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. 31
peetal lo Hie Scranlon Titbun.
New Mllfoid, Doc. .",0. Mr. niul Mrs.
11. U. Carpenter niul daURliteni spent
ChrlBtiniiM with relatives at Clifford.
MIkh Maine ITcltzmnn Is a guest nt
tlio liome of her brother, A. Ii. lleltz
ninli. Helen Moote, ot Klngsley, Is vlslllnp
i her Rrandmother, Mrs. 1j. W. Moore.
Mrs. A. U. ItctUinan, whu hnn been
seriously 111 the pnst two weeks, Is
1 very slowly recovering.
Miss Henrietta Hnyden Is visiting
. her friend, Miss Chnrlotte Hutching!!,
at OiKiunpn, J. Y.
Mr. nml Mrs. John Turner enter
. tallied fifteen relatives ami friends nt
dinner Christinas day.
The ladies of the Ilaptint church will
servo n chicken pie dinner at the
church, New Yenr's day.
Miss Florence lnderlled will spend a
few duys next week with friends ut
( Walton, N. Y.
Miss Nettle Iloe left last evening for
Arizona, where she will spend soma
lime with her sister.
The annual meeting of the Presby
terian church nnd society will be held
nt the church, Monday evening, Janu
ary 7, 11)01, at 7.30 o'clock.
Maurice Hayden, of Blnghamton.was
n caller In town one day this week.
Mrs. George Sparks entertained her
sister, Mrs. Charles Everett, of Blng
hamton, this week.
Mr. nnd Mrs. F. I. Rogers and chil
dren, of Binghnmton, were Christmas
guests of Mrs. A. J. Kimball.
Miss Clara Keeney died at her'homo
In the township, Saturdny, December
22, from convulsions, following an at
tack of typhoid fever. Miss Keeney
was seventeen years of age. The
funeral services were concluded from
lior home by Hew J. D. Mallery on
Dr. nnd Mrs. D. C. Alney entertained
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. B. Alney nnd chil
dren, Charles II. Alney and wife and
Miss Frnnces Ammcrman, of Mont
rose, Christmas day.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Clark were callers
In, town Monday.
D. M. McConnell and wife and J. A.
McConnell and wife visited friends at
Ktngslcy this week.
Mrs. Li. "W. Moore has returned from
Klngsley, where she has been spend
ing a short time with her son.
Mr. and 'Mrs. H. LcBar entertained
"a few relatives and friends at their
residence, on Church street, Christmas.
Those present were Mr. and Mrs.
CJeorge Moffatt and daughter, Viola, of
Blnghamton: Mr. and Mrs. F. LeBar,
of Harford; Mr. and Mrs. J. Fisher and
daughter, Miss Lily Gillet: Mr. and
Mrs. Hoosa, of Great Bend; Mr. and
Mrs. K. LeBar and family, of this
place, nnd Miss Lillian Rook, of Bed
ford. Mr. and Mrs. William Harding and
ilaughtpr are visiting relatives at
H. J. Tiffany and wife visited Mr.
Tiffany's father, nt Harford, this week.
Special tn the Scranton Tribune.
Tunkhannock, Doc. 29. On Wednes
day next the court will be in bession
here for the purpose of opening the
ballot boxes of the various districts,
which have been collected and stored
In the county jail. The balloto will
not be counted at this time, but will
hi- placed In one of the vaults at th.4
court house for safe-keeping until re
quired by the court in the Tiffany
Stiuier contest.
Morrlfcon Oswald, of Berwick, is
visitlnq; trlends in town.
At the court house this afternoon,
the real estate of Hattlo Hettisheimer,
deceased, late of Noxen township, was
exposed to public sale for the pay
ment of the debts of the decedent.
P. O. Dershimer was the trustee ap
pointed by the court to conduct the
sale. The property was purchased by
G. K. Mossor, of Noxen, for !J!tO0.
K. K. Little, esq., of Wilkes-Barre,
.pent Sunday with his parents at this
The local county Institute will be
held next week, commencing Monday
and continuing until Friday after
noon. An unusually good corps of in
structors has been secured by Super
intendent Jnrvls and a successful In.
stitute is assured.
The board of county auditors meet
at the court house hen; on Monday,
Jan. 7, for the purpose of auditing
the accounts of the various county of
ticers for the past year. The board nt
present is composed of F. J. Tvlntnor,
of Mehoopnny; II, Itozelle, of Mill
City, and G. D. Wright, of Brain
Special to (lie Scianton Tribune.
Towandu, Dec. 30. Miss Kutherlno
Falrchlld, of Montrose, has been chosen
as teacher of athletics and different
languages at the Susquehanna Col
legiate Institute.
Joseph Iiause nnd fnmlly, of Snyre,
came near losing their lives a few days
ago by being asphyxiated with coal
Orlando Devlne, a North Towandu
resident, while entering a hotel on
Friday evening received a paralytic
stroke and lived only two hours.
Dr. A. A. Wlltlts, of Spring Brook,
N. ,I delivered u lecture at Hale's
opora house on Friday evening under
the auspices of the Young Men's Chris-
ttun association,
The remains of T. P. Pyne, ut Ber
nlcc, weio Interieil In the Catholic
cemetery nt Towandu on Friday. Ho
was 50 years of age.
Mr, and Mrs. Judson Holcomb cele
brated their llfty-llfth wedding anni
versary last Wednesday.
Sixty workmen were tin own out of
employment on chrlstinus by tire- dam
ages ot the Sheldon Manufacturing
C. T, Klrby and wife are spending a
week with friends In Greater New
York. Judge and Mrs. Fanning haui been
entertaining ft lends from Troy,
The subject of starting a new furnl
tiuo factory Is being discussed at Hayro
end Athens.
Dr. ami Mrs. K, Decker, of Uos
ton, have been spending the holidays
Cure all Throat aud Lung Affections.
Gcttnegtauluc. Refuse substitutes, A
Vis sure
5ltla Oil cures Rheumatism, 13 f: 35 ctj.
villi Ihu gentleman's pnrenls and other
Civil Knglneer McCormlck Is spend
ing a short time In Bnlllmore.
