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Norton's New Store
115 Wyoming Ave.
(Old Republican Buiiding)
Entire New Stock
received since the fire,
which destroyed all out stock
in the old store, Lacka. Ave.
Miscellaneous Books, -in
cloth and leather bindings,
single vols, and full sets,
suitable for wedding and
other gifts.
Choice Stationery for social
Mercantile Stationery, all
School Books and School
Blank Account Books,
all sizes and all styles,
from Penny Book to Bank
Bibles, Prayer and Hymn
All the Popular New Books,
in cloth and paper covers.
A Foe to Dyspepsia
And always have
Good Bread.
The Weston Mill Go.
Punch Cigars
G. B. & CO.
Garney, Brown & Co. Mf r's
Court House Square.
New Method. Examination Free,
203 Washington Avenue.
Bucknell .and Colgate Men Will Meet at
the Hull Park.
- Eleven brawny and lonp-halred atlv
letes, members of the Bucknell Vnl
verslty Foot Ball teum, with nubntl
tutes and friends, arrived in the city
from Lewlsburg at 9 o'clock last nlijht
ana registered at tne Wyoming House.
They will meet the Colgate University
eleven at 2.30 o'clock this afternoon on
the base ball park gridiron.
All the Bucknell players are In fine
fettle and confident of victory. The
party is maue tip as follows: Kauif
man, right end: Wolfe, left end; Cober,
ngni guara; iioninsnead, left guard
Wilson, center: Firth, ouarter-hnck
Bunnell, right half-back; Elliott, left
loH-uuuRj ivieKargee, luu-unsk; Col
nns, right tackle; Lesher, left tackle
momai, uarey. JennintrR and nni
subB; Cregar, manager; Stock, Gilpin
O 1 I Dn iiIIIh
ine coigate men are expected to
icuuu jiere mia morning
Will Ho Subject of Mrs. E. II. Rippl0
Talk at Y. W. C. A. Rooms.
tne Sunday service at the Toung
Woman's Christian association rooms
tomorrow at 3.40 will be conducted bv
the president, Mrs. E. H. Kipple, who
will speak on "God's Love to Us." The
meeting, which begins with fifteen
minutes song service, Is for all young
women wiiu can oe present, xt is de
sired that all may feel themselves per
buiiuiijt inviiea.
Mrs. H. M. Boles has prtpnrlnrt .
Invitation to the members of the Young
Woman's Christian association to see
ner oeautirui collection of chrysanthe.
mums next Tuesday afternoon and
evening. Parties will leave the rooms
at j, , and a o'clock. Members hold
lng this year's membership tickets will
be received from 3 to 9 p. m. Tuesday,
Be Delivered at the l'rotlilnghara
Thursday Evening.
fact that Joseph Cook, of Boston
ecture at tne t-'rothlngham Thurs.
Mening next on "KumselWa m
Kulers,has been the means of calling
logemer itr&- -v-reaciiers' Prohibition
league of the f?yiming and Lacka
wanna valleys to haVe an all-day ses
sion at conservatory inaii.
It Is expected that 'uearly 200 minis
ters of various denominations will at
tend the conference iwxt Thursday,
and a very interesting time is untini.
pated. In the evening Sthe clergy will
attend the lecture In a body, and will
be seateu on tne piatrorrn.
Nearly all the seats lor the lecture
are already sold, and in'roads have be-
(rnn nn thi cmllprv flpn ta' T. la
n.. - - - " ' .a riur I (J
predict that such a large) and cultured
auaience nas never uuioire attended
lecture In this city.
TlieDrivlng Park
lots will be openea to tne pimiio some
day next week. The date will be given In
Tribune later. di mciiiiiea ottered,
such as street railways, gas and water,
etc. watcn ine xnouns tor me date
Aa v
asstng events or the uay on me
West Side of the City Noted.
It Was Given at Mears' Hall by Young
Ladies of the Washburn Street Pres
byterian Sunday Sunday Sehool.
Other Events of the Day.
