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i ; "
Most carefully anil piously traced with
note-bunk and camera, from
Bethlehem to Calvary
And the Mount of Olives,
Helng a iteoKrajililcal and histories! aorount
In narrative and uli-tuns at the iilacra
where Vkrist and tli Apontkw lived, tolled
and triumphed. Iiov.1ur- wliore Jsu ws
buru, reared, baptized, tempted, traustlu
ured and erucitled. reviewing m chrouo-lotfii-al
order the eeiu of Ills prayero,
teara. stannous, uiirai-U'S anil' religious
aibieveiueiita, which brought to humanity
the duwu of a now day.
Superb Religio- Educational,
Wbioli is the Joint production of Rev. John
11. Vincent, V L)., IX.U . Binhup of the M.
k rh..Mli Mav .la,,,..,. W I.ah. il. !.. and
k. E. M. Bain, the Celebrated Landncapo
and Scenic rhotottrapu.r. TH' wnony
uutiiueand thoroughly "I'p-to-Date" luu
licattou compr sea the results of uiontha of
travel and observation. iuolviug Three
Separate Tours of tho Holy Land.
Two bv Bishop Vincent, and one lately
concluded by L)K. LKt", upon which ha was
u..,,ntatiip(i t evHrv utatie of the iournev
by UK. BAIN, with the tiuest photograph
io out rit procurable in America, theae gen
tlemen being under special commission to
present pictorially and descriptively the
I.AXD oV THE SAVKK. ttia very foot
step have therefore baeo followed with
note book and t'aiuera. and the journey
inns of His Apoatlea have a bo been traced,
a shown on the K.1UHT OoLOKKD MAP
iu all Portfolio. This work ia the final ex
pression of a beautiful enterprise., and ia
an incomparable Historical and Keligioua
Fine Art Offering An opportunity ia thus
Kiveu to make a delightful tour through
raleenne witnout leaving oome. iuis uiaK
nitlcent collection of over three hundred
and eighty-four photographs-the finest
thut ever came from tho East, call se
cured this year and puolished at an ex
pense of fifty thousand dollars -should be
in every home.
The Ann whose name is appended will
mike it possible for every family to ob
tain these Portfolios on easy terms.
For every purchaser and 10 cents addition
al vdu will be given one of these beautiful
Art Portfolio, and thus continue uutil you
have secured the eutire series of "4 numbers
There are 16 beautiful views in eaoh Part
or dumber.
We guarantee to furnish our customers
with the entire series as wanted.
W wish it distinctly understood that In
connection ith this enterprise we uuar
CiOULS in every department at lowest
living pricei. (.'oine aud b convinced.
We feel assur-d that yon will be more
than pleased with the Portfolios, and will
be as anxious to make the collection of the
'A Parts as we are to enabls you-todo su.
Very truly yours.
Dry Co:ds, Millinery, Cloais, Etc.,"
41a Spruce Street, Scranton.
Dr. Reeves has had long and varied ex
perience In ho.ipital and private practice
and treats all acute and chronic disease
of men, women and children.
Ho, with his assistants, treat all dls-e-a(-s
of he nrvous system, diseases nf
the eye. ear, nose and throat, dyspepsia,
rheumatism, lost vitality, premature
weakness or decay In both sexes, nervous
debility, catarrh, tumors,, erup
tions, blood-poisoning, fits, epilepsy. In
discretion and errors of youth, lost man
hood, ecsema, scrofula, St. Vtus' dance,
asthma, diseases of the heart, lungs,
liver, kidneys, bladder, stomach, etc.
Young Men Positively Cured.
Offer to tho Public fur C atarrh.
Any one suffering with Catarrh who
sjslshes to be permanently, quickly and
cheaply cured may receive three months'
treatment for only FIVE IiOI.I.AHH. The
doctor has discovered a specific for this
dreaded disease. You can treat and cure
yourself and family with It at horn- It
never fails to cure. A trial treatment
OFFICE HOtms-rmlly, s a. m. to t p.
in.; Bundays. 10 to 12 and 2 to 4.
Examine our new line of Spring
Goods. All of the latest designs
and colorings, and our prices
lower than any other house in
the trade, for goods of the same
of every description and quality.
Wc are overstocked and will sell
at prices about one-half the reg
ular price, as we need the room.
J. Scott Inglis
Looked Too Pleasant.
