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Hosiery and
It la a vi-i y unusual thing to Hud
I he very pick of high graile Ho
slery unit liiderwear offered at such
prices us tin; following, before tlie
Season lilts et leached ltd height,
but We have our uw n reasons for he
114: willing to make u big sucrliice
uud us buyers gel Hie benefit,
nothing liirthi-r heed lie said, except
that every Item ottered l perfect
and the goods are guaranteed ill
iiuullty Just the same us II we got
the regular prices tor them. ,
The famous Hard Wear brand. In
all sixes, extra heavy, absolutely
stainless. Alwuys -Ui .
Special Prlct;, 2 ior 25c
CMlto's Hosiery
All sizes, double knees, toe.-i una
heels, fast black, and the most dur
able thing on the market. Our fam
ous 'Jjc. special iiualtly.
Special Price, 21c.
l'ull seamless make, fust black, liqu
id J2ac. ijuallty.
Special Price, 9c.
Our well-known iac. quality of
Hcrmsdorf Dyed Hosiery, full fash
ioned throughout and the best (pun
ier dollar hosiery on the market.
Special Price, Jc.
Our leader In high grade Hosiery,
the 37Ms-'. quality, that is l'ainuus
throughout the valley. A Quality us
good as must of the 50c. Hosiery
sold. These have high spliced heels,
double soles, and are full regular
make at every point.
Special Price, 27c.
High Clnss Hosiery, three pairs to a
box, full regular made, right sum
mer weight, and the best quality
we have ever seen at three pairs for
a dullar.
Special Price, 79c.
811k Vests, excellent 75c. iinnltty, nil
sizes, elegant goods, beautifully fin
ished. Special Price, 50c.
White or Eeru Ribbed Vests, our
best 2i!e. quality, nicely trimmed,
any Blze.
Special Price, 19c.
White or Ecru Vests.capltal qunlity,
all Rices.
Ills Sale Contiiues !m
und the prices quoted will positively
not to be maintained after the time
Ai Extra Special Vawe
" 15c.
Dave -Martin Gives His Opinion on
Mdiinlcv's Chances.
Havid Thiol s Thnt Mr. Mckiiilev Will
Carry Krcrythinc-Chnuiiecy Fillcv
Still I'.oss in .Missouri-Other
Political Points.
Philadelphia. May 13 -There s re
e..htl irn it U in New York un Inter
view with Uuvtd Martin, the Kepubll
enn leader tit Philadelphia ui.U Senator
July's principal opponent here til pol
itics, in t,lch Mr Martin was credit
ed with sulug that 21 members of
Pennsylvania s dele-gallon to tit Louis
Would vole fo.- Mi ktiih) uli tin' first Inune-diutely after tin' publicu
tioi. of thu interview Senator Ouay sent
a circular telegram to all but tuiir mem
bers of the delegation asking theln w hut
id ilr position whs.
Aii. Aluiliu auk usked today In leRarJ
to the Interview ucCteUiled to him
"Why." hi. said "whatever piualo
vt.'.vs I eut.ltutli ud to the llUllibel of
Vote Mr Ouay Would receive or I In
number Mi. McKti.liy Would receive. I
W ould keep to iu sell' I am not In lln
hahll of giving things newspaper
publicity and I muni Pen to be e.veuned
from being held responsible (or what
ever New York newspapers quote me
as saying In this connection. However,
Inasmuch as .Mr I'uaV creditu me with
hawi.g given 27 votes to .MtKinlej. I
will go farther and sa that McKlnP y
will, in in v opinion, yet the Vote of the
entile Pennsylvania delegation und on
(he lust ballot, ut that Beture (lie
nrsl ballot Is nearly over there Will be
no other candidate befole the convch
tiouaud 1 won't be sui prised if McKln
ley be nominated by acclamation."
St Joseph. Mo.. May IS. The Ite
publii an state convention did not ad
journ until l )H o'clock this morning.
The con clillon was In some respects
the noisiest and most troublesome ever
held In the slate, but at its close Chuun
ccy I. p'lll.-y. of St. l.nuls, ill held the
rein. The delegates at huge to the St
Louis convention are flmuiiciy I. Kil-
ley, of St. Louis; ex-v'otigressinaii t' !
Nltdi Imrhuus. of St. Louis; Major
William Warner, of Kansas Oit, and J.
