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    '"iipr :,: .m
Turn MoDisns IIAROif Ana Stoat
Will be well warmed
this winter if you
have a Sterling Heater
Base burner, with
double beater connect
ion. An extra heavy
seamless fire pot one
of its good features.
Foote & Shear Co.
IJ9N. Washington Ave
L. R. D. & M.
Can We Wait on You
van wwwwwci.wi
. II there l anything In tin- time market yen
will llnd it here. All Mle. nil slums, all
', nil widths In lit ami unit any Lilly who
appreciates good shoes. See our windows.
330 Lackawanna Avenue.
doming avenue, next floor to Ho
myn. Residence, 1760 Sanderson
Tl'vnAplAtioarl nni rvtltfll Afl ATI
rNo complaints against cnarges or
"THE" .
enn Avenue. A. B. WARMAN.
lata-for Sept. Sit), 1000:
Icniper.ituic Ill decreet
leinperature Gl
m BO per rent.
I in ui per cent.
lias Luxembergcr is in Buffalo.
Nettlcton is fishing at Middle IJasa Island
iMinnle English, of JclTcison avenue, is
her brother in Alton, 111.
III. 0. Marker, of Ollvo street, is entertain.
Iss Wllklns, of ltochcstcr,
Ik. Lane, of Danville, is the guest of Mr.
Irs. C. II. Van Iluskirk, of Pine Mrcct.
Rosalie Jay, of Jefferson avenue, has re-
from a months visit with friends in New
flip Veftcr, Jr., has pme to New York to
ne his studies at the New ork university
Bellcvue Hospital .Medical college.
Iry Miller will today lie united in marriage
kg Susie Fisher at the latter V home on Jones
The ceremony will be private,
Swisher, district passenger agent of tho
111 llallroad of New Jersey, left yesterday
loon on a business trip to Philadelphia.
Molly O'Malley, of Victor, Colo., formerly
lis city, Is visiting her aunt and uncle.
Ity City Treasurer ami Mrs. I'. J. Ituane, of
: avenue.
lank h. Drink and John Herbert Clifford, of
ctty, nave enlisted in the United States
tine corps, and will leave Tuesday for active
lice in the Philippines.
bills D. Roberts, son of ex-County Cominls-
fcr B. w. llobcrts, has left for Philadelphia,
re he will take a four-year course in the
ncniaim Medical college.
rds have been issued announcing tho coining
i"rc or fcugeno , iiictieckcr to Miss (,'har-
-ikcnhoiter, daughter of Mr. anil .Mrs.
Irsre i. 'ckenhoftcr, of .132 Prcscott iivcnue.
ceremony will take place on Oct. 18.
Hartln O'Malley, formerly uf the Truth renor.
vial staff, has returned from the "west, fully
covered in health and will today resume his
brk on the Truth, succeeding Thomas A. Dona-
who lias resigned to enter Dickinson Law
'letter has Just been received from William
Boyce, a member of Company K, Nineteenth
Intry, United States Army, stationed at
u, Philippine- Islands, stating that he
I been unahlo to furnish The Trlh.
with hit usual monthly letter,
(is to illness, Coiporal poycu has been in
Knila over a year and during that time wroto
hny Interesting letters to The Tribune, und Ids
lenM will bo pleased to learn that he will soon
nale to resume them. Ho was alll Ictcil with
It abscess on his right arm and blood poisoning
fet in, necessitating several operation. Ills com.
Filalnt has been remedied and he expects to bo as
lwell as ever in a short time.
Men's Union Causes the Arrest of
' . Seven Newsboyg.
Newsboys must ceaso shouting their
wares on Sunday. Tho Men's union
has declared it, and tho Men's union
generally makes good.
With a view of abating tho nuisance
Without cuuslng bother for any one,
A, D, Dunning, a member of tho union,
watted on tho management or tho Lack
awanna News company, which supplies
nearly all tho Sunday paper peddlers
and requested that Instructions bo
given to all their distributing agents
to order tho boys not to do any more
yelling on Sunday, According to tho
evvorn statement of u number of news
boys this' request was not complied
Yesterday morning Agent Kobcrt
Wilson gathered In seven boys who
wero doing their best to comply with
orders and Incidentally disturbing the
peace and quiet of Green nidge. They
were taken before Alderman A. C.
