The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, January 17, 1895, Page 3, Image 3

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NEW -"Till ran
1'lank account books,
All desirable sizes ami st)Ies
For all sorts of business, .
1'rum the small vest pocket
Memo, to the largest ledger.
We have our usual lare
Variety and at riut prices.
Persons wishing a new set of books
Or a part of a set or oue book
Arc invited to examine our stock.
Filing boxes for bills, letters, &c,
Mercantile and office stationery,
ill the standard sorts nnd novelties.
Temporary store, 115 Wyoming avc.
A Fob to Dyspepsia
And Always Have
Good Bread.
The Weston Mil! Go.
Punch Cigars
G. B. 6c CO.
Garney, Brown & Co. Mfr's
Court House Square.
AU forms of Hernia ft specialty. Wa.l
known Scrautnn physicians m chargo.
203 Washington Avenue.
Jtid?on Mott, of .Montrose, lias returned
home nfier u visit with relatives on the
Vest Side.
.Miss Annie Davles, of Twelfth street,
lias returned home from u visit with
friends in Shenandoah.
'Abu Seott, the well known trapper anil
hunter, of Spring 1:100k townsliip. was In
the rity yestenlny with proofs of his
skill with the nun.
Colonel Hippie, of the Thirteenth regi
ment, was one of the hnmlsoinest men In
uniform at the InuiiKUrul parade, uceord
iiil? to the I'hilailelplila Inquirer.
Captain John Deluney will sueceed
Uajor Loekhurt as superintendent of puh
'1' buildings ami grounds, nnd the 1 1 1 1
iow pendini; making the superintendent
irenenil custodian 011 the hill at Harris
litii'B will Inerensn his salary to $:!,IHJU. ilis
term will be lixed at threw years.
It Will He Heard hy the Supreme Court on
Ich. '25-lorm In Which It Will lie
lukcn 1 p 1o Hint Tribunal.
On Feb. 25 the flUUe supreme court
Will heur argument and be asked to re
verse tthe court of this county In refus
ing 'to grant a mow -trial In the case of
I'l ani! Bezek.
After tie trial of it ho oase before
Judge Kdwnrds and the coiiviotioii of
the accused of murder in ilhe first de
gree an application for a new triinl was
made by Attorneys George M. Watson
and A. J. Colborn, Jr., who were di
rected by the court 'to defend liezek.
The request for ia new trhil was re
fused and It was resolved to take ithe
case up to "the supreme court.
The rules 'prescribe that a book con
taining the evidence, record of the
court and charge of the trial judge
HlKill be prepared in eu(h nase that
goes to ihp supreme court, and as such
a book In the Uezek case would cost
several hundred dollars, the consent ot
the supreme court had to be obtained
to waive that rule n.nd 'take the case up
in the form prescribed for paupers.
Attorney Watson m'aiie on argument
before ithe supreme court Monday with
that end In view and was successful in
obtaining the permission of the court.
Tlnw for hearing the argument was
'also extended froin Fob. 18 to Keb. 25.
As the case now yoes up 'the supreme
oount will pass upih H dlreHly from
ithe stenographer's typewritten not us of
the evidence and charge of Mie court,
and from the actual records of ,the pro
ceedings 'Without going to the expense
of having them reduced to itype and
llorrlMo Low Prices on Knglncs, Hollers
ond I'umpH.
Two IfixSO pngiups, B-lnch fly wheel;
two Ux20 engines; two 10x15 englnrs; pulr
12x12 link motion engines; one pair liix.'IG
link motion engines; four locomotive boil
ers. 6(1 to KK) horse power; fourteen return
.tuhulur boilers, 40 to KK) horse powir
.nnh' t ,l,..l ,.n lirn,H,lm,l..n
four single Davidson pumps; three slnglo
"Knowles pumps. Adress TUB KXETIUt
MACIIINIO WOKKH, l'lttston, I'a., min
ing, elevating and conveying machinery.
Itny tlio Wcher
nnd get the best At Guernsey Bros
Cure for Croup. 1'se Dr. Thomas' Ec
lectrlo Oil according to directions. It Is
the best remedy forall sudden attacks
of colds, pain and Inflammation, and in
FlUsbury's Flour Mills have 1
t 17.W0 barrels day. .
Final Report of Grand Jury os Pre
sented to the Court.
