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A Foe to Dyspepsia
And Always Have
Good Bread.
Tho Weston Mill Go.
Alderman Didn't Consider That Good
Fodder and Kefuseil to Act.
A man or about 28 years, with the
slxtanee of a woman who has lomt
ifire ceased eivtnir birthday purlieu,
slBPKcreil Into Alderman MIIlar'H oftk-e
yesterday afternoon and producing a
inarriaire 1 renne laid it on tne aesK,
flanked down thirty cents on top of
It and yanking the woman up to his
vide asked the alderman If he would
da tin- 1nb.
"Is that all the money you have?"
Imiuircil the uiilerman.
" 's all. y'r'oner."
"Oat ucy pay comtnff to you 7"
".Vary a nay. ihlci."
"Have either of you any means of
"Wha'9 that?"
"How do you Intend to get along; If I
do marry you:
"Ast Jennie, he'a the boss."
"I don't think that makes no differ
r-nre to you how we're goine; to do,"
interposed Jennie, Very Indifmantly.
"If you don't want to marry us we'll
H somewhere Pise.
"Well, 1 guess you had better start
Sorry to lose your patronage, but I
have enough to answer for without be
lug responsible for starting you two on
me matrimonial sea.
Gathering up their marriage license
End the three dimes the pair left the
Polish Laborer's Back Broken in the
Oreenwnod Mine Yesterday.
By a fall of roof In No. 12 drift of the
Greenwood Coal company. John Kan
llnskey, a Polish laborer 33 years old.
was fatally injured and his condition
at a late hour last night was verv low
He was brought In the mine ambulance
to the Lackawanna hospital, and the
Doctors tnere think he may linger a
ihort while, but his recovery -Is not
looked for. His spinal column is broken
ml he is bruised internally.
The accident happened soon after the
man started to work. A blast had been
fired and he went to the face of the
rhamber within a few minutes, as is
the usual custom with miners. A large
neap or rocg ten on mm ana burled
him beneath It. Owing to his weakened
rendition there could not be much done
except to make him as comfortable as
possible. He was unmarried and re-
idea in greenwood.
New Vie for Grape.
It has been discovered that grapes
used with Eelecampane Root and the
Herb Horehound In proper proportion
made into a cordial la performing won
lerful cures in stubborn cases of colds.
lore throat and hoarseness.
. Public speakers claim it far superior
tor the throat to any confection. It Is
. :oming in general use among Dhvsl
Mans. Ask for Aunt Rachael's Hore-
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FOR il t Ladies' hand made
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any. other correct dealing
umiK 1
: 410 Sprues Sttet
Judge Gunster- Declines to Send
Stackel and Yobs to Jail. '
Voting Men Charged with Barglarizlng
the Rendham M. E. tarsonago on
Trial-John and Mary lukan Guilty
of keeping a Tippling House.
Judge - Gunster changed his mind
about the legal guilt of Fred Stackel
and August Yobs, the two members of
the Arbiter Vereln, which organisation
rents Worklngnien's hail on Prospect
avenue and Alder street. South Pide.
They wene tried this week for selling
liiiuor without a license, selling on Sun
day ami selling to minors. They were
found guilty of the first two charges.
The Arbeiter Vereln is a clun and it
was offered as a defense that these
men as agents of the club had the
privilege of furnishing beer to the
guests of the club.' The prosecution
was on the ground that the guests had
to buy a ticket for admission to the
hull and that this was virtually receiv
ing pay for the liquor furnished. At
torney John F. SiTagff asked the court
to give binding Instructions for a ver
dict of not guilty; this Judge Ounster
refused to do, but on the contrary he
directed the Jury to convict the de
fendants. The defense did not ueny
that thev furnished the liuiior. but
by their attorney held ..they .:had the
risrnt 10 no u. ...
The Jury returned a verdict of guilty.
Vetuorilnv Judee Ounster decided to
suspend sentence U!on payment of th
costs. Air. cragg intemieu to appeal
the case if the court had not made
this concession.
The burglary case against W, J.. Van
Dyke, Ellas Thomis and John' -M (trail
was on all dav before JudR mnater.