Bailey, of the Thirteenth ward, und
glyen a hearing. The hearing devel
oped that tho News company had told
tha Dpnul.lnnm ntvnnt tsnf tn tllltlfl Dlitt
liiiiKs, ns ho WftH a crnnk. A flno and
costa were Imposed on the n&ent'anit
the l)oyn (llBClinrBca on tncir prmniso
to do no more nhmiMnrr on Sunday. t
Mr. WIIroii stnted yesterday that tho
union proposes to put a stop to ttio
Uilx.lnt- sliMlltlnn. nml Hint nrrentn will
continue till tho nulsnnce Is perma
nently nunted. Mayor Moir nns niso
come out iift-nlnst this thing und nl
vno.w lino .nrvml nnMen on the News
compnny that tho police will arrest
hoys who nro catiRiit orrcnuinj?.
During Colonel nipple's term ns may
or this practice was successfully
broken up by the police under orders
oC the executive. Previous to that t'lmo
it was a flagrant nuisance and lately
hns been threatening to become Just
ns bad.
Movement on Foot In South Africa to
Perpetuate His Memory.
A number of friends of Major Tj. I.
Seymour, the eminent American min
ing engineer, who was killed at Zand
river In tho Orange Ttlvor colony In
June hiRt, have decided to erect o per
manent memorial In his honor and to
commemorate his services to the min
ing Industry In South Africa. Major
Seymour was nn American engineer
whoso good work left Its mark In mines
and mills of the Wltwatersrand, and
the committee which hns tnkon the
matter In charge has decided that an
appropriate memorial would be tho es
tablishment of a library at Johannes
burg, to be known ns the "Seymour
Technical Library."
Tho committee includes mnny en
gineers and mine owners In South
Africa, Mr. Gardner P. Williams, mnn
nger of the Do Beers company, being
the chairman. Tho secretary Is Sir.
Francis Drake, who has his olllce at
present at No. 3 Mansion House Cham
bers, Cape Town. A considerable sum
hns been already subscribed Ho the
fund.. Tho plan adopted by the com
mittee seems nn excellent one, and
many friends of Major Seymour will
doubtless be pleased to have tho oppor
tunity of Joining In this commemora
tion of his high professional ability
and admirable personal characteristics.
Knglneerlng and Mining Journal.
Major Seymour was formerly a resi
dent of this city, and here he was In
itiated Into the mysteries of the world
of mechanics In which he afterwards
became so distinguished.
Large Number of Cases Tried by
Mayor Moir Saturday.
Saturday was n red letter day In
Mayor Moir's crusade on tho speak
easies, and at the end of the day
fifteen arrests had been made. Thomas
Dnrnlng, of 007 Cayuga avenue, was
committed to the county Jail for thir
ty days In default of n"?."0 fine.
John Jenkins, of 2G"9 Jackson street,
and AVUliam Gannon, of 1S02 Swetland
street, each paid ?.'iO into the munici
pal coffers, and Mrs. Carey, of Price
street, was let down with a $25 fine,
on account of extenuating clrcum-
stances. James O'Hoarn, of Luzerno
street; John MeNulty, of 317 Twenty
second street; Mrs. Anna McNally,
Peter Tlgue, of 16C4 Keyser avenue;
John Mofflt, of 1050 Brick avenue, and
Airs. Ann Morgan, of "Walsh street,
wore all lined ?50 apiece.
Stephen Flannghan, of Beech street,
was fined $75, and the following per
sons will be given a hearing today;
Will D. Tally, of 405 Putnam street;
John. It. Nenry, of Mary street; Mich
ael Horn, of 521 Putnam street.
In default of ball, Bernard Barrett,
of 20(1 Broadway, nnti James Black, of
2635 Prink street, were both committed
to Jail.
Dr. Hand's Condensed Milk with
Phosphates and Hypophosphites
Added The Best Milk for Family
Condensed milk Is produced by evap
orating fresh milk to which a certain
amount of cane sugar has previously
been added. The quality of the prod
uct depends on the richness und purity
of tho milk and sugar used and on the
care taken in its manufacture.