A notice has been given out by the
Lehigh Valley company that a one
nnd a hnlf per cent, dividend would he
paid this month on preferred stock of
the Lehigh and New York Railroad
company. This is the old Southern
Central line running from Hayre to
North Fnlr Haven, whloh is operuted
by the Lehigh Valley.
Miss Sarah Mercur has returned from
a visit nt Philadelphia and other
southern Pennsylvania cities.
The marriage of Miss Miss Ruth M.
Essor, of Sayre, to Rev. C. D. Jenkin,
of Englewood, N. J., will occur at the
bride's home on January 8.
Two cases of small-pox are reported
from Bentley Creek, and also another
case nenr Klmlra.
The employes of the Pennsylvania
and New York dlvlson of the Lehigh
Valley presented Superintendent Es
ser, of Sayre, a Chrlstmns gift of a' sil
ver tea' sot.
A soldiers' monument, in the form of
n Greek cross, with space on the cor
ners for symbolic figures, the whole
surmounted by a statue, Is expected to
be erected at the county seat next
year. An appropriation of $15,000 will
be askod from the county.
Watch night services will be held this
evening In the Langcllffe church at
10.30 o'clock. Addresses will be given
by Revs. Smythc and Pascoc.
Midnight mass will be celebrated in
St. Mary's church tonight.
The 1900 club will conduct a social
tomorrow afternoon and evening in
Mansfield opera house.
The following is the result ot the
Democratic primaries in the Third
ward on Saturday evening: School di
rectorTimothy King, 76; M. J. Dixon,
69. Council Michael Gllroy, 110; Mich
ael Callahan, 10. Assessor Timothy
Quinn, 84; John McDonald, 4t". Inspec
tor Patrick Conlon, 21; Thomas Has
klns, 3G. Judge of election Michael
McAndrew, 45; Michael O'Brien, 36.
11 will be stimulating to the pupils
and the teachers when they return to
school on Wednesday to find an organ
in each building, which, together with
the piano, is the result of their own
labors during the past month. The
receipts of the entertainment paid en
tirely for the piano and partly contract
ed for the organs. These will be do
frayed from the proceeds of the grad
uating exercises in June.
The last Sabbath of the nineteenth
century was beautifully commemorat
ed last evening In the Methodist Epis
copal church. The pastor, Rev. R. M.
Pascoe, preached a. sermon which
showed careful study and excellent
judgment In compiling statistics of the
dying century. He spoke of the won
derful progress in government, science,
schools and religion. The wondertul
march of progress toward the setting
of the sun has been most marked In
our great republic, with Its innumer
able churches, asylums, schools and
beneficent llnonclers.
Tuesday nnd Wednesday "Quo Vadis." Mal
inee Tuesday. Xeu Yen's Day,
Thiirila.v--Biirl.i,'s Viueioilllo company, Mat
inee. Ki May "All on Acoomt of F.lliU."
Academy of Music.
Fiist Tliire i"a)s--"lleinciiilicr the Maine."
Inst Tluoe Day ".span oe Life."
The Gaiety.
I'ilsf 'thiee l)iys--"Xov Voil Gill."
l.vl 'l!n re Dais isaiti T. .lack's Hui Ifiin'i .
Field's Minstrels.
Al. fi. Field's minstrels pleased two latfie .11
ilk mm nt lhe l.iceiim SatiiuKiy. They cu
pcitotimnies afternoon ami cirnlueT tliat hale
seldom been excelled in tin's clly. 'I tie comed
ians of Hie company me Al C, field, Tommy
Donnelly, Dob Key. Billy Can ley, Arthur ltin
liy, iioc! lnsley, Kililio McDonald and Tom Odell
and the slnslne; foui; was niacin up of Ailliur
Yule, .lames tlihh'ins, Paul I.a Uncle, ('. 1!.
ltunnell, lirese Prosscr, A. Tied Alliens, Addison
Wall and J. (.'. Homy. Ilie lliat pait of the
cnleitainiueiil was entitled "A Night in Palis
Diiiiucr the Imposition." Miny beautiful vocal
numbeis ueie iutiodueed ill tills put.
Ill the olio Pascntcl gate a most uondeilii!
exhibition of contortion voik and the Kiotcsinie
athletes. Hoy Keys and Kddle McDonald, did a
luin that lia.s netcr been equalled lien.
'Hie peifoununce concluded with u gieat ex
hibition of tumbling by a kind ot Mooilsli
"Remember the Maine."
'Iho patrons of the Academy of Music will tlnd
In "Iteiucmbcr the Maine," which will be seen
fni the llrst thiee dajn of this week, exactly
the "-nil of melodrama they like. The plot of
the play has been carefully themrht ,imt mid
though not intiicate is intensely intficstiu;,
The last scene of the fust act is a liiaaulht
net hhowiiijr. the baibor of llaiaua with the
shipping at .1111 hor, nnd the tiiilalu come-, down
on the anital of the Maine. Other scenea aid
the interior of a Spanl duiiRiou, a Wew nt
the plantation mar llauiihi, a Mine laid nu tho
clerk of the Waul liner City of ".'.uldnxtou and
I lie eplolou cif the Maine. The sensation of the
play, linn c or. Is in the l.ut act, which (Iosco
with n lepierculatimi of the bittlc of Manila,
one ot the inavsbe and aitnuMilnzlv ae
(male staue counteifcils eer placed befoie the
New Year's Attraction.
,i a New Wm'a ltiacll6n for the l.jceu'u
Muuser A. .T. Dully has secured P, t', Whitney
and l.imln Minulcs' inoJuillnii ut "Quo Yadi, '
which was cinematized by Ktanhdaua Ktauge,
Those win) hate lead the bout, will not find
the lines of the play to be tho same, for .Stance
has taken ll.e oilgiu.'.l fiout which to out
many of the liner points not to be found In
Ilia I.'iikIUIi eilo'i. Uf coino the utoiy is tho
tame and the many thrilling Incidents portin.u'd,
The urU of i'etronius Vludus, ITitus, Aulut
Plautius, l,)Kia, t'oppaeu, Ponipunla aud the
beautiful blaic, Kiiukc, hate hern placed In
competent hands and u most faithful poitiayal
of Iho Keener and Incident tiiuoiuiillug the ly.
rant .S'eio may be expected.
