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u Pure
Bread and cake raised with it keep their freshness and
flavor. The reason is, the leavening power comes from
pure cream of tartar and soda, nothing else whatever.
Kteeipt book fits. Send stamp and addrcn. Cleveland Ealanj Pow&r Co., New York. "
Norrman & Moore
120 Wyoming Ave.
Washington . Avenue.
Up to Date
Wall Paper
To Match
Pay your gas bills today and save the
Select council and the building commit
tee of the buuril of control hold meetings
thin evei.liijf.
Th. Tioom!ay service nt Saint Luke's
church for iiuny men unci women begins to
day 12 tU to 12.2o.
The Woman' Keclfy leugne will meet
thin evening nt 7.30 o'clock at the Institute,
KS Maulnuii avenue.
In the estate of Lawrence Klynn, late of
Srranton, let twin of administration were
trained to Bridget Flynn, the widow.
Deputy Sheriff J. D. Ferber will sell the
household effects of A. B. Williams on
Monday, Feb. 24, at 9 a. m.
Rev. J. T. l.opran. of Wilkes-Barre, will
preach at Heer's hall, Hyde Park, this
evening- at 7.8W o'clock. All are cordially
In the estate of HiiKb Gallagher, late of
Bcranton, letters of administration were
yesterday (ranted to Winifred Gallagher,
the widow.
The will of John Nape wan yesterday ad
mitted to probate and letters testamentary
were Kranted to Walter J. Nape, son of
the defeased.
flanges llluckmore, convicted of bur
glary In this county, wan released from
the Eastern penitentiary yesterday,, his
term having expired.
Minn Mary Thompson will lead a 1ml f
hour Gospel meeting at the) Young Wo
men's Christian asportation at today.
All women are Invited.
Thieves galnerl an entrance to the On
tario and Western depot ut Prlceburg
Tuesday night and Htola a. quantity of ci
gars and several valises.
Kdward Cleveland, father of J. K. Cleve
land, of this city, died yesterday morn
ing in Norfolk, i le was 64 years old. The
funeral will bt lield In telmlra.
The Wyoming: district of the. Woman's
Home Missionary society will hold an all
day meeting in Kim J'ark Methodist Kpls
ropul church, toduy. The pirbllu Is cordial
ly Invited.
By a fall of roof In the Pine Prook mine
Tuesday afternoon. Patrick Huston, of
R35 Beech street, was seriously injured,
lis was taken to the Jiones Taylor hospi
tal, where It Is announced that he will
Attorney John P. Srrasrir representing
Myru. M. Turnipiest, brought action in
replevin yesterday -against J. W. (iuern
ey and Constable George Wilson for
a safe and some jewelry stock, all of the
value of S1D0.
A rule for a new trial was granted yes
terday In the case where William 11.
Voolsey. of the North End. was convict
ed of attempted criminal assault on .Mary
Boston. The ar gument will be made at
th next term of argument court.
On Saturday the annuul dinner and sup
per of the First Presbyterian church will
be served by the ladles from 12 to 2 and
from to V o'clock in the church lecture
room. The excellent menus to be provid
ed will be announced later.
There will he no matinee of "Trilby"
this afternoon and those who purchased
tickets for it can have them exchanged
for seats for the evening performance or
have their money refunded by calling at
the Academy of Music box office.
The; bond of r. W. Torwilliger, who has
been appointed collector of delinquent
school In x In the Second ward, was ves
terday tiled as judgment in the ofllce of
Prothotiotary Pryor. The amount of the
bond Is t2.449.AT,. with Wade At. Finn and
C.eorjre V. Hoffman as sureties.
Leslie, the champion Inter-colleglnte
high Jumper of America, who will appear
here with the lniversltv of l'eniisvlvanin
gymnastic team, recently cleared the bar
t Ave feet eight and one-half Inches, n
remarkably high Indoor lump, his outdoor
record Is six feet one and one-half Inches.
At a meetinar of the board of managers
of the Florence mission In the mission
building, on Spruce street. Tuesday. Aliss
Tillle Turner, of Nay Aug. was chosen
assistant matron of the mission. Aliss
farah Johnson, of Hunmore, who was as
sistant matron under Airs. Suxton. will
continue Indefinitely as chief matron.
Clerk of the Courts John H. Thomas
Issued marrbiKC licenses yewterdnv to the
following: Frederick odworth and
Hattie May Lewlon, Bi-rnnton; Vernon
eiocum, of Justus, and Cora K. Phillips,
of Olyphant: Samuel Afoscovitz. Price,
burg, and Bertha rtaldina-er. Olyphant;
Olof I'larson. Hcranton, nnd Annie r.
Armstrong, of Arndale, Jefferson town
ship, O., Michael O'Connor. Scranton, and
sKatt Carroll. Clark's Summit.
Next Tuesday evening a very pleasing
entertainment will be given In the Young
Men's Christian Association hall, on Wy.
omlng avenue, in which some of the best
singers of the city will assist. Aliss Kdlth
Norton, the gifted elocutionist, will recite.
Home fun Is promised on the programme,
though It would not do to tell names be
forehand. The object Is no worthy an
Institution that Is unostentatiously but ef
fectively doing- ct arrent work In our city
that the house) should he full. And all
who go will b well repaid.
and Sure."
Succeeded In Gutting SM3 from Clcland.
Simpson it Tavlor.
A clever swindle which was worked
quite successfully In this city some
years ago, was uuain perpetrated yes
terday on Clelaud. Simpson & Taylor,
of the t'lobe warehouse
A man without hat or coat came Into
the t J lobe store otilce before bunking
hours with a $i!5 check drawn by the
Scianton Supply and Hardware com
pany, which he requested them to cash,
MiyliiR that the Supply company had
immediate need of the money. The
check was cashed and no suspicions
were aroused until the supposed Sup
ply oiiipuiiy clerk was seen einrglnB
with coat nnd hat en from un adjoin
ing liulhvay ami hui rylnit dp the street.'
Inquiry was quickly made at the Sup
ply company's store, which was only
two d uns uwuy and as was suspected
the check was found to be a forgery,.
The swindler by tills time had disap
peared. He is described as a tiia.ll tit about .'0
years, with heavy grey mustache. As
mi particular attention was paid to
lils appearance the Globe stole people
ate at a loss to give a complete descrip
tion of him.
tiabhlo of People Mho I'sa Telephones
Should Ifo Vestured.
"A crying; need In the telephone busi
ness," said J. It. .Malluy. ot the Central
Pennsylvania. Telephone company, af
ter an examination of the Washington
telephone exchange, "Is a talk-meter
that Is, some sort of an uiitoniatlc ar
rangement by which language can be
measured off by the yard. Philadel
phia Is approaching' the idea. The Itell
Telephone company there (;ives what Is
called measured service rates, the"
'measurement' being determined by the
number of tails or connections, each
live minutes' conversation or fraction
thereof being counted by a call. This
gives subscribers rates In proportion to
the use of their Instruments. The city
service recently Introduced there is
very much upon the principle of the
long-distance service between cities."
"Do you consider this un advantage
over the old cystoma?"
"Well, it Is not perfect. What is re
quired is a regular 'gas' meter, with a
stop cock for profanity, old jokes, and
endearing nunies for the telephone
glils. I think an arrangement of this
sort w B'd be more valuable than an
automatic device for making: the con
nections. Many a wordy tale would be
cut short, many a delicious but un
prolitabli' confab nipped in the bud. If
Ida at one end of the line knew that
she was keeping the tantalizing secret
from Charlie at the other end, at a rate
of P) cents for every five minutes she
would disclose It more quickly and give
the woman who wants to telephone to
the doctor about the bean up the baby s
nose a ( hance nt the line. The new
young man who thinks the telephone
girl's heart is tilled with wild emotions
when he says, "My dear, you're looking
well." would proceed to business more
quickly if he understood his "slush"
was being measured off by the yard.