One of the grandest productions in
the line of an entertainment ever pre
sented on this side was that of Class
No. 24 of he Washburn Street Presby
terian church, taught by Mrs. E. D.
Fellows, In Mears' hall last evening,
The affair opened at 8 o'clock with an
overture by Buuer's orchestra, The
stage settings were superb. It was
converted into a thing of beauty by
means of silk draperies, curtains, piano
and parlor lamps, which were gratuit
ously furnished by Kerr & Slebecker.
In addition to these were numerous
palms and ferns.
The overture was followed with a
vocal duet by the Misses Grace and
Anna Rose. They responded to an en
core with another sweet selection. An
interesting dialogue entitled "All on
Account of a Bracelet." followed. It
was presented by the following charac
ters: Louise Osgood, banker's wife.
Miss Mabel Yost; Arabella Primrose,
seamstress, Miss Bertha Powell; maid,
Mies Ella Wllllums; Harry Osgood,
banker, Miss Helen Mott: August, clerk
at Tiffany's, Miss Margaret Edwards.
The young ladles were loudly applaud
ed. A selection was then rendtrpd hv
Buuer's orchestra.
Some very grand urodurtlnnH enti
tled, "The Living Pictures," were then
given. The .first was "Jonn d'Are,"
represented by Miss Mabel Yost; "The
Mandolin Girl," by MIhs Margaret
Edwards, was excellent. MIhhph Ornr
Walker, Maud Vipond, Nellie Jones and
Gertie Becker were the quartette that
presented the npxt of the living pic
nics, entitle. "Women at the Tomb."
MIhs Becker represented the angel in
the scene. Miss Ella Wllllums gave a
indentation entitled. "The Greek Girl."
After another selection by the orches
tra, "The Singing School" was pre
sented by seven members of the class.
They were attired in blue gcjwns with
white cups. This feature received
much appluuse. "The Vision of St.
Angela" was next produced. The char
acters were: Miss Bertha Powell, as
the receiving angel, and Miss Daisy
Poole as the one to be received. This
can well be termed the feature of the
evening. Miss Bertha Jenkins, ns "The
bwedlsn Girl, was excellent. Misses
Helen Mott, May Belle Sweetzer and
Myrtle Fraunfelter were the characters
In "The Stolen Kiss. This ended the
series or living pictures, and it was
followed with a piano solo by Miss
Daisy Poole. Miss Bertha Powell, an
elo(Utionlst or much ability, gave a
recitation entitle, "Vlrginius." It was
remarkable for grace and expres
sion. A solo was rendered by Mrs.
Wendling Davis, after which the whole
class sang "Broadway Belles." The
affair throughout was a grand success
and the members of the class wish to
extend their hearty thanks to Kerr &
Seebecker; Wheeler & Davis, llorlsts;
Joseph A. Mears; D. W. Powell, and
Buuer's orchestra for their gratultious
assistance in making it so.
The members of the class are Misses
Lulu Deppon, Ma"bel Yost, Stella Ter-
willlger, Ethel Porter, May Belle
Sweebser, Bertha Powell, Helen Mott,
Clraee walker, dertrune Becker, Kdlth
Uichards, Bertha Jenkins, Maud VI
pond, Margaret Edwards, Myrtle
Fraunfelter, Nellie Jones, Katie Davis,
Annie Jones. Daisy Poole. Hattie Da
vis, Ella Williams, Margaret Hill, Ella
Haynor, Lena and Jennie Staples.
The pleasure of the entertainment
was somewhat marred by unruly boys
who were seated on the left side of the
hall and frequently shouted slang
pnrases or the day. As the affair was
completely in charge of ladies, nothing
could be done to quell these indications
of bad breeding. This is the same
crowd who made an earnest endeavor
to disturb peace at the Bell entertain
ment a few evenings ago,
Death of Patrich PIcming.
