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isjululi JULTLrinnr r ' - jiJJ.rimr nrrr jLTumru- it u j- j j- j r-
luce cfios:
Per Bushel.
Delivered to any part of the
city. Get your orders in
Number of Socials and Entertainments
iWW 'Be' Ueld To-night la' )
Thl Part of the City.
Many events for the enjoyment of
West Bldera wHl take place this even
ing. Camp No. 3S3. Patriotic Order
Sons of America, will hold an enter
tainment and social In St. David's hall,
which, judging from prospects, will be
a memorable event lp the history of the
-organisation, - Many- tickets have been
.The fifth anniversary of the organiz
ation of Patagonia lodge. Knights of
Pythias, will be held this evening In
Evans' hall, on South Main avenue.
The programme Includes selections by
Swisses Jemima. Jones,. Fanny .Jones,
(Thomas Abraham, Edwin Bowen,
Charles Cadugan, John Griffiths, Job
IWhitehouse. An address will be deliv
ered by Dr. J. R. Newton, of Scranton
lodge. No. 263. A Tom Thumb marriage
vlll also take place.
A Juvenile cantata, entitled "A Visit
lp Grandpa," will be given at the First
Welsh Baptist church. Nearly 100 chil
dren will participate. Rehearsal has
been active during the past month and
the different parts are well committed.
Miss Martha Davis and Morris Thomas
(rill enact the leading roles.
. . . Little Ones as Entertainers.
' "The following programme will be
rendered this afternoon at 2 o'clock by
ha pupils of the primary grades of No.
U school. . Principal James R. Hughes
arrantred to have one session in his
department, vacating at 1 o'clock for
the exercises to lane piace in m win.
tThls arrangements will furnlBh a seat
ing capacity for over 300, thereby giv
ing loom for the parents and relatives
rfif h minlla.
It Is the object of the teachers to
Stimulate a desire on the part of chil
dren to develop their latent powers of
expressing themselves composedly be
fore the public. The difficulty with pu
pils of out public schools Is lack of
pcwer or expression. jvnuwieunc io in
quired, but there is a deficiency In glv
lnar exnresrjlon to acquired knowledge,
and by this means, it is hoped that the
pupils will attain to a nign .sianaara in
this respect. The , programme is as
follows: . . .
Song, "Welcome" ...School
Danltatinn- Wnrila of Welcome."
Anna Price
Secltatlon, "The Winds." , ,
arle Becker, Myra Smith, Pearl Jeffrey,
t4 avolat ThAmnfl
Recitation. "A Merry Little Girl."
, . . ,-. ;, , .v -Hgy Evans
Recitation, "Thanksgiving Treat."
Jennie Eynon
Recitation, "Ten True Friends,"
, ., ...... Anna Phillips
Bong. "Old Dog Tray" .School
Recluution, "doing for the Doctor." .
- V - . Matt e Poole
Recitation, "The Frogs' Qood-Bye."
Jessie Gray
Recitation, "A Little Boy's Trouble,"
. Robbie Miller
Recitation, "Freddy's Thanksgiving,"
Belle Snyder
RecltaUon .Phemle Glbbs
Bong, "Where Do All the Daisies Go?"
toanHatlnn. "Hurrah for Thanksgiving,"
... Freddie Hammes
Recitation, "The Points of the Compass,"
Roy Steven's, Klcaser Carey, Allen Bcd-
dna Hnrnl.l Whpplnr. .
Recitation, "The Mbusie's- Thahksgiv
lng'!....,... .......'.. Edna Alney
RecltaUon, "Tlie True moryy
- -. Jean Munson
Recitation, "'Twaa Thanksgiving Day,"
' Uulan U a (Fan
Song, "Twenty Froggtes," .......School
Recitation, "The Engineer's Tale,"
i , Bert Stephens
Recitation, "The Ripened Leaves," -T-
- ' i Ada Gleason
Recitation ... .Harold Davis
Recitation. "Down Blue Hell Hollow."
Ruth Carson, -Edith Lindaburyv Margaret
rnunps, Florence v;naimers, i-aine,
Recitation. "When l'm a Man." .
' . - 'Ray Marsh
Sonet VThanksgivlng" .". . . .School
Hesitation: 'Meagurlnsr the Baby'
- - . .-. - Anna Atkinson
Sanitation. "Be Patient Do V."
o . - Edtth Llndabury
ftlmtfatlan '"Little Golden Hair."
