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4 A pure cream of tartar; powder.
w 1
The true composition i
manufacturer:-,. You know vh
Norrman& Moore
120 Wyoming Avonuo
If you want
Carpets, Draperies,
Wall Paper or Window
Shades, come to us.
We have a full line of
goods, and our prices are
very low.
Williams k McAnully
127 Wyoming Ave.
School teachers will be paid during next
Gentlemen's Driving Club races Satur
day, 2 p. m.
Et. Aloyslus cadets will meet at St.
Thomas' college Sunday evening at 7:30.
Evangelist Ucbiverea will preach at the
Elm Park church Sunday morning at 10.80.
The holy communion will lie celebrated
in St. Luke's church twice on Sunday, at
8 a. m. aud 10.30 a. m.
A marriage license was granted yester-
Jay by the clerk of the courts to John
Connolly and Anne Harrington, of Scran-
Plans for the new high school sewer,
with an esti mated cost of t810, have been
prepared by the city engineer's depart
ment. f Rev. P. J. McManus has been elected
(resident of the Green Ridge Library as
bciation. Rev. W. F. Btahl, secretary, and
ar. Etarke, treasurer.
Today will be the last opportunity of
eelng the Willett and Thome company at
)avls's theater. They give a very enter-
aining variety performance.
A writ of replevin was served yesterday
t the instance of the Singer Manufactur-
1g company for a horse and wagon, valued
1 170, held by David R. Thomas.
A sight reading music class for children
fill be formed by Tallie Morgan at the
cranton School of Music, 402 Lackawanna
ivenue, at a o'clock this afternoon.
I Workmen employed by the Economy
'team Heat company yesterday began to
ly steam pipes into the court house for
he purpose of beating that building,
The city companies of the Thirteenth
jgiment will participate in the parade at
lingbamton on Tuesday next, the day of
! io cornerstone laying .the Commercial
' ravelers' home.'
W. H. Hills, of Pottaville, one of the
ading organists of toe state, wili give an
j "gan recital in Scranton at an early date.
r. Bills is a nephew of Messrs. Hills, the
ilebrated ortran bnlldnrs nf London.
,nd. "
The alarm from box 51 last night about
1.80 o'olock was caused by a Are upon the
remises of John Schsuer, Brook street,
te South Side. The cause of the fire was
oknown, and the loss is covered by in-
icretary F. W. Pearsall will eive a
in talk to Christians at the Railroad de-
rtment of the Young Men's Christian
ociation, 55 Laokawanna avenue, to-
krrow afternoon at 8.45. There will be
cial music.
Professor F. E. Wood treated the stu
Jnts of the business college yesterday to
iae on toe street cars, and points of in-
t-est in the city were visited. The
fcrks of the Scranton Stove company.
Dunmore, was inspected.
the Keystone Social club of the North
d met last nleht at the armorv of Com.
nay H, Providence, for its first meeting.
-a neuin iurran aiscnargea me aatle
pianist and Professor George Taylor
ed as instructor.
io many complaints have been made of
i crowds of spectators about the
ge buildings in course of construction,
t uuuuing inspector nelson nas bad
ns posted to the effect that sidewalks
st be kept clear of idlers.
lome of Scranton's best talent are to
ttcipste at the M. E. church on Sun
evening. Lovers of sacred music will
well to attend, as there is a special
rt made to make this occasion the best
most worshipful ever held in the
ch. The sermon will also beesne-
oi interest.
le case of Michael Connollv. who Is nn
I Dan ior an aeirravatea laseauit noon
lael Bickell and William Schaltz about
veeks ago. was informally discussed
Iderman Fuller's yesterday, when the
ppai parties interested met. An en
It was made to settle the matter
My, but no settlement was arrived
Lrick Fritsche, a brakeman on the
are ana Hudson rai rnnii
off a train near Green Ridae last
put 7:30 p. m., and was conveyed
vuinuuB uuspiuti wnere it was
(at he snstalned a fracture of the
. niscne lives at Carbondale,
iported to be resting ! t
't night.