''Quo Vadls" will be tirescnlfd New Yeai'.i
nflrinoou aud evenini;, aud on night,
Burke's Vnudeville,
'I he top lincM of tlic JJuikc Vauclci'illr com.
pany, which will appear at the l..ticuiu Tlmis.
day afternoon and euntug, urs Joe Halt nnd
Ids tlctrr and tcrsatlle wife, Cauio DeMar,
'Jlity will Kite a dellgltful little ikeltli, '"lie
Quiet Mr. flay,"
Among the other fatorlte on the bill aie
Laura Conutock, the 1'ioiity lliolhers and Um
gieat llcrnl I'lemb. These uie only a poitlon
of tint features of the piograumie.
"The Span of Life."
John lluflel, lie bn-huM manager of "Hie
A Citizen of Scranton Pays a
Well-Earned Tribute,
The following public statement of a
respected citizen adds one more em
phatic endorsement of meilt to the
scores that hnvo appealed befoie.
Mr. .T. U. Stephens, of 304 Green
Ridge avenue, says: "At times T hud
much 'palu in my back and loins nnd
that It was almost impossible to walk.
At nights, sometimes I rolled from
one side of my bed to the other all
Might long, trying to find p. comfortn
bol position. In the morning when I
attempted to get up, a sharp pleielng
pnlu caught me In the small of my
buck, so severe Unit T had to cry.out.
I doctored from time to time, but al
ways without obtaining relief. Doan's
Kidney Pills had cured some of my
friends, so I got a box at Matthews
Bros.' drug store. A few doses gave
relief. I continued the treatment and
they made me feel like n different per
son. After a very hard day's Jirnrl,
If I feel any symptoms of a lamo
back a dose of Doan's' Kidney Pills
quickly removes them."
For sale by nil dealers. Price f0
cents. Foster-Mllburn Co,, Buffalo,
N. Y sole agents for the United
Remember the name, Doan's, and
take no substitute.
Span of Ufc" enmpany, lias been in town the
past few dajs nuking an.iugemenls for.the pio
deletion at tho Academy of Music, Thmsdny, I'll
day nnd Satmday, Jan. ", 4 and '. lie pioinlsc9
one of the greatest melodramas of the
day, claiming that the human bridge, which Is
formed by three men falling acioas u supposed
chasm (which is in irality lie toon feet high),
is one of the most wonderful feats peipetrated
on any stage. I
The acrobatic work of the Donareltas Is fupcib
and meets with gieat approial.
"New York Girl."
Ifowaid & Dllioison's "New York fliil" com
pany, which comes lo Manager Long's popular
Oaiety theater, is knoun to be one of the best
burlesque attiactions now- on the Howard
& Emerson are well known bj- the Iheatei-lovi.ig
public Among tho many httong fc-aluiei with
this atti.iction arc llowind Ihnerson. I.ixlua;
stou family of ncroluls Williams and Ad.uiH,
Miss .losephiuc Ilartey, Kelly nnd Vails, M'ns
Kitty NeNon, JIKs Lilly Tudor, Annie Dai Is,
Dfivsic llartell, Dole Kesner, Dora Parker, Anna
Wtsterfleld, Tillle Molltor. Charlotte Ppeiu, Jieb
lilf Clark, Marguerite May, Ida flilffen nnd lles
fcle Gordon.
'Iho huiletta In thiee ccenes K be .lo-cpli II.
Iloivaid. Among the many fealmes to be sren
is elegant new eceiiuy, wondeiful iieeliauicil
and electrical eflects and cliboe.ilc waidiohs.
Thirty people in the cad. 'I lie hurlciiiip is fiee
from all smut and suggest iieno-w aud can be
attfnded by the most fastidious.
Sam Jack's Company.
The piogiamme oilcied by tho Sam T. Jaclv's
own binlesque eompanv at Hie liaictj theater
(lining their engagement of thiee nights and
luilinee, commencing 'lhumday, Jan. '.', is a long
and laiied one, and includes, besides two eleier
liurlciities, such well known aitiats as Mabel
Il.irelton, Julia Xatus, Lulu Danell, l'i-chei aud
Claik, M'lle neatiiee, I'eto Oiiflm, Wallace and
Allen, Hojt and Xcfl, the SIinpsoiM and l.idainc
aud Datiell.
Twi) sjiecial fealuie-, will be an oiienlal
dance entitled "The Pas Ma La," as peilmucd
by eiglit handsome TmKMi ladies in all their oi i
ental sidendor, and an oiigiml pioduclion of
anl T. Jack's living pictuics with speeial sreu
eiy, elertiual and mecluinlcul ehiK
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications as they cannot leach the
diseased portion of tho car. Theic Is only one
way to euro deafness, and that is by constitu
tional lcmcdies. Deafness ,' caused by an In
flamed condition of the mucous 11111115 ef the
Kustachlan 1ibe. When this tube is intlaiued
you haic .1 inuibling sound or Impelled healing,
and when it is entiuly closed, Deafness is tin lc
sult, and unless the inllammatiou can be taken
out and this tube rcroicd to its normal condi
tion, hearing will be de.stio.itd foicvci; nine
case;) out of ten aio caused liv C'utaiih, which is
nothing but an inflamed condition ot the mucous
We will giie One Hundied Dollais for an.i case
of DeafiiChS (caused by catairh) that cannot be
cuieel by Hall's Catatih Cure. Send for ciiculais,
K, ,T. CIIII.Nin V CO., Toledo, O,
Sold by Dniggisls, 73c,
Hill's 1'amily Pills aie the liel. '
I hear a knell! It stiikes my ear
With accents bull, and ,iet so clear,
1 list to hear the talc it tells
The story s id told by these knells,
I wait to -ee the mourners go,
With lulling step and heads bent low,
To .louder plot the bleeping glouiid,
Which lich aud poor alike baie found.