,",..),,. Brlghty Thro
Recitation, "Six LJttie Maids irom
BlaFtha Hughe's,' Flossie Watr'ous, Helen
Marsh, Anna Williams, Mabel Mason,
.rear Tnomas.
.AMtatnn.j"npAOit PpU.tH."' r
v Corinne Collins
Bong... '.Sarah Davis and Minnie Ketchum
Recitation, "Thanksgiving Dinner,"
. Kfflbel Thomas
Recitation, "Little Air Balf'.Marle Becker
Recitation.., . . v. y .Bthel Jones
Recltatlon,: "The Silk Parasol."
' Adeline Thro
Ami. "r.amm T.I t tin Leaves" School
Tl i - l-ThnM WfkM O ' T.lttlA
Frenchman" Harold Wheeler
Recitation, "Dolly" Mny Edwards
' Recitation,' "Neighbors". .Helen Lony
Song, "Little Dandelion".. Gertrude Floyd
Recltailort, "TheY Duet". (Catherine- Falne
Recitation, "Little Star," t
Marguerite .Powell, Grace Leyshon, Jes
sie Bradshaw. ,.
Recitation, "Playthings" Belle Krtlow
Bong, "America'' ,..,...v..,...4chool
Tka flHartatta Eflt.rtalna. v '
Last evening the quartette of the
Washburn Street Presbyterian 'church
wv m yicMBllls; eilivroillin7iiL. aim
affair was under the auspices of classes
. 4, and 21, of the Sunday school. The
quartette opened the programme with
m KRvuun, juawin Bowen loiiowea
i mm unor soio. . A auet Ty Messrs,
'; Bowen and Harber was much applaud
. ed. Then came a soprano solo by Mrs,
. H., T JlVIta mnA m nU k rillln
Mlra Edith Ewlngle plfiyed a ptio
iuiiwweu vy a BOIO Dy Mr. AlAPvr.
' voicmJ duet anil tHn a4-am.
vuti MMiiiiinw ,'viwp-
S. - .? eleeuon by the quartette,
1ltlt),wu success financially.
"Mr..'aa4 Jlrs. ll a. Steveas Caterralns
' ifr.- and Mrs. l; x. Btevena enter.
talned the X. T. Z. circle and their
; nraa in very pleasant manner last
evening at their home, on' North Sum-
nmr ano games were in.
. dulsnd ln.nntll.& Mtm . ...
freshments were served. Th following
mwMi. :miu '"u.. im.
'atoae, Palwy Pott.- Hargare Hill i Ella
5J Davis, Nellie Jones,: f Mar ;K ki
'' ) Mias Ada Maser, of Bomuiit
s- A mm orar ' Rem,- - Ueota
of M
vies. Art Morse, Herbert Waters. Alex.
Bender. John Williams. Allan Secor.
Charles Ostrander, W1U Burrall. Her
bert Hall. Alton Chaae, F. Tiffany.
Beverly Chaae. Wallace Moser ana uuy
Conky, of Syracuse, N. T.
News Motes and Parsoasla.
Ellas Thomas, of Conklln, N. T., Is
visiting West Side frienda
Mrs. William Reese, ol New Jersey,
Is visiting on this side. ' -
The aged and much respected ex-
alderman of the Fourth ward. Wil
liam Oram, will leave the West Side In
a few weeks and with his family will
reside at Clifford.
Edras Howell, of Washburn street.
Is Improving his property.
Mr; and Mrs. Frank Nauman and
family, of North 'Bromley avenue, have
removed to Clark's Summit.
David Saunders, formerly of this
side, now of Virginia, is visiting his
Bister, Mrs. Stevens, of North Rebecca
'An Every Day Dollar Party" Is the
novel title of an entertainment which
will be given tomorrow evening In the
Scranton Street Baptist church.
P. J. Rudy, of Clinton, was a west
Side, visitor yesterday.
The condition of Charles Hadley was
slightly improved last evening.
West Side Business
Grand Parlor, Mystic, Easter and Dock
ash Ranges. 20 per cent, saved. R. J.
Hughes, agent. 124 South Main avenue.
BICYCLES repaired, aclssors ground.
tools snarpenea, saws men, geys nitea.
machines repaired by W. L. Bteenback,
dealer In Gune, Fishing;- Tackle, under
West Side Bank.