Some method will have to be adopted
to stop the effusive language over the
wires. Seven hundred and fifty million
telephone messages were sent over the
wires last year, averaging about ten
messages to every man, woman and
child In the United States. Telegrams
never exceeded one per head per year,
which shows that ne telephone system
may eventually entirely supersede the
telegraph. In 1S85 there was only one
long distance line, extending- between
Philadelphia and New York. Today
the system has 265.000 miles of wire and
$7",ri()li.ono Is the estimated Investment
in telephone property. A comfortable
share of the telephone investment
would go to the man who would Invent
a talk-meter
Who Will Lecture at tho Academy of
Al lisle leb. U8. '
Of John O. AVooley, who lectures at
the Academy of Music on February 2S.
Ir. Bashford, president of Weslcyun
university, says:
"He combines many of the best ele
ments of Wendell Phillips and John H.
Cough. Ills simplicity of Btyle and his
admirable command of English reminds
me of Phillips, while his speech nt
times scintillated with the wit or glows
with the pathos of Hough, at the same
time Wooley's speeches lire marked by
a breadth of statesmanship and at
depth of Christian philosophy which
neither of those great orators equalled."
And They Mole a Quuntltv for Which
They Are Now In Jail
Leon Pinkus and Charles Kishkunus.
two Hlckson Cltyites, were received at
the county jail last night on the charge
of lurceny to await trial in court by
reason of their failure to give bail for
their appeal ance.
John Pabuscles Is a wine fancier and
he had in his cellar a tine assortment.
They made their way to where it was
and availed themselves of several bot
tles of it. He hud a warrant sworn out
before Justice of the Peace James J.
Luruu with the result us ufore.suld.
fl'iider this heading short letters of In
terest will be published when accompa
nied, for publication, by the writer's
name. The Tribune will not be held re
sponsible for opinions here expressed.!
F.illtor of The Tribune.
Sir: In Justice to the voters of the First
district or the Klghth ward I desire to
correct or rather modify a statement
which appeared In one of the columns of
vuur staunch Itenubllciin paper this morn
ing. Alv friend Dr. O'AIalley. and myself,
'lis true, had some hot words at the pubs
as we alwuys do. he being an enthusiastic
Democrat and I an enthusiastic Republi
can, but to the credit of the voters of the
First district, never have the police been
required or asked to settle the little or
big disputes that occur ut election, nor
was yesterday an exception to the rule.
Mr. A. Kaub. the undertaker, did tele
phone to police headquarters for an otll
cer without the knowledge or consent of
the election board to clear his store room
of voters, who thoughtlessly and without
any desire to trespass, entered the ssme
for the purpose of voting Instead of enter
ing t he rear room (where 'the election
was held) from the alley entrance. There
was no riot In the First district yestur
day, nor was there u call for police pro
tection by anv member of the board or
anv one identified with the voters of the
district. W. 8. Millar.
Mcranton, Pa., Feb. 19. 1SW.
For Nervous Headache.
I so llorsford's Acid' Phosphate.
Dr. P. A. Roberts. Watervllle. Me.,
says: "Have found It of great benefit
In nervous diseases nervous headache,
nervous dyspepsia, neuralgia, and think
It Is giving great satisfaction when It
is tnorougniy tnrar
Aleals and Cold Lunches
Meals and cold lunches served at all
hours at Lohmann's. Spruce street.
Regular dinner 40 cents. Imported
and domestic wines, cigars and liquors.
Kaftcr .May Die from the Wounds In
Fluted by Sam Toni.
Taken Into Custody at Old Forgo by the
County Detective-lr. Stcgncr Having
Certified That the Injuicd Alan
Was in a Critical Condition.