I wait. Dili seel The lcstlcss tliiong,
With lofty looks and meiry rong,
Co up aud down with lnuiied tio.i.l,
Xor slop to ask whoe f 1 lend is dead,
Dell lietc comes one wc knuw cm tell
'Hie meaning of that sad, sad knell,
His form erect, he looks content.
His djis, tho' long, hate boon well fpint.
With gentle wouls, he answers me,
"My htiangrr fiiend I'll tell to thee,
The knell so sad that stiike.s thine car
Tells or the death of this old jear."
This )car so fiaught with good to nun,
That'll added to Ids life's shoit spin,
And glien noil; and joy and giace
TI1.1t lifts lowaid Cud our falhu lae e,
Xor is this all told by tliat knell,
Which liulds the world as in its spell,
The ,oais hale cnuui and gone so fast
The nineteenth centiiiy I. past, ,
Oh woiicl'ious loaisl Vh can icl.ite
Tlie good tliey'ie brought to man's islate,
'1 lie eat Hi Its secrets jicldi lo man,
Wliile beaten make clear tho geipc pi in.
Hut listen! O listen! "lis Joy bells I hear!
With their peal upon peal, exultant and clear,
The multitudes hasten lo Join in the llucing
That'.s tilling the air with Ibelr shouts and their
The new i ear is coming! 'I'K coming we kuniil
The daikues lecedes uml lieu moinlng's iiglcm',
'JI10 new j ear, the tlit in tlie (ciitmy new,
Auake all xe people and catch Hie blight lint'.
Awake lo Hie lniislo all notions will ing.
Awake jo to Iho woik Iho new jcai will bilng,
Jlecelie the rich Biace, the l.o.'d has lu glie,
And ho wle III J our lime, nml Iho while 1011
Mount nut for lieu put, that xx 111 nenr avail,
Although many the teals aud long be thy wall;
Then lUc the hiat 111I1111I0 to do what jou can
To lulnc; into (Tiii.t's Kingdom your fellow man,
-ltd. 1'. II. Tower,
llest Cottage, 'lhcmp,on, I'a,, Dee, 27, llflio.
Mrs. Winslow's Sootliing' Syrup
lias been used for oier I'llTV VI.' MIS by
!.(, inr iiiiiii (! iinii.,
t, .!. l.n.l IIIIIPllv fni lllllllllel- k
DiuggUts III eury pait of I he woild. Do uro
slid ak tor "Mrs. Wliulon's Sootldna; Sviup'i
and lake no other kind. Tiieiity-rlyej cinti a
1111 1 si iih w nt 111 s 1 1
whim: TKirrniKo. with i-i:hit:ct iucucib-
It hOOnilM Hie CHILD. KOITI'.XS the (UMH
Ail.AVS all PAIN: t-'JItl'.S WIND cell. in ,.,.',
TO Y. M. C. A.
(IVineltiilecl fiotn l'age 1,
now confronted. Our Industrial lite hsj b(eome
so eiiiiiplex, Its rate of moiement to rapid, nnd
sperlalluitiou and (llfTerentlstlon m Intense that
w find ourselves: face lo face with conditions
that were practically unknown In this nstlon
half a century go, The power of the) force of
nil Ins been cjrratty Increased, and It Is nccrssary
for our setf-prmrrvatlon that we should slmllsrly
strengthen the forces for good. We are nil of us
bound to work towards lids end. No ono of in
ran do cieijthlnj?, but each of us can do some
thing, nnd if we work together His nugregate of
these somethings will be tery considerable.
There are, of course, a thousand different wajs
In which Hie noik can be done, and each man
mul chooso ss his tastes and his powers Mil
him, If he is to do the best ot wlilrli be is caps
lile. Hut all the kinds of nolle must be carried
along on certain definite lines, It good Is lo come.
All the work must be attempted as, on tlie whole,
this Young Men'n Christian association work has
been done; that Is, In a spit It of good will
toiiaul all and not of hatred toward somei In .1
splilt In Aihlcli to bioad chiilly for mankind
theie Is adOcd a keen nnd healthy aaultjr of
tnliid. We inmt letaln rar lf respect, each nnd
all of us, nnd wc inetst bcw.ue alike of mushy
sentimentality and ot cmy and hatred.
It ought not to be necessary for me to 11
you igalnst mere sfiitimentallly,agalnst the plilt
nntluup.v and chiilly, which aie not merely In
sufficient but harmful. It Is eminently desir
able that wc should none of lis be liant-lieiiiliil,
bul It Is no less desirable that 110 should not
be soft-headed. I leally do not know which
naallly Is most productive of nil to iiiiiikbid
in Hie long urn, baldness of hcait or softness
of head. Naked charity is not what we per
manently want, 'there aie, of couise, ccitaln
chives, stttli as joumr chlldien, widows with
laigc families or (tippled or lory aged people,
or ricii strorij men, tcmpniarlly citishcel by
"luniilnif lulsfoiliiue, on whn-e behalf wc may
kaic to make) a fi rink and direct appeal to
charity, and who can be the leclplcnts of It with
out any loss of self tesperr. Hut liking us as a
whole, taking tlic mass ot Amriicans, ne do not
want charity, wo do not want sentimentality,
wo mciely want to learn how to net both )n
dlilchially and together in sucli fashion as to
enable us to hold our own In the woild, to do
good to olhcis accoidlrg to the measure of otir
opportunities, and to icrelve good from otliers
in wayis which will not entail on our pait any
loss of self icspect.
