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mmmmmmm I i MIBlBMlMl !! HI ' I !! lMl ' IH . niWilniimi i 1111 IIMI IHMIMWlM IW IMM IMIMI III 1 1111 I M I 111 HWM I III I I I III I Mill III 111 lil mmm
" r" ' t. - - - T. , t i V ( lr',,C1,
ttoncluticil Irom Papcc !).
i Mt.MAHM hn ..pltMlfint e-nurla of
tho county, was next put on trial,
. charffod by Jntncs May with a vicious
aBsault nnd battery upon Mrs. Mary
Barnoskl, Tho tuatlmony ot Mny anil
a man named Kinney was mm uicy
naw Kllnian belaboring the woman
with h black-jack on Emmet street,
and they compelled him to desist nnd
took him before Alderman Kelly, of
the ElRhtecnth wrrd, who held Ell
man In ball, for his appearance at
oilman's story was to the effect
that he had arrested a boy for stealing
copper wire from the Hunt & Connoll
warehouse, when Mrs. Ilnrnoskl canto
along and attacked him so savagely
that he had to let him bo. lie utlegcn
that tho woman bit and otherwise
left mnrks upon his person. To make
her lot tro of him. he testified that ho
hit her over the head with tho leather
handle of his black-jack. Kllman wai
defended by Attorneyn W. W. Uuylor
and M. J. Ruddy, and the common
wealth's side of the ense was con
ducted by Attorney John M. Hur
jls. A verdict had not been returned
at the hour of adjournment.
Miss Margaret Rums was urralsned
on chnrses of selling liquor without a
license and on Sunday. She had not
employed counsel ami Attorney Ralph
J). I,evy was assigned by the court
to defend her. George 'West testified
that on Sunday, .Tune S, with F. V.
Dodge, ho visited the place kept by the
defendant on North Main avenue in
the First ward of this city, and pur
chased two bottles of beer. They saw
no license of any kind displayed on
1lie walls. The beer was sold to them
by Miss Uurns. There was no bar In
sight and when they asked for beer
she went into an adjoining room and
returned with two bottles of beer.
Fred W. Dodge corroborated the tes
timony of West. Robert Wilson, the
agent for the Men's union, testified
to admissions made by the defendant
to the effect that she sold liquor with
out ii license.
While he was testifying, MNs Burns
said several times: "Von lie!" "You
"You must keep f(uiei:" sternly said
Judge Gordon to her.
"I can't," exclaimed the woman,
"when he's telling lies."
"You must, or you'll be sent to
jail," said the judge, and tho woman
The defense was that Miss Burns
and her sister conducted a small store
nnd occasionally sold a bottle of beer
to their neighbors. They did not have
a bar and did not know they were
violating the law. She Mas a dress
miker, but her hand became disabled
and she was compelled to do something
to make a living. In charging the
jury the court said that the defendant
had admitted selling and he did not
see that they could do anything but
render a verdict of guilty. Such a ver
dict W&s rendered.
In the case of Anthony Dunleavy,
charged with selling liquor without a
license, which .was given to the Jury
by Judge Love just befoie the ad
journment of the court Monday after
noon, a verdict of guilty was returned
jesterday afternoon. The jury had
great difllculty In reashing an agree
ment. In the case of Mrs. Catherine Can
non, of Christ court, also charged
with selling liquor without a licene,
a verdict of guilty was returned yes
terday morning. The jury in this case
asked to be discharged Monday af
ternoon, but the court refused to grant
the request. They agreed soon af
ter the adjourning hour, sealed their
verdict and reported 5t to court yes
terday morning.
The first case tried before Judge Love
yesterday was that of Mrs. Sarah
Crane, of Capouse avenue, Green
Ridge, who was charged with selling
liquor without a license. Robert Wil
son, agent for the Men's union, 'was
the prosecutor. The agents of the
union testified that they visited Mrs.
Crane's place on April 19 and pur
chased drinks fiom her of an intoxi
cating character. The jecord of tho
cleik of the court's office was pro
duced and pioved that Mrs. Crane was
not granted a license to sell. The de
fendant endeavored to show that a
previous conviction had been obtained
in this case befoie Mayor Moir un
der the piovince of the city's speak
easy ordinance, and held that the de
fendant could not again be convicted
for this offense. Judge Love refused
to take this view of the case and
thereupon the case was submitted to
the jury without evidence on the
part of the defense. A verdict of
guilty was returned, and the defend
ant recommended to tho mercy of tho
M. J. Gilbride, of Brick avenue, this
city, was tried on the charge of selling
liquor without n license. This wan
also one of tho Men's unton cases.
Poveral witnesses testified to having
purchased liquor at the defendant's
place on July 3, of this year. It was
also shown that tlio defendant had
an Internal revenue license, and In
his defense ho stated that ho only sold
soft drinks and cigars, Tho jury of
that case was out at adjourning hour.
