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Only Two Bids for $135,000 Issue
Wcro Received Last Night and
' Both of These Had to Be Rejected
Because They Were Conditional
nnd Were Unaccompanied by Cer
tified Checks for $3,000 Day &
Co.'s Agent Saw All Bidders Other
Business In Select and Common.
It would appear that the city of
lerantott 1m going to have a pretty
turd job )f It wuntH to get anybody lo
dike tlu ?13.',000 worth of Hewer bonds
which It has placed on the market anil
which wpio refused by K. L. Day &
Co., of Hoston and New York,
The rlty clerk readvertlsetl for bids
Just a week ago today with the provis
ion that nil bids should bo accompanied
by n certified check for R000 nnd that
they should be absolutely uncondi
tional, When the fourth order of business
was reached at lasL night's regular
meeting of select council, Chairman
"Warner announced that lie bad re
ceived two bids for the bonds but that
as both were unaccompanied by the
lrqulred certified check and contained
a condition that tbey were not to be
binding if the bidding firm's attorneys
declared the Issue illegal, ho would bo
"hiked lo o both out of order.
It would seem that unless another
special election Is held for the purpose
of getting the taxpayers' consent to ls
fcue tho bonds It will be impossible to
fdlspuse of them. The point raised
against the legality of the bonds by
IS. L. Day & Co. is that the election
.was not properly conducted.
Day & Co.'s chock for $.1,000 is still
in the hands of the city and tney are,
of course, desirous of getting it hack.
Their agent was in the city yesterday
nnd made It a point to see all the rep
ii sen tat Ives of bond firms who came to
this city to put in bids. Ho explained
to each the lensons for bis firm's re
fusal to accept tho bonds and in at
le.-if-t one case prevented a bid being
put in.
. A Tribune man was In City Clerk La
velle's ninco when the representative
of one of the bond firms which Intend
ed bidding came in for information.
Ho told the city clerk that Day & Co.'s
man hail seen him and had stated that
his firm (Day's) was willing to take
tho bonds if they felt sure of their lo
cality. The city clerk explained that It was
the prevailing Idea that Day & Co.
didn't want tho bonds and that after
a deal of searching they had finally
raised a technical point about the elec
tion aw an excuse for backing out and
getting their .'!,000 back. He said that
In his nineteen years of experience a
bond issue had never before been more
.legally authorized.
"That's all tight," said the young
man, "but Day & Co. have a high
standing In the business world and
their story goes as far with us as does
the city's-. Our firm will not bid for
the bonds unless the bid can be made
A communication was read from R.
A. aialone, of Lancaster, who also
wants a check back. HI? check is in
the sum of $1,500 and accompanied a
bid for a sewer contract which he now
doesn't went to take up. He has
already written several communica
tions asking for tile return of his
money. The one received last night
was referred to, the city solicitor.
The communication from the city
solicitor regarding the contemplated
settlement with the Ablnglon Turn
pike company as outline1 In yester
day's Tiibunc, was road and Chair
man Wagner named as members of
the committee suggested by Mr. Vos
burg, Messrs. Clemons, Melvln and
The special committee appointed to
consider the pioporition ot President
Scranton, of the Scranton Gas and
Water company for an increased rato
for water used for public purposes,
asked for two weeks' more time in
which to airain confer with Mr. Scran
ton and see if he would agree to a
five-year contract with the privilege
of a five-year renewal, Tho permis
sion was granted.
The following new ordinances were
Iiy Mr. Williams: Exonerating the
Alcntruz Tavlng company from thu
penalty occasioned by their failure
to complete the Hyde Patk avenua
pave within the required limit of time.
I'.y Mr, Vaughan: Changing the
name of Stone avenue to South Web
ster avenue.
A resolution was Introduced by Mr.
Oliver directing the street commis
sioner, the city solicitor and tho city
engineer to Investigate and recom
mend to councils the best way of .set
tling damages caused by the overflow
of a pipe drain on Aswell court.
The ordlnanco transferring $200 for
Urn rent of the Liberty hose house
pulsed third reading,
Mr. Keller's Objections at Last Bear
Right Kind of Fruit.
Patience and perseverance, It Is said,
wM sometimes nccompllsh tho seem-
, liu'ly impossible. The truth of this
"adage was Instanced In common coun- iVtglit.