Trom Tld-MtH.
A drill serireant of a volunteer reulmcnt
In drilling a squad whom hn was Instruct
Iiir In the funcrul exercise suld: Now,
luds, I want to see how well you can do
It. I'm Kolnir to walk throiiKh the ranks,
nnd I wish you to suppose I'm the corpse,"
He ordered the squad to rest on their
arms reversed und aund at ease. Then
he walked throuiih the runks and ad
dressed them as follows: "Your arms are
all riant and your feet are all right, but
there s one thing wanting, my luds; you
timln't that look of regret on your face
thut you ought to huve when a corpse
Walk past.
Abrain Haas, of Iowa, Is vlaltlnu old
acquaintances here.
Humor liu It thut MIhs Mae t'ryden
wlse, duiiKhter of Itev. H. M. Cryilen
wlBe, presiding older of ChcuitiiRii dlM
trlft, and Wulter WaKner. Hon of Hev.
J. R. Wagner, are to be married In May,
A telegram to W. E. Little from La
porte. yesterday, announced that the
Judicial content has been adjourned to
May 20.
Miss Kate Ollinnrtln, who Is teaching
si-liool In Katon township, has been BlcK
for several days with dlphtherlu, and
Thursday night It was announced that
she hud taken an overdose of medicine
and her life was dlHptilred of. Yes
terday she was reported better.
Henry I-elphum. or KllMSell Hill, who
has been 111 for a long time, died Thurs
day evening. The funeral will be held
ut the tiaptlst church at that place 011
Sunday at 11 a. 111. He was CO years
of age, and owned a farm near Itussell
11111 comers, on which he had lived for
many years, rearing a family. Last
fall he abandoned the farm and went to
the hamlet to live.
.Mr. and Mrs. It. II. Atkinson, who
went to North Carolina to spend the
cold weather, will return next week.
Carl Khliiehart Is said to be consid
erably Improved In health.
People who purchased oranges at
knock-down prices of a couple of chapM
who have been voyaging around this
section with a horse and wagon this
week would like no better fun than to
make the said chaps eat their own
cargo. The fruit hud been frozen and
was miserable, worthless stuff.
A tramp who gave his name as Joseph
Cool and his home Deposit, N. Y.,
but later claimed to hall from some
where In the south, applied for and re
ceived some work about the Wall House
barn Thursday. He was allowed to
sleep In the barn at night, and taking
a lot of horse blankets, crawled up In
the loft. Sometime during the night he
arose, and In walking about he pitched
headlong down through an opening,
alighting on his head and shoulders on
the floor twelve feet below. He was
found by the hostler in the morning
and Dr. J. W. Denison called, who
found his right collar bone broken,
blood Issuing from the ear, and proba
bly severe Internal injuries. An order
of relief from the poor authorities was
obtained and he was taken to Mrs.
Ann Gillespie's where he will be cared
for. His recovery Is a matter of doubt.
D. C. DeWltt, who lectures on
"finance" at the court house next
Wednesday evening, extends a special
invitation to the ladles to come, as he
has something of Interest to them to
say. (
The relatives of ex-Shorlff George W.
Stark, of Lake Carey, were summoned
to his bedside yesterday morning. He
died later In the day.
Mrs. Avery, widow of the late Frank
C. K. Avery, is here to spend some time
with her husband's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. F. P. Avery. Her home U at
Charleston. S. C. but she has been
spending the winter in New York city.
Charlie McKown has a new Envoy
The commission of R. J. Bardwell as
notary public arrived yesterday.
John B. Jennings, of Mehoopany. Is
dynamiting the Ice along the river bank
in order to clear away a channel so that
the ferry boat can be started. The ice
is piled thirty feet high In some places.
The Presbyterian people will hold a
meeting next Wednesday evening to
elect additional deacons for their
Drs. F. J. Bardwell, of this place;
E. H. Wells, of Meshoppen, and C. W.
Prevost. of Wllkes-Barre, went to Rus
sell Hill yesterday to hold an autopsy
on the body oPHenry Leipham.
C. J. Reed writes from Florida that
he has purchased fur his son. Spencer
D.. a thousand acres of pine timber.
The latter will start south next week.
Wo understand the board of health Is
preparing fur a vigorous campaign this
season. There Is need enough for offi
cial supervision ;n that line.
