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X0RT0X S . .
This year's styles now in.
Very choice ami exclusive iIcI 'iih,
large variety and exquisite
In all tbe grades, suitable
for the palace or the cabin
Churches, public halls, offices, etc
Real Silk and Satin Hangings,
Ivory finished, Pressed Hangings,
Lincrusta, solid relief, imitates
carved wood, imitation leather,
gold and silver papers,
Koston plain tints and cartridge
papers with elegant friezes
and ceilings to match all papers.
Room moulding to match.
We invite inspection.
Now is a good time for interior
decorating, Don't wait for
pleasaut weather rush.
We supply decorators on
stlurt notice.
322 Lackawanna Ave., Scrauton.
31 So. Main St, Wilkes-Karre.
' 1 . i
1 t 1
Best Quality,
Scranton, Olyphant and Carbondale.
Have tli initial U., B. CO. impi int
eil in each cigar.
Frank T. Rdrry, of Brmmokln, Is In thn
rl ry.
Parrcy, of Allentown, Is at the Valley
.M. l. T.nkyer, of Vilkis-Barre, was hero
i :. N. h'l lslilp. f Wllkps-Itarre.' was In
S'-i miucim yi'sii-niiiy. HoKvlls. of l'nttsvllli, calliil un
4 -run lull Hicinis yestfl'iluy.
Alberl W. HiiwWI, of I'ollsvlllf. was
3r'ttriluy fiiKiiKfl on business here.
John H. tSrlttllh. J. 8. Welsh nnti H.
I.. Si hluKer, of Jenny 11, were, in this illy
Mrs. AiiRiistns M. Hire, of Hack Bay,
JtoHtnii. is visit Iiik .Mrs. C. SI. ltiK', of li'.il
tnTiy xtreet.
Assistant I'ity Knuineer SherwoO'l ami
I itiiiiliiti.k Mealy, of ilia city n8lneer's
ortli'e, arn ill.
. P. Mull, manuxer of the 1 Scranton Keo
ley Institute, timl ', j. Van Kunkirk, of
Hie Ueluware, ku waniin and Western
company's ilisirict ticket olllce, lire ni
le mliiiK the Keeley managers' convention
ttl White JMulns, X. V.
t Is a (irave Question
Where to lilac your mlvertlslns In
, onler to xei a rich return. Merchants
who use the columns of The Trlbmm
In not look upon this as a very grave
liieslkiu, for the reason that their ex
. jierlence has been very satisfactory In
the past. We Hre not illsposeil to tak
your motley without giving you value
received in return.
'There's many a slip
"Twixt the cup and the lip."
And many a man enterprising;
Has failed in his store
'Cause he didn't give more
Attention to his advertising."
BT.OOD AND NRRVK3 ar very closely
related. Keep the blood rteh, pure and
lialthy lih Hood's Saisaparllla and you
n '111 have no trouble from nervousness.
IIOOIVS I'IM.fl are the best after-din-
II er pills, assist digestion, prevent consti
pation. 250.
Sixty IMann nitd organ.
Must be sold before the twentieth of
Alart'h. We retire from business then
and will positively refuse no reasonable
nfTer. Credit terms to suit the buyer's
pleasure or extraordinary inducements
for spot cash. Guernsey Bros., 224
Wyoming avenue.
01 II
Just a Few Good Things for This
Kind of Weather. If You Want
to Save Money Come at Once.
, Ladies' Storm Rubbers, fresh goods
to close out 37c. Pair
Men's Storm Rubbers, fresh goods,
to close out 55c. Pair
1 Men's Heavj Sole Rubbers, regular
goods, to close out 50C. Pair
Ladies' Storm Alaskas, wool lined,
two styles, to close out 73c. Pair
Men's Storm Alaskas, wool lined,
t 'styles' to close out (1.00
Me'n's a-Buckle Arctics, finest qual
ity, black lined, to close out $LS0
4!3 Strt
iiusini) forces Met in Association
Ituilding Last Night.
Peculiar Strife Between tbe Two Factions
Shown in Last Night's Incidents.
Contests Will End April SO.
Advertising Is a Feature.