Kcfcrcncc to the .Manner In
tlio Liquor l.uw Is Violated.
l ist of True nnd Ignored Hills
I'rcscntcd to Court.
At 10 o'uluek yetftordny inorninR the
Frnund jury made Its ilii'u.l return no
emit mud rei nted a list of Uie true
(Mid Ignored bills itluut came Define It
dunlin? tlin' term, in a part of its recoui-nii-ud:rtiin.s
to ouurt ithe report read is
JiuIhIiib fixun ti wrtaiji class uf wlt
newHes iiiuvill of the evidence
biMiiicht bft'ore- us durlni? our dc liln na
tions in 1 in I hts f ifli Ki'ini'i Jury,
and having somekniKWledKe of the crim
inal cil'l.tlis of the couirty, It is our
opinion that much if the crime is dui' to
the illeiral toilo of into..liMtiiuv liiin!'S
at places Unused and uiillci used for
the tiallie. We silso ledleve (hut ni'Miy
of the places where licenses are granted
do licit answer the reiiiiiiinnnls of 1 i.w,
inasmuch cis they have not .the propyl'
uicciMiuniiilutluus, neither they ne-cen-ury
for 'file titertiiinincnt of
trlraiiKeis and tiuvclers.
We nlsu believe fiom kooiI nu.soiis ilihe i'.i'.v ullieers of the several
t lty wai'd-i, bor lUK'hs and townships,
.ire not all us t.h i-otinh us they mlxli't
be ill det'.'.-tln;; violalnrs of the liquor
Ik .'ii".' I '.ivs of the coiiiuionw'ealtih.
We iliiei-t fvi i respectfully su;est rhvut
the emit, 1 far as is consistent (Mid
v'X.aln the potter of the Judiciary, de
vlJ some ineaiis whereby 'the facts
may 'be ti4vl'l:ittr;'tl sis to the above !-'o
tliuit the law may be complied with and
cuf'.arVHj so ttjalt ithe amount of crime,
poverty 11 iMi trouble may be diminished
Ijackuiwuimu county.
Other Hecoiiiuicii Jntions Made.
The remulnder of the recommenda
tions lire herewith sumniai'lzed. The
thanks of the jury are Kiven to Mm.
Arabella 15. Haxton, matron of the Flor
ence mission, 011 account of the noble
Work she Is doinB in behalf of morals
and society ill her efforts to elevate
fallen women. Court Is recommended
to select u. lady of Christian character
and iippoint her as matron In charge of
femule prisoners at the county jail.
Other recommendations are that the
sign, "Coroner's Olllce," should be re
moved from the transom over the door
of the license parlors of the clerk of
of the court's olllce; that a door Is
needed to admit a person from the dis
trict attorney's office to the stand jury
room, and that an iron urate shall be
made to replace the old wooden one in
the Jail yard ait the county prison.
District Attorney John It. Jones was
Kiven a vote of thanks and the jury
w ound 1111 by requesting the court to de
vise' some means by which aldermen
could be restrained from sending In
so many petty cases for prosecution
and entailing so much unnecessary ex
pense on the eonionwealth. A list of
the indictments returned Is as follows:
The True Hills Returned.
John S. Luce and W. O. llatemain,
s itting lire with intent 'to burn build
ing; W. '1'. Simpson, pros.
H. 1). Latlhrope, William M. Lathrope
and C. K. Liait'hrnpe, libel; II. J. Bruii
n.:i'n, pros.
Ivan Sumrat, Majk Sumrat, Henry
Sunuvut. Itiitss Sumrat, St Hon Jokoskl,
Alex Kua.ns, WtiMirll Mossbaek and
John Pi .links, robbery; William Good
man, pros.
Jacob lleripkle, t-ntering a dwelling
house niiii intent to commit a felony;
John Situs, pros.
John Geriski, . enterinig a dwelling
with Intent ito commit a felony; John
Situs, pros.
Max Kohler. entering a dwelling with
Intent to commit a felony; John Situs,
Joseph Geniski, Mitering a dwelling
with intent to commit a felony; John
Situs, pros.
John Sch.Twler, obstructing the fxt-
oution of .legal process; J. F. Woelkers,
James I Inland, obstructing the exe
cution of ia. legal process.
