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The Well-Known Clergyman Will
Sail Tomorrow for a Sojourn. In
Wales Another Illustration of the
Need of a Vlnducfc Houso and Lot
for a Public Marriage Ceremony.
Forty Hours' Devotion at Holy
Cross Church Twentieth Century
Movement Goneral News Notes.
Many life-long friends of Hew B. Tl.
I,owls assembled In the Tabernacle
Congregational church liiHt evening to
bid him farewell on his departure for
AVales. The gathering was an Infor
jnal nlTnlr, but iiroved to be Interest
ing and enjoyable. All of the ad
drosses wore of a nature calculated
to Insure How Lewis a safe journey
and l-oturn.
William J. Morris, of the First Welsh
linptlat church, was chairman of the
meeting; and made a few remarks.
Letters of regret were read from Col
onel 13. II. Ripple, who wan unable to
Toe present, and Rev. T. t. Ij. Kvnns,
of Gomer, Ohio. An original poem,
dedicated to Rev. Lewis, was read by
Rev. D. C. Phillips. Others who spoke
were David Vaughn, Richard 15.
Thomas, William 13. Reese, Rev. D. P.
'Jones. Mayor Motr, John R. .Tones,
Rev. E. A. Roy, John J. Howell and
Rev. Lewis.
Rev. Lewis ban been a resident of
Kcrantan for over forty years and Is
one of the best-known Welsh preach
ers In America. He will sail at noon
tomorrow afternoon from New York
on the Majestic, und will spend sev
eral months In Wales.
Another Narrow Escape.
Shortly after Mayor Moir signed the
viaduct ordinance on Saturday, a start
ling Illustration of the necessity for
' this publlc.lmprovement was furnished
nt the West Lackawanna avenue cross
ing of the Delaware, Lackawanna and
Western railroad, when a street car
became stalled on the north-bound
The conductor had suae on ahead of
the car to see if the crossing was clear,
rtnd bad signalled the motorman to go
ahead. Just as the car struck the
north-bound track the trolley slipped
from the overhead wire and left the
oar powerless In the middle of the
A few sconds later passenger train
No. 3, Which leaves the station at
Good Enough Cough
remedy. Dufour's French
Tar is what you need.
Dress Goods
At the
Has often formed the topic of conversation among Dress
Goods experts miles aud miles away from Scrautou,
because of the completeness, variety aud extent of the
stock carried within its limits. Outsiders cauuot un
derstand why a stock of such magnitude should be car
ried in a city like Scranton, when stores with much
greater pretensions than ours in New York, Philadel
phia, Pittsburg, Chicago, etc., get along with half the
assortment Ave offer our patrons.
The "Whys" Regarding This Fact
Are not worth discussing, however, for while we are
proud of the distinction of having one of the most com
plete Black Dress Goods Departments in the country,
we have no thought of becoming vaiu-gloriously boast
ful about it. Indeed, all we care for is to impress this
one fact upon the people from whom we look for pat
ronage, viz,:
If Black Dress Goods Are Wauted
And the Weave or Design Sought for
Is Wot Antiquated, We Have It at Its Best
And at a lower figure than it can probably be bought
for elsewhere. It will be found in our Black Dress
Goods Department as soon as it makes its appearauce
on the market. We do not wait to see whether the
new style will take or not. Experience has taught us
to solve that problem at a glance, consequently we
never hesitate,
These facts are uot easily grasped and taken at
their true value by the mere reading of au advertise,
ment, but if it should happen that you are not familiar
with our Black Dress Goods Department, favor us with
a call at an early date, if for no other purpose than to
look it over. After that you'll be as firmly convinced
as we are of the truth of our statements,
Globe Warehouse
o'clock, going north, was heard coming
up tho track. Mevoral Iluginou rushed
down towards tho bridge and succeed
ed In having the train stopped before
It reached Hie crossing, thus averting
a serious accident. The trolley was re
adjusted and the train went on,
Five passengers were on the oar at
the time, and as soon as they realized
their danger, mudo their escape In
safety, liut for the timely action of
tho men who (lagged the train, tlrro Is
no telling what the result would have
A Novel Proposition.
A well-known young man has re
ceived n. liberal offer from an enterpris
ing real estate agent, which, If accept
ed, will prove an Interesting public
event. The proposition Is to the effect
that the young man assents to a pub
lic marriage ceremony on the land
company's tract.