If matters aren't going; to be lively
In the vicinity of the Young Men s
Christian association building for the
next six weeks, lust night's evidence
was very deceptive. The Reds and the
Blues have perfected their organiza
tions, and each held a separate council
of war In the association, building last
night. It Is proposed to Increase the
inembVi-ship from something a little
over 700 to 1.501. and . the side that
accomplishes the most toward that end
by April :so will bo treated to a royal
The strife that will be occasioned was
shown In the hustle and excitement,
which utlciided each of the meetings.
ne uuuciuulutel with the spirit of the
thing would have been justilled In Im
agining himself before the headquar
ters of two opposing armies where
couriers were rushing hither and
t blither, where orders were given and
recalied with equal aluctity and where
thf uujry and secrecy bflokenual prep
nrutlpilii i'tH" tsotne, momentous life und
death struggle. All that relieved the
scne from so "sellrfuS fSn"nspect
the bantering and Joking between the
two factions.
Captain It. K. Athcrton. of the Blues,
net with his ten lieutenants anrt forty
privates In the south parlor; while Cap
tain All-Clave and th same numbered
force met at the opposite side of the
building. What transpired at either
council. of war wan not revealed. Sen
tinels Jealously guarded the doors' to
eucli upurtmeiit ami 'thwa'rled sev
eral attempts nl entrance by persons
who were uctiug us spies for their re
spective forces. .
The Hlues wore neckties and lupel
buttons of blue, while the Reds were
revealed by the same articles, but of a
red color.
Karly in the evening the Reds placed
a red-lettered poster on the street bul
letin board calling attention to their
meeting. A few- moments later It was
torn down by the Blues, and a similar
ly winded blue poster was put in its
place. This In turn was torn down by
the Reds and a red poster was for the
Kei'onil 1 1 in tacked up. Again there
appeared a blue poster, but the colors
kept changing ho rapidly that Is was
Impossible to say which party fired the
last gun. There was the same tear
ing down of red and blue placards In
and outside the main rooms uf the
There were other episodes which left
no doubt of the earnest work each side
will perform to win. For Instance, in
yesterday's Tribune appeared the fol
lowing advertisement at the head of
the city note column:
"Join the Blues."
Timing the day the Reds contracted
for the following line to bo printed
beneath the above announcement of
the Blues:
"Why, no! Join the Reds."
The circumstance goes to show to
what extremes the two factions will go
to outwit each other and the two ad
vertisements appear In The Tribune
this morning.
The Tribune has already been "np
pronched'" by the Red and Blue repre
sentatives to boom their respective
causes, another evidence of the lobby
ing, scheming, spying und all the other
subterfuges usually resorted to In legiti
mate warfare.
It has been made known to the cap
tain of each force by Central Secretary
Many that no private of the force which
wins the contest will be allowed at the
bunquet unless he has secured at least
one new member. The banquet privi
lege will also be extended to any new
member who himself secures unother
new member, provided the former was
drafted by the winning side.
Industrial 1 "hector Burroughs Is nlde
de i amp to Captain Athertou of the
Blues, and 1'hvslcut I i rector lloff is
sinillnrily identified with Captain Mc
Clave of the Reds. Oenerul Secretary
Muliy holds the rather anomalous posi
tion of adjudicator, count-of-last-re-sort
and high-muck-a-muck of the two
forces. It will be his duty to see thut
the contest is properly conducted. The
Blue lieutenants are II. I. Simpson,
William inglls. A. R. Finite. K. K. I'rlce.
John Fowler. Charles K. Xanlels, Chas.
(enter and J. H. Brooks. The Red lieu
tenants are Thomas R. Brooks. U. 1.
Fellows, J. W. Browning, William Con
rad. W. K. Smith, W. A. May. Fred J.
Blatt, 1). J. OuvK William Mears and
Dr. William .achinau. The lieutenants
represent all parts of the city and each
is In command of four privates.
Whatever plan of warfare has lcn
mapped out is known only to the armies
and the plans of either may be changed
by the machination of the opposing
side. Today may possibly develop
The Hotel Jcrmyn Is to lie I'urnislicJ by
That Time.
The Hotel Jcrmyn will be opened
under the management of Fred S. t!od
frey. now proprietor of the Lackawan
na Valley house. April 10. There has
been some doubt that the work of
finishing and furnishing the office Moor
and the Hour above could be completed
In thut time, but Mr. Oodfrey and the
foremen In charge of the wotk are con
fident It can be done.