Hernard Koerncr and Henry Koerner,
ns'sau'.t and battery wit'h intuM ito kill;
William Mii'iikle Mullur. pros.
Hubert Alexander, aggravated is-
Bault iul buittery;- Lena Dlckelnlck,
Samuel ivivles, aggravated fissault
ind battery; MaiUiin Lock, pros.
James Kola nd, aggravated ns wall It I
and h;ut'tery; Joseph Pool. pros.
Kiclv iT'd Kichards, assault u.nd bait-
trry; Michai 1 Ca.usimeiv, pros.
Peter Le-uU'S and John SeliaiiTbcr, ns-
saulit and battery; Catherine Hachent,
Dig Hatch of Defendants.
I vain Sumrat, Majk Sumrat. Harry
Sumrat, Ititz Sumrat, Stefan Jokoseky,
Alex. Knauss, Wassail Mossback and
John Pranks, assault a.nd batlteiy;
Williaim Goodmain, pros.
Thomas Oi-oftoii, assault -and baittery; Crol'ton, prox.
F.van Da.ules, assault and baittery;
I'aul Makela, pros.
James and Mary Palllord and Jane
lolaivd, assault and baiftery; Joseph
Carl, pros.
Mai-Mn Morgan, assault and battery;
Joseph lluddl, pros.
Joli'ii ri.ininilnig, assault and batitery;
Saiiiili-1 Heymiilds, pros.
Mlchavl Lynn, assault and battury;
Mrs. W. II. ..Vh'Culluui, lirox.
John I'.lazes, carrying conceaK-d
woapons; Max lloKonblut, pros. It. Reese, muitilatlng show bills;
A'rthur Fi-otih'ingham. pros.
K. Kdwnrds or K. CiMiper, defrauding
bimixlliiig house keel-r; F. If. White,
K. Kdwnrds, otherwise K. Cooper, lar
ceny by bailee; W. T. Simpson, pros.
Mlnhmel Gost, 'larceny by bailee; Was
sail lladgamit-., pros.
Fnd It. Jenkins, larceny by baillee
and fnibezzN-nieiit, neimriutu Indict
ments; It. T. Howeills, pros.
K. Kdwai'ds, also known as R. Coopor,
larceny and receiving; W. T. Simpson,
Mary Foy, larceny and receiving;
Mliih'Kil Hemnehan, pros.
Hugh Maloy, larceny and receiving;
V. T. Slmp in. pros.
Mlcheal 1'ad'ilen, larceny and receiv
ing; Jamiis Hurherford, pros.
John lllazes, maliolous mischief; Max
Iloseniblut. pros.
John Jennings, senior and Junior,
soiling liquor on -Sunday; Patrick
O'Hrlen, pixs.
Margaret Harry, selling liquor wlth
mit A licence; Ilanmah Mclonnell, prox.
M arwu-eit Harry, fuinlshlng liquors
to minors; Hnnmah McDonnell, prox.
N. J. linker, criminal assault; Mai'y
E. linker, .prox.
Peter Jom-s, orlmlmxl assault; Mary
Iltifka, piMX.
Susan Peters or Susain HurgesiS, adul
tery; H. K, Washburn, pros.
lihlHp llensley', bigamy; William
Keiigley, .pixxs,
Joseph Migli'ii, perjury; John Mernt
ky, pivs, I
List of Ignored Hills,
Cases (hat'the Jury believed should
not have been sent Into court are sub
joined: Assault and Bnttery SlmnnConstnn
kovltsock. Alex. Bhlntito, John Fy, John
Hanko, Jozef Jorsifetch, Josef Smith,
Alex. Mushu, Joseph Miidusu, John Tlp
lnddl, Alex. Melle, Matthew Puscky,
Caesar Mnssl, Jacob Muscovite, J. Mus
covite, Thomas K., Kichards, Hannah
Klchurds, Hannah Harris, tleorgo Fox,
James Clayton, J. Clayton, Thomas
Jones, Michael Lngman. Sarah Mul
chrone, James II. Kellly, Michael Mc
Donnell, Kllen Noon; prosecutors to pay
the costs In .each ense.. In the follow-
lng the county will pay the costs: Oscar
D. Khrgood, Jennie Alexander, Alex.
Kohler and Hugh Harrington.
