adorned her
f l.aracter."
Then follows the proclamation of
King Kdward VII, the acknowledgment
i f allegiance by the privy council,
awl the king's speech at his accession.
The following is the full text of his
ntf.Jesty's accession speech:
iur Kojal Hlghnctsca, my Iiords and flentle.
riitt Is the moit painful occasion on which
I shall ctcr be calif d uiwn to address you.
b Dr.t ami melancholy duty I to anrouncc to
tun the diatli of my beloved mother, tlio queen; 1 know how deeply rou sod tlm whole Lit
Ion. and, I tlilnk I may fay the whole world,
jiupalhie with me In tlio irreparable low we
I .JVC nil sustained.
t netd hardly say that )ny constant endeavor
v. Ill tip always to walk In her footMips.
In undcrtaklnc tho heavy load which now
ilcolics upon me I am fully determined to he a
lonnitutlonal sovereign In the strictest sense
of the word, and, w Ion; as there is hreath In
im bod), to work for the good and amelioration
ip. my people.
I bate uoled to be known by the name of
lirtmul, which has been borne by six of my an
leini In iloinj ko I do not unilcttaluc the
name of Albert which I Inherit from my cter
I -l Ijinentril, great and wise father, who by
nnliiifid roiiMiit Is, I think, descrtedly, known
i 'he mine of Allicrt the Rood, and I desire
Unit his i. ime .liould rtand alone.
In roirlii.tuii, I trust to parliament ami the
luiion iu wipport me In the aiduoiu ilulioa
wlilrh now ilctolte upon ine by inheritance and
I" nidi It I inn dcleiiniiied to devote my whole
itimgili during the remainder of my life.
After giving a list of those attending
tho counsel, the Gazette announces
that the king subscribed tho oath re
lating to the security of the chinch of
Scotland. t
It concludes with the king's formal
piocl.unatlon ordering all oillcers and
Persons in authority throughout UU
dominions to continue to exercise their
ofllces during the toyal pleasure and
exhorting his subjects to aid and as
sist Mich oillcers in the performance
and elocution of their duties.
Tho morning papers publish a long
tribute from the poet lauieate, Mr. Al
lied Austin, to the dead queen.
Oi tiers have been Issued for G..V1
troops to line the streets of London
the day of tho proclamation ceremon-
Lord ltoberts has 01 tiered tio army
to adopt mourning until March 5.
Memorial set vices will be held in St.
Paul's cathedral morning and evening
dally until the inteiment. At the first
of these, held after the tegular ser
vice yesterday, borne .",000 persons were
present. Bishop Harry read the burial
son Ice and the "Dead March" in
"Saul" and other Mineral music wns
Tho King Arrives in London.
London, Jan. 2J. The new monarch
arrived hero at 12..ri3 p. m. from Cowts,
and at 2 p. m. he attended tlu meeting
cf the privy council In St. James' Pal
ace, and took the oath of olf J, as
suming the title of Kdward VII. King
of Great Ilrltaln and Ireland and Ihn
peror of India.
Mingling with the royal dukes and
treat personages of the kingdom wero
a few men in plain clothes, t reprc
tent the fact that the general public
havo a nominal right to bo present.
The king wqrc a Held marshal's uni
form and the ribbon of tho Order of
the Garter. When he began his speech
Tils voice was plainly broken with emo
tion, but he recovered as ha went on.
King Edward In his speech to the
privy council said ho had decided t.
assume of tho title of King Kdward
VII, in accordance with the wish of
his beloved mother, v. ho, bib majesty
added, united tho virtues of a supremo
domestic guide with tho affection and
patriotism of a wide, peace-loving mon
aich. Ho had u respectful deslro loleavo
tho memory of his father's name, Al
bert, tho exclusive treasure of his !
loved mother. Notwithstanding hl.i
personal desire In could not hope to
do Justlco to the renown and virtues
associated with Prince AlbortV name,
buc ho would do his utmost to I if!
worthy of his great position. i
Crowds Lined the Route.
Dem.e crowds, beginning at St.
James street, lined the route to Vic
toria Station from un early hour. Tho
Mall and tho front of liucklngham
Palace wero especially thronged.
Along the former, from the paloco to
Marlborough House, carriages filled
with women stood ns If for r. drawing
room, excepting that the coachmen,
footmen and oceupunts were all
dressed In mourning.
Tho police precautions weie unusual.
Foot and mounted men guarded al
most every yard of the way.
