The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, July 25, 1896, Page 12, Image 12

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rRftdera will pleat net mat adtartlsa.
merits, orders for Job work, and Mnai fr
publication left at tha establishment ot
shannon Co., newsdealers. North Main
atrect, will receive prompt attention;, of
flea open from I a. m. to 10 p. m.
The Hondrirk Manufacturing Com
pany to Make Bicycle Spoke.
The manufacture of bicycle spoken
will be another Industry which the
Hemlrlck Manufacturing company will
enKuxe In, and as the article made by
them possesses many merits it will
undoubtedly be In great demand.
The metal used in the spokes is tha
patented metal used in the Pendleton
Dobbin works. The Pendleton company
have control of this article and its qual
ities especially adapt it for use In bi
cycles, one great advantage Is that al
though the metal is bright and pre
sents much the same appearance as
Dickie plate, yet It will not rust no
matter how much It Is left In the wet.
This, therefore, will be a boon to rid
ers who have to devote much time In
keeping their wheels In good shape.
When once fairly Introduced the spokes
should meet with ready sale.
Will be Opened at Simpson on .Hon
day Morning.
The fittings necessary for the new
poHtofTice at Simpson have arrived. The
place will be formally opened to the pub
lic Monday morning. Postmaster. Hoyt
has been busy making preparations
for the olllce which will be in the store
of Simpson & Watklns. '
A mall pouch will be sent from this
city each day on the 11.34 Ontario and
Western road, and will be returned on
the 2.114 p. m. train. Should the busi
ness require it, more pouches will be
put on and the mull sent by the siren
The opening of the office will be a
Kieat convenience to ptople residing tn
the district. Heretofore the mall could
only be gut by coming to this city,
which caused a great deul of trouble.
The people uiv now happy.
To Ituii 1,000 Miles.
A race of 1.000 miles against time Is
ivbat u certain man in town Is trying
to arrange. He proposes to secure An
thracite park, and will endeavor to
make the distance In 1,000 hours. This
will be a little over forty-one days, and
he thinks that by walking a mile each
hour he can do the distance in the
time required. Katlng and sleeping will
lie done In the spate time in each hour.
Polniidcr Hurt.
John Landresh. a Polander who re
sides on upper Melmont, met with a
pnltiful accident while at his work yes
terday morning. He was caught be
tween two coal cars at the Delaware
and Hudson pockets, and his right arm
was crushed In a terrible manner. Dr.
Bailey is attending to the injured man.
Mrs. Peola mutron at the station
house, is confined to her bed by sick
ness, and It is feured that an operation
will be necessary to relieve her.
The Sunday school of the Methodist
church of this city will join with those
from Honesdale and Jermyn on an ex
cursion to Farvlew Aug. 13. Music will
be furnished by the Honesdale Cornet
band and Jermyn Temperance b.and.
Workmen are now engaged In placing
the new Ice machine in position at
Krantz's brewery. A powerful pump
for the purpose of forcing water out of
an artesian well has been put in also.
Mrs. Anthony Henlgan, of Scranton,
Is visiting friends in this city.
James Coughtry, of Albany, is visit
ing friends In this city,
Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Boton have b
gun housekeeping in the apartments
Of ill health, (U'spondoncy ami despair,
gives wuy to the sunshine of hope,
happiness anil health, upon taking
Hood's Sarsaparilla, because it gives
renewed life and vitality to the blood,
mid through that imparts
nerve streu Jt gth, vigor
and encrgv CJJ to the whole
bodv. Read iFlf 11 this letter:
"lioodsSar VSHefr s a pi r ilia
he 1 pod me wonderfully,
changed sickness to health, gloom to sun
shine. No pen can describe what I suf
fered. I was deathly sick, had tick head
aches every few days and those terrible
tired, despondent feelings, with heart
troubles so that 1 could not go up and
down stiin without clasping my hand
over my heart and resting. In fact, it
would almost take my breath away. I suf
fered to I did not care to live, yet I had
much to live for. There Is no pleasure in
life if deprived of health, for life become
burden. Hood's Sarsaparilla does far
more than advertised. After taking one
bottle, it is sufficient to recommend
Itself." Mrs. J. E. Smith, Beloit, Iowa.