PHOTOQRA1 'HER Cabinet Photos, t4
per oosen. -iner are iusi roveiy. con
vince yourrelf by calling at 8tarnera
Photo Parlors, Ml .and 1M South Mala
venue. "
BARBER. Hair cutting and shaving done
In a first-class manner svt John ri. Rey
nold's Barber Shop, at Fatrchlld'a Hotel.
GROCERIES Revere Standard Java
Coffee is unexcelled, i n leading conn
of the day. For sale only at F. W. Ma
son ft: Co. Fins Groceries, 1U South
Main avenue. .
for anything you have te sell. Furni
ture, Stoves. Tools, eto. CaU and see
the stack of J. C. Kins-.' 1024 and KM
Jackson street.
PLUMlilNQ William r. Griffiths. Ill
North Main avenue, doek nrst-class
Plumbing, Steam Heat and Gas Fitting.
. Batlsf action Is strictly guaranteed.
Prayer meeting will "be held at the
Welsh Baptist church on West Market
street Thanksgiving day at S and 7 p.
m.. when the pastor, W. F. Davis, will
deliver an address.
Evan Davis, of Taylor, had the win
ning ticket for the halr drawing at
Putnam street, Nov. 25. - The number
was 207.
Evan Evans, a driver loy, who had
his arm broken Monday at the von recovering rapidly at his home
on West Market street.
Bernard Rellly.a stone-cutter.twenty-seven
years of age, who sjave his Place
nf residence as Pitts ton. was arrested
by 'Special Officer Bohr yesterday after
noon for begging ana vagrancy. n
was discharged by Alderman I N. Rob
erts upon promising to leave town in
two hours.
Bernard Davis, of Oak street, will
spend Thanksgiving .in Susquehanna
county, where his wife and children are
An entertainment will beheldThanks
glvlng evening at the North Main Ave
nue Baptist church.
D. J. Jones Is ill at his home on Wayne
avenue. -
The North Knd Cresoents will play a
game of foot ball Thanksgiving after
noon at the Driving Park -with the Park
Place foot ball team. The Crescents
will line up as follows; X e., A. Thom
as; lo t., E. Collins; 1. F. Richards;
o., Thomas; r. e., S. Davis; r. t J. Wil
liams; r. g., Morgans; q. b., D.Aviillams;
r. h.. W. Evans; 1. h., T. Evans; f. b.,
T.H. C. Maloney was arrested by Con
stable Bernard Davis on a warrant
issued at the Instance of his father,
Patrick Maloney, charging; him with as
sault. The case was heard before Al
derman Roberts last evening and the
defendant held In $200 bail to appear at
court. John Riffan qualified as his
The North Knd indoor base ball team
defeated the Company "H team' last
evening by a score of 12 to 10.
Miss Nellie Ellsworth, of West Pitts
ton, who has been the truest of Mrs.
A. M. Bingham, of Cherry street, for
some time, will return nome touay.
Manley's hall should be crowded to
night to hear the Mrs. Annie Thomas
Concert company, which comes highly
recommended. Several- -of the partici
pants took prises at the "World'B Fair.
Miss Tlllle Lewis will also take part.
Miss Phoebe Englert. of Butler
street, was the guest of friends at Hol
llstervllle yesterday.
"Uncle" John Mitchell, of Holllster
vllle, who has a number of relatives In
this boroueh. had the misfortune re
cently to fall and break his leg. He Is
86 years of age.
At the Dudley Street Baptist church
tonight W. M. Cleaver will give the
descriptive locture on points of inter
est In America, Illustrated by a stere
optlcon. Union Thanksgiving services will be
held in the Presbyterian church tomor
row at 10.30, preaching - by Rev. J. C.
Leacbck. The musto will be furnished
by a united choir from the various
churches. A cordial Invitation is ex
tended to everyone to be present.
. The birthday : party to be given by
the Ladles'. Aid society of the Metho
dist church in Boyle's hall tonight Is
something new. Bags have been die
trlbuted which are to hold as many
pennies as. the holder has had birth
days. An Interesting programme has
been arranged.
Backache Is generally
a form of . 'Kidney
(rouble. It to often
accompanied by Nerv
ouiness, Hysteria,
Headache, Sleepless
jiess, Pains .In .. the
jojntt, Anaemia, . tie.
lLi'Vu"W siorcisivco,
5 V.nAAA.-
: :
r&rihfar swaMef. ..rl
Birthday Party Taadarcd Charles G.