The crowds waited patiently for
hours to greet their king. Finally
pieceded by half a dozen mounted po
licemen, a plain brougham, which was
dilven very rapidly, the coachman
and footman wearing their usual gray
liveries, with mourning bands on their
arms, came Into view. It contained
the king und an oqueiry. The new
monarch was dicssod In tho deepest
and most simple mourning. Ho ap
pearwi to be tired and sad. He raised
his hat and bowed continually to the
right and left in acknowledgment of
the silent baring of heads, which was
more Impressive than the most en
thusiastic cheeis.
Following the king iu another car
riage, mine the Duko of VYorlft tin
Puke of Connuught and others. Hoth
the king und the Duke tit York looked
rathetlcally at Buckingham Palace a.
they passed and acknowledged the sa
lute of tho guard of honor drawn up
Inside the palace grounds. The troops
there and elsewhere showed no Blgm
of mourning, except that the bands
were not present, but all the oillcers
had cwipo on their left sleeves.
Start for St. James's.
The king drove to St. James's palace
from Marlborough house to preside at
the first privy council by way of Mail
borough house yard, tho Mnll'and the
garden entrance of the palace. Ho
was attended by Lord Suffleld (who
has been lord of the bedchamber to
the Prince of Wales since 1872), and
was escorted by a captain's escort of
the Horse guards. The pioceeduto
was exactly as on levee days.
Hy the time tho king an Ived a great
gathering of privy councillors, In levee
dress, with crape on their left arms,
had taken up position In the throne
room. Hoyaltles, cabinet ministers,
commoners, bishops, Judges, the lord
mayor, etc., Including the Duke of
York, the Duke of Connuught and les
ser members of the royal family; Lord
Salisbury, Lord Roscbery, A. J. Hal
four, the Duke of Devonshire, Lord
Strathcona and Mount Itoyal, and a
host of the most prominent personages
In the land, were theie to receive the
king's formal oath, binding him to
govern tho kingdom according to Its
laws and customs and to hear him as
sume the tltlP of King Kdward VII of
Great Ilrltaln and Ireland and em
peror of India.
The loid chancellor (Lord Halsbury)
administered the oath to the king and
afteiward to tho vailous members of
the council, beglnlng with the lords In
council. After they had tukuii their re
spective oaths of allegiance they
passed In turn before his majesty, ur
at a levee, except that each paused
and kissed his hand before passing
out of the chamber. That brought the
ceremony to a close.
Populace Begins to Cheei.
Hv S.:;i) p, m when his majesty ie
luined to Mnilboroutjh house, tho
iiowd In tho nelghboihood was of Im
mense proportions. At the king's de-
paiture this morning there was silence,
but as he returned he was chucied
lustily. Immedlatey opposite Marlbor
ough house gates a tall man, Iu front
of the crowd, waved his hat and
shouted: "Long live tne king!" where
upon the crowd chetied with redoubled
The crowds along the line of imito
from St. James' palace ulso cheered as
the king was driven back from the
privy council meeting.
The king at the ucce.islon ceremony
woic a military uniform. His brief
speech was delivered with gieat earn
estness und us extemporaneous. It
Is expected that It will be published
later, iu olllcitil form.
At the last moment the king decided
not to attend the house of lords today.
The proclamation of tho accession of
his majesty was signed by the princes
present, the Duko of York first, then
the Duko of Connaughl, the Duke of
Carbrldge, Pi luce Christian, the Arch
bishop of Oantctibury, the lord chan
cellor, tho lord mayor and tho other
representatives of the city of London.
It Is to be heralded tit St. James' pal
ace and the other customnry centres
tomorrow and will forthwith be pub
lished In the Gazette.
At 4.30 p. m. tho aitillery began fir
ing salutes In St. James' park to sig
nalize King Kdwttrd'H accession to tho
Civic Procession.
' Among the Incidents of the day was
an Imposing civic procession. The lord
mayor atrd aldermen, accompanied by
tho city marshal, maeo bearer ntid
other meinbew of the corporation, es
corted by a strong body of police, pro
ceeded from the Mansion house ly way
of the Thames embankment and Tra
falgar square, to St. James' palace, In
gilded equipages, with liveried outrid
ers. The twenty seml-Mnto carriages
made a notable picture. Which wa-.
'Witnessed by -thousands of silent wr
soni who filled the sidewalks along tho
The king, who remains In London
over night, wns driven to rtucklngham
palace after taking the oath before
the privy council and dined there with
tlio Duchess of Albany. Subsequently
ho went to Marlborough House to
It Is understood that he will return
to Osborne tomorrow to direct the
Mineral arrangements.