County Detective Thomas Lryshon
and Constable Timothy Jones went to
Hid Forge last night and arrested Sam
Tonl, the Italian who shot John Raf
ter, down thrre. a month ago. Tonl
was out on bail furnished In the sum
of 00 by Joseph Turresco to answer
the charge of felonious wounding; but
Kafter is In a precarious condition and
In danger ot death, so that the Italian
may have to stand trial for murder
Dr. Adam Stcgner, of Rendham, has
certified that Rafter Is In a very dan
gerous condition. He was shot twice In
the hip, nnd at first the wounds were
not considered serious. They closed
up and a large amount of suppuration
formed Internally. At a late hour last
night Kafter was quite low ot his par
ents' home on Wyoming avenue. Green
The shooting occurred one evening on
Main street, old Foiga, und was with
out any provocation. Tonl whipped
out bis revolver and sent two bullets
into Rafter's right hip. The details
were published In this paper at the
time. The Italian was taken Into cus
tody last night on a capias Issued at the
Instance of District Attorney John R.
Argument List for January Term Cleared
I p Yesterday.
All the cases tin the argument list
were cleared up yesterday. In the case
of B. Ruseiiftfld against Peter Valrule;
rule to open Judgment, the rule was
discharged. The rule was discharged
In the case ot James R. Dainty against
C. Chamberlain; rule for Judgment
und also In the case of Ferguson
Doyle ugaliist T. M. Huike in the rule
to open judgment.
Court atllrmed the derision of the al
derman In the e:ise of II. Uolds-rhluger
against James Clark and reversed the
derision of the alderman In the cerll
orarl case of J. K. Hess against tl. W.
Hlnckle't The writ wns quashed in the
case of Wrs. J. P. Uidgeon ngalnst J.
Invyer. The rule was mude absolute
In the case of the I'nlversul Fashion
company against John H. ljohvlg and
lu the case of Stelnhouse & Co. agulnst
V. A. Gallagher.
Arguments to strike off appeals was
made In the case of the City of Scran
ton against Ambrose Muliey, William
Moore and R. P. Gibbons In the mutter
of a sewer assesmeut. Argument for
u new trial was heard In the case ot
A. T. Phllo against Joseph Haldeman.
Colored Alan from Pittston After His
Kecn-nt llotter-lliilf.
Last Saturday night on returning
from town Sherman Reed, a colored
man, living in Pittston, discovered that
his wife had decamped taking with her
ull her best clothes, betokening that
she didn't Intend to return in a hurry.
Reed started out immediately to look
for her. first providing himself with n
3S-calibre revolver. Yesterday utter
noon he discovered her In this city In
the house of a friend, Richard Gregory,
of Dix court, and according to Mrs.
Reed's story he pulled a revolver on
her and threatened to shoot her.
She ran to the police station which
Is only a few yards away and sought
the protection of Patrolmen Palmer and
Dyer, who after heating her story, went
back with her and arrested her violent
spouse. He was locked up pending a
hearing this morning. Reed says that
he merely asked his wife what she was
doing there and when she disdained a
reply he went Into an adjoining room
and sat down.
election in Lnekawanna Township Dis
appoints Some Democrats.
There will be an Investigation into
the manner In which the vote was
counted In the Northeast district of
Lackawanna township. Suspicion has
sprung from the lurge vote polled by
"William II. Pern, one of the candidates
for supervisor.
The face of the returns show that
James Ward and Fern are elected su
pervisors, the former's total vote being
A'J'i, and the latter's .190. Patrick Coyne
received .'IS4 votes, six less than Fern,
and Adam Fasshold received 353 votes.
The two highest candidates are the vic
torious ones. The court will be peti
tioned for a recount.
John AtcCrltulle, Patrick Foley nnd
Dennis O'Lenlhan are elected srhool di
rectors, and Patrick Fltzhenry treas
Hundreds of Dollars Worth of Optical
Goods stolen from Slilraberg tiros.