Patrick Fleming, one of the most
well known men on the West Side, died
at his home, at 1522 Lafayette street,
about 7.30 oclock yesterday morning
Five days ago Mr. Fleming contracted
a slight cold, but which afterward de
veloped into inflammation and caused
his death. Deceased was born in County
Mayo, Ireland, and was 43 years of
age. He emigrated to this country
twenty-live years ago and wns em
ployed as a miner in the Brlsbin col
liery. He was a member of Father
Mathew society, and Division No. 1,
Anclet Order of Hibernians, Board of
Mr. Fleming was a man of Christian
qualities, honest In his dealings and had
the esteem of his acquaintances. He Is
survived by a wife and nine children
namely, Kathaleen, Thomas, Annie,
Margaret, Nellie, Mame, Agnes, Put
rick Frances, and Walter Fleming. The
funeral will occur on Monday morning.
A solemn high mass of requiem will be
celebrated In St. Patrick's church at 9
o'clock. Interment will be made In the
Hyde Eark Catholic cemetery.
Dricf Notes of Interest.
John Johns, of North Bromley ave
nue, is seriously HI.
Hotel Keeper Lewis Stevens, of South
Main avenue, Is improving his property.
Charles Wilson, of Little Rock, Ark.
is spending a few weeks with friends
Mrs. James Ruane, of Shamokln, has
returned home after a visit with friends
on this side.
Edward Williams Is seriously 111 with
typhoid fever at his home on South
Main avenue.
Thomas Heels, of North Hyde Park
avenue, is out after nine weeks' Illness
of typhoid fever.
John Hurdon, of the Scranton Trao
tion company, is 111 at his home on
South Main avenue.
Miss Mame Phillips, of Academy
street, has returned home from a visit
with friends In Plymouth.
Palmer Williams, of South Main ave
nue, a student at Bucknell university,
Lewlstown, Is In the city.
The Ep worth league of the Hampton
Street Methodist Episcopal church held
a meeting last evening. Charles Ben
nett presided.
A large number of the young friend
of Ernest Miles, of Price street, as
sembled at his home last evening and
an enjoyable time was the result.
Mrs. William H. Reese, of Thirteenth
street, lost a shawl between her horns
and Washburn Btreet on Wednesday.
The article has not vet been returned.
The following comprise the member1.
ship of a quartette which has been or
ganlzcd: Emerson D. Owen, Will
WllllamB, George T. Griffith and John
The Wahneta Dnneing class was con
ducted last evening In St. David's hall
A large number attended. The club
members are Robert Beavers, Patrick
Devers, Joseph Kelly and George
Miss Kate Owens, of Price street
was tendered a surprise party last
evening by her numerous friends. The
evening was devoted to games and
music, which were kept up until a late
hour, when supper was served.
The stock of Berthold Friend, nronrt.
etor of the Hyde Park hat and clothing
store, 114 South Main avenue, will be
sold by Deputy Sheriff F. E. Ryan on
Friday, Nov. 2. The store was closed
yesterday at the Instance of John
The following young people from this
side will participate in art entertainment
at Moscow this evening and will spend
the Sabbath with friends there; Miss
Etta Moyle, Miss Tldleburg, Mrs. Sulli
van, Louis Jones, Will H. Stanton, Jr.,
David Owens and Walter Jones.
Miss Jennie Davles, of Washburn
street, entertained many of her friend
at a chestnut party, held at her home
last evening. The evening was spent
In a social manner, with many literary
and musical features given by the tal
ented guests. Refreshments were
served at a late hour.
"A party was tendered Mr. and Mrs.
James P. Harris, at their home, 370 Ev
ans court, Thursday night, by their
friends. Miss Lizzie Hutchinson, of
Shamoltln, rendered several recitations
in a pleasing manner, after which re
freshments were served. The follow
ing were present: Mr. and Mrs. Dem
sler, of Philadelphia; Mr. and Mrs.
Mulr, Hutchinson, of Shamokln;
Margaret Magee, of Audenrled, Mrs.