Lew.rt ky EstaJeyss of the Laska -wasaa
More Association.
A birthday party was tendered Mon
day evening to Charles Q. Lewert by
the employes of tho Lackawanna Store
association, limited. Charles Canavan,
In behalf of th friends of Mr. Lewert,
presented htm with a handsome silk
Those present were: Misses Dora
Rentchler, Llssie Lewert and Hattte
Lewert; Mr. and Mrs. John Lewert;
George Lewert. Patrick Dougherty,
Philip Lewert, T. F. Bevan. Peter Kel
lerman, D. I. Jones. William DeWllde.
Edward Dolan, Charles Eagan. Henry
Evans, Albert Blnger. T. V. Orambs,
C. E. Bull, O. T. Harver. R K. Carllng,
M. J. Murphy. Reese Richards. Fred
Gunter, Jacob HefTelflnger, Charls
Canavan, William Zelgler, A. H. Dick-
man, Charles Snyder. E. M. Howard.
J. Hetler, John McGraw. John Murphy.
Captain Carllng, John Bender, Mr. and
Mrs. F. W. KIrchoff, Mr. and Mrs.
William E. Klrchhoff, Richard Gau
ghan, Alfred Guthelns, Otto Robinson,
A. Weichel, William Tannler.
Rquceied la the Mines.
James Jones, son of James Jones, of
the Twentieth ward, was severely in
jured yesterday afternoon by being
squeezed between a trip of enrs nnd he
"rib" in the Meadow Brook shaft. The
young man was extremely fortunate
that his life was not crushed out.' He
was taken home In the mine ambulance
and was attended by Dr. W. Q. Fulton,
whose opinion Is that the injured man
will recover. His ribs and shoulders
were seriously injured and It will take
a month before he will be able to re
sume work.
Married la St. Joseph's Chnreh, Mlnooka.
Rev.- Daniel A. McCarthy, assistant
priest at St. Joseph's church, Mlnnoka,
performed the - .ceremony yesterday
afternoon which united In niarrtage
George F. Bheehan and Catherine 'Mc
Donough, both of the Twentieth ward,
Martin Burke, of Cedar avenue, was
groomsman, and Miss B. Walsh, of
Plttston avenue, bridesmaid. A wed
ding was held at the home of the bride's
mother, Mrs. Patrick McDonough, on
Prospect avenue. A reception was
tendered Mr. and Mrs. Bheehan and
dancing was engaged at Callery's hall.
Shortor Paragraphs of News.
The condition of John) Shea, the
young man who was Injured In the
National shaft. Is so poor tnat tne aoc-
tors at the Lackawanna hospital think
there Is danger of blood poisoning un
less the leg Is amputated.
A meeting of Branch 85, Catholic Mu
tual Benefit association, was held at
Dr. Manley's hall last evening.
Extensive preparations for the an
nual ball of the Scranton Athletic club
have been made and It will be one of
the most pleasant Thanksgiving social
The North Steel mill resumed opera
ttons last evening. There is no telling
how lone work Is to continue.
Miss Jennie O'Boyle, of Archibald, Is
the guest of Miss Anna Gibbons, of
Plttnton avenue.
Miss Tlllle Westpfahl. of Willow
street, has returned from a visit among
friends in Carbondale.
The once famous Ringgold band Is
asaln organised. .They meet for prac
tice on the corner of Elm street and
Plttston avenue, under the leadership
of Robert Steuner.
Special sale of Holiday Wines for
family use, 35 cents per quart at James
F. Bests, 80s Cedar avenue. "
Miss 'Anna Sprogel, of Plymouth,
who has been visiting friends In Green
wood the past week returned hems yes
terdav '.
The congregation of, the Greenwood
Presbyterian church held - a chicken
supper at the church last evening. The
proceeds will be added to the .building
fund. ;
Mr. and Mrs. John Wallace and sons,
Patrick and James, attended tne fu
neral of a relative at Plymouth .yes
terday. Anthonv McHueh. of Main street,
was kicked by a mule at the Archbald
mines Monday.