Shlmberg Hros.' optical roods store
nt 411.1 Spruce street, was robbed of S400
or $50u worth of goods during Tuesday
night. Entrance was gained by way of
the cellar which was reached through
the trao dojr on the sidewalk which
was left unbolted. By standing on n
box the thieves were enabled to break
through the flooring under the show
window. They made a hole about eigh
teen inches square through which they
were able to force their bodies. Chief
Simpson thinks that it was the work
of boys.
Dr. Shimberg can only estimate his
loss. The articles which tire missing
are gold rpectacle rims. Held and opera
glasses and telescopes. They left no
clue behind.
Rubbers Loot Their Prlcchiirg Depot
This Time.
Thieves broke Into the Ontario and
Western depot at Prlceburg some time
during the early hours of yesterday
morning and made away with a large
quantity of plunder. Including several
thousand cigars and a number of
valises with their contents. Entrance
was gained by forcing a window in the
Agent Melhouse reported the matter
to the company's detectives and the
work of trailing the thieves was begun
without delay. This company has suf
fered extensively from these depreda
tions and will not spare trouble or ex
pense in running down the thieves.
Hie Metropolitan Board of Health Will
Visit This City.
Superintendent Henry Loftus, of the
garbage crematory received word yes
terday that a committee composed of
members of the bonrd of health and
other sanitary officers of New York
city will come here during the course of
a week or ho to Inspect our crematory.
Nineteen similar ones are to be con
structed in New York and the commit
tee Is coming here to get ft practical
Idea of what the crematory Is like.
Novel Schema Hatched Out of the Brain
of an Ohio Alan.
"It a stranger Is found dead or un
conscious by . any of you patrolmen,
look under the left suspender, It a male,
and on the Inside of the dress, near the
neck, If a female, and if a badge like
the above is found telegraph the num
ber to us and we will tell you who he
or she is and how to act."
This Is the gist of a circular received
by Chief of Police Simpson front a Cin
cinnati firm which has originated a
new money-making scheme. Hy pay
ing a tee to this "lilectilli utlon and
Registration company" a person gets
a badge which corresponds with one
on their books In which a record of the
wearer Is kept.
Government Promises Weather fifteen
Degree Colder Tlinn Yesterday.
At noon yesterday the cold wave ond
storm hugy were displayed from tho
flagstaff on the court house. The dis
playing of the flags followed the re
ceipt of the following warning from the
weather bureau:
"Snow tonight; Thursday, fair with
cold wave; IB t " degrees colder
Thursday morning. Moore."
Ash WedncsJay Services In the Cathedral
and M. Luke's
Secial services were held In the
Catholic, Lutheran and Episcopal
churches yesterday. Ash Wednesday.
Three asses were celebrated in St.
Peter's cathedral, the last, at 8 o'clock,
being a high mass, at which Rev. Fa
ther O'Reilly was celebrant und Rev.
Fathers Feeley and Carmody, deacons.
A short si i mon was preached by Rt.
Rev. lilshop O llara in which he ex
plained the significance of the season
and made un exhortation for a true ob
servance of It. At the llrst muss the
ashes were blessed by Ilishop o'llaru.
assisted by Itev. Fathers Dunn und
Mlllane. During Lent there will be a
sermon and benediction every Wednes
day evening at 7. So o'clock und on Pii
day evenings, beginning at the same
hour, there w ill be stutlona of the cross
und benediction.
At SI. Luke's. Rev. Rogers Israel yes
terduy conducted three services. At
the second morning service he preached
a semiun explanatory of the day und
season und tho fust service was ob
served. In the evening unother ser
mon appropriate to the day was de
livered Three Lenten services will be
held each working day until Easter.