The company In return offers to build
the couple a new house and fuinlsh It
throughout, and when the minister for
mally pronounces them husband ami
wife, a deed for the entire oriullMioiit
will bo turned over to them. The only
stipulation outside of the above, Is that
a brass band shall play the wedding
march. Tho young man Is now en
gaged In looking for the girl of his
Forty Hours' Devotions.
Forty hours' devotional services
were begun at Holy Cross Catholic,
church, Bollovue, at the late mass on
Sunday. Rev. John O'Doniioll preached
the sermon. It was his farewell ad
dress prior to his departure for an
other parish.
Rev. Father 0'IInrn, of ArchbaM,
conducted tho Sunday evening service.
Other priests in attendance were Itovs.
W. P. O'Donncll, pastor of the parish;
Fathers Duddy and Lavello, of St.
Patrick's; John Honlcy, of Mt. Pleas
ant; Moylan, of North Scranton, and
Loftus, formerly of West Scranton.
Masses were celebrated at G, T and
S o'clock yesterday morning, and in
addition to tho regular masses to-day
and to-morrow there will be mass at
5 o'clock. Rev. Pagan, of Htizleton.
preached tho sermon last evening, and
Rev. Broderlck, of Montrose, will
preach the final sermon this evening.
Twentieth Century Movement.
The Twentieth Century Forward
Movement club will hold their con
vention in the Simpson Methodist
Episcopal church on Sunday and Mon
day, December 2 and 3. Five sessions
will be held. Rlshop Rowinan and
others will deliver addresses.
Papers on various subjects pertain
ing to tho movement will be read by
prominent workers. The meetings
will be open to the general public.
Washburn Street Church.
The fifth anniversary of Rev. J. P.
Motl'at's pastorate at tho Washburn
Street Presbyterian church will be ob
served next Sunday. An appropriate
sermon will be preached In the morn
ing and a popular service will lie
held In tho evening. Tho Sabbath
school orchestra will assist.
The Young Ladles' Literary society
le Warehouse
held their regular meeting last even
ing, at which tho usual exercises Wcro
Indulged In,
The lllbte ttchool has decided to post
pone tholr election of ,olllcera until
Wednesday evening oC next week,
A. 13. Morse and F. 11. Thornton
aru In Washington, D. C, representing
the Chi Upsllon sbolcty at their an
nual meeting.
Misses Sarah Krcrgo nnd Cather
ine llurral will represent the Christian
rhidenvor society at tho state conven
tion In Philadelphia during the pres
ent week.
Mr. McCoy's Departure.
Peter McCoy, tho popular ollleor of
St. Paul's Pioneer corps, who went to
llradford, Pa., sonic time ago to ac
cept a position In a hardware store,
has decided to remain there, and In
consettience has resigned his com
mission as captain of the pioneer
Mr. McCoy was a prominent temper
ance worker, and was also a member
of St. Uremlun's council, Y. M. I. Ho
hold a responsible position with the
United States Kxpross company In
this city.
Mist M.ny ll.ilnct Hall will Kpoil; at Hi:
Young Women's Christian asocial Ion rooint thin
cuiiliii; to (jltls und women mi "The fare of
the Hotly." Tlio lcUiiro will he free iitnl all
vomi'ii ii iv halted.
A hlgli m.iw ot requiem will bo ccIoImjIiiI at
0 o'clock this inornliiK in St. Patrick's C.itho
lie church over the rcnuint ot tho lato Miles
(llliljont. Interment will bo tnado In the Uath winctcry.
Stephen Meyer.', of Xorth Iimiiilry avenue, Is
Mifleilti; a fracture of the loft aim at the wrbt,
caused by falling from a r.iiron. Dr. I.. It.
lia.Milond Mi the injured limb.
(teniae (iollilrr, ot South Main atomic, will
riprci-ciil the (Vnlril Labor union nt the ion
Million of the American Federation of Labor to
le held In Louisville, Ky., next month.
Tiimoirow eenlti',' the ladies of the Plymouth
(VngH'tf.itlonal chinch, vho-c iiamnM liesiii Willi
tin- initials ):, 1', O and 11 will scne one nt
their palatable' Mippira between the hours of !
and 1) o'clock.