Je'r since Mr, Keller took his seat
ho has fought against Irregular ex
penditures. '.Most of the tlmo hu
fought singly and alone and all tho
time until last night his efforts were
lit vain. His years of effort, however,
wow finally crowned with success, Ho
defeated an uttempt to spend money
''he first ordinance to comn up on
third reading was one transferring $200
for tho heating of Liberty hose houso
fnftu tho $1,200 that was transferred
frpm various balances to general flra
: tldpnrtmeiit uses. Mr, Keller protest,
ed against this because It was trans
ferring from n transfer and on tho
vii v face of lt"'. Tint
ortflrjance, however, passed,
Next came an ordinance trnnsfer
rlu.r $50 from the board of health np-
' Cures H Throat aud Lung Affections. ,
'. Qettlie genuine. Refuse eutntlluta, A
VIS sure
JUVilWH vu uun witiuwuiai lS4kH, i
proprlatlon to pay tho cost of putting
In a circular cltrb at tho corner of
Washburn street nnd Main nvenuo.
Again Mr. Keller protested vigorously,
claiming It was Irregular and unbusi
nesslike to cut Into tho appropriation
of a department nnd take Its needed
money for an Improvement that could
wait till the appropriation rommltteo
provided for it hi the regular way.
JUut once more Mr. Keller's protest
was unheeded.
Then enmo an ordinance transfer
ring $200 for the deficiency In the sal
ary of nn additional permanent man at
tho Columbia hoso house from the bal
ance in last year's appropriation for
permanent men.
This brought nn unusually vehement
objection from the commoners' great
objector, it was wrong, radically
wrong, and any member who support
ed the measure would do so knowing
he was not doing his whole duty.
Mr. Paine look a turn at entering a
protest. How, he wanted to know, could
such n transfer be mode. The law
clearly specifies that all balances shall
be merged In the Judgments and' Inci
dentals fund at the close of the fiscal
year, and If the controller had done his
duty there was no balance In any ap
propriation of lost year to be trans
ferred. "If ho merged this balance,
there can be no transfer," said Mr.
Paine. "If lie didn't merge (It, I'd like
to know why ho didn't."
Mr. Keller seconded these Ideas and
added a few more words of protest,
and then the motion to pass the ordl
nanco on final reading was put to a
vote. To tho great surprise of every
body, and Mr. Keller In particular, tho
ordinance was defeated. "Nine ayes,
ton nays," announced Clerk Lvnett.
"What?" exclaimed Mr. Keller, scarce
ly able to believe his ears. Clerk Ly
nett repeated the announcement, "Then
the ordinance Is defeated?" anxiously
Inquired Mr. Keller, to make sure thai
there was no mistake about 11. "The
motion Is lost," declared Chairman
Griffiths. "Well," s.Tld Mr. Keller, with
a chuckle. "I tell you, boys, we'll win
If we only keep at it."
This was about the whole extent of
the routine business that preceded the
The communication In the turnpike
matter from City Solicitor Vosburg
was read, and Messrs. Keller, Harvey
and Cnlpin appointed ns the common
ers' end of the Joint committee. An
ordinance was introduced by Mr. Wen
zel for two electric lights In the Four
teenth ward, and Mr. Paine secured
the passage on first and second read
ings' of the water rale ordinance. An
ordinance for an electric light on Will
lam street passed final reading.
James H. Chambers Kills Dr. Elmer
Tomlinson and Adam Bailey.
Acquitted at Preliminary Trial.
By Exclusive Who fiom The AsfociatcS Pipss.
Panther, W. Vu., Dec. . Dr. Elmer
Tomlinson, of Williamsport, Pa,., and
Adam Palley, of this place, were shot
and Instantly killed last night by
James H. Chambeis, a prominent mer
chant of this place. Dr. Tomlinson
came here from Williamsport several
mouths ago, where he secured a posi
tion as surgeon for the Panther Lum
ber company. Recently he decided to
leave town and return to Williams
port. He sold portion of his furniture
to Mr. Chambeis, and tills caused the
trouble that led to his death. When
settling the deal last night he and
Chambers engaged In an argument and
finally the men came to blows. Then
Chambers ordeied tho doctor to leave
his store. The latter did so, but re
turned soon afterwards carrying a re
volver in his hand. He told Chambers
as he came Into the store that one
of the two must die and that light
speedily. Chambeis was prepared for
Tomlinson, and, without rising from
his chair, tired. Ills aim was good.