These were discussed at a meeting
of the authorities uf the royal house
hold at Buckingham Palace this even
ing. At the college of arms It was
seld that the date for the funeral
could not bo settled until It was known
when the Kuiopean royalties or their
representatives could arrive, but that
tho date for tho lunction would be
at tho earliest possible date, for tho
convenience of Kmperor William,
whose stay In Kngland might be un
avoidably limited.
Buckingham is being made ready for
th? royal persons who are arriving In
London. Hepresentntlvea of nil the
royal families In Kurope will probably
be present at the funeral, Including
the kings of Italy, Belgium and Greece,
tho crown princes of Germany and
Sweden, and Archduke Francis Fer
dinand, of Austria.
All the European courts will prob
ably go Into mourning for various
The Personal Retinue of the Late
Queen View the Remains.
Cowes, Isle of Wight,. -Jnn. SS.--t
12venls have shifted from Cowes to
London. Osboine Is a house of mourn
ing and I'owes Is probably tho ciiilet
est place In the United KlilKdom
today. The kins departed early. After
him followed tho army of olllelals and
newspaper correspondents. The ltlnfr's
departure wos as unostentatious ns
that of an Ameilean president. He
and his suite, In civilian attlie, left the
cattle without a military escort and
with no sign of pomp.
Queen Victoria's bodv was embalmed
last ovenliif? and occupies the center
of the dtnln? room, which Is huntr with
.Mappings of mourning. Outside two
oillcers nre on suard. Within two In
dian attendants remain In company
with the ladles In waiting who are
constantly present. The body Is at
tired In black. The face Is perfectly
peaceful and the remains have been
placed with tho arms folded. On tho
breast rests a beautiful gold cross.
The head Is inclined slightly to the
right. All about repose quantities of
beautiful flowers.
The honor of first seeing the body of
the queen was conferred on her per
sonal retinue and such a simple, pa
thetic scene as marked this ufternoon
could hardly havo occurred In any
other monarchy. All the servants and
tenants were ndmitted. Tho footmen,
housemaids, coachmen, stable lads and
policemen, dressed In their Sunday
clothes', filed through the room for
four hours.
There were no formalities. It might
have been the body of any country
lady, whose tenants were blddln;; her
n last furuwell. Bent old men, children
and families who had grown up on the
estate, who regarded Queen Victoria
na a friend and patton rather than as
n sovereign, took their turn and their
grief was the sorrow of those who had
lost a friend.
In the meantime many residents of
Cowes nnd neighboring towns nnd
some prominent people applied at tho
porter's lodge for ailinlsslon, but they
were told to come tomorrow.
Soirow Is Genuine.
Thete is no mistaking tho reality of
the Korrow of Cowes.
'Tho queen wus ulways so good to
us," they say. "She knew personally
many of the townspeople and took
reul Interest in their families, their
troubles and their joys. She could call
many of them by name nnd often
stopped on her drives to talk to them.
Almost every house has a half-masted
Hag and the store windows aro draped
with black nnd white.
Kinporor William and Tiiucess
Loulpe, (the Duchess of Argyll),
walked to Whlpplnghiun chinch this
It Is learned that the king nssiimed
tho title of Kdward VII at the ex
press wish of his mother.
Contrary to general opinion the
Duke of York does not at onco be
come I'rlnce nt Wales through tho ac
cession of his father. The title of
I'rlnce of Wales becomes meigc-d In
the snvenlgnty, but tho king will ox
'rciso his prerogative and confer the
principality of AVnles on the heir ap
parent. Tho new king was born Nov.
!, ISO, but he was only created I'rlnce
of Wales Iu tho following December -1.
There have been six royal princes who
have never been created Prince of
Wales. However, .tho Duko ot Vork
becomes nt once Duko of Cornwall,
and tho Duchess of Fife, (Princess
Louise of Wales), becomes n princess
royal, us this capacity Is treuted by
tho law in much the samo way as the
mother of n, queen consoit.
Sculptor Arrives,
Nothing has been decided at Osborne
(Continued on Pago 2. J
Shipping Bill Considered In Senate.
Bawl ins Proclpitntes a Debate. ,
By Excluaire Wire from The Assoclay-d Treii.
Washington, Jan. 2.1. Consideration
of tho shipping bill was resumed by
tho senate this afternoon. At the In
stance of Mr. Frye, of Elaine, who re
linquished the chair temporarily to
tako charge of the measure on the
floor, it was made the unfinished busi
ness of the senate, thus lestorlng it to
Its privileged position, 'Mr. Vest, of
Missouri, took the floor Immediately In
a characteristically brilliant, forceful
and Interesting speech in opposition to
the mensuio, lasting nearly three
hours. He advocated free ships aim
vigorously attacked the navigation
laws of tho United States, holding that
they were responsible for the de
cadence of the merchant marine of
America. He was accorded eloso at
tention by his collengius on both sides
of the chamber.
