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Moathly MMtlac of School Board Uald
Taasday Night.
Th tegular meeting- of the school
board rat held In the central school
bulldine. all the members being pres
ent. Several bills were placed before
the board and ordered Da HI.
Among them was one from William
Paasmore for $37.75 for repairs done on
the different buildings. As 'Mr. fass
more was Indebted for some of his
children for lant year; this was ordered
deducted and the rest paid. There are
several other Deonle who owe bills, and
it was thought advisable that bills be
sent them.
Alderman Jones had a bill for 6,
the costs Incurred in the arrest and
punishment of several boys who an
noyed the teachers of the Farview
school. This was ordered paid after
some discussion. Mr. Keynolds naa a
bill for SU2.92 for 6SI) 2-3 square feet of
blackboard. This was referred to the
committee. Professor iHockenberry
addressed the board and asked for per
mission to use the school to hold a
meeting of the Alumnt association to
consider the organisation or a toot oaii
team. The remiest was Kraiited.
Superintendent Forbes made his re
port of the cundrtlon or tne srnoois.
Ihe schools were In excellent condi
tion, he said, and never hail the opening
been more favorable. The attendance
bad been somewhat Increased, and
there were at the time 1.S3 pupils In
the schools of the city. The furniture
In No. S school was not best adapted to
Its purpose. The seats are too high for
most of the pupilw, and recommended
that a committee be appointed to rem
edy the mutter.
Mr. Forties also recommended the
mirt'h.ise of an atlas for use in the ntirn
school. Many complaints were made
about the number of books lost, ami
the commit'tee were Instructed to get
an ntllcer who should secure the books
and have the cost charged to those
holding the books.
The Janitor of No. 9 sent In a bill for
J:'fl for cleaning the si'liool. but as the
school now belonged to the city he ex
pected them to pay It. The Ixiaril
thought differently. .No mure business
of Importance was transacted, and the
meeting adjourned
The Councils .Meet and Milch lluslncss
' Transacted.
Both houses met separately and
Jointly Tuesday nlg'ht aiul much busi
ness done. The ordinance which pro
vides for the removing of the Transit
company's tracks to the middle of the
street passed third nnit nnal reaoing
and by Its conditions the company will
he given twenty days to comply with
it. The bids for the sewering of Park
street were recommended to be reject
ed and new ones providing for prices
for earth and stone work be advertised
for. This passed.
The bids for the curbing and grad
ing of Snlem " avenue came next and
tome little trouble was caused before
the contract was awarded. Mr. Ulalr's
bid Wis riiuch higher than the other
two and It now lays 'between Collins &
Kennedy and John liooth.
The committee recommenced that It
be given to Uonth, but this was not
thought right by some, as the other
bid was a little lower. It was given to
Collins & Kennedy at last. City So
licitor Stuart raid that the suit agalnnt
the otty Instituted by Frank Wells
would come up for trial next week and
asked that a committee be appointed to
confer with him. This was granted.
Several other things came up. some
discussion being made on the proposed
fire alarm system. The meeting then
Evangsllst Sehtverea litis Completed All
Arrangements for His Slav Mere.
Today, or tomorrow at the latest, the
famous Evangelist Schiverea will come
to Carbondale.
The funds which were necessary for
his coming have all been raised, and a
telegraph telling of the fact was sent
yesterday. The young men who were
on the committee to raise this money
have been untiring In their efforts, and
It Is due to them mainly that he will be
The tent he will bring will be a large
one, and will be erected at the head of
Garfield avenue, on the Ktrby lot.
- '
Ills Nephew Failed tV Arrive
Some time ago Johon Coultry, of Fall
tlrookt sent a ticket to his nephew,
.Michael Murphy, for a passage on the
St Louis from Liverpool to New York
city, and Is now greatly worried, as he
bas not yet arrived, the steamer hav
ing reached New York several days
ago. . As he did not turn up at the ex
pected ' time his uncle at once tele
graphed to the steamship olllclals at
New York. who reported his as hav
ing arrived safely, and been provided
with a through ticket for CarlKindale.
Know Hood's Cured
; Because It Made Pure Blood.
"1 was all run down and could not sleep
at night on account of the continuous
ud severe pains
through my body.