II. liothwcll. of Sedalla. The alter
nates are li.M'd I J U 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . of LiUI lef couil
t ; I'hai Us K. Uullen Kuuip, of Ki uuk
lin; II. It. Williams, of Greene, and
I'harlcs K 'ovlngtoii. of Hike. Major
Warner withdrew Ills name, but was
the last delegate chosen.
The convention re elected Chuuiiccy
I. Filley chairman of the iilute central
committee, uud passed a resorullori tu
.'ciing him as meiuber uf the national
Id publican committee, to succeed It.
i". Kerens, his opponent In the j'Onveii
lion. A platform was adopted iustt'iicllng
the delegates to vote for McKltiley, de-,
mainline- a return to the principles of
prod cllon and reciprocity, and contain
ing the tallowing tinanclul plank:
WcHti- linn and inpliallc In uar lUiuuinl
lor tniiiiM inoiioy. We beln-ve tlmi our
money shoiibl not be interior to the iuo.iy
if the niosi ehllgliti-iii d nations ol th ;
iii'th. iare unalterably opposed lo any
: dli hie tllllt tlll'ealellM to debase or to de.
predate our eurr"in y. We tavor liie use
ol' silver us ciuTcllcy. but lo llie eXtelil
only uuil amler such regulations that its
parity allh the pt et'eiit gulil stundur I can
be maintained, and, in ronseqiience. .ve I
al..- opposcil to I tie flee, unlimited and ill- I
il.oieiii.lent coinage of stiver al a rutin ol It;
tr, 1
Sacramento, Cal.. .May 111. --'1 he I'opii
11st state convention met bete here
yesterday lo elect delegates to the na
tional convention. The platform fa
vors woman suffrage, government own
ership of the r'ueinc railroads, demands
11. at liie sale of government bonds shall
cease. The free coinage of silver, the
repeal of the national hank act. the es
tablishment of postal savings banks
and an income tax are demanded.
W at in l ight Occurs over the Adoption of
epnit Helming to lloptlstn.
Cleveland, Ohio, May 13.-- In the :
Methodist general conference today
se'V.-ral chunire'S In th discipline, rec
ommended by the bishops were report
ed by the commute on revisals.
j The first Uvo sections of the report
I were adopted.
A warm light ot'cin red over the adop-
' tlnu of the third snetinn of the tviiol't
relating to Infant baptism. At the
close of tho debate the section was re
committed. The committee on episcopacy did not
report In accordance with the Instruc
tions It had received. lr. Buckley
stated that the committee as yet had
been unable to agree upon the number
of bishoiiK It would recommend to be
created, but that it would be ready to
report to the conference the first thing;
tomorrow morning, after the reuding of
the Journal. The time for the com-mitte-e
lo report was extended to that
Though the committee was unable
to report, thin much Is known of the
deliberations nt the merlin-.;:
The membeis air reed to reeomniend
the retirement of Bishop Thomas Bow
man, Bishop ft. S. Kostor. and Mission
ary Bishop William Taylor, of Afriru.
on account of their feebleness and In
ability to perform the arduous duties ol'
their positions, by reason of advanced
nge. This action will necessitate Hie
election of two regular bishops, and one
missionary blKhop.
A proposition to change the date of
mrrtlng of the general conference from
the first of May to the Hist Wednesday
in May brought out u sham debate in
j the confe'leni e. The resolution provid
j cd for the calling of the extia sessions
. of the conference upon the call of u
HuflicU'nl number and had been passed
j upon by the annual conferences, which
j hud adopted It by the necessary three -1
fourths vote. I)r Leonard objected to
! treating the inn iter us a constitutional
1 question, cluliiilug that the gunerul coti-
! fel'enr-.. h.'itl tliM. now..!1 t, rir .tu n
time of meeting Sat gent of Indians,
and Neily and Swindell, of Philadel
phia, und several otheis took the oppo
site ground and en being put to a witu.
the e'hungeS were carried in the comiti
tutlonal way by a vote of S!; to ID
Sr.muel Fetters, u War Veteran, I pun He
Coreriiia Health, Ucjccts It.
Wesl Chester. Pu., May 13. Samuel
betters, uf Kruzer, hus refused to re
ceive his pension money from the gov
ernment. The depuitmeut otiiclnls say
his case was only the second of Hie
kind which hus come under their ob
servation uliiee the war.
. Ketiers. during the vvur, contracted a
dlseuse which his physician pronounced
chronic, and he upirtled for and re
ceived a good-slaed pension. This he
drew regularly until u short time ago,
when his health bennn to improve und
tlnully he wuh completely restored to
his former vigor. Then he wrote to th
department to cease vending. the pen
sion. This) was not done and when the
next tension day came he promptly
sent tin- money back to Washlnston.