Kxcepting the two lower floors, the
Interior of the building in practically
finished, and the work of furnishing
the floors above the third can be com
pleted at any time.
C. Joe Carter, the present day clerk
at the Valley house, and John Kolp
will be the day clerks in the new hotel.
The latter was attached to the Valley
house several years ago. I.uvton Shoe
maker, now one of the Valley house
clerks, will have chargo of the Jer
inyn's cigar stand.
The Valley house will go from Mr.
floitfrey's proprietorship to Martin
Fiyun on April 1. Frank Foul, Hip
night clerk, will be one of the Hay
clerks under the new munageineut.
Dunli l Moyles. of the Hotel Anthracite,
at Carbondale, will be night clerk.
This evening Clay Clements and com
pany will produce "The New Dominion"
at the Academy of Music, of the work
of Clay Clement In the leading role the
Kausas City Times says: "In the char
acter of Baron Von Hohenstauffcn, Mr.
Clement has given to the stage another
of its strong types. First to last this
botanist Is a nobleman in heart as well
as birth. Possessed of a kindly wit he
sees the humor of his own mistakes
and smiles with thoe who laugh at him.
The language he ties Is beautiful and
poetic, full of Imagery ami Idiom. It
Is never the ignorant, clumsy attempts
of the lowly or Ill-bred. Mr. Clement's
impersonation is Invariably pleasing.
His quaint, delicious comedy, has with
it a touch of pathos that appeals. He
Is the botanical enthusiast and yet
withal is a whole-souled hearty man.
The character in Mr. Clement's hands
Is an artistic achievement, of which that
young and versatile actor may well he
proud and It Is one which cannot full
to elicit well merited applause."
"The Two P-scutcheons" will lie pre
sented at the Frothingham on Wednes
day and Thursday evenings, March 18
aiul 1. This play is Sydney Rosen
fcld'a comedy which made, such a big
iuccesH at Daly's theater. New York,
during Januury, and was afterward
transferred to the Harden theater.umter
the person al direction of Mr. Rosen
feld. The name cast that made the
play such a success will be seen when
the "Two Kscutcheons" at the Froth
iugham. The comedy Is clean, bright
and up-to-date. It is one of the clever
est plays produced in New York for
some time.
Jefferson, Klaw and Erlanger a fam
ous "Country Circus" will be seen at the
Frothingham next Saturday matinee
and evening. The phenomenal success
of this enterprise for the past five years
throughout the I'nlted States, render a
detailed description of It really super
fluous, throngs have seen It, hosts have
read of it and multitudes have heard
of it and are only biding their time to
feast both eyes and ears on its many
interesting and amusing features. The
programme will include a premier cir
cus performance, introducing daring
teats of horsemanship, acrobats, vault
ers. graceful equestrians, and "School"
of Trick ponies, etc. The circus withal.
Is a part of a beautiful' play from the
pen of Charles Bernard, depleting life
among the quaint Yankee characters
found about Cape Cod.
Constable Moran Sas lie llo Found One
,'Violstorpf liquor la
' .Thls is grand Jury week f)r the April
Lternt pf.iuarler sessions court, juuge
Archbald cliurgeu tne jury yewiemuj
and appointed Charles Schlager fore
mun. School Controller Wdrmser and
ex-Sheriff John J. Kahey ar on the
Jury, and when the court named Mr.
Schlager reference was made to the ex
cellent citizens who will pass upon the
indictments. The constables made their
quarterly return. In only two baili
wicks was there any liquor sold with
out a llcese.
Constable John C. Moran, of the
Twelfth ward, in his return reported
that Daniel Hayes, of Stone avenue,
has been maintaining a place for the
sale of liquor without a license in vio
lation of the -laws regulating the sale
of the ardent. Mr. Moran once upon a
time, but it Is away back in the 'no's,
reported .Mary Ann Hayes, wife of
Daniel, for the same offense, but she
was never brought Into court to answer
the charge.
There are no gambling houses In the
Twelfth, he suy9: there have been no
disturbances of the peace at elections;
no deer klllfd out of season over there,
but the roads and bridges are in only
passable condition. It is unfortunate
that Hayes should be the only one in
the ward to digress and thus spoil the
brilliant record that has heretofore
been the good fortune of that bulliwlck.
Constable Patrick Roach, of the
Seventh ward, reported that Henry lie
Hale and wife, Mury Ann, Martin
Dougherty and wife, Ann; Mary Mainl
and Kate Malloy, have been guilty of
dispensing Intoxicating liquors without
a license. Constable Roach was grati
fied to suy in his return that the roads
and bridges in the 'Seventh ure in good
condition. Hunters have lived up to
the law down there and have not killed
any deer out of season. And as for
disturbances of the peace at elections,
none could be discovered even with one
of Roentgen's cathode rays.
Constable William Sonn, of Throop.
had no liquor law violations to report,
but there was an Illegitimate child born
to Hannah Indian, and she alleges that
the paternity of the infant belongs to
Peter Parry.
The quurtette of constnbles who
found something to report Is rounded
out hy I. P. Dolph, of the First ward of
Diinuiore. Mr. Unlph has heard it said
that there are a few speak-easles in Ills
Jurisdiction, but he has been unable to
"Kit" evidence to convict the keepers
of them in court. He has not heurd of
any manufactured butter sold. He
found thut the turnpike road leading
from Utilimore Corners to tlreenvllle In
in very bail "condislion" and he makes
return by order of Mat I. Roades, presi
dent, and Prank M. Spencer, treasurer,
of the said mud.
Juiige Archbald referred the reports
of the four functionaries to District At
torney Jones.
The Cardinal Is Expected to Conduct Kcv.
lather lloban's consecration
There is uncertainty again us to who
will conduct the ceremony which will
next Sunday make Rev. Father Hoban
a bishop. At lirst an effort was made
t have Cardinal Satolll act as the
consecrating oltlcer. but as he could not
give assurance that he would be here
Archbishop Ryan was Invited to of-
lliinte, which he agreed to do, provld
Ing Cardinal Satolll did not arrive.
Now the cardinal telegraphs thut he
will probably attend the consecration
and If he does he will, of course, pcr-
iorm tne ceremony or consecration.
The number of bishops who have ac
repted the Invitation to assist at the
ceremony has Increased to tpn. und it
1 expected that there will be favorable
answers received within u day or two
from four others.
Accident to a Young Man on I rio f
, Wyoming Railroad.
Joseph Bloetze, a young man appar
ently 'jx years of uge, was received at
the Lackawanna hospital last evening
with his left arm so badly mangled that
amputation hud to be performed at the
shoulder Joint. The injury was sus
tained on the Erie and Wyoming Valley
railroad, near the point where it crosses
above the Delaware. I.ncknwannu and
Western road ut Maplewood.
He was nicked up and taken to this
city on the X..'i( train on the Delaware,
Iackavaiina und Western last eve
ning. The hospital ambulance was in
waiting. In tine of the man's pocket's
was an indentlflcatlon card giving the
name of himself and his brother, James,
of Maplewood. directing that in case
of accident the latter should be noti
fied. At a lute hour the man was still un
conscious from shuck and It is not cer
tain whether or not he will recover.
HAD A (A S IN lll-K ML'FK.
Uertie Sought Her Husband's Life Before
Attempting er Own.
Oertie Bacon, the woman who tried
to put an end to her despondent life by
drinking laudanum, yesterday had her
husband. John Bacon, arrested for nun-sup-Hirt.
Hhe came to this city yesterday from
Pittston, whele she has been staying
since the Ijickawanna hospital at
taches gave her a new lease of life, and
engaged Attorney John Martin to as
sist her In making her recreant hus
band contribute to her support.' He
was arrested on a warrant from Mayor
Conned and bound over for a hearing
at 9 o'clock this morning.
At Chief Slmnson's office Mrs. Bacon
stated that liefore attempting her own
life she spent an entire day with a
peaii-handled revolver In her muff look
ing for her husband. It was her In
tention to have a double funeral.
