The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, December 23, 1896, Page 10, Image 10

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HE Mil s
Author of "IJoglaiiU Studies." Irish Idylls,
Copyright, UK, ly
Few people. 1 think, inn ever have
iieon inipresitcd y ihe liveliness nf lit
tle Killyuiccn, si t in its I k union;,'
tin; lonesome mouutuiii nnd tnoorhuHi.
lis nni' humble siiwt joinim,' the "
clous of a sourse oithbi-sprinUlin"..
which strews while thicks on tin; fur
swocpiiii.' non folds h.inilv il--nt i
ilian hiiilsioin-s on a urns 1 I t . half si
mutiny hour lifter a July I huinlci -storm.
Yet to lirlduel for:iu, tin- (Till hn hail
lately taken service with the t'ascys
up at tin CuaiTy Farm, it seenied a
i t liter df fashion ami u iyi ty. l'dns,
indeed, the must I nlisidel tlble phtee
she hail seen in all hi r seventeen years.
For they hail been spent mi at, honi'li-ilriihnu-sk,
a hamlet full ten miles deep
er n'liinim the wildest towiilunds. with
only a mui'li curt track thrombin; ;i
Idaek l is. and oliiuhinn endless shawy
slopes, and il ri -iitiiii uvr a .pmph;
nn'Untain shoulder, to eoiiiiect U with
Killyineen. She had h it in hind there,
three months IXU't her feeble old
UTandfalln'r and alert old "Tuii'lnuit h
if. in a tiny lii"h pi relied cabin, which
tell a world too wide lor it:t other in
dwellers. when thin third of their lives
hail none. And since there had lieea
much traveling of thoughts to ami
fro between it and II:.' Cai-y's prim
w hltewavhi d farniliouse at the foot el
f!ile e fl.-tsarnti. At lirst Criihret's had
made Hi.- jiH'.tney as ooiisiiinliy as her
Krundniol her's. but she was yonm, and
busy in a in w place, and. as the woeiv
went on. she be. anie more prom .upied
Willi what lay inniiodiai. ly before her.
The siirree" at Million's. Ii-;cl lor a
duy in I'iirisi tuns week, was ihe most
fxeitinir of the fresh prospect:! lh."t
unfolded themselves, and was looked
forward to with much pl"ase.l iiiioro.-M
by Killyineen r.t larue. There had been
in. sui ie. s 111 tlie neighborhood diiriive,
u Iniur spoil of bad times', bill lllis year
inauors voiv liioUii'.; hiu-thlcr, ami old
Jlniiny .M i I ii in. who had a thrifty linn
unit a oontiuonious hili-licu, was . il
eum aeil to miiUe a Venture u h.J
promised lair "uniits at a small risk.
For a siirree. which I. as with quaint
effect borrowed i'S IKlllle from pollb'
French, is a sort of subsofipiioti
ilanee, little more elaborate iu i'.s ar
rangements than are the kaleys, or
con versa-doiies, that be;;uile so many
wintry hyuis in li.mi;al homes, when
all the dark oiil-ol'-doni s hurtles and
lilashes wilh wind and vain, and Ihe
neighbors, ilrife into their p!:t vs round 1
Fome appoiiiti d hcartii as le-niiiiseuou:--!
ly as n wreath of dry leaves swept,
instill'.:,", loueilur by an a. rial iddy.
At a surree each couple pays a shillin .:,
but no refreshment is epecl"d stive
fiuuully dispensed lea; and Ihe thiol.-:
Is content to net-ape fur a mud"st fee.
and hi", chances of small c ans from Ihe
(lancers. Iiark lluyli .Mel.voy, boiii-;
iiitiii y's cuiisin. was willing to supply
the music for this occasion, on espe
cially easy terms: and in short, cir
cumstances i onsmred lo make It si em
desirable that Harney should moot the
often expressed wishes of his younyer
friends by riniiuiiiu inn the llrst sunve
of the reason.
Il would be r.ridy'fs l!r--t taste in
form il dissipai iun. and 1:....,. I is, y,
master's niece, and Kale I 'ally,
l'lownian's d.i ui.'l.ter. w hu livi d in
yard, set. I, or oxnoi lal ion on tiptoe ex
tremely by their accounts of like eiiter
tninn, nits. Kale and : lie ,v, re to pi
to:;eher, as it is Ihe cu -lom to atp inl
fUlllC'-'S ill collides. These often ail'
formed of a coll en v.illi the buy who
is "spakim," " lo her, bin often also a
brothef and sister a pair, or any
ntlier two friends. Lose farcy was lo
marry JVtor '! lonouhttc at Shrove
tide, so sue would, of cours", ; o wilh
linn, a fact or winch she i.vule a bill'
(.alillle to Ihidyet. who felt. how. f,
jierfectly content with Kate's escorl: a
sweetheart of her own would have
Keene d iudei d an nhiniiin:: possession.
J lor mistress had advancfd her a shil
liioj out of lnr ounrter's wa;;e n
whi le iiound -and she had expended
the sixpence left after sci uriic," lmr ad
mission to the suire' upon a splendid
fed -Thiss bn oi l-., which made hoe think eiiiiona nt vciy i impli'ie.