St. Patrick's Ladies' Irish Catholic
union will conduct their cIkIiIIi iiiiiiuiI social
r wnt in the fotni of a riprcont.ltlve dance .u
Meals' hull on Tlianksglvln? cw. A lanre num
ber of tickets li,i. aln.ul)' been dl.-p.ned of.
The deposit! from Xo. Ill school jestcru.iy
wire as follows: Mis.- l.ccs, 83c; Miss Mm ray,
$1'M: Miss Xkholls, iiSc; Mi's lleamUh, $1,511;
MKs Slniiran, .inc.; Miss llutton, MJ; Miss
Hails, 77c; MUs Kvnm, $l.lf; Mi-t Kellow,
SI.O.",; Miss n.vnn. ij.1.21; Miss Wade. c.; Miss
Mmphy, t'Sc; Mrs. l'erber, ifl.SO; Miss 1'iclc,
Ole.; total, !?ll.S'i.
ll.iin To Mr. and Mis. John Joseph, of l'rko
tired ami Or.uit .ncnue, a son.
.Mr. aid Mrs. William li. Willi ims, of South
Main avenue, are c.pc ted li"iuu this week from
a three months' lour of Wales
Druwist II. M. Jones ot South Ma'ii awnti,
1ms been bawlm,- panic in Uie'icinit.v of Moscow
during Hie past few days.
ticome Allen, of Koiiiteciitli sheet, lias an
noumcil hhmtlf as a candidate for the ohice of
ici-lcr of Mitel's in the Koiuth distiicl of the
Tilth ward.
Thomas Mar.-Jiail, of South Main aMiue, is be
iiv.? mentioned tor the appointment of uiciean.
tile npprai.-cr.
Mrs. A. S. lPissell. of South Il.nlc Park ac.
line, is solely .illliiti-il with throat I rouble.
Mr. and Mrs. John If. flail; hue returned
fiom a usil with friends in Moutio-e.
l'lnf. Harry I!. Jones, of Philadelphia, a well
known mu-Jciau, is 111 at the home of his
mother on 1'ikc sticct.
An important nicctiiif; of the f.leanOiV souety
will lie In-Ill in Kiiiiii-'in MilhodUt
(hiircli this cvonhi,'. Vhc Ladles' Aid widely
will meet on
Mr. and .Mrs. J. T. (traiiaclirr, of Xoilh ltrom
ley avenue, aie culcrtaiiilm; Mr. and Mrs. fieorge
LUUrr and children, ot bt.-oud-butg.
.1. 0. Deiliick, ..of Xorth Main acnue, has
lcliirned homo from a hunting tilp at Tanners
Mile, Pa.
MUs Mae Thomas' Sunday school will
rondiHt a luyjanthciiium social in tin- t'
Welsh Uapliat church on 'thanksKivin-r fie. A
lmi-iral pivianune will al-n be rendered. 'flu
proceeds will be used in fumi-him; (lowers for
the pulpit Sunday evenings, after which they
will be distiibutcd anions the faick memlicrs of
the coiKic)jatioii.
The Sunday school of the l-'iist We-l-h lliptist
(liiuih is uhi'irsim. tin- cantata "Joy to the
Woi Id," for tbe I'liiUtmas eercics. John l.uns
i in charire of the woik.
Abilella Abr.m, of Xorth Ninth Mr.. I, fell
from a Puiyc.i ear on Saturday and sustained
severe injiuies. Dr. J. J. Itrctmati is atlciidiiif-:
The Luce hu!h1iii at 12.! Xoilh Main avciiuo
is hcinjr umodcllcd for St. llrcnden's louucii.
They cvpoi-t to occupy lheir new iU.irterj about
the lit r of ricceinber.
Miss Viola i:ans, of T.afa.wtle street, has le
tinned home from an extended lslt with fl lends
at llatli. . Y.
Mm. Kdward Kinu-biny, of Sadie place, I.s
borne fi.'io a isit to llostou, Ma--'.
A il.uiErliter was icciiilly loin to Mr. .'Hid
Mis. Louis A. Howell, of South Hyde I'.uk ave
Henry JenUlns, llvlncr at 121 Parker
street, a fjato tender In tho Dickson
shaft, was caught between the nate
and tho rib by a trip of cars yester
day afternoon und suffered a bad
sepieeziwr. Ills Injuries, however, ara
not serious. Jenkins Is 1(1 years old.
lie was removed to his home.
