The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, October 27, 1894, Page 4, Image 4

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C. P. KINGSBURY, Pm. o GtM'l Mia.
C. H. BIPPLC, lu'tuiTiui.
W. W. YOUNGS, Adv. M'
tixw York ofici: Trihuni Bdildiso.
" Printer' Ink," the recounted journal
Tor udvertlir, ra IHfc SliKANTON
I KIuLN't ut, the best uJxrtisiag medium
in NortheHstern Pennsylvania. " Priutcru'
Ink" knuwu.
Governor U. H. HASTINGS
Lieut-Governor WALTEK JA'tlN
AiidltorGBueral AMDS H. MYUN
. Sec"? lutaroal Affair. J AMES W. l.A'ITA
,,' ,. lUALL'SHA A. OKOW
Uiigr-juien t-lrgo ( UE0KE F. UL'FF
, County.
Conirrasi JUS. A. KCRANTON
liulS. H. W. ARI'HBAI.U
SunHff .... FRANK a CLEM ON 8
treasurer THOMAS D. DAVIEtf
n. rk of the Courts. ...JOHN H. THOMAS
Mstrict Attorney JOHN K. JOXK8
Recorder of Deeds CHAS. HI'KSTEK
l-ruthouutarr ('. K. PRYOR
R.gistarof WW WM.S. HOPKINS
Jury Commissioner.... T. .1. MATTHEWS
Tweutwta District.... JAMES C. VAUOHAN
First District..
b-cond District
Third District,
fourth District
Come ami Inspect our city.
Klvvutlon uliove the tide, 740 feet.
Kxtienicly lieiillhy.
j:siiuiuii'(i iiupuiutiiiu, ism. io::,ooo.
iiftilHK-t ill VOteiK, IW.-W.
Vuliie of school properly, J7"n,0n0.
Nuinlier of school children, li,ii.
Averaito amount of hunk deposits.
It's the metropolis of northeastern Pen"'
Ivl vrt ill,.
Can produce electric power cheaper than
No better point In the t'nlted States at
whicli to cstubllHli new lnuusiries.
I 'onillii f Inn In lUili, . . 9.-'.!3
Population In 1S70
Population in IKSfl
Population in 1MW '
f'liiiulutlnii In lk'14 (.allmnlpiU 1U3,U"U
And the end is not yet.
Journallsltc sewer scrapers from the
slums of the big cities cannot lie down
the reputations of upright Scranton
business men; and in trying to do this
they're only wasting their borrowed
money and misused time.
Wants the War to Go On.
Ex-Congressman A merman was In
Hiu rlsburg Thursday, and there poured
this Instalment -of moonshine into the
ears of a Patriot reporter: "The Demo
crats of Lackuwannu county are mak
lug such a campaign as they never
make, except in a presidential year
and the chances are the entire ticket
will be elected. Meetings are being
held all over the county and clubs have
been organized to work for the success
of our ticket. I sincerely believe that
If the election for governor was held
next April instead of next month the
Democrats would carry the state. Uusi
nesa is becoming better and prosperity
is speedily returnig. But we must
keep up the ngltatfrin for tariff reform
if we expect to defeat the common
Can It be that the ex-congressman
Is Jealous of "Protectionist" Edward
Merrlfleld? Or has he been sincerely
converted to free trade? Those who
want to "keep up" an "agitation" that
lias already cost the country more than
$4,000,000,000 should not fail to vote the
Democratic ticket.
The candidacy of Judge Arehbald has
leached a point where It is safe to re
mark that his re-election is nssur
Those who think otherwise are simply
unfamiliar with the feeling of the peo-
It in a compliment to Scranton and a
recognition of this community's grow
ing Importance that It has been select
ed as the site of the opening perform'
luice of Mrs. Dangtry's forthcoming
American tour. When it Is considered
tiiat r.elther Philadelphia nor Pitts-
burg Is included in the list of this ac
l less' bookings, although each sought
to obtain dates, the Incident takes on
new importance. There are sonic per
sons who do not. grow enthusiastic ovei
Mrs. Lungtry's morals; but they will at
least ndmlt that Scranton is well ad
vcrtlsed in Its selection for "first night
We fear that the Honorable M,
Ibirke got into the free text-book b "id
wagon a few weeks too late.