There will be a prayer service ut C
o'clock a. m.; a noon-duy service, nt
which the litany will he said, and on
Mondays. Tuesdays. Thursdays nnd
Suturdays there will be a 4 o'clock p.
m. service, which will be preceded by
an organ recital. On Wednesdays nnd
Fridays there will be preaching In the
The conflrutlon service will take
pluce the llrst Sunday after Easier and
instructions will be given to adults Fri
day at T.4"i p. in., to boys on Friday ut
4 . in., nnd to girls on Saturdays ut
3 . m. The offeilncs will be made as
follows: Ash Wednesday, for the
Church Temperance society; fourth
Sunday In Lent, for Diocesan missions;
Maundy Thursday, for Bible and Com
mon Prayer Book society: Good Fri
day, for the conversion of the Jews;
Easter day. 'for parish purposes and
may be designated for any object by
being placed in un envelope and so
marked. Offerings are requested to be
placed In the alms box at the door.
Rev. Mr. Israel will be assisted during
Lent by Rev. A. I. I'rban, of Dunmore.
Officials of the Lehigh Valley Rail
road company stated this afternoon
that the Eliuira Cortland and Northern
railroad, has been bought by the Le
high Valley company from Austin Cor
bln, Henry W. Maxwell and J. Rogers
Maxwell, who, for years have been the
owners. The statement In a New York
despatch that Austin Corbln and Henry
W. Maxwell purchased for the Lehigh
Valley, Is declared to be an error. The
purchase price could not be learned,
nor could any of the terms of the sale.
According' to the new anthracite
agreement the output for this month, it
will be recalled, is limited to 2,500,000
tons, agulnst production for the same
month lust year of 3.13;'.24G tons. Table
below Indicates percentages and what
output In tons each company should
Name. P. C. Tons.
Philadelphia and Reading.. 2rt..Vi 61", not)
Lehigh Valley lfi.5 Hs!,2;,0
D., L. W VS.X, :,7iW
Jersey Central 11.70 29:.i',00
1'ennsvlvanla railroad 11.40 2$r.(hi0
I). & H. C. Co 9.1S0 210.000
Krle railroad 4.00 lfto.ono
Pennsylvania Coal Co 4 00 jflo.Wi
Delaware, S. & S 3.10 KT,.VM
N. V., S. & W 3.20 HO.'HO
N. Y., O. & W 3.10 77.f.'J0
Total J 100.00 2,500,000
The east bound shipments from Chi
cago last week aggregated 71.070 tons,
against 80.078 tons the previous week
and 49,738 tons the corresponding week
last year. Of the total tonnage the
Michigan Central enrtied fi.oOl tons,
Wabash, P..168; f,alte Shore, 10.529; Fort
Wayne. S.Olti; Pan Handle, 7,064; Balti
more and Ohio. 5.062; Chicago and
Grand Trunk. 7.865; Nickel Plate. 6.198;
Chicago nnd Erie, 12,445, and the Big
Four, 2,022 tons.
The annual report of the Central Rail
road company of New Jersey, including
the New York nnd Long Branch divi
sion, for the year ended Dec. 31. 1895,
1S91. Changes.
Cross earnings.... $13.iitix.u24 Tnc. $!ins.ox:i
Ex. and taxes Dec. 143.211
Net earnings.... J3.272.970 Inc. Jl,051,r.l
Other Income 1.201.572 Inc. 110.173
Total Income.... $1,474,54:. Inc. $1, 111. 512
All charges 5.771,107 Inc. 234.K2S
Surplus $702,423 Inc. SI, 310,143
. - .
A lluslncss Opportunity for a Lira Har
ness MnUcr.
The buslnessof O.E. Barney.deceased,
Clifford, Pa., Is now for sale. A pros
perous old established business, with
new und convenient shop. An inspec
tion und Inquiry Into nil the detullu of
the business solicited. Kent cheap,
business good und stock on hand sold
reasonable. Address K. N. Barney,
Montrose, Pn.
I rnsnro of Names.
At the regular meeting of the con
sistory, held Monday evening. Feb.
the following" named persons were
erased from the roll of the member
ship of Culvary Reformed church for
conduct unbecoming Christians: Mrs.