Mrs. II. AV. VanSeluiIck, jr., and
ditUKliter. of lbiltlo frerl:, Mich., are
visitors at tho Ipimo of the former's
aunt, Mrs. A. Ij. Francois, on Kast
Market sticot.
The Andrew McCuitIii avIio broke In
a pawn shop on I'enn iivoniie, nnd Is
clmrifcd with other offenses is not
the Andrew Mc.llurrin residing at l."2
Vost Mnrkot street. The culprit evi
dently j?avo AVesl Market street as
bis address so that tho blame would
be thrown on an innocent person.
The funeral or the 3-year-old olilM
of Mr, and Mrs. T. D. Hayes will bo
held from tho residence, on North
Mala avenue, this afternoon at 'i.ilO
o'clock. Interment will be made lit
Cathedral cemetery.
The t'raekiTjiioks will on "Wednes
day nlKht endeavor to show their .su
periority to the public as basket bull
players, against the North Knd Stars,
However, the Stars aro ready for
them, and an c.xoltliifr game Is prom
ised, A social will be held at tho con
clusion of tho game.
Mrs. J. r. VonStorcb, of North Main
avenue, pleasantly entertained tho
members of tho Homo Missionary co
clcty of tho Providenco Presbyterian
church, at her homo on Saturduy af
ternoon. Mrs. William Moore, of West Mar
ket htroot, Is entertaining Mrs. Mary
Alnley, of Kast Thompson, C'unn,
Itev, . O. Heading left for Wllllams
port yesterday afternoon, where ho
will spend tho week with his family,
Mr. William Hill has removed his
family from Church avenuo to Hyde
Mrs. Kmory, of Church avenue, Is
jrho ltunners and Drivers' Local, 13'i7,
gave a dunce In St. Mary's iliull lust
Tiie Kxcelslor club will produce tho
drnnia, "A Convict's Daughter," in the
Auditorium Thanksgiving night,
Tho rummage sale conducted by the
I.adles'OuIld of tin Christ church will
be opened tills morning In Osterliout's
hall. v
All news matter for The Tribune left
nt Davis' drug store will rceelva
prompt attention.
Charles J, Church and son, Charlie,
of North Main avenue, have returned
homo from Now York.
Miss (lertrtido Kmory, ot Church
avenue, Is Indisposed.
Poteinan Anderson, of the Ulrard
Construction company, left last even
ing for Philadelphia.
Misses Kllzttbcth Pldler and Agnes
Walsh spent Sunday In Carbondalo.
The suh-postolllce Is pleasantly lo
cated nt Davis' drug store, comer' of
Main und Market', where posltil orders
nre Issued and letters registered dally,
except Sundays, between the hours of
!) it. m. and T p. m.
This atcrnoon, Tuesday, at 4 o'clock,
Pastor cl, L. Alrlch will begin a series
of tllblu readings at tho Young Wo
men's Christian association. It Is tin
Intention of the Young Women's
Christian association to give a series
of musical and literary entertain
ments during the winter, with special
privileges to members of the associa
tion and also members of the girls'
tub. The llrst of these wilt bo a
muslcale on next Thursday evening lit
S o'clock and will be free to 'Voting
Women's Christian assoeltlon mom
bors; also to members of the girls'
club. A small admission fee will bo
charged to others. The programme
will bo as follows: Duet, piano and
violin, Messrs. Allen nnd Weston; vo
rnl solo, MIhs Kami: plnno solo, Mr.
Weston; duet, Misses Smith and Kann;
violin solo, Mr. Allen; duet, Mr. Al
len nnd Mr. Weston; duet, Misso.s
Smith and Kann.
Tlio Mlble study of the Sunday
school lesson will bo on Friday even
ing of this week at 7.30, Instead of
Theodore L. Purcell Dies as the Re
sult of a Blow Received from an
Unknown Man.
Theodore Ij, Purcell, the nineteen-year-old
son of W. J. Purcell, of
Drinker street, died at Ills home at 4
o'clock yesterday morning. Ills death
is tho direct result of Injuries received
by him while pursuing his duties as a
driver for the Sunny Side Dairy com
pany. On the morning of November 5,
while delivering milk to his customers
on Marlon street, above Adams avenue,
at abcait 3 o'clock In tlio morning, ho
noticed a man standing near his horse's
As he stepped upon tho step of his
wagon tblH man hurled either a sand
bag or a heavy stone at him, which
struck him squarely in the stomach,
partially dlsablng him. He managed,
in his weakened condition, to lire three
shots at bis assailant from a revolver
he carried, evidently without effect.