Thinking fetters was insune the de
partment tnt nil inspector to Investi
gate the case and the result is that his
name haa been laUen off tho rolls.
.1 Philadelphia Connoisseur of Ueaut
Ucu Into Prison.
Philadelphia. May 13. William Bit
ties, who keeps a livery stable at 1115
Locust street, today plended guilty to
assault und battel V on Kdith r.rowthersV
and war sentencedt o six month's in the.
county prison by Judge liidille in the
ipi.n lei sessions court.
Miss Crowthers. who Is a conn ly miss
and sa she is but l.'i ycais of uxe. tes
tiln'd that o!t Jlonday, March 2. v.inn
lilt other employes In the oliiee were
absent tiiltles cliused her arouiict the
oliice uud kissed her scvetui ttines.
That dav she left his employ and had
him arrested
in Ins own hebiilf iiiules ci.ntcn.l.'d
Hint he never did .myihiiia morf than
pat the el! I on the xh.nilder and toll
her that she was "soud looking " Judt'e
lliudle S"Veiely Ps tuied titlks und,
us a w .11111111" lo others of like tenden
c. Si ht'-'llced him to sl.x months llll
pi isonmeiil
t laiiiis for antrlnin Uoctor's Ircutincnt.
Patients Tcstifv to Cure The Medi
cine ton vcci to tho Lungs bv Inhala
tion. KlKin. 111. Ma;. M -The discovery of
ti uctt proi ess lor the cure ol consump
tion by Dr. W. Ii Sheppurd. of this
city, is a topic of cohVelsatloii. The
treatment Is based on the principle of
inlu.luUuu and exhalation, aoplled by
a device which introduce Into the dis
eased luii,! cells healing remedies. The
lush uinent is cylindilcal. about ii.-my
inches lilr.h and seen Inches In dia
meter, and contains two coiiiiuirtments.
one aboke Hie other. Ill the lower Is
the medicine, which saturates the alt
that U taken into the lungs, and In the
upper is a register for measuring the
iiuuiitltv or an taken Into and expelled
Irom the lungs.
About a hundred consumptives. It Is
suid. have been cured by the treatment.
Every case in the lir.'t stage bus been
lestored. as were in per cent, in the
second stage and about pi pel cent, of
"'' "' the last stage,
request of prominent i-tti-A-im
the mayor appointed A. H. Low l ie.
editor of the News: Colonel S. Wilcox
and Weorge S. ttoWen. president of the
Nlgln Scientific society, to visit u num
ber of the pitiellls und eXullllile thill1
condition. the commission rt.pD.tcd
that nil of the patients testified la the
most positive terms to the compute
success of the treutnientt that their
previous i pinion as to the Incurability
of consumption was dissipated, and
that they Were eonvhued that ,t.ttv-dla-c&Ec.
in its first and second Ktagcs. at
leust, hud been and could be cured.
Interesting History Kecnllcd by the bcath
of on Old VVonian.
Altoonu, f'a., Mjty la. The death of
Alia. .Mary Helfrlck at ClmmbersbuiK
recalls some liiteresilti:t history. Tn
1 si 0 her parents niili;rated from Swilz
evland to America. The shin was dls-
abled b a storm and blown about for
days. The provisions were exhausted,
and the father and two sisters died of
starvation. The ship was finally
crushed by Ice Hoes. Among the saved
were Mis. Helfrlck, her mother, two
-latus and a brother.
The captain of the rescuing ship hay
ing carried them to Ilaltimote without
recompense, there sold them for $lnO lo
Henry Ktter for four yeurs. Mrs. Kllza
liolllnger. of Bedford, one of the sis
ters placed in bondage by the ship onp
taln, is the only member of the family
now suivivlug.
lie Killed a ALtn in tiiuitctnnln and Wos
Utilized by n Mob
Memphis. Te'iih.. May li. - Letters
have been received announcing the
hanging by a molt of Adrian Harper De
Witt, of thla city, at Puerto Uairios.
Guatemala. DeWitt became Involved
In a quarrel with McNiitnaru. a train
dispatcher, whom he shot through the
head, killing him Instantly.
DeWitt surrendered himself to the
authorities, und shortly afterwards a
crowd of Americans, mostly niechunics
employed on the railroad, made un at
tack 011 the prison, in which several of
the guards and members of the mob
were killed, but DeWitt was taken out
and hanged to a tree. DeWitt won re
lated closely to the Harpers, publishers,
of New York.
A Strange Animal I hat Dines on I'et
Dunbar, Pa., May 1.1. A large def
eating animal, resembling a lion, Is
roaming about this place and terroriz
ing the rural Inhabitants. The animal
is about lour feet high and hus a large
mane resembling a linn's, and is be
lieved to have e-icupi'd from some cir
cus. It first appeared In this neighbor
hood a few weeks ago, and since then
has eaten several dogs. The people
living mar here are afraid to venture
out at night.
A patty left for the mountains lust
lilgiil to hunt tor the a:iin,ul.
Peculiar lien tit of a New York State Pro
line Merchant.
Genese, N. Y., Alav 1J. Ed. A. l.iown,
u well-known produce merchant und
dealer in carriages und bicycles, was
found dead this morning He was buried
under about .Viu bushels of beans In the
packing loom of his warehouse, the
packing inn having given way while he
was under it. and being caught bv the
timbers he was killed.
The last seen of his ulive was ut 6
o'clock last evening, and it IS supposed
he lay theie all iih'lit He leave a wife
and two children, and was about Jj
years old.
Steamship Arrivals.
New Yolk. Muv li-AtilveJ: t !.-. I. n.
from llieiueit; Teutonic, from Liverpool
ami ijuei njtun u ; iluve-l. Irom Bremen
Suulhauiphluu. Sailed' I'uiiJ. for
rioutlnnnpluii. eje riiiaiilc, for Liverpool;
Nciuiill.ii'd. for nlerp Arrlveu out:
.Sew Yolk, al Southampton; Spiee, at
Sualliiiinplou land proceeded to Bieiue-ni;
Maiinmn, at Kotle-ieiaiu; Tliliigvaila, at
c'oieiiliageii. Sailed tot New York: Ti;.n-.
from Southampton. Sighted- Phoenicia,
from lluniouitf. tor New York, passi-el
l.eai-hv lb-ai, .May li; Mastuchuae-tts.
finin New York lor Luinluii, pushed the
- -
old Withdrawal.
VVu.-.hliiiou. Ma y 12. - The w-lilidiaw nls
of gold 1 run i the treasury today were
fl.ii25.IMH, which reduces the treasury gold
reserve to tlli.-iiiti The lieu hunt! h.siie
of tluti.nua.'M In I'Vbriiury ruiseil the re.
serve to tl-i-'.wu.uiin, bin since thai point
was touched the leserve has sleuelily Ue
ellned. All I lie gold due from Unit boinl
Issue $Ul.iMi.iiu(--wlth the rxeeptlon of
jnnu.itm. has been paid Into the treasury.
Since Kelt. 1 last the treuviurv li.fa Pul
MU.uuu.otM In gold. The loss this month hau
been ill.&UD.UUO and since the beginning of
th n n-a I year, July 1, l4U,uuu,vua.
Date btSiirrenkr lias Keen Imlcl i
nitcly Tostponcd.
Trial of an American-Hot Pursuit of Sup
posed Fllioiittter-(ii Ending Sugitr-cuno-Tlto
Motsan Bclligorcney
Kcsolution -Other Cuban New.
Havana. .May l'l. Captain Geneial
Weyler hus prolong-'d iudoliuilelv the
period given lo the insurgents in winch
t' surrender, and obtain pardon lor
tnctr oftenses.
Lieutenant Coloin-I .nine has cap
tured a sub-prctect of Santo Domingo,
named Santiago Nuiie-x. wno is sup
posed, to have been intrusted with an
Important mission by the insurgents.
Civil Justice Kotnulo Villuheimosa
has been selected to hear the cuse of
Loreto Cepero. said to be an Insurgent
leader, and an American who
was captured on boaid the Spanish
jti.hinship Gloria til January lat;t while
on his way troin Clcnfueyos. province
of Santa Clara, to Hatabano. this prov
ince, with iii.poifUil coitiiMUiiiiu lions
from tne Insurgents in Suum Claiu lo
Ooiaei an Maceo.