Scranton's Sewer Flusher.
When the bushwacklng editor of the
Scranton Times shall have exhausted
ils lurge fund of billingsgate In refer
nee to The Tribune In which process
we desire to give him full swing, con
iclous thnt It amuses him and doesn
hurt us we will take the libert;
nijaln Inform him that his He about
I'l'itnk H. demons has not been apol
ogized for. If the editor of the Times
ban yet any remnunt of decency in him
he will publish such an apology and
' discontinue the lie.
Wo do not wish to crowd him la this
matter. lie Is busy flushinjr his cam
pulgn sewer; and would doubtless just
fit present resent being cnlled to the
performance of a decent duty. Yut the
present, therefore, we shall let him
wallow, beast like, In abuse and slime,
Rut when he shall have raked over his
varied stock of bummer language and
barroom epithets, the dollar-a-day lie
will require correction, or else the bush
whacker's measure will be taken
that of R hopeless tough.
Representatives Rurke and Flannery
nre the only two members of" the lust
legislature from this vicinity who had
the hardihood to vote against free text
books for the children of the poor. Rep
resenUttve Flannery was manly enough
acknowledge what he hnd done, nml
another man was nominated in liis
stead. Representative Burke, by twist
ing and squirming, succeeded In foist
ing himself agalu on the Democrat ic
Kiflative ticket; but he cannot de
ceive the voters at the polls.
It Is perhaps a compliment to the
Democratic bosses thnt. they had to im
port men to do their lying for them.
The Philadelphia Record, Candidate
Slnirerly's paper, not only wants to
uiu wages in the lndustrlul east, but,
as we ascertain from its comments on
our recent. Interview with William Con-
null, it Is ulsoopposed to giving the west
chance. The hand, of the free trader.
like that of the lshmaellte, seems to
be raised against every" other mini and
every oilier interest.
If Democratic promise were perform
ance, dollar wheat would ride siue o
side with CO-cent wool,
An Indefatigable Champion of Local
When Colonel E. H. Ripple became
mayor of Scranton, the city had a lloat-
ing indebtedness of nearly $60,000. City
orders were hawked about the streets
subject In many instances to as high as
per cent, discount. The employes of
Hie city, who received their pay In these
orders, were glad to turn them into
ish at 7,1 per cent, of their value. Cine
of the first things that Frank 11. dem
ons did, as a. member of common coun-
was to Introduce an ordinance pro-
Iding for the Issuing of $1:50.000 in city
bonds, of which StiO.000 went to the
xtingulshnient of the city's floatln
debt and $70,000 to the building fund
which made possible Scranton's present
niugnillcent municipal building. Today
the financial condition of the Electric
.7ity is almost unequalled. The busi
ness of the city is conducted on a cash
basis and its municipal bond Is as good
as a certllled check.
The credit for this flattering condi
tion of affairs is largely due to Frank
If. ('lemons, the present Republican
andldate for sheriff.
As an outgrowth of this prudent re
adjustment of the city's tlnances, wo
ive today one of the finest city build
ings in the state; the credit of the cily
irreproachable among investors in
municipal securities, and the city has
en saved thousands of dollars In can
ned Interest obligations. While this
plan of readjustment owes parentage
to Frank 11. demons, It was not tin
only thing that he did to advance the
reputation of Scranton from that of tin
overgrown village to that of an aggres
sive and progressive city. It was to
Mr. demons' forethought that we owe
the present superb system of electric
street lighting, which Is without ques
tion the best In the country. It was he
who Introduced the first ordinance to
systematically light the city and It
was largely through his energetic and
alert advocacy that this ordinance was
Mr. demons, more, perhaps, than any
other man, is the person to whom be
longs the credit for early perceiving
and preparing for the municipal possi
bilities of the magnificent city which
bus grown up on the site of old-time
Slocum Hollow.
During his long career in both
branches of city councils he has ever
stood for progress and enlarged facili
ties. He has Introduced and success
fully championed scores of ordinances
authorizing new sewering und new pav
ing expenditures. He is the author of
the measure which ordained the sys
tematic Inspection of buildings in this
city und authorized the employment of
competent building Inspector. Ho
served on the building committee which
had charge of the detailed construction
of the present city hull, the first fund
for which he had been the means of
providing. In short, there Is scarcely a
creditable Item in the local legislation
covering this municipality within the
past ten years that does not bear the
Impress of Frank H. demons' honest
and efficient championship. .
The people of Lackawanna county
will make no mistake when they elect
Frank H. demons sheriff.
The conservative business element
of this country cannot afford to take
a second chance of being buncoed by
the slick confidence men who lead the
Democratic party.
A (iathering of Heroes.
The annual re-union of the I'nion Ex-
Prisoners of War association, which oc
curred In this city Thursday, was un
event that should have attracted more
attention from the residents of this
hustling city than the modest gathering
of battle-scarred veterans provoked
The handful of men who ussembled ut
the Ezra (iiillln Post hall to renew old
friendships and talk over the scenes
and incidents of the great coulllct,
represent Ideal American patriots. They
have realized by experience and Buffer
ing what It has cost to preserve the
I'nion and make this land of liberty a
shining proof that the experiment of a
government by the people has not been
a failure. The principles for which the
warriors of '7G fought and bled will
never die while men of the calibre of
the I'nion Ex-FHsoners association nre
in -existence.
With each returning year the ranks
of the army of veterans ure closed up
as the gray-hulred patriots fall one by
one by the' wayside, and a few years
hence the Union Ex-Piisnners' associa
tion will be unknown save to history,
This generation of pence and plenty
seems to little realize the debt that it
owes the war veterans. Could our
young citizens be made to understand
the patriotism; the unlllnchlng courage,
and theendurance that have been neces
sary to enable these grizzled heroes to
face and survive the horrors of the bat
tlefield nnd the prison pen, the ex-pii-soners
would he-welcomed with a blaze
of enthusiasm upon their annual re
unions unequalled by ovations that
havo been tendered the world's great
est conquerors.
The "tough" editor of the Scranton
Slimes should print a coupon in each
paper entitling the render to a bottle of
disinfectants and aimth.
The nrrangement on the newly paint
ed street cars by which the destination
of the car Is Indicated by a conspicuous
sign hung on each Hide of each car Is a
convenience to the Scranton traveling
public thut will be appreciated. It ob-
vlates all the difficulty of chasing a
car half a block only to find, when it
has passed, that It wasn't the car on
wanted, at all.
Utterly Imbecile.
The Rochester Post-Express Is nn in
dependent newspaper and a good one
which has more frequently supported
Democrats than Republicans. Hut this
year It has had enough of the "free
trade piratical crew," and Is steering
very clear of a renewal of the mistake
of 1S02. Listen to how it audits Democ
racy's account:
"The Democratic party went Into
complete power for the first time In a
generation in the spring of 1S93 and a
great panic came upon the scene with
It. There was no policy rendy to meet
the crisis, and a long delay and uncer
tainty aggravated! It. The finances
were in a tangled condition and no
system for reforming and establishing
them on a firm basis was even at
tempted. The treasury was depleted
and the expedient of filling It by bor
rowing $30,000,000 on bonds issued un
der an obsolete law was adopted.
whereas there was ample time for pro
viding for the deficiency otherwise.