1 Tm THM1al
urst Baptist cburoh all next
and song service beginning
Ipreachlngat 8 p. m. Rev.
Mien of Newark, N. J., will
ii ur vuuiui unnng tusse ser
IHommedleu la an eloanent
clally in the evanmtllitln
tar nim.
meetintr of tha tin
wun.u VI
ay because a nnornm .
lot present. The report of
r unggs snows that dur-
tntre were lis deaths:
Ilea, 88; not stated, 10; total
ear so far, 1148. Births,
ll r$v aisv
,V .1 JT1 ,'1 II
ii-.. nn B m trjm mm
and "Sure.': M
; published on every label, information not given by other
it you are eating when you use Cleveland's.
dilates, 29; diphtheria, 10; typhoid, 10,
aud icarlet fever, 9.
The Florence mission wishes to grate
full; acknowledge the following donation
for September: Mm. V. H. Hallstead, E.
(i. Brooks. E. N. WluVd, W. H. Pearce,
Aiiss Meycrol, Mies M. Has tie, Aroca: MUs
A. K. Sanderson, Miss Mary Bpeece, Pitta
ton; Coinsumera' Ice company, Mrs. Feid
ler, F. P. Price, Mm. Olliver, Mrs. Amanro,
Scranton Republican, Scranton Times,
.Scranton Tribune; medical attendance,
Dr. Dean and Dr. Conneli.
Miss Bertha Powett, daughter of County
Treasurer D. W. Bowett, recited at an
entertainment Id Carbondale Wednesday
night. Her work was thus commented
upon by the Carbondnle Leader: "Miss
Powell is a charming young lady whose
natural gifts have been heightened by
long training in a recitatiouist's role. She
has admirable command of voice inflec
tions and fncial expressions and her se
lections of "Virginlui" and "The Burn
iog Ship" were roundly applauded. Ow
ing to a cold from which she was suffer
ing, she was unable to respond to the
demands of the audience for a third time.
Gentlemen's Driving Club races Satur
day, 2 p. m.
Fabst's Milwaukee Bker, cool and
sparkling, at Lohnian'a, Spruce street
Ladles' Day at Russian Bath.
At the request of physicians and ladies,
arrangements have been msdo to give
bathB to ladies on Tuesdays from 8 a, m.
to 0 p. in. Private entrance through
Owens' cloak parlors on bpruce street.
M. J. Parcel, proprietor.
The Departments of the Lackawanna
Association Marvels of
Few people about the city who are
not acquainted with the establishment
have any idea of the magnitude of the
business of the immense stores of the
Lackawanna Store AssoeUtioD, limited,
sitnateJ at cornor of Lackawanna and
Jefferson avenues, To people ac
quainted with the eoneeru, however,
and to the wholesale trade the status
of the "company store" Is well and
favorably known.
A trip through the Various depart
ments of the store cannot fail to con
vince one that it Is one of the most
complete and most admirably arranged
establisbmenta of the kind in the eouu
try. The four main departments may be
entered from Lackawanna avenue. The
lower store next to the new office of the
Laokawanna Iron and Coal company
is to devoted to dry goods, dress goods,
notions, gents' fnrnisbings, etc., and is
replete with a large stock of the finest
fabrios in its partiealar lines.
Stepping from the dry goods depart
ment one enters the grooery store which
contains an immense stock of first-class
groceries and canned goods of every
The next store is devoted to hardware
and miners' supplies. Boots and shoes
are also sold ou this floor.
Directly over the hardware and boots
and shoe department li situated the of
fice of Mr. James S. Mott, general man
uger of the store, and also of the sontb
store and grist mill, On this floor may
be found an immense stock of ladies
fine shoes of almost every description,
inciaaing buivp, Turners and otrjer
well known mukus, and a comfortable
room for those who desire to order
shoes by special measurement direct
from the manufacturers. In fact there
is scarcely any style of shoe made that
is not fonnd on the shelves of the com
pany store shoe department.