The doctor fell. He aiose quickly,
however, and sprang out of the door
way, shooting back over his shoulder
as he did so. Tomlinson had not
walked throe steps on th street until
ho fell and a minute later was dead.
He had been shot through the left
Adam Hailey, a former business
partner of Chambers' was coming up
tho street, heard the thots and saw
the doctor fall. He was an lntlmat?
fiiend of tho Pennsylvania!!. Hushing
into the store, boiling with rage, Rai
Iey pulled his revolver.
"That was a cowardly murder,''
cried Bailey to Chamlcrs, "and you
will have to kill me or I will kill you."
No sooner were tin1 words uttered
by Rulley than Chambers, who al
ready bad a double barreled shotgun
lying across the counter In front of
him. raised the weapoi. and tired. The
contents enteiod Dallcy's lit east, com
pletely penetrating his body, maklnj
a bole large enough to drop an egg
through. Ho tell in the store, but
Chambers dragged the body otitslda
of his store and laid it beside that ot
Dr. Tomlinson, whore ho left them.
There they lay In tin stieot until
after midnight, when a- coroner's In
quest was held,
Chambers Immediately surrendeicd.
At his preliminary dial to-dav bo
was acquitted. Chambers Is a hi other
of Judge Chambers, of this jullclal
circuit, and Is one or the best known
men of this county,
Interesting- Papers Read at Wilkes-
.Barre Yesterday,
tly i:ihiile Wlie from The A&sociitcrt 1'iesi.
Wilki'ii'llaili', Dm-, il. I'hU .! thu second diy
uf the lonuntloii of thu KuiiKeliol Alii
univ nf Pirin.vlwml.i. t the muiiiiiu.M'.'.liui,
1U. I', A, III. uly, ot Willianirpoii, cluio
ct the ilctftllciial eciiUe,
"! I'lrieiulioii of Hie ( Imulie. I'i.iUU-.iLlet"
ij the Milijict of it p.ipu- ic.ul l lle, it. W,
.Milhr, P. IV, of lt,.idin', "Intcidi'iioiiniutlonii
Afllllallim" una Iho title of .1 paper lead Iiy
benjamin l!, Welch, uf CiKlckiiicie, "The itel.i.
linn uf .Mullein llewlopmcnl tn )',.in
Ki'llratimi" u'lu the eiihjcit ot u paper lij 1", J,,
Home, ot Si union,
At the eienlnu' (.essiun p.ipim wcte lead lij
Jt'i . 1'i.hhU Tin k, 1), I),, nt Willianupuit, and
Hey, ,. M, Seinoii, I), p., of Philadelphia,
Recorder Goff Wants n Pair Consider
ation of Election Cased,
11 i:eltilu' Wiic hum Tho Associated Pifn.
New Voil;, Ike, 0, llccouler flutf cwatul a
tciieatlon late llim afleinonn ill u'liiiial si'.iim,
couit Iiy ordering the illlmigo of the whole
panel of 100 juiou, callui to tiy election rase).
Deputy Atorney OcnciaU Hcitais ami Hammond
luo been prosecutinif cais in the ifcoidet's
court for scleral dajo pat.
Several jurors complained that other Jurors
had stated they would never com let any ono in
election case, iu nutter what the testimony.
Therefore, Hecordcr Joft decided to UUcluige
thu whuls panel.
It Will Be Presented to Court Today
nnd Sets Forth That the Damages
Which May Be Caused by the Erec
tion of the Viaduct So Not Come
Within the Constitutional Prohibi
tion of Increase of City's Debt.
Many of Mr. Keller's Contentions
Are Denied.
The Joint answer of the city of
Scranlon, the Scranton Hallway com
pany and tho Delaware, Lackawanna
and Western Railroad company to the
hill of equity filed by Luther Kel
ler, petitioning for a rule declaring
the viaduct ordinance null and void,
and for an Injunction restraining
said viaduct, will be tiled In court
The allegations in that section ot
Mr. Keller's petition which states
that tho city of Scranton in erecting
tho viaduct Is entering into a contract,
for the benefit of the two companies
ate denied. It Is contended that the
viaduct Is for the benefit of the pub
lic nt large. It is not admitted by
the defendants that the property of
Mr. Keller will be almost entirely
ruined by the erection of tho viaduct,
as nlleged.