William Mulr, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Anthony, Mr. and Mrs. Lanman, Miss
Lizzie Phillips, Miss Anna' Harris, Mrs.
l.udwig I.udwig, Chris Robertson,
Dnniel Robertson, William Ludwig,
David Jones, Daniel Harris, William
Match safes at Davldow Bros.
V- 3S Washer spent yesterday at
!.!.. OP.
Miss Maggie Cooney Is visiting In
Fresh oysters received dally at Pal
mer's market.
Miss Alllce Callahan is visiting Miss
Allice Murphy.
The usual services wll be held at the
Baptist church.
Mrs. Dr. Plum, of Hawley. Is visiting
friends in town.
Clarence Abley, of Salem Corners. Is
lsltlng In town.
No. 1 breaker of the Penn Coal com
pany Is Idle today.
Mrs. H. M. Spencer Is visiting rela
tlves In New York.
John Moffat has moved Into his new
ouse on Dudley street.
Dr. Sultan Stephens, of Green Ridge,
spent yesterday in town.
Dr. Burlington and. mother, of Pitts
burg, are visiting in town.
Leave news items for The Tribune at
Harvey Jones' milk depot.
Regular meeting of the Loyal Legion
onlgnt at uau fellows' hall.
Mr. Shirer, of Brook street. Is sick
at the residence of Otto Barth.
Tyler Connelly has moved his family
to Woodlawn Park, where he has built
a new house.
The Morning Glories were beaten In
their game of base ball with the Moosic
club yesterday.
The Penn Coal company Is buying
coal at four different places, besides
shipping its own.
Murray's breaker Is still Idle. Indl
cations arei not favorable 'for work
there for some time.
Mrs. T. P. Letchworth has returned
home from visiting relatives in Dun
duff, Susquehanna county.
Matinee for children at the hall Sat
urday afternoon. The Klckupoos will
go from here to Providence Monday.
The sidewalks in many parts of the
borough are in a bad condition and
should be looked after before winter
sets in.
Charles Allen, who was severely in
ured by falling off a breaker In Pitts-
ton a few days ago, has been taken to
the Moses Taylor hospital.
A. P. McDonough is building a new
porch to his house on Drinker street.
Anthony Is constantly making many
Improvements to his property.
The young ladies missionary circle of
the Presbyterian church gave a very
Interesting social nt the residence of E.
N. West last evening which was well
The Republicans are making great
preparations for their rally next Satur
day evening, INov. 3. A number of
speakers from Scranton are expected
to be present.
Dunmore Methodist Episcopal church
services: Rev. J. C. Leacock will preach
at 10.30, Sunday school at 2.30, Junior
Epworth league at 4 o clock, evening
sermon at 7.W.
The Independents are reported far
ahead of the Neptunes in the contest
for the trumpet to be given by the
Klckapoo Indian Medicine company
Saturday night.
The Traction company deserves much
credit for the improvements they have
made on the Suburban line. Their
newly painted cars are very tasty.
With four signs on each car no one
need go astray.
Dunmore Presbyterian church ser
vices: Rev. J. W. Williams, the pastor,
will preach at 10.30; Sunday school at
noon. Christian Endeavor at 6.30. The
pastor will preach to the Patriotic
Order Sons of America at 7.30.
Charles P. O'Malley, the Republican
candidate for legislature, has many
warm admlreis in Dunmore who are
waging an earnest battle for him.
There Is not a doubt but that Mr.
O'Malley will receive a large vote here.
The Downing House, on Elm street,
Is being repaired.
Miss Nellie Monahan and Edward J.
McGIll were married Thursday after
noon at St. Mary s church by Rev.
Father Donlan. Miss Mame Leonard, of
Hawley, acted as bridesmaid, and Peter
C. Hurd as groomsman. After the cere
mony they were entertained at the
home of the bride. A reception was
held for them at Odd Fellows hall last
evening. The young couple are both
well known and have hosts of friends
that wish them a long and happy
Silverware at Davldow Bros.
An importnnt meeting of Dunmore Re
publican club will be held next Monday
evening at 7.30. All members are re
quested to be present.