"The treaty for unnexlng Hawaii was
withdrawn and a conspiracy was
formed to overthrow the republican
government and restore the deposed
queen. Subsequently Hawaii, though
not dear enough to annex, was declared
dear enough to enjoy recoprocity de
nied to other countries, and Hawaiian
sugar is ndmited free of duty while
sugar produced elsewhere Is taxed; und
so an ndvantage is given to the sugar
planters of the Islands, estimated by
Commissioner Klount. as worth $5,000.
000 n year. A tariff act has been passed
after long delay, that violates
every pledge mude by the Demo
cratic party In and its pas-
sago was accompanied by a shameful
sctindul In which it was made plain
that the sugar trust dominated both the
executive and the senate, This net as
finally adopted was denounced by the
Democratic president, who refused to
sign It, as a betrayal of the party,
and It was denounced no less strongly
tiy the liemocratic candidate for gov
ernor in this state, who refused as
senator to vote for It.
it is always a question now lar a
government, even when meddling di
rectly wild finance and business, Is
responsible for panic and depression:
but It is plain that the Democratic ad
ministration, during nineteen months
of disaster, coincident with it, has not
been able to do anythng to relieve busi
ness stringency or restore public con
fidence. Its record, no muter how par
tisans may seek to distribute the blame,
has been clearly one of utter Imbe
cility." This Is not the testimony of a par
tisan organ nor that of a newspaper
ordinarily of Republican leanings. It
Is the calm, conservative voice of hon
estly independent criticism, ami Its ver
dict is the verdict of every tbiuk-.'i;
citizen capable of looking facts square
ly in the face. Judged by its ree-rd
Democracy has failed. is It worth
while trying to educate it at the pub
lic's present expense?
The Democrats of Scranton are r-
cehing daily proof that the Slimes
editor's early training on the Phllndcl
phla Item has not been lost.
The Republican who lights the He-
publican ticket shows that he Is a Itc-
ptlhllcun by deed of mouth only.
From the Washington Post.
Only a despoiled optimist, or, perhaps,
a iiutional eoiniull teenuin speiikiiik' In
the way of business, can at this time
discern In the campaign horoscope any
t Id ilk' but n ltcpulillcan vleloi-y lit the
elections of next month. This Individ
nut or that may have his preferences am
limy he. to u certain extent, lie culled iato
cniil uslui; his judgment with them, hut
only the optimist can mistake or ilie com
inltteeinau misrepresent a situation such
us that which we are considering now. 11
Is a hI i un I Inn which ailmllM of no Illusion
I'nless wit hill the next two weeks Mildic
sentiment ihroiiKhoul the country shouli
undergo a complete und radical truusl'or
inatlon the Heuioerals are hcnteil.
As the causes which have led un to
this result. It were idle now to speculate,
So far as the Post Is concerned a dellnlte
iheorv has been advanced and we see no
reason for modifying or lime iidiui; It in
anv particular, it Is ileur to us now
us It hus lieen from me ocHIiiiiiuk, thai
the people, without reference to party al
fiances or predilections, lire distrustful of
leaders who would renew the tariff nulla
llun and set up a fresh reglmu of unrest
und suspense. The country has siine
Hi ret- years ol apprehension ami u man
for peace. Willi a house thut will iniiz.l
un. I disarm Mr. Wilson and a seiiule lhat
will make .McMnleylsm linposslPle, ilie
nation will he uble to catch Its breath
W e ure by no menus sure, however, unit
the sit nation is not a thoroughly happy
and acceptable one so far us concerns the
real Interests or ine Uelllui-rauc pariv
Tlmt meat oi limitation has trained iioin
bit in slreiiKlh, In cohesion, or in morale
us the result ol elfcnieeu luuuiiis oi po
tit leal doin nation. It came into iiowi
on March 4. WW, compact, confident; and
enthusiastic. Today It Is discordant, he
teriii'eiieous. unci demoralized. Is ill
vlded between the pestilential schisms of
Populism and the tlim-lioiioren uokiiiiis
of Jefferson, it Is rent asunder on sllv
coinage, on tariff reform on every ques
tion of national import una siKuiiicunce
it Is without purpose, precision, or liar
tnntll'. Ah II Is Incapable
of beneficence and no longer to be trust
erl with the destinies of the liullon. net
f..e fin- better, that It he comic miieii
a period of retirement' and provided Willi
nn opportunity . of reflection than given
fresh facilities for mischief and UKilulloii
m. trslilHiii will thus be spared the ne
cessity of vetoing vicious und incendiary
i..,riu ntinn nml me pariv. i nner me sui-
iitm-v discipline of uopuliiii rebuke, will
huve time to recover Us snses, Its man
hood, and its useliiiness.