Dr. Hand's Condensed Milk Is pro
pared from only the best of rich fresh
milk, and by a special process which
permits the uso of a smaller quantity
of sugar than Is necessary'in ordinary
brands of condensed milk. During the
manufacture of the special brand there
Is added to the fresh milk the phos
phates of lime and soda, which build
up the teeth and bony structure, the
hypophosphites of potassium, which
builds tho brain, nerves and all tho tls
ues, and tho hypophosphites of man
ganese, which enriches the blood by in
creasing the number of Its rod cor
puscles. These elements are necessary
to make a complete food and are al
most, if not entirely, lacking in the or
dinary brands of condensed milk from
tho fnct that during the usual process
of manufacture they are either driven
off or destroyed by tho high tempera
ture used. Thes adltlons do not change
the tnsto or in any way tend to make
the milk a medicine, but Improves It
for general use, It Is a perfect' food
for young. and old. IJablos thrive on it,
Invalids llnd it a superior body builder
and for tho nevrous and ovorworker
it does wonders in restoring used up
energy and strength.
It Is the best mollk for family use
and can bo used for all purposes thot
fresh milk Is UHed for, and with more
beneficial result's.
It is for sale- by grocers and drug
glbts. If you have dlfllculty In obtain
ing it write to tho Dr. Hand Condunsed
Milk Company, Scranton, Pa.
Piano and Organ Sale Today.
Great bargains will bo offered In
beautiful upright pianos of nearly all
makes, A large number of slightly
used pianos and organs will bo offered
on Monday and Tuesday only at prices
that will tempt anyone who wants to
purchase a good Instrument cheap.
Dpn't fall to call, as this opportunity
will not bo repeated, Ouernsay Hall,
314 Washington avenue, Scranton, Pa.
J, w, Guernsey, Prop.
5,00 to Niagara Falls and Return
via the Lehigh Valley Railroad
October 0, 1000.
Tickets will be on sale October Oth,
limited for return passage to October
8th, inclusive, and will bo honored on
any train except the Black Diamond
express. For further Information, con
sult Lehigh Valley ticket agents.
Tickets on sale at Lshlgh Valley city
ticket oillcri, 309 Lackawanna avenue,
Scranton, Pu.
Big Bargains.
Ttummago Sale, October 3, 4 and E,
at 137 Penn avenue. Second-hand fur
niture clothing, etc.
- H
Pianos and Organs at) extremely low
figures today at J, AV. Guernsey's, 314
Washington avenue, Scranton, Pa.
-. 'i j!'.!... ... -,..,. w , , kMumM&&mi"j, tg-toMjitMiiiiiUiiMi
National Organizer Frdjl Ditcher,
One of the Plcturesquo Figures of
the Present Strike Management.
Kind Words for Lieutenant Colonel
Wint, of the Sixth Cavalry, Who
Has Distinguished Himself During
tho Recent Events in China Man
Who Finished Coghlan's Work.
Dr. II. U. "Ware, who was Inst wpek
at Wllkes-Bnrro elected president of
tho State Homeopathic society, Is being
warmly congratulated by his friends
upon tho distinguished honor that has
come to him and Incidentally to this
cltv ns well. It Is an evidence of the
doctor's popularity among his fellow
physicians no loss than of his stand
ing In his profession that he has been
made tho olllelal head of the organiza
tion In Philadelphia.
While the doctor does not devote
himself to any great extent to tho gen
eral practice of medicine, he Is re
garded as one of the lending special
ists of the state on diseases of the oye,
enr and throat and has. frequently dis
cussed the diseases special to theo
organs at the local and state meetings
of homeopathlsts in papers that have
aroused the liveliest Interest among the
members of his profession. Before
locating In Scranton the doctor studied
In this country and In Europe, and he
has also been nn extensive traveler
both In America and Europe. He will
bring to tho duties of state president
a cultured mind nnd broad professional
experience which will mukojiis term of
otrico notable.
When tho state convention of the
honieoDnthlsts was, held In this city
several years ago, "Dr. AVaro was un
remlttlnc In his efforts to make tho
convention n success, and to send ench
delegate home with a favorable Idea
of the hospitality of the city.