Patrick Fltshenry was Injured at the
Greenwood mines yesterday Dy a ran
of rock. 1
A Drunken Hnngsrlsa Bas a Set-to with
a Bass-Violin.
rimm Rmith. an Hunararlan per
former on the bass fiddle, was on his
way to a dance on the west iae last
Mwvitif Mb til. Instrument
on his back, and also a large cargo of
wet goods.
rto- invran T .o .bourn nna avenue he
came to the conclusion that he would
divest himself of one or the other of
his loads and as the one on his back
was giving him the most bother he un-
tMnnAri I, and lnnat It Un flLMinst a
telegraph pole. The wind caused It to
topple over and In falling the head of
the viol struck the head of the violinist
...4 ,1. viAlanM and tnr th1 iinnrnvnlred
assault the Hungarian jumped on the
big music maxer ana smasnea h inio
A policeman happened along about
this time and took the Hungarian and
the remains or tne naaie to me station
house. , . . . ..
rlTnder this heading short letters of In
terest will be published when accompa
nied, for publication, by the writer's
name. The Tribune will not be held re
sponsible for opinions hers expressea.
' Csrd from Robert Brown Girling.
Editor of The Tribune. 1
air! Th KPtlclo In The Tribune In re
gard to the shooting at Throop, during
which Zara Robbln shot his wife and
himself, referred to me in a most unjusti
fiable manner. Everyone in the neighbor
hood knows that the relations between
Mrs. Robblns and myself have always
been of the most Innocent nature. Both
my wife and myself have befriended her
as best we could after her husband's de
sertion, allowing her and her daughter to
live In a small house upon our property,
and giving her what other assistance our
limited means would allow. The only
difficulty I ever had with Mr. Robblns
was In regard to a real estate matter, and
had no reference to his wife whatever.
Mrs. Robblns Is a virtuous, hard-working
woman, and this report, which must have
been furnished by som. unscrupulous per
son for sensattlonal purposes. Is as unjust
to her as to myseir.
Tours truly,
v Robert Brown Glrjlng.
Nov. St, IMS.
The "Ad"'Msa
For The Tribune Is not Infallible. He
does not always And out the man or firm
that wants an announcement In a live
paper, but his services are at your com
mand If you have time to drop-a postal
card to the office. You will not have to
leave your place of -business and thus
neglect some other Item of great lm
portanco to you during business hours.
If you have a telephone, call up 1041,
and he'll Visit your place of business.
Want "ads." In The Tribune pay big on
a small Investment" - Have you tried
one? , . .3 ... i -. - -
'- Ws are prepared to fill orders for Tee
cream and water lees for Thanksetvlpg
dinners In all flavors and any style.' ,
,. -j -. - J, D. .Williams aad Bros,, --.
es.. .Jaiaad4l4 Laokaar,-
., ' ,-. - . - : "
. .x t!..'.: -J '. ,?' . '.-i ', :
Members' of School of Lackawanna
Alamal to Play the Regular Team.
Game Will Be Played oa Satarday After
aooa-Aa Exciting Game Promised for
Thaaksgiviag Afteraooa Between
. Sersatosi aad Seminary Teasu.
A number of well-known young busi
ness men of the city who belong to the
alumni of the School of the Lacka
wanna have decided to select a foot ball
team from their number end on Sat
urday afternoon play the regular
eleven of the school at the Base Ball
park. Among those Interested In the
matter are Thomas and John Brooks,
A. O. and A. E. Hunt. Jr., Frank Spen
cer, Harry P. Simpson. Spencer Dick
son, James Blair, Jr., Windsor Decker
and Edward Moffatt They will gather
togetner as many as possible of the
alumni for practice at 4 o'clock this
afternoon on Quincy avenue, between
Olive and Vine streets.
The regular school team has been nut
to considerable expense this season In
equipping and supporting Its players.
and the proposed game. It la thought,
will attract a large crowd who will en
Joy seeing the older players mauled and
dragged about the field by their young
er and better-trained opponents. In
order to make the game a possibility it
is intended to tfse It r teen or twenty
players on the alumni side In order to
relieve one another during the contest.
This plan, it Is blleved, will make the
game more even and more attractive.
Whatever may be the number of spec
tators It Is certain that the personnel
of the audience will very nearly repre
sent the best social element of the city.
Tho Thanksgiving Day Game.
Preparations for the Thanksgiving
Day game between the Scranton Bicy
cle club and the Wyoming seminary are
moving along smoothly. The question
Is now, will Scranton be able to keep
up her fine record, or will the young
sters from the seminary succeed In
bringing the Bicycle boys to a stop?