It ought to he 1.0 less unnecessary to ay
that any man who tiles to solio the gieat
problems that cnnfinnl us by an appeal to
anger nnd passion, to tirnoi.iiico and folly, to
malice and cmy, is not, nnd noier can be
aught but an enemy of the vcij- people ho pro
fesses to Left lend. In the wolds of Lowell, it Is
far safer to adoDt for n motto "All men up"
thin "Some men down." Speaking bioadlv we
cannot in tlie? long run benefit one man by Hi"
downfall ot another. Our energies can as u
rule be cinploied to much better ndiantage in
uplifting some thin in iiulllng down olhcis. Of
eomse there must sometimes be pulling down
too. Wo have no business to blink at eiils, and
iiheie it is neccssaiy that the knife should lie
Used, let It be used unsparingly, lint let it be
used intelligently. l hen there Is need of a
ehaslia lemeely, apply it, but do not apply it in
Hie meie spiiit ot bale. Xoimallv a pound of
constitution is worth a ton ot destruction.
Degradation in Malice.
Time is ricftrndallon lo us if we feel eniv and
malice and lulled of one's neighbor, for any
cause, and If we cmy him mcielv because of
his liolics, we show- wc b.iie n s..ies low ideals.
.Money is a good thing, it U a foolish aflectalion
to deny it. But it is not Hie only gewd thing,
and after a ccilnin amount has been amassed
it ee.ises to bo the chief cun of matciial good
tilings. It Is far belter, for instance, to do well
a bit of work which is well worth doing. I do
not care whether this woik is (hat of an engi
neer on a gieat laihoad or captain of a fishing
boat, or foiemin in a factoiy or machine shop,
or section boss, or diiUion chief or assistant
astioiinuier in an ohsctvaloiy, or a .second lieu
tenant snmewheMC in China or the Philippines
each mm ot these has an impoitant piece of
woik and if he is leallv inteiesteel in it and
has the light stud in bini, lie will "lie alto
gelhor too pi 0111I of what he Is I'olug and loo
intent on doing it well, to waste his lime in
eni.iing otheis.
I'rom the days when the chosen people leee'ned
the! decalogue, to our own, envy and malice
hue been leeognleel as evils, and woe lo those
who appeal to them. To hicak the tenth coin.
maiidmenl is no move nioiat now- than it has
been for Hie past thhly ecnliuies. The ii(o
ot eniy is not only .1 elaiificious but al-o a
mean iee, for it is alw.ijs a confession ot In
feiioiitj. Il lliay piovokc conduct which will
lie fi nil ful of wiciiig doing lo others; and il
imi.t c.we mi-eiy lo tho man who feels it. It
will not he any the lews finitleil of v long and
mlsciy, If as Is so often the; case with
motiies it adopts some high Founding all is, 'I he
1 1 tit )i K gentlemen. Hint cadi one of u has In
him eoil.ilu passimis and instincts which if they
gain the upper hand in hU soul would mean that
the wild bea-t I1.11I come uppcimost in him.
Liny, malice anil hatred are such pissions, and
they aie just as bill if diicrtcd against a class
or gioup of men as If eliieetcd against an indiv
idual. What wc need in our leaeleis and teach
ers is help in siippiessin: Mich feelings, help in
arousing iiiiel directing the feelings that uie tholr
eslieine opposite. Woe to us as a natiuu it we
eier follow the lead of men whu seek not to
smother but to iull.ime the wild beast qualities
of the human hemt! In social nml indiistiial, no
less than ill political icfoim, we can do healthy
woik, woik fit tor a five country, fit for self
l,oionilng cleuiociacy, only by licading in Uie
footsteps of Washington anil I'laiilelln and Adams
uml I'llilclc Homy ainl nol In the steps ot
Maiat and ltobespieiie.
(so far, what I liaie had to say lias dealt
mainly with our leliltons Willi one auuthei in
what may be called tlie serine of the stale. Hut
the basis of goeiel e iliciv-hlp is in the home. A
man 111119I bo 11 good e,ii, husband unci fallie--a
ween. 111, a good daiiglitci, wife anil mnthei, ih-t
anil foicinost. Theie must be no shliking of
duties in big things or in Utile thing-. 'I lie
man who will not woik hatd for Ids wife unci
bis little ones; tho woman who sin Inks I'loin
brniing and leailug many healthy children;
these hale no place among the men ami women
who aie stilling tipwanl and onuuiel. Of couise,
the family Is tlie foundation of all the tilings
In tho slate, .'ins against pine iiuel healthy
family life aie those which of nil olhcis aia
sine In the end to be ibitoel most hc.nlly upon
Hie- nition In which they take place, We miisl
bciaie, moicoiei', not mciely of the great sow,
but of the Josser ones which when liken to
gether cause such an appalling acjgiigalo of
mlsciy uml wioug, The chiiukaiel, the lend
llier, the couard, the liar, the dishonest man,
tlie man who is Inula! to oe itcglcctfeil of pat
ents, wlfu or chlldiei, of all of theic tlie slnlft
slioulel be sheut when ne speak of decent cili'ii
ship, ilirry otuu3 of clloit for good in ,iour
i'soilaHons Is put 01 the ceaseless win ugaiiH
the traits which produre siuh 111011. Hut in ail
I 1 1 Ion to condemidug Iho ginger (onus of eul
we must not foigct to eeimleiun nlo the evils
of bad IrmiKl, lack 01 geutleues.s, nagging anu
whining firtfiillicss, lack of consideration lor
olheis tlie ell Is of selfishness In all Its lujiiacl
fnims, L.ich man or woman must icmuubcr his
or her duty lo all ninund, ami especially to
thu-e ilnsest rend neatest, nnd such irmeinhiamy
Is the best possible picpiiatlle to elolna; duty
for tlie state as a whole.