Scronton's Business Interests .
THE TRinUNE will soon publish a care
fully complied and classified list of the
lending wholesale, banking, manufactur
ing and professional interests of Scran
ton and vicinity. The edition will be
bound in book form, beautifuuly Illustrat
ed with photogravure views of our pub
lic buildings, business blocks, streets,
etc., together with portraits of leading
citizens. No similar work has ever given
an equal representation of Scranton's
many Industries. It will be an invaluable
exposition of our business resources.
Sent to persons outside the city, copies of
this handsome work will attract new com
ers and be an unequalled advertisement
of the city. The circulation is on a plan
that cannot fall of good results to those
concerned as well as the city nt large.
Representatives of ,THE TRIBUNE will
call upon THOSE WHOSE NAMES are
DKSIRKD in this edition and explain Us
nature more fuly.
Those desiring views of their resdences
in this edtlon will please leave notice at
the office.
Eight-day clocks,
at Davldow
I am prepared to receive a limited num
ber of piano pupils. For terms, otc, ad
dress Richard F. Lindsay,
822 Mulberry Btreet.
Or at Powell's Muslo Store.
Alarm clocks at Davldow Bros.
For Fresh,
Styles x
WE HOLD tho mirror up to fashion.
Our famously pretty Hats are
the talk of the town. Leave your
orders early In the week and
avaid crowding.
324 Lackawanna Ave.
Serious Accident to William C. Klein
at the Woolen Mill Yesterday.
He Was Riding on the Elevator and Was
Caught Between the Carriage and the
Sides of the Shaft-Interesting
Foot Bull Game. '
An accident, very painful and quite se
rious, happened to William C. Klein at
the woolen mills yesterday morning nt
10 o'clock. The young man is the 20-year-old
son of Hotelkeeper Christ
Klein, of Plttston avenue, and Is em
ployed as foreman in the shipping de
partment. While riding on the elevator In a man
ner which he falls to account for him
self his right arm wns caught between
the carriage and the side of the eleva
tor shaft, and the flesh was terribly lac
erated from the forearm to the shoulder
blade. The fleshy part of the forearm
was the most Injured, the physicians
being required to cut out several of
the small muscles. Drs. Connell, Man
ly and Welsh attended him and had
to employ ether to quiet him while
dressing and bandaging the wounds.
It took eighteen stitches to sew up the
lacerated flesh.
The physicians do not believe that his
arm will be disabled; It may, however,
be impaired to some extent. The biceps
muscle was not injured, and that being
the most Important one of the arm,
the permanent disability Is not apt to
amount to much.
Polish Rally Tonight.
The Polish citizens of the South Side
will hold a rally tonight at Natter's
hull on Alder street. Besides a few of
the local Democratic spellbinders who
will make speeches, there will be two
free trade orators from abroad, Jonn
BeraphlnV. of Philadelphia, and W.
Bernolak. of Baltimore. The addresses
will be delivered in the Polish tongue,
except what campaign promises the
candidates, who will be there in full
force, will make. But the Polish cit
Izens are wise enough not to allow any
specious political arguments to wheedle
them in opposition to tne party oi pro
tection to American Industries.
Rushers Win a Game.
The Rushers of this side played a
game of foot ball yesterday afternoon
on the James Hoys' grounus wnn ine
foot ball team of Wood's Business col
lege and won by the score of 2 to 0. The
game was won on a safety. It was a
desperately fought game and proved
that the two teams are evenly matched.
Professor Kramer, of Wood's Business
college, umpired the game.
Brown, of the Rushers, was injured.
his ankle getting sprained. Robinson,
of the opposing team, was also injured.
The teams have arranged for another
game next wecR.
South Side Jottings.
Mr. and Mrs. John Brobson, of Genet
street, are visiting Plttston friends.
The Star Dancing class will meet
next Thursday night at Worklngman's
Company A, Patriotic Guards, met
last night and conducted an Interesting
The usual Sunday exercises at the
rooms of the Young Women's Christian
association tomorrow afternoon will
begin at 3.45. A line programme will
be presented.