T. Wachter. Ludwig Stipp, Mrs. Carrie
Stlpp und Aliss Kllzabeth Rnfl'elt.
Reynolds P.ros., Hotel Jermyn, Wy
oming avenue.
Is marluge a failure? You will cer
tainly agree with us that It is not after
you have taken a look at the choice
carpets and draperies at Siebecker &
At. A. 1'rledlander 4 Co.
Have removed to 508 Spruce street,
formerly occupied by G. W. Owens,
opposite Court house.
Our remnant sale will continue an
other week. See our ad for prices.
J. Scott Inglis.
, Carpets and Wallpapers.
Reynolds Bros., Hotel Jermyn, Wy
oming avenue.
Smokers, beware of Imitation of the
Pocono cigar. Harney, Brown & Co.
Reynolds Bros., Hotel Jermyn, Wy
oming avenue.
liny the Weber
and get the best. At Guernsey Bros,
Then Baby wot sick, we gave her Cutoria.
Vben she was a Child, she cried for Castorio.
When she became MIsj, she clung to Cantoris.
When she bad Children, she gave them Cantoris,
Given Last Myht at Academy by One
of Brady's Company.
Chances Enhunco tho Dramatis Interest
of the Drniun-Lduin Brandt in
the Itole of Svcrfssll-.Marlon
Grey Is Trilby.
Paul Potter's dramatization ot the
much talked of story, "Trilby," was
seen at the Academy of Music last
evening. The drama departs Kome
whut from the lines of Du Aluurler's
story of the pet of the I.atln quarter of
Paris, but by doing si better dramatic
etlects are secured. From the series of
sketches of Du Aluurler, Mr. Potter has
evolved a play full of Interest and ac
tion; one that by Its own right would
have commanded a place on the stage
even II' Trilby of story fume hud never
been heard of.
The company that presented the
drama last night Is under the manage
ment of W. A. Brady, nnd It gave a very
creditable production of Mr. Potter's
stage story. Kdwin Hraiidt. a young
actor who has many warm udmirers
in this city, was seen in the role of
Svengall. It Is a most dlltlcult one for
any actor to essay, but .Mr. Brandt
succeeded so well in reproducing; the
appearance, manlier und movement of
the strange, weird musician that he wus
rewarded with the enthusiastic up
plause of the audience. Ills work was
marked by reserve force and was de
void of the runtliiir with which a less
discriminating actor would have
ruined the creation.
Marlon Grey is not an tdenl Trilby in
Alinearnlice. rhnlleii In tin life Rhe close
ly resembles Virginia Hurned. who ;
created the role. .Miss Grey la a very
clever young actress and made a most
favorable impression by her work last
night. In the scenes where she was
supposed to be under the mesmeric In
fluence of Svengall. she was particu
larly good. Harrison Armstrong as
Taffy, und George D. Maclntyre as the
l,n lid. looked und acted the characters
they ussunied, und Uletiton Thorpe
made a very acceptable Little Blllee.
Other members of the company whose
work contributed to the success of the
performance were Douglas Lloyd, Jay
Wilson, Brie B. Collins, C. B. Poor und
F.ll.abetli Itraliierd.
The Idea of giving a matinee toduy
hus been abandoned, but In the evening
"Trilby" will be seen ugain nt the
Acuiiemy. Those who purchased tick
ets for the matinee can have them ex
changed for seats for the evening per
formance or can have their money re
funded by culling at the Academy box
Cosgrove and Giant's comedians will
make merry in their Jolly farce comedy,
"The Daxzler" at the Academy Saturday
matlneo and night. During the past sum
mer the piece has been re-wiitten, new
music and specialties introduced, and the
piece broujiht strictly up to date. Com
edians who are conile, atltis who are pret
ty, singers who can sing, and dancers
w ho run dance abound in this seusuu s
version of "The Dasiler." The realms of
song and opera have been Invaded by the
managers, and their prizes shine forth
with a new and mlded lustre as part of the
merriment of the farce. The piece Is no
stranger to our theater-goers, but many
surprises await them in tills season's pro
duction. The organization maintains its
past reputation for strength, tho com
puny Including Lottie Burke, a pretty
and lively sotibrette. Bobby ltalston, that
funny little man of last season's company;
Raymond Finlay, u good, grotesque com
odlan: .Max .Miller, the original Dutchman
of "Thfl'DazxIer:" Will West, the popular
vocalist of Tommy Atkins fame; George
Leslie, Ida, Marie Rodgers and a dozen
other clover people.