Hut. just w hen cvi'i j I liinv S 'i rr.e.l
eliding most smoothly toward t!i de
lightful poal, an obstacle suddenly
cropped iii and threat "ii"d to overthrow
nil her 'drills with one disastrous .loll
nil n certain frnsr-soan:,'led niorniin.-,
the postman brought to ltriiltiet a let
ter whosi' contents n:,'rei d with lcr
wlslies as ill as a dash of vlivijriM' would
hav done with the thii k cream w hich
Fhe was cl urninr whop the mail ar
rived. Her rrrunilmnthor v.rote to sav
that, "she tiiou:"ht bad of to be
tinmpin' the lon wav her lore' from
Killyineen lo their place, ulid that old
Fill Jlolloy was slippin' over wld his
pony mill a uratl.erin' of eirirs to the
3!a!-'.imo!'e on next Thtirsdav niornimr.
nnd "ud rlvo her n lift ir she'd start
nloni; w id him when he would be s'oin'
lun k. So i;iddy had a rk'ht to ax lave
ri her mistress, and come home w id mild
3 till, w ho' 1 turn n bit cut of his way
to jiii-k her up: nn.l real nla.1 tin y d bv
to set pyi s on ln r aaaui." For Mrs.
f'nsey had 'iromis. d Urid-el her choice
if three days in Christinas week to
ppend at h ime. dairy work hoiinr slack,
liiidfe'ct had loukvd forward tu the hol-
"just i:td the ori.n ?,:ax ptf.p
Iday with a clow of pleasiii-p.nnd meant
to take it on Friday, which would be
ChriHtmaH eve, nnd the day alter the
purree, lint her grandmother's injunc
tion ivn? not compatible with this ar
rangement. "Kui'p I'd mi. s all the fun nnd e-very-thln'
If I took hit nnd wend wld mild l'.ill
I wish" he and his bnstp nf nn URly
pkewbald 'tid keeii themselves nut of
both'Tin' where they aren't wanted,"
phe said, half oryitic. to her friemts
Kose and Kate, us she showed them the
letter In tho l;itrhn.
"Alvtwha (r.xid KracioiiB." paid F.osp,
"you wouldn't ever think of coin'?
Just bid the 'ould ninn step aloni; wid
himself, and nay you'll come on Fri
day." "But me ssrandmothor'n! he rale vexed
it I done that, and he nfter froln' nut of
Mb road to call for me," said lirldget,
".WbIU then,"' said Kat; "you might
-fir- W
the Ilacln-lkr Syndicate.
write ami toll her tn not sev.d him. This
is on'y Tuesday. Ha re's ph nty ot time
yet. ami I've a "tump ill me hex thi.
I'iiih wliile you'iv welcome- to."
"Ay. to In sun ." said I: ise. "and say
mo aunt i ni t puio. you corivcr.ieiil
afoi ' Friilay." 1
"Kilt," said V.thlKet. looKinL; disi un
ci rle.i. "l iiwaltii- seiidiii her word be
Jllily f "1 v till that I'd e;et hue to colli'
any day ai all Ibis we-'i ."
'-'f ill. I'otli 'iaiicn to it." said KuS :
"then sav .N'lii're look bad wid u nib I.
and coiildii't be
llnhni, I In aid Jo
tiiraveliu' that fai.
u couhiu" Uiis inorn-
v .,
r.y-v Z' i.. q Vi
Kiill'l 'it WITH l:l-:i'.'
in' lil lo Tall to pier,
w itlicidy j ei, .null i
on, the led one in
cliropiiiii' itself in'.
.nil!, u here j ii,'
:. like a In ad ot il
thii". Morel-elok-he
v. lady curie, r's
the pan of butter
I it ; you'd belter
1m movin' il oat of that."
"1 have a h nvy ould
u ill
i Ill-
"iioiiuh." said llnie'et
itn her.-clf, Lul her dHi
pressiuii ii uieiiii d, and :
. I o ii s une.i.'-il.. . "I'or .Ii
v. l ii in' " .-he said, "you
T wr' i.eitin' me si liooliu' I
ly miiiilin' Hie sheep-anil
some si 1 1 o! an oiu r rt r
o' lid',
e. the tim.
did be must -I
i an ma Im
a din'. If it's
wrote tu'ettv bie -but wri'in' one;
is o.i. are. iiiaalety work."
"Jba-ey on us. '.;irl alie. If dial's all
ails you. I'll write a 1 iter for you me-s-'.'ll
in a miiivit and a half." said l:os-.
w ith alacrity; "Ichol will I. Sure I've
wiole to I'eler i i i ii- s ;; lid :r:a ill. when
bo was stoppin' a.vay at Ma uelu a
So don't but her your head nboi.t it. lave
tl'.e I'1 :.'.'l:la I i. Ml of il lo 111". I've pt"tlt.V
of paper myself, and Kat'-'ll ;;Ke nie
In r stamp."
J'.riilet ai;:"'d to Ibis plan, tlnuiuii
not without if me iiualias of
w lib h made lief reHalii p.u'utiiv ifuiii
Inquiring aluu Ihe i. "tails of its eXe
ci'iion, ihcfi by :.:lvh.i, I'.ose a fre
hauil. of wiiiih slu avaii'd herself
Without lllliell H I lljile. Sae hi d till illi-
at-iiia; i turn ot nii'io. ae'i a taste
for tiet inn. so lur story .".row umli r
Iter sera to lilt i :r in. until at til" cud
she proline. d a later purport in;? to
come not limn I'ridsit, but from Ivr-!--.
If. aiat i"si".'ilun i:rid;;"t s Itulis
poaitioii a II' ' I a .-ample cold but an i;!
tai k of "plusS"r'-nei money. ' Tips
loriiiidabl,' cumjdaint would hind a- ln r
fi'niii i-etiiriiiii:: wi.h i'.iil jlolloy. ";u:
she'll come." WTol.' Hose, "as so. ii as
ever she's able. And that w
ii fore l'rnla;. anyway, if s'i ovi
all." The hist clause Mruok
riviiu: an eheetive completeness
compottii ion ami she it ov
lll't II"
I S it II !
her ib
lii the
r with
a complacency which hid not lake into
acoiml how it iniitht be spelled on! la
Ih" bleak Utile hillside tabiii away at
The cveiiir.!.' of the suriee arrived in
due course, and with it a liultcr of
snow, swiiliip; on fourth and unruly
blasts. Silver-white threads a ml st ib li
es had bemir. to cml.roidi r ihe purple
folds of Slieve (.llassariui before th,.
mists descended it'dllinc and bhirrliiK;
:i in 1 th" paths cruiu lied ci isply iinoei'
the biut;ues. and mad,' cold cluleli'S
at lii'.i'i' feel by the time th it the iici;;h
boi s wci ; a ppi iiacliiiit; Kai iu y Million's
dooi. 'I hey remarki d lo one a uui h-
that it was ha:,i weather, and in..uii
thai they w a re apt to have it "r-vaie."