Thomas Gerrlty, of this city, pleaded
guilty to Rolling liquor without a li
cense. Robert Wilson, agent for tho
Men's union, waa tho prosecutor. Sen
tence was suspended until Satutday,
Gerrlty's wife was also Indicted fot
tho samo offense, but upon his plead
ing guilty, a nol pros, was entered
In her case. A nol pros., upon pay
ment of costs, was onteied In the
ease of James J, I'adden, the Wash
ington nvcmio hotelkoeper, charged
with selling liquor on Sunday. County
Deteotlvo Leyshon was prosecutor,
The same action was taken In tho
cuso of Mrs. Bridget Walsh, who also
conducts n hotel on Washington avo
nue. She also was charged with sell
ing on Sunday,
The first of tho gambling enses to
be prosecuted by tho Men's union was
called yesterday, Tho defendants wero
Philip Elliott and Charles Davis, who
had rooms over tho Windsor. Attor
ney Fred E. Beers was piopecutor,
Elliott entered a plea of guilty, and
wna sentenced to $25 and costs. Davis
did not appear and his bail was for
feited and n capias Issued for him,
Thomas E. Jones pleaded guilty to
selling liquor without a license and
will be sentenced Saturday.
William Slmms entered a plea of
rullty to a charge of aggravated as
sault and battery, He was sentenced
to, pay a fine of M, costs, and spend
one year in the county jail.
John Moflltt failed to appear to an
swer tho charge of selling liquor with
out a license, preferred by Robert
Wilson, agent for the Men's union,
and his ball, was forfeited and a capias
Issued for him,
Tho ball of Frank Shumlel, of Car
bondnle, was nlso forfeited, Ife Is
charged with selling liquor without a
license by Constublo Henry H. Pierce,
of that place.
An assault nnd battery charge
against Jacomo Sablo was tried be
fore Judge Love. Tho prosecutor, Sa
vlno Prezloso, asserted that on Juno
10, last, as ho was walking by tho de
fendant's carriage, In Dunmore, ho saw
the latter strike at several children
with his whip. When ho protested tho
defendant then turned upon him,
stiuck him several times with the whip
nnd nlso struck his five-year-old boy.
Tho defendant denied this story, nnd
stated that ho simply noted In self
defense after being attacked by the
prosecutor. Tho verdict was not guilty,
but pay one-half the costs.
Dennis Flnncgan, of Uarbondnlo, was
acquitted of tho charge of selling liquor
without a license, and the costs were
placed on the county. Constable Henry
H. Pierce was tho prosecutor.
A nol pros, waa entered In tho case
against Joseph Ootzel and Charles
Rossn, charged with selling liquor
without a license. County Detective
Leyshon wns the prosecutor.
Just before court adjourned Hcnrv
Rush was nut on trial before Judge
Gordon, charged with selling llauor
without a license. Robert Wilson, of
the Men's union, Is prosecutor. Ton!
Mlnottl will be tried this motning be
fore Juilcc Love on a chnigc of as
sault and battery, prefened by Ann
Peter Marchuck, who is charged with
criminal nsault, entered ball in tho
sum of $S0O. Thomas Hawson and
Rlcz Marchuck were the sureties.
Orders Issued by Three Superinten
dents of the D., L. & W. Road.
Finnerty Appointed Roadmaster.
The following ordois wore posted on
the Lackawanna bulletin boards yes
tot day from Superintendent C. H.
Ketcham, of tho Hoboken division:
No. WO Until Author notice all tralui will io
dine specil to fom (4) mlksi ici hour lubsiup
our ILcUnsick iicr biitlge, on the uM load.
No. 0.17 The drop iiiqiiil for cast anil west
lioimd tracks at Jlitkcnsnk IiiIiIrc, betimn
Scliucu? .mil Kingsl.iiiel, has licen clovwi
it t3 1 1 discontinued. All tiains will Itci cider be
piurneil y tho inteilocMiig sisnih f.t tint
.No. 0.53 The west hounil track between South
Oianpe ami Maplcuooil will be out of rorvicc
Ihursilij, October 11, between train Xn. .I.i9 due
at south Oiing; 11. Oil a. in., nnd train No. 2'j
due at South Orange 12.07 p. in., while con
nection is made with the new west bsunil
track being put In al tint point.
After the lounuctiou is made, ami until fur
tlit r notice, nil trains will reduce speed to
tule (12) nulei per hour passing mei this
section of new track.
No. COU Delwcen the time of train No. 351, due
at Maplewood 10.45 a in. and train No. tfit, (bis
at Mapliwood 11,4 a. in., on rriday, October 1-,
1'jOO, tho east bound tnck will be out of
Fcmce fiom a point just east of Maplewood slj
ticn to the lound houc at South Oranqe,
while connection is beinj? made with the new
eat bound track beinu put in at that p-int.