Pinctlce Christian Doctrines,
We ask tliat these associations, and tlir mm
and women who take pait lu lln-iu, piadiec the
ChlMlan doetilnes v.hbli ate iirtaelied fieun
c'leiy Hue) pulpit. Tlie Deoilngue and the Hold
en llule must sljnd as the fouiidaliou of eu'iy
successful client lo better either our social or
our political life "1' the Loid and walk lu
Ills iiajs," and "Let radi man love Ids neigh
bor ns" wc puttier these two
piecepts, the lelgu of social and clilo tightcoue
uess will be ih at hand. Cluisllanlly teaches
not only that each of us must so lite as to bale
his nun soul, but lliat each must also Milvu to
do Ids whole duty by 111 i lu-lgliboi, Wc cannot
lite up lo I hcs- teachings as 11c should; for lu
tho pieseuce of liillnito micilil and infinite wl
iloiii the slieii'.-lh of the stiongest nun ii hut
weakness, ami the kuuest of mental rjt'S see
but dliiely. Hut each of us can at least stilic,
ai light and sliciigih aio giieu him, (onsid the
Ideal, litloi t along any one line will not suf
llce. Wu lutist not only tea eoojl but itlong. Wc
must not only be high-minded but biave-heaited.
We must think lolllly aud we must also woilv
haul. 11 is not mitten in Hie ILdy Hook that
nv mast menly be haimlesn ai elous, II Is alo
The Tribune's
year ffaok
for 1901
A daily record of all the important
Official vote in detail for all the
elections of the past year in the
city, township, county and state.
Platform of the political-parties.
Delegates to the National Conventions
from every state in the Union.
Crawford county rules.
Vote of the June primaries.
Names of all city and county officials.
Official records of base ball players.
National League percentages.
The Year Book will be ready for distribution
January 1, and will be for sale by carriers.
Remember them on New Year's Day !
wiittcn Ileal we must, be wise sin sotponK CiaH,
unaccompanied by conscience, makes Hie c rafly
ntan a social Mild beast who pieys on tlie com
munity and must be hunted out of it. (ii'nflc-iie
and mieetnesj, unbacked by strength (end high
re'-olie aie almost impotent for uood. Tlie tine
Chiistian is Hie tiue citizen, lofty of purpose,
icsolute in endeaioi, leady foi a hero's deeds,
but neier looking; ilouii on his link because it
is cist in Hie day of small things; scornful of
baseness, awake to his emu duties as well as
lo his lights, follow tnir the higher law with lev
eieuee, and ill this nolle! doinc; all thai in him
lies, so Heat when death conies he liuv feel
thai mankind is in some degice heller because he
has Hied.
liobert F. Sjieer, lay tajeretury of tlio
l't'esbylui l:in board nl" foreign mis
sions, wade tiie ronclutllnir tulilrps-s.
The Vicar General of the Diocese of
Scranton Is Elevated with the
Bank and Insignia of
!-iei ial In Iho Scianlon 'tribune.
i'lttstnn, Dec. :!0. Before a routcre
gtillon that completely filled the large
St. John's lEomnn Catholic edifice the
Investiture of Hew E. A. Ourvey, vicar
jreneral of the diocese of Scranton and
rector of the Plltsston church, with the
rank and Insignia of the officer of nion
nlgnor, took place here this morning.
The honor.s iere bestowed ut the
opening of the lust muss. The altar
ius prettily decorated for the occasion
with hinilux and ground pine, dotted
with pink and white carnations, Hew
Father Qnlnnan, assistant to Father
Gurvpy, read the ofllclul document from
the pope, bestowing the honors, llrst
lu the Latin language and then In the
Kngllsh, as follows:
ritoM i-oi'i: 1.1:0 xin.
To our beloicd son, lluajcnc A. (.alley, liear
Itcueial of the dineese of bcrantoii;
Helen oil Sou: Health and apostolic bi'ncdio
tlou. The distiiicruishcd pialse jou have Hon in
cHscIi.ei Hint,- the eleilii'S of the saeied mini-til,
especially the smtec ion hale undeied that
dloce-e as a paitielpant In the bis1iop' labels,
and ,iour singular icvc'ieiice for tlie Holy ,vj,
impel us, In icccitfiiillon of thee lueiits, to cum.
fei oil jou a lety llliistilous title of honor,
Nheiefur, Kiaclou-Iy absoliiuir you li.i lliin lettei
fiom any eensiiie of ex-comiuuuicatlou, lulei
dlet or oilier ceclc-lxulcal penalties, If any such
bate pel chance been Incline el, we make, con
stitute aud appoint ,inu mhau bishop, or pielate
of the papal household. We penult ion to wcai
the piuplc lestute ami eicu In Hie Human t uria
lo wear the lochel and In make Use and enjoy,
aiiilhlnu' to Hie eouhaiy uotwillHtaudiuu:,
liiicu at St. lVlci't, Home, inidci- Hie soul of
tlie rishciniau, on the tllleenth dcy of Oclobei,
lioo, and In the twintj-lliiiil ,iear of 0111 poii
lillcMtc. C-luned) Aln.mliH M.leililm, raiilliwl.
The purple vestments niul the tochet
weie then blessed by bishop llubau
find bestowed upuii (hit honored Father
fiarvey. Following this came the cele
bration of aioHtirt'H Twelfth mass, the
following clergymen ofllciatlng: Father
Qulnnun, Plttstou, celebiant: Father
Crane, .Wocu, tleuunu; Father Hreve,
I'lttstnn, .siib-ele. icon; Father Clirisl,
scraivton, muster of ceremonies, Tho
choir wits assisted by Itlppard's or
chestra, of AVIlUes-lluue. Father Oof
fey, of Carbondale, preached the ser
mon, his Ultimo being "The Nullvlty."
During his discourse Father Coffey re
fened pleasantly to the high honor be
slowed m Father Ourvey and lu be
half ot the clergy wished lilm long life
and happiness under his new title,
Tho occasion was u most compli
mentary one, both for this cty nml for
tint dlocehe, It being the liiisl Umo a
title of this rank litis ever been be
htowed on a priest In the Herunton tlio
cese. At tho ol the muss, aion
slgnor tlarvey expiessed his great up
pieclutlon of the event und lluiukett
Hlsliop ilolian for his Imstrumeutallty
lu bringing II tibotit.
At the close of tlie service tho visit
ing priests weio tervetl with dinner In
the dining looms of the convent, which
iiero u charge of Caterer SI, J,
Hughes, of the Sinclair house. i
Portions of Its Contents.