Whichever It may be. It is going to be
a great game, and those who go out to
the Base Ball park tomorrow will wit
ness one of the hardest fought foot ball
games that has been played In this
county tor many a day.
The prospects for a good game are
bright from the fact that both teams
are playing In good form. The semi
nary boys, with the sting of two de
feats, wtl strive hard to recover their
lost prestage In this city. On the other
hand, the Bicycle team has a record to
defend and they will not surrender to
their old-time rivals without the
strongest kind of a fight.
Among the enthusiasts In this city
and Wllkes-Barre, Scranton Is a pro
nounced favorite, and bets of 5 to 4 have
been wagered on the Bicycle team. The
students at the seminary, however, are
holding off for better odds and It Is ex
pected that they will bring quite a little
money with them when they come up
tomorrow morning.
Local Team in Good Condition.
The Scranton team Is In excellent
condition and Is anxiously awaiting the
day of the game, for they say they are
going to run up a large score against
the collegians and clinch the superiori
ty they now enjoy. A new style of
kicking and a new system of Interfer
ence will be used In the game. The
team will line up In Its usual manner
with the exception of full back, which
position will be filled by Thayer. This
will be his first game since he was hurt
at Shamokln.
From Kingston comes the news that
Captain Rymer, Wyoming's star half
back, has hurt hlB shoulder and tnat
he will be unable to play. If this Is so
the seminary team will be sadly crip
pled, as Captain Rymer Is one of the
best half backs who ever put on a can
vas Jacket for Wyoming seminary, be
sides, he Is cool-headed and uses ex
cellent Judgment In handling his team
while on the field.
The game will be called at S o'clock.
Owners of the Sersntoa Club Ars Looking
for a Desirable Site.
The new base ball owners are dis
cussing the advantages of two pro
posed iilots for a new park; one is the
old race course ton Providence road
beyond the present park and opposite
Tripp's slope; the other site Is west
of wasnington avenue, vopposite tne
Columbus breaker, and near what Is
known as Johnson's lake, although the
"lake" Is now only a pool of stagnant
water. The latter location, which Is
owned by the Lackawanna Iron and
Coal company, seems to be the favorite
choice of the owners ana oi many wno
h&ve been consulted In the matter.
One Impediment to transforming the
Johnson's lake plot into a parx is renn
avenue, the direction of which would
have to be changed In order to give the
necessary park space. Wherever the
nark Is located, the new owners pro
pose erecting a large grandstand and
sightly bleachers, cultivating a green
sward and laying out a four-lap track.
This will require an expenditure of
much money, and will be attempted
onlv In some location where a perma
nency of at least five years Is assured.
The Delaware. Lackawanna and
Western company Is not disposed to
srlve a long-term lease on the present
park, although It Is willing to lease
the old race course at so much per
acre for any number of years, but the
latter- location is not as acceptable to
the owners of the franchise as Is the
Johnson's lake locality, which Is with
in walking distance of the central city
and Green Ridge, and can be reached
direct by street car from every other
nart of the city except the South and
West Sides. If this location is secured
the nark will average 600 feet In
width and length, but the outcome of
present - deliberations seems to rest
largely upon the possibility of chang
ing the course of Penn avenue, which
now runs about sixty feet Inside, the
north weBt corner of the proposed plot.
William Smlnk. a minor league player.
has been signed as catcher for the Pitts
burg club.
- Alonso Clayton, the famous western col
ored light weight Jockey, has been en
gaged by W. P. Thompson, of Brookdale
Stud, Lexington, Ky., for the coming sea
son, at a salary of $10,000. . He will take no
outside mounts..
Rvron McClelland had mad. another ad
dltlon to his string of thoroughbreds for
next season's campaign. In Moylan, a 2-year-old
bay colt, by Bradford, dam Ella
Rosalind, frice private. Tne colt be
longed to W. C. Fessenden, Watertown,
The Magnet Foot Ball team, champions
of the West Bide, challenge any foot ball
eleven In Lackawanna or Luserne coun
ties whose aggregate weight does not ex
ceed 1,60 pounds to a game of foot ball
Un lUailMflirill, VWJ, mw , .-... to.
Direct answers to William Phillips, UU
Price street, ecramon, ra.