They were charged, with breaking Into
the Methodist KJUHcepai pnHtiip;.-, .'
Kendham oil thf irVbrnlhg of .Aug. 21
last, shortly after midnight, and with
perpetrating the ontrageons 'critnv ui
tlelng up R v. Mr. Cochrane. 4he
preacher, and his wife, both elderly
persons, with a rope, anil putting gags
In their moutns to nmo-r .'"
rnaklnu any outcry. . Tneavisi was
made for the purtsise of ransacking
the parsonuge. This was none unu
they got awuy with some Jewelry,
Burglars Wore nok.
The burglars wore masks but the
Coi-hranes were sure that they recog-
hlze.l the voung men. Vt hen tne de
fense opened Moran s siue or me ik
was an alibi. His father and two -sisters
swore he was home on the night of
the burglary. Thomas ald he was in
Kingston when the affair happened.
that he went down there to look for
work. His sister swore that she was
the first one to tell him about the case.
VnnDvke said that on the night In
question ho was at the bedside of his
sister, who was suffering from an ab
scess on the neck. He was with her
from early in the evening all through
the night and until the next morning,
not having left tho house but twice,
once at 8.80 or thereabouts when he
went to a neighboring saloon for some
liquor, and the second time he went to
the well for two palls of water. He
was corroborated by another sister.
who was present the same evening,
The arguments of Attorneys Burns and
Chnse for the defendants were made
and it was then time for adjournment
Attorney M. J. Tionahoe was also asso
ciated for the defense. Assistant Dis
trict Attorney John M. Harris will
make the closlngargument for the com
monwealth this morning after which
Judge Ounster will charge the Jury.
John and Mary I.ukan were found
guilty of selling liquor without a li
cense and the husband was forthwith
sentenced to pay a fine of $300 and
spend six months in the county Jnll,
lie is un there now since the last term
of court, when ho was convicted of
assault and battery and sentenced to
six months. Mrs. Lukan will not be
sentenced until some provision Is made
ror taking care of their children.
Thomas Council round Gnlltr.
Thomas Connell, the Duryea livery
man, was found guilty of slmnle assault
and battery upon Newton Williams, of
aioobic. a none. pros, was entered In
the case of John Raymond, charged
with cruelty to animals.
Clem Marsh, Jr., was called for trial
on the charge of felonious wounding.
The prosecutor was a young man
named Richard Morgan. John P. Kol
ley defended Marsh and Mr. Jones rep
resented the commonwealth. At a
pigeon shooting match last summer
Alarsn was one or the contestants and
a bird that he fired at fell within the
so-yard boundary, but was not dead.
Young Morgan ran and got the bin! nnl
Marsh followed him. After several re
peated shouts to drop It and Morgan
still-running away. Marsh fired in the
air and the prosecutor alleges that part
of the shot struck him In the back ami
some of It went through one of his
Marsh said he fired in the air and
the shot could not possibly have bit
Morgan at all. The court took the
felonious wounding part of the charge
away irom tne jury and sent them out
to consider whether he was or was not
guilty of assault and battery. They
brought In a verdict of not guilty.
M. W. Ounster and John R. Thomas
were called for trial on the charge of
larceny by bailee. James Farrell u-na
the prosecutor. Mr. Guernsey's name
was smcKen ore tne indictment at the
request or the district attorney and
Thomas alone was tried. Hun Jniiti
P. Kelley appeared for the defendant
and Attorney W. R. Lewis for the
commonwealth. The charge was t. 'at
of taking a piano back to the stor
which was to be moved to another
house. The defense was that there wan
a contract in which the purchasers
were to pay so much a month and that
they fell away behind In their pay
ments, for that reason the il
taken away rightfully. A verdict of
not gumy was rendered by the Jury.
Edward l.vnn on Trial.
Edward Lynn, the man whose uttia
daughter was burned up. In the fire
in tneir nome in tne latter part of De
cember, was convicted of assault anl
oa tier y upon nis wire. He was de
fended by Attorney M. A. McOinley.
but there was a clear case against htm
and he was promptly convicted. The
assault and battery was on the morn
ing of the fire.