An Interesting character has been In
troduced to Scranton by the minors'
strike. He Is Frederick Dilcher, of
Xelsonvllle, Ohio, national organizer
nnd member of the national executive
board of the United Mine AVorkers. If
ever a man found his proper sphere,
Dilcher Is that man. He Is lacking In
nothing that should be found in a man
occupying his position. Ills big, sturdy
physical mnke-up, a commanding pres
ence, an Inborn shrewdness that stands
him good for any want of academic
training that his early years" In the
mines might be responsible for, a
happy, hall-fellow-well-met disposition
and a store of energy and aggressive
ness that finds cramped quarters oven
in his massive frame, are tho chief
characteristics that would be enumer
ated as befitting In connection with his
His tact Is probably best displayed
In the manner In which ho handles the
newspaper men. He knows . that a
newspaper man wants news and not
much of anything else, and ho proceeds
to give It to him In full and plenty. He
also knows that the average newspaper
man Is not a gullible sort of creature,
nnd ho carefully avoids 'telling him
anything as a fact that ho feels the
newspaper man is liable not to accent
as fact. Ho manages, however, to keep
himself well supplied with facts br
things that he Is sure newspaper men
won't be able to distinguish from facts,
nnd there Is never a time when ho is
too busy, bo it day or night, to get in
close communion with a newspaper
man and give him these aforesaid real
or apparent facts".
AVhlle ho was permanently In this
city, before 'being called to Hazlcton, he
issued "greetings" to tho mine work
ers onco or twice a day and uastod It
on a letter file hung In tho front room
of strike headquarters. This wa?
eagerly scanned by all frequenters of
headquarters, and came to be known
among the newspaper men as "Tho
Daily Dilcher." Since his going away
tho "greetings" have been discontinued
and a fruitful source of "filling" for
the newspapers has been cut off.
The New York Commercial Adver
tiser of Saturday contained a splendid
photo-engraving of Lieutenant Colonel
T. J. Wint, of this city, who Is now In
China with tho Sixth cavalry, and In
connection with It the following:
"Lieutenant Colonel AVint, who lej
the splendid charge of the Sixth cav
alry, together with tho Bongalese Pun
jabis and Japanese cavalry at Tion
Tsln, killing 400 and taking 300 prison
ers, has a most gallant record. He was
born at Scranton, Pa., In .1845, and en
listing as a boy in the Sixth Pennsyl
vania cavalry served In some of the
hardest-fought campaigns of tho Civil
war. Ho was at Antletam, Fredericks
burg, Stonemnn's Bald, Cold Harbor,
Smlthflold and other battles and skir
mishes. He was a captive for a brief
period In Llbhy prison. Ho partici
pated In the Indian campaigns from
1SC5 to 1SC9 in Texas, Indinn Territory,
Now Mexico, Arizona, North Dakota,
and Montana. At tho head of the
Tenth United States cavalry he
stormed San Juan Hill with his dusky
brigade, In that engagement before
San Juan a Muusor bullet ontorcd his
side. Of Colonel Wint, General Joe
Wheeler wroto; 'I desire to recom
mend him for appointment as brigadier
general of volunteers, Ho was among
tho earliest to reach thu crest of San
Jersey Peaches
Saturday's Peaches,
(delayed) are in fine
condition and will be
sold today, White and
Yellow. Orders should
be placed very early,
75c to $1.50.
Fruit Jars, to close,
45c per dozen,
Crabapples for Jelly,
35c per half bushel
E. G. Coursen
429 Lacks. Ave,
Juan Hill. Ills services wero meritori
ous In tho hlglfest degree.'
"New lustre Is added to the fame of
the splendid Pennsylvania soldier by
his exploit In routing a great horde of
Boxers at the head of a vastly interior
attacking force."
Charles AV. Boyd, who has recently
been In tho city In tho Interest of tho
production of "Becky Sharp" at the
Lyceum this week, Is not only a news
paper man of note, but Is also a
dramatist of unusual ability. Mr.
Uoyd, who Is best known ns tho former
dramatic editor of the New York Press
nnd for his theatrical reviews on the
World, accomplished a dllllcult task In
completing the version of "Uecky
Sharp," which was commenced by the
late Charles Coghlan.
Upon the death of Mr. Coghlan only
three nets of his dramatization of
Thackeray's well-known novel had
been written. Mr. Boyd was asked by
Miss Coghlan's managers to complete
the work. He reluctantly consented,
well knowing the dllllctiltles that at
tend an effort to carry out the Ideas of
another In work of this kind. How
well tho lnbor has been performed,
however, has been fully demonstrated
by the success of tho remarkable pro
duction. '
His Residence Set on Fire in Four
Places by Some Unknown Person.
Bassell's Condition Serious.
A dastardly deed was attempted Sat
urday morning nt the homo of D. It.