Korly In the session, Mr. ltawllns
(Dem., Utah) precipitated n lively col
loquy bv charging that a deal had
been entered Into between the Repub
lican members of the Utah legislature,
and certain railroad Interests and the
otllclals tif the Mormon church to se
cure tho election of Thomas L, Kearns
to the United States senate from that
stute. Ho moused Mr. Hnle, of Maine,
nrwl Mr. Chandler, of Xow Hampshire,
wiio contended that the statements of
Mr. ltawllns ought not to be mnde In
the senate at this stage of the pro
ceedings In Utah, as the senate could
not consider the question in any phase
in odvance of action.
Anxiety of Foreign Envoys Is Much
Relieved Soldiers Anxious
to Leave.
fiy r.telmlic Wire from The AMOchtted l're.
Pekln. Wednesday. Jan. 16. (De
layed in tinnsmlsslou) The ngreement
was dellcied by the Chinese plenipo
tentiaries thN nfternoon, thus re
lieving the an::loty of the foreign en
voys, who had begun to fear that In
spite of the promises made, something
might ociiur to eaiife delay.
Ther" ii a general feeling of satis
faction among the forelgneis and sol
diers. Most of the latter look anx
iously forward to VavHSg China this
Prince Cjilng lias visited the Husslan
minister, M. DeCHers, remaining with
him two hours.
Judging from various opinions, there
Is little likelihood that the foreign en
voys will reach an agreement at the
nifetlng to be held Monday (Jan. IM)
as to sending a favorable reply to
the questions of the Chinese plenipo
tentiaries. A majority are in favor of
carrying out to the strict letter the
terms of the agreement.
Friends of Kmperor Kwang Su have
Informed M. Do ("iters that the emperoi
desires to leturn as speedily as possi
ble to the capital and will do so ns
soon ns he Is assured that foreign
trcops will leave. His majesty would
1'ke to start for I'ekln Immediately
after Feb. 22, when the Chinese new
year begins. The journey will prob
ably take six weeks.
Introduced in Senate by Mr. Snyder.
Heavy Penalty for Violation.
By Exclusive Wire from The Associated ITcat.
Harrisburg, Jan. 23. Senator Snyder,
of Chester county, tonight Introduced
In the senate an oleomargarine bill
which was drawn up under the direc
tion of the state administration. Tho
bill Imposes a line of live hundred dol
lars and sixty days' Imprisonment;
also permits a permanent Injunction
against any defendant In any case
while an appeal Is pending to the high
er courts, thus preventing delay, and
making It undeairable for oleo law vio
lators to resort to unnecessary and ob
structive litigation. It requires whole
salers and retailers to keep open hooks,
accessible by the depaitment of agri
culture at all time, showing all pur
chases nnd sales of oleo.
Trovlslon Is made for the punish
ment of clerks, agents and employes.
who In any way aid In the violation of
' the law, thus preventing violators from
concealing themselves
behind llgure
heads, whom the law
not been nlble to reach.
heretofore has
John Coffey, of tho CrcoK Tiibe, Is
in the Tolls nt Muskegoe.
By i:cluslve Wlro fioin The Associated Pies'.
Muskegee, I. T., Jan. 23. John Cof
ffv. one of tho Creek 'band which has
been terrorizing peaceable Indian, was
arrested touny uy .Minimal iciiiieii m
will be tried befoio Commissioner san
hon. U Is fVnit'd his friends will u t
tenipt to icscuo him, and tho feeling of
Insecurity has been Intensllied.
News was brought In today of the
kllllnff of Dlflt King, a full-blood
Creek, because of his refusal to join
tho innvuudeis.
Mr. Bailey n Senator.
By r.tciu'lte Wire fiom Tie Anociatcd Prev.
11.tln, Tev., .Ian. S3. CMiErMtinaii J. W,
llallej wan t hi led I ultrtl Males nennlor todiy
bv the ItifUlatuiv In Joint aiiilon to miecn-il
lloniiu Chilton, uhoe turn eplien M 111)1 HU
The Star Overruled.
By llwlusltc Wlro from 'Hie Awoclaled 1'ifM.
Jefltiron City, Mo., Jan. 23. Tho mprcme
court today omruled a motion for a rc-hearlni;
In tho cato of tho Kt. I.oujs Star agalnit the
Associated I'rcan, In tthlch n petition for a writ
of mandamus to compel tho latter to fumlJi
lis leport to tho Mar had licrn denied.