A cordial Invitation Is extended to
the people df Tunkhannork to attend
the services at the Methodist Episcopal
church next Sabbath, and each evening
during the week, except Saturday.
Mrs. Grace Welser Davis, of Jersey
City, will preach and sing on each occa
sion. All regular services, such cs
class meetings, Sunday school, Ep-
worth league, men's prayer meeting
will be held at usual time and place.
There will be a reception and supper
held In the lectureiroom of the First
Raptist church at this place on March
13 In the evening, for the pastor of the
church, Rev. M. J. Watklns.
Rev. M. J. Watklns presented his
daughter. Sarah, with a fine new piano
this week.
Miss Mabel Reynolds returned Mon
day aftenroon from a two weeks' visit
with friends all Montrose, Rrooklyn
and I.athrop.
Miss Freelore Reynolds.who has been
a sufferer for several weeks from pneu
monia, died on Sunday evening and
was burled on Tuesday afternoon from
the fumily residence on High street.
Very Impressive services were held by
Rev. M. J., Watklns, of the First liap
ttst church. The loved little form was
encased In a white casket surrounded'
by beautiful flowers. She was aged 11
Forrest Reynolds, of Wilkes I'.nr re.
Is spending a couple of weeks with his
parents on Church atreet.
Mrs. Llewlyn Capwell and little son
have returned home from a visit to
Mrs. Capwell' parents In Dakota.
The Ladle Circle of Grand Army of
the Republic Will hold a meeting at
the G. A. R. hall March i. Every mem
ber Is requested to b present.
Mrs. Newton, ' of Nicholson, spent
Hunduy In town.
The Mule daughter of George Ellen
berger, who hus been very III of pneu
monia, Is reported better.
Misses Lena Clark nnd Nellie De
Graw. of Scranton, visited friends for a
few days In town this week.
Are you a sufferer frotn that terrible
plague, Itching 1'llesT Donn's Oltitinunt
will bring you Instant relief and perma
nent cure. Get It from your dealer.
Mrs. M. J. Colllgan, of Scranton, Is
visiting friends and relatives In this
The Odd Fellows had a banquet In
Rossa's hall In Great llend on Tuesday
evening. A large delegation were pres
ent from Ulnghamton.
John Mallane, sr., Is visiting his
daughter In New York city.
Edward O'Brien Is making Improve
ments on his house, on William street,
occupied by John Condon. .
Arthur banker Is IIL
Dr. Johnson, of Hopbottom,' called on
Dr. Lamb yesterday afternoon.
' A class In algebra has been formed at
the high school, and it Is composed of
the eighth and ni.itli grudes. Uwln to
the large number of clashes the class
recites uf ter school.
Mrs. Timothy Connors Is 111 at her1
home on Main street. ,
Mrs.' II. Dcdrlck, of llackettstiVwn.' N. .
J., who has bcM.11 visiting ,her parents. J
Mr. and Mrs. M. .P. Cuiiietv In-.tMuj
place, has returned home,' I
The Junior Young People's Society of
Christian Endeavor of the Presbyterian
church will be led by Mlus Eva Oswald
on Saturday afternoon. The society
now numbers cluhty-two members.
Mrs. E. Sands Is 111. -
The next entertainment on tho Rail
road Young Men's Christian associa
tion's entertainment course will be
given on Thursday evening, Mnih 14.
Mrs. Shaw, who has been vliiltlng her
sou, Edward, In Durfaln, has returned
Mrs. Dell Herkimer was called to
Cleveland the Hist of the week by the
serious Illness of u brother.
W. R. Tinker wilt- open a rentaurunt
In the Major block In the near future.
Dr. A. H. Longshore, f dentist who 1
Is to locate hole about March 10, gradu- !
utcd at the Philadelphia College of I
Dentistry and ."iurdery on Wednesday. !
ri:oK villi:.
Leyshon Davis died at the home of
Thomas W. Morgans last Wednesday
evening of la-art failure, aged 47 years.
He leaves live children, four daughters
und one son: Mrs. Thomus Powell, of
Peckvllle; Mrs. W. It. Williams, of Min
ers Mills; Mrs. Jcnkyn Pugh, of Par
Bons; Arthur W.. Duvis, of Mldvalle.