W'llleh Is Millie il"".!','",: v. ol'te
k.llily. !''ew people, however, had
daunted into sleyiiur at home,
tin-re was linn h sta' in:; at lioiue
ihero win ii 1 1 1 -!i shaking of pi
llakis out of shawll'olds and i
coat sl'i'Ves lit tile ea.lrailee
ney's luslilv llickeriu'; room.
a lotion
of liar-
Wh"ii Hose and I
f;ot there, v Inch ihe
ever they could linisn
tor ("II. most of the r
scmbled, aiid ipineir
lid I'.i'iie.'t
as. soon us
'n ad;, inriiii" af
imouuy bad as
r w as a bout to
In a.' in. Hose's temper was somew hat
milled because I'cter i )' 1 lolioehue had
not kejit Ms promise of eomim: to es
cort her. I'.iil his slsb rs now hiisteiii.l
to explain u,w he htlll been llela.'.ed
by the Sllilllell illlU'SS of tin if l illi'.
"I lowiinei r, the baste was cumin' rutuid
fin ly when they left." th. y repoi'icil,
and I'eler would be after iheni in no
time. S"i his finacec was avp'-iis. d and
conlenp-il herself juovislonally will:
Kariv Sullivan for a pauper. '-Kaix
now. It's on'y y. ,i these Umes." he said
to her Kallamlv, as Hie liddler siitn k
no. "Ne'er a chance we have nt all.
unless wln n the luck keeps hlui Hi
luckier aw ay."
o not suppose that the surfo d ineV l
jics. I.aii r on In fl voniioj a ouule
niijiht stand up aiui perform nn,.. while
the others were lecovi ii.K ih' ir breath;
but at the outset it was n vinoroif
round dance that l'in to syi-jto with
a sti p. which, though iierl;.i.s not fee.
utilized In any iie-ulemy. k. nt time to
Huiih's music wltu rnucii aeeiiraey,
and made light of tlie diiiieultles op
posi d by the iincaven nunl (lour. The
crockery mi the dresser jingled iiicn ily
to the rhynilral beat of their feel; eiid
each pair of bobbin heads thai pus.ed
In front of it nilpht hp seen to make nn
abrupt dip up and down awiin. This
was caused hy an unusually ilia p lnl
low which occurred In rhat part of the
floor, nnd Hurney Malmii, looking on
with the elders from their circle round
the hearth, observed It and said- "He
Roh, I must sen to havin' that houle
tilled up before next time, or i Ise some
body 'ill he trlppln' up in It an' pettln"
a nuare toss."
The other spectators sat well con
tent with their rharu of the entertain
ment. I'unKently-pufflns euttie plios
somced the men. and the women kept
their knittlnR needles twinkling: In
fact, they would almost as soon have
left off breathing by wny of rest ami
relaxation. For further amusement
they had the affairs uf the countryside
f n u o
to discuss, pnlivend with nn orenpio"'.
al anecdote or rlddl . i a:i (lolinher
had just propounded one of ill lat'.ci',
w hich sm-cc.-pf ully'it everyliu ly
who had not heard It before:
"A brown loii'jh
With n whip- stiand.
is. irra the ship could sail raund It,
Hut I run hold it in me hand."
And he was triumphantly explaining:
"Sail , a 4-up ot lay," when two peopn;
came hnltiuj!: in at the (lor. which they j
forthwith besan to secure behind thorn i
as cair.'i ly us, if they weiv shuttitiff out
s'ome deadly peril. They said nnthinf.'.
but their spc-ehlijss hurry was tnoro
suygcitive than words.
now, Feter
tVheibei. now l.tee OTInnochup
and Xed Kinselia, what's took you a:
all to be llouncin' in on til" people that
a-way?" said Karney -Malion. some-
v. hat'alTroated at their urn . ivmonlous
eiitiance and dealiiiK.-i wiih his fasten-
imts and furniiure. "'flint's a m-eat
1,01,1 slalom n' o," ih- doer von have-
and what lor would ye be j. ovinia'
the beii.'h M,'nln it. Hides. i you're ln-
tendin' toe inxt b.niy that thro
it to be breal'in' his sl'.p.i;-.'.'"
"T.-oih. I on'y hom s It may and lis
neck, too--I'f-i ween us and harm- if
it's, oft'erin' to i. pi.. In o:i us -1 do so."
S.'lil I'eler I I' I 'olo!:lllie. p'llilill'. lie
left his '. uniado to linish barricadiiv,
the door, and i.ushi d himself further
le i
the ro' io. until s.
.sed h. I w, n him
point. "Ait'i- us
a I
I the
at titi:
tix i iii-; i
rx km:,
7 iiKM.
minyit i
i t his wa:
: .s'aints h
! "It's In
time.' h
Hie iiuere
k down it;
-, if below
..aid. "(leii. but
fiifl't I ;;,il-'.!i.'
oil im tills i.i.;hl 1"
at th' ould ;rato
, there." suiil
I calmer than
; mm ii ala.i nu
I not intido slu
! crollCh.'d ie.1,
.e Kin:
I'eler. Ih
d. a.ed m
Hi. who
11, 'il I'Vide
I', lletokell.
i is
itiy i
it's !
is I'd! ninht.
I) Ihe bank hi
I m
t his
1 ! And
th ;vrah
die made at Pet' r
i:;: 1 1 1 he'd never
i lied out of lu r
f by: M.-eil I til
'.' I coat-tail wt'eni
- I hand."
1 1 pibiht as
til-tia'i the i
a ll Im' ben fntif,'ht in
ay .-he held on." said
ii me word me hair's
lr i I'. ter. "I i;ir
slan.lin' on end.
I. lil to rise nie hat
oil' th" roof of nie h
what wid that
and the onuai hu:al sci ,
I w.m'er you didn'l h.