The separate contentions on the
part of Mr. Keller that the ordinance
Is null and void for four separate
reasons are tacit denied In the nn
swer. It is contended that the ordi
nance contains only one general sub
ject, namely, the construction of a
viaduct, of which the vacation of the
street Is but an incident, ns Is also
the temporary permission granted the
Scranton Hallway company to occu
py other streets. "The title to the or
dinance," says the answer, "Is not re
qulicd by law to bo In the nature ot
an index of the ordinance, and the
title of this ordinance fairly gives no
tice ot the contents of it.
It is denied that the property of
the complainant will be completely
.but off from any connection with the
!--trect upon the completion of the via
duct, It being contended that by rais
ing his hulldlng he will have perfect
access to the street and will also re
tain his present switching facilities.
Regarding the assertion that the debt
of the city is to be illegally -Increased
beyond tho constitutional
limit, the answer says:
"The construction of this viaduct
will not increase the indebtedness of
the city of Scranton in any sum, as
the entire cost of the construction of
tho viaduct will be paid by the Dela
ware, Lackawanna and Western
Railroad company and the Scranton
Railway company. The consequen
tial damages, if any, to the abut
ting properties, are unliquidated, and
arise ex delicto, and therefore cannot
be regarded as a debt of the city
within the meaning of tho constitu
tional prohibition of the Increase of
the indebtedness of municipalities.
"It is not admitted that the dam
ages to abutting! properties will equal
the sum of $100. It is not
true that the complainant would be
deprived of any means of collecting
his damages from the city, even In
case it should bo held that the con
struction of this viaduct created an
incieaso of debt which is Illegal."
Regarding Mr. Keller's contention
that It is the intention of the city to
proceed with tho construction of the
viaduct before securing to him com
pensation for the damage caused
thereby, the answer says:
"The complainant has the right to
apply to the court for security for any
damages which he may sustain by
i eason of the construction of said via
duct. If the law requires a munici
pality to furnish security In such
cases, which is not admitted."
The answer sets forth that as there
Is to be no expenditure by the city for
the construction of the viaduct that
no appropriation is necessary, this In
answer to Mr. Keller's statement
that no appropriation bad been made.
inasmuch as a question of fact Is
raised in iho answer, It will bo neces
sary to have a hearing at tho next
term of equity court, the first week
In January.
Unpleasant Experience of Landlord
Weichel, of the Irving.
Landlord "Welehel, of the Hotel Irv
ing', early this morning- told Patrolman
Kinh Peters and a Tribune man the
stoi y of the attempt to inveigle from
the hotel and rob one of his puests,
which is a thriller.
About 12.45 o'clock tlio 'elenhoi e bell
laug- furiously at the central station,
and on Hank Ofllcer Thompson answer
ing, he received the following message:
"Send some cine down to the Hotel Irv
ing 'at once. There's a gang of men
hanging around here waiting to rob
one of our guests." Patrolmun Peters
gtabbeil his club, felt his hip pocket to
fcee If his revolver was safe, and hast
ened to the hotel, where Landlord
Welehel informed him that flaring a
period of between half and three-quarters
of an hour, seven or eight dls
i eputable men had been loitering about
the place, tapping on the window pane,
and trying tti Induce an out-of-town
man stopping nt the hotel to join them.
They had accosted him on his wny
from the station, and he having a big
wad oC bills on his person, didn't al
together llkp their attentions.
On Mr, Wi'Ichel ordering them to
movo on, they refused and threatened
and cursed the host In n manner which
gavo the atmosphere an azute hue,
On hearing the 'phone boll jingle,
they evidently guessed that the pollco
were being notified, for on tlio patrol
man's arrival they had nil vanished.
Mr. Welehel says they have been loiter
ing about his place for several con
secutive nights,
Stops tho Cough
and works off the Cold,
l.axaflvo Ilroiuo-Qulnlne Tablets
euro a cold In one day, No Cure, No
Pay. Prlco L'5 rents.
Mw. Waililnnn, of Momoo iiu'liue, while Ult
,111:; her uiolhei, .Mh. Samuel llradci, of I'uuit
Hieet, fell and epialueil her ankle yeslcidjy. She
uji icuwM'il to her home on Mumoe au'iiuc.
Alheit Keltllng, of Shoit neniie, has leturneil
home after a few da). llt with (rieniU In .Veiv
Voik city,
MIh Hazel Aikeuou, of Wood oticcf, U ill.