Bnssell, of North Main street', Peek
vllle. Mr. Bassell has been danger
ously 111 for tho pnst week, in fact his
death was momentarily expected on
Thursday and Friday, but he was con
sidered somewhat improved Frldny
At about 2 o'clock Saturday morning
ho was awakened by dense smoke
which filled tho bed room. He quickly
awoke his wife, who opened the bed
room door, when it was discovered
that a lire was burning briskly in tho
center of tho parlor floor. A large
quantity of clothings, papers and chairs
had been plnced In a pile and were
being consumed by the flames. Mrs.
L. F. Bassell and Mrs. Albert Brltton
were the only other occupants of the
building. They were quickly aroused,
but mcnnwhlle" with fnlterlng steps and
weak from his severe illness, Mr. Bas"
sell carried water and succeeded in
gaining control of the flames.
The neighbors were awakened by
the alarm given forth by screaming at
the Bnssell residence and they quickly
responded. It was then discovered
that four places in the house wero on
fire. In the parlor, the kitchen, cellar
and upstairs in a spare bedroom. The
doors had all been opened so as to give
a good drnft to the flames, and but
for the timely discovery no doubt the
occupants of the building would have
been suffocated or burned to death.
The family having attended Mr. Bas
sell night and day for several days were
completely worn out and in fact slept
so soundly that they dia not hear the
person who gained entrance to the
residence nnd boldly attempted their
Mr. Bassell after the first excitement
and when tho Are In tho parlor had
been extinguished, fell to the floor un
conscious and Is now in a very pre
carious condition. Tin building was
insured in tho agency of D. G. Black,
of Nicholson. Considerable damage
was done to the house furnishings.
Interior of Penn Avenue Baptist
Church Made More Inviting.
The auditorium of the Penn Avenue
Baptist church was reopened yesterday
and presented a fresh and Inviting ap
pearance. New carpets have been laid,
and a largo amount of renovating done
In tlte way of papering of the walls
and repainting.
Dr. Pierce last night gave a general
dissertation on the making of church
services attractive, and In endeavoring
to secure a larger amount of attend
ance from the male sex.
In tho course of his sermon he re
ferred to the ancient custom of watch
men patroling tho streets nnd calling
the hour, with tho usual accompani
ment of "All Is well." Said Dr. Pierce:
"It Is now the midnight of tho world
and Christian churches are sinking
Into a restful state and crying 'All Is
well.' All Is not well when millions of
men are dying with souls bluck with
Ho spoko of church advertising, and
said he believed in It, One strong opin
ion that ho expressed was the follow
ing: "If 1 had my way, I would secure
a largo number of bill boards and
would pltieo them around town, and
on these every Sunday would bo ad
vertised our services, and during the
week nil special services. You may say
this Is the method of the play-houses.
Yes, and tho play-houses are generally
well filled, Is It right that people
should only know when tho duvll is
coming to town, nnd be Ignorant of
where God Is every Sunday?"
Action Was Taken on It by Congre
gation of Grace Lutheran Church.
A business mectbig of tho congrega
tion of tho Grnee Lutheran church
wnu held yesterday, morning and tho
annual report of Treasurer James
Matter, which was referred to nn au
diting committee tit a leccnt meeting,
wns presented.
The committee, AV. C, Lnndt, D. L,
Flckes und Edward Unas, reported
favorably, Tho report shows tho fi
nances of tho church to bo In excel
lent condition and makes special men
tion of tho excellent work done dur
ing tho year by tho Ladles' Aid so
ciety of the church.
Great Piano and Organ Sale
today at J, AV. Guernsey's beautiful
and extensive muslo warerooms,
Twenty-flvo or thirty Instrument's, em
bracing many beautiful and very lino
upright pianos, In excellent condition,
and but slightly used, will bo sold at
a great reduction In price. Don't miss
the opportunity, but call and see what
a small amout of money will buy,
Guernsey Hall, 314 AVushlngtop, u'e
nuo, Scranton, Pa. J, AV. Guernsey,
Opening of Night Schools Postponed,
si Owing to tho small number of night
school pupils registered, the opening
of night school has been postponed.
Prlnclpuls will continue to register
and report the number registered to tho
superintendent Saturday, October 0.
Geo, S. Howell, Supt.
tConchittcil from tMtfe 1.1
Irtlt.A.t titttltn t'Httiilltt nnd aimtinft 111 tntP lln
IUIIIVII ilj jJU.Fliv. r-j lii'n twj niio nnii'.. .-- ---. ---
manili tor Justice, nnd Imping that those at
the head of the tntntng companies will recognize
tho tlKhlcousncM of our cntue, wo are,
Itespccttiilly yours,
T. I). Nichols,
Dlttrlct President.