He Succeeds in Having Senator
Mueiilbronner'8 Measure Re
Senator Fllnn Believes the Measure
Is Obnoxious to Both Pittsburg
and Scranton Senator Muehlbron
ner Also Desires Fair Discussion of
the Matter Organization of the
House of Representatives Distri
bution of Appointments.
lly l!c!mlif Wire from The Auoilitcil 1'tcin.
Harrisburg. Jan. 21. In the senate
tonight Henntor Fllnn. of Allegheny,
succeeded In having the bill providing
for a new charter for second class
cities, commonly known as the" rip
per" hill, re-eommltted. When It was
Introduced last Monday by Senator
Mue.'ilbronner. of Allegheny, It was re
ferred to the special committee ot
nine, which Is considering all bills
sent to It pending the appointment of
the standing committees, nnd Immedi
ately referred back favorably as com
mitted. The bill came up tonight for second
reading, and Senator Fllnn Interposed
a motion to lefer It to the commit tee
on municipal affairs when appointed,
lit said the mensure was not satis
factory to the people if Pittsburg and
he understood the citizens of Scranton
wero also dissatisfied with It.
He was not opposed to a change In
the charter under which the city of
Pittsburg was now being governed, but
he thought the provisions of the bill
before the senate were unfair. The
senator sold he was willing to meet tho
framers of tho bill half way If they
would eliminate from It nil "ripper''
legislation. He would agree, also, to
enlarge the powers of the mayors ot
the second class cities under fair re
strictions. The present bill, he said,
would legislate out of office the mayor
of Pittsburg, notwithstanding the fact
that he hail been elected by over 14,000
Senator Muehlbronner said he would
second the motion of his colleague tei
recommit the bill, as ho did not wont
the measure passed without full and
fair discussion. The bill was then re
committed by a vlve voce vote.
Among the bills Introduced In th
senate tonight were the following:
lly Senator Kmery, Mercer Appropriating,
.'On fur tlio state hospital for injured person at
By enalor Fo't, Dauphin I'rni tiling for the
Lctiiiruction and completion of the plnte capilol
hulldlnir. Appropilaling $7,W) for the Harris
ImrB ho'pltal.
By Njutor Sii)ilei, Chester 1 eBtilatlnc; the
Kale ot ulimnariMrine.
Two bills were passed finally as fol
lows: I'rolnbitintr furrlgn torporatlon fioni dolus,
nnj Ui. Inns In IVnnIvanhi ulilioul h.itlni; at
lecst one known pi no of hmlnnn and one au
thorised fluent.
IleKiilatinsr, ntalilUliing and making uniform
the fris of uotariet jubllc.
The latter bill was Introduced bv
Senator Emery, and Is designed to
take the place of tin antiquated general
law passed Iu 1S14. It equalizes the
fees ot notaries, and nlw authorizes
them to accept reasonable and neces
sary expenses for services when away
from their regular places of 'business.
After a number of bills had been ad
vanced to second reading the senate,
nt 9 o'clock, adjourned until 11 a. in.
Ratification of Offlceib Reported by
Republican State Committee.
By Excluslte Wire front The Associated Press.
Harrisburg, Jan. 23. The organiza
tion of the house of if presentatlves
was completed nt tonight's session by
Uit rntllicutloit of the list of ofllcers
nnd employes reported from the Re
publican slatf committee by Mr. Key
ser, or Philadelphia.
Speaker Marshall will announce the
standing committees tomorrow, and 1
then the real work of the leslalaturo I
will begin. The Democrats reported a
slate, which named C. Percy IJrown,
of Meadville. for chief clerk, and A. H.
HI... of Wl.llamsport, for resident clerk.
The slute was rejected by a viva voce
vote, und that reported 'by tho Repub
licans, which follows, was confirmed:
Chief clerk, Thomas K. liartln. Del.1u.1re,
rildent clerk, C'hailcii Johnson, Montgomery;
reading clerk. .1. R. W. Baker, Metier; una
tuge elcik, (JcoifP "' MuJiall, Jr., Licka
vauna; bill book ilerlc, William l'atriel;, Phil
adelphia; truincrlbin iltrli, Raltator De Phro,
l.nn-rnri! V. I). MiClaicu, Warren; JMni
K.vInK, WaUitnBtoii; P fl. Maui, Blair; .ier
k,miiI al arnu, 11. C. M. ItiulliiR, Philadel
phia; ailstant tergtant at arms, Jame M.