And it's my b' lief sue
n' tor II - -'-'.ni uliiess pri
1 was nfraid ' l.le life
and see."
echeH she let
ar th"t,i lief.
fel off leT.'Tin'
: ervc us on'y
to look round
"I'h se thiues s"iead r-eip t-al eoiisl
lull ion aiuo,:r U.e coiiipuny, us under
too i ircumst a in- s they w ell mieJit d.o.
Fir only a few hundred yards down the
loumi!",- lay an unci -nt buryintc preiiad.
wiili lis n iii'il cii:ii.. and v.'ce.l-ta'ie
I, d tombs!"!-, 's. a place who.-e ;;!:oslly
lej.ulaiion had lofj; b" n i sta1 Ii: 'eed
at Killyineen. In pari ieiilav il.e wrai: Ii
if a little old woman was often to be
" ai uf an i aim:- p.-eri'i.t out thretl!.".i
the rusiy i.ab 'iai s. and s ma lit.ii s
sir, lehie;'- fulfil a feaisoiue hind to
pluck at :,. unwary paes-u -by. l'.i:'
1 f iippc.i '-a t.i.i on the rotul. 'id" was
a new liovclopiui r.t. ami o:,o whieli
mi-ile I'eler and' '"l's report impletut.
lllii li ari.ll;- fu,' peoid, who would pr,'S-
ciilly be obliued lo tali" that route
home. The ilunie came 1,1 n stanusilil.
and 111 11s s'.e.oi a !' ries of dismal fiho'l
stories bei'iu to ciicie round the room.
I'erhiips the i, in n e.rii some of tin ni
was Nick Cari'l.-iu's. lie related how
iie had once liv. d ill n w lu re there
was in the middle of the lard a d ",
w 11. out uf which on certain muoiilll
I " 1
1 rvv'fCTT-- (
i 'j-c: - . i .
4 ?rffe
Ai Au'Ax,, wA$?AA
fA AAn j-fevlt
Al v Jr vj
yAAAA ;-r
i:::.;ii)i: him AiTr:Ait;-:i)
nicriils a diti-k !i':ure would enu r:
and K'o plidl'ia,- raiiid end lofnd
innk'o.;; a wider and wid'"- ci. cad, r.nlil
she reached th" l ouse, al whose d-mr
she rappxl l"iidly as she pasecd by.
And wlieii. v. r th 't llllppctleil. there
would b" a ti.-alli In the family In-fore
tin- twelv.i'iontii was out. as sum- as
fate. A general shin1-! -r folio-.. . d this
deiioiiem nt. ai d oid Mrs. Klff-id' is
made -'a partieular application of il
by renuirMnrj fl-n tnlly that it was a
poor cos" to hive Ih" likes of such
cnlhurs about; but .Mrs. C"h niiiii. n
comely niatron.. who continued to sit
by the tire unperturbed, said, placid!.
In a pause: "Sorra a bit of harm there
is in it this nlttht I'm n-lliinl;ii1'. If.
the lads seen anythin' it's apt tu In;'
Just been some poor body after lnlssin'
her way in the snow."
"Truh nnd ludad, then it was the
cpiare Iwuly nltoi:!her." I'cti r nssever
Hted. "nnd the hair of nie head., as I
was telliii' you. hrisllln" straleht wid
the ilhreml of her the first minyit I
come nlrrh th" place."-
"Ah. sure, some oeotile's ns ready nt
that ns a dnpt nt eis'kln' his ears," sal 1
Joey Nolan. "Mny be we'd a rinht lo
Ko look is there e'er a one in it. Home
crathur miirht he Rtraln' about per
Ishin'. an' it snowin aBa.t thick as
sheen's wood."
"HeRor, you won't persuade me to po
foolin' along wld you," said I'eter. "I
rriildii't ln Rett In' mo hcoln out uf It
fast enough. May the I'iuIiHm have mo
sowl. but 1 th.i.ul'ht I'd lus.- me life
al'ore ever I lumkil l.ishl- and hero
I'll stop. Xoboily need ue uxlii' me, lor
lilvll -. 'tit i'll-slir."
"t'eod pcaple ill o" J'JO o';
served, aarcasticallv: bit: Feter
on in u h:ili complac 'nt turs: "pup
while It 'III be, atore I'm the better
of that frlrlitonin' I sot. livery mortal
bit of hip's In a thrimlile w id It yet."
"Mushu then, Mm Ruby, can't you
whisht fibnul it, ltisteul of to hi; t oil i ii'
pverybody t'.e sort of ould fHil'.hroon
you ari V" Itose Casey whispered to him
liercely, read:- to cry wi'h mortillca
tliui us she saw siKiiilicant smiles jias.s
ln;? round nt tin; expense of her happily
I imcoi.scmus lietrotiied.
i As she spokp th" door rosruml"il w!' h
i n heavy thump, which made lhose who
were standhn; next to it hop back w ii n
: seateel:' ili'iniied haste. fume id
tin m tried to curry it otf by pretending
that they were nu relv seltinn out o
one ii urn uer s way, w line son-.e sai , en
liiilel.L'iieiily. aur'. above all ejactdat imis
rose. I'eler ( )'l lopoehlle'S Voice, shrill
with umli. semhli'd terror, sayiiu-f "'.'Ii
to goodness, don't open it Mr your lives.
Una thai other form acaiu II, thai
mi- wiilin haich. .Met.-y lie 11:11011:; lis1,
she's Mid to hnve us al! d"sti'oveil.
"Airah now. will you be letliu' ii". in
on of yoll jackasses, vou'.'" sllollt
il a video 1 eassiii lin.r i.imilia.r and
irate. It was i.niu' l.ari.v had sliiioid out thron-ili He. hack
dorr 1 fen- mlmib s bel'.e.e, and .vlio.''
impatience at belair kept waltiai.: hml
in t 11 in k Miernatiiral abutit it. Des-piie
I'eler's renioiistrances. the door was
thrown open, ami ilisclnsn d Karrv
stai:din(T lull aindnst a baekKi'omid of
liiiimci iim' white, in a ;.d.ioin whieli,
when you look, d inio it an wlicii;
steadily. ::rcw full of wa ich riiif: lhll:c
like scattered hi adci umlis. It. side
him 11 p) 'i an d a, sin.-.der li.mire, whoinj
he iiiiPid indoors aloii'V wlln Mini, no
foi" it 11 via nt y well had lime for ti'.rilic
mriulsi s. and w hom ll'.e tin lii,'ht rhow - 1
i-.l t" be a little eld vo;e'in waappeii up .