DAVIS March 14. 1W. John C. Davis,
UKed STi years. Funeral this afternoon
at 2.31 o'clock, from his lute residence
Dickson City. Interment at Forest Hill
cemetery. '
JfiNKS In Scranton, Pa.. March 13. ISM,
Mrs. Mary I Jones, of Hilii West Market
sreet. Funeral Wednesday at ISO p. m.
at Puritan Congregational church. West
Market street. Interment In Dunmore
Is No LomiLT Executor uf the Estate
uf IC K. Ellis.
It Was Made Yesterday and Declares
tbe Executorship Vacant Reasons
That Led to This Action Being
Taken by the Ellis Heirs.
Attorney George W. Beale' Was yes
terday deprived by the court of any
further management of the estate of
R. K. Ellis, deceased. The significance
of this is that Mr. Beale Is in straitened
financial circumstances and ' that his
property will be seized to collect a large
amount of money, which he owes the
estate. The petition on. which Mr.
Beale'a removal was based was pre
sented by A. D. Dean, reprenentlng the
estate of Esther Meade, ulleglng that
the further continuance of Mr. Beale
as executor of the Ellis estate would
Jeopardize It and be detrimental to the
interests of the beneficiaries.
About three or four years ago R. K.
Ellis died. He lived in West Ablngton
kund was worth an undivided one-half
interest In eighty-four acres of land,
valued at $8,000. Ills half and his er
sonal property was appraised at $5.-
4.71. Mr. Beale was the executor. In
due time he filed a first partial account
of htsnist and It wan, coithrmed final
ly. I pon the audit of, the account $1.-O-Mi
111 wan awarded to the: estate of
Esther Meaile, who vus one of , the de
visers under the will, und on Dec. 21,
ISM. The auditor was directed to pay
this amount to the Meudu nutate.
Mr. Beale failed to turn the money
over and th court was asked to order
him to tile a bond in the sum of IG.OOO
with two Buret les to be approved by the
court Ten days was the time, fixed in
which he should file the bond. In de
fault of the filing of such a bond the
court served notice on Mr. Heale that
his office as executor would be declared
vacant, and his letters testamentary
revoked. The ten days given him were
lengthened out, and the time was ex
tended to Feb.. 8. He plead that If he
had sufficient time It would enuble him
to straighten matters out.
On Jan. I'S last upon request' ot At
torney Dean, the court directed a fl.
fa. to issue from the orphan's court
as Judgment against Mr. Beale. The
document Is now on file in the olllce of
Prothontary Pryor, but no execution
has yet been made upon it. Th& order
declaring the executorship vacant was
made yesterday by Judge .Edwards,
and Is as follows:
Now, March 10, 18H6, the court rinvlng
made a decree entered' of record on Uee.
SO, 1HH5, ordering the directing that (leorge
W. Keale, executor of the estate of II. K.
Ellis, deceased, should tile li bond In the
sum of t'l.'MU, with security to be ap
proved by the court, within ten days from
the service of said decree upon him, and
due proof of the service of said decree
ujion Oeorge W. Heale, executor, on il-c.
31, 18!A, anil upon proof that the said
George W. Beale is still In ilufault In complying-
with the order or court io that i o
bond has yet been filed by him, letters
testamentary heretofore grauteil to
Oeorge W. Heale are now revoked ami tlio
executorHlilp Is ileilured vacant and he
Is ordered and directed to turn over to his
successor In said truat all moneys In bis
hands belonging to said etitate not paid
out by virtue of the decree of distribu
tion tu-retofore made upon his partial ac
count, and also to deliver to his successor
all hooka, papers und matters bt-loiigln;i
to said 1'iluCo.
He has failed to pay the sum of 1410
inheritance tax Into the olllce of Regis
ter or Wills Hopkins and there Is a ci
tation pending directing him to show
cause whv he has not complied with
the obligation.
Took the Oath of Office liefore Clerk of
the Courts Thomas.
Thirty constables of the county took
the oath yesterday in the olllce of
Clerk of the Courts John H. Thomas
and swore to preserve the peace and
faithfully perforin their duties. Each
furnished bonds in the sum of H.imh),
which were approved by the court. The
constables ami their bondiimen are as
William Reese, of the Fourth ward of
Olyphani; sureties. W. J. Schiibmehl
und William Mahoti. W'llllnm Itrailley
of Carbondale township; sureties, John
Gallagher and James Quliiti. William
Powell, of the Fifth ward of Taylor;
surety, David X. Lewis. John Walsh,
of Lackawanna township; sureties.