Nlchol, Indiana; . A. MiTixlie, Allegheny;
Tliuina4 .1, Itandnll, Philadelphia ; (ieoicc K
Kline, Westmoreland; po.tmastei', Wick W.
Wood. Kiwrvnce, ui-trm postmaster, 'lino.
tloio McAllister. Adam; ihoik(ir, T. Unci
Su.tiler, Clcarrkhl; dooi keeper, -lo-epli
Heyii'dili, Ijckiuaunai .lulex Metln. Phil
adelphia Nlchola Conmlly, Philadelphia; I),
II. Cousin.. Aima'H'iw; .Mm II, Maihall,
Chester; doorkjepir of rotunda, Cruicr J
Ixitc. Kile: iiicaMiieer, John MaiWhliuitj, Al.
leishenv; nsltant niMwiigen, .losipli W'eater,
Philadelphia, II. II. Smith, Bedford; Andrew
V. Conrad, Siumu-liaima 1 mpcllntnidont of
fuldlr.K loom, William S. Kllndi-r, lVanklln;
pa.tera and folder.s, John (limbic, I.uncuUr;
ltobeit liormlf), Carbon; II. li. lUibaimw,
theater; I.. 1.. Uchcnfeli), Kile; .lamcK Mint
land, Fayette; M. -I. Hoot, l.acati-r; W. II.
,flodaci,' Juniata; Irwin fiiajbill, Snjdtr; K,
1). fa-onard, Somerset; Tlioma llowcn, Tioga,
Chief Cleik Garvin announced the followlnB
appolutmtnU; Journal clerk, M, C, Hlranor,
Butler; watchman, C.llbert fdackhousc, Phila
delphia; chief pagv, Oeortje K. Cooper, Dauph
in; vpeaVcr'ii pace, .Toieph Brown, Dauphin;
pauea, Harry 1 Kantner, Mercer; Harry B.
Herman, Blair; John Yard, I'.tjctto; Jamea
McAllla, Lavnenie; Ccorgu Miller, Phlladil.
phla; Elba Jonca and Kibilu PihtmU, Lack.
HVtanua; D. ('. Battia, James Kriiack, I'rank
Lccdy, Edgar Battis, Uauphln.
The senate resolution favoring the
Weather Indication Todey,
rain on SNOW.
Gonrral-Klns Ctlwutd VII Take the Oath
of Ofilcr.
rVnalor Kllnn Ol.JnM to the "Hipper" 11111.
Diiaatroiu 1'lro In Montreal.
General Caihoncl lie Department.
Loral Frank .lanten Still In CiiftoJy.
One Day' t-'uurt Itctord.
Note (thl Coimni'tit.
Local Trad Ion Company .Vol Likely to Ac-
it'Je to Trolleymen'a Dcniaml.
Major Mulr Doc Not Like Proponed City
Ix-al Wort Scrtntmi and Suburban.
Hiull.g Inquiry Itewinieil.
fiuii'ijl Northen.trin l'rnnjl.inla.
1'Iii.iiicIjI anil Commercial,
Iiial Siantim li a Cheaply (lovcineil City.
I.lw Ncwa of tho Inilmtrlal Wmld,
passage by congress of the ship sub
sidy bill wns eoncuned In by n vote
of 137 to-37. The Uemocrutfl voted In
the negative anil the Republicans in
the alllrmatlve, with the exception ot
Messrs. foray, of Luzerne and Foster,
of Montour, In the ntllrmatlve.
A resolution wns offered by Mr.
Hcavrr, of Juniata, which was
adopted, favoring the election of
I'tilted Slates senntors by the people.
Speaker Marshall announced the fol
lowing appointment!-.
speaker' tloiU. Ilenr llnliii, Philadelphia;
ehaplaln. Her. .1. V. I..Mim. I'liiladtlpl.U; I'uo
nun on Ihu Hour, It. Unite Koom. lluntliiirdon:
nullum in li.neimnt, Hubert tirlln?, "chuj 11.111;
Janitor of 10.11, llatld I). I'rjce. Cam-
hi la; jiililtmt of t'oimnlttei' rouim, V. T. lot,
.)?lit!mu; Krxiik- Hendrii '.. 1'nttei; lli-nnau
l.lppman, .vhmlklll: IMnaid lliai'iluid, Phil
adelphia; Itiiwlantl I'rt'ik, Dauphin; ineiiihera
of Hie lioaul nt lruirp of the Snltllsrs' and
Sailor' home at title Mer. Moirlon, ul Mer
er, and Hi'lliel, of Philadelphia, members
of the soliller' oipliau nhno! 1 oinml-lon,
Me'!i. Si'ill'i, of Snj'W; Ittlikn. of Braver,
and ( oopcr, of Dclanaie.