In a p.iwd rid bi"iv.c : hiwl. ohe was I
bnalhle:s ami lii-v.lide:-. d ami forlorn-
looking, a1' sin- h cred foun-1 from f:.c I
to fact, all st r:t lire, a.ll c.i.ii!onlc-. -but
no: I"i- tlie mumcnl Kridiv.-t liouio
set t es on in r she ipuaiivv at In r and
unlit her in a r'vnl hn. "U'lij'
;ratni. d rliu', and it is joist If.'" she
said. ' iti 1 how al all did ymi cmue
this nii'lil In I lie snow? It's kilt you
an- cnltvelv. Vmi can't ever ha' c'iuc;
wi I ould Hill MolloV."
"Ah. honey, I tiiramp.d it." said old
Mis. Iiorau. "Sure, I couldn't rest ai-ty
thinkin' ni" lillle liidil.v was took lint
bad away all her I me anient; lite
slranee people. Hut linely you're look
in', aloiy be to goodness, 'lieed now.
mic Ileal fs been lit to break fretlin'
ever since I !Vot the letler this iiiornin'.
savin' that belike you wouldn't over
"Ami I to he dancln' rotuid like n
::i!iiy bewitched and y.ui al! the while
fl.ieelin' thioip'ii Ihe snow." said lirhi
;et, wilh acute remur-e. "It's sorry I
am I lei anybody
lies, lint "lookln:
--"I only said b
"And 1 lest mi
end ymi such ow Id
iiiilit-ii.i'it at Hose
say that 1 had a
way iu the':."
went on .Mrs. Iioian
v. hat at al! I'd liu' ih
fur Ihe ilacinl l.oe
plaintively: "and
a-. I ilunno, on'y
coniin' I'v: for
llullj'.ill else the ot iiel'
let yel!.i at tne, and
seai"d turkeys.
' I'i e. pin' clone; mule
she v, as, I he ci alhur, ',
Ku' t-y mean while was
ei'S. "a nd setll'ce alile
'ml do lu-,1
away lliii
r Ih" h:::h bank
vh ii I met her."
tolling' I lie oi a
lo couliiitl wid
th" blasts of the win". Ami sex si)
to nie: 'For ihe love of (bid juui stop
to tell tne am I anywhere near the
Case's house.' And S"x I to her: 'Is it
the (uurry farm you're wantin"." and
sen she to me: 'Av, it's whore me poor
Katey's Utile daairhiif. I'.ieiaei
lau's ill service, and dyin' wid some
manner of mil lan.lish sickness; It's to
h"f if It was lirldget Hoi an sil" was
wantin'. Id seen Hit- j:irl lluve minyits
aim. and ne'er a shrii m" dyin' mi ln r
w li.'ilt oine'er: and I just bronchi her
nli.niv here. It's perl.-'I'.ed .'lid stupid
tic cratlmr is wid the could. Volt's a
rirhl to yet her a cuo of hot lay. ami
a warm al t"e lire, concluded l.itrty,
thereupon il'j ins,- liiuiself III SUpel -
inlend tl'.e ctiirjiror mil of this pro
si ript ion. And a li'lle later he
j promoted his mother lo i-ffT Mis.
I tin a n a ni.e.l.f.'- lo,l(;!!i:f at II; -ir
I house cl i.-' by, thus eiiiailiui; up m
I tin ms. Ivi-s mo.-e hn vitality than llcy
1 had lor. s.-iu
j l''or of the i nr. " at Mahic's all's w. II
I thill ei dM Well cotlld 11"! lllile i,. ..! ,.l.
. as suiue uf th ';uesl'i v.-. :i ill po-'
i say i. renai Hii i ly ivli, :i tlie ti.v. .
'. t"
was I riii'!ntr uo. To K
! Mrs. puian had c.nmht a
i di.'iiiie- her snow..- wander
i hail a severe dpi. ss w bit
will', old
ei v bad chill
av.'. ami nn v
i ei.a.iu:. 'red
! her life, ami ol Hip d il-!
tu nay
.!,. i, .11,.,,-
tunny an anxious and
aim ken hoiii t
toiti r. w hile a
next mui'iiii:
i I'i- f.
1- In I' decel.llv .
Which she
a Ctis. y ubut
iifl' re'ice
with Ko.
4V X
I'M AM. Kit FtCFtt
I ii,
iinai:ii:..ri;:i d
ily of It
l ooil'l;.--.
mu - i ;..,; i
I'i such .
tents led t i a i.ei Ola;." .'
of lia'r ffi.'it.itdiip. Aio
tin V' i s' day. -poke
in-.' terms Pi I'i pa' i ': ,i
ri-'ei. ni " to his l an:,- on
lore, that cve'i lii.t iaiiie
sat!- faciion was l iiicii -d.
f: Him; out i iisu. il. Tin
v.tts that no in ddiinr i
Sln'oM-iiilc; ;i"d th" las!
vd ii j
til" uatli
!. nf
and a vi.di
con nolo i
.el; piac
lill.e I h
news 1 1 -.ill Killynic(.:i "tra re was lei
tall: f !'. at all. at ail." so the br."c!i
inav be t'onsiih ri d li ml. In' fai . it b'
eiiinmoiily suipo.n d that he has sine;
notion of transfi rrinir Ida att ntioiis tu
Crldtt.'t I'oraa. Hut I li::.pen to know
that the onlv one amoii'r Hip hoys she
thinks anythini; of Is Harry Sullivan,
whom she always remembers grateful
ly us the reseller of lnr ?ia:idinother.