The following priests, were In at
tendance, and those not official big oc
cupied seats In the sanctuary:
Seianlon llcv. fallieis N". .1. Jle.Manus, V. .1.
VcManus, .1. O'lleilly, K. .1. Melley, W. 1'.
O'Domiell, .1. .1. ltueldy, .1. .1. Orifiln.
Kingston llev. Father O'.Malley.
Wilkes-llaiK Itev. I'alhiTs M. H. Dunn, ('. .1.
CJoeckel, It. A. .McAncheeis, .1, ,1. Cun an.
I'.iisons T. r. Kieiinu.
Plains Itev. ratlins .lames Ilussie.
Old Fen kc Itev. fathers .1. .1. .Ionian, Willlsm
Aloca llcv. Falher -M. 1'. t'lanc,
f'aibonelalc Itev. Thomas P. t oBry,
.Minooka llev. Father T. .1. Ilia.
Dunmnie M. It. Donlau.
Taj lot llev. Father I. A. Motlatl.
Suaar .Votcli Hev. Fathei .1. II. .IiuIkc
Willianispolt Rev. l'allur .lohu Costelln.
Philadelphia Itev. Dr. (J. Kelly, S. ,1.
I'lttstnn-llev. Falheis Qillnnan, I'. .1. Me Hale,
.1. .1. (iieie, It. O'llvnie, William lliulii, Michael
N'eiv Yoik city lliolher Kiln aid, of Manhat
tan rolleae.
Aiiioui; the oiit-of-loeiu people in altenelanee
weie the following: Mis. (.'aiiei, mother of the
incline! fathei ; Mr. and Mrs. P. .1. lloiau, the
latter l'allur fiane.i's xislci ; Mi-. Ur, (,'ancy,
sistci-in-laiv of the leieieud fatlier, all of Dun
moie; Mr, and Mis. Mai then Can ley, of S i.m
tnn; lss Finlly 1'l.nni, of nunnioie; MIsS
Kate rurlin. of Wllliani-poit J Miss lluth llue'
ler, of Wilkes-1 la ne.
Physicians Who Invited Death to
Test Certain Theories.
W. 11. I mils in Hie Chicago liccord.
A remiirkabUs example of nerve and
ssplf-pacrlllco lias been exhlblt-'d in the
experiments that are being conducted
with mosquito Inoculation by the armv
Mirseons in Cub;. 'Phori has been no
doubt lu tho medical profession for
several ynrs tutu yoiiow lever, ty
pholel fever nnd other contagious ills
eases could be communicated by Hies,
mosciultoes and other insects, und It
has recently been discovered that inoc
ulation can ho tifed to protect people
from yellow fever just as smallpox
can be prevented by vaceliwUgn. The
matter Is Mill lu an experlnicnlcUl stage
unci has not yet reached that develop
ment under which medical men can
safely use It.
In order lo accomplish practical
ends and nscerlniu how the discovery
coiilel best be utilized for lite' human
welfare In countries to sub led to yel
low feer epidemic!) Dr. Jess- M T.u.
car and Dr. .lume.s A. Can oil, asslst
r.tlt mii germs of the United States
iirntv, olt'ered their It tins ftilto
ns heroic ns the net of llobson In sink
lug the .Merrlniuti lo obstruct tin.
channel of Santiago haibur, hut eom
liaiatlvi'ly few pernio will evnr liear
nl tlicli' lieiolsni. They fed inosciul
toes upon the bodies of yellow-fever
pall' ills In lite lii'spilal ut Uuv
iilia and (Tien deliboiately allowetl
those inosriulliics to utlficl; thelf
uinis, 'I'lie Infection of both was
promptly discovered und they wero
Dented with all the skill and cum that
their associates could devise, while the
study of their symptoms and the course
of Uie disease was I'tirol'tllly obsei ved.
Dr. l.azear died, but Dr. Can oil sur
vived antl his icport Is one of tho most
Important contributions to the vast lit
erature concerning' contnglutiH dis
One Chronic Fault-tinder Paid Duck
in His Own Cain.
Fiviii Loudon .space Moment.
A CHiiuIn iiavitl olllcer was very
pompous und convened when un duty.
One duy when he w'as olllcer of iho
watch, and he could not, as usual, Iiuel
anything of consequence to mumble
about, he attempted to vent Ills spite
one one of the stolteis of the vessel,
who was, lu the eiiglue-room on duty:
liolug to the ppenldug-tllbe, the olll
cer yelled,
"Is theiu u blithering Idot at the end
of this tubey"
The reply came quick unci sturlllng;
"Not ut this end, blr!"
The feelings of tho olllcer, as he
tinned away with a blue I; frown, - can
bu better Imagined than described.
Si -A mi
More Comply? Than
Euer Before
FMI of Accurate
Inualdable for R?f?ren(?
Results of the 1900 census, including
cities, boroughs and counties of
All the important events of the Spanish
American and Boer wars.
Valuable statistics regarding siege of
Leading one hundred events of the
nineteenth century.
Interesting coal statistics.
Household receipts, and an endless
variety of- other valuable information.
The follow Infer "piotatiou-i arc furnished Tho
Tubune by M. S. .Ionian .V: Co., rooms ,03-70a
Meais biuldiinf, Sjciauton, Pa. Telephone SOtt'i:
Open- High- Low- Clos-
inir. est. est. ins
Atnciieati i.t'lij ls.'(i 130 14.1U
Anieiieaie Tuliac iu 112 llj'.j IXJ?i lllt
M: Steel & W'ne -l(l ariU 4V
Atehi-oii 8& 4(i-. 4;,r., 4f,
Atclii-uii, I'r f.S .ssii Si, sis;;
lliook. Tiaclioii S4U SUdi M'i SI
Hill. : Ohio eVP.i SC;i &)H b",i
I'ont, Tobacco :WVV ;i)H tltii, :ei
; fi Ohio 411.'. 4 4ii; a:j7i
Chio. d Ot. West 17 17',-i 17 I7U
Chic, B. & ii I41-!i 14.1i-. i4ja; 11214
M. Paul U21-, 141, 1421,1 1407,
Hock island VJD IHlli 120 121
Pel. A: llud-eiu 1:1014 VJi U0j latfi
l.aek.mamia . It lt)0 ini'4 1110 lulli Steel j(',i C7i cW',4 MU
Feileial Steel, Pr 77-!i 77?8 77U 77',
Kan. ir Tev., lv, 45 411 44 4311
laiuis. .V Na-I S7?i S7!i 87 S7ii
Mail. i:iciateel 114 11514 IN 11"
Met. Ti.iLtiou lfilli "71Vi lGO'.i 171
.Mi-so. Pacific 71 71:14 70r) TlVt
People'- t.'as till im4 10.1V4 ICMS4.