Is the One True Blood Purifier. All druggists. $1.
Prepared only by C. I. Mood It Co., Lowell, Mass.
u rtiti - cure all liver Ills, bilious-
UUUU 3 fills uess. ueadacue.
Carpet Remnant!) and Odd
Pieces ut Less Than Cost.
See Our Show Windows for
Wall Papers
Odd Lots at One-Half Price
to Close ofit. Now In the
t time to buy, as we have some
very desirable lots left.
- Carpets and Will Paper Dealer.
on North Main street over Evans' tail
oring establishment.
Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Prankel and
daughter. Edith, of New Tork, are the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. S. Singer.
Miss Martha Singer has returned
from a two weeks' stay at Nineveh,
N. Y.
Mrs. Fayette Wa sh, of South Church
street, will leave today for an extended
visit at Brooklyn, N. Y and Rockaway
Miss Margaret and Adelaide O'Brien,
of Pittston, are the guests of Miss Mary
Rev. B. E. O'Bryne, of Honesdale,
was visiting in this city yesterday.
Miss Mattle Klock. ot Elmlra, Is the
guest ot Miss Teresa Durkln, of Scott
John O'Brien, of Oneonta, formerly
of this city. Is visiting friends in town.
Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Wilcox, of Great
Bend, who have been the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. A. C. Purble, have returned
Miss Alice Rashlelgh attended a
party in Hyde Park Thursday night,
given by Miss Lettie Doyle.
Miss Mollle Day, of Wllkes-Barre, is
the guest ot her cousin. Miss Sarah
Grady, of Pike street
A party consisting of the following
young men will leave next Monday for
a two weeks' outing at Crystal Lake:
Moore Crago, Scranton: Theodore Mor
gan, A. F. Birkett, A. L. Blrkett, Wy
land Gregory and L. Abbott.
Miss May Merritt, of Terrace street.
Is confined to her home by sickness.
Miss Alice Rellly, of Pittston, has re
turned home after several days' visit
with friends In town.
Miss Lizzie Lyden, who has been vis
iting in Wilkes-Barre tor some time,
has returned home.
Miss Mary Dugan, of Brooklyn street,
has returned after a few weeks' visit
with friends in Archbald.
John Brown left yesterday for Jer
sey City, where he will Join Mrs. Brciwu,
who is visiting her sister, Mrs. J. J.
Kev. John Mary, of Canada, has been
a guest at St. Rose rectory for the past
few days.
The Pittston relief fund has reached
the neighborhood of four hundred dol
lurs. Rev. J. J. Griffin, of St. Rose
parish, sent in a cheek for $10 yesterdav
and the receipts of the benefit concert
bring the amount to $;)91.65.
Mr. George Love, of Brooklyn, N. Y.,
and his niece. Miss Margaret Lov?,
were today calling upon friends In this
city. They were former residents of
this city, and are now Visiting at Ben
ton, where they returned last evening.
Services as usual in the Methodist
Episcopal church tomorrow. Preach
ing by (he pastor, Rev. S. C. Simpklns,
at 10.30 a. in. and 7.30 p. m. Sunday
school at 2.30. Enworth league ot 8.30.
p. m. Theme for morning sermon,
"Man Sheltered Beneath God's Wings:"
evening, "Fixing Responsibility Where
It Belongs." Sermons especially for the
young people. Everybody will receive
a cordial welcome.
Rev. W. L. Thorpe, presiding elder of
the Honesdule district, visited at the
patsonage of the Methodist Episcopal
church yesterday.
Rev. W. L. Thorpe, in company with
Rev. S. C. Simpkins, went to Franklin
Valley lust evening to look after the
interests of that church.
The singing In the Methodist Episco
pal church last Sunday evening was
splendid. The church has presented
each member of the choir with a new
anthem book. That's right. Show your
appreciation by your works.
What's the matter,wlth having a po
liceman stationed down In front of the
Methodist Episcopal church on Sunday
evenings to look after the gentlemen
und ladies who seem to think there is
no law governing the borough. The
services are quite often disturbed by
the hideous yells and cursing and
screeching, and after services are
closed the streets are almost impass
able because of the crowds that stand
along the street and will not allow the
church-going people to pass. Is there
not some way to remedy this?