The St. Denis
- Breeawey aad Eleventh ft,, New York,
Opp. arses Charcb.-eareseaa Pisa.
, Re?BM a Day sad Uswsrst. . . ,
- In s Bjodett sod aaoMrselve way there see
few better eosdoeted Setaia la the metropolis
than the SI Deals. ,. - ' ' ,
The great popa'arlty It sis acquired eaa
reedUv be traced te its aeteee location, its
omsliae atmospnere, tne peeauar eaeeusnee
ef its outaiue aad aervtoe, aad its very ssuder-
.ate-Brtesar. --- . . . . - i -r
Fatal .
$ Pneumonia.
That dreaded disease that tem
porarily compels a cessation of
the work of all the greater organs
of the body, thus stopping the
digestion of food, the creation
of new tissue, brings the patient
to a point where the flickering
flame of life is blown out like the
light of a burnt-out candle. To
make recovery probable, keep up
the patient's strength give him
that great concentrated essence
of the vital principles of lean
beef, the strength of which is
enhanced by our special cold
process method of manufacture,
it can be retained by the weakest
stomach, and in every instance
makes blood, flesh and strength.
Dr. Charles Wilson, Atwell Ave.,
Providence, says; "My wife
suffered a severe attack of pneu
monia ; after passing the acute
stage fearing heart failure, I
gave her freely Bovinine and
port wine, equal parts. I have
never seen such good results.
I am a hearty believer in Bovi
nine for quick nutrition." Over
25000 other physicians endorse
it equally strong.
FOR 1896.
Wide-awake business men who
desire to avail themselves of the
advantages to be derived from ad
vertisinH their business in the
spaces reserved for that purpose
in The Tribune Annual and Politi
cal Hand-Book tor 1896 will
please make their contracts at an
early day. This will be a much
more complete, elaborate and re
liable work of its kind than has
ever before been published in this
section of the state, and conse
quently of much greater value to
advertisers. Its pages Will con
tain a vast volume of Information,
facts and statistics of all kinds,
constituting it a book of reference
for all classes of people during
the entire year. It will be of spe
cial interest and value to the peo
ple of Northeastern Pennsylvania,
Including the counties of .
The work Is being prepared with
the greatest care by conpetent
hands and an immense edition
will be printed.
Issued on January 1st, 1806.
Compiled, printed and published
The Tribune
Publishing Co.,
Scraatoa, Pa.
Winter Will
Soon B? fl?re
. , And to be prepared to meat tb. cold
weather yon want a seasonable Bait or
an Orereoat-ror both
406 Lackawanna Aia.
The largest stock to tstaol from. Trim,
mlogs Always of the Best, Latest Styles
in Catting, and made up on the premlsej
by Expert Workmen.
Hf-Notblog allowed to leave ths eUb
' Hshment unless satisfactory to the 00s
tomer. and the lowest prices consistent
with Good Merchant Tailoring.
A '95 WUhela, List $100, Price $55
i '85 Ictfck, List 85, Price 50
1 ,9!ColnDll).Wo - 80
1 '92 ClenlesiV eesdltloa tsit, :.. 25
. The best bargslss ever offered yea. Oar
pricMea Sporting Goods are always rock hot
Jscksts, Cs? tnd Fur Garsonts.
We are showing magnificent selection bf the newest and most
appro red designs la all the pretty, graceful and fashionable shapes.
k 7 80 Doobi Better Ctp. lleslj Trlmnud, for oalj $ 4.98
As Elegant Bowl. Jacket, tin Litest, worth $10, tor 7.48
916 Caterpillar Jacket, i Beauty, for ii.98
A 117.8) Crep.ii Cloth Jacket, 2-Bntton Storm Collar, 13.50
ThW deprrtmsnt la magnlflrently stocked with fashionable
wears. Prions to salt any pocaetbook.
43 Centi (or in El Kant Changeable Effect, worth 65c
- 75 Cents for Silk Mixture, choice colorings, worth 11.00.
98 Cants for Bonele Eff.tts, extra wide and falne, worth 11.25
, Black Ooods from 23c to 91 .23 per yd., fa per cent, sudor Talne.
Mntil BtniW In Lacs Curtains.
but one small profit, which means at
r.waaya: .
.' Nottlnghams.
11.00 Quality tor 753. a Pair,
il.eo Quality for f 1.(0 a Pair.
' . 3.00 Quality for $200 a Pair.