A liuelucMi meeting of the Kpworth league wai
held in the lecture! room of tho McthodUt KpU.
copal c bun li, Court ttrcct, alter which a debato
was laid, Thuuday night.
Action of the Chamber of Commerce
in New York.
fly Etchi'lvr Wire from Tlio Awoclatccl Prwu.
Now York, Dec. 6. The New York
chamber of commerce adopted tho fol
lowing resolutions today!
Wlierea, In the larlmti tlUcmilon rclnlliijt tn
tlio until standard, in.nlo during t lie lite prcsl
ilvnlitl campaign, It. became cvblcnt tint tlm no
tion nt conjrrcM In Mnrcli nl this jcar, ikclarimr
lor tlio gold itatulnul and prnUriliii? (or (lie ic
ilf nipt Ion or p.imcnt In nold of United Statu
note and trcmtiry miles made no proilslon for
ranking n oml its roM, silver currency of ll'e
country and, owhiff to tills fuel, kmvc feaw
were entertained let the accession to adminis
tration of a parly umunllled to tlio free coln
iirc1 ot silver might Jie followed by an attempt
to force the country upon a silver IkuIr In ad
vance nt any Ugislntlon to that effect.
Itoiobcd, That Iho chamber of commerce of
the state of New Vork respectfully request anil
urge upon eniiRrcw the ltnl Importance nt
adopting at the piesenl wwlon a hill author
Irlnif and directing the secretary of the treasury
to exchange gold coin for any othrr money li
RUed or coined by the United States whenever
It may be necessary te do so.
Judge Holds Sleeping Upon Duty Is
Not Culpable Negligence.
Iiy I'Aclusbe Wire from The Associated Press.
Philadelphia, Dec. G. Prank Lantell,
formerly a towerman for tho Baltimore
and Ohio railroad, was acquitted In
court today of voluntary manslaughter
In causlnc the deaths of George K.
Laub and William F. Hinchman, en
gineer and fireman of two freight trnlns
wrecked and burned In tho tunnel near
Fulrmount park, last May. A train of
twenty-eight cars had entered tho tun
nel. Laub's train came along, nnd tho
white signal being displayed, he also
entered tho tunnel. The collision fol
lowed, und cars containing naptha and
petroleum exploded, making the tunnel
n mans of flames.
Lantell, who was stationed at the en
trance to the tunnel, admitted having
been asleep. In Instructing the Jury,
the court said today that no culoable
negligence had been shown and tho de
fondant could not be convicted of man
Will Fill Vacancy Caused by Death
of Senator Davis.
fly t:cliisie Who fi otn The soi ialtil Pies,
St. Paul, Minn., Dec. 8. Former Con
gressman Charles A. Towne, Sliver Re
publican, of Duluth, arrived In this city
this afternoon and called on Governor
He then formally accepted the ap
pointment to the United States senate
for the vacancy caused by the death of
Cushman K. Davies, teceived his com
mission immediately and will leave as
soon as possible for Washington to
take the seat, which he will hold until
the legislature, which is overwhelm
ingly Republican, elects a senator to
the place.
Delegates to the W. C. T. U. Conven
tion Entertained at White House.
By Kclushc Wire from The Associated 1'iess.
Washington, Bee. 6. The President and Mis.
McKlnley gdu a leccption this afternoon lo
the 1U00 dclemtes to tin Women's Christian
Temperance union compntlon. The elnhoratt
dcooutions ot the ilinfipal looms which had
been pun tried in honor of the commissioner-! to
the Palis epositon who wtie the pieadent'i,
Kitcits at dinner l.iH night, lem.iinrd in place.
The m.irinc hand furnished the linnie.
The leceivitiK utly consisted of the Pie'ident
and Sin, JIoKiide.w Secietaiy and Air. Gage,
Secretaiy and JIiv. Long:, Attorney and Mi..
Oritftr. and Seuetary and Miss Wilcon.
A Penalty of $1,100 Imposed by
Mayor of Wilkes-Barre.
By Kcluslvo Wiie from The Associated Pi ess.
Wilkc-.-narre, Dee. il, Sonic months -ij,'o the
ofltciald ot the Si.iinn ISrook Wiiter company,
which supplies Willces-Harro and other town in
the Wyoming valley with water, wci. anitcd,
ihurged with vitiating a city ordiname in tail
inK to piivide filtirs and fuinihinp lon-umcia
with impuie water.