Whereas, if Lurry fancies anyone it is
Kate Huffy.
Whence It appears that some rntlp r
omplicati l cross-cui rents In tile
811 earn if life flowing throii'Th Killy
ineen have started from this Suree nt
A SOl.lll 'f KliTII.
From the rhilail-liihia Inquirer.
We have too fair a land here to mnke it
a dumping Kfound fur the offcasts of for
eign countries.
- 'A
l ' '. . 1 . ' '
trr-"rliaco cl r.?ra. ilclly, of rEi:lio;u;,
Tlicre is no period in ivoran's cr.rtlily
caret r which :.he r.jjpi'oan'.ics villi to
much aa:;icty an tuu " ch::uu vt llic"
Yet iluri::,? tl:o
p:ist twenty ye:ir3
iv onto a htivo t't ''Ra
learned u.uca fro:u l .j 'J
a woir.u:i. J
It is safo to r.27 y li
t'.iat vrotuca who (-';
p:ss a
thro-h it nf
than iu tho
past. V
'J'liero is
but one
coarse to '
V"i V'l
pursito to
subdue, tho
for tho ehpr.nw Lv:.:a w. r i:-'nn:n'3
oirclaWo Co;rrvwM:l Uionld be nr.: -J.
It is well for'tlio'toapoviMelnair- ,:'-
ti ue, to v.rt!o JlK'. 1 'ink '"-',:, rt I,ynti,
Muss. 1,'ielias the ivperti tu'P of . ;i'-:j
taniilliariaaavisinj-. t h:- uiil co:i:-f;o
j-vir nothinsr.
She lii:i;i.l t!iis v.'om.iP, Wi'.o rnyr,:
"I liavo u.-,ed I,;,,::ti ). l'i.ikluini":;
Vc.-'ctablo ('om-iiuiiml in mv family- tea
yc&rtf, T.'l'.h 111? be:-t VlMllls. 1:IU!10
time rn :r.y !..i!i;-li'.i r Tiral catnrrh ;-;
tho wouili. aval it or..:rclv cured her.
i ... . '.. -. f
k w.::- jii: o.uuia;: i:ca Cii.lic-o o.
1':.'!'," nnd vvaa in a ilv'jiiniv.hie etip-li
lion. My wurib had f:;llo: nnd tho
l,i"ii-!p,;.il,,ii'ti ci'iui. iu,l I ,m. !. ,.!,...-. - u
terrible, and kidney:. a.Tccteil
' I bejrt'ii taliitn; tlie Com'L ni:nd,
nnd ray puins eeast d. . I consider it Un?
BtnnifT brii'.i.e 1h'I,.v.vii s'u.-kiiesn .)i
health, nnd recommend il tocveryliody
1 meet who nerd ; ;L'' llr.s, Ki:i.:.r.
F'ateimciio, L. I.
i!(;:i::st ai i.oat.
'I'l... II ..... I. ...... . a ......
.n- i . ,.! .Ml 1 uil'l .I'tl II tlOilC S .,'.'.,
V'uee.(ei' Sl it!iiet, j
Fiom the Xew Yoil; l"t-a!:l. 1
Pi S"pt. 10 111, 1 e was 1'Ul'i '
the ytiulf, ,.; .-..'!m,. v,,l ,-
l'-l-t, lleill'i!, ,'lie itt'ilU,'.' V
ni l. tin la; --' s, v v.-l ,n Hi
.'hat tn moiii'iuis utrnlcs iu i!
t . n of the t.-aiis-Atla.:':!.' "ae
!' 1-i-
have lain iiiu.ii are read;!-- ;,y .. ,
ptui eu of iiie ilit.icpsioiis aad . I:-.
b ri; ties of this I i'.i .t ;a.,rh'o iuu-i
W illi (he iir;-" sfi e.e.i y sei I thai iu,
the of t!'e o ail "slu'ia: ,... :.
.lust about s -V. I", -eiaht .Vitus i-e-vl.iu.s
lo tin ip!ct.t of Hi-, ei ..,
. i. .''ii, I. "I on ..lilt. I,-. I,, Hie S' "
w iieci sie.imer saumntili was I'tutic!.".!
by I't-.i'ii-is I'iekett and I'avid i i"!.. ;.
at Ceriear.t llool.. New Vol it. am' ciilv
iu the etisiilnir .'. ear la borioiisiv i.aial c l
her way, at live laans per in.ur, m ;-'i.
l'etet'.tbU",-. Ill's.d.l. via !f."U iv.t.ii. j
and tin- North'in seauovl -. Jt.r j
toiinaa'" of :: ,a. whieli j.iad-. I r a fai !
siKf l ship lor tiue e days, li;,l ;: iw..ii
Insi.'.'itilieane.' wl, :. one reads of ;
"i.ii-ii Ions .p!; ineiit .,:' the la i.e. j
syiianiti. !br I'll ' 1 ciiryiiav e ap., ei;. ,
of sev-.-nly-live Iocs of .-. al eud r,- !
ty-iolll co'-ds of Weed would Pi 1 ; ;
mi Uern till' r uauiit s -vcj or i
I! V.'oU'mI. jv. Ar. ii..-!. b" raosv iu' "
iiiu- lo ei.-e a i h. n t corn -.rati'. , t
shov. in.'.,- il.e din. -sii a t f th.. 1-.
: y l iiuia an 1 'n. 4; i e.i ; ; a ; .
la;:, r th- lai a. . : ra.ii. p fl, ....
tiiat wae sin. I ;,i 'l ab'v i .
he lu.iil:
I. mail i: i
V.'t.l. i- line :
I'.hlll ii
I " aet'it. it! nut '.
Hr. l.ll i.J
i I
. a
Toll. i
I.. :.-.! :i .
