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Iridescent Mixtures, we
have closed from the
Shaen Manufacturing Co.
one of the prettiest effacts
of the season in medium
priced Dress Stuffs,
Width 46 Inches,
Price 58 Ceats.
The same goods prior to
this purchase sold at $1
per yard, There are 7
different colorings in the
lot. This is a special that
is full of money saving.
We are making a special
ty of medium priced Nov
elty Silks. Nowhere else
is so varied a collection of
styles at popular prices,
All the choicest ana new
est Silk Novelties, Never
before has a dollar gone
so far as it will at present
in these fabrics.
20-inch Plain China Silk,
Price P.Rn Per Yard
mam mmw mmw
All the leading shades and
black. Same goods sold
quickly at 37 'A cents but
. a little while ago.
412 Spruce St,, Scranton.
Dr. Reeves Is now fully established at 412
Spruce street, Kcrantun. Ha has performed
some wonderful cures and has valued the
confidence of the public. He lias come to
HTAY and will remain PERMANENTLY' at
his Cpruco street parlors. He has had long
ana varied experience in hospital ana private
practice and treats all acute and chronic
iliseases of men, women and children.
Ue kivis ilvle. r- fnCC (1C PUlO
vice ami exniuinations HILL UT bllnll
No one is turned awav.
Ho. with his nsxistants, treat all diseases of
the nervous system, diseases of the eye, ear,
no and throat, iIvsdodsI i. rheumatism, lost
vitality) premature weakness or decay in
Uotn sexes, tuuiale weaknesses ana irregu
larities, nervous debility, catarrh, tumor.,
cancers, erections, blood tioluoninu. fits, eui-
ilepsy, indiscretion and errors of youth, lost
mannoou, iczema, scroiuia, t vitas dance,
asthma, diseases of the heart, lungs, liver,
K limeys, manner, stomacu, eta
The doctor has opened a female department
for those who wish treatment exclusively for
aiimeuis peculiar 10 lemaies, so mat tnose
whom "delicacy" has heretofore kept awuy
may now receive the services of a "ladv"
whose treatment will prove her ability In
sucn cases.
Any one sufTerinir with "Catarrh" who
wishes to be PKSM NENT LYand OUIC'KLY
rur d miiv receive FOUIl MONTHS' TREAT
offer holds uood for thirty davs. The doctor
Jms discovered a l?PKi:IFI! for this dreaded
disease. You can treat and core yourself and
lamiiy witn it at noma, it never lulls to cure,
A trial treatment rree.
Cilice hours: Daily, 0 a.m. to 9 p. m. Sua'
days, 10 to 12 and to 4.
'lake elevator in Christian s hat store, or
. Remember the name and number,
412 Spruce St, Scranton.
Oil Cloths,
Window Shades and
Wall Papers.
All the Latest Designs.
J. Scott Inglis
our doors above Wyoming House.
Mothers! Mothers!! Mothers!!!
Aire. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup has bean
used for over fifty years by millions of
mothers for their children while teething,
with perfeot success. It soothes the child,
softens tbe gams, allays all pain; cures
wind colic, and is the best remedy for di
arrhoea. Sold by diuggists in every part
of tbe world. De sure and ask for "Mrs.
Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup," and take no
soother kind. Twenty-fire cents a not
Clark's Green.
Mrs. B. T. Stanton and ion Paul an l
daaebhter Rath arrived here from
Boieman on Thursday afternoon, after
bains an route four daye, and la visit
ing bar sister, Mrs. A. A. Davie.
C P. Mathewe and wife left tbeir
summer home for Scranton on ,Tburi
day laat.
A larre deleration of Masons of tbe lodue bera attended intoial
aervleia at tbe Parlor City laat week,
and were delighted with tbelr trip.
Mr. and Mrs. C. EL Nichols returned
from tbeir wedding trip on Monday
At the eleotion of Eleetrla Star
lodge No. 400, Independent Order of
Foresters, tbe following officers were
elected: Fred C. Eanyen, noble grand;
A. L Ackerley, vice grand ; A. IX Rob
inson, assistant secretary; William S.
Fraoe, treasurer ; O. 13. Jones, trus
tee for eighteen months; Past Grand
W. Rhode as representative to
Grand lodge. On next meeting night
they will initiate one and alao confer
tbe first degree upon two candidates.
Installation will oconr on tbe 27th tost
Walter Matbewa will return to bis
winter quarters wlta bis family on
Tuesday next.
Tbe meetings of tbe Epworth league
bare been changed from 0:30 to 6
o'oloek p. m. on Sabbaths on which
tbe preaching service ooours, and at 7
o'oloek p. m. on tbe following Sabbath,
alternating throughout tbe season,
Mr. and Mrs, Kennedy, of (Jlypbant,
were visitors at William H. Swallow's
over Sunday.
Mrs. H. N. Patriok and her family
are visiting friends in Ohio.
Tbe Ladies' Aid society, of Dal ton
Methodist Episcopal obnrcb, turned
out a goodly membership on Wednes
day afternoon last to visit one of its
members who is living here at tbe
Summit, and Mrs. Townsend consid
ered herself one of tbe favored ones.
All returned on the 6 35 p. m. train.
well pleased.
The corner stone laying of the new
Methodist Episcopal church will take
plaoe on Thursday at 2 p. m. at the
Summit. Presiding Elder Rev. J. G.
Eukinan will have chant of tbe ser
vices cn tbe occasion. The edifice will
be a large and comodlous one and will
will be mnob appreciated by this grow
Ing congregation.
Mrs. James Blmet. of Bound Brook,
is visiting at the home of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. H A Mott.
Mies Evan A. Aoken. the distinguish
ed teacher, of German and elocution at
the Keystone Academy will render
several of her elocutionary selections
at No. 1. school building on Friday at
3 SO p. in. All are welcome to this
free elocutionary feast.
Mrs R. W. Olmstead. of Scranton.
and Mrs E. G Sherman, of Waverly,
Pa., passed through here on Friday
afternoon en route for East Side.
A large delegation of our townsmen
attended tbe mass meeting at Dalton
on Saturday, receiving mush additions
to tbeir already large stock of entnu-
Miss Grace A. Davla spent Sunday
with her uncle, August Marx, in Dun-
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Peck returned
last Saturday evening from their west
ern trip,
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Broad ars
visiting with friends in York state.
Mr. and Mr. Samuel Kogers spent
Sunday as the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
A. G. Hilbert at Pittston.
Rev. John Bone, of Oaeonta. N. Y..
ocenpied the pulpit of tbe Methodist
Episoopal cburoh last Sunday evening
and John Williams, of Winton, on
Sunday morning.
'Ihe officers of Harper Lodge, L O.
O. F were installed by D. D. G. M.
Thomas Mason of Olyphant last Friday
evening, as follows: N. G., John Day;
V. G., D. R. Luthrup; treasurer, A. C.
Hendricks; R. S. of N. G., A Thorp;
L. S . S. M. Rogers; R. S. of V G .
David Hughes; L. S., Alex Frazler;
L G., EJ Davis; O. G, William
Walker; conductor, D. P. Taylor;
warden, F. A. Peck; assistant secre
tary, Charles Kennedy, and chaplain,
Hnlsey Lathrup.
Mr. and Mrs. U. A. lieu spent sun-
day at Carbondale.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dam
ming, last Sunday, a young son.
Mrs. J. W. Beok was called to Pitts-
ton yesterday on aocount of the death
of her father, John Holvey.
i rederlck, tbe 17-year-old son of Mr.
and Mr9. John Robinson, died at bis
parents' home at Greasy last Sunday
of diphtheria and pneumonia. The
funeral services will be held this after
noon at 2 o'clock at tbe chapel. Inter
ment will be made at Prospect ceme
tery. For Burns. Scalds, Bruises and all pain
ana soreness or toe neio, the erana nouse
bold remedy is Dr. Thomas' Ecleutric Oil,
Be sure you get the best.
Mr. William Maynard and daugh
ter, Lillian, are tbe guests of Mrs.
Thomas Champion.
Preparations are being made for the
entertainment of the delegates to the
Epworth league convention, which Is
to ba held in tbe Methodist Episoopal
church taday. Interesting programmes
have been prepared for the three ses
sions. Everyone ia cordially invited
to attend.
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Willman re
turned from Hallstead this evening.
Tbe Archbald miners received tbeir
pay yesterday, and today No. 1 shaft
will be paid.
J, N. Martin, of Buffalo, ii visiting
Jermyn friends.
Tbe Junior Endeavor society of the
Congregational church will meet this
evening; Miss Ethel Vislck, leader.
F. & Friend and family spent Sun
day in Gleaburn.
Tomorrow the Father Matthew
Temperance societies will meet in tbis
eity. About forty tocieties are ex
peoted to be present Eaeb one will be
accompanied bv a band. Tbe parade
will move at 11 a. m. The line of
march is up Main to poplar street.
thence to Division to Seeond to H to
fourth then to pienio grounds and dis
miss, It is requested tbat all business
places be decorated.
Word was received bere from Car
bondale hospital that William Farrell
who was taken there laat Thursday
through Id Tories received In tbe mines,
cannot recover. Hie back is broken in
two places.
Tbe enw that wai lost belonging to
Harry Virzud. , was found Friday in
hole tbis side of tbe Erie traok and
there it bad been for eleven days with
out food. Tbe cow was taken out and
is again as chipper as ever.
There la a great deal of complaint
about tbe grading of Main street.
There are three or four property
holders who claim It is damaging
tbelr properties. Those property
holders knew when they bongbt those
lots in tbe hollow tbat tbe hill would
be taken off some time and filled in ; so
let tbem put up with the consequences
Tbe people of Vandllng. waul tnt elso
trio oar to come.
Forest City. v
Miss Lena Trailea and Miss Mattie
Spettlgue, of Carbondale, 'were tbe
guests of tbe letter's aister, Mrs. W.
B. Hlggins, Sunday.
Samuel J. Jennings visited a friend
at Holleoback's mill Sunday.
A performing bear, lad by two Ital
ians, were giving some of Mr. Bruin's
accomplishments in this place yester
day afternoon.
A handsome sign bas been placed in
position on the Forest bouse. It Is the
work of Alex. Hay, of Sorantoc,
Melvin Tappan, of Carbondale, rode
bis bloyole to this place and returned
on the silent steed, Sunday.
"Peck's Bad Bay," by the Atkinson
Comedy company will be tbe attrac
tion at the opera bouse tonight, Noth
ing old but the name. Tbe company
ia first class and no doubt will draw a
large house.
In all probability tbe musical festi
val which It was intended to hold in
tbis place Christmas, will be held in
Carbondale, aj the business men of
town to not seem to take any interest
la the matter, while te business peo
ple of the Pioneer City have already
promised substantial aid, for they
know it is to their benefit to have 400
or 600 strangers in tbeir town.
About 12 35 yesterday, during noon
hour, smoke was seen coming from
the basement of tbe large eight-room
public school building of this borough.
Prof. W. G. Trim, tbe princinal. re
turned to tbe building about 12 30 and
went to tbe basement, but there were
no signs of a fire at that time. , He
went to bis room, and in a few minutes
tbe cry of fire was made by some of
the children. The professor rushed
into tbe basement, which by tbis time
was filled with smoke. He procured
a bucket, and with others tbat baa ar
rived, soon extinguished the fire,
which proved to be in some large
boxes whioh bad recently been eraptie 1
of their contents. The Enterprise
nose eompany were quickly on the
scene and bad their hose attached to
the water plug at Blake & Co.'s oorner
and were ready to apply the water as
the fire was put out. The Hillside
Fire company also responded, but tbeir
services were not needed. If tbe fire
had had a few minutes more headway
it would have ignited tbe wood work
of the building. The origin of the
blaze is unknown,
Mr. and Mrs. Willium Johnson of
Latbrop spent Saturday and Suuday as
tbe guests or Mr. ana Mrs. uenry Rey
nolds on Maple street.
Mrs. Horace SemauB and daughter,
Miss Bertha, visited friends at Scranton
last Saturday.
Maple street is to have sidewalks on
botb sides of the street; also Railroad
street on one side
Mrs. Thomas Ellsworth is spending
a fw davs with friends here.
Rev. W. R. Turner, of Binghamton,
delivered a very instructive lecture at
the Baptist church Friday evening last.
It was largely aueuded.
Tbe Epworth league will bold a
grand rally at the Methodist Episcopal
ohnreb at tbis place on Friday and
Saturday, Out. 19 and 20.
Mrs. Meritt Pedrick and son,
Howard, returned to their home at
Scranton Sunday afternoon, after a
short short visit with relatives and
friends at this place.
Miss Kennedy, of Peekville, is the
guest of Mrs. R. V. Clark, of Main
H. B Brower returned to Buffalo
last Saturday after a week's visit with
relatives here.
C. A Sisk's residence on River street,
is completed and now ready for occu
The members of the Congregational
cbnrch have postponed their fair from
Oct. 24 and 25 to Nov. 29 and 30.
Willet Decker will leave for Sprlng-
ville, Susquehanna county, tomorrow
to engage in tbe dry goods and provi
sion business for himself.
A number of our people will attend
the laying of the corner stone of the
Commercial Travelers' home, at Bing
hamton, jn. x to my.
A social of tbe Young Men s Sooiai
club will be held at Weisenfinh's hall
this evening.
Misses Mame Sampson and Lulu
Grtss were visitors bere Sunday.
Samuel Gordon enjoyed a pleasant
drive to Pittston Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. James tl Wat res, of
Scranton, spent Snnday visiting Mrs.
W a tree parents, Mr. and Mrs. William
Gordon, on Washington street.
James E. Watkius returned from
Philadelphia Saturday evening for tbe
purpose of taking off tbe leading role
in tbe cantata "Jephtlish'' at Weber i
rink on Ibursday and Friday even
Tbe speoial song service at the Meth
odist Episcopal obnrcb Sunday was at
tended by a large gathering. An an
them by tbe church choir was well
rendered. A solo by Miss Maggii
Davis and one by Edwin Bowen, both
of Scranton, were given with great ef
Mrs. Michael Kelley, who suffered an
illness of several weeks, died at o
o'olock.Frldav afternoon. The funeral
was held at 10 o clock Monday morn
ing at St. Philomenias Catholio church
and was attended by a large concourse
of friends. A solemn high mass or
requiem was celebrated, after whioh
Interment was made ia the Catholio
cemetery. Mrs. Kelley was a kind
mother and wife and was held in tbe
highest esteem by everybody who knew
ber. She is survived, by her busbana
and three small children.
Stanley Gainer, of Dunmore, spent
Sunday In town with his mother.
Tbe Epworth league will bold a dime
social at tbe borne of Miss U. K. Dsn
iels next Friday night, Oct. 12. All
are cordially invited.
Work at tbe silk mill is being pushed
rapidly. The last story of tbe new
wall next to tbe river will be complet
ed bv tbe end of this week.
Gil mores Aromatic WinezR Pttman' of Liocoln aTt"
A tonic for ladies. If you
are suffering from weakness,
and feel exhausted and ner
vous; are getting thin and all
run down, Gilmore's Aro
a tltt u 1
matic wine will Dring roses
to your cheeks and restore
you to flesh and plumpness,
Mothers, use it tor your
daughters. It is the best
regulator and corrector for
ailments peculiar to woman
hood It promotes . diges
tion, enriches tfie blood and
gives lasting strength. Sold
by Matthews Bros., Scran-
iton. . -
Ttie grand fair of St, Thomas' con
gregation opened in the basemeut of
the church last evening, mere was a
very large attendance, the visitors be
ing not only from Arohbald, but from
every town in tbis vicinity. Tbe base
ment was respieudent with decora
tions and everywhere there was evi
dences of rare taste and skill. Not
less interesting than tbe decorations
was tbe large and varied line of arti
cles displayed. There are several par
lor and bed room suites, a piano and
other articles eanally valuable on ex
hibition. The two bands were present
and tbe programme observed was ap
preciated by tbe large audience whioh
witnessed It. Each evening during
tbe continuance of tbe fair there will
he features of interest and on Wednes
day night particularly a noteworthy
entertainment will be given,
The Kuigbts of Father Matbew at a
meeting held yesterhay donated 150 to
tbe fair. The Catholio Mutual Benefit
association bas given a valuable side
board and Division 6, Ancient Order of
Hibernians, has given $23. Tae mem
bers of tbe congregation have also gen
erously donated valuable articles and
Professor Sprague, of Philadelphia,
a promotor of university extension,
leotared on Shakespeare in the princi
pal's room of the graded bnildioz on
Saturday night. The audience was
large and appreciative and wonld have
been much larger bad it been generally
known tbat Mr. Sprague was coming
here. There was some uncertainty as
to tbe time of his arrival and Professor
Davis, under whose patronage he came,
not wishing to disappoint anyone, did
not advertise it as extensively
he otherwise should have
done. The theme and tbe manner In
which it was disenssed satisfied every
one. Mr. boragne seemed to have a
thorough knowledge of his subieot.
and imparted it to his audience with
remarkable ease and graoe. After tbe
discussion an organization was formed
to promote the extension idea. Pro
fessor D.ivis was chosen nresident. Dr.
Van Doren treasurer, and Alice Sweenv
secretary. It is creditable to the liter
ary taste of tbe audience to say that
nearly one hundred ladies and gentle
men expressed a willingness to buy
ticKeti tor the coarse of lectures which
will be given. When Mr. Sprague
next visits us, on Monday, tbe 21th, be
win oe greeted by an audience which,
if not quite so large as that of Satur
day, will, at least, be more profitable.
Kev. 1 nomas Lucas of St. Thomas
Church, delivered a Uctnre on ''Tbe
Church and Progress," in Carbondale
last Thursday evening, which won
high praise from all who heard it. Tbe
Carbondale papers were highly com
plimentary in referring to tbe lecture
and published long reports of it.
William Mebl, a former resident of
this borough, died at bis home in
Olyphant on Friday after a long ill
neBS. His remains were taken to his
old borne on Hill street, from whioh
place the funeral was held on Sunday
afternoon. Services were held in the
Lutheran Cburoh and interment took
place in tbe Protestant cemetery.
ine Lackawanna Transit company
has begun work on its Laurel street
line. At present there is a temporary
suspension of work owing to the laok
of poles. No great trouble baa thus
far arisen over the right of way.
John Buckley, of Avooa. and Miss
Mary Stanton, of Hill street, will be
married late in tne present month.
John and t rank Ooilins, of Ssranton,
were in town on Sunday.
The Ledyard block, on Lincoln ave
nue, bad a narrow escape on Saturday
night from being destroyed by fire.
One suite of rooms'ln the block is occu
pied by Mr. and Mrs. William Breeae.
In tbe evening Mrs. Breese was out
and Mr. Breese was taking care of tbe
parlor stove. In order to prevent the
ashes from dropping on the earpet, he
spread a newspaper in front of the
stove, and, after curing for tbe fire, be
left tbe room and forgot to pick tbe
p per up. When Mrs. Breese returned
in the evening she was greatly ear
prised to find a newspaper bnrnod to
black crisp, lying in front of tbe stove.
Through some providential way tbe
fire went out. The paper was ignited
by live coals running through tbe bot
torn draft on tbe stove.
E. R. Reese passed Sunday with his
family, who are visiting friends at Lake
Idlawild, Susquehanna county.
Miss Maud Copeland, of Canann
street, is tbe guest of relatives in Pitts-
Mrs. William A. Allen, of Park
street, is visiting ber daughter, Mrs.
James Herbert, In Jersey Uty, JN. J.
Tbis evening occurs tbe regular
weekly praver meeting of the Baptist
Christian Endeavor Society mission in
the township school house, on Park
Tomorrow Kirt Wiekwlre will open a
confectionery Btore in the new brick
store on Lincoln avenue.
Will Penniman. of Honesdale, was a
visitor in this oity yesterday afternoon.
W. u. Evana went to tilngbamton
to attend tbe laying of tbe corner stone
of the Commercial Travelers Home,
which occurs today.
Mrs. Uosanna Moyles died Monday
at nn early hour at ber bone on Dun
daff street, after a three weeks' illness,
Deceased was 75 years old and was a
native of Norwich, Eugland, from
where she came to this city with her
husband and family twenty-five years
ago and bas resided bere ever since,
She is survived by her husband and
three sons, William H., John and Jere
miah. Tbe funeral will occur tbis
afternoon at 2 o'clock from tbe resi
dence on Dundnff street, Rev. E. J.
Balsley officiating,
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. Hughes re
turned borne on Saturday evening from
tbelr wedding tour and have taken up
their residence on Uordon street.
Bnnkmaater George Aokerman, of
the Mnzirts, is playing his cornet in
Bauer s celebrated band today In Bing
hamton at the traveling men t celebra
Mrs. W. S. Frank, of Scranton.spent
sunaav in this ottv as the enest or nr
After a three years' pleasant career
tbe Venus Social olub disbanded.
Mrs. J. S. Bassett is visiting friends
In tilngbamton. N..X,
Joseph Herbert bas removed bis olgar
store to the Main street store the An
thracite building. -
"From tbe breaker to the state
bouse," vote for Charles P. O'Malley.
S. B. Durfey. mate ot stamer Arizona.
had bis foot badly jammed. TnomaV
Eclectric Oil cured it. Nothing equal to it
for a quick pain reliever.
.Company E M t Honesdale last even
ing on the 6.35 gravity train to join
the lulrteentb regiment at Scranton.
thence to proceed to Dlnsbamton,
where they will take part In the eero
moDiei of tbe laying of the corner
stone of the Commercial Travelers'
home. ,
Home of tbe larieit fltpglng ever
laid In Honesdale la now oeinn plao4
ia front ot the itore of Rett & Spetti-
gne. Tbe ground under the walk in
front of botn stores has been dug oat
and will be used for cellar purposes. !