A treat deal of testimony was heml in tlio
com;. The major withheld hi-, decision until to
iliy, when he announced that he had decided to
Impair a fine of ?1,100 on the company. It :'.s
undcir-tood tho will appeal.
Pennsylvania Postmasters. '
By Exclusive Wire fiom The Associated l'reisS.
WashiiiRton, Dec, 0. The piesident today t.ent
the following noininiiloiu. of. rcnni.jlv.inia post to the hemic: ll.i'.nhleton P. Vilnn,
Alloona: Win. W. Champion. Jiontoiiracille, ha
It. IJmni, Dillnooil.
Y. W. C. A. NOTES.
Tlieie will be a ncneial soup I eciiluir at thi
Voimc Women's Christian association this ecen
inff. A candy pull will be one of tho featmes
of the evening und all mtmbcis of the assoeii
lion are incited to come in and enjoj- it.
The (Jirlis' club, which wa oiRanim'.
last Triday afternoon, will meet again todaj" at
I n'cloik. The woik of the afternoon will be a
lihfun in tho making uf Christmas candj-, Net
week we jre to learn tn make some simple and
iiic.ciciilp Cluistmas gifts, All joung girls are
invited to join the club.
The secretary suggests that any ono wishing to
help joung women can pay for a scholarship in
the cooking school of the Y.W, O, A, and send a
gill who otheiwise could not come.
Special to I lie Scranton Tribune.
PitUtnn.Dce, 0. Hohert llrann, agid L'i.of Ip.
tor borough, wan fitally injuicd this ninrning by
being struck bj- a iiiuaway trip of cais on a
lope In tlio 1'nrty Tint mine, lie died u the
.Mercy hospital, at Wllkes-Hairn.
Mm. Mary Kiribati, widow ff the lite John
T, Kierhart, at one time .1 well kWwu lesldent
of West I'itlston, died hut night lit I'hiladi-l.
phia, ulirte Blip has resided for about (en jeats.
Deceased at one time Heed on Iho Kirrhirt farm,
which Included the Maud nf that name in the
bickiiwanna iber, Jut ahoc I'ittHlon Junction.
Liter she lived for about fifteen jenu in the
Kveihait nimsion, on Susquehanna .iceiine, Wct
1'ittstnn. The remains will bo brought here Sat
urday afternoon fur Inteiment in West Plttstou
(icoige II, llos.ud, manager of tlio Plttsloii
blanch of the United States i:pre.s company,
and Miss Cariie Dennis, ,i well known West
I'itlston lady, quietly slipped away jcleiday to
Xew- Vork city and wem united in marilagn by
iter, ff, P. Kckniin1'pator of St, Paul's Mctho.
ilit Ilplscopal chinch. The event was. u pleas
ant htiiirlp fm the puny fileuds of Ihe con
Inn ting couple, Mr, and Mrs. nossanl will bo
at home with the bide' niothir, on Vork ae.
nue, West I'itlston, after Dec, 10,
:. ,. Cobb, of William street, hid Ids left
loif biokcn Just below bc thigh ulillu at wink
in (lie IIjIij Ion bnaker la.t cloning,
MIm Cmuii Cjiicbner, daughter of Mi, ami
.Mis. If, f!. Carlchner, of lluglie,tuin, died tliU
mornliiif, aged Id jcus. Piuicul Sunday aftei.
Hubert rolburn, of Price streel, has
so far recovered from his lecent Illness
us to be able tu resume his usual duties.
John Wesley caBtle, No. ?n), Knights
of tho Golden Eagle, will meet In Odd
Fellows' hall tit 7 o'clock this evening.
William Perils, Jr., late of Maple
street, has gone with his wife to re
side In Green Hldge.
Dr. J. J. Uelhelmer has purchased the
comer lot on Main street, opposite'
The finest and most complete wholesale and retail musical es
tablishment in Northeastern Pennsylvania.
Great inducements and great attractions will be offered dur
ing the Holidays.
Nave Bien
Prices will be made extremely low and terms reasonable.
Every instrument fully guaranteed. Don't fail to call and get
prices and see what money will buy.
Remember the PlaceGuernsey Hall
314 Washington Avenue, Scranton, Pa.
J. W. GUERNSEY, Proprietor.
where he now resides, and has com
menced excavations, preparatory to
erecting' a fine residence thereon.
Mr. and Airs. Friend have removed
from the Odd Fellows' building, on
Lincoln street, to Maple street.