Hemorrhages began almost immediate
ly and continued since, with the excep
tion of a few days previous to last
Thursday, when they began again and
continued until dentil relieved him from
his suffering.
A post-mortem examination was
made yesterday morning by Drs. Bern
stein, Garvey, Gunster and Thompson,
who found that death was tbe result
of tho rupture of a. largo Wood vessel
in the stomach.
lie was a young man much thought
of by his employers and those who
knew him best. To these his death in
such a sad manner comes as a great
shock ab this time, as the fact of bis
serious illness was not generally
Ho was an only son, which fact
makes tho grief of his parents much
harder to bear. He was a member of
the Epworth league of tho Methodist
Episcopal church. The funeral will bu
held in the Methodist Episcopal church
on Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
Interment will be made in the Duu
niore cemetery.
The attention of Coroner Roberts
should be called to this case, in order
that an Investigation may be started
and stops taken tu capture the guilty
Revivnl Services.
The first services of tho union revival
meetings were held in the Dudley
Street Baptist church last night. The
house was crowded and everybody
came, it seemed, with the Intention of
having ti spiritual feast. The ltev. W.
F. Gibbons, of the Dunniore .Presby
terian church, preached an excellent
sermon on "What He Says Unto You,
That Do."
Mr. Gibbous spoke very effectively,
and the audience appreciated what ho
said. He Insisted that we must obey
what Christ commanded us, tilled with
faith aud hope and love, No hiilf
hearted service would be satisfactory
to our God or His Sun. There was a
most excellent spirit manifested in tho
meeting. The Hov. Mr. Kramer sang
a very lovely solo at the close, and
many arose, asking prayers for their
The services this evening will be held
in tho Trltm Avenue Christian church.
' und the Kev. Mr. K reamer, of tlio Bap
tist church, will preach. His topic will
bo "A A'lslt from Jesus." All Christian
people are Invited to come and bring
their unconverted friends. Let every
body work for the upbuilding of the
cause of Christianity In Dunmore.
There will be good music, and every
one Is welcome.
Mentioned in Brief.
Tho remains of Mrs. ltuchol Donlv
werii laid at rest in tho family plot
in the Dunniore cemetery yesterday.
Short services wero held at the grave,
music being furnished by a ijuartetto
composed of Mrs, George Simpson, Miss
Anna Powell, Kev, A. J. Van Cleft and
J. W. Plunell. Tho pall-bearers were
Messrs. E. W. Wert, C. P. Kussell, J,
S. Knight, Henry Nickerson, J. W. Pin
noil and J, G. Itoue.
Tho Ladles of tlio Golden Eaglo will
hold a lodge social at the homo of Mrs,
William Price, on Hoylo street, this
evening. All members cordially in
vitod. The members of tho Women's guild
of St, Mark's church will hold a special
meeting Wednesday afternoon at tho
homo of Mrs, William Webber, on
Drinker street, All members aro re
quested to bo present,
There will bo no meeting of the Ep
worth league in tho Methodist Episco
pal church this week, owing to union
services being hold In town,
Nell, tho big1 black flro horse of the
Neptuno company, Is out of service for
a few days, caused by a severe attack
of colic.
Superintendent Davis and Readmits
ter J. E. Hood', of the Erio and Wyo
mlng Valley railroad, aro in St. Paul,
Minn., on a business trip.
James F, Connolly, of Avoca, was a
caller on friends la town yesterday,
William E. Smalltidge, of South
Blakely street, has returned -from u
week spent hunting In Plko county,
The Ladles' Aid society of the Dudley
Street Baptist church will servo a sup
per In the church this evening from 0
to 8 o'clock. Supper, llfteen cents. The
public is cordially Invited.
A Most Excellent Programme Given
Last Night in Pharmacy Hall.
Goorgo Detrlck Tendered a Sur
prlso Party Benefit Planned for
Prof. Gustavo Schmidt Funerals
of Michael O'Hora and William A.
Troy A Number of Accidents
Chronicled Other News Notes.