I'- ti ' h - : . i
l'-pih ' r .
il a., dtt ."i i ... ;
si a, . ,1 :! ::a,e : ,
'l.ltett'e -tJ-'l
Wiih consider .l.Iy l.-a; nrea aa ' w ith I
a iii:ii":l.i tie-.t. h; r:ict l'-:i iu itr
liiiibius. ill" ne e slip. i. ill cany f'lby I
.r niiieh as la r aueietit rieal. for it one
Imi'ii'-siide lor : he f :r. a I )ii: r m !
i 1 : 1 1 i the ; .mis el' .si".- Yoi-1: a.ul iiil- :
adelphhi loaded to t;; r v...-r Ih-. I
J-'i nn-y!Viiid:i h ot I " a .-. ia
ll:;il:-r Hie II .-',v Inal'l. "iaill l,:"a d
nt'. r '- r. i.tfl as u :t , ,;; ai;-. i...i !
it is i . . a t. d I , a, t lil I't :-i : , . , ,,.' -. . j
( U!f-"P .: I ia ,'l '." ! ' t I ' 'a- ;, e . ,
. .' ''It:!. I ,'i:a. at'. " "i i a "a ,
I ...!'
;' a ' ; ( .1,
1 a a; at- .".! a 1 e
II ' 1 . I'S-!" t
.'' t .--I ; an I ; ae
I ft,." t lie ' 1,
;a. u. Ii I!' r
tl if ' Ii
I p
I1'" i,"
ro e ",
P. ia - e
.".'. '.,i ot a :,-t -"i
.i t r.i;.l !::. ';. r -A i.
't'i' a i e i.n.i iu u i i i e
1 - It - tl r.ia t..).i. lm lir" . a",
pi ven lo ' '.a a. "."a f- :
mrtspt are -, ',- ", .. ell f,
I ! -j- - t "ft 1 1'i'V; 1 ::e mi: i,
II a-tt-t a:-" t Pull i ly a,: ,
i'-ils l: O b" li" ,1 I i 111 . a .
Hie ,"', , ote ti u. :, .;:. r- t a. iv a 1
. " '"f j';.' .- - f'' I' l.
i f la ' "". if ' I""' . . : ,' io 'a : o -.-,.-'
- il: will '! I'.I " h r I- " :
iil-id- ui 1- ..;-ti.--M' .: ' a.:i!''"-. .",.:. '!
I.,' or at e . a
'.'h. alio,
st:u I; i" al
mil a t'ttt
.I.a d iu
t. u. l!l.'.-e .1," a i .'.!.'.. ;!! ,'. ' '.
liuve a i.'!ieli,iil for "l"'.e-. 1". .a!
I lUi 'a" ' i. ft '. i". '::iss 111 d- i ;e, " a-
nitv iu th: i .
!ii ii.el:' oa t i le -' iae. a t'-- : .'-
ft. Vi 1 : i blti d-. d 1, , IU J i . : . -
coll li .'.it-ti-ai:: f 'r ' ' i'i ' iaij:;i t
s, t,e !;-.. l'i In -li e i .,! i -,' Pi
I.'-H' in the 1 1; led i .i in. the i 1 tl !- e.
re: iitiiie- y.K pie !.';'.! a .1 '- i
tov 'i. The i aiiios tit e sr..,,..,. , i:,' i
l-ie lo.-ip. ft p.wiili'iv. saloon a: !;U"l!fole del ;.
Il is So d.esi' I 'd (tint a puriiuti of 'e.e
third cabin, orate aye, ;s -.- il
be berthed on tl"- main ;. !. v.i.d" Hie
ri-iiiaitub r an- ; cut al i v. tee i:;a r
deck, umii! diioi''. Th" sec n,l class it : '
plac d In the :i'"t i' 'tart of the '.int. r
deck. Fiist i In '-.--. pas: ' ntr i-t' rti:'-.-nuinis
are situated p. illy on the sal i:i
d"i k find o" I'v ii'V'.iu : declt. whi'e a
f"W first i 'a s i eebit!-". tow! lie;- villi
th" saloon, will he found on the p. u-.a a
ad ib ' l:.
In the larp-e slraclure erect"d mi C'"
saloon dec'f. in th" forv.nrd pr-t, will I
found the first cabin dlniiu; F.iloon, wl'li
a KelitinR cnmiclty of IL'"i t'ei-ein. Th!
saloon Is lacrd one ilrcli hlrher t'."n
on nil bitli-rto cotistmcted rre-ular
liners. The r.fti r fift of this sin tn?-
Is litteJ up na a rnmkini; room atnl w.ll
Feat forty-five nerrrons. Tne cubi'-n'
area of all the rooms is greater than
: 0:1 tlie rxprp":'
inry:v:.;i!:i Is no'.da
i,i sen', d w ith the
i.iie.p ft ah j-rc: t cir
C !"'.' 1 '.'..e.i .,' roi my, 1 iuio orinble ue
e : i,iio:l.':;, i,e i'"i- a oyaoi; kuiling' nine
ti.i'. M 'i.e.. l..,rl (,, p ,,'t.
'; 11 u:-..a '-t at'n ntiea lan- l,tcn ptven
lo tin P.iti.r .- u o:,-;u ventilu tion.
l'"':il ',' p.t;seii';t'!'s
itiil b - ae at. .u.n, i!', U'd ill corutiai'tments
!"ir:..i a ,:' d o-.- tu l.. id,.t' 11 jieople each.
r.tiii t :1 0:1 (he ii .e r deck, while the
remaiiiimr -"J v.ifl be pluefd on the
I'Miii du k.
Th. ;e will h-a !-e roimd an an .-.n.-,o-".".'t
;iot Iiliheriu fa-.-rl.'d out ihe tetiil
n'.si uc.i .,. ).;; In rrl.s In the dining
r via. This .'it lie a ;rri r.t hr;'i-ovei:ie;u
r: ' '!a"a acv. ia! huadrcd 11.
v i-.o.i a and ! 1 i 1 . 1 :l .-at, ;-e, and tjv..
i'l 1. p.- ci"a.'.e;:: " i:t Cv re v.-1.!! :.:!!. rally
I e Cle .im! . .! I i !:-.,-. -'!', eilbie asati :,s,
lids :a",v ii.v.'i liir- d, ! arrti.c v. ill be
la .a li a. p, , i.a 'I.