Mr. and Mrs. James Keating have
moved into and tuken possession of
their elegantly furnished and well ap
pointed new home on Stone avenue,
near Fig street.
The Central Pennsylvania Telephone
company painters are engaged on this
side administering a coat of green paint
to the polls in compliance wth a city
ordnance providing for such.
The building going up on Tittston
avenue at the corner of Elm street,
which will be the home of the Scranton
WePkly, the Polish newspaper edited
by Father Aust. is nearlng completion,
and the upper floor will be set aside as
a hall for meeting purposes.
Miss Emeleve Kellam is visiting
friends at Paupnck.
ThomaB H. Hobnn, of Market street,
visited Wllkes-Barre this week on busi
ness. John P. Neary, of Mary street, left
yesterday for New York to attend an
auction sale of blooded horses.
The young ladles of McDonough ave
nue treated their friends to a handker
chief social in O'Donnell's hall last
The Bohemian Symphony and Banjo
club furnished excellent music at the
social of the KeyBtone Social club last
An Infant child of Louis Johns, of
Edna avenue, died yesterday noon of
uipntnerla croup after an Illness of
two days.
Patrick Hughes, of Market street, has
accepted an agency of the People's
Mutual Live Stock Insurance company
of Pennsylvania.
Mrs. Daniel Heckman and Mrs. Sally
Murray, of Minersville, are guests at
the residence of Colonel T. D. Lewis,
North Main avenue. .
Rev. J. C. Hogan. of Forest Cltv.
will address the Prohlbltlonlstsof Green
Uldge at the Zlon Evangelical church
on Monday evening.
A letter was received yesterday an
nouncing the death of Mrs. John James,
Of Providence, who left here last June
for Wales for the benefit of her health.
She died on Oct. 11.
A buslnes meeting of the Emerald
Beneficial association, No. 141, was held
In St. Mary's hall last evening. The
society is in a very flourishing condition
notwithstanding the reports to the con
trary which are being circulated.
Silex Weed, for whom a warrant was
Issued laBt Wednesday, but who ran to
the mountains, was captured yesterday
by Constable Cole between Snaketown
and Jessup on the Moosic mountain. He
TOO Framed Pictures, latest subjects,
in beautiful Etchings, Engravings
and Keal French Fac-Slmlles, The
Fram. M.kors bad to Have money.
W boaght the lot at our prio and
mark warn 10 uiey win qu
mov out Over 200 styes of fn
We only quote a few:
1!UW White and Gold 19c
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20x24 Solid Oak 69o
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School Books
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Blank and Miscellaneous Books,
Photograph and Scrap Albums,
Teacher and Family Bibles, Pic
tures for Wedding Gifts, Gold
Pens, Fine Stationery and Writ
ing Tablets.
312 Lackawanna Avenue.
will be tried today before Alderman
Frances G. Rarrlck, of Glen street,
entered suit yesterday before Alderman
Bailey against the Delaware and Hud
son Canal company for a quantity of
beer which was taken from a sealed car,
which was on a switch and consigned
to him about a month ago.
John E. Powell swore out a warrant
before Alderman Horan on Oct. 4 for
the arrest of Michael Golden, for having
committed assault and battery on him
on that afternoon. At the trial which
was held a few days later, Alderman
Horan held him under $200 ball. Patrick
Golden becoming bondsman. The case
was amicably settled last evening by
the defendant paying all costs.
James H. Riley, of McDonough ave
nue, was tried before Alderman Bailey
lust evening on the charge of having
mude threats to kill Mrs. Julia. A. Gul
lugher on Oct. 24. The ease was settled
by the defendant paying the costs. The
case against Mrs. Riley, charged with
cutting Mrs. Gallagher's clothes line
when It was full of clothes and dirtying
them, was also settled by Mrs. Riley
paying the costs.