Vbidle crui3lng in the vicinity of
Point Media Cnsa. the commander of
the Spanish gunboat Diego eicsqUcZ
saw a bout manned by scVe-iul Inch off
shore. The gunboal got as neat as
possible to the small boat and then
an aimed boat from the tornicr was
Sent In pursuit. Not n itt.slaudiurV the
use of a lupld tire gun in the D'n-go
V'elaseiueZ's boat, the supposed llilhus
teiul.s succeeded In landing and es
caped. The sailors and marines iimiii
the armed boat pursued thu parly, de
stroked a tall mine which buloiiged to
the tiisurgeiits. and. utter three hours'
useless seurch. the boat returned to
the Die-go Velaiciuez with the captured
The iiieyor of Huliucoa. on the north
coast of the ploVlnce of Plnar del Bio,
now reports that the bat found aban
doned In his district und supposed to
have landed a small exin-dltion was
marked "Sir. Shelter Island. No. 4."
At llie central plantations of Teresa
and Salvador. In the Sagua district,
I .ooii tons of sugar cane are being
ground dally.
'General Berital will probably return
to Spain on May 20. He is thoroughly
lisgusiid with the situation.
Washington. May i;.- The greater
part of the time of the meeting of the
senate committee on foreign relations
tonuy was devoted to consideration of
Senator Morgan's John resolution
lecogillzlng- the belligerency of the Cu
ban Insurgents. Action was postponed
until the next meeting. Mr. Morgan
explained at some length his reasons
for offering the resolution in a form
which would, If It should be adopted by
congress, require the uctluii of the presi
dent, suylng that he felt that the lime
hud arrived when the American gov
ernment as a whole should declare its
position. He laid stress-uiion the eon
dltlon of American citizens In Cuba,
and ui K'd that action should be taken
on this If on no either accoiuM Noth
ing developed to Indicate what 'position
the members of the committee may take
oil the resolution.
Palis, May IXThe Klein b newsiiapeis
continue their uttltiie of opposition to
the I 'nltud States, so far as Cuba Is
concerned. The Kclair this morning
suys: "It is clear that Bruthi'i- .lon-i-thau
has. just as many scruples as his
brother John Bull. He wants to inter
fere at any price In alfalrs which do not
concern him. This pulley will not Mud
supporters in France."
Her Husband Bid the Housework, but He
Iteir.aildcd Spending Mnnev,
Baltimore. May u. How llie new
woman and the new inuu get along to
gether in practical liie was illustrated
in u case before Police Justice Grannon
today. Mrs. Ida Kuhn, a good looking'
womun, bad her husband arrested on
a charge of abusing her. Mrs. Kuhn,
who Is u cullnrtnuker. testified that she
had suimorted herself and her fumlly
for loin teen years. The husband said
that w hile his wife worked nt the fac
tory he attended to the childreii.ilressed
and sent them to school and performed
the other household duties.
All he wanted was a little spending
money on Saturday night, and it was
the uriuiiyetu about this that led to
his atrc;,t. Mis. Kuhn imld she could
ft' t a girl t .'I do the work her husband
did for $1.25 a week and she would not
have to stand any impertinence.
Justice Brannon lined Kuhn $1 und
costs and his wife would not pay up.
He had to go to jail in default.
People of n Kansas Town in I actional
Strife on nn Kdltor's Kxposnrc
Topeka, Kan., May 13. The people of
Oalieiy, Lofau county, are divided In
factious lor and against Editor C. V.
Kinney, who denounced the teachers In
the schools for putting in part of the
time reading murder stories to the pu
pils from llie newspapers. In his paper
he charged that the practice was In
stilling in the minds of pupils a desire
lor such literature and directing; their
utteiilou away lroui proper ciianiuis.
Mr. Kltiney has been threatened with
a shower of eggs lor his exposure, lie
defies his enemies lo attempt kucIi pun
ishment, and Baya. that "the people of
tula community may depend upon it
that when the Graphic sees a heail pop
up that needs combing that head Is
going to be combed."
jaincs Crcgan and Charles Pecker Were
Wanted for knisinc Checks.
New Yolk. May 13 Janied Cregun
and Chalk's Becker Were turned over
to a policeman at Broad und Market
stioets this afternoon by J. Allan and
V. M. PaiKer, PiiiKerloii detectives,
who hud followed the men from Plnlu
ele'lpblu. The prisoners rai.-ed a draft
U'l' $12 draw u to the order of J. H. Dean,
on llie Nevada bank of San Francisco,
lo $22.U0U and received $2D.IIUU In gold on
Dec. 2U. IWb. The pi oseeuluig banks
are the Nc-vadu. Woodland and Crocker
Woodworm banks or California, itvet
$2,3nu was found un Cregaii. The pli
soueis ul'e held tor extradition.
A dispatch today from Sun Kranelu
co saw: llie men were Indicted
ut Friday by tin- rcrund Jury.
Americans in the Navy.
Washington, Mai 13. - Admiral Haiusay,
acting seerelal')' ot the navy, has in
tunned the senate In response to Its re
.pest, that of the 9 .:"!'! blue Jin kets in the
I' ntted Slates naval service, 4.4UO are for
eign bull! and Mil of the 2.UI7 limrllie.-i are
natives of other coll nil ten Ida a llie I tilt
ed Stalea. The percentage of At. lei leans
In the navy Is, however, Increasing,
- -I
nclnocts nt Ottawa.
Uttawa, Out., May 13.-The biennial con
vention of the Brotherhood of Locomotive
Ki:gln-ers of America opened here today
with Chief Arthur In the chair. The only
business done al the morning session was
the appointment fit a committee ut ttft
dentlals. ;
W eather Indications Today :
Fair; Slightly Cooler.
1 Cuban News.
Have Martin on McKiid.-y.
Coimressioua IProcecdings.
2 Tribune's Topular Want Columns.
1 1 1. oca 1 1 Itoeeiver of Taxes Law.
City Must itepuir Turnpike.
4 K.litorial.
i G.Oi-all Session nf Ivoiites.
Forger llaird'n Charge Refuted.
i ISport-'t Ser.inton Again Defeats Prov
idence. National, Stale League and College
I .utile-.
Bii yeie N.'w.s and Gossip.
7 Sllblll l).HI NeWS.
Market und Financial News.
8 News I'p and Dou the V alley.
tlodyofan I nknnwn Woman found in a
New York. Mav 13. Park Policeman
Charles Laiitfford found the body of an
unknown woman 1 um in a brook In
Mosholu parkway, east of Jerome ave
nue.thia mot nnn There were murks of
Mob-nee on her head and body. The
womun was about 4f yeajs of age.
At first It was thought that a murder
hud been committed but according to
the uutopsv peifurmed the Woman died
a natural Oi-ulli The examination, the
doctor said, showed that death was
the result ol paralysis ot Un heart and
that the wounds were probably Inflicted
Uftel' dentil
The body this ufteriioou was ideuti
tld us that of .Mrs. Sarah Scofield. 4S
years old, ot Armoiikl. Kensico, West
Chester county. She had been in a
melancholy mood tor some time.
A farmer Crept to n Pew VV here His Wife
Worshiped nnd Stabbed Her.
Blouiitsville, Alu May 13. The ser
vices at a protracted meeting ut a Bap
tist church here last night were lnter
illpted by William Kyle, u farmer, who
entered llie church while pruyer was
being otlcivd. and, creeping tei a pew
Where his wife knelt, drew a long knife
and stabbed he-r. The woman gave a
piercing scream, which caused u panic
among the congregation.
Kyle wus capture. I as he again at
tempted to plunge his knife Into the
prostrate woman's body and was bur
tied away to prevent his being lynched.
He Is in Jail ut Onoiitall. His wife died
today. The woman hud separated from
her husband a week ago on account of
his ill-lreauni ut and In- was Jealous be
cause she weui lo tin- church with u
- I
bicycle Gospel brigade tn Ua Organised
br i:nptnin ninnche Cox.
Washington, May I:'. The bicycle Is
to be- adopted by the ulvatioii uriny.
Staff Captain Blum he Cox, who came
recently from Chicago lo command the
uriny in Delaware. Maryland. Virginia
and tile District of Columbiu, is or
ganizing : bicycle brigade, with which
she will travel through the states un
der the Jurisdiction and endeavor to
gain a: many recruits as possible for
the m ini'.
Captain Cox Is an expert bicyclist, und
she said today, that if It is possible
to find ainona' the host of otlicers here
eight or ten who can ride a bicycle as
well ns herself she will mount her bri
gade on bicycles and thus travel
through the country. The campaign
will lust for two months.
Thugs at South llcnd, lad , I are Kadly in
un Attempted llold-l p
South llend. Ind . May I:!. Dallas
linker, of Adrian. Mich., and Thomas
ityiin. two young men with a watch und
some money, were In u Grand Trunk
box-car coming into this city eutiy this
morning when tliey were assaulted by
John Moore ami James Kramer, two
desperate tramps, w ho robbed the men
of port of their clothing, us Well us the
watch and money, at the point of a re
volver. Moore had the weupoil uud he- com
pelled Ryan to Jump from the moving
train. linker snatched tho revolver
from Moore and shot Kramer. Both
men were then kept covered until this
city was reached, when they were ar
rested. Kramei-'B Injuries are in all
probability fatal.
.. .
Miss kinsey Kcsencs n Pnticnt und Two
Kankakee. III., jVfny 13. Miss Kinsey,
an aSlenitunt ut the Kankakee hospital
lor lite Insane, saved the lives of two
attendants and u patient this, after
noon. While a number of patients were
being- exercised inn- of th number tun
Into the- river and attempted to drown
herself. Two utteiidunts, Misses Srmlh
and Illssell, rushed Into the stream to in.. ,,.,tli.,.t i ., ......, .ow,...
ii.,,.. ,.11 then- ...., ...... ..i,i i..,.i',H
Thev sank for the uecond time, when
Miss Kinst'V uctii Iiim tl li. v.-iili.l- mill
going so tar as she could and kn-i. h'-r
balance, caughl the skirt of one of the
snuggling women and pulled them to
llie shore.
Officers of tho Steamship lleimuda lie
fnro tho Court.
,v York. A!. iv i:i C'uptnln John
Oiirien. Mate iMwaul Muiphy, John
J. Hart anil Enillio Nil lies wero ar
raigned in the United States circuit
court this tilii moon upon a charge of
having aided and set on foot u iniiltaiy
expedition against a foreign power lu
Cuba, with which the United States is
at peace.
This charge has reference to the tir.-jt
hucce'.ilut liip of tin steamship liermu
da. to Cuba with arms, ammunition and
men. The uocuiied through their coun
sel, entered a formal idea of not guilty,
with permission to chanye then- plea or
enter a demurrer.
N iltinm .Mocsner Commits Suicide I pon
Heine Jilted.
N. w Yoik. May 13. William Moesner,
uf a; -"J Third avenue, committed sui
cide by shooting today In u Hat at 21V
Kust 2fith street, where he was visiting
u joiinv woman iiuiued i.muia Welt on.
He first tried to shoot her and failing
In this attempt turned the pistol on
himself and sent u bullet through his
brain. Moesner was ,12 years old and
tor the lust three yeurs had been em
ployed lu u brewery.
it Is suid that he asked the VVeltou
woman this morning to many him und
that she refused.
Lour Warfare Settled
New York, May 13. At the meeting of
the Americuh Tract society today a reso
lution wus adopted to abolish llie system
of two divisions and to have the business
her'tet- conducted under one head. This
aetu... a lung warrant
Uusincss Tninsactcd bv tie National
Warm Word tnennnters I pon the Mcaa
uro-Voto tn the Uill-.Hr. Uill
Aims Hill at -Aliens-Other
Washington Topics.
Washington. May 13-The liver and
harbor bill was passed in the senate
today, leaving only three of the annual
appinpriatiun bills to he acted on. These
nre the District ef Columbia bill, the
fortification bill and tne deficiency bill.
Put holme either of theui Is taken up
the Delaware senatorial election case
will have to bu- disposed of; and to that
ca-;e tomorrow and Friday have been
The amendment which had been of
tered to the river and harbor bill yes
terday by Mr. Gorman tDom., Md )
limiting expenditures under the bill to
ten millions a year, was today, alter a
long discussion, laid on the table by a
vote of 40 to 23. An amendment In the
same sense, limiting the expenditures
under contracts to 2l per cent., was of
fered by Mr. BMe (Dom.. Tenn and
met the same fate, with u vote of 37 to
IS: and then, alter a somewhat Litter
encounter of Holds between Mr. Allen
iPup . Neb.) und the chairman of the.
committee on commerce, Mr. Frye
I Hep.. Me.) The latter made the clos
ing speech In advocacy ot the bill and In
response to criticism of it. Mr. Fry.1
stated some facts lu illustration of the
Immense grow th of the railroad, river
and Id kv commerce of the tinted. Sltitcs.
The railroad freights, he said, had been
cut down within the lust twenty years
from 3'a cents u ton mile to about -. of
a cent u ten mile; and yet the people
wanted cheaper frelgths. That re
quirement could only be met by Improv
ing water facilities and for the reason
the Intelligent people of the United
Staes were everywhere asking for
liver and harbor Improvements.
The vote on the passage of the bill
was: Yeas G7, nnys the senators
Who voted In the negative being Messrs.