Mrs. Proudlock, of Lincoln and Jack
son streets, is building' a store near her
residence, which she Intends to open
ns soon as completed.
'Mis-, Mary McGlnty died at the home
of her sister, Mrs. John Daley, on Dun
moro street, yesterday afternoon af
ter an illness of ono week's duration.
Deceased was born In Ireland and was
63 yeais ot age. She has been a resi
dent of this town for many years. She
was a woman of true Christian quali
ties and highly esteemed b- all her ac
quaintances. One sister and two
brothers survive her, namely, Mrs.
John Dalej-, John and Patrick McGln
ty. The funeral will take place Sun
day afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment
will be made In St. Patrick's cemeteiy.
A good sized audience witnessed "A
Brothers' Revenge," presented by the
La Porto Comedj- company at the
Father Mathow opera house last even
ing. Several pleasong specialties were
introduced between the auts. "An Un
equal Mutch" will be produced this
According to the census leport Oly
pliant has a population of 6,180, which
Is a remarkable Increase over the last
census. The population In 181)0 was
Mrs. S. M. Cullender, of Scranton,
was a visitor at tho home of her moth
er, airs. Edwaid Jones in liiakely yes
terday, John J, Priest, Jr., of liiakely, Is get
ting nicely over his serious full of
twenty feet at the Lackawanna break
er lust Monday evening. Fortunately
no bones were broken.
Mrs. Albert Klesling and Mrs, S. A.
IClesIing, of Providence, visited rela
tives on the West Side yesterday,
Georgo W. Williams, formerly with
'A. D, Kdwnrds, Is now in the employ
of the Onjtuio Store company.
The Young Pctople's societies of the
Baptist churches of this place are in-
vlted to attend a rally in tho Baptist
church at Jenny n on Monday evnlng
Mr. and Mrs. 0, J. Hull expect to
move Into their new homo In Blnkely
next month. It occupies a fine location
next to the resldnneo of his father, G.
M. Hull.
The employes of No, and Kddy
Creek cutleries were paid yesterday.
This Is tho first general pay In threa
On Monday, December ltd, the prop
erties of Jlr, Paul Urban and John
Dauchasause, on Stephenson street,
worn consumed by fire. The cnuss Is
unknown. It wns Impossible to save
tho btilldlnc,'s on account of lack of
llro. lighting facilities. Out of tho
soven water plugs located In Hie dif
ferent patts of town, not ono can
bo used In cas-e of (he, Tho old hoso
company not receiving aid of tlio
property holders, were unable to pay
tho water tent, consmiuently the
water company locked the plugs. A
tew of, the faithful members of the
old hohe company unlved at the seen')
of action and offered their assistance
In saving tho furniture. A meeting
will be called In the near futun to
form a new hose company,
Class number boven of the UrU'k
Metbodlht Uplscopnl Sunday School
irave a successful social on Monday
evening at the parsonage Numerous
games were Indulged In. Tho pi
Provided for toe Christmas Trade.
winner of the peanut hunt was Mr.
Joseph Marcy, the prize being free?
lunch. Next same was the pie race:
Mr. Silas Kandall and Duane R. Dills
compted for the prize. After having
their hands tied behind their backs,
two pumpkin pies were placed, before
them and both started to eat the
pie. Laughter was never heard be
fore like it was at the pie race. The
winner of the pie race was Duana It.
Several pupils were promoted from
Miss Dills loom to iho High school
on Monday. Those ptomoted were
as follows: Joseph Bovlncs, Frank
l.angan, Frank Joj-ce, Martin Galla
gher, Joseph Boyle, Mary McGrath,
Alice Foster, Teressa Jackson, Wini
fred Gill, Alice Brown, Rose Hoover,
lluy Regan. Margaiet Price, Beatrice
Perry, (Jlara Walsh, Dlsie Hughes,
and Mary Burke.
The ladies who wish to aid tho
Lawrence Hose company with their
fair will meet in the hall Friday
evening, December 7. All are cordi
ally invited to attend.
airs. James Connolly, who wns in
jured some time ago In tho Scranton
Traction company's wreck, still Ilea
in a criticul condition.
Mr. and .Mrs. Host lattended the
funeral of the former's sister, Mrs.
Best, of New York state.
Mr. Rudolph Godwallis, who had his
too smashed a few days ago while
at work, is Improving.