Mr. Harris, of Clearfield, offered a
concurrent resolution, which wns re
ferred to the rulos committee when ap
pointed, us follows, nmendlng rule 8
to read:
No bill, resolution or onb-r In tvhlrh the Ms
inline of tlio protein. H- nut hi- required, ehall
r p.-eil by cither house on the day of ll'ial
adjournment und all sueh lilllii, resolution and
orders shall be presented to the irntrrnor for
his ictutuie b.i the projier committee before 8
uVolck on the nionilnx of the day of final ad
journment. That rule 9 bo amended to read:
No bill, iisiilutlmi or ordir t-h.lll be atnt to
the Kovernnr for hi npptowil unh'H the tame
(.hall bo piluttd on bond piper In exact repro
duction of tlij bill, riviliilloiH or order as
printed, for final iMiuatfp.
Tho house adjourned until 11 o'clock
tomorrow morning.
Measure Introduced in the Senate
by Mr. Fox A Building Com
mission Provided For.
Hi llxclusiie Wire from The Axoiliied I're.
Harrisburg. Jan. 23. The bill Intro
duced In the senate tonight by Senator
Vox, of Dauphin, providing for the
completion of tlio state capltol build
ing, authorizes the governor to appoint
four perjons who, with hlmfolf, as
long as he shall be governor and his
suoceshors, as long as they respective
ly continue In olllce. shall constitute a
commlsMon, so long us necessity muv
leiiulre, which Is authorized and em
powered to construct nnd complete the
Tho commission shall lecelve no
compensation for Its services, but shall
'be reimbursed for the actual expenses
Incurred In connection with their duties
and auv vacancies occurring In the
commission shall be filled 'by appoint
ment by the governor.
Immediately upon the appointment
of tho commission it shall ns sp:edlly
11s posslbe have necessary drawings
and specillcntlons prepared, and let
contracts for tho execution of the
work. The commission may make such
modifications In the construction of
the building already erected as it may
deem advisable, but the building must
provide ample uccnmiiHuIutfons for the
executive and departmental branches
of the state, as well as the general as
sembly. The contracts shall Include the 10
moval of the two buildings now oc
cupied by the seeietary of Internal af
fairs and the secretary of agriculture,
and shull provide temporary quarters
for these departments. Contracts shall
" l" "on true to rs slm bV requ ed to
I ? " 'J h '"J d,
1 h" ' "' ,.., ' ,
go to int.' lowest reMpoiiaioie uiiiupim,
amount of the contract
The building shall be completed In
all parts ready for occupation on or
before November 1, 190o. The total ag
gregate cost for the construction of the
building Including the dome and the
departmental wings, .also Including all
fees, commissions, salaries and ex
penses of nil kinds for the cpmmlsslon,
englneeis, experts, architects, super
intendents, cierkB and other employes
shall not exceed six million dollars.
The sum or $1,200,000 Is to bo appro
priated for each of tho fiscal years end
ing, June 1, 1001, 1902. 1903. 1004 nnd
19u5. Payments In excess of tho
amount appropriated for ench year
can bo made.
Damages for the Harveys.
By Extluiltc Wiie fioin The Associated Press.
Wllkffllaiie, .bin. S-. In the cae of lion.
W. .1. Ilarwy und II. II. Hartey mtalmt tho
l.ihlKh und ilkrs-ll.iri toal company, the Jury
returned u urellc-i teilay of $U30 damages for
the llariejt,. Ihey owned tome houses r.rar
i,mi ef the companj'a breakers, and the cod
uutt fmm the breaker dainiftd tho house.
Sewell's Election Confirmed.
Uy i:clulve Win' from I ha Atsoelatcd 1VW.
Trenton, ,V. J., Jan. 21. Tlw New Jerrey lee
Ulature, iu joint mmIoii, today confirmed the
re-election of United States Senator William
J, Kenull, by the lio'iie and lenato In teparate
srttlon yesterday,
Corporations Chartered.
By Exclusive Wire from Tin Associated Press.
HarrUburir, Jan. 23.A charter was Issued to.
day to tho Thompson Csvamery company,
I Tliomiiton; lapltal, fa.CKu,
Bio Gonil.iQrnt.lon Dcstrous Build
Inrjs In the Business Por
tion o! the Gtu.
Flro Beginning at Five O'clock In
' the Evening Burns Fiercely lintll
One O'clock This Morning Flrew
men Powerless to Check tho BUz.
Splendid Board of Trade Building
Destroyed Estimate of LosseB'.