John Wargo and his young son, An
drew, were tried for assault and lot
tery upon Kdward Rrown, The ver
dict of the Jury will be heard today.
James Oolden was tried for assault
and battery upon Kdward E. Jones.
Attorneys Joseph O'Urien and M. J.
Walsh represented the defendant and
Mr. Jones the commonwealth. Last
November the prosecutor was papering
the saloon of Michael Oiilcsple on
Brick avenue and he heard Gillespie
say that Oolden, who lived upstairs,
was good for nothing more than sit
ting around the stove reading the
newspaper. Jones was kind enough to
go and tell Oolden's wife what was
said, and when she told her husband
he went to see Jones to find out if it
were Just what Gillespie said. Jones
denied what Mrs. Golden said he told
her and he also told her husband that
she was a liar. This was too much for
Oolden and he struck him a blow in
the face. The Jury waa out at ad
journment. Michael Kurltskl was tried for strik
ing Samuel Miller In the face with his
fist. Attorney John T. Martin repre
sented the commonwealth and Attor
ney H. O, Reynolds the defendant.
The parties live on Scranton street
and got into a dispute over one being
a Jew and the other an Italian. Young
Miller was In his father's store and
when Kurltskl came In the argument
started. The charge was that the de
fendant reached In over the counter
and struck the defendant in the face.
The Jury went out ' Adjournment
a loss 10 i hi; .mission.
Resolutions AJotUJ 'h h.eih of
: -4 Mr. . ' ."in X ton.
"Tlv iron !- is' of the Florence Mis
sion have prepaid the rollowmg reso-
lutions on me ueain ui -Sax
nnr HmimiIv Father In His infinite
wisdom has taken from us our btflove-1
sister and co-laborer, .Mrs. A. 12. bus,-
In the death of this dear servant of (lod
not only has one of the noblest Institu
tions or our city lost Its ablest and most
consecrated worku-r, but the entire com
munity, recoxmzing her worth, and in
grateful rememberance of her lubor of
love, as deeplv mourn the loss of this thor
oughly unselfish and Uoilly woman.
Her heart went out In love and sym
pathy to all who were in any trouble or
amiction. but especially to her wayward
sisters. Previous) to her assuming the ar
duous and re'iionsible position of matron
of the Florence mission all of her spare
time was spent in earnest personal en
deavor to lead forsaken ones bu.-k
to nuths of virtue and to ttlin who alone is
able to keep us from fulling. We rejol-e
that (loil permuted ner lo see many a
pruyer answered before He called hr to
her heavenly rewuru.
Kesolvecl. Thut to all sorrowing ones we
extend our sympathy and pray that her
Messed example may inspire others to fol
low In her footsteps that together with
her we muv hear the Muster s "Wel done
and receive the never-failing crown of
glory. .
Unsolved, That tne foregoing Drier tes
timony of our love and esteem be spwu'l
upon the minutes and published In the
dally :aiers of our city.
.vrs. tt. u. urooKs,
.Mrs. W. T. Hackett.
Mrs. O. K. Dean,
Committee of Resolutions.
Board jDf Health la Preparing to Make Its
Provisions Operative In This City.
Plumbers, Naree and Mid wives Must
In consequence of the new sanitary
code adopted by the last legislature
tho board of health was called upon ut
ita regular meeting yesterday to adopt
measures to take advantage of the new
powers Invested In It and to begin the
carrying, out of the new duties thereby
The registration of plumbers and the
framing of a set of rules, regulating
house draining and sewering was given
the most serious consideration by the
board. Secretary Brlggs was directed
to attend to all the necessary details
for the registration and granting of
certificates and Dr. Allen was entrust
ed with the work of getting up the rules
being empowered to invite the building
Inspector an architect and a master
plumber to act in conjunction with him.
It was announced that the plumbers'
association has alrendy drafted a set of
ules and in view or this fact the board
suggested to Dr. Allen that he allow the
association to select Mio muster plum
bers who will sit on the committee so
that they may have the benefit of the
rules in question.