Forcible Kntry nnd IJotalner The
county to pay costs in ach case: Theo
dore Carpenter, James and Mary
Jordan. C. W. I,ott. William Reynolds,
Charles Alexander, George Grlswold.
Larceny and Receiving Ida and Mal
vlna Mikel, Joseph KKenmery. Jacob
liuka, John Sliamboskl, William
Kirselienbaiim, I'M ward Wagar, Josepii
Stone, Hurt Anderson, Jane llaiinon.
l.urceny by itailee Kllen llawley,
Oleiia Kost, iMocstro I.ado, Louis Feld
111:111. Falsi' Pretences Mike Kntiovski,
Charles Orkusky, Giovanni Zachario
and I'atriek leiupsey.
Itidiberv John Uoskoskl, AVIUIani
Ha. ley, William Kadey, Kate Mulliern
and Mary Feeney.
l'erjury John I suck. Louis Malkoskl,
J. lillck, Louis Felduiaii, Samuel Kline.
PiJ Not Sell l iquor.
Selling Liquor 011 Sunday and With
out a License Anthony ltoth and
Michael Falosklo.
Nuisance .lames W. Smith, John 1 .11
libiidge, William Harper, I. L. ISerryi
W. It. Stevens, James Wallack, William
II. lavls, James J. McAiulrew, James
o Hiieii. John J. Flyiin, William Adair,
1'. W. Fadili u, Ooiiilnic Howard. A. F.
Gillespie, James C. McLaughlin, county
to pay the costs.
Miscellaneous ((Hints Kvaii Kich
nnln and William Lewis, defrauding
boarding house, two indictments; Mrs.
lllliim Martin, prox., to jmy the costs.
John T. N'allin, enibezzlemeiit by
agent; I). W. Hurr, pros.
William Kirsclieiiliiiiini, embezzle
ment by agent; Samuel Kline, pros.
Jozef Smith, malicious mischief;
Abraham Glacier, pros, to pay costs.
I.inlwig Lumoiiiskl, riot; Thomas J.
Gildea. pros.
Michael ( ibriskl, harboring concealed
felon; John Mel lale, pros.
James o'l'.oyle, biiiitlng rabbits with
ferret; Nautilus Slulter, pros.
John Williams, forcible entry and de
tainer; Kllen ,1. Madlgau, prox. ;, county
to pay costs.
Tony Sar, breaking Into dwelling
house; Adam Kldulate, pros.
Margaret Harry, receiving stolon
goods; Hannah McDonnell, prox.
Maggie Jones, common scold; William
Olendyke, pros., to pay costs.
J. M. Manchester, painter, who has
been suffering from a severe attack of
the grip, returned ito work yesterday.
Henry Vlllard announces his Inten
tlon of not returning to the T'nlted
States to live. He has taken up his
residence In lleiiin.
William Stlhvell, painter at the ma
chine shops, who Is now at the Moses
Taylor hospital. Is reported to be pro
grisslng very favorably.
Probably all the local railroaders are
not aware that the admission to the
gallery on the night of the Grand Kail
road concert on Jan. 1:1 lias been re
duced to 50 cents.
General Auditor Davis has succeeded
S. K. Calloway as receiver of the To
ledo. Si. Louis and Kansas City. Mr.
Calloway has nlready assumed his new
duties as president of the Nickel Plate
P.rakeman George Pain, who frac
tured his arm recently by falling off a
car, is so far recovered that he was able
to be out yesterday. He looks well
despite the hard shaking up he re
ceived, and his friends congratulated
him accordingly.
Tonight the Ladles' Auxiliary society
will surprise their friends by a splendid
oyster supper to be followed by a first
class entertainment. The vocal talent
will be of the best order nnd the in
strumental selections have been well
arranged. A large audience Is antic!
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Procheniar have
returned from their wedding tour and
have commenced housekeeping at 423
i Kebecca avenue. Arthur Is one of the
popular boys of the machine shop, nnd
the way he was kept busily engaged
receiving congratulations is a
proof that he Is liked all around.
Mrs. A. II. Masters and Mrs. W. A.
Kerry have presented a handsome ban
ner bearing the motto, "The nailroad
Men for Christ," to the association.
Taking the increasing membership and
the numerous presents, the rooms, al
ready too small, will become more than
inconvenient at a very early date.