Miss Bertha Reynolds, of the West
End, returned home last Wednesday
evening after spending two weeks vis
iting at Factoryvllle.
Mr. and Mrs. George Bell, Mr. and
Mrs. Floyd Grlener, Mr, and Mrs. Wil
liam Frear. Mr. and Ms. Frank Ben
scouter, Mrs. Jennie Frear and Mrs.
Joseph Bell returned yesterday after a
ten days' outing at Lake Sheridan.
Last Thursday evening a public en
tertainment was held in the Ledyard
hail for the purpose of presenting Mine
Superintendent Salboth Williams, of the
Blue Ridge Coal company, with a sur
veyor's transient, which was given him
by the COO employes of the mine. Mr.
Williams has been inside foreman for
the punt three years and on the first of
July he was promoted to the position
ot assistant superintendent of seven
collieries under Dr. Rice. The enter
tainment consisted of solos and duets
which were furnished by local talent
and several out of town parties. The
instrument was of the latest improved
pattern and cost one hundred and forty
dollars. Harry Simpson, the outside
foreman of the Blue Ridge, presented
the Instrument to Mr. Williams with a
few remarks expressing the high esteem
he was held In by the employes. Mr.
Williams responded and thanked them
all very kindly.
Miss Belle Wallace Is spending a few
weeks with relatives in Susquehanna
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kay have re
turned home after an extensive visit
with relatives at York state.
Services at the Baptist church tomor
row. Preaching by the pastor In the
morning at 10.30, subject. "Reasons for
Christians to Rejoice;" Sunday school,
2.30; evening service, at 7.30, subject,
Rev. Peter Roberts, of Olyphant, was
a caller in town last Thursday even
ing. The Misses Jennie and Margaret Wil
liams entertained a trolley party from
Providence at their home on South Main
street Thursday evening. The party
was composed of the following: The
Misses Carrie and Emma Huff. Lizzie
Williams, Tompkins, Wells, and Shaf
er, and the Messrs. James and John
Drown, Walter Stanton, Richard
Thomas, Harry Huff, and Mr. Gee, all
of Providence; also Miss Stella Weld
man and Joseph Reese, of Peckville,
and Master Afred Wllllama.ofOlyphant.
A very enjoyable evening was spent In
games and other amusements until 11.30
oclock when all partook of a very boun
teous supper served by the Misses Wil
liams, after which the party left on
the 12 o'clock car for home.
. What's the matter iwith stretching a
rope. down by the gravity crossing and
charging admission to the horse rac
ing which takes place on our Main
street on Sunday. f - j ;
Mrs. Jane Wheeler, of Tompklnsvlll?.
is visiting relatives here.
Messrs. Harry Austin and Wlllard
Cole, of Mont Clair, N. J., spent several
days with friends here.
Electric Star lodge of the Independent
Order of Odd Fellows will confer tha
second degree on Saturday 'evening
Haydn Austin spent Sunday with h:s
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B, Austin.
Hiram Zimmerman, of Altlmount. Is
visiting friends here.
Miss Llnle Luker visited her friends
here a few days since returning to her
home in Scranton Sunday afternoon.
Mr. T. W. Pentecost Is making ex
tensive Improvements on his dwelling.
Mrs. Mae Bennett and daughter,
Lena, returned to her home in Newark,
N. J., on Tuesday last.
Llsile Trace is now home and will
spend her vacation here.
Miss Edith Wilson and Clara Covey
returned from a visit among friends in
Scranton on Tuesday.
Mrs. Abram Singer, of Scranton, is
visiting at Mr. Andrew Singer's.
Rev. J. O. Evans, of Vandllng, will
be the leader at the Young Men's Chris
tian association meeting tomorrow af
ternoon at 3.30 tn Odd Fellows' hall.
"The Peril and Power of Ambition" will
be the subject.
The first quarterly meeting of the
Susquehanna County Medical society
will be held at the Central house In
Great Bend Tuesday, Aug. 4, at 10
o'clock. An Interesting programme has
been prepared.
The Susquehanna County Veteran as
sociation will hold its annual encamp
ment in Montrose Aug, 19, 20 and 21.