Allen (Pop., Neb.), Bute (Deni., Tctiti.l,
Brown (Rep., I'tah.). Chilton (Dem.,
Texus). Harris (Dem.. Tenn.), Hill
(Deni., N. V ), Kyle (Pop.. S. D ). Smith
(Dem.. N. J.) and Vilas ibein.. Win.)
The hill us It passed the house ap
propriated $111,694, 71S and authorized
contracts for 32 projects involving nn
aggregate liability of $51. 721,210. As It
was reported to the senate the amount
appropriated was $12.ll4,nuO. That sum
was Increased by various Items put on
In the senate. Including the provision
for the deep sea harbor In Southern
( ulitoriiia.
In the senate today Mr. Hill intro
duced a bill which provides that no per
son, not a citizen of the United Stales
shall lie employed uinm or In connec
tion with any public building or public
worits tinder the control of or conducted
by the tinted Stnte.-i. Its territories or
the District of Columbiu. All contracts
hereafter entered into are reuulred to
contain a provision that this law is to
be carried into effect. Violations are to
be deemed as misdemeanors punishable
byu fine of from $25o to J.ifto, Imprison
ment not exceeding one year, or both.
From the committee on agriculture.
Senator Proctor today reported a bill to
provide for a director In chief ot tne
scientific bureaus and Investigations lu
the department of agriculture. This
ottiiiul to be appointed by the president,
and confirmed by the senate, ut a sulary
of fa.Otki u year. I'nder the present sys
tem this work has been confuted to an
ussislant secretary, but for some years
there has been felt the need of u per
manent nllicer of wide scientific attain
ments: who should have charge of all
this wok.
Mr. Morse (Kt-p., Mums.) from tho
committee on alcoholic liquor tratllc. re
ported to the house today, with the
recommendation that It puss, u bill pro
viding for the appointment by the pres
ident of u commission of five persons,
whose duty It shall be to Investigate
the alcoholic liquor tratllc. Its relation
to revenue and taxation, uud its gen
eral economic, criminal, moral and
ucleittilic aspects in connection with
pauperism, crime, social vice, the pub
lic health and general welfure of the
people; uud also to Inquire into und
take testimony as to the practical re
sults of license uud prohibitory legis
lation for thep rcventlon of Intemper
ance. . An upuroiuiatioii of $1U.00U Is
made to defray the cxi'iises of the in
The house was mainly occupied today
in the consideration of the Rlnaker
bowning contested election ease, Mr.
Cooke (Rep., Ills.) re-niiulng his argu
ment in luvor of RlnuKer. The debate
cel. Untied until night, though several
I muueuis 10 aujoui u w ere iinerjeuieu auu
defeattd. during the discussion. The
debute wns participated In by Mr.
I ua'' ' 1 ". Iu V," T"""
' it, i v. , t
reasons for not assenting to the report
for unseating Mr Downing Messrs.
Hepburn ( III p , Iowa) and Connolly
(Hep. Ills) stronuly favored the seat
ing of Mr. l maker.
At .20 the house by a vote of i:l to 35
recommitted the t-a to the committee
on eh ctioi!.-- No, 1, with iustl notions to
recount sin Ii parts ol the vole deemed
The senate committee on foreign le
lattona this morning eliacussetl Mr. Mor
gan's joint le-solution recognizing the
belllg"ieiic ol the Cubun insurgents,
but no action was taken and sentiments
or the members wei not disclosed by
the discussion.
No Valid Kcasou for i:cluding Them
f rom Hoards in lice l ibraries.
Haricbuig. Pa.. May IS. The depart
ment of public lnsti notions has ot late
received numerous inquiries regurding
tile right of woman to uet us trustees
tn fret public libraries. Deputy Super
intendent Stew ait today Sent a reply to
a letter of this character in which he
said there can be no valid reason for
excluding women from inembeishlp in
the board of trustees uuthorl.ed by the
uet of assembly relating to free public
libraries. The deputy superintendent
'."1 think It would be rather cuinmeiid
I'lilc on the part of the bouni to recog
nl'.e women in nigunUlhg the board of
John II. .Mckelvcy head.
Pittsburg. Pa., .May U-Johu li Mc
Kelvtiy, president of the National Leal
bud Oil company of Pcnrtsylvauiu, died
verv suddenly at his residence. 'North
Nc'iM'Y avumie, at 8.:0 o'clock this uioiii.
lng. Mr. MrKelvey had not enjoyed good
health for some time, but continued In
active matinees. He was M years uf age
and leaves a widow and live children.
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