Thomus yulnn, Thomas Murphy nod
John Ward. E. L. Craig, of the First
ward of Hlukely; surety. S. V. Arnold.
J. (I. Hu tiler, of Lehigh township; sure
ly. Charles F. Wagner. Harry Dlerks,
of the Second ward of Dickson; sureties,
deiirge Kles and August II. Schmidt
I. P. Dolph. of the First ward of Dun-
more; surety, himself. li. Evans, of
Elmhurst: sureties, Charles Koch and
Romeyn Snyder. Benjamin Harris, of
the Second ward of Blakely; sureties
William It. Williams and John R. Wil
Oeorge F. Clethman. of West Ablng
ton; surety, tllles Roberts. John H.
Chase of the Nineteenth ward; surety,
Conrad Linn. Amzi Rosenkianz, of
Newton: surety. Amos Rosenkranz. W
F. McHule. of the Third wnrd of Oly
phant: sureties. Benjamin Harris and
Michael Mtilale. Edward N. Jones, of
the Third ward of Blakely; sureties.
Richard J. Wren and Oenrge Monies,
Walter Snyder, of Jcrmyn; sureties, F.
A. Hendrick and '. K. Heimes. fat
rick Roach, of the Seventh ward; sure
ty. Anthony Clark. William Sonn, of
Throop; sureties, Adam Misel and Hen
ry Stenzliorn. Clarence Vail, of Orecn
Held: surety, himself, (leorge A. Slier
man. of Waverly; sureties. Sam Whal
ing and S. C. Mackay. Oeorge W. Pat
terson, of La Plume: H. W. Patterson
surety. Mux Koiiler. of the Third
ward of Dickson: sureties, William
Smith and Morris Weiss.
John Jay. of Jermyn: sureties. M. B.
Swick and L. Bel. James Hoslc, of
.lermvn: sureties Patrick Rloomer and
Patrick Ixuitfhney. 11. 11. White, of
nienbiirti: surety. W. S. Palmer. John
Drake, of the First ward of Winton;
i. relies James Hell und Thomas J
Mn.-k. John Mcllale. of Archbald;
surety. John J. Burrett. Edward Mur-
ruv. of the Second ward of Winton;
ure! les. Huch Murray and 1'otrlck
Kgan. J. E. Davis, of Ransom; sureties,
.1 H llo'iklns and M. W. Petty, llol-
llster Curnenter. of Bin ton; sureties.
Morris Delevan and Henry Smith.
Short Storv About Wesser Tamil of
Hosring Bronl:, In Politics.
Beyond in Roaring Brook township
the American game of politics fur
nlshes an Interesting narrative. Judge
Archbald yesterday appointed Jacob
Wesser suiiervlsor of Roaring Brook to
serve until his successor IS elected next
February. The man who was elected
last February refuses to serve.
Pnrrv Wesser is the one who declines
to have arealness thrust upon him; he
la a. son of the man who was appointed
yesterday. I.ast election the father
ran on the Republican ticket and the
Democrats nut up the son and carried
the day. The victor would not take the
office the first Monday of this month
and a petition was presented to court to
till the vacancy.
libel Salt Began for $9,000 b Michael
Jennings, of Bellevue.
Attorneys Hulslander & Vosburg for
their client. Michael Jennings, of Belle
nue, brought suit yesterday in the olllce
of Prothonotary Pryor against K. J.
Beamish, publisher of the Scranton
Sunday Free Press, claiming- damages
in the sum of $5,000. Jennings alleges
that he was libeled in the Free Press
on Sunday, March 1. An article headed
Insurance Swindlers at W ork.
tin the Sun. lay following the publica
tion of the article the Free Press pub
lished a denial from Jennings of the
charges. The plaintiff claims that the
Prudential Life Insurance company
would have nothing to do with him since
the story appeared and that his repu
tation among his neighbors has dropped
away below par.
The company with which Mr. Jen
nings was charged with being Identified
was the Aegis, of Baltimore.