The f uncial will be under the super
vision of Wuhnetah tribe, 207, Improved
Order of Red Men, of which the de
ceased was a member. A ehort service
will be held at the house this morning
at 11.30 by Rev. W. J. Guest, after
which the remains will leave on the 1
p. m, train on the Delaware and Hud
son for Wilkes-Harre for Interment.
Mrs. Sarah Bertram, of South
Canaan, Is visiting her daughter, Mrs.
Thomas Spangenbuig.
William Opdyke has been Indisposed
for the past week.
Rev. M. D. Fuller, of Providence, and
Rev. F. P. Doty will exchange pulpits
next Sunduy morning and evening.
The Indies' Aid society of the Meth
odist Episcopal church wish to take
this means of thanking E. II. Hitter,
who so kindly assisted them in getting
up the memorial card on the death of
one of their members, Mrs. Jacob De
pew. Frank W. Day, of Wllkes-Barre, was
a caller In town yeBteiduy.
Mrs. George F. Cool and daughter,
Myrtle, are visiting her mother, at
Albert Chapman Is suffering from
Evangelist Scovllle will occupy the
pulpit of the Uuptlst church next Sun
flay evening.
Joseph Croup made a business trip to
Scranton yesterday.
Mrs. Fred Schrader, who has been
very sick, Is Improving.
Found, last Wednesday evening, be
tween the Delaware und Hudson depot
and the Ontario depot, a large pocket
book containing valuable papers. The
owner can have the same by
proving property and puylng for this
advertisement, by calling on William
Page, Main street.
An excellent banquet was served at
Led yard hall on Wednesday evening
when the members of the United Amer
ican Mechanics lodge celebrated tlwlr
anniversary. The tables were spread
at 8.30 p. m., with all the delicacies
of the season, and a.'ter ample Justice
had been done to the dainties provided
a social evening was spent, the prin
cipal feature being a powerful address
by Rev. J. R. Sweet, of Ashley, upon
the principles of the order. The address
was replete with vital points to the
members, who deeply appreciated the
commendable remarks of the reverend
gentleman. During the evening Mrs.
White and Miss Savage gave a piano
forte duet which wub well received and
vocal solos were rendered by the fol-
L.tLliiir Mluu Kttell Miss Sil kier Mrs.
Jennie r rear unu v . vv. vtuiKina, un
of which were loudly applauded. Reci
tations were given by Miss Maud Doud.
Miss Agnes Hull, and Mr. Benjamin
and Mrs. William also contributed ma
terially to the success of the evening.
Over 200 guests were presents during
the evening and all joined In praising
the complete manner In which the ban
quet had been arranged, and In ad
miring the well-llnlshed decorations.
The committee of arrangements were:
M. li. Wl'inan, F. R. Grelner, H. A.
Frear, II. W. Peck, and R. H. Uarnes.
The duties of the reception committee
were courtlously undertaken by Frank
Iietijamln, George A. Hell and Fred
erick Benjamin.
Tho many friends of the late Profes
sor Moran, of Dunmore street, who died
on Tuesday last, attended the funeral
services which were held at 2.30 o'clock
yesterday afternoon In St. Patrick's
church. The veterans, Guth's band, of
Scranton, and the: Serenade band at
tended the funeral In a budy. Inter-
Tba Agonies of the I q-il.lllon Endured by
Ru.unutlc Sulfcrjrs.
An Uutogcnuilnn Tells a Wonderful Story
of Ills Kcmni koblc Cure
John L. Gill, residing at 34 North
Grant avenue, Columbus, ()., tigett 88
years, suys: "t suffered from rheuma
tism for over thirty years. The pains
were very severe nnd often 1 was un
able to move nrountl. t hnvo doctored
with ninny physicians and taken all
kinds of iatent medicine, but never re
ceived any relief until 1 begun using
Munyou's Rheumatism Cure. Within
twelve hours after taking the first dose
I was free from pain ami am now com
pletely cured."
Munyon's Rheumntlsm Cum Is guar
anteed to cure rheumatism In any part
of the body. Acute or muscular rheuma
tism cured In from one to five days. It
never falls to cure sharp, shooting pains
In the arms, legs, sides, buck or breast,
or soreness In any part of the' body In
from one to three hours. It Is guar
anteed to promptly euro lameness, stiff
nnd swollen Joints, stiff back, and nil
pains in the bios and loins, Chronic
rheumatism, scliitlcn, lumbago or pain
In the back are speedily cured.