After tho connection is made, and until fin
ther notice, all trains will reduce iecd to
twche (12) mile prr hour passing oier tins
section of new east bound tiick.
C. II. Kctcluni, Superintendent.
Recent orders issued by Superin
tendent Rino are as follows:
No. CO Kdiforial tickets in favor of E. H.
Belden and E. W. Corde-mnn, respectively, ,ae
been lost. If presented for pass me, pis-enuer
conductors aie instruct! d to lift them .mil col.
lect fare from holder, and return them to this
office, tosether with any information obt.tin.iblc
as to how they came into holder's possession.
No 53 Commencing O-tolier 2 and Jurini; tho
continuance of time table No. 3, tiains Its and
30 will be annulled. De oierned aecindint'ly.
No. 01 SecnH tHe-nde ticket No. llbl, fioi
of one car repairer, prood between all stations,
hiwtuc been found, bulletin No. SS is heichy
cancelled. . '
No. 02 Passenger conductois and triinnieii
In opening and closing cntilators in rasscii;pr
cars, please use care not to jeik them open bird
or slam lliem shut, in order to aioid di-.'oeatin
the sash. I.'. M. Illnc, Supeuntendent.
Superintendent Robert Dudgeon, of
the Ruffalo division, has also Issued
the following order to all concerned:
No. 2r,0 The fcilloulnir cnarinc3 cannot haul
mere than 60 per cent, of their lonmjfj lallng:
Nos. 230, 073, 20"!, 321, S27, 311, 320, 720, i,',!,
fill, 400, 311, :U0, 022, 050. 200, 039, 321, 202,
E'iG and 071. Conductors must be careful to
show tliis rating on their whoeHco upon?,
TTlf, on the upper right hand cornr. This is
iini ortint. Iiohcit DmUcnn,
New Bulletin Board.
A now bulletin board will bs placed
In Trainmaster McCann's office In the
Lackawanna station, which will bo
used for reglstei ing the names and ad
dresses of otra Lackawanna train
When any of tho men are out on tho
road a peg designating that fact will
bo placed alongside their name?, and
when they are In, n similar peg will
bo used Tho trainmaster will thus be
enabled at all times to locate the ex
tra men when required.
New General Ynrdmaster.
Stephen Finnerty .as yesterday ap
pointed general ynrdmaster of the
Lackawanna yard, vlco J, H, Hold, re
signed. Mr. Finnerty has been a conductor
for a number of years.
There Will Be No General Celebra
tion in This City,
Today Is the anniversary of the birth
of Father Theobold Mathew, tho great
apostlo of temperance, but the usual
parade of all tho Catholic Total Ab
stinence and Benevolent societies In
the diocese of Scrunton will not bo held.
It waa to havt) been In Hazleton, but
it was put off on account of tho strike.
It was then decided by the district
board of the First district, comprising
this city, to have a local parade, hut
this Idea, too, wns abandoned and there
will be no general celebration. A
number of tho separate societies will
Imvo celebrations of their own, how
ever, Tho Father Mathew society of West
Scranton will give a ball In Menrs' hall
and the following societies will con
duct smokers in their various looms:
St, John's, of Pino Rrookj St. Alayslus,
of South Scinuton; St. Joseph's, of
Mlnooka; St. Peter's, of Bellovue, and
Father Whltty's of North Scranton.
Mrs. Winblow's Boothlng Syiup
Has been used for over FIFTY YUUiS by
wiiili: ti'.ctiiino. with pi:iifi:ct bUtVIXS.
It SOOTIILS tho Cllll.ll. SOFT11NS the HUMS,
is the l"'t remedy for DIAUItHOKA. Sold by
PruifgUU In every part ol tho world, lie sure
and ask lor "Mrs. WInslow'a Boothinc Sirup,"
and tok no ether kind. 1'wcuty-uvo cviits a
Wall Street Bevtew.
Kew York, Oct, n. The attention of the
financial nnd cpcculntlvo world remained fixed
today on the problems ol the Intcrnatlonll
money market. All the world's fjroat money
centers were kept under carctul scrutiny to He
tret dcclopment which nilfthl throw Unlit
upon tho outcome ot tho contest now iniugur
ntcd, for the possession ot the available money
supply. Tho engagement ol C0,0 pounds In
koM nnd Its withdrawal from the hank of llmr
land for fhlpment to New York m irked the be
ginning of tho contest and conllimed yejtoula) a
cstlnntes tint Etcrtlng exchange at New York
Inil fallen within the margin of pi oil t lor Hold
Imports. No announcement was nude In New
York of this cniiatfcinrtit and It was commonly
supposed tint Hit withdrawal wis made In un
til Ipitlon of an aih inco In the price of gold,
with a lcw to future shipment. The with
drawal promptly precipitated an alliance In tho
Hank of Knirland's price of old, irold biM and
Aimrlcan eagles both being malked up half
penny an ounce. Tho mirgln of profit on Im
ports to New York was thus wiped nut. Sterl
ing pvch.inge In New Voik which li.ul Moadlcd
tliis morning alter Jesteully's downward plunge,
thtreiipon icmmcd a downward eotmto and
rliwcd easy nnd still tcndltu towards tho new
level ol gold Imports estibllshed bj the Mink
ot England's nctlon. The discount rate In Ion
don also responded tor the first time tn the
thicatcned demand for gold nnd hardened
slightly. The continental both on
Herlln and I'arU weakened notably today, on
account of the heaiy continental demand Vfor
cotton. The Hank of Prance Is undoubtedly the
best equipped of nil the great European banks
to (.pate the gold at this time, lint it Ins
pursued a policy of hoarding for some time past
and the pollcv of the Institution in the protec
tion of Its gold reserve Is exceedingly arbitrary.