Harper's Editor's Drawer far March has
some pretty good stories. Here are three
of them: Voting Sloam was ever noted
for his perfect breeding, and though as a
college student he was sometimes a trifle
tho worse for a late supper he never for
got to D true to nis cone, on one Alien oc
casion, after a most determined effort to
enter a house which he believed his own.
he was met ut the door bv the scuntllv
attired master of the mansion with in
formation as to his whereabouts and the
added news that the householder had u
sick wife and child unstulra who had been
sloam made object anolonles ami ie-
parted, but his home seemed lo elude him
und aguin the same irate householder was
brought to his door by Sloam's knocks for
'Dldn t I tell you this was niv house?"
cried the Indignant man. "And don't you
remember .thai my, wlfo and child ure
Iff'?" ,
r remember . in-rfectlv " answered
Sloam, sobered for Ihe moment, -and I
lurrely returned. ' lr. to ask how" they
wr getting alitng." I- '
Durlns- the late war t'lLtitnln Smith, nt
Richmond, with two friends chanced to be
in the vicinity of a. certain farm hoime. in
the attic of which (so rumor sluteill wus
stored a goodly number of demijohns tilled
with lino old spirit. The captain, who
had a summering tongue and a weakness
ioi- tne "rosy," suagesled that his com-
anions and himself should slop ut the
ouse In uuestlon at such an hour in the
evening as would elicit an invitation to
spend the night. The plan was aci-unll ug
ly put Into execution. The three wet as
signed to the same sleeping apartment
and Mfter their host had bid them "good
night" iney perceived In one corner of tho
room a rough stulrway, ut the hpn.l of
which wa a trap-door. This evidently
led to the loft of which thev hud heard
and the captain seized the candle and as
cended the steps. Unfortunately, how
ever, when he had reached the nil. 1. lie of
the attic a sudden gust from some open
ing in I ho wall extinguished the light und,
In groping his way In the darkness, he
struck against an object, w hliii fell to the
floor with a noise which renoundcd
through the house. A moment ufterwarl
he heard a door on the tirst floor open, fol
lower iy ine neavy tread oi the runner
making his way to the upper story. Dis
covery and disgrace were Imminent. 10s
cape was IniiHisslble. In his despair a
strategy suggested itself lo the confed
erate und, in a manner tuiconveyatilo
hruilKli this medium, ho uttered lluoc
prolonged, ugonized cuterwuuls.
A momentary silence followed this ef
fort ;iiiijthen, to his Infinite relief, he re
treating steps of 'his host smote nnon his
ear. When ipilet ugaln reigned Ihe otll
ccr signaled cautiously to his comrades
and, gullied by their voices, succeeded in
getting buck to ins room und finally to
lie. i.
The next morning, as they sat around
the breakfast tuble, their rural enter
tainer expressed a hope I hut his guests
rested Well.
"Ye-ye-yes." stammered 'the captain,
"P-P-P-pretty well, but a co-confoiui.l'd
rut got in that loft over our heud.t alii
maim u iti-thuinlerlu noise und wuked us
"Yes," said the farmer, dryly, "there
are a good many cats about here an' I
often hear 'em holleriu' around, but last
nigni wits me very nrst time 1 ever heard
a Htutteiin' cat holler."
In wrath and tears Edith Huwlett hud
gone" to bed. She had been tucked In
once, given a drink twice, kissed good
night three times and the lamp hud been
extinguished, but the spark of rebellion
mill burned In her vhil.llsli soul.
"Alainma," she cried.
"lo to sleep, Edith," her mother said,
Sternly; "1 shall not come in there aKuln."
"1 want a drink, munimu," Edith ipleud
ed. "You've had two drinks already. Now
go io Sleep.
There was a brief silent;, am then
I'.uiin men again.
".Mamma, conio und kiss me good,
"You've been kissed good-night, dear,
und I shall not come in uguin, ho go to
steep at once line a good girl.
There was another pause, while this
lonely child cudgeled her little brain for
a new expedient.
".Mammu," she ctieil at last, "please
come m; i in so Hungry. '
"You cannot have anything to cut to
night, and if I come in there again," the
mother said, wl;h rising c holer, "It will be
io gve you a spanKing '
There was a longer pause, and Just ns
u ocgun io iook as it tne evening s buttle
were over Ihe chilli's voice was heard
"Mamma," she pleaded, I'm so lonely in
nere, t'leaso come in and spaaK lur!
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