, The new law alHo dlrec'.s that mid
wives and professional nurses shall
register with the hoard and shall be
subject to the health officers directions
in certain instances, which are enumer
ated and which must tie reported. A
book Is to be provided for those who are
to register and a printed copy of the
law bearing on their case will be given
to each.
imtv of tiic Jicho tl HosrJ
As to the quarantine of school chil
dren the board decided that the board
of control Is permanently responsible
fur the carrying out of this law and
directed the secretary to transmit a
copy of the act to the superintendent
of schools. Thi feuture of the act
provides that every school pupil must
be vaccinated and a register kept of
the time of the vaccination ami the like.
Also a pupil must be excluded from
the schools If he or she Is a member of
a household In which there is a case of
contagious or infectious disease and
must not be allowed to return to school
until thirty days after the disinfection
of the house which of course occurs
after' the patient hus been removed, has
died or recovered. With the co-operation
of the school board, the board of
health intends to rigidly enforce this
Dr. Paine. Health Officer Allen and
President M. J. Kelly made Informal
reports of the Ilnrrisburg convention
of the state r.-iard of health, which
was held during the last week of Janu
ary. Kach held that there was no
board represented there that, judging
from their reports, could teach the
Scranton board in practical matters
and none of them cave evidence of hav
ing acromnlisbed as much as our local
board, during the past five years.
Annual Iton rl Prepare f.
Secretary Brigrs announced that he
hud the annual statistical report pre
pared. He was directed to have it
The report for January showed 131
deaths, 1U3 births .'4 males and 51 fe
males, 52 marriages and SI cases of
contagious diseases.
Food Inspector Thomas stated that
the condition of the markets was very
satisfactory Indeed. Crematory Kupr-Intendt-nt
Loftus reported having de
stroyed 1 :)'. barrela of garbage with
the use of 2s tona of coal.
Ho Was a Brother of K. T. Block of
' Thi rit.
Word was received hpre yesterday
of the death In Springfield, .. of
Samuel Black, a brother of R. T. Blac k,
of this city. A letter received from
hiin a week ago did not indicate that
he was in anything but the best of
health, and detuiiH or nis death are not
known here yet. William, his brother,
died about three months ago.
Samuel Bluck wax In the mercantile
business in Springfield. He was known
In Scranton only among a limited num
ber of friends. He Is survived by one
child, wife of a lr. Hull, and they are
now wintering In f.rorgla. Mr. Black
was the eighth child in the family and
was 62 years of age.
Experience of o Man W ho stole n Kldeon
the lii'luwnre nn I Un ison Mnilrrnd.
C. H. Manvllle, of the Delaware and
Hudson Canal companv, recently re
ceived an unsigned letter, dated Dun
more, Pa., to the effect that the writer,
more than a yenr ago, rode a short
distance nn the Canal company s rail
road without payintr fare.
The knowledge that he had defraud
ed the company had so preyed upon
his mind that he had been constrained
to make the amount good, and he
therefore enclosed 1. cents, which has
been duly forwarded to the treasurer
of the company.
Orcnt Saving in Holler.
The public is most cordially Invited
to a specinl sale of fine Muslin I'nder-
wear. beginning Monday, retiruary HI,
1896. and continuing ten days. We take
this means to Introduce the most per
fect I'nderwear made In this country,
and will offer clorant goods at special
prices for this sale. Tnderwear made
at the House of Good Shepherd, at ex
actly cost prices. Favor us with a vis
it, asking your friends along.
Very respectfully.
Franc-la Fitzgibbon,
"Burr Building."
132 North Washington avenue,
Scranton, Pa. '
The c
Tomorrow will contain the best local of
any Sunday newsiiaiwr together with
an article written by Halsey Lathroiie
In reply to the article written last Hun
day by Hen Dllly In regard to the Rebel
Wins and Andersonville prison. The
best sfiecial and miscellaneous articles
Re sure and get It from your newsboy.
The latest political news will also be
tersely told.
Tho Rich anJ the Poor
Are attending the great auction sale
At Davidow Bros.'
Auditors uf the Poor District Say
They Are faithful Servants.
It Called Forth a Moat Vigorous Protest
from Mr. Gibbons bat Neverthe
less It Passed by a lour
to Three Vote.