Bcpew's Wcloomo to tlcneral Booth.
When I first saw. the-Salvation Army
was In an i-;iikusii city, iitui u nan noi
vet reached America, I iiould not at first
grasp the sltuutlon that these men couli
inhiL-me unvbodv but lunatics. When
Ml, W ili-iiiikeii men Join thum, my first im
pressiou wus, win iney suck.' auu i wus
then informed that nine-tenths of those
who were already in mat procession
iiUiiBil it in Ilie first place Just In the
verv same way. ((Applause.) So long us
nn nw. niorni or Ollierwise, is vioiuieii
i ii means can 'accomplish good results
the meuns are blessed by .Almighty Uod.
(Kvnewed nppluuse.) The melhoils of
the Army muy be -deemed peculiar, but
u,n loesses of the human nil ml lire a
thousand times more peculiar. No two
people are seeking the sumo end In the
same way. We could not live If we were
ull lawyers. ("Hallelujah! anil luugn-
i.,i If w wt-re all 01 one mum every
body might want the siime girl, and there
would not be enough to go around. (Re
newed hallelujahs.) The churches do
not reach the slums, and General Booth
Is doing what was nnempieo. years ami,
Uo him pressed the button, and lil.UUO of
ficers und Kl.oiiO.OiiO soldiers are doing the
rest. (Applause.) cor ine poor iieupa
n.ut er outcast before he came along
there was no guardian but the police, and
no home but the cell. Your work, (ien-
erul Booth, Is as dangerous and more
i.miovnlenl than that of the missionary
,. I,r M.-iieli'illeS llltl) tlll lll'rtl't Of Afrit
(Am.liniKi. 1 1 have heard that if the Sal
vi, 1 Inn Artnv wus removed from London
it would tuke D.(H) more policemen to
mnliiiiilii order ill that metropolis. (Re
newed upplause.) We pruise everybody
In this uge, but our praise . is not ul
ways bestowed upon the most worthy
'e bestow it sometimes upon the twne-i-ent
huinbuirs. who attract our fnncv
during the passing hour. We yield our
selves up to enM.uSiasm for some polit
ical humbug of the hour (applause) there
i noming personal RDOUl mat tiaugnier)
but Teter the Hermit and Martin Lu
ther and Genpral Booth deserve to be
mentioned In one breath, because of the
permanent and enduring Rood which they
nave accomplished lor the numun race.
trroiongeu applause.)
The little toy dog Is covered with dust,
Hut sturdy arid stanch lie stands,
And the little toy soldier Is red with rust,
Ann ms musket moulds 111 ins liuuds.
Time was when the little dog was new
And the soldier was nassliiK tulr.
And I hut was the lime when our Little
Hoy Blue
Kissed them and put them there.
Now don't you go till 1 come." he suld,
"And don't vou make u noise!"
So. toddling off to his trundle bed,
lie in en m t of his pretty toys.
And as he was dreaming an aiiBel song
Awukened our Little ilov Hlue
Oh, the years ate many, the years are
But the little toy friends are true.
Aye, faithful to Little Boy Blue they
Each In the same old plane.
Awaiting the touch of a little hand,
ine smile of a little face.
And they wonder, us waiting these long
years throuKh.
In the dust of that little chair.
What hus become of Little Boy Blue
Since ho kissed them and put them
there. Eugene Field.
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cheapest. Don't be misled by
trying what is said to be "just as
good," but when you paint insist
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Strictly Pure
White Lead
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Lead offered you ; any of the fol-
owing are sure :
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For Colors. National Lead Co.'a.
Pure White Lead Tinting Colors.
These colors are sold in one-pound enm, ench
can neing suflicicnt lo tint 25 pounds ol strictly
Pure White Und the desired shade; lla-varu in
no sense ready-mixed painls, i.111 a i ion
of perfectly pure colors 111 Hie handiest lunu to
tint Strictly Pure While Lead.
A Rood many thousand dollars have been saved
piniK-rtv-owm rs by h.iviiiK our hook on paiutii:i(
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Artitlciul Eyes Inscrtod for tti.
305 Spruce Street, Opp. Old Postofflea.
The f'hlladeliililn SpeiiullHt, und his asso
ciated stuff (if K.nsllsh and Uermun
idiyslelans, nre now permanently
lneated ut
Old Postoffice Building, Corner Penn
Avenue and Spruce Street.
Tlin dui-tor Is u M'uduae of the L'nlver
Hlty of I'ennxylvuiilti, formerly demon
strator of physiology and surgery ut tin,
.Meilko-( 'lilruritieul eolleKe of Philadel
phia. His speelallles un- Chronic, Nr
vous, Skin, lleurt, Womb mid lllood dis-
The symptom of whleli ure dizziness, la -It
of eonlldemv, sexuul weakness ill men
and women, hall rislns in throat, upon
lloaiine befoiv ihe eyes, loss of memory,
nimble to cfiiH-cntrale the mind on onu
subject, easily startled when suddenly
spoken lo, und dull distressed mind, which
limits them for perfoniiiiiK the uctuitl du
ties of life, nmkiiiv happiness Impossible,
dUtresslntf the action of tlio henrl, cuus
intr (lush of heat, depression of spirits, evil
forebodings, cowardice, feur, dreani.s,mel
anchuly. lire easy of company, feeling us
Hied In the niuiiilnir us when retiring,
luck of eiicixy, nervousness. treinblliiB,
((.illusion of llniMFiht, depression, consllpu
ticii. weakness of the limbs, etc. Those so
ulVecled should consult us Immediately
ii' il lie restored to peiieet neallli.
Lost Manhood Restored.
Wt'itkiR'ss of Young Men t'ureil.
If you have been kIvcii up by your phy
sician call upon the doctor und be exam
ined. He l ines the worst cases of .Ner
vous Debility, Scrofula. Did Sores, Ca
tarrh, l'lles, i'emule Weakness, Affec
tions of the Kye, V'.uv. Nose and Throat,
Aidhma, Deafness, Tumors, (.'uncers iimi
Cripples of every description.
Consultations free and strictly Kacr--l
and conlidenlal. Ollice hours dally from
a. in. to ! p.m. Sunday, H to 2.
Knclose live li-cenl slumps for svmlpom
blanks and my book culled "New Life."
1 will pay one thousand dollurs In Bold
to anyone whom I cannot cure of Kl'l
l.rci'TlC CUN VI. l.Slo.NS or KITS.
DR. K. liHlIWKR,
Old I'osl Ofllce ltulldliiK, corner Pena
avenue und Spruce street.
Pickling Onions,
Horse Radish Root,
Green Ginger Root,
Pickling CucumborB,
Hot Peppers,
Garlic Dill
And everything
l C.I
in thi
manufacture of 1'
I" HtoCi
AVINU nuri-liMKAil tliA
I'' stock nml rented tin)
.rth,.iifr ..f Willi,,.
mine Mon, I Klmll now
. i,, ,. ,,,,,,.
give coiiHtmit attcnt on to
showing komcH la practi
cal mill Bcientlllc inuuner.
Vuirk work iel good la tin
The Soranton Tribune
Bookbinding; Dept.