By Hzeluslte Wire from The Asocltt! Press.
Montreal, Jan. 21, 1 a. m. One of tha
most disastrous ftrea which thla city;
hai ever suffered began at 5 o'clock!
lest night, nnd, notwithstanding the ef-
forts of tho entire fire department, th
pt ogress of the flames was not checked
until 1 o'clock this morning. By thaC
time it had destroyed property valued
ut between J2.SOO.000 and $3,000,000 and
wnt still burning, though the appear
ance was that the firemen have nt
Inst got It under control.
Included In the property burned In a
splendid board of trade Ui riding, which!
cost over half a million dollars, with
over a hundred tenants and half a
dos.en large llrms and two scores of
smaller concerns. Tho weather wan
cold and the firemen were greatly ham
peiud in this respect.
Estimate of Losses.
Outside of the board of trade build
ing, there was not a modem structure
among those burned.
The narrow streets, antiquated build
ings nnd tho Inflammable, nature of ths
stocks they contnlned made a combin
ation which tho department was pow
erless to overcome.
The lire practically burned until It
came to open space, which gave the
firemen nn opportunity for effective
woilt. For n, time It pSofce'd'aVlf 'the
flames1 would spread along Commis
sioners street to the grand ofllce build
ing In the course of erection there.
Numerous crowds of people Jammed
the narrow streets, and tho police
could not control them. Women faint
ed and their clothes were torn, and a
few wero slightly injured In the rushes
for safe(y.
The following are estimates of the
principal losses; Hoard ot Trade.
$(100,000; Insurance, $100,000; tenantt:,
$100,000; M. Saxe & Co., wholesale clo
thleis, $75,000; II. A. Nelson & Son,!
company, fancy goods, $lfi0,000; IJennl-
more ei I'o.. tanners, jtuo.uoo; Silver
man IJnulter & Co., hats, caps, etc.,
$125,000; f'orlstlne & Co., furs, $300,
000; C. Seybold Sons & Co., $80,000;
ftedmond, drecnless & Co., hats nnd
furs. $30,000; II. Levi, woolens, etc.,
J.60,000: C. A. Choulllau & Co., com
mission merchants, $30,000; Laporte,
Martin & Co., $50,000; J. Cohen & Co.,
wholesale clothiers, $10,000.
Ofllcers Elected at Meeting at Ear
risburtr. II) EsUuie Wire from The Associated Press.
Harrisburg, Jan. 13. The annual
business meeting of the Pennsylvania
State Kdltoiiol association was held in
this city today, at which the following
otlleers worn elected for the ensuing
President, A. B. Hurlt, of Philadel
phia; first vice-president, Cyrus T.
Fox, of Heading; second vice-president.
Prank Vogel, of Oreensburg; third
vice-president, Deitrlck Liimade, of
Wllllamspoit; secretary and treasurer,
Coloni-1 It. II. Thomas, Mechanlcsburgj
nsslstnnt secretary and treasurer, It.
II. Thomas, jr., Mechanlcsburgj corre
sponding seciotary, Mrs. J. W. Stofer,
Kltzabethtown; executive committee,
II. A. Thompson, It. li. McKee. K. A.
Stphenson, I?. T. Wiley and M. L. Mc
Quown. It wus decided that tho annual sum
mer excursion would lie made to tho
Pan-American exposition at Buffalo,
N. Y next June, on a date to be set
by the executive committee.
Kerr's Trial to Begin Soon.
By Exclusive Wiro from Tim Associated Piens.
I'aterson, N. J., Jan. 2.I. .fudge DUon to.
day Rr.mtiil a inoticn made by Prosecutor Km
ley for n (.truck Jury in the e.u ol Oeoivo -1.
Kur. Jointly Indicted with McAllister, Camp,
bell and Dcitli for tho mutder of Jennie Boas
tlilctei. It h-H not been deflnltcly settled when
the trial ot Kerr will bci'ln, hut It may be
within it eeW or two.
Agriculturists Meet.
By r.xclusitu Wlro from Thet Associated Prees.
Ilanitbun;, Jsn. 23. lite nnnusl ruettlns; ol
tho state board of apiculture comoned today
In tho Supiemo court chamber. Goiernor Stons
made a short address ot welcome, to which
thn secretary of agriculture responded. The
attcrnc.on seMloti was deioled to thu conaldera.
tlno ol routine business.
Wssltlngton, Dec. Kk-Forecart for
Thursday and Tilday: Kastern Pennsyl
vania Italn or snow Tluuday, and
probably Friday brlik lo hlfiU north.
rait to southeai-t ulmu.
ttt tt tttt4 lj