Si cretary Pearsall and a contingent
fiMm 'the machine and car shops will
conduct the evangelistic meeting at the
Second Presbyterian oliurch this even
lng. Kev. Dr. Koblnsnii expects a great
meeting Inasmuch a all services pro
moted or conducted by tin-railroad boys
are always successful spiritually and
temporally. A special invitation Is ex
tended to the employes of all railroads
In the cilty to make an effort to aittend.
Yesterday's noon meeting at the inn
chine shops was 11 great success, W.
W. Adair, of Great Heiid, addressing
over 270 nu n, who were greatly Inter
ested In the practical talk of the popu
lar secretary of the Heiid association
Mr. Weeden gave several excellent ren
ditions which were much appreciated
It was expected that Miss Mitti
Weeden Would have been present, but
she was detained In New York by sick
The Lackawanna Hell for January
has just been Issued and rings out Its
usual merry nnd acceptable news
Among other newsy notes Is the stir
ring adventures of Molls Ham with
Kill Luther's Christmas tree. The well
known saying of "If at llrst you don
succeed, try, try again," did not apply
to this case, but at the same time ".Mr.
Ham" did not deserve the "roast
However, Secretary Pearsall supplied a
good paragraph
The evangelistic services nt the Sec
ond Presbyterian rhumb were attend
ed'by a very large number lust evening
At ithe dose of 'the medllng several of
the audience requested the prayers of
'those present III t'helr behalf. This
evening F. W. Pearsall, of the Kailroad
Young Men's Christian association, will
ihave charge of the 'meeting. Several
converts from tine machine and car
shops of the Delaware, Lackawanna
nuid Wresitern railroad have promised to
assist In the mentlng.
In July, 1MM, a ten-ton locomotive
for burning anthracite coal was built at
the Lehigh Valley shops at South
Kaston, under the supervision of John
I. Klnsey, superintendent of the shops,
After the engine was completed It was
placed on the Kaston and Amhoy dl
vision and It showed such gopd results
that the general superintendent ordered
It on the Heneca division, and It Is
now running the heavy passenger
trains with ease on a portion of the
line where .the grades nre very heavy
There are now two more of this same
style of engines under way at the South
Kaston shops. They will be completed
In a short time,
W. F. Krossler, -Mie winner of the gold
medal contest, has not yet been invent
ed. but the Interesting ceremony will
probably take place today. Mr. Kress,
lor, who Is one of the foremen at the
machine shop. Is reckoned to be the
best story teller among local railroad
ers. Whenever lie sits down for a few
moments' resit, ihe l certain of an audi
Mice ito listen 'to his humorous recitals
In responding to the presentation of Uhe
medal, e wWty peecJi Is expected, and
the boys are confident that they will
not be disappointed. Mr. Kressler lb
also 4'ti ardent supporter of tlio Hall
road Young Men's Christian assoclti
tlon. '
Hundreds of Them Arrive Yearly in
the City of Seranton.
An l.xistiug Agency Which Seeks Out the
Young .Man Stranger und Mutches
Him - Receives Information from
Country Tow us-Mcthods I scd.
Outside of Phil nlelphla and Pitts-
urg probably no city in the .state hail
In the 'pant ft'W years sheltered more
men and boys in search of work and
fortune than Seranton. It Is u mutti'i-
f faeit Mint such a condition always
ucciimpa.iiU'S the growth 01 a new aim
thriving city, mud 'in Seranton Jt has
veioli ipantlcula.1 ly the case.
For Ion ytens has been pouring
linto tllie city ilarge numbers of young
men; some found work and remained,
and ot'hers lb pai'ied, while many have
had pi 1. r lurk and have knocked about
from pillar to post since 'their r sldi nit
re. Away In-ill home inllueiices and
old friends it is ami Biirpi'i.-ilng that
many young
I l&n r",!!,i,vi;
t 11
.t f'Vv; m '""'' mi'ii-ai u
ny llie gi'iiier
or city 'life
a 11 d have
w. -Hjji gone to uie
bad; and ynt
11 11 e q 11 a 1
number who would have followed the of 'their fellows ihave been halted
and persuaded to be men. Thnuuhtful
pcople h'.ive proliii'bly had the condition
f the young Kiianger in their mind
ficqiien'tly ; Ithey In ar of the downfall
of one 'and the tufety of another, and
In .the latiter ease wonder what agency
has been 'at wm k.