It Is taken for granted that It will Interpose
an obstacle tn the dinln Inaugurated today upon
the Paris markets gold supply. As for Herlln
todiy's weekly statement of the Imperial bank
shows tint it Ins lost nearly S2,tKW,00O in cadi
during tin- week in split! of receipts of gold
from London, another has contrictrd aboic half
ol the enormous note Issue ol the previous wick
and has recalled nearly tt5.000.000 of last
week's loan expansion, which exceeded 2.",0u0,
P00. It Is clcirly evident, Ihiroforo, New
Yoik will hive to make n moic urgent tall to
cireit a movement hither of gold on any con
siderable scale. Meantime the loud money mar
ket continued tn liaulcn and tho proportion of
tall loans placed tit 3 VI per cent, was eonsld
eiably greater than jcsterdiy. Today's trans
firs of currency to the Interior tlilough the nil.
tn.ikurv ncjin iciclictt three quarters ot a mill
ion dollars and the banks hive- lost to that In
stitution vim e Krldiy ?2,27fi,0OO The movement
bj expiess is a nutter of eoiijectuie, but Is
known In contli'iie huge. Speculative action was
eoiisldiribly parilvrctt, pending tho solution of
those money market peiplexltie-e and th" move
mint of prices was tnrrovv nnd unlminrtril
ant. Tlieie was a notable movement In tin- iron
sleil trioup, prottv much all the member of
ilin Rioup coming into tho inoviiivnt as the tin
progressed, with ndvautcs of fiom 1 to over 2
point-. Tills movement nnd the announcement
of the oii'igoniont of gold in Paris served to
overcome lomo of the eirlj depression. Mrength
in tin- local traction gioup was a No t tutor.
Hut the ilovod dull and iue,-u!ar witli
few lot tliinci of nii'ioit line. Total si'is
II. "i, 100 shoes. 'I lit- movement In the iiond tnai
ket was nirinw and irri-ruhr. Total j.ilcs, par
valuo, "JmO.oiio slnit-s. fnlttil States ffitndin;
2s, Hie Xs registeiid and ntvv Is declined Vi per
tent, on the last cill.
The following quotations are ttiriiNhed The
Tnbi-ne bv M. S. Jordan .V Co, rooms i0i-i00
Meats building, bcranton, ra. Tclcplion JK"i
Open- High- Low- Clos.
ing. o-t. it. In,'.
Ameritin Sugar llillb U"1 1104 117
Amirion Tnbicco ST2 W'l il'S 0
Am b. i. v :2-1 .ii 32 :nj:
AH h. To !. !'e .... 27 21'i -vt 24Vs
A., T. i, S. P., I'r .... 70'Q '0 70 701R
Prookhn Traction .... 3l;s Wt 31' S2'i
lliit. .v Oiiio 701 7114 7iia 711;
root. Tobacco 2) 25 23 2",
Tho- k Ohio 27;i 2S 277s "i
f hie, P. & l) 125 123Rs 12lfs 12)'i
-t IM'll 112 1I2H Ulj 112
Itoik Mand 10V; 10V4 lOVrt 10", & Huel-on ....110I& UO'i 11CH lio'j
redeial ftcol .?S'n 3l'a 'H!s SI
rederal St"cl, Pr 04'; 01'8 04 st
Kan. & lc-.. t'l 272 27i 271s 2i'"4
Louis fc N.fli 71l 71 71'S 71"-
.Minlnttu, Klc 00 02 SOI Ol1!
Met. Tniilion Co HO in H-'i "l
IK-oun l'.-.eil'c 40U V)t 40Vi 30'i
People's C.i fit's Si's St Slrs
N. J. Ccntinl 1 ni lH's 1WS 111'j
-.oiith-rn I'aciff 32 '4 327; 32'4 S2's
Noifolk & Western .... 3l',4 S1'4 ,'14'i SIVs
oi Hi. I'icili IS 4S's 47 4
Noitli. Paeilp. Pi ibJ 111X1 iNVi dsia
N. V. Central 12'H 12sd u-Vi 12SH
Ont. & West 20U Mtl -20V1 20H
I'enna. It. It 12rij 12'i'n 12'iU 12'H,
Pantlo Mall :n 3t'S 31 :u'S
Heading , 10 10 10 i-
Heading, l'r 51T Wi 3l"i .rMr.