Hot Quality for I3.W a Pair.
Irish Point.
moil a uiiii.
St 00 Quality for f&M a Pair.
e.Oii Qnsllty for few a Pir.
10.00 Quality for iM a Pair.
1S.0U Quality for l&W a Pair.
308 Lackawanna Avenue, Scranton, Pa. 308
The Qresteit Irish Comedian,
I VliUlllllSUJ
In the Beaatlfdl Irish Comrfy, -
Supported by an Excellent Company,
The Celebrated Tinker Quartette,
Special Scenery, Costumes
And Mechanical Effects.
Admission, 10, 20 or 30 Cents.
Our Stock In Trade
Mainly Consists of
Watches, Clocks, .. .
Fins jewelry,
Sterling Silverware,
Sterling .Silver Hoveltles,
Silver Plated Ware,
Fine Cat Glass,
Art Porcelains, '
Fine Leather Goods,
Banqaet Lamps.
We carry the largest variety In all of these
lines. No concern nearer than the treat cities
can show such a variety. Our word Is our
bond. Nearly thitty years of successful busi
ness should be proof enough that our goods
and prices are right, and always harabeeo
,:-.--T.u.,,; "i
Harness AUnufactnrvr ;:f
and Wholesale) Diaief la '
Horse Blankets, Plush,
Wool ana I Fur : Robes,
Driving . Gloves and
Mittens, ' Sleigh Bells
and Holiday Goods in
Their Season-
Scranton, Pa.
CALL UP 3681.
uoih oil ib aiinio
M. W. COLLINS, M'tfr.
nafbetla ticCtty.
The latest taprv?e4 foraleV
lit Md apptratM for keepla
MLbattiru4cs9k V
Being direct Importers yon pay
lease 23 per went.
special lor a
910 .01 Quality for 17.00 a Pair.
14.00 Quality for .no a Pair.
18.00 Quality for fiailOa Pair
26.00 Quality for SlB.OOa Pair
Wednesday, Nov. 27.
Depleting the Rcenio Masteroleeea, the
Kuined Monastery in the Interior
of bouth America.
liie Review ol the lie Spin
Gallery 25c
Balcony, 6 Rows...... 35c
Balcony, 2 Rows .......50c
First Floor, 8 Rows .........5oc
8 Rows 75c
6 Rows $1
Sale of seats opens Monday. '
Thanksgiving Matinee and Nigh
"The (illlhooljs Abroad,
The Gormans
John, Jamea and George, Late of Gor
man's Minstrels, and a Good Co.
PRICES-SI.OO, 75o. 6O0. AND 78c
Bale of sests opens Tuesday.
FrldayEvenlna, Nov. 29
Special Return Engagement of the Three
Distinguished Legitimate Stars,
In Shakespeare a Host Tragic Tragedy
With Fifteen Good Players In the Minor
Biles and the Famous
Gallery a5a
Baje".7l Rows 35c
2 Rows 5oc
First Floor, 8 Rows 5oc
8 Rows 75c
6 Rows ..$1.00
Sale of seats opens Wednesday morning.
Saturday Night, Nov. 30
First Production Here of the Latest Ne
York SurcMs, by Henry Arthur Joms,
Author of th. "Bauble Chop,"
and Entitled
A Modern and Original flay in Four Acta,
' rrvMuted Nearly SOD Nights at th. Em
pire '1 beater, N. Y. Magnificent
Company, Btartlla Climaxes,
Exquisite Toilets.
PRICES, li.oo, 75c, goc and age. Sale of
seats opens Thursday. .
Wagner A Rcls, Lessoes and Msaagsrs.
NOV. 8, ap 30,
Fanny -:-Davonport
By Sardou, Supported by
Melbourne MacDowsll and Ccxpy
nrPrleee, $1.50, $1.00, 80a and 25o
Sale of acataopene Monday, Nov, 26,
at 9 a.m.
. - . Written by Edgar Smith aad
( .. , Nicholas Biddle.
The Same Magnificent Massing of Stag F
The Same Via de Steele Pea tana la Profusion I
The Mm. Breesy Topical BetUarieal
'ihe Same Glory of Color, Hound aad Aofdoal
Regular prioaa, Sale of seat
at a. m. ;
Wt a eMVtVM
Come f J?- i bent thtjtl
1 VI
l,..vlr. . i.u;