A I'ur-Keacliing Agency.
There is a far-roadhing agency, whose
purpose and jinsiety is to seek out
Lhe young man ptramger as soon as hi-
ri-aelies Scra.ut.m and put him on Hil-
road to btislni'ss )iro.0p' rity aiinl a com
fortable home. That agency Is the
Young Men's Chrintian association, and
the 1111 thuds It employs are full of In
terest. Thousands of young men acquire
ruinous 'habits a.ind form evil associa
tions, not bi-cause of 'any strong pro
pnnsity for evil, bill because of a na'tur-
il disiiv for companionship and fefi.r
of SHilitude. A young man who came
from a pleasant home In a country
town Ho a city boarding house Illustrat
ed tihcitruth of the above r.tateiment in
a ohsiraciterlstlc reply to an anxious
letter from his mother. She had urged
him to spond the evenings in his loom
ind 'Hot 'to go upon ithe stntits.
He replied: "Mother, if I rttuy In my
room I'll 'haw to stay In bed, for my
room Is only lixS."
How They I ind Him.
The question will naturally suggest
Itself to thellioughitful man, wiheiv will
Uie occupant of a cold a.nd poorly ligilH-
td lodging house room spend 'the long
winter cwnings? The i)i;ai'tica.l an
swer was given several years ago ny
the erection of Hhe
Seranton Y a u 11 g
Men's Christla.n 51s-
?oiiatioii building.
wtlitih Its open door
ind Its Invitation
to young men to
come In."
All' i n teres 1 1 n g
study Is that of th
luuy is iiia-L 11 uii' iyv
S'steni by which the ' 1 .
ssoelatlon work 4s 1
curried Into the re
molest hamlets, s
that on the very threshold of ,his now
ctu'eer the youth starting for ithe city
is furnished viUi reliable luformaitlon
mil armod with Oettnrs of introduction.
1 he System KniplovcJ.
Through the lagency of state and dis-
it rictcoin m 1 1 tees Uhe a -wocia lion a ppi ! 11 1 s
In t'nuse Ismail pi iices coiTi-spon ling
members, wiho are furnished with
blank letters of introduction and
Whose duty lit is to furnish eveiry
voting mailt who leaves his neigbor-
hood with a- properly signed let-
tit Introducing .hilni to the secre
tary of 'the association In the town
to which lie goes. At the tanu time
tile secretary is notilled that "Mr.
Is i-xpecU-d to reach
tit a cei lailn date, to live at No.
Plivtit, and to engage In business with
, etc."
There Is llhus a double chain of lnllti
ences, calculated u'tjthe start, to bring
the young man to 'Hie association build
ing. Arriving ititiere he finds provision for
h'ls needs, a convenient washroom
where the travel stainN can be removed
a.nd Ithe outer man made presoiiti.ible,
a plaice 'to tore Ills baggage a.nd a
y i-hanee for a brcatli-
Jug spi ll before going
N":M'il out In staruh of a
;ln mie.
It will thus lie seen
that at the outset
111 a n y a y o ti n g
b'tranger Is protected
from the momeint 'the
teps from the air
platform In a Scraui-
toli depot. These few
facts briefly explain
why some of the new
prevented from "goiing
(ivinnilsililll Athletic (ioods.
r. II. I'lorey has secured the agilicy
for Kpiilillng's complete line of sporting
and gyinnuslum goods. He also handles
the llncKt bicycles made. Call und see
the new "ii."i." Hochester, Spalding ami
other llrst class wheels. V. M. V. A.
building, Wyoming avenue. '
An Appcul .Made to the Public for Popular
There Is a movement on font 'to erect
a monument over ithe ginve of Gemernl
Aimer Doubleday In Arlington ceme
tery, Arlington, Vn., and also to
clear the imortgage ulT 'the little honso
tt-ciiili! Iiy his widow at Minhe,lm, N.
J. To laiccotnpllsh 'this purinvie Majrnr
J. II. KM lie, presldetit of ithe l-Nrnt
army corps section of the Soolety
f the Army of the Potomac lins Issued
the following iitppeal to the public for
popular subscnlpt'Wvrts to trarry out
these worthy objects:
"The hem who fired the first gun on
the Union nlde In Kort Bumpier rusts
In an uivmarkod grave ,a.t Arlington,
Bookn, Booklets, Art Calen
dars and Xmas Goods or all
descriptions. High Class
FruniluK a specialty.