The- directors of the poor and the of
ficials and employes of the district have
just cause for pride In the commenda
tion given their work by the auditors
In the report submitted to tne poor
board yesterday.
Thev .-ommendea tne- very Business
like method in which the affairs of the
district have been conducted and as
sured the taxpayers that they are re
ceiving careful, conscientious work
from both the directors ana oniciais.
The amount of the Item for outdoor
relief the auditors thought might seem
large, but. to use the words ot tne
report, "we believe it ruiiy jusunea
and that It was expended In cases
where the relief was absolutely needed.
Considering the sufferings of the poor
and the growth of the district during;
the past two years, we do not see how
outdoor relief could be more Judiciously
given." Further on in tne report me
auditors say:
n- nnni.l Mimmini that the following
portion of the act of May 13. 187S. be adopt
ed by the board: "Any overseer or poor
director of any poor district who Is or
shull be appointed uy ine conn ui m"--
er sessions, may at ni uim-reuuii
without order or certificate rrom a jusucb
of the peace or alderman.- enter upon the
poor-book, arant relief to. or admit to the
. . i. i . . . . . . 1 . , 1 1 , a ,i v.
poor nouae oi m """""'..r,
poor or Indigent porson or persons, entitled
bv the law of this commonwealth to such
aid or relief, and In no case shall such
order be required or fees allowed to any
justice or ustlees or alderman or alder
men therefor." We recommend this. If
It cun be legally ajvocateu, as we ueneve
the directors are tne iwsi juuge or tne of the aDulk-ant and thut obtulnlng
an order from two magistrates Is u mere
form and a useless waste or money.
Paid a Visit to the I'arin
Thev visited the farm, they state.
and found everything In first class or
der and their Investigations there led
them to express their opinion that no
institution In the state is more care
fully managed and at no other Institu
tion do the inmutes receive better treat
ment. The report was signed by W.
J. Costello, C. H. van Stort-h and Frank
T. Okell. auditors.
The following resolution Introduced
by Mr. Fuller brought forth warm dis
sension and a roll call vote:
itesolved. That In order that the routine
work and inanRKetnent at the home and on
the farm may not be Interfered with dur
ing the secular days of the week, here
after all reltuious services shall be held
and conducted on Sunday, in the follow
ing manner: Commencing Feb. 10 by the
Catholic denomination; next following
Humbiy by the Methodists; next follow
ing Sunday by the Catholics; next follow
ing Sunday by the Presbyt-rlans, and so
on In the same alternate oruer of suc
cession. Mr. Olbbons strenuously objected to
the measure on the grounds that It
would greatly Inconvenience the
Catholic clergymen, who had charge
of the station; possibly it might be so
inconvenient that he could not attend
to It and consequently the Inmates
would be deprived of the great boon
which they have enjoyed for the last
ten yeara. He explained that the priest
who visits the farm has comparatively
large congregations which demand his
attention on Sundays and tnat unless
he could be allowed to conduct services
m some week day he might not be
able to visit the pluce at all. Then Mr.
Gibbons coinbatted the statement of
Mr. Fuller that the work at the home
would be materially Interfered with
by an occasional week day service. In
answer to Mr. Glbbon'n question. Su
perintendent Beemer stated that Mr.
fuller's contention was quite true.
Whenever mass Is celebrated at the
home on a Week day, the routine of the
place Is disarranged for half a day.
ItcAuiiitino Wi-s AdopioJ.
Nevertheless Mr. Gibbons insisted on
consulting the convenience of the
clergy If It does cost the district, a few
pennies. "They ought to have a little
time for prayer," said Mr. Gibbons, re
ferring to the Inmates. "There's none
of us who have too much, time for
prayer." Mr. Gibbons moved to lay
the matter over till the next meeting
and promised to see Bishop O'Hara in
the meantime to ascertain If a priest
could be sent from Scranton on Sun
days. Mr. Murphy seconded the mo
tion and urged the board not to deal
with the matter hastily, but the mo
tion was lost and resolution passed by
a vote of 4 to 3: Ayes, Fuller. Shotten,
Swan, Iangstaff; nays, Williams, Mur
phy, Gibbons. "The solid four," re
marked Mr, Gibbons, when the vote
was announced.