Southern K. It lHs Ur's Urs llf.
Southern It. It., Pr .... ", r2 fli's 5a
Tcnn , C. & Iron 5Dvi J7", 3ii'i 37
I'. S. Leathei 07 I0s 11 10t
l'. S. Leather, l'r ih fisu 'N M'i
Union I'aeillc 37Y, W, .17 3"s
Union Paeific, Pr 73'i 7.P 7.1'i T.tVi
Yil.ili, I'r 175s 17? 17'S, 17?,
We-,tcrn Union "s1,- 7b' 7rtVi "s'i
Open- High- Low- Clos.
IWIIIAT, lug. e-t. et ing
Deiember ZV S2js St'j SIS
Mav f5Vt 63V4 tU2 Sli
ncrtuiber 4214 I2' 42's I2V
May 41'- ll'i tl'i 41V4
Scranton Board of Trade Exchange
Quotations All Quotations Based
on Par of 100.
STOCKS. Pld. Asked.
Pirst National Hank 00
btiaiitnn Savings Hank 300
Scranton Packing Co 03
Tliiid National ll-.nk 423
Dune Deposit and Di-count Hink .. 200
Lconomv Light. II. (c V. Co 40
Lacka. Trust Mfe Deposit Co 130
Scranton l'.ilnt Co M
Clark k Snover Co, l'r 123
Scranton Iron Peine .x. Mfg. Co 100
Scianton Axle Woiks 05
Lackivvanna IMhv Co., l'r 20
Count v Savings Hink & Trust Co... 300
rir-,t Nationil Hani; (C.irbomlale) 00
'tardaril Drilling Co 30
Tiaders' Nationil Hank 151
Snaiiton Holt and Nut Co 100
Scranton Pacngcr Itillvv.iy, first
Mortgage, due 1P20 113
I'eoiile'a Stieet ltallwav, tlrst mort
gage, due l'Jia 115 ...
People's Street Hallway,
mortgage, due 1021 , Ill ...
Diikson Miniificturlng Co 100
L.ieka. Tovvn.hip School D per cent, .., 102
City of Scranton St. Imp. 0 per
tent 102
Siranton Traction U per icnt 113 ...
Scranton Wholesale Market.
(Corrected by II. a. Dale, 27 Lackawanna Ave.)
Putter Creamer,!, 2)a2lc; daily tubs, 23c.
1'ggs Select western, 17c nearby state, 19e.
Cheese- Pull cieam, new, ll'-c.
Ileans 1'ei bu., choice liuriow, sj-J. 10; medium,
?2 30i pen, W.SO,
Potatoes COc
Onions (0c. per bu.
Flour Best patent, ifl.CO.
Philadelphia Grain and Produce.
Philadelphia, Oct. 0. Wheat lo. lower; con.
ract grade, Oetobci, 7l'4a74He'. Corn Finn; No.
2 mixed October, 4ai(i'ic Oats Steidy and ill
lair demand: No, 2 white clipped, 2s',i;c.; No. 3,
tin, elo 27VS-a2sc,; No. 2 mixed do , 27.i27Vic.
Wool Unchanged, ProvWom-Um hanged, Hut.
tei fjte.idv faniy wcltin creamery, Slt'.i do.
im lots. 23c. i:.'us Htcadys fresh litubj, 20ex;
i do, western, 10Via20c.; do. fcuiilhwesti-rii, 10e.;
do. soiilhiin, ISe. Clieeso (Juiotj Nw Y'ork
full t mins fancy biuaii, U'ji'.j no, no, mi, run
tn iholec, 10',iill'iC Itertned Su.?irs Un
cl.iiigid. Cotton sti.idv. Tallow Steidy ; eitv
prom-, in liogslicnds, iv ; louutiy do. lands,
fi'.tc.i d.iik, do., PHo.; cakes, 6it-. Live I'oiil.
tij Dull and nomiiMl; fowls, lie.; old roes.
ttrs, 7',inSo.; tpiliu ililefii, lOillc,; diicki,
UUiilOc, Diesst-d I'oullii Dull and lovvei: fowls,
tholie, 10'jillc; do, filr to good, li'iUUc.; old
loosttis, "c, ; ncuby spring thiiktiis, lo.il2e,;
western do., Dalle, Iteceiiits l'lour, 2,W bar.
l.ils and 1,',-O0,tni pounds in vvle'it, 21,.
nue) buhel; torn, lll.wxi biisliels; cult, 13,000
bushels. Siilpiiiinls Wheat. 2,300 bujlulij coin,
02,000 bibhcls; oats, U.OUO bushelJ,
New York Grain and Produce.
New- York, Oct, 11. Flour Market was neglect
ed uml easy, n Hooting solium lint tho further
weakness in wheat. hem Snot weak; No. 2
led, So'.c. f. o. Ii. ntliut; No. 2 ltd, Wo.
elevator; No. 1 northern Duluth, t7c. f. u. b.
uiliut, nplluus dull and weak all diy, tlosed
weal; at tic, nit decline; No, 2 led Maicli tlosed
M&o.i Miy. fcSUe ; October. 7uV4''. December.
Sle. Coin Spot tasyj No. 2, 4ic'. ilevator uud
47?ic. f. n. b. aihit; options i)iaii'd steady but
gl.vv weaker and cloud weak ami Vtt-i'&c. i"t
lower; Mav closed 41','ie, ; October, lilVic. ; De
ecmbcr, lie. Oats Spot dull; No. 2. SJttr.i
No. X, 25c.! No. S while, 27Vic: No. 3 white,
SU'icj tiuilv mixed western, 25a2iH-c; tiaik
white western and state, 'iiJaS-'ilic ; options neg
lected nnd nominally lower, Hutter-bteadj j
creamery, lOuSUVSv.-. : factory, 1314alCc.; Juiie
creamery, 17o20c; Imitation cieamery, 15al7e.j
6tato dairy, 13aC0c. Cheese Dull and weak;
laige white and colored, lOie, ; small white
and colored, IP-. Fg.-s ITim; statu and I'enu
svlvanta.t' 20j21c. : western rei-eilar naekiner. 15a
lSV4c! wcstein, low oil, 20c.
Chicago Grain and Produce.
ChlMgo, Oct, 0. tack ol public support w
tlio cause ot weakness In wheat today! Novem
ber closing He lower. Corn closed ',ia74e.,
oat Me. and provisions 5a7V4e. depressed, t'nsli
fliiolations vcie as lollovvsi l'lour tlarclv
Stac!y No. 3 spring wroit, 701jc No. 2 red,
.I.O.-C. , V-.. .. . ...lS'.. 1 V.. rt .nit.,..
ic. .no. t inx, "ji.MUl .o. I noriiiHcei, ipi.oiu
1.01 1 timothy. I.SiMl,.'0i pork, M'iMMi lard,
?7.2."ia7.3o libs, Si8.2Uj shoulders, 0l4aU)4c.,
sides, S40i3.-Oj whiskey, $1.27.
Chicago Live Stock Market.
Chicago, Oct. 0. Cattle-ltcccipts, 4,f00, In
cluding COO wetirns and 500 native Texans, I !
live sii'crs anout stcaiiv ; iiuicnera storn su-.hi.m
ulciii, trong; TVmiis, stronRi shade hlghcrj
natives, bet on sale today, one ear tout it !l.Tfl
I'od tn prime stein, Vi WHO! poor to medium,
$.".IOaB.15 seleclnl fcedeis, slow, .1.7J'i4.f0!
mixed stockeis, weak, J2..1013 1 cowd. 12if.i
4.23 heifers, $2.75a).lOs citiners, MJ.50s bulls,
fc'J.rujI.IO; calves, f.iUel.lO. Toxans Receipts. oUOj
bet on sale todiy on car loin nt AI.15J Texis
fed steers, fl.Mnl.M); Texis grass steers, M.40i
II.'! Ti'xis bulls, 12 Ma.i.2.'. llogs-Uccilpts
today, 2l,U00j tomorrow, 82,000; estimated left
over fl.tVW! average 5c. lower! top, "0.40! mixed
and biilehcls, !.')") ii.IO; t,nod to choice hinvj,
?l.p:.i5fliiJ; lough hnvv, SI.satl.P0', Htrtit, $1 11)
n.7.41)! bulk ol silos. ifj.lOi". 10. Sheep HicclpN,
15,0-JOj sheep, steady to stroiui lambs, steady!
Htiuti 10 inoiee weinrrs, f.i.rMi.11; ueir w .ui;
mixed, i': vvestim sheep, 'J.l.bOat! Texas
sheep, .COaljOi native limbs, ftj.u.tO!
vvistcm lambs, fl,7u.ij !0.
New York Live Stocky Market.
New York, Oct, I). llecvis None offered, feel
ing dull; good calves, teals scario and llriiii
grusscrs not wanted i fully 230 unsold! veils,
I no 18.50! mixed ealvcs. iM.CO; giasers, noniinil,
Mieep and l.ntnbs Active and steady for both
sheep and lambs! sheep, ;ut.2;i! lambs, full;
no t holie stocks here! nils. 7',! CniiitU
lainlw, 0. Hogs Steadv feeling! state hogs,
good to t'lmicc, S.TOhI 7S; we-slern hogs, 3.l5a
O.'i'i! southern and western piers, Vii',,:o.
East Liberty Stock Market.
Hast Liberty, Oct. !. ('utile Steadv ! extra,
$.i.fi0.i,"i,7Ji prime, ."i2Ji.ri."iO; loliimon, sl.'.'.'i.i.l.iS.
Hogs Steadv; assirted niidlums, $5.4ra3 ftjj best
Yorkers, 5 40; light do., HO i.', :n ! grassei-s,
$"i.23.i,ri30! pigs as to quality, 'n3.23i roughs,
MdOal.85. Sheep Steadv; choice wethers. la
4.13; common, "Sl.5li2 Till; choice lambs, f'.2"ia.
0 10; lommoii to good, If.l.50a3; veal calves, -fj.M
Buffalo Live Stock Market. ntilTiln, Oct. 0 Receipts, cnttl", 21 cars!
sleep and 1 inihs, 20 cars; hogs, 12 'lis. Ship
units, eittlo; 2t ears: fclieep and iambs. ! tars;
bogs, 7 cars. Cottle, nominally unehingcd.
Calves, stcidv; cholee- to extra, 7a7.23 Lambs,
clolee to extia, .oOil.".",', god to cliole e, 'r.VJ'i
!i5 TO. Sheep Choice to extra wtthms. fl2,i
I 50; good to eliuii". 2 Hogs Ilcav.v, J.u0
n'i.CO; mixed, ifj..'5; pigs, "i..l.
Oil Market.
fill City, Oct. 0. Credit bilineos, llO; eer.
tiltcatis, no liiel; shipments, iii,u-u inrn-ii; u
'erage, 87.I.S barrels; rum, 111,1.',' bancls! av
erage, 01,001 baircis.
There Is more Cat.urh In this section of the
country thm all other dlsciscs put together, arid
until the 1 t-fr few veirs supposed to bo
incurable. Tor i greal iiray vears doctors pro-
I liounceel it a locil di-ense, anil pieseriucu iccai
I tcmedlis, and by consta-itly filling t c.ire with
lineal Irratmert, pninouncril it inim idle. ci;
I .... . .. nn,npl. ... tin t ,.-.1..H flit Win ll
rnee iu-i iio,.i, ...i.,,,. ... -- " ......-- -
disease, and therefore requires constitutional
treatment. Hill's Citarih Cure, iniuufiitured
,. ,. , t. t. r 'l'.-l...lrt t lh nnlv
I ci'iistitutlonal cure on the market It is taken
I ,i .11.. !.. .1,..... f.nn. lO .t.nn. ,n n fiLITiOlin
lllll'lll tll 111 il'l-n ,ii-i,, ." ........ ." -- ,-
ful. It acts directly on the blood .nd mucous
nit faces of tho Mtom. They oiler one hundred
dollars for any cne it fails to cure. Send for
urculars and tcsllmnn'iK Addrras,
F. J. riir.Vl'.Y tc CO., Toledo, O.
Sold bv Drusiists, 75'.
Hall's ramily Tills arc tho best.
& f1mi'
But she doe?,that
"Snow White"
flour .is the be1
all around flour
sold in Scranton.
All good gro
cers sell it.
Twr. we$ton Mitit co.
Restore Vitality, Lost Vigor and Manhood
Curo Impotcncy, Night Emissions, Loss of Mem.
ory, nil VMtsting iiisensos,
all etlccts of colf-abuso or
oxcess and imliscrction,
A nerve tomo ana
blood builder. Brines
tbev nlnlf alow- to Dnlo
cheeks anel rosteues the
tiro of joutli. ,JJy mail
!50o nnrlmx. Q boxes for
$2.50, with our bankable eaurnntee to cure
or refund the money paid. Send for circular
and copy of our bankablo euarantoo bond.
N 8 rvita Tablets
Immediate Results
'oiitlvelv L-unrnntood curo for Loss of Power.
Varicocele, Undeveloped or Shrunken Organs,
Paiesla, Locomotor Ataxia, Ncnous I'rostra
tlon. Hvstorin. Flit. Iiignultv. Purnlvsin uml tho
I iloiults of Kxcesilvo One of Tobacco, Opium or
liquor, iiy mail in piuin pitciciiKe, i.uu a
box, O for $5.00 with our bankable guar
antee bond to euro In 30 days or refund
money paid. Addros
Clinton & Jackson sts.. CHICAGO, ILL.
Sold by McQarra'.t & Thomas, Dru?.
elsts,, 09 Lackuworra nvc, Scranton. I'.
Physician ami Surn,
311 Spruci Sr.
Iiiup.o Uun Buildlug,
SlliAtUOtl PA,
All acute and chrcnlc dlseassa ol men, no.
men and children. CilltU.MU MUIVOUS,
1AI.TV. All diacite ol tin l.licr, Kidneys,
Madder, bkin, lllood, Nerves, Womb, Uje, tur,
Nobc, Tluuat, and !.un's, Cantcrii, Tumord,
I'llcD, llupture, tloltre, lllicuiiuthin, Asthnu,
t'jtunli, S'ariucoecle, Lost Manhood, .Siuhtly
l'lnlisloni, ull Female Di?cucs, Leucorrlioea, etc,
Gonnorrbta, SM'hUls, lllood 1'oison, Indiscre
tion and outlilul lablU oblltt-iated. buigery.
tits. Kpllciuy, Tape and Stomach Worms. CA
TAltltllOO.Nl!. Specltlu for Catarrh. Three
months' treatment only $3.00, Trial free In
olflcv. Consultation and examination lies.
Otlico hours daijy and Sunday, 8 a. ra. to
p. m.
i t. pWT
A Startling Silk Event
As Broad in Importance as
The Use of Silks by Women.
There is not a woman anywhere who loves charming waists, exquisite gownt
or beautiful silk petticoats who is not intensely interested in such an offering as
an important transaction of last week brings out in the Silk Department today.
Big things in silk selling are a part of our daily store life, and we wouldn't waste
much time or talk on limited quantities or common-place values. The silks of this
offering are neither limited or common. Thousands of yards remarkable aside
from their cheapness.
The best feature of the offering, aside from the ridiculously low price, is the
broad variety from which to choose almost every variety of fancy silks is in
cluded, making it an offering to meet every need as well as every taste. There
can be 110 disappointment among such a broad collection of high-class silk
Part of the good tortuue is at the cost of the manufacturers, other lots are
smartly reduced from our own stocks.
Persian Striped Fancy Taffeta, Hemstitched Striped Taffeta, Beautiful Warp
Printed Taffetas in the pastel grounds.
Fancy Striped Taffetas, with open stripes, dividing many colors. Fancy
Pla d Silks, in various weaves and new color combinations.
Rich Corded Silks, Polka Dots and Brocades, all in values worth from
$2.oo to $3.00 per yard.
Special Price for AH, $1.00 Yard.
WA1. CONNELL, Prssiihi!.
HEiNKY BELIN. Jr., Vice-Pres.
Epecla'. attention given to busl.
ness accurnts. Three per cent. In.
tercst pal on interest deposit.
Manufacturer or
435 to 455
N. Ninth Street,
Telephone Call, 2333.
Booms 1 aii.1'2, Com'llh BTd'g.
nining and Blasting
Mrd st Mooilo ad Rmb !lo Work.
Bleotrlo UktUrlei, EUotrloHxplolert.
plodlcw UImIi, bufet Pmsitai
Rfliauni Ch8iuloal Co.'s w"o-U
r r
We want you to see the new arrivals in our Carpet
Department. We believe we have the most complete stock
in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and know that, quality con
sidered, we can give you value and a selection not to ba
had this side of New York. A superb line of
129 Wyoming Av:nua.
L. .tff5itfcr
Hie lie
Such as Foot Balls and Uniforms,
Tennis Goods, Guns, Revolvers,
Ammunition, Cameras, Kodaks
and Supplies.
Florey & Brooks,
211 Washington Ave.
At Retail.
Coal vt the best quality for Comeatlo
uis anil of all sizes, liicludlne Uuckwlieat
nd Blrdseyo, delivered In any part of
tbe city, fct the lowest price.
Orders received at tliu office, Connoll
bulldlne, Ttocm 806; telephone No. 1782, or
t the mUio, telephone No. 212, will ha
promptly attended to. Dealers uppllDd
t tho mine.
lalief evciy luiu'tll
ftn..,.Tiilifat. Idlll.
.11, XIU.U.U.. WU AJUg BIU,.VH .v..u.
uis tjiifijcou (ilia.
nieaaeae uolU6u9,r.nulMnuliooelBliruuk.
UIBa)0 en orsan,iully resiuicd, l-'rcsh cuocs
cured lU't to 10 clays. The mott danncrciu cie
fOltcltnL BIN DKUT80MBR AHT." Tioat.
ment by mall, hettaiur hworii Teiiimuiilal A Hook ex.
yvDUig uvciy l&.i liitUtuw.Ucxukal AiKdicdl IrauO.
127 AND 129
General Azent lor the Wjomlog
District (or
Ulnlner, niastlng, Sportlnsr, Emokeleu ind th
Kqiauiit) Chemical CompaDj'i
High Explosives.
Safety Fuse, Caps anil Esploderx Boom 101 Co
mil llullelini;, Scianton.
TII0S. FORD , tntUton
JOHN II. MI1TII & SO.V , Plymouth
W, L". MULLIGAN WilkcjBarre
' fe.
v -
ti .
t i
kl, '
SlP ii 4 ! t
Ti&eW. 'Iftr,AAiw.i .
"IjiM . J. - -
js,vl r'.ii
rf -yj 5 -feJl fc't -f.