I had also stom
ach troubles and
catarrh. After
taking Hood's
Bariaparilla a
short time I com-
menced to im-
; prove, and after
! using three bot-
i ties in all, . mj
'complaint en
tirely left me. I now have an appetite,
leap wall and am free from all stomach
trouble. I know Hood's Barsaparilla has
cured me, and I cheerfully recommend its
ne by all woman who are ran down and
ntsd a bnildinff np medicine." Mil
AUca Wbat, W. Eridgewster, Pa.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
It tba only True Blood Purifier promt
aently in the public eye today.
Hood's Pills sjsiar;
All the latest Fall Styles.
W handle all kinds and styles.
In endless variety from 25c. to
. , Oil Cloths.Linoleums, Window
Shades,' Wall Papers. Carpet
' Sweepers and Fancy Chairs.
J.Scott Inglis
V iw uciiiwim MEUE
I f. t Low Prices our motto.
Mr. Coultry has also telegraphed to
the Delaware. 'Lackawanna and West
era ticket agent at Hoboken. and a
seach made for the missing man, but
no trace of hint could be round.
Members Hold Their Monthly Literary
Meeting Last Night.
The regular meeting of the Epwortti
league was held last night In the Hun-
day si'liool of me Methodist cnurcn.
After the bus4ness had been finished
an excellent programme was rendered
to the large audience that had gath
ered. It was good throughout and
those who participated in it are de
serving of gireiait praise) for the way In
which each piece was given.
Quite a few ind Army of the Re
public men were also present to hear
the address, "t'nnrge on 'Mobile, given
by Mr. Kelly. The address was ex
cellent and full of tire.
The programme was opened by a
chorus by the Kpworth league choir,
after whioh W. 11. 45mlth gave an ud
dress of welcome. J. M. Alexander
then gave an address, entitled "The
Tragedy of the Crater," tand Is deserv
ing of much credit for the able man
ner In which he presented It. iA piano
duet by larlssa I'lace and Once Hum
phrey was nexit. Which was followed
by D. C Ueiiscoter. who gave twenty
four hours' experience of a soldier.
Then came a vocal duet and n n-cltn-tion
by iMiiss Nina Kolls. entitled hav
ing the Flag." 'Mr. Kelly's address fol
lowed. A vocal solo by Professor Crow-
ell was good as was 'Mr. Kellow's talk
on the "Hvcryd-ay Life of a Soldier."
The progra mine closed with the "Star
Spangli'd' Ifcinner" by "the choir.
The league are deserving of much
credit for the programme 'they provid
ed. Their entertainments are free and
always largely attended, ljast night's
was given mainly tor the memhers of
the Orand Army of the 'Republic and
the programme was nearly all made up
of recitations and sketches of the war.
Arthur II. Pierce Severely Injured by
flclns Thrown from a Wugon.
Arthur H. Pierce, of Clifford, a son
of Liveryman T. F. Pierce, of this city.
was very seriously Injured In a run
away Tuesday.
Mr. Pierce was driving to Jermyn at
the time to sell some produce, which
he had raised on his farm In West Clif
ford. The team, which is a young one.
became frightened at a street car and
dashed off before .Mr. Pierce could do
anything. They rushed down the street
at a terrific speed, the wagon swaying
from side to side and nearly upsetting
At the first jump M"r. Pierce was
thrown to the ground and struck with
great force on his head and shoulders,
being rendered unconscious.
Spectators hurried to the assistance
of the unfortunate man, and picking
him up tenderly, carried him to the
home of Clay Davis, of Jermyn. A doc
tor was at once summoned, and word
sent to his father In this city. IMr.
Pierce was out of town, but IMr. Snyder
hurried to Jermyn, and brought the
Injured man to his father's home.
He was still unconscious, and is in a
very dangerous condition. The phy
sicians say that he Is suffering from
concussion of the brain, and there are
doubts bf his recovery.
No Hcllglou Meetings Allowed in the
School Houses.
The members of the Hercan Baptist
church have been conducting very suc
cessfully for some months a regular
prayer and song service In the school
house In the recently annexed district.
Tills was allowed while it was under
the control of the township authori
ties, but since it came in the hands of
the city they have been forbidden.
There Is a resolution in the school law
which says that the public schools of
the city are not to be used exciept for
school purposes.
The board are clearly justllled in
this step, but it is greatly to be re
gretted that such a thing was unavoid
able, it is ulte a long distance to the
churches, and it was for this purpose
that the meetings were held there. In
the winter, especially, It becomes hard,
and for the children It is impossible to
go to church.
i is to be honed that another place
where the meetings can be continued
will lw found.
A party composed of the following
persons pent yesterday ut Crystal
Lake: Mrs. Q. II. Cook. Mrs. C. K.
Keupert. iMrs. M. ilnll, Mrs. A. J. 'Hell,
Mrs. J. J. Rosier and William C. ulill.
'Raymond N. Hackenberry. of Salem
avenue, left yesterday morning for Car
lisle, Pa., where he will enter Dickin
son college at that place. :He was ac
companied by the best wishes of his
many friends.
The M'issfj iolden, of Plttston. have
returned home, from a visit with the
Mlxses Ittie and 'Hussle Kills.
Joseph M'Kourke has resigned his po
sition as engineer at the Steam Dye
Miss Sarah McTlale has returned
home from a two months' visit with
friends In Plttston.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith and
diug'hter. .IiOis, of Oarfleld avenue,
have returned from Norwich, N. Y.,
where they have bpen wpentfing a few
days wl'fh friends.
Miss Uewle Hards, of Orange. N. ,T..
Is the guest of her brother. S. S. Hards.
on 'Lincoln avenue.
The 'Misses Omtrlntte and Louise
Pendleton, of tftonlngton, Conn., will
eturn home today after a visit with
friends. In' town.
Mrs. O. .A. Sober and daughter.
Kathryn, of 'Rochester. 'N. Y.. are vis
iting at Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith's.
Frank Devers has accorded a txusl-
tion at the Delaware and Hudson loco
motive shops.
Mw Martha iMosea. of Bcranton. Is
visiting Mr. nnd Mrs. S. Singer, on
South Main street.
hmmons L. Peck, of Washington
street, left yesterday for Hucknell uni
versity, where he will .beirin a course
of studies preparatory to entering the
meoioai precession. IMr. Peck has the
best wishes of a host of friends.
J. P. A. Thwley. of the Forolii rtriie
store, has returned from a two weeks'
vacation spent in the 'New Knirlft,nrl
H. A. Chambers, of Phlladelohla. In
Visiting friends In this city.
.virs. Mark lircnnan and diinirhter.
Annie, of Dumlaff street, have returned
from an extended visit with friends In
Bopton. '
Miss Mary Kestees has returned tn
his home, In Iloncsdale, after a week's
vllt with Mta 'Millie Hruner, of Pork
II. A. 'Plirnle made a business trln itn
Wayniart yesterday.
Mrs. J. N. O'Mal ev and son. Ttnn-h
of Scranton, hove returned home after
rpendtaig a few days with Mrs. Owen
Judge, of South Washington street.
MIPS Nellie Farre II hn returned tn
her home, In Olyplrant, after spending
a few days In town. ,
Miss (Muggle Welsh, of Plko street,
who has been visiting friends at Hol
1 en back wftch, has returned home.
rn following . young ladles snent
yesterday at Crystal Lake: Mesdames
Charles fllrs, A. W. Rurdlrk and Hur
ry .Harrison and Misses Josephine
Burr,. Bertha Hathaway, Frances
Daley, Jjou WaHtonm, Jessie Moore, and
Liszle Scurry..' .
Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Knatin left veter-
dny for a week's stay In New York.
councilman and Mrs. J. w. Olennon
and eon, William, of Pike street, left
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report '
yesterday morning for New York city,
where they will visit for about two
Mesdomes D. W. Humpfrey. J. Fer-
rell. J. Scurry. A. K. Kullero. J. Van
nan. and tMlyses .Mary Vaunan ami
Mary Vrrell sent yesterday at Loos
dale with iMrs. A. J. Archbald.
Wilson Oeary has returned to hte
studies nt Hucknell university after
upending his vacation with his parents,
on Church street.
Yes-terduy afternoon a larty was held
at the home of Mrs. J. 'St. Campbell, on
Sand1 street.
1rs. H. F. Reining and two children
linve returned from a visit with friend
at Rlleyvllle.
John Ahliott, of Garfield avenue, who
hns been seriously 111 with typhoid
fever for the past six weeks. Is im
proving and his friends are hoping tor
his speiMly recovery.
Miss Helen DVack. who has been vis
Itlng Miss Lizzie Wyllle. on llelmont
strett, for the past two weeks, re
turns today to her home. In Albany
Miss AVyllle will accompany her ami
will be her guctit for the next three
aiirs. Richard Udy entertained a num
ber of her friends 'Monday afternoon In
honor of her guest, Mrs. tJeorge
Knight, of , IJinghamton.
Hurry Tlmmons, of Seventh avenue.
who hns lieen seriously 111 for several
months, Is rapidly sinking and hi
relatives nnd physician fear that he
will not recover.
Miss Jennio Reynolds, who has been
spending the summer with her cousin.
Miss Bessie Reynolds, returned homo
H. W. Linderman, of Huflalo, spent
sunuay here with relatives.
Dr. Walter Lathrop returned to his
home Monday.
Charles Knoll left for Buffalo Mon
day, where he will be engaged in the
wheel business.
Glen Ouy went to Stnte college Mon
day, where lie will attend school this
Stanley Newton has gone to Factory
vllle to school.
Colonel West, of Silver Lake, spent
Sunday with friends In Jlontrose.
Lloyd Spencer, the genlnl clerk at
the store of C. M. .Stoddard, Is spend
lug his vucntion at Forest Lake.
Mrs. B. T. Hurley, of Baltimore. Md.,
Is the guest of airs. William Lusk, on
Lake avenue.
liuy watklns, of Philadelphia, was
entertained over Sunday by Judge and
t.wrs. wearie.
Mrs. t!uy accompanied Dr. Nevins
and family, who are relatives, and
huve been her guests for the summer.
to .Newark, where she remains for a
short visit. They will drive over the
country, making short stops on th
Fred Frlnk. youngest son of Avery
Frlnk, is uble to make the Journey from
Waverly to Montrose. He has been
dangerously ill, but Is slowly Improv
ing. Charles Post has returned to Cornell
university, where he is pursuing the
study of the law.
Miss Emma Richards, who has been
passing the summer at the Richards
cottage, left Montrose for Philadelphia
tne nrst or the week.
John Howells Is quite sick, so much
so as to be absent from his post at the
cattle station '.Monday.
Mrs. Lelsenring and family, of Upper
i.enign, are the guests of her father.
Hon. William Jessup, on Monument
Mrs. Welden. of New York cltv. Is
boarding In the family of Mr. Hutson.
on Lake avenue.
At the annual meeting Tuesday eve
ning Protective Kngine company elect
ed the following otllcers: President,
R. W. Ham; vice president, J. P.
James; secretary, B. W. Fitch; treas
urer. T. K. Callaway; trustees, C. H.
Rockwell, iIC. F. Dudley and F. C.
Keen; foreman. R. 11. Brown, first
assistant foreman, C. J. Wreaver; sec
ond assistant foreman, K. J. llartung;
chief engineer, J. IM. Lyons; assistant
engineers. T. F. Carroll and Frank
.Me.Mullcn; strokers, Henry Lange and
J. ii. Carroll.
Harry Oretter was surprised by a
large number of his friends on Tues
day evening, who assisted in the cele
bration of his birthday.
William O. Ames, of Hawley, was in
town yesterday.
The arbitrators In the suit of Dr. J.
J. O'Connell vs. Krle railway-have
awarded the plaintiff $9,216 damiigea
for a broken knee cap.
Herbert J. Quinney, who has been
working nt Minneapolis, has just re
turned to his home here after taking a
trip as far west as Seattle.
Dr. R. If. Gibbons, of &cranton, was
In town yesterday.
'Mr. and Mrs. Charles It. Connell and
Mr nnd Mrs H. A. Connell, of Scran
ton, and Miss J. B. Heaver, of Dan
ville, were viewing Maplo City sights
Miss Ida Barnes has' returned from
a visit with Port Jervls friends.
The marriage of IMary Farner trt
Thomas Igo was solemnized at St.
John's church at 6 o'clock yesterday
John M. Robertson left on Tuesday
morning for New York, where he takes
steamer and sails for England and
Scotland. J lis trip will lust about six
Rev. J. C. Tennant will present a
communion set to the Methodist Epis
copal church on Sunday evening. The
set Is the gift of the Kpworth league to
the church.
David and Oharlcs Robertson re
sumed their studies at Wyoming semin
ary yesterday.
Mr. and iMrs. Squires and family, of
New York, who have been visiting at
the home of Mrs. Hessler, on Main
street, returned home yesterday after
enjoying a very pleasant visit.
King iCIwell, of 'Scranton, spent
Tuesday at the home of W. R. Man
ners, on Mnln street.
The family of J. S. Slcklcr, of .Mill
City, are vksltlng at the home of 8. V.
Corby, on tMaln street.
'A ball will be held on Sept. 18 at
Loftus' hall; the proceeds are for the
benefit of the Popular Base Ball club
of Mooslc.
Mrs. Margrete A. Lewis, of Wllkes
Bane, who is visiting at the home of
D. W. iRIchards, of Spike Island, Is
confined to the house by a severe at
tack of sickness. '
E. F. Smith and John Myers, of Ash
ley, spent a few days at Rose cottage.
Miss 'Lulu Keith spent Sunday with
her parents. . ..
. A grading bee was held at the church
yesterday. The 'Ladies' Aid served' a
free dinner to the workmen. -
Mr. Walker Is building a fine '.new
house on Woodlawn park.
Jinks Beagle Is building a handsome
dwelling on 'Highland park, .. .
Fred. Welchel wm down to Pompeii
Tuesday night.
W. V. Smith has gone to Wllkes
Barre on a short visit.
Mrs, Charles Dalley Is spending a
few days In Mill City. Mr. Dalley has
gone to Bast "Lemon to viBlt his
brother-in-law, who la ill. ...
rjv it
A number of our cltitens. attended
the chun bake at Scull ond.
J. uuaxey. J. P. Constable. John
. Jones and JIarry Joseph were In
Hopbottom. this county, Monday, on
A false alarm of fire was sounded
Monday evening Just before o'clock.
The cause of the alarm was a large
bonfire which had been started by M.
W. Woodmansee, of l)elaware street.
Mr. Woodmansee had Just reshlngled
his house, which was recently partially
destroyed by tire, and as he Intended
to go on the excursion to Toronto
Tuesday morning he thought It safer
to collect the old shingles anu uurn
them. T he large volume of smoke as
cending caused many to think that his
building was again on tire, and the
....... i... .. ,.t hu lire companies anil
many other cltliens took considerable
exercise In the way oi sprun.ue - -
i .
Cora Jones Hias been seriously 111 for
some time with diphtheria.
About a dozen went on the KHO
excursion to the Toronto fair on Tues
day morning. .
David Hughes, who hns been a resi
dent of this place for the past eight
or ten years, will leave for a visit to
Wales, his native land, on next Friday.
John S. Hughes, w ho hus been work
ing In Archbald. stient Sunday and
Monday with ils family In this place.
He will move his family to Archbald
on Sept. 20.
C. 'Burdick, of Honesdale, Wayne
county, was the guest of his parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Burdick, Satur
day and Sunday.
Rev. J. L. Williams, of Wellsboro,
will occupy the pulpit of the First Bap
tist church, of this borough, on Sunday
next, morning and evening, and also
on Sunday, Sept. 22. It Is rumored
that a call wilt be extended to Mr.
Williams to become pastor of the
church here. The reverend gentle
man served this pastorate for three
years before, and was a very able min
ister, and generally esteemed by his
flock. It is sincerely to be hoped that
the rumor of his recall here will prove
to be a fact.
Mine Inspector Roderick was en
gaged In an official capacity In this
vicinity Saturday.
Mary K. Reynolds spent Sunday with
Clifford relatives.
Enterprlze Hose company will hold
Its picnic on Monday, Sept. 16, and not
on Friday. Sept. 13. as has been erron
eously published. The boys have been
making preparations for a first-class
time, and If the weather Is favorable
they will have the biggest and besv
picnic of the season. The Tribune has
before noted the attractions provided
for the occasion, but will beg leave
again to urge on everyliody to attend
the firemen's picnic. A parade will he
held at 1 o'clock p. m., to which all local
societies have been Invited.
"The Outcasts of a Great City" Is
the attmctlon at the opera house next
Saturday evening. The troupe is said
to be an excellent one, and as the show
Is the first of the season. Manager
Collins expects a large attendance.
Evangelist I,. .Shelhorn, who Is hold
ing gospel meetings at Green Ridge and
Ross streets, Is announced to preach
at the "IMother's meeting" Thursday
afternoon. This will lie a good time to
hear this great preacher and soul win
ner. "How to Cure All Skin Iilsencs."
Blmply apply "gwayne's Ointment."
No Internal medlolne required. Cures tet
ter, eczema, Itch, all eruptions on the face,
hands, nose, etc., leaving the skin clear,
white nnd healthy. Its great healing and
curative powers are possessed by no other
remedy. Ask your druggist for Swayne's
Do You Appreciate It?
If so, consult the most eminent physi
cians available. Dr. F. H. Smith and staff,
at 6U5 Linden street, opposite the court
house. Dr. Smith Is and has been for the
past six month curing some of the worst
and most complicated diseases known to
humanity. Many a poor man and woman
who have been terrible sufferers for years
HKALTH through the skill of these emi
nent physicians, and have returned to ex
press their heartfelt thanks and grati
tude. ( omparing those that have been
cured by us to those that are now ailing
but have been reluctant or deterred from
visiting us, we find them anly a few.
Don't let Ignorance nor the cry of
"quack" prevail over irooil ludument hut
see for yourself. We Invite investigation.
Consultation absolutely free from 9 a. m.
io o p. m. aany. .raesuays and Fridays
until. p. m.
Oflioai 329 Washington Avenue.
Worksi Na?-Aug, Pa E. W. V. B. B.
General Salon Agent, Scranton, Pm
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afrotl mffi anil women. Th
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tiWfeaaal Nrc Urala Co., Ua IM09, iaw 1 art
Kor unle by JOHN H. I'HKI.1'8, lrua
gist, Wyoming ave. and Spruce hi net.
2 cases of finmtner Ballrlgran Men'a TTq.
derwear, In all qualities, troM price, 2jc,,
- 8jo and ttk:. our
Price to Close Out Entire Lot 20c
CO dozen Men's White ITnlanndried Shirts,
. pure linen busom, double front and back,
gross price, tu cjnts, '
Our Price, 29 Cents
BJU dofen of Ontlng Shirts, In all qualities,
. grow price, !&. 311c., fiOe., sic. and "3c.
.' Wa will make a sweep on the entire lot
' and let bar go at 25 Cents Your Choice
HOSIEftY-lheae prices will hold good
' tor all this week, few pair Men's Hocks
at So., gross price, lUo. ; tH pairs Ladies'
,- Kaat H ack Boae, . grots prlie, 10 cents,
. Our Price, Sc. 16 down of Krench
Maibriggan Half Hose, and Fast Black
. Hose, groaa prlee, 2u cents.
- r Our Price, 12X Cents
Ladles Vstts at one-half leas than elsewhere.
Be careful and call.
Gotham Ha
Gotham Ha
TO our patrons:
Washhurn-Croshy Co. wish to assure their natiy pats
rons thut they will this year hold to their usual custom
of milling; STRICTLY OLD WHEAT until the new crop
u fully cured. New wheut is now upon the market, and
owtnu. to the excessively dry weather many millers are
of the opinion that it is already cured, and in proper
condition for milling. Wanhburn-Crosby Co. will take)
no risks, and will allow the new wheat fully three
months to mature before grinding.
This careful attention to every detail of milling hat
S laced Washburn-Crosby Co.'s flour far above other
Wholesale Agents.
Carpets, Mattings, Linoleums,
Oil Cloths, Window Shades,
and Lace Curtains, Draperies
and Upholstery Goods.
1 1
Pertaining to the Carpet and Curtain Trade.
406408 Lackawanna Avenue, Scranton, Pa.
Will be found at our branch store in the Watt Build
ing, Church street, Carbondale, Pa.
Locomotives, Stationary Engines, Boilers,
General Office: SCRANTON, PA.
The introduction of these OUTFIT SALES
first it was one room then two and three now
it's three rooms at the
We furnish homes in this
Parlor Suit, 6
Table, 1 pair
Pole and Trimmings, Brussels Carpet.
Chairs, 2 Window Shades,
with above THREE-ROOM OUTFIT for
No Notes Easy Payments.
ri OTH1PD6. - . V ML
price of two for $99.00.
pieces; Silk Plush Parlor
Lace Curtains, Curtain
Antique Bed, Dresser, Washstand,
Table,2 Chairs,Rocker Woven Wire
opMattress,2 Pillows,Ingrain Carpet.
An Antique Oak Extension Ta
ble, 6 feet long, 6 High Back
Ingrain Canv-
C. A. RuUdlltff I
Ihmvim.. ,
WvARlirtr Avs.l V