I he third floor is devoted to sheet
rubber packing and leather belting and
is used as a general store room, also for
supply stock for all departments. The
oasement is used as an immense store
room, where the heavy groceries, mine
supplies, etc, are kept, and directly
back of the store is a most complete lie
house and cold storage rooms for the
reception of vegetables, batter, etc.
A large water pipe runs throueh all
the departments, which are heated bv
steam, and fire pings are situated at
various points, with hose attached
ready for instant use, muds to connect
with city fire hose it neeesssry.
Throughout the entire establishment a
spirit of good order and cleanliness pre
vails, and the manner in which the
business is conducted tbrouehont re
flects great credit upoa the manage
menu Uenest weight, measurement
and courteous treatment are guaranteed
to all. Goods can be returned and
money refunded if not satisfactory.
This store whs started when Scranton
was a village and has grown with the
city. The employes of the Lacka
wanna Iron and Steel company have
received all the benefit possible, but all
are welcome. An inspection of the
building and contents will prove the
Ladles' and gents' fine shoes of all styles
at the Common wealth shoe store.
That Will Be the Cry of Deligatse to
State Endsavor Convention.
A special meeting of the Scranton Chris
tian Endeavor nnlon was held at the
ifoung Men's Christian association rooms
yesterday, when It was decided that the
nnlon forego making an effort for holding
the convention of 1S95 in Scranton, I oat,
much as there was a lack of accommoda
tion for holding of meetings, and espe
cially as tbe nnlon of V-.rk, Pa., where
this year's convention will be held, Is pre
paring for nearly 8,000 delegates outside of
others who will attend.
Efforte will be made, however, for hold
ing the convention of 18M In Scranton,
and the delegates will be iustructed ac
cordingly. The Scranton delegates will
I0e,,,?r2,"h1 w,tn bdBa1 'Woranton,
1800," for the purpose of distribution
among other delegates at the convention.
Can We Be
XTse to YonP
Some business or
processional man
comes to ns almost evory day for clerical
We have now a young man with five
years experience as bookkeeper, a yonug
lady, good penman and bright, for posi
tion as bookkeeper, a pleasing young man,
good address, will make good collector
and assistant bookkeeper. No charge for
our services. Wood's College of Business
and Shorthand,
F. E. Wood, Principal.
''A, "
N , ladles.
Cloning out rnssett, oxfords and russett
dlucbers at reduced prices. Also ladies'
bog, foxed, congress, razor toes, pretty
styles. ' A. C. Nrrrurrow St Co.,
Commonwealth building.
Social of the Electric City Conclave of Hep
tasophs. Gi;:::3 and members affiliate
Spirit of Good Cheer Reigned Su
preme in Music Hall Last Night,
Where an Excellent Entertainment
Was Provided The Affair Was
Completed with a Tempting Colla
tionSomething About the Prin
ciples of the Order.
That tbe Improved Order of Ilepta
sopbs know how to have a good time
themselves aud share their festivities
with a large number of friends was
shown by the entertainment given tn
Mnsio hall night under the auspices of
Eliotrlo City conclave, No. 295.
From tbe opening of an interesting
programme at 8 o'olock until the last
sandwich and swallow of ice-water
had disappeared In the early hours of
this morning the jovial feeling of
good-fellowship did not falter nor the
halo of welcome grow dim. One of
the most commendable features of the
eveuing wits the faot that the Hepta
sophians were anxious to share their
good time with the guests who equalled
the members In numbers.
The main hall was deeorated with
palms and ferns and filled with mem
bers and guests, while the following
programme was rendered:
Overture. . . . Professor Guth and Orchestra
Address.... F. L. Brown, Supreme Archon
Chorus Sorautoa Leiderkranz
Violin Solo Fred H. Widmeyer
Vocal Solo Fred Muller
Selection Orchestra
Presentation of Orgau,
By C. G.Boland, District Deputy
Organ Solo Professor Albion Korn
Cornet Solo Professor Guth
Remarks. J. Elliot Ross
Vocal Solo William A. Kelly
Village Bell quartette Gordon Morgan.