There will not be any preaching ser
vices in the Methodist church tomor
row. It is said that the army worm shows
good sense in one direction they will
not touch tobacco.
The annual gathering of the Jeffers,
Loomis and Titus families will occur
on Wednesday, Aug. 19, at the residence
of O. D. Roberts, in Hopbottom.
W. L. McMillan, of Nicholson, was
looking after his Insurance Interests in
this place yesterday.
President John McDonald, of the bor
ough council, will nerve on the grand
Jury In Montrose next week.
Postmaster John Connolly, of Star
ruca, was a pleasant visitor to this bor
ough yesterday.
Miss Ada Dennis, of Montrose.
opera house last evening.
Rattlesnakes are quite numerous in
this vicinity, several having been killed
up to date.
Mrs. D. B. Replogle and child, ot
Scranton, are visiting at S. V. Trum
bull's. John V. LeRoy and wife, of Forest
City, are visiting his parents in the
JS. E. Payns family, of Wilkes-Barre,
are occupying their cottage at Loch
.Mrs. D. W. Knapp, of Detroit, Mich.,
is calling on friends in town.
Miss Florence Summers, of Syracuse,
N. Y.. is visiting at the home of Mrs.
L. G. McCollum.
The annual gathering of the Jeffers,
Loomis and Titus families will occur
on Wednesday, Aug. 19, at the residence
of O. D. Roberts, in Hopbottom.
The Thayer family reunion will be
held on Thursday, Aug. 13, at toss park,
Binghamton, N. Y.
Merle Shelp and Fred Badger are
camping at Upper lake.
A private hop was enjoyed at the
opera house last evening.
Mrs. Dr. Hakes, of Earlville, N. Y.,
is visiting in town.
W. B. Phlnney, of the Eagle, rode his
bike from Halstead to this pluce Thurs-
E HAVE TOO MANY Hen's Fine Shoes in stock and we must sell them
at once to make room for Fall Goods. You may be worth millions
of dollars and still have use for your money. Economy is a quality
well worth preserving. There is no use of your paying from $ 1 .00
to $2.00 more for your Shoes elsewhere, when you can buy them
from us for less. Big Bargain Facts Require but Little Talk. We
Will Turn Them Into Gold. Our stock of Stacy, Adams & Co.'s
Hen's Shoes, except Patent Leather, must be sold. We prefer to
count dollars rather than Shoes.
72 pairs of Stacy, Adams & Co.'s Hen's Fine Calf Shoes, regular price
the world over $5.00, Our Special Price, $3.00
62 -pairs of Stacy, Adams & Co.'s Men's $4.00 Calf Shoes, canvass
and lace, Reduced to $2.50
75 pairs of Hen's Fine Calf Hand-Sewed Shoes, regular price $3.50,
Reduced to $2.50
125 pairs of Hen's Calf Hand-Sewed Shoes, Congress and lace, regu
lar price $3.00, Reduced to $2.00
200 pairs of Hen's Calf, Goodyear welt, Shoes, sold all over the
world for $2.50, Our Special Price, $1.69-
Men's Dress Shoes, only 89c,; Men's Heavy Shoes, Congress and lace, 88c;
Men's Russet Shoes, $1.00.; Boys' Dress Shoes, only 89c,; Boys' Heavy
Shoes, 83c; Youths' Dress Shoes, 85c; Youths' Heavy Shoes, only 75c;
Ladies' Shoes, only a few of thein, at 70c; Misses' Fine Shoes, 65c;
Child's Shoes, 5 to 8, wedge heel, only 43c.
The above are only a few of our great bargains. We invite comparison and defy
competition. You will simply throw away money if you buy shoes elsewhere. Remem
ber, all our Shoes are of the best makes and we guarantee every pair, and if you are dissat
isfied bring them back and we will refund your money. We have only one price to all.
Absolutely Pure
day In exactly sixty minutes. He is
the heaviest bicycle rider tn this end of
the state.
Dr. Knapp, of West Pittston, was
calling on friends on Thursday.
Henry Garbutt Is confined to his home
by rheumatism.
Miss Lennle Owens, of New York, Is
visiting at the livme of Mrs. Bynon.
Evan Pickrell and L. Shotwell, two of
our enterprisng young men have opened
an Ice cream parlor next door to Drake
& Stewart's store. They will sell Wil
liams's cream.
Thomas Faraday's Crackers and
Thomas Plckrell's Base Stealers played
a very Interesting game on Thursday.
The game by innings was:
Crackers 2 0 0 1 0 0 5 816
Base Stealers 0 0 0 3 0 0 3 3 It
John Courtrlght, of Clark's Green,
was a caller In town yesterday.
L. A. Bingham, of Binghamton, Is
spending a few days In town.
Mr. and Mrs. W, E. Lord and son,
Glenn, spent a few days at Hart Lake
the fore part of the week.
Mrs. N. L. Walker has returned home
from New York state, where she has
been having her eyes treated, slightly
Rev. F. E. Adams, pastor ot the Unl
versalist church, Is now having his
usual vacation. Preaching services
will be discontinued until the last week
in August.
Members of Washington camp, No.
174, Patriotic Order Sons of America,
will ussemble at their hall on Main
street to attend the funeral of Brother
Clark Knapp, deceased, on Sunday at
12.30 p. m.
MIks Edith Winters, of Nioat, Mont
gomery county, was visiting friends in
town yesterday.
S. F. Price was a caller In Scranton
If the llaby Is Cutting Teeth.
Mrs. Wlnslow':. Soothing Symp hat
been used for over Fifty Years by Mil
j:.ins of Mother) for t.elr Children
while Teething, with Perfect Success,
It Soothes the Child, Softens tha Gums,
.'.Hays ail Pain; Cures Wind Collo and
Is the best remody for Diarrhoea. Sold
by Druggt&ts In every part of the world,
Be sure and ask tor "Mrs. Wlnslow1!
Soothing Syrup," and take no other
Kind. - Twenty-five cents a bottle.
Lackawanna Ave.
Greatest Bargains ever given In Scranton. We have an immense
assortment of short lengths in every grade; desirable patterns, too, the result
of a good spring trade, and we have decided to close them out at about Half
rrlce. Bring the measure of your rooms and we will surprise you very
agreeably with the handsome carpets you can purchase for a small outlay.
For example, we quote best grade Body Brussels: BlgelOW, WIlItlHll. Low
eil and Wen EcllO, $1.00, formerly $1.25; other makes of Body Brussels,
wc, formerly jtiS; Velvets, 75c. and 65c formerly $1.00 and 85C. All
other srades at proportionately low prices.
An examination of our stock will convince yon that an investment D0W
will save you money, if purchased only for future use.
S. G. KERI),
Opposite Main Entrance
to the Wyoming How.
Branch at Carbonda
Locomotives, Stationary Engines, Boilers,
llftlATiaiA lain nii..n..T. .A?......... ' '
Lutoiinu k.u warm MAiHlNtHT.
un t
Window Screens,
Screen Doors,
Garden Hose,
Lawn Sprinklers,
Water Coolers,
Ice Cream Freezers,
Oil Stoves,
Gas Stoves,
Lam Hovers.
We have the stock and
assortment You need
tbcm now, if ever. Liberal
discount for cash on all
seasonable goods.
What Sarah Bernhard say
1 9
holds from the honest promiser. The man who pays us
cash for his Clothes pays just as much as the one whom we
accommodate with credit. Clothiers generally are all aiming
for your patronage, but the clothier who treats you fairest
and makes you feel that your money is well spent, is the one
who will get it. We are trying our best to win your trade
by giving you the greatest Clothes values to be had and giv
ing you credit when you need it.
1 om
2 lc&SiZZJ
I53! Cdlt U
408 Lackawanna Avenue
Oencral Ottlcw SCRANTON, PA.
Jewelers and Silversmiths,
130 Wyoming Are.
Jewelers and Silversmiths,
,1001 POWDER CO.,
Electrio Batteries, Etectrlo Eiploder. for
plodlng blasts, Seietjr Fuse, and
Repauo Chemical Cft's
In this world who "cry
down" credit one doesn't
need it the other has been
denied it. Don't listen to the
ghost stories either tell. Our
System isn't built on (lie ac
commodation plan. It grants
cash no privileges it with
! 225,227 AMD 218