The Price library association will
bold their resular meeting this evenbicf
and It Is Important that all member.?
or those des'rfitn of becoming mem
bers shall beo resent, Rev, C, B, Hen
ry, pastor of the Methodist Kpiicopal
church, will deliver the addres'i of the
evening. A short musical programme
will be rendered previous to the ad
I'less. Prominent speakers and enter
tamers have been secured and tho
presence of every one who Is Interested
In good reading and the destto for a
general education Is solicited.
The socials hold last evening at the
Cavalry and Congregationul churches
wore largely attended nnd as a conse-
quonce a neat sum was realized from
encli event,
The committee of the Christmas day
eisteddfod are sparing no possible
means to make this oven excel any
musical festival held hero for homo
time, Five choirs havo been organized
to compete on the chief competition
namely, Olyphant, Providence, Hyde
Park, Plymouth nnd Taylor choirs.
The adjudicators will be; On music,
Professor C. C. Kvans, of Wllkes
Barre; on recitations, etc,, Rev. David
P, Joiies, of Scranton. The olllcers of
tho day are oh folows: Morning ses
sion, Chairman. M. M. Williams; con
ductor, J. K. Walklns, esq,; afternoon,
session, chairman, David K. Lewis,
Olyphant: conductor, Hon. If, M, Ed
ward, of Scranton,
The population of Taylor borough Is
Henry S. Davis, of Dutch Gap, called
on friends heio on Wednesday,
Miss Edith Houser, of Main stn'i ,
whoh as been the guest of friends in
New Yoik stale, has returned home.
Invincible commandery, No. UM,
Knights of alalia, will met in tegular
session this evening,
The choir of the Calvary Baptist
church Mill met this evening- for ic Merchant M. l Judge Is In New
York on a business nip.
The Delaware, Lackawanna and
Western company paid their epiployos
of tho Taylor, Pyne and Iloldcn mines
here yesterday.
Machinery for the new silk factory
Guernsey Hall
Established 1866.
Furs and Fur Garment ol
all kinds, and our prices are
low, it is iu fact unsafe to
pay less. Call aud see our
Laylored Suits Jackets, Ioag
Coats, Box Coats, Neckpieces
Boas, Muffs and Children's
Furs. We carry these in full
Furs repaired.
has arrived and Is being hauled to th
factory on High street, where machin
ists are placing the material In posb
lion ns soon as possible.
Washington camp, No. 492, Patriotic
Order Sons of America, will meet this
Mrs. Davd Lloyd, of Pond street,
loft yesterday for a month's visit to
Glens Falls, X. Y.
The barbers nf Plttstou and Avoca
havo organized a union. Tho following
from Avoca were elected officers;
President, J, J. Waters; recording sec
retary, J, V. aicCtirthy: trustee, aiartln
aiunloy, They will enforce tho Sunday
movement closing and all shops will
be closed at 8 o'clock except Wednes
day and Saturday.
John atcKeon, of Spring street, Is a
candidate for councilman,
Miss Mary Moylatt entertained a
party of friends at her home last even
ing. There will bo union services In th
Prhnltva aiothodlst, Langcliffe and
Methodist Kplscopal churches every
Sunday ovenlg during the month of
ailne Foreman Solomon Deeble wan
tendered n banquet In Hotel Jermyn
Wednesday evening by the operators
of the Keystone colliery, The colliery
has recently exchanged hands and lo
lest tho capacity of the mine they
asked the foreman If It were possible
ui get out (1,000 tons. Tho output was
7,000 tons and the operators knew ol
no better way to show their esteem for
air, Deeble, Then are twenty-six men
I com Avoca employed at the mine,
Fur Sale Two valuable lots. Finest
In Claik's Summit. ley, M South
.Main street, Wllkes-Harre, Pa.
Mrs. Winslow'a Soothing' Syrup
lias been uwd for ner KlFTV VI1AUS by
MILLIONS ol JIOIIIIIKS foi lluir (;i!ll,DRKS
IU1II.K TKWlllNti. will' I'tlll'EOT SUUKSS.
Al.LAVH all PAIN; CUHKb WIN!) (X)MO, ,,
is the bct remedy for DUKKHOKA. Sold b,
l)rujrglt in every part ol the world. Be ture
and ask for "Jin. Winslow'a Soothimr, 8yrup,"
und take 110 otbtr kind. Two)t icni., j