The St. Irene's society gave one of
their delightful and entertaining so
cials last evening In Pharmacy hall,
on Plttston avenue. Tlio hall was
beautifully draped with American
Hags nnd there was an abundance of
potted palms and ferns.
A short literary and musical pro
gramme preceded the social period.
Miss Kate Reunion, organist of St.
John's church, opened the evening's
entertainment with a piano solo,
which' was rendered In faultless style.
She was followed by Miss Margaret
Cox, who recited, with much dramatic
fervor, "Servossa"s Ride," from tho
"Fool's Errand."
Mrs. J. J. Walsh followed with a
vocal solo, "Only a Word ot Parting,"
which was rendered faultlessly. A sex
tette, consisting of the Misses Durkln,
Alice Gibbons, Mnry Murray, Matilda
Mageo, Nellie Rcardon, Elizabeth Dur
kln, then rendered several selections,
after which followed a vocal solo en-.
titled "Calvary," by Miss Elizabeth
Durkln, and tho solo, "Answer," by
Sidney Hughes.
Rev. E. J. Melloy and Rev. F. A.
Fleming wore present nnd spoke brief
ly, the latter touching upon his recent
tour to Rome. After the literary ex
ercises refreshments were served.
Benefit for Prof. Schmidt.
Preparations aro being made by tho
leading singing organizations of this
part of the city, namely tho Junger
Maennerchor, Saengerrunde, Lieder
kranz and Arbeiter Vereln, for a bene
fit to the musical director of the Maen
nerchor and Arbeiter Vereln, Prof.
Gustav Schmidt, who without doubt,
ranks among tho foremost musical di
rectors of the country.
Tickets will bo sold for 2.1 cents, and
a large crowd will no doubt be pres
ent. A feature of the evening will be
a choir of 150 male voices. The bene
fit will be hold in Worklngmen's hall.
Alder street, at a date to be selected
later on.
Two Funerals.
The funeral of Michael O'Harn, Who
was crushed to death at the steel mill,
took place yesterday morning at 3:30
o'clock from his kite homo, 409 Pros
pect avenue, and was largely attend
ed. A mass of requiem was celebrated
in St. Peter's cathedral, after which
Interment was made In Hyde Park
The funeral of the late William A.
Troy took place yesterday morning at
! o'clock from his late home on Crown
avenue, and was largely attended. At
9 o'clock the casket was closed and
the cortege moved to St-.Tohn's church,
where a mass of requiem was cele
brated by Father Melley. Interment
was made In Cathdral cemetery.
Number of Accidents.
Mrs. Boyle, of Irving avenue, slipped
yesterday afternoon nnd broke one of
tho bones in her left forearm near tho
wrist. Dr. Walsh reduced the frac
ture. Anthony Kilcoyne, of Cedar avenue,
a brakeman at the South Mills, while
coupling cars on SatiTrdny last had
several fingers badly bruised by hav
ing them caught between the bump
ers. John ICnvin, of Cherry street, hnd
his right foot badly injured Saturday
by being caught under a car at tho
South Mills.
Told Briefly.
A pleasant surprise party was ten
dered to John Dietrich, of Crown ave
nue. Mr. Dietrich showed himself a
capable host. Flashlights were taken
by Mr. Miller. Those present were:
Misses I.owi Kossler, Lily Miller, Bar
bara Kefliart, llattle Kellerman,
Teresa Miller, Maggie Sosson, Mary
Bieden, Emma Meyers, Georglana
Ohio; Messrs Adam Mans, Henry
Sohwenkor, George Haan, Peter TTaan,
John Haan, William Capu, Robert
Barneko, Frank Marquette, George
Molting. William Miller, Joseph Reld
niiller, Albert IJrook. Auaust Naegll,
Ernest Williams, John Dietrick, Clara,
Francis, Eva, AVllllam, Columbus,
Fred Dietrick,
The different committees of the
Smith Scranton Young Women's Chris
tian association will bo served tea on
Friday evening, nt which they will talk
over their different work. The Junior
sewing class will meet at o'clock
tills afternoon for regular lesson.
The Ladles' Aid society of tho Cedar
Ayenuo Methodist church will hold a
meeting on Wednesday afternoon at 3
o'clock In the church parlors, to com
plete ariaiigonients for their annual
Thanksgiving dinner,
Tho Brotherhood of St. Paul will
moot this evening In tho lecture room
of the Cedar Avenuo Methodist church.
Th members of St. John's Literary
society aro arranging for a literary en
tertainment to bo given in the near
future. A play, entitled "Tlio Irish
Heroine," will bo presented by local
Personal Jottings.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Thomas Mutchninn, of
Elinlrn, are visiting Mr. and Mrs, Fred
Mack, ot Irving avenue.
Mrs. Freda Hahn, of Birch street, is
visiting friends In Wllkcs-Bnrrc.
M, J. Burns, of Plttston avenue, spent
Sunday In Plttston.
James Lavello nnd John Hannlck
spent Stuuluy in Avoca.
M. J, Burns, p. J. Ruddy and Thomas
Folun spent Sunday In Plttston,
Messrs. James Brennuu, William
Dunleavy, James Rohan nnd Patrick
Ruane spent Sunday In Avoca,
Harry Alexander, of Prospect ave
nue, is fonvaleseont, after a sevcro Ill
ness. Mrs. Ifelsner, of Cdar avenu, who
was seriously ill, is again convalescent.
J, W. Biesecker. of tho South Sldo
Cash store, is 111 at his homo on Mon
roe avenue,
Miss Lizzie Grill, of Irving avenue, Is
111 at her homo with measles.
Miss Anna McGouty, of Curbondule,
la visiting friends on Cherry street,
John Stcliimctz, of Beech street, Is
sick ut his home with the. grip.
Tho three children of Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph Demauch, of Plttsou avenue,
uro ill with au attack of measles.
Mr, and Mrs. Fred Stange, of Buf
falo, N. Y., formerly of Scranton, have
For Uncle Sam
He nor his family of 76,000,226
never eats crow and never will. Tur
key is good enough. We furnish
Honest Shoes
For thousands ot his family, from
25c to $5.00.
Wear Our Shoes and Enjoy Your
Lewis & Reilly
114-116 Wyoming Avam
See Our Windows aud Tbcn ....
aV$$l 11-
i Candor in Business Is Commendable
We do not believe that the Intelligent piano buying public wants to
be humbugged, nor that It can be for any length of time. Facts, un
questionable facts, are good enough for us. We lost the sale of a piano
tho other day because wot could not allow w'lthln seventy-five dollars
as much for an old stpiare piano as our competitor did. AVe subsequent
ly learned that the parties paid $450.00 for a piano tho duplicate of one
sold a few weeks previously to a party, who had no square piano to
trade, for $27n.00
AVe allow casli value for old instruments nnd no more: but the
prices of our pianos do not expand the moment you mention organ or
square piano. Every Instrument in our ware-rooms bears a tajc with
the price marked on in plain figures, and THIS IS OUR SELLING
PHICE. Does this idea meet with your approval? If so, wo can inter
est you.
piAMos f
Are eminently fitted, as instruments of the highest grade, to success
fully play their part In our purpose.
Tells the story, and it doss not require much piano knowledge for a
clcur lnterpr6tatlon, either. AVe who sell STIEFF Pianos have a feal
Ing of satisfaction In so doing that cannot but be foreign to a piano
transaction wherein some other make Is involved.
Pianos of other makes at prices to suit the most economical.
You'll know the piuno by its tag. Let us quote you prices', either
personally or by malt.
Fine Tuning a specialty.
Sheet Music and Musical .Merchandise.
George W. Finn, 138 Wyoming Avenue
returned to Scranton and taken up
their residence on AVillow street.
A rummage sale will be held In Os
terhont's hall, Providence, commenc
ing Tuesday evening, for the benefit
of Christ church. Croat bargains,
from ono cent up.
The funeral of I.ydia AVade Barnes,
widow of Dr. AVllllam J I. Barnes, oc
cured yesterday afternoon nt 2 o'clock
from the family residence on Madison
avenue, Green Itldge. Many friends
who felt her influence for good share
the grief of tho bereaved family. HK
children survive. They are: Louise,
l.iucolif, Edith and AVade, Mrs. Ar
thur Welnschenk and Mrs. William
AVnll. Mrs. Barnes was the daughter
ot D. H. AVade, one of Scrantou's pio
neers und formerly of Susquehanna
A very pleasant surprise party was
given Miss Olivo Xothacker la honor
of her thirteenth birthday. The fol
lowing were present: .lennle Mann,
Clara Scoenborn, Marguerite Bolt),
Buth Hold, Lena .urlluli, Louisa
Schoonborn, Louisa Boss, Ethel Hod
ham, Mlunlo Bauer, Tllllo .urlluli,
Mary Bauer, Lillian Boss, Laura llrls
cole, Frances Stansbury, Anna Ilos,
Jessie Bosh, Howard Xothacker, Al
fred Nothneker, AVIUard N'othackor,
Otto Bohl, AVm. A. Nothacker, Mrs.
Boss mid Mr. and Mrs. Nothacker.
Tho hitter helped to serve dinner and
James O'JUIIcy, an utfdl ami well known ivsl.
lent i'( Olji.lunt, illoil at liU li'Miw, Sutunliy
fwninp, alter a tlioit illncs-s. lio U survived by
tliu followliik' ilillilivni J'llni. of L'jiIioikIjIu;
MUliacl ami Peter, f 01) pliant 1 James, win) It
In tho United Ktales urmyi Mrt. 'l-lmus Slwrl.
il.ui ami Mis. J:mu-1 C', uf Ol) pliant. 'l"l
funeral will l'O lieltl at 10 o'clock tlilt iiiorniiiif,
fiarrett A. 1'iror, the little bale ( llev. M. I,,
ami JIm. A. I', l'lror, asul il montlit an.l 20
iljys, illeil yesterday of pneumonia, after a briif
lllnesj. Tlio funeial eeivlcet will bo held In
CalvJty Ui'fniineil iluiiili, corner of llluwiii
blreet and Mvmoo avenu;, Wcilnesdiy Jlteinoon,
2.30 o'clo"k.
Former Resident of This City
Charged with Horse Stealing;.
Chief of I'nlico ltobllmy yesterday re
ceived a telegram from tho chief of
police of Newton, N. J., informing1 him
thut Clcorgo Uucer, a former resident
of this city, Is now In custody In that
city, charged with horso-stealliig, hav
ing been found driving a horso and
buggy lately stolen,
ltucer Is a cripple, and Is well-known
'liursumler & Rei, Lcuctsnnd Manazer'
A. J. Duffy. Husl ncss Alanager.
Tuesday, November 20.
Robert Fitzsimmons
In a four-act Comedy Drama ol
The Honest Blacksmith
Prices Lower floor, orelioitra, $li ore
eiicle, 75o.; ilicsa elide, fiOo. Balcony, nrt
rows, 7."o. J circle, SUc. (i.illery, iic.
nrnt Uio
cam ui M'uis upens ?iuuru;iy ui. i, k. hi.
Thursday .JEffe Nov. 22
Direct from Keith's Theater, Xew York, with
tlio f.illuuiii;,' u're:it proKinmui.;:
Mr, and Mis. lYikiiw l-'ishcr. Tho ll.itchelor Club
Quartette, Mr. and Mm. Xell Mtchtteld,
C'oaMcy and lliietted, Uaker and
I,) nn, Tho ltuhy Sisteis.
Clui Ic-i I.eeii:inl l-'letcher and l' 1'men.on. Matinee Privet Imwi-r Hour, 25e and
Wc.t entire b.iliony, 23c,; children under U
yeuu, to any part of Ihe hoitu', 15c,
I'.vcnlni; Prices- -'j., 3oC, SOc, 75c. 1 now on tale.
llimOUNIIHK & KUIS, Lessee.
II. A. HKOWN, Alanaeer.
charf-Morris Go.
Tuesday Night, "The Smugglers."
Wednesday Night, "Devils Mine."
I'sual Matinee.-, It) and 20 ceut.i.
Kviiilng. I'rleivj lt, HO, 30 cents.
New Gaiety Theatre
II, It, J.OXfi, Lessee and Msnifter,
Three Days, Ciiimicncln MONDAY, NOV, l.
The Original
And tho I'amout "(Ulth IX PLUK."
l'rclty l.adlu, runny Comcdiant and llaadiora
Three Days, Commcnclns TIIUItSDAY, NOV, 28.
Friccs-PSc, 23c, S5c, COc.
In tills city, having lived In South
Kcranton up to it few months ago.
Chief Uobllni? believes ho can connect
him with several recent horse thefts In
this city und is making an InvestlKa-tlou.