Ou account of illness Hit. John M.
Lewis did not officiate In Grace chnurb
Sunday. The services were read by A.
C. Lindsay.
Elishn Gray, of Atiantie City, ia
visiting relatives here.
Fred Beers is spending a few days
with bis parents,
Tbe home of Mrs. Isaac Sheonard on
Railroad street was the scene of a
pretty wedding yesterday, when her
daughter, Miss Cora A., was united in
wedlock to Robert Pierce, of Wilkes-
Barre. Tbe ceremony was cerformed
fcy Rev. J. W. Barras, of the Episoopal
ohurob, and was witnessed by a large
number of friends. The maids of honor
were Leo Sbeppard and Margaret
Kyte, and tbe flower boy, Howard
Kyte. Tbe ceremony took place in tbe
parlor, the wedding party standing be
neath an umbrella of autumn leaves,
and the wedding march was played by
Miss Mae Sbepeard. 1 he bride was
attired in a gown of cream silk with
pearl trimmings- Mr. and Mrs. Pierce
left on an extended wedding tour.
The nrst grand Uspublioan rally of
the season was held last evening In tbe
Keystone Hall. Previous to tbe open
ing of the meeting the Leek Cornet
Band paraded Mam street. At 8 o clook
tbe meeting was called to order. Tbe
ball was paoked and when Hon.
Galusba A Grow was introduced a
mighty shout tbat lasted for several
minutes went. Tbe speaker detailed at
length tbe condition, both financial
and commercial, of the country
siuce tbe Democratic party got into
power. Ha touched upon the tariff, the
ncapaclty of tbe present administra
tion of tbe repudiation of them by Presl
dent Cleveland by his refusal to sign
tne only Uw or any significance they
passed sin oe March 4, 1861. During
bis address tbe Ispeaker was repeatedly
applauded and ia a few instances a few
of bis auditors became very mush ex
cited. After occupying about one and
one-half hours Mr. Grow made way
for other sneakers who treated on the
local issues of the campaign.
The council held a special session In
the town hall last evening. There
were present Councilmen Lynett, Don
nelly, Reap, Kearney, Henningan, Ti
gue and Mangan. John Tate was
awarded the contract of guttering and
paving eleven streets. Hi bid was
28 cents paving new work, 18 cents f r
grading per square yard and to furnish
all tbe m t-riiil. The question of
purchasing 500 feet of hose whs under
disenssion at tue time of closing this
Mood's Saved
' CasnayHT0hrly HyLife
"For years I was In a very serious condition
Rltli catarrh of the stomach, bowels and bladder.
I suffered Intensely
from dyspepsia, and
In fact was a miser
able wreck, merely
a skeleton. I seem
ed to go from bad
I worse. I really
wished 1 was dead.
I had no rest duy or
night. I did not
know what tn An 1
; nau uiaen so mucn
2 medicine of the
Vji wrong kind that It
1. a .1 nnUnno.l
and my finger nails
began tm tarn
Mr. W. B. Young, black and oome oil.
Potter's Hills, Pa. I began to take
Hood's Sarsaparllla. I had faith in the medicine,
and It did more for me than all prescriptions. I
have gradually regained perfect health, am
entirely free from catarrh of the bowels, and
pain In my back. My recovery is simply mar
velous." Vf. R. Yocno, rotter's Mills, Pa.
Hood's Pills relieve distress after eatinsr.
"Wish to draw
stock of
attention to their
Men's and Boys'
Manufactured expressly for them.
A great attraction is our
Ten Dollar
Gents' Fall Snits
and Overcoats
They are strictly all-wool, in
all tbe fashionable colors and
shapes and made by good tailors
We offer in our
Boys' Department
200 All-wool Suits, sizes
to 15 years, $2.85, which
are cheap at $5.
Two pairs . of Knee Pants
for 25c.
230 Lackawanna Ave.
goods ierc over
from ; the fire sale, which
mm . m mmm.
are damaged by water only,
Kl .v.. " tfc
at your own pric3.
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402 Lackawanna Ave. .
Special attention
Millinery and
Figured all over, fringe
top and bottom
These were previously
select from.
A new line of Chenille and Tapestry coveri Rich
Velour Table covers. Elegant line of Goblin Tapestry
covers and Pillow covers.
Four sizes of Hampers,
new. Waste and scrap baskets.
All prices
406 and 408
is called to our
$5.00 per pair.
sold at $7.00, six colors to
in a
variety of colors, All
and kinds.
Lacka. Avenue.