John T. Dempsey,
Adam llasccwaBC,
I llcnry Collins,
' John 1. Kearney,
H. V. Coiirtwrlatit,
Nicholas Burke,
Thomas J, Llewellyn,
r.xecntlve Committee,
Probably Bo At ipted.
Making due allowance for what the
diplomatic exigencies demand In the
wny of "bold front," It can be safely
prophesied that the proffer of tho oper
ators Is going to bo accepted by tho
strikers. One side is quite ns glad to
lot go as the other. Some men In the
ranks will be heard to say they'll never
go back till they got this, that or the
other thing, but when tho time comes
for choosing between prolonging the
strike nnd accepting a pretty liberal
offer the conservative element will as
sert Itself and the offer will bo ac
cepted. President Mitchell Is speaking very
gunrdedly these days, but he has not
as yet said that ho was not disposed
to have the miners nccept tho bare 111
per cent, advance, nnd In several In
stances left It to be Inferred that If the
Increase was Insured by being figured
on a fixed basis that It would be, ub
he put It, "a great victory."
With tho additional concession of nn
offer of arbitration of all other griev
ances, It Is a pretty safe guess that
President Mitchell will not long hesi
tate to advise his men to forego the
matter of method and go In for results.
It resolves Itself Into this:
The men want that the arbitration
should be general.
The oDerntors refuse to bo dragged
Into nny general pow-wow, feeling
positive that It Is Impracticable, be
cause of tho diverse conditions that
prevail, when the region Is considered
as a whole, and resenting the propo
sition that outsiders should Interfere
between them nnd their employes.
The miners are satisfied to deal with
their respective employers, but claim
that whenever they have attempted
this they wore told that their demand
could not be acceded to, because other
operators were not making similar ac
cessions. Agrees to Arbitrate.
Now that dlfllculty Is removed. Every
operator agrees to arbitrate with his
employes. The operators won't meet
nil the employes of all the companies
in a general conference, but they place
no bar to the employes of all the com
panies meeting together, If they want
to, and agreeing on uniform action.
That the operators expect the minors
to do this is not improbable.
It is now up to the 'miners. All de
pends on them as to how soon the
strike will be ended, nnd the commun
ity rescued from the business blight
under which it is now prostrate. If
they do not make demands that the
operators can not reasonably be ex
pected to grant, tho strike Is as good
as settled.
Yesterday's dispatches had It that
a convention of the United Mine
AVorkers was likely to be held tomor
row in AVllki'S-Barre to discuss tho
proposition that was expected would
come today from the operators. As
no proposition will come from the
operators as a body, and ns the propo
sition that is to come from them In
dividually to their respective em
ployes will not bo posted till tomor
row, the likelihood of the AVilkes
Bnrro convention tomorrow is small,
unless tho Mine AVorkers" officials will
take cognizance of the newspaper re
ports and anticipate the notice.
There will, however, bo a big rally
of strikers In AVlikes-Barro tomorrow,
in which all the men of the upper
Luzerne region will participate. Rev.
Thomas Ducoy, of Now York, has
been Invited to bo tho principal speak
er. Organizer Fred Dilcher, William
Farley and Benjamin James are the
others expected to make addresses,
and there is a possibility that Presi
dent Mitchell will attend.
The question of opening a direct
cnmpnlgn against tho wnshories was
discussed at Saturday's meeting of
tho district executive board, but no
denlto action taken. The impending
settlement of (he strike and the fail
ure of Organizer Dilcher to be pres
ent to lend his counsel, occasioned
High Mass of Requiem Solemnized
in St. Peter's Cathedral.
Tho funeral of the late Edward Mel
lon was held on Saturday morning
ATop Notch
Colored Shirts
more perfect, if
possible in every
particular than
ever before; pat
terns that are dis
tinctly new, orig
inal and novel,
$ 1 to $2.
"r WllUnjtgn AwMMr
Mine and Mill Supplies,
Machinery, Etc.
OFPIGE-Dlaie Bauk Building.
J "W,
'" irii -V"i
from his late homo on Franklin ave
nue. A high mass bf requiem' was sol
emnized by Itov. P. J. Gough In St.
Peter's cathedral, which was thronged
with the friends of the departed man.
Interment was made In. 'the Cathedral
cemetery. ' . .
The pail-bearers were ns follows! B.
13. Leonard, T. C. Motvln, J.' J. Brown
J. J. Mnghran, AVIIIItun Murphy and
AVillinm Conwelh
Piano Sale Today at J. W. Quern
soy's, Guernsey Hall.
Don't miss It ns you can get a beau
tiful Upright Piano titer today for $150.
Don't miss It. The sale will not bo re
peated. -
Liver complaints cured by Doecham's
Pills. "
The World's Best.
Often Imitated, Naver Equahd,
For men, made in
Velour Calf, Box
Calf, Vici Kid and
Patent Leather, lace
and button, all styles,
one price
Clarke Bros
and Draperies
Solicit Your Inspection of
Tbeir Superb Stock at
Store and Stock New
rtuv your umlirellas direct from manufacturers
and save middleman' profit. Repairing and re
covering promptly done. All goods and work
guaranteed for one year.
313 Spruce Street.
International College of Music
VltOl'. h. W. 0ARI5, DIRECTOR.
The "Uuiy People's Course" at tlila college
opens Monday cvenini;, Oct. 1. I'.vcry lover of
ini'sic can learn, as I'rof. Carr c.plnin it, and
mam' voung ladles and stents who are inisy
throutili the day are rcKlslerinjf fur it. Tlie
pir.fess.or informs ua that hy lili method of et
pialnlnK the intertals any one who can count ami
Ilis a love for music can learn. Tins being pn,
doubtless scores of young ladles nnd uents will
vltlt the college nlflce In the llurr building this
month and legist rr and be ready to begin Oct,
1. In fact all who love muslo will want to
avail themselves of such an opportunity. Gill
evenings and register. Terms und rata within
the reach of all.
Heating Stoves,
Oil Stoves,
Gas Stoves,
Steam and Un afore
Hot Water ncdlBlOi
WAUKIIOUSE-drccn Ridge
320 LncknwnuiKi Arc.
Wholesalo and Retail.
Ready Mixed Tinted Paints.
Oenvtnlent, Keonnmtcal, Durable)
Varnish Stains.
Producing Perfect Imitation of Expensive Woo
Reynolds' Wood Finish.
EpceUlly Designed for lnsldo .totk. ,
Marble Floor Finish.
Durable and Drya Quickly.
Paint Varnish and Kalso
. mine Brushes
If you're buyiug men's
wearables, buy at a man's
store. It's our business ta
know men's tastes.
Q loves.
305 .Lfickiuvuiinu Avenue.
J r tides
for every d.iy use in the kitchen1
are found In great abundance at
our store. The only thing; cheap
about them is the price.
Dover Kgg Heaters lOo
Sink lira-lies 3c
Km Whips Co
Nutmeg (iraters zo
KttLhcn Sandstones Via
Knife Polish 20o
Bath Uriek ,...10c
Foote & Fuller Co,
Hears Building;
140-43 Washington Ave
Pierce's Market, Penn Avenua
This will he about the last week of peach!
feason. We will rccelic dally a limited 'luantlty
of .lerscv. Voile state and Michigan fruit. It
you have not bought do not neglect to lcavd
y.nir older tills week if you want peaches.
Wo would call attention to thu pal ticularl
fine nu.illty ot our oysters, Maurice Wer dives,
lloiliiiwnys, Duck Itlvcrs, Mill l'onds, lllut
Points, etc., etc.
neniember we make a specialty of Dlue PolntJ
delivered on half bhell in cairiers.
W. H. Pierce,
IP Lackawanna Ave.
110, 112, 114 Penn Ave.
The Dickson 31111111010(1111313 Co.
jcrauton and Wilkes. llarro, i'A,
.Manufacturer of
Uoilen, llolstlnc; and Pumplnz Machinery.
Oeneral Office, Scranton, Pa.
For $j, $6, and $7
Rockers. The offering
is so great that to give it
a truer ring we'll ex
plain that these Rockers
are odds and ends from
factories, secured for our
August sale. No they
did not arrive too late
but we could not dispose
of all during that month,
so now you have another
chance. Polished Seats,
Cobbler Seats and Up.
bolstered Spring Seats1
are among them all
woods nud fiuishes.
Credit You? Certainly
231-2S3-S85-S37 WyomlngAvo
1 M M l ft ft
fl I
IMfl The Popular House Fur- Mil
W niching Stor. mm