Munyon's Humoepathlc Homo Rem
edy company, of Philadelphia, put up
specifics for nearly every disease, which
are Sold by all druggists, mostly for 26
cents u bottle, .
Those who ore In doubt as to the
nature of their dlseosn should address
Professor Munyon, Ui08 Arch street,
Philadelphia, giving full symptoms of
their disease. Professor Munyon will
carefully diagnose the rasa and give
you the benefit of his advice absolutely
free of all charge. The Remedies will
be sent to any address on receipt of re
tall price.
Next Time Ycu do To Market,
Remember there is none "just as good as"
Quaker Oats. Good for little folks big folks, too.
Sold only in 2 lb. Packages.
merit was mude;ln the Catholic ceme
tery. Regular services In the Young, Men's
ClniiUhin union rooms tomorrow after
noon at 4 o'clock. The meeting will be
led by Florence Mitchell.
May Smith Bobbins will appear In
the musical comedy, "Llttlo Trlxle," at
the new opera house Thursduy uvuuing,
March U. '
Tho Christian Endeavorers of the
Pn nbyterlan church will hold a meet
ing at 7.30 o'clock tomorrow evening.
Mrs. Matthew Gray will lead. Subject:
"Everything for God."
Mrs. D. Berry, Mrs. Alfred Haines
and Mrs. John Barrett attended the
Academy at Scranton last evening.
The music pupils of the parochial
school gave a very Interesting recital
on Thursday afternoon.
Dr. Perrlne delivered a very able lec
ture on "Sociology" In Bucknell hall
on Tuesday at 3 o'clock p. m.
An athletic exhibition In the Tustin
gymnasium will be given on March 111.
The proceeds will go toward defraying
the debt of the Athletic association.
Dr. Harris will deliver an address,
"The Fall of Richmond," to the Grand
Army of the Republic post upon April
15, the anniversary of the surrender
uf Appomattox Court House.
The preliminary contest of the class
of 'ax was held last week and the fol
lowing members chosen for the prize
contest to be held on March 10: Miss
Rodgers, Miss Chambers, Messrs. Hill,
Davis, Geary, Hazen, Llndermann,
Stober and Thomas.
The Young Men's Christian associa
tion have elected new oltlcers, who will
enter upon - their duties the opening
of the spring term. The delegates to
the district convention, held In Dan
ville last week, report a very success
ful session and hope that the conven
tion, to be- held at Bucknell, will be
equally as successful.
. waTekly.
Mrs. M. W. Bliss, Jr., and family are
visiting relatives at Camptown, Brad
ford county.
George White, of Tunkhannuck, was
a caller here last Wednesday.
Mrs. Charles E. Lee, of the Waverly
house, who has been seriously 111, Is
convalescing. '
Henry White, of Penn avenue, Scran
ton, called on his brother, G. H. White,
last Thursday.
Professor F. C. Hanyon, of the Madi
son academy, has registered as stu
dent at law with the law firm of Huls
lander & Vusburg, of Scranton.
There will be no services at the Meth
odist Episcopal church next Sunday.
Rev. F. H. Parson will hold communion
services at Clark's Green at 10.30 a. m.
Rev. A. Bergen Browe will till the pul
pit at the Baptist church at 10.30 a. m.
and 7 p. m. next Sunday.
Will Aylesworth, who had been get
ting better from an attack of typhoid
fever, has had a relapse.
The Young Men's Social club will
hold the grandest entertainment and
social of the season In Fadden's hall
Monday evening, March IS. . The best
outside and home talent has been se
cured. , . ,
Dickson City lire alarm signals by
districts are as follows:
First district From Jermyn No. 4
mine north to the Olyphant line; one
long blow to give alarm aud two short
ones for district.
Second district From Jermyn No. 4
mine to Catholic church; one long blow
and three short ones.
Third district From Catholic church
to Scranton city line; one long blow and
four short ones. One long blow and
five short ones, general alarm to call
outside help. Eagle Hose company, No.
1. ' President, Richard Barron; secre
tary, John O. Miller. f ,
Charley dual, the defeated candidate
for supervisor, Is circulating' a petition
around town. Gaul Intends to contest
the right of Michael Gibbons. He will
contest the South district and Mooslo.