Watkiu Morgana, Fred Evans, Daniel
Tbe appreciation of the audience is
perhaps sufficient criterion of the ex
cellence of the entertainment, whioh
was followed by a discussion of a
tempting array of edibles in the rear
To the suecess of tbe evening la all
its enjoyable features tbe following
well-known committeemen materially
General committee C. L. Swartz, H. J.
Collins, H. E. Yost, George Kirby. O.
Zang, F. Kapmeyer.
Reception committee M. K Sando,
George Wahl, F. Thompson, H. J. Collins,
T. J. Lane, Thomas Holtham, Dr. E. J,
Refreshment committee L. P. Ziedler,
H. U. Hopewell, W. A. Kemmerer, A. L.
Martin, W. B. Carr, G. H. Eaaterle,
Considerable Inquiry has been madeof
late owing to the growing; nrominence
of Heptasophs, its aims and what
tbe word means. As Supreme Archon
Brown stated In his address, hepta
means "seven and soph means "wise,"
and Heptasophs applies to the seven
wise men. Its principles includes fra
ternity and an insurance death benefit.
Of tbe Electric City conclave Frank
Ibompson is past archon; M. F. Sando,
arcnon; Henry J. uollins, provost; ur.
hi. J. Fierce, prelate; C. L. Swartz,
secretary; u. u. xost, nnanolal secre
tary; George Kirby, treasurer.
The fcranton Business Coll sire.
New students have entered every day
this week. A large number joined on
The growth of the night school Is re
markable. All (trades of students attend.
There are men studying reading, writing
aou aruumaiic; scnooi teacners pursuing
tbe higher branches of etudy, stenog
raphers taking bookkeeping and book
keepers taking stenography. An addi
tional teacber was added to the foroe on
Monday evening.
Tbe last two days have brought reqneets
1 rum OU8IUOB8 wuu ior oiuce neip. uae
lady began yesterday and another will en
ter upon lier duties Monday next. Some
positions we were unable to fill. None
bnt competent students will be recouv
Much interest is manifested in commer
cial law. Night students arrange to tome
in on rriaay aiternoons in order to hear
tne lectures.
The college office Is always open.
The $40,000 School House
for Columbia avenue has been let and will
do commenced immediately. There are
sim a lew iota lert at a low price.
Office. Theater Lobby.
WILTSHIRE Edward, a 11-montha-old
son of James and Sarah Wiltshire, BID
Larch street, died on Thuradsy night.
Funeral tomorrow afternoon at the Green
itioge evangelical cnurch.
I IS Worth 50c. I
S To teat tbe bonents received from
advertising in Tm Tmbuik, I will
m uw wo. ior mis coupon. Kaob Cou
5 pon requires the purchase at one time
or merchandise amounting to SG.0Q or
mm over, (snuar excepted).
S LSigned k Q. COURSEN.
Early June Teas 13c., Snear
uorn iae; $loo per dozen,
wortn m.uw.
importation, Aspsranus.'l ips. French Boneloaa
U wl i. u i C' . . i. a ii i a ...
hub ovti., rrniuu ouruinrs jJ. 10
Yokohoma Tea 85o. per lb., 6 11. for 11.00;
New Oolong and Japan TeaaftOo.. Faaov CWv
Inn fT aji- 1 I 1. (.... ' vw
vm m WVU AIWi Ue
429 Lacka. Ave.
You want any
thing in the fol
lowing list? If
vou do, come to
the Scranton Cash
Store. We have
a fine stock and
vou know how
our prices run:
Ammonia, . Chocolate,
Butter, Cocoa,
Creamery, Crackers,
Dairy, Cakes,
Baking Pow- Coffee,
aer, uulse, Irish,
Confection Extracts,
ery, aiiJSggs,
kinds in Fruits. Green
boxes, pails Fruits, Dried
and barrels Flour.
Cigars, Feed,
Imported Farinaceous
Key West Goods,
and Domes- Fi3h,
tic. Gelatine.
Cigarettes, Hay,
Cheroots, Honey,
Capers, Hops,
Candles, Herbs.
Beeswax, Jam,
Par a fine Jelly,
and Ada- Lard,
man tine, Lye,
4s., 6s., 8s. Matches,
and 12s. Molasses,
Canned Fruit Meats, Fresh
Peaches, Mince Meat,
ApriCOtS, NutS, All Kinds
Cherries, Olives,
Pine Apple, Oils,
Strawber- Pickles,
ries, Rasp- Pipes,
berries, Paper Wrap-Blackber-
ries, Pears, Preserves,
Plums. Prunes.
Canned Yeg-Potash,
etabies, Powder, Cat
Corn, Peas, tie,
Beans, Bice,
Tomatoes, Shoe Black-
Succotash, ing, Day &
Mushrooms Martin's,
Canned Fish, Frank Mil-
Lobster, ler's. Bix-
Salmon, by's and
Sardines, Bartlett's.
Shrimp. Soap,
Canned Meat, Laundry,
Corned Beef Bath,
Roast Beef, Barber,
Chipped Toilet.
Beef, Starch,
Potted Meat Spices.
Boned Meat Seeds, Bird,
Condense d Seed, Field
Milk, andGard'n
Cheese, Sauces, Ta
Factory, ble.
Edam, Stove Polish
Swiss, Ginger,
English, Tea,
Catsup, Tobacco,
Cocoanut, Tanks, Oil.
Above are a few
of the goods we han
die. We have a com-
plete stock in each
line in some cases
50 kinds in a line
and can suit any
class of buyer from
the highest to lowest
All Orders go out
as soon as received.
She Made a Noose of It and Tried to Commit
Cut Down by Deputy J heriff Gaffney
Just In Time to Save Her Life It
Took an Hour to Revive Her De
clares That She Has No Recollec
tion of Trying to Kill Herself.
Miss Marv bnvder. a nineteen vear
old girl, attempted to commit suicide
at the conntv jail Thnrsdav nlubt
aooul 8:30. She was discovered jost In
lime to save her lite.
Hiss Snyder has been in tbe conntv
jail fur the last (our Wdeks. She was
committed to await trial for tbe theft
of clothes on the West Side.
The yon a it woman u snbieot to fits
and ber enflbring while ibey lust is said
io da areaaroi to behold. Wednesday
she bad one of these attacks and the
condition of body and mind in wbioh
it leit her is ouliuved to be responsible
for ber effort at self destruction.
Mary Quinnau. one of tha orisoners
in the jil, was on ber way from the
prison Uundty to ber 11 in tbe cor
ridor ibnrsday night, when she saw
Miss bnvder susnended inside the eell
door. She gave the alarm, and Deputy
Sheriff Gaffuiy eat Mis Snyder down.
ine work or stranealation was well
nigh completed and it waa almost an
hour before she revived. Yesterday
Miss Snyder bad entirely reoovered and
ciared she hail no recollection rr
Having attempted to tak her life. It
is said that she made a aimilar attempt
sume time ago in Wilk -a-Birre.
Miss Snyder went about the work of
self destruction in a v-ry methodical
way. She mads a noose of a sheet
whioh she tore Into stripes, fastened It
aoove the door or her cell and having
inserted ber head iu tbe noose allowed
herself to drop.
naa sue remained hanging but a
short time longer life would have been
J. Frank Slesela Academy of Danoins?.
Afternoon socliil for misara. masters and
ladies Saturday, Oct. 6. Parents and their
menus cordially Invited. Evening class
iur taunts ann gentlemen TueaUay evening,
wci. v, nrst lesson ior beginners. "
Millinery Opening.
Priflntf .nil Kottifilnw ri.fnltA. R .mi A n
lO.ln Kl .u m - t. .
unuituuu juuiu avenue, ricase can ana
see our trimmed goods, All latest styles
ansa xj. ti. xjeach, ecanton, r.
The First Pope.
Dr. McLeod. castor of the First Preabv-
terian church, will preach on the above
topio on Sunday evening in the First
Presbyterian chnrcb. This discussion
will be the first of a series of Sundxy even
ng sermons, which Dr. McLeod will
preach on "The Early Years of Chris
T IV npannMil fA. VAalira a .nm
L. a - 1 r- .
wrui piana pupiis, r or leims, etc., aa
lress Ricitard V. Lindsay.
bVl Mulberry Street,
Or at Powell's Musio Store.
The college increases in Interest averv
day. Thirty-two came this week. The
night school has over two hundred excel
lent fellows, besides a large number of
Tbe visit to the stove works waa full of
pleasure and profit. Messrs. Lansing &
Duller treated the students with great
The foot ball team is well onrnnit'pil.
iiorey et note win rurnlsu the suits.
Professor Woodls eivinu his oeraonal at-
MDiion 10 every aepartment ana his ser
vices prove very effective.
Extra teachers will be added to meet the
demands of the work.
The great influx of etndents has caused
tne management to discontinue the adver
tlsetnenta There are applications enough
10 ou me Dnumng.
Fred D. Rutty, Kate Walsh and Alfred
Wickbain have secured positions,
424 have registered.
Restful to tired toilers, bread made
from Pillsbury'e Best
I have just received a new line of
Cut Glass
for Wedding Gifts. Step in and
Bee my new stock.
Irs st rrsaaot tt Mwt PopnJar and fnfmmd by
Warerarast OppoilteCotumbcallonament,
209 Washington Av. Scrarrton.Pa.
Best SetsofTeeth,$8.ool
jnoiooiUB the paimeee t'",av.Hna
of . teeth by aa entirely new pro-
Kfv w.w.berpy fe!fi
l;.:a Jeweler SftT
fc" .! 417 Lstkaan sAve.fcjfl
S. C. Snyder, D.D.S.
Musio Boxes Xxotaaively.
Best made. Play any desired number of
runes. Oaatechi & Sons., manufacturers.
1080 Chestnut street Philadelphia. Won.
derful orcheskrial organs, only IS and $10.
Specialty: Old mnaio boxes oarefally re
paired and improved with new tunes.
have if our a
5 done by competent work- g
S men? We make a specialty 3
3 of jobbing. You leave your a
3 orer; we do the rest. C
2 K
m E!
5 120 PI3NN AVEN'UE. B
A fine
Music Box
at a Bargain.
In first class
Worth 35100-
We will
sell it at
C. S. W00LW0RTH,
319 Lacka. Ave.
do you dread Monday
washdayt Can't blame you
much slop dirt confusion
heat enough to drive you
out into the street. Wouldn't
it be better to send your
whole family witsh to us every
week! Special "FOUND
HATES" to families. Write
for these terms.
Drop a postal our wagons will call promptly.
The Following.
6 TO 8 AT -8K
12 TO 2 AT -
Are the sizes and prices on a line of Children's School
Shoes, not ordinary common shoes, but an extra good
Dongola Calf Skin Shoe; spring heeled, lace or button;
every pair warranted.
It will pay you to buy your Shoes at
All the latest novelties in FALL FOOTWEAR.
Carries the largest line of
in the city. Come and look
through our stock before purchas
ing elsewhere.
We also carry a large line of
Children's Furs, from 1.50 set
In our Millinery Department we
show the latest in
French Hovelties
Have your Furg repaired by
the only Practical Furrier in the
138 Wyoming Ave.
People want a Brest doal for tholr money.
They require good things at little expense.
TION came to be created. It's an outfit con
sisting of a Double-breasted Cost, two (2)
pairs of pauta, and the latest style Stanley
cap of same material to match. Also extra
Buttons with each outfit. Th goods are of
stylish fabrics, of a most excellent quality
especially adapted for service, and we caa
Mill you the WHOLE COM HIMATION as
cheap aa you can buy the bare suit from
other dealers.
Clofa, M&rj&. fumisnera
Will remain until
Saturday of this week to
those who could not be fit.
128 Wyoming Ave.
females, ou. Contagious