Secretary Lynott announced the re
ceipt from the state department of a
warrant for $5,"-'1.09, which Is the
stale's contribution to the care In
digent Insane in this district for six
months. This is the beneficent result
of the law passed by the last legisla
ture through the Instrumentality of the
Scranton board and its aggressive sec
retary, K. J. bynett.
Superintendent Beemer reported 166
persons in the almshouse. During the
month of January sixteen were admit
ted, nine were discharged and four
died. Dr. I.?en F. Evuns the resident
physician, reported having treated 90
sane and 47 insane patients during the
month. During January fluht patients
were admitted, and on eb. 1 there
were remaining in the asylum 160 pa
tient!!. An Increase of Sa'arv.
Mr. Shotten, adlng for the finance
committee, recommended that the sal
uty of Uookk keeper John K. Williams
be Increased from J 50 to $75 a month,
but the mutter was laid over owing to
objections on the part of Mr. Gibbons
and Mrs. Swan, who considered $75 a
month and board as pretty high
wuges for a bookkeeper. The fact that
Mr. Olbbons and Mrs. Swan had tlnul
ly found a question on which they
could agree, no doubt Influenced the
board in its action. Mrs. Swan will
suggest at tho next meeting that the
salary be Increased $15 a month.
Tonight In the salvation Army Barracks
on IMco Street.
Preparations have been completed
for a novel and attractive Salvation
Army meeting tonight In the Imrr.icks
on Price street. It will be u "War Cry"
meeting. . . .
The service will be preceded by a
"War Cry" march. During the meet
ing the roadliiRS by the soldiers will
be interspersed with addresses by the
I or liyspcpsla
le llomfnrd'e Acid I'liovnhnte.
Dr. J. Cluy M-Candless. Pittsburgh,
Pa., says: "I have .used It in various
forms of dyspepsia, with gratifying re
sults." 51 S for
Or $.1 for St by buying unredeemed
pledges at Davidow Bros. great auc
tion sale. '
Halsey Lathrope's reply to Ben Bil
ly's eulogy of the Rebel Wirs. Grand
Army men should read this In the
News tomorrow,
Smokers, beware of Imitation of the
Pocono cigar. Carney. Brown & Co.
r.lgin. Wellborn. Springfield
Watches at prices so low that the poor
est can well afford to buy one at Davi
dow Bros.' trreat auction stale.
Everyone should get the News to
morrow and read Halsey Tathrope's
reply to lien Dilly's eulogy of the Rebel
Wire Don't mist it
Janaary Contributions lo That Worthy
Institution Acknott ledeed.
The following contributions the su
perintendent of the Iackawanna hos
pital announces having received dur
ing January:
Mrs. C. S. Woolworth, box candy and
books; Mr. Zoidler, twenty-nine loaves
of bread; A Friend, fifteen tons of coal;
Mrs. Gardner, two men's shirts; Mr.
Hess. $25; A Friend, one child's coat
and two pairs of slippers; Scranton
Wood Working company, one load of
wood; Mrs. Martin, books; Guild of St.
Hilda, papers and books; Foote &
Shear, six siioons, strainer, ice cream
freescr; F. P. Price, sausage and liver
several times; one scrap book from Miss
K. Wlnton: Mattie Coursen, Henry
Williams. Wilbur I'oole, Frank Mc
Gowan, Fred Gould: King's Daugh
ters of Klin Park church, one buby
crib and mattress, two rugs, one bu
reau, sash curtains and three pictures;
Miss I,, l'raft. pupers and magazines;
Miss Dlmmlck. three outing gowns;
W. T. Smith, live cribs with mattresses
and pillows, eighteen sheets, eighteen
pillow cases, three pair of blankets;
Miss C. S. Weston, papers: Miss Dick
inson, books anil p'tiicrs; Miss Sancton,
three outing wrappers, one coffee cup;
Mr. Scranton, flowers; Simpson & Wiit
kins, magazines and papers; Young
Men's Christian association, papers;
Mission band of Second Presbyterian
church, papers and books; Miss Drink
er, one overcoat.
President Xehndcr'a Successor.