PRATT'S Lackawanna Ave
i '..in1
m 1
nrrlvnls aro
Va. His generalship o won the ad
mlraltlon of all ithat he was placed In
ooroiniand of ilhe First corps witen
Heiynolds was lasslgned 'the left wing
of Che army. When Heynolds fell at
Gettysburg, Dnubleday held Seminary
Hldge until Howard could form th ar
riving columns on Cemetery Hill.
"lie was one of the most popular
oonmiunders of the corps, although
K-y nobis, Wads wont h, Newton, and
Mn-.Dowc'll commanded.
"Any veteran of the First or other
corps, or ,ny patniiiitic citizen, who
will aslwt In rt?ntl iik u monument 'to
Ganerail Abner Doubleilay, will please
send his contribution to Major K. P.
Halistead, I14 IJ ritivet, Washington, D.
C. Kven the 'widow's mite' will 'help
iv-ar ahafL'to an olllci-r whose memory
Is dear to cvm y American."
Cii.ptailii P. DeLaey, of this city, who
Was a 'Wiarni fnii'iid f General Double
day, was (.pin-of UioKe who. were lust to
suggest and urge 'the Justice of properly
marklmg ithe hero's last resting place
In Arlington cemntiery.
A Joint caucus of the Itepuldlean voters
of the Seventeenth ward will bit held in
Alderman Post's olllce, TM l.ackewanna
avenue, Saturday, Jan. 1st, between the
hours of 4 and 7 p. in., for the purpose of
placim: in iioiulniilion candidates for se
lect and common councils, and other
wanl olliecrs. Hy order vigilance com
mittee. IF YOU NIOUD a good medicine to
purify your blood, give nerve strength
and build up your entire system, take
Hood's Harsaparllla,. it prevents sick
ness by niuklng pure bluod.
HOOD'S 1'II.LS euro nausea, slek head
nehe. Indigestion und biliousness. 2m.
vHicn Tiaby was sluk, wo gave her distort.
When buo was a Child, she cried for C'ustorla.
VThcn she bocaino ?Iiwi, hub clung to Catoria,
v'i'liea shs bad Children, she gave tueiu Custorl
There Are a
Number of Nice
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1 .1
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China Hall
You buy your
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410 Spruce St.
Standard Instriimeiits In every senso ot
the term as applied to l'lanos.
Kxeeptlonul In holding their original ful
ness nf tone.
Fifth avenue.
1 1 5 Adams Ave, New Telephone llldg.
Wm, Linn Allen
8c Co.
Iluy and sell Storks, Hondo and Grain
on New York 1-lxchango und Chicago
Hoard of Trade, , olthcr for cash or on
412 Spruce Street.
' G. doB. DIMMICK, Manager.
Are very desirable projjerty this weather. We have them
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Custom Tailors and Clothiers,
308 Lackawanna Avenue.
The entire balance of our Winter Dress
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E. M. HETZEL, - 230 Lacka. Ave.
Full Line
Rubber Stamp
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reat Emergency
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Children's Reefer Suits, hand
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Children's Cape Overcoats, worth
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Hoys' Cape Overcoats, worth $4,
2 47
8 08
1 08
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Men's (Jeuulne Calf Shoes, laee
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Men's Good Quality Buckle Arc
tics, at 61)
CO pairs Ladies' llubbers, sizes 0
aud 0, at...., 15
137 AND 139
mi is:
We are now doln? a Reneral Prup, Taint
nnd Oil business nt the above location,
ilurlUK trie eleetlon of uiir more building
recently desiruj ed by lire.
All orders iirumptly tilled and delivered 14
auy part of the city.
Men's Durable Tlsters, great
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Men's Handsome Black Dress
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Men's Genuine Irish Frel.e Ul
sters, all wool, worth $14, at ... 8 1)8
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Men's Scarlet Wool Underwear
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Men's Natural Klbbed Under
wear, satin front shirts, worth
(15c, at - - 89a
Men's Scarlet Wool Underwear,
genuine medicated goods,
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Men's Natural Wool Underwear,
worth f 1.50, at 70j