On Saturday evening we will have with
us the unquestioned leader of American
comedians, the representative of clean
and wholesome comedy, Sol Smith Rus
sell. Air. Russail will appear us Bob
Acres in H. Brlnsley Sheridan's family
comedy, "The Rivals." The critics with
out exception speak handsomely of Sol
Smith Russell's production of It. There
is a singular unanimity of opinion In this
instance among these analytical gentle
men and in that opinion, expressed with
evident cordiality, It is said thnt as Bob
Acres Air. Russell does make a most pro
nounced success. Looking over the list
of comedians now on the American stage,
but few names are worth lingering over.
It Is true that there are many who are
loud In the public voice, but few whose
work entitles them to a permanent pla"e
In the annals of the American stage. Of
the few Air. Russell occupies the foremost
of the very finest entertainments
that has coma to this limine this season
OUR plan of rental, with rent
to apply as purchase money,
is very popular, and makes
it possible' for almost any family
to get a first -class instrument.
Full particulars on application.
Music Store,
For the Convenience
Of More Room
the stock of the lute linn of
formerly located at 205 Washington
avenue, will be removed to i2 l'enn
avenue, In the old l'ostoOke Hit tiding
where cvery'hin; will lie sold at auc
tion. By order of Assignee.
A, HARRIS, Auctioneer.
The sale of Diamonds
will take place Friday,
February 14, at 2.30 p. m.
Is "A Prodigal Father." It repeats Itl
former success the last three days of this
week, commencing this afternoon. We
venture the usseitlon that there is not
a put run ut Manager Davis' lha will not
be pleased to learn this.
Sundow, the fatuous strong man, will
be seen at the Frothtnghain tonight in his
wonderful feats of strength. He will be
assisted by the Trocadero Vaudevilles In
giving an entertainment that is unique
and Interesting. .Monslgiior O'Gust, the
eminent French clown and mimic, is one
of the attractions of the vaudevilles. A
feature of the performance given by
O'Gust is an Imitation of the vocal sounds
made by different animals, which he is
said to render with an accuracy so true
to nature as to be marveloualy thrilling.
The imitations are accompanied with pic
torial illustrations rendered by means ot
Intricate light effects.
Will Not Go as a Dclcgntc-at-I.orgc to the
National Convention.
Indianapolis, Feb. 19. The effort of
Republican politicians to Induce Mr.
Harrison to go as a deleijate-ut-lurge to
the uutlonul convention hus been met
by a very decided refusal of the ex
presldent. The friends of Senator Allison want
Mm on the floor uf the convention to
second the nomination of the lowan.
whom he Is understood to favor, but It
Is estimated that his refusal to serve
as a delegate is based chlelly on the
fear that his action might be construed
Into soliciting votes for himself rut her
than for Senator Allison.
Farmer Strikes a Neighbor's Wife with an
Ax During un Altercation.
Brazil, Ind., Feb. la. Last evening
James Brldgewaters and Charles
Smith, farmers residing ten miles
south of this city, enguged In a fight
over some stock.
Mrs. Smith, seeing her husband was
getting the worst of the altercation, In
terfered, und Brldfewatcrs struck her
a heavy blow- on the head with un ax,
Imllctlii',- a wound that will probably
prove futnl. Bridgewater has been ar
rested. El
i j
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