The resignation of Charles H. Kehndcr
as the president of the Jackson and
Woodln Manufacturing company, at Her.
wluk, has been accepted, and Frederick H.
Katon. vice-president of the company,
has been promoted to the position of
president. Mr. Zehnder resigned the of
fice of president of the Berwick company
to become president of the Dickson Manu
facturing company of this city.
Topics of tho Day.
The great bargains dally offered at
Davidow Bros.' great auction sale.
SIEBECKER WATKIX8 At their store,
406 Lackawanna avenue, you will be able
to purchase Carpets, Draperies and
Shades at lowest possible prices.
AVOID PNEUMO.nTa, diphtheria and
typhoid fever, by keeping the blood pure,
the appetite good and the bodily health
vigorous by the use of Hood's Bursa-
HOOD'S PIT.L8 have won high praise
for their prompt and efficient yet easy ac
tion. COME
And look at things in the
China Store. Can't talk
about many of the bar-
. gains in this small space,
but name three:
Coffee Cups, pretty pat
terns, that were 25c,
And a hundred other
beautiful patterns that
were 35c and 500
Cutest little Teapot,
Sugar and cream, three
pieces, sold for One-tweuty-five
New Spring Patterns of
Brussels and
Oriental Rugs, Axminster Whole Carpets.
Something New and
There Are
Some Things
.That are everywhere recognized
as the very best ot their kind.
They arc the standards. Others
may be good, but the genuine el
vays commands respect and
evokes admiration. . You have
heard of
Haviland & CVs French China,
Maddock & Ca's Royal Vitreous,
Koxer Laughlin's White Granite.
These are a few of the many
makes we carry in open stock, of
which you can select such pieces
as you wish.
Toilet Sets, Lamps, etc
Wedding Presents.
China Hall
134 WYOHINfi IVE1UE. '
Walk in and look around.
. . IN
WE THINK that we have the cholcett, new
est, cleanest, best selection you can find any
where. IN QUALITY we partirulary .Tc'el. aud our
PRICES, marked In plain figures, are legiti
mate and, you will find by comparison, a little
Inner than snything competition oCers.
Just look them over and te.
128 Wyoming Ave.
an J vr nr will
take care of you. If
Bt'KG'S and hart your ey examiurd fr-".
v uav reduced prie aa 1 rti th l wo; la
tue ritT. Mcll pjct.l'.' froul SI to i, lti
from U to N.
305 Spruca Street. Scranton, Pa.
Beautiful at Moderate Price.
205 Wyoming Ave.
in the prices of
Don't buy until you see
our prices.
Clothiers, IMersi&fumWiem
Acknowledged the Leading
Of the WerltV
Musical Instruments,
riusical Merchandise,
Sheet Music and
Music Books.
Purchaser will alway find a complete
lock anil at price as low a the qual
ity of the tntrument will permit at
it I
nusic STORE,
117 Wyoming Ave. - Scranton
We Have
On Hand
Also the Newest.
Also the Cheapest.
Also the Largest.
Porc:laln, Onyx, El:
Silver Novelties in Infinite Variety.
Lsteat Importations.
Jewelry, Watches, Diamonds.
fl. E. ROGERS,
Jeweler and
215 Lackawanna A?.
Winter Will
Soon B? fl?r?
And to ba prepared to meet the eo'A
weather you want a aua!le (nit or
an Overooat or both
406 Lackawanna kn
The largest atou't to select from, Tr!i
mii'i. Always of the Beat, Latest Htylea
In lotting-, and made up on the preasises)
by Expert Workmaa.
aVNothing allowed to leave the estab
lishment unlaas satisfactory to the eae
temar. and the lowest prices consistent
with Good Merchant Tailoriiuf.
The Finest in tbeCttr.
The latest Improved tflrakaV
MgB and apparatus far
it, batter and effa.
223 Wyoming
Cures Cold. Lay Out LaGripp
Cures Incipient Consumption.
Manufactured by O. ELMEJf.
DOKF, Elmira, N. Y.. and tor aaus)
bjr tho trade generally.
IkolesaJe Hints, Sciutei, Fx
1 ffl