.V. .1. Cenfial 14'i'i ltd lin'O, U
S'oiitheiu Pacific 4JKt -4Vi J.'l,4 4:1
Xorfolk i: West 4II 4.1, Hi 4.1,
Neilllioin Pacilic bl'ij St?i 61 s KIH
.V ltli. Paeillo i'r. .... W ?7'.i 80 h7U
X. V. Central 14414 145 ) 1IP.S 11.1'h
Ontario A. West r.0?j l'A .'(0 80
Pi'iina. It. If 145ri 11714 115? H7M.
I'aeitlo Mall 4' 43i 4.'IVS 4.'l-i4
Iteailins- ll.v 1 21 Wt 2l"c
Iteadlns: Ity., Pr. IW4 70 W4 70
Southern lUi. 2l(!( 22 2114 '-2
.Smith. II: It., Pr 71V2 7i'i 71 72
Tenn. I'oal k Ii tin lilli fll?4 M'i Ut
U. .1. Leather 11 1.1 U 14Vs
i;. S. Leather, Pr. 77 7h 77 78
V. H. itubher 20Ts 2'l 26 20
I'nloii Pacilio 77'i 0Vj 71 'vl
I'nlon Paeillc, Pr. .... M SI '4 Sl hl,
Wabash, Pr ffll-M 2.1 2.1 2.1
Westell! Union Xl 81 St St
'lliirel Aieiuie 118 118 US 111
.ni:w Yoftif piiootioi: iixciiAxaE pnicK".
Open- lllith- Lou- Clo-
WIIIIAT. ins. est. en. iielf.
Ikueli 70 R0 711 S0'.4
May 7ST4 S0 7S cS0
Miy i-l'.i 42 4J 42
Scranton Board of Trade Exchange
Quotations All Quotations Based
on Par of 100.
1'iist Xatluual Panic
Sciunlou SaiiiifS Hank
Third National I! ink
Dime Deposit and Discount Uanic.
economy l.ifc'ht, II. it P. Co
I.eecku. Tiust Safe Deposit Co
flails 4: Snuier Co., Pr
Seianton lion Fence k Mle. Co. ...
Seianlon Ale Works
I.ael.imalina Wall)' Co., Pr.
fount v S'alus Pink : Tuist Co,.
I'iut Jiallonal Bank (Carbondale),.
Standaid DrillliiK f
Tudeis' National Hank
Scmilon Holt and Nut Co
Seunlon Passenaer Italluay, flist
.MoiUage, ehie HHO
People's htieel ltalllia,v, Hist mort-
Kai,-e. due PU8
People's Street Hallway,' Oeneial
liioitiiJKP, duo 1il ,,.,.,.
Illiksou Manufactutiuir Co
j.acka, Tciiinslilp Seleool .1 per cent.
City ot Suanton St, Imp. o per
cent ,. m
Scranton Tuition II per cent
Scranton Wholesale Market'. "
(Cotrecttd by II. a. Hle, 27 Lackairatma Avo.)
Hiiitei-fieauieii, 2la25c.
I'k'gs Select iiri-le'iu, 21c; ueaiby stale, 31 o
Cheese Full ticain, new, 12e,
Ileum Per bu., choice liiatrow, t-5u.
Onions- MM pet Ini. t I
Flour llest patenl, $4.00.
Philadelphia Cattle Marget.
I'lillaileliihla. Dee. .10.- Ileerlnts (or the wrrk
faille, 21U1; slui'p, :ir,iS; Imits. IIVM., Cattle liiiht and in.ill.el u shade filiiltr; liest,; choice, l.'J5.i5.:i7; k'Ooel, )a.1I26j
medium, si 7'ial; loiiimou, I,.', Sheep
and lainhs, sliouir and blither for cliohn oflvr
luKd. Sheep, ilmlce, lal"e'.l good, ilKilHc i
medium, '.Mia 1)1. i (ouuuoii, J.e'i(e.; tptiii
lJllllis, l jill.C.
lli'KS 1'iim on eii'i.i t;i. nl.' and season dile
hii.ellik' cleaui'd up 1 1"' ulk'iimts. llest
iicilerii, 7u7'ic j cither kinds, iBiaVe.: slute
hot, not on sale; Ial nm., cpdet, at 2ia.'t?ic. ;
thin (Olid, dull, at 2a2'ii'.; leal calies, eaie
ii I nl iiaulid al 4aU't; elia ileoice sold tor.7',lei.
Milch (cms of the better Kiaeh-s ((muiiiiudec-ii.l.1
a.lU; dicssed Meets, heavily hehl at Sat)'.iv.
Uis(.(l cun, 0a7?ie.
Buffalo Live Stock Market,
Vla.t Ilutralo, Dee. 30. HccelpU Cattle, 137
cats; sheep aud lambs, 21 cats; ,bogs, 22 cart,
Shipments-Cattle, Fid caia; sheep and limb,.,
II (.aid; hogj, II ran). Cattle Light demand;
(alien, choice) to e.tra, $5aS.2S; lambs (hoii'i
to rtra, .Ma5.50; tsheep, eitra, 'l
al,23. HoKS-lleaiy, f1.U1aO.10j uigj, p.iM 35,
i Jtt ' . Ai-