N!erv VuM liv n liriL.'it !tv.:eiii:L' of a
SiOoal : --arie:-.i-e.
i''"-.-" 'V i'('l,i :!.-. :;.'?.
.oe -: .'..ell.l ,', .... U. ,.;.,.);,- ."V,,nu"
'I' il- l:-y ! :. i i ' ' i le.i'uir- !ii.i'"a"
i '.uepany. lias It iil the allolmeat
f I 1 1 m i y ., ;p i'i "a,- . di:ri.. In r : t i ,e
cu. er. , naai. x of tile e mij any were
e'.-ees. ia la" V. dl! her ill the' Ap in
! ;' ' loom, .. .1, i.i.i..-. ai. I the v. i'!i
a sli ,.;. ;,;,. , , a-i ;,j ; , !,i'on;;iit
on: an .: am lie,' mi ideai H Mil ai las
Who,. "I ,. i!lt, a i.nin.irab'e
; it it,1.; iiio in S aa.-.ii h." ...,id :-h.. "Il
v. !. ay im:.l y, ,;t. ;111d I
v.e.a ,; i ; . : - a;, i ; i li : mu u-, t part mail
K i.-ii c: !. . i . i - ". i, ar ftay al
'llintu!', IP'.1" W'e.e .. ; ir-a in ; t'Oov,'
j :iu:i.,i .. t'i er..-; ., ,.
I i"r !
loon, lit
; .r. ;'. diver
Mo ;-. : , it.,
j ;; '''; '"' 1
; , ',','.' ',': .. '
i d ;.'.. . :;,
i mt: ,1:1;. .; ale.
' l" ah "
i l; p ,i t i i'" '
; '..up ,,. ;
'I itil.-
1. 'tie
-1 .
-, a,' I lb ' ou!.
;'.'!' a la a e as
e.ei t t j i -t C
l'i:l. however.
.Itl-e-le'O Willi
', p,. ,i ,.
U1 ;
I i a. o t!"
el'l 'l tulil
o:;ty -Cle
t ''
o tea la, 't 1
! e.'t. ate
I "" '
I alwa;. I .
i I M. up - seiiaii-ly oti my
. Ha.-. :.. :". ia t.-ili-.n i, is
eo j. I a la. i' leatl,! t 'lej' ft
i'I'I by t a- I iilte I v.'-l t tu
ale! oi t ..f hysf.'ics, 1. was
o i:"M. doe;,:',' p,aiehed
..-it a U"
the !)..!'
a : ij ai ;
" ;
! ' '
II" I e .i l e , ,,.,l, out Ihe hol'l !.
In a.., i I., t.e.eil. a. el as 1 Iu d to
i 1 1 : i :
y thai p' -ul. I was in Uienieil as
I wl! a" piiysi.'.d il :, . ii y . liowtver, I
j H.'i l,'"d t" o.i or die. and adc ipi as
h. : -t I i u 1 1 . i . My apo :i'-aiu caused
v. ;io 1 deal of I"-.; a! r. Nearly t vei y
j one ia He att.ii. "a ;tad heard of i:-
rob I , i r.t't". and !: doctor l.ll i patched
il'" im v.. in tile II' -M i , e.v. i ii h a
la...,, i ; ail, on hie. .-i-e. I don't l'ii".';
! ea.'.i ae '.' lp-'i-d Hu- ; iay -a Ion:: ! I
I ,-a.i on iip. iat-e. ! u: ta I'm of il
: la n I ie.-. ''! a e.-: laei
1 I
lot ; : ;,' ; ii to me' of ll." o'li r i harae-
t, i: i 1 1 '.;; at; him to a en .: i.i
i.iea.-e. it v.,e.i,i up -r,li ".la' folow
j-.iic i'.'.-c tl'.e : -1 ' i' ti " vay." Ti.e
ae,'; 'a.-, e : i.. se t',.:ae euaii. etioa
1 i ,, e n I'ie ;,"e I a "' i,f-.,, ua u di:-
ie. : ' 1 , . u e; i . i e i'. el !" tivle.l nil ': "i.e.'
(!' e. ,i ai..-t, is. ",':: ;i I . at to ia .'
la.: i a" I -i- 1 all .il'.al. latt il matle
n.y :.. - ti'-a-:.!,:." a, Med :.i,ss Whi! e
1 I'.t.l
; See ins Paul
i V
. 1 . . - :.,. I
Cat cue Hkc it fror-t
yiiir ir-ti-jai' aiid it
- -, --- i .
WA'.V: A :V.
Voi; v.'i'il li'.e it, l !.! you won'
ii' iiuiluioiio. Avoid I'lem.
: . iz.
J. . iue'tlif;.
p fiz'y;-! fun
! f i
,:Viwannn -'?.
sir.' i::r r-.-r.-.-te-r:::
Kti ; n t 'j lie i't .:
i ' :.Ui d t.i en:-.. .-eii
'T. . bi'l t ' en,
Q AAjyj
T'" 1 I ."t'r,i 7 i" T''i VT"' rvr'f i r,"'lrr
Ji r
13 05 y,-y
CC9 Spruce Strest.
A A An AyA
i .:.- f - : ' -
f - -. "-,' '.' ..." ..,.'
,-'..!' ,1. A oV,, .. P: :. i. ,.' f.
j.;';Lri:'''-:i -' -- :- . "v:..
I-or bo'o by JOHN H. (-hbLI-tj, t -
Sprues Street, Scranton,
ilil! Hi ; '
3! m
! '
Mas bcrn r-edlctcil all tlirnuxh the
.'tasun just pant. THIS IS THU WAV
'97 Prlca,
S1 15.03
UMk, S1ID.D0
Tciiiis!, 11Z0O
125.00 150.03
l'ricc.--. socp.t lii.uh, hit! tlun van
i.iiov,' it's m.vBi:!: quality,"
515 Lilian S3l.
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