March, April and May are the arches of
a bridge which bind the season of Ice to
Unit of roses. Therefore, the spring Is a
trying time for the average perilon. The
system at this season needs cleunsltitr;
remove the Impurities from the blood, and
you will be able to battle with tho comlli
.iiMiin In tierfect health. l)r. DaVlil
Kennedy's Favorite Remedy, more than '
nny other medicine, will do this for yot r.
It will purify the blood, dispel that worn
out feeling, miike you sleep and eat well
It Is prescribed by physicians for Just this
purpose. Druggists sell It for SI a bottle.
To llimw awny gnotls nt stiih 11 euros ns those quoted below, but what arc
we to tlo? It won't pay to store them, and we've got to iret rbl of thorn
before April 1st. No in titer wht we realize ou them. Wo bought the
Moi-k at Hhcrlli'Snlt. ''lor better or for worse;" wo took ehaueesou it and
lliouirlit wo were pare when we
lttr. Where do you come in at, if wo sell GOODMAN'S BANKRIT1
STOCK to you on the sumo terms ns wo eeuured It at? Ask this question
twice umt let your unu 11 nuu goou
Next Week Wc Offer
2110 Ladles' costs, assortud; no poor
ones among them.,.. !.M
Ctnjialrs corsets, all sorts ami subs,
sonic A 1 qualities smong thorn. .
10 doxAl.udlus' rasulnators-6 different
m vies. Pick ut St)
1M pulrs all wool blankets, 11-4 slse
Value to and 17. Choice now.... S.IK
This- price from opening hour, till noon
too Una. all wool half hose. Were 2Co
mid 3m' . Choice (Monday sale)..
SuO dos. odds and ends underwear-
naturAl grey. Camels hair and
scarlet, every aannent strictly
, j wool. Choice till noon only
230 Lackawanna Ave,, Scranton,
Our Greut Stock of
Huts, Furiiishingss,
I suits!
) 4
Latest Style,
No Buck Numbers.
The People Delighted and Astonished
at Such Values.
Suits worth $8.00 at
Suits worth $10.00 at
Suits worth $12.00 at
Suits worth $15.00 at
Suits worth $20.00 at
Boys' Double-Breasted
Suits at
230 Lackawanna Ave.
Atlantic Refining Go
Mauutacturore and Dealers la
- Unseed OH, Napthas and Oaso
lines of all grades. Axle Urease,
Pinion urease und Colliery Com
pound; also a large line of Par
afflne Wax Candle.
We also handle the Famous CROWN
ACME Oil, the only family safety
burning oil In tho market.
' Wm. Mason, Manager.
Office : Coal F.xi huuoc. Wyoming Ave.
Works at Pine llrook.
irot it at a llttlo less than 40o on Hie dol
juugnieut answer u.
the Following Specials i
12 dos. knit shirts. Borne all wool, oth
ers half wool, etc . .13
Chenille table covers, latest designs, heavy
quality, i-i also 42 c, ti-4 sise Uou, -4 slse
100 pieces crash toweling, till 9 a. in. each
morning i i-sc a yaru.
100 pieces light print calicoes, 10 yds for
' ou tin iv a. in. eacn morning,
(00 dos. handkerchiefs. All kinds 2Vio each
, till noon.
EXTRA SPECIAL. 100 dos. fine Inundrled
, shirts whites and prints, very extra
quality 41M.V
1 I
$50,000 worth of Dry Goods, No
tions, Ladies' and Gents' Furnishing
Goods.Hiilinery, Cloaks, Furs, Infants'
Wear, &c,
The steady increase of our business
compels us to enlarge and remodel the en-
tire store for spring trade, and as the stock
will be in the way
400 and 402
e ihe
Wiltons, Axminsters, Moqnettes, Velvets, Body Brussels, Ta
pestry Brussels
Suited to All Kinds
In All the Different Grades
I iSm 3d iy .Corrioflcs u
Heading "New
Perfection"' Tias
New Automatic
Cold Air Damper.
It Saves Ice.
. Interesting tales to be told about
these goods. Come bear them.
"Ecouoiuv's Easy Way to Pay"
assists piuched finances.
Of w. 3
rair, 1
Lacka. Aie.,
Scranton, Pa.
and Ingrain Carpets.
of Styles and Famishing.
J upun
and High Class Novelties.
Beadaiiiu acd cured by htTlaJ
four .vim sol.otiflcallj namtLsd aad
filled accurst!; ty
guaraataed la evsry cas.
305 Spruce Street