Henry Hisco, of South Ablngton, who
was seized wltB an epileptic fit in Provi
dence square lust Tuesday morning and
died at his son's residence Thursday
night, will be burled at Clark's Green
tomorrow in the fajnily plot. The
funeral services will be held at the resi
dence of William Slsco. on Warren
Btree at 1 o'clock and will he conducted
by Rev. M. R. Fuller. The Waverly
lodge of Free Masons, of which he was
the only living charter member, will
have charge of the services. Mr. Slsco's
parents were among the first settlers
in this region, clearing the farm on
which he was born. He was always
very prominent In local politics, serv
ing as Justice of the peace for ten years,
constable for fifteen years, poor direc
tor for ten years, supervisor of roads
for seven years und tax collector for
two years. About llftv-four years ago
he married Miss Amanda Hicks, of
South Ablngton, who survives him, as
do also four suns and four daughters,
all of whom are married, except Ed
ward, who lives at the homestead.
Dr. C. C. Laubnr.h. Dentist, will receive
putients at his oliice Monduy morning.
Knives nnd forks at Davldow Bros.
N Thursday, Friday
Saturday aud Satur
day niglit, iNov. i,
and 3, we will have on exhibi
tion for your inspection the
largest Hue of Lamps and Silk
Shades ever shown in this
city. Lome ana bring your
116 Wyoming Avenue.
Are Largely
this year, or at least ap
pearances would poin
that way. Large buttons
011 dresses and cloaks
4 . 4
and consequently on
shoes, are the latest fad,
We Have
The Large Buttons
On Shoes.
Of course, if you prefer
small buttons or lace
shoes, we have them, too:
and can please your purse
on either.
410 Spruce Street.
And find that the weather Is too cold
to wear the underwear you have, and
that's the time you'll wish you had
dropped in when you were passing and
had us send you up a couple of suits of
that elegant, all-wool underwear
AT $2.00 PER SUIT.
We have better qualities at a little
higher prices. Either Store.
All done away with by the use of HART
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of Ingredients well-known to all. It can be
applied to tin, galvanized tin, sheet Iron
roofs, also to brick dwellngn, which will
f rovent absolutely any crumbling, crack
ng or breaking of the brick. It will out
last tinning of any kind by many years,
and it's coat does not exceed one-ttfth that
of tho coat of tinning. Is sold by tho Job
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Made from a fine imported
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ee Cur Styles and
Locomotives, Stationary Engines, Boil8rsf
General Office: SCRANTON, PA.
Soon be over tho season for riding. If
you want a bicycle now is the time to Ret
it. We are clearing up all stork, and will
give you auch a chance aa you never had
before. One of our bargains.
A First-class, High Grade JIM Bicyelo
for $t5.
Jiiltipf your cash and GET OFF THE
Successor to Florcy & Holt.
REMEMBER Our Gift to the Boys.
Companion, fully equipped, and
Strap combined, FREE..
137 AND 139
Complete Outfitters.
Kersey Blue and Black.
and Clothiers,
Prices Before Buying.
We are now doing a general Drug, PalnJ
and Oil buitineRS at the above location,
during the erection of our atore building
recently destroyed by fire.
All orders promptly tilled and delivered t'
any part of the city.
We want every gentleman in Scranton t
see our manificeut assortment of Men's Fall.
Suits at $13.00.
Equal to Tailor Made In Fit.
Equal to Tailor Made In Finish.
Equal to Tailor Made In Fabric.
Theie's but one difference between thescr
and Custom Suits-IT'S THE PRICE. ;
A Custom Suit equal to these would eosf
you 25. You pay us
JUST $15.004
We've a matchless line of new, Stylish
Overcoats at the popular price of $1.).00.
Hundreds to show you In Kerseys, Mel-A
tons, Cheviots nnd Worsteds.
The fit of the garments Is perfect
The make and trim of the highest class.
No old or out-of-date styles to palm off on
you here, and a selection's bound to give you.
Overcoats like these cost you last year $2
and $22. They're down this season to
ONLY $15.00.n
a Scholars'
5. L, GALLEN,: