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' OF- A
Illinois Secures the Commander la Chief of
the Grand Arm; of the Republic.
The National Grand Army of the Re
public Breaks Through Previous
Records in the Rapid Transaction
of Business The Election of Offi.
cers In Many Instances Closely Con
tested Prepared to Shake Hands
with Their Old Enemies in 1895.
Pittsburg. Pa.. Ssrjt. 13.
FT REARING all previous records in
L-V beginning and ending its bnsi
n j nees withia two days, the twen
s ty-eichth national enoaraDmeot
of the Grand Army of ths Ripublio
adjourned sine die tonlifut, A year
from next Monday the boys in bluo.
crossing Mason and Dixon's line for tbe
first time in tbe history of tbe
order, will fraternize with their
opponents of tbe sixtias and thus
make visible demonstration of tbe
oft repeated assartion that there is no
longer a north or a south, bat one
country, free and nndivided. And it
bnt tithe of the pledges and promises
mad by the visiting Kentuckians art
redeemed, the encampment of '93 will
never be forgotten either by tbe uuion
or Confederate veterans that are fortu
nate enough to be amonjf the partici
pants. The encumpment transacted its busi
ness today with electric speed. When
tbe noon recess was tulwn all the na
tional offiocrs had been eleoted.
Colonel Thomas G. Lawler, of Rock
ford, III., was elected commander-in-
chief of tbe Grand Army of tbe Re
public by a majority of 11 votes over
Colonel I. N. Walker, of Indianapolis.
It was tbe closest contost in the his
tory of the Grand Army of tbe Re
public. Major A. P. Bnrcbfiold of this eity,
was nominated for senior vice ooui-mander-iu-cbiof,
and as ihere was no
opposition was elected unanimously
For junior vice commander Corporal
Tanner proposed Philip S. Biglin.
When Charles Shute was put forward
in nomination for the sums offioe by the
present department commander of
Louisiana, Mr. Biglin withdrew, and
nanes ouuie was eiectea wrous a
The next election was that for sur
geon Kenernl. Comrade O. W. Weeks,
of Marion, O , was without opposition
unanimously eleoted. For chaplain
in chief, Chaplain T. II. Hajr
gerty, of St. Louis, and Comrade South
ard, of Mflne. were nominated.
The United Stites Veterans' Signal
Service Corps association held its eigh
teen annual reunion in Columbia Hall,
nnd elected the following officers:
President, W. H. Holmes, Independ
ence, Is. j vice presidents, Dr. W. IL
Fulton, of Pittsburg, A. O. Ravenaugb,
of Louisville, and J. C. Donabauer, of
Minneapolis: secretary-treasurer, C. D.
W. Marcy, of Boston; historian, J.
Wlllard, of Boston; quartermaster,
Evan Russell, of Williamsport, Pa.;
chaplain, John S. Speer, of Canons
burg, 'Pa. More than 100 mombers,
representing nearly every state in the
union, were present
Tbe Daughters of Veterans this morn
ing elected tbe following national offi
cers: President. Mrs. Ellen M. Walker,
Worcester, Mass. ; senior vice presi
dent, Miss Anna Sshmid, St. Louis;
junior vice president, Miss Gladys
FoeUr, Kansas; chaplain, Miss Lena
Stevens, Massillon, 0. ; treasurer, Mrs.
I la J. Alleu, Newtonville, Mass. ; in
spector, Miss Addle Yorke, Somerville,
Mass., installing officer, Miss Anna
Roberts, Connellville. Ind. ; trustees,
Anna Moore, New York; Minnie Tree
cott, Obio; Nellie King, Obio; Cora
Pike, Mas lobusetts, Bnd R. Evelyn,
Monroe. 0.
Attorney General Henaal's Opinion E
ffirdlntr Seotlon 8.
Harrisburg, Pa., Sept. 13 Attor
ney General Hensel has given the sec.
retary ot the commonwealth an opin
ion regarding a construction of tbe
third clause of section 3 of the Biker
ballot law, which requires nomination
paper to be signed by at leasf 3 per
cent, of the largest entire vote for any
officer elected at the last preeediog
He says the law means just what it
ays and that the election for congress-man-at-large
in any particular distriot
oannot be made the basis of distriot
nominations. Tbe opinion was given
because of a question raised by the
chairman ot the People's party as to
whether the vote of 1892 or February
1894 should be tbe basis of computa
Mrs. Fearer Nominated for Superintend
ent of Publio Instruction of Colorado.
Denver, Sept. 13. Tbe Republican
state convention today nominated Hon.
C, C. Parker for auditor of state, Byron
L. Carr for attorney general, Mrs. A.
J. Peaver, superintendent of publio in
struction; C. M. Griffin and W. R.
Dudley for agents of tbe state univer
sity. Mrs. Peavey thanked the convention
for its tribute to tbe women ot Colo
rado. '
Remarkable Work of Fantaiy at Terre
Terre Hautb, Ind.. Sept 18. It was
too dark to tell the drivers' colors this
ivening when the free-for-all paoe in
which Hal, Braden had won a heat,
a-unt over, as did tbe 2.14 trot, of
which there bad been one heat.
3ut one world's record was
owered today by Fantasy, who
vent a mile in 2.08, lowering her own
record, made this year, of 2 07 for a
4-year-old. It was a perfectly trotted
mil and the middle half was made in
1 Olf.
In tbe free-for-all pace Hal Braden
oould have made a new world's pacing
record it be bad been driven the last
quarter as fast as ho was tbe first quar
ter, which was 30 He was at the
half in 1.012. 'the three-quarters in 1.33,
and home in 2,09. '
Tno Navy DipartmeDt In Touch with
the Office re There.
Washington, Sept. 18 The navy de
partment is in almost daily communi
cation with the commanders of the
United States vessels stationed at Nica
ragua regarding tbe course of events
at Bluefieds.
It is Impossible to learn the import
ot the telegraphic correspondence p.ise
ing, although Assistant Secretary Mo
Adoo says that some of the published
eonjeetures are entirely incorrect.
Demurrers of Brokers Chapman and
McCartney to Be Argued
on Sept. 28.
Washington, Sept. 13 On Sept. 28
the demurrers ot brokers, Elverton R,
Chapman, of New York, nnd John
MaCartney, of this city, to tbe indict
ments charging them with unlaw
fully refusing to answer questions
before the seuate sugar investigat
ing committee, will be argued in
tbe distriot of Columbia criminal
court. The arguments will be on
constitutional grounds that is. the
contention will be that the senate com
mittee had no power to compel wit
nesses to answer questions. In the
event that the demurrers are sustained
no further action will be taken in the
matter, as the government has not the
right of appeal in a criminal case.
bbonld the decision of the court be
against the defendants, the cases will
be carried to the court of appeals, and
if that court, too,decides against them,
tbe matter will go to the supreme
court of the United States.
J. W. Shriver, of the New York
Mail and Express, and E J. Elvrards,
the New York correspondent of a
Philadelphia pap', have also been in
dicted for the same reasons as the two
brokers. The. newspapar men have
tiled demurrers to the indictments, but
they will not be argned until some ac
tion is taken in the other cases. Should
Messrs. Chapman and McCartney suc
ceed in haviug th indictments against
them quashed, those against Messrs.
Shrivor and Edwards may never com e
to trial.
The cases of the othor two recalci
trant senate committee witnesses.
President Henry O. Havemeyer and
Secretary John E. Searles, of the
American augur Refining company,
were certified to tbe grand jury by
Vice Presideut Stevenson last August,
and witnesses have appeared and have
given testimony. The grand jury met
this week for the fall term, and indict
ments may now be expected against
aiessrs. mvemeyer and Sauries at any
The distriot attorney today said that
there was no disposition on the part
of tbe government to nolle prosse these
cases. Qn tbe contrary, he said, the
government would prosooute tbe mat
ter with all possible vigor.
Ihe Affioted Animals Loss Their Sight
and Beooms Oraitd.
Columbus. O . Sept. 13. A new and
dangerous cattle plague has appeared
in Champaign county in this state. R.
C Moulton, a farmer in whose herd it
first appeared, laid the mattor before
tbe btate Live Stock association today.
It affects tbe eyes first, These organs
turn white and resemble hard-boiled
eiRs with the shells removed, the sight
being, or course, lost.
lb affected animals seem to suffer
great pain in tbe eyes and become
era zed. Mr. Moulton killed those first
affected, but it did not prevent tbe dis
ease spreading to other animals in the
herd. Tbe veterinarians do not under
stand tbe disease.
Eastern' new S82 000 hlcrh anhnnl hnllfl.
ing was dedicated.
The Snortxmnn'a rlnh lino atanlrail I n.
zerne county with SS0 pheasants.
An aged Johnstown woman, Anna Mar
burg, ended her life by inhaling gas.
Pennsylvania M.ntn cnlw. nnanarl with
350 students, of whom 125 are freshmen.
Reading's councils contemplate filter
beds for tbe purification of the city's water
Cancrlit hv a. halt. In h sn.i. n
Paper mill. York, Benjamin ilvHrs was
squeezed to death.
Lehich university hen
president has been selected to succeed the
into ui, uamoerton.
On the nrnnnil that, ha vhij u 1.
Baanola in eelf.drifnnao .Inhn T.h.n. j.
s. ' u u u UU UUI , II,,
was acquitted at Pottaville.
William C. Dershuok succeeds to tbe
ownership of the Hazlelon Plain Bpeaker
after the retirement of James U Morris
Secretary Herbert is homeward
on the Dolphin.
Tbe United States is seeking bnttnr Mm.
mercial arrangements with Egypt.
Dr. Gmteras, yellow fever eiwrt neve
there is one case at Quarantine Station,
off Cape Charles.
Ron. Clifton R. Biecklnrldc. inlnlntar
to Russia, will sail from Now York today
for his post of duty.
Three Johnson ten-inch cast steel shell
were fired at a snventean-lnch nrnria
Harveylzed plate, at ilndian Head proving
grounds, Tuesday, without conclusive re
sults. ,
A clever con n tor f nit. tS nnt.a on thn Fifth
National Bank of Cincinnati, cbeok letter
A. series of 1881 and a. nnnr ennntsrfnit
$10 silver certificate, check letter A, series
tow, an in circulation.
The St. Louin Bunk- Nntn mm nnnr
which printed the Mississippi state war
rants Id the similitude of United States
money, wants the government to send oue
test case of tbe Indicted to the courts.
Secretary Morton linn, at th
Columbia Typographical nulon, Increased
the wages of tbe uuion printers employed
in the branch printing oCDoe iu the depart
ment of agriculture to conform to the
nnion scale.
i The Result of the Engagement Is Still Id
Mohammedans Object to Campaign
Music of the Hindus at Bombay
and a Riot Follows The Czar of All
Russias Is III Slave Dealing Egyp
tians Under Arrest Spain Visited
by Destructive Storms James An
thony Froude in Danger Trouble
with Turkish Students.
Shanghai, Sept. 13.
T7TJM0RS have reucbtd bere that a
U) battle has been fought between
m the Chinese and Japanese near
J U Eai Cbeug, Korea. Tbe en
gagement is said to have taken place
about Sept. 2 Nutiv newspapers of
Sept. 10 say that the fight lasted two
days, nnd that it was still undecided
when this news was forwarded to the
native press.
The Chinese papers of Sept. 12 au
nounce that Qauerul Yen, tbe Chinos
commander, reports having gained a
victory over tbe Japanese, It is sup
ponod bere, however, that the Chinese
have met with a reverse at Ping-Yaug.
A private dispateh roceived here eon
linns tbe news that more fighting bus
occurred with undecided results.
The floods in Korea still prevent the
Chinese troops from crossing the Im
chin river in order to attack the Japan
ese entrenchments.
Another report current bere says
that the Kirin division of the Chinese
army has crossed the Kulin river, and
that it is now holding the city of Sua
iiing while awaiting the advanoeof the
main body of tbe army bofore attack
ing tbe Japanese right fl tnk.
The Hupao reports that tbe Chinese
admir ilty has determined to order to
Pei-Yang from the Yang-Tse ooast all
war ships tof a certain touunge and
armament. A number of torpedo boats
from the squadrons at Foo Chow, Can
ton and Nanking will accompany the
war ships.
Tbe intriguing enemies ot Viceroy LI
Hung. Chang have reported to the
throne tbe presence at Tientsin of
Chang Pei Lun, the viceroy's son-in-law,
who was banished in 1831 The
tbrone has ordered his return to exile.
Mohammedans Objiot to the Clasilo
Mueio of Hindus.
Bombay, Sept. 13 A serious riot oc
curred lit midnight last night near the
Daravala bridge, Poonah City. Some
Mohammedans who were listening to
the reading of the Koran in a moique
near the bridge ol j 'cteu to the music
of a procession ot Hindus. Tbe latter,
however, persisted, and the Mohamme
dans raised a war cry. . .
A fight lasting threa hours followed.
It is estimated that 4,000 people, mostly
Hindus, flockd to th scene in order to
take part in tbe conflict. The mofqtie
was sacked, and an att mpt was made
to destroy it by Cr. Daring tbe fight
one man was killed and many were
more or less severely injured,
Illness of the Tsar.
Vienna, Sept 13 News received
from St. Petersburg indicates that th
czur's illness is oerebral, complicated
with an ailment of tbe kidneys.
Prayers for his recovery have been
ordered twice at the court When the
rzar went to Ujeloveas be made tbe
journey on a bed. He is mentally de
pressed. He gets tired after the
shortest period of work. His stay in
tha desert is reported to have been
very beneficial.
Cestruo'lva Storm la 8piin.
Madrid. S-pt. 13 The southwest
nnd Meditrranean towns of Spain
have been visited by severe storms.
The towns of Gita and Javea have
been flooded and many lives lost. A
number of lions s have been destroyed
and several vessels iu the Bay of Gat a
bave been wrecked.
Slave DtaUna- Egyptians.
Cairo, Sept. 13 Alt Cherlff. presi
dent of tbe legislative ceuncll, and
Hassan Wacyf, a retired general of the
Egyptian army, who were arrsted
Ang. 28, charged with purchasing slave
girls, have been convicted after a judi
cial Investigation into the case,
Turkish Students Arretted.
Constantinople, Spt. 13 A seeret
society, the members of which are
stndents, was discovered by tbe police
here yesterday. Twonty-two of the
members bave been arrested. No in
formation la given as to the objeots of
the society.
Sootoh Hlnera Sesame.
Edinburgh, Sept. 13. Tbe etrike of
the Scotch miners is over, the delegates
to the miners' congress, representing
57,000 men, btvimr voted to resume,
providing the employers will grant tbe
proposal mad by tbe board of concilia
tion to that effjot.
James Anthony Fronds III. '
London, Sapt. 13. Tbe illness ot
James Anthony Froude. the historian,
has taken suoh a serious turn that it is
now feared he will not reoover.
The Town Painted Bed on I la
Hundredth Annlyereary.
McKebsport, Pa.. Sept. 13 With
booming cannon, atirrinir munln nnd
jubilant citizens in holiday attire. Mo-
neespori. tn metropolis of tbe Monon
gabela Valley, fittingly celebrated the
hundreth .anniversary of its fonndlmr.
Tbe city Is adorned with beautiful
decorations emblematical of local and
national pride, Large arohss spanned
thn nrinninul etraAta nnd nnmamm
bands surrounded by thousands of peo- (
pie awaited at Dimmer, viewing the
United States iron and tin plate works.
Tbe governors with thvlr party com
posed of a number of prominent peo
ple arrived at Dimmer and entered
McKeesport through tbe fine tin urch
built by tbe United States lion aud
Tin Plate compauy. Mayor Aa ire, of
McKeesport, in a neat speech, pre
sented Governor Pattison with the key
to tbe city and Governor McKinley
with a star made or tin manufactured
at the De miner works.
Promptly at 2 o'clock tbe booming of
cannon gave the signal for the parade
to move. About 5,000 men were in
line. Tbe parade was reviewed at
Evaas' park by tbe governors.
During the afUrnoon tbe barbecue
was served. Addresses were made by
several prominent gentlemen, and a
general round of merry-making was
indulged in. The evening programme
included a fine pyrotechnio display and
tbe centennial ball.
Tomorrow's programme iaelndes the
industrial and school parades, speeches
by prominent citiztns, a balloon ascen
sion and a grand centennial concort
E. B. DennUon, Grand Treaaurer, Dies
at Olean.
Olean, N. Y., S'pt. 13. E. R. Den
nison, of Olean, N. Y., grand treasurer
of tbe Select Knights, died, or commit
ted suicide at Buffilo this evening.
He is said to huve been over $1,000
short in bis accounts, and his arrest
was asked for by the Buffalo police,
who thought be had left that place for
Olean, when later developments showed
that be was dead. He leaves a widow
and three children bore.
The Noted Strike Leader Confers
With the Brothorhood at
IlARRiSBURa, Spt. 13 Tbe Brother
hood of Locomotive Firemen were in
session but a short time this morning,
an adjournment having bsen taken to
allow tbe committees to consider the
important suggestions nnd recommen
dations contained in the various re
ports submitted by the general officers,
These committees will probably not be
ready to report until tomorrow.
Strong resolutions were adopted at
the" morning session endorsing certain
amendments to existing laws in
the interest of labor whish are now be
ing considered by tbe New York con
stitutional committee in session at
Albany, and encouraging the cham
pions of labor wbo have charge of these
Eugene V. Debs did not attend the
convention this morning, but met a
lsrge number ot the delegates at his
rooms at the Loohiel hotel.
The Mexioin Revolutionist Manajlng- a
Chinees Store la Costa Rica.
Corpus Christi, Tcx. Sopt 13.
Cadet J. M. Lubo, ot the United States
navy, stationed at Port Limou, Costa
Rioa, writjs that be has seen Catarino
E. Garza in that place. Garza is man
ager ot a Chinese store and not a lead
ing officer of the Costa Rican govern
ment, as was reported.
Three years ago Q.xtz gained a na
tional reputation by filibustering on
Texas soil, while claiming to be the
head of a gigantio revolution, which
was to overthrow President Diaz, of
BiQieat for the Founding- of an Asylum
for ffl oted.
San Francisco, Sept 13 Tbe will
of the late Jqse De Litvega, the Santa
Cms millionaire, has been filed for
probate her. Its most important pre
vision is a bequest for tbe founding of
an asylum for the blind, dumb, lame,
paralytic and aged people of both
sex es.
For this purpose Sun Francisco real
estate valued at more than $000,000 is
bequeathed as a sustaining fund,
John E. Drlnkhouse an Independent
Candidate for Congress.
Stroudsburo, Pa., Sept. 13. John
E. Drinkbous, of Eis'on, has come
out as an independent Democrat can
didate for congress iu the Eighth dis
trict. He to-day made application bere for
nomination papers.
Master car painters are in annual con
vention at Buffalo, N. Y,
Christopher Jarrett a Mexican war
hero, is dying in a 'Frisco hoipital.
nnldiDg up a stage near Congress, Ariz.,
two bandits got IjUO worth of booty.
The post office clerks will bold their next
annual convention at St. Paul, Minn.
Silver counterfeiters are numerous in
Baltimore aud several arrests have been
Over 15,000 acres of Kentucky coal laud
has been bought by a Baltimore syndicate
for $5, WO.
An apturned boat in Lake St. Louis,
Que., told the fato of Joseph Taylor, of
Beaconsfield, and two companions.
Threatened with arrest for abusing his
family, Morris Gipple, formorly a success
ful New York salesman, took poison.
Judge J. L. Snodgrass was chosen by
his associates on the bench aa chiof jus
tice of the supreme court of Tennessee.
Ill hpalth caused Seymour Harris, ex
editor of the Shannon City (la.) Sun,
to shoot himself at North Yuklma, Wash.
By a full from the eighth story or the
Minneapolis Tribune building, Frederick
Budweiser and J, Linder were fatally
As reforce, Edward Jacoh, of New
York, will take evidence lu Kuebne Beve
ridge's divorce case against Actor Charlej
After spending two yoars iu Maysvillo
(Ky.) ronveut, Miss Josephine Buchmau.of
Now York, escaped in disguise, with her
brother's aid. ,
Within a day after Moses Cbristopbor,
colored, outraged little Morel! Carter, near
Bowling Green, Ky., he was arraigned,
tried, convicted and sentenced to ueath on
Nov, 14. '
Van Buran Triplar, of Chicago, and Ed
ward Mines, of Mt Clemens, Mich., notor
ious bunco men, have benn caught at Day
ton, O., where they knocked down a China
man ana robbed him of 1300,
Pittstoa's Council Decides to Pave
Street with Sliest Asphalt.
Councilman Tigue Sheds Light on the
Mannerln Which the Decision Was
Reached, and It Is Probable That
Some of the Financial Brokers of
That Town Will Be Called Upon to
Explain Matters in Court.
Flecial to the Scranton Tribune,
Pittston. Pa, Sent. 13.
r FTER two months of flatulent
A wangling and reerimination,
the council of this borough to
il u night came to a temporary con
clusion with reference to street paving.
By a vote of 7 to 1 it was decided to
award the contrast for 44,000 square
yards of new paving to the Barber
Asphalt company. The contract cills
rorraorethau this; but 44,000 square
yards are what the borough will nave
to pay for. They will have to pny at
the rate of $2.24 per square yard, if to
night's aotion staudd. But its standing
ie in doubt. Those who know, Intimate
that boforo tbe job is ended some mem
bers will be lying prostrate "outside
the breastworks." if not clad in stripes.
Conncilman Donnelly led tbe as
phalt forces. His resolution to award
tbe contract to tno Barber comoany
called forth a spirited debate, but it
was curried by tbe votes of Donnelly,
Reap, Clifford, Lynett, Knowles and
Patrick Maloney, the member from
Oregon. Conncilman Hennigan, see
ing resistance was useless, voted aye
also, President Mangan voted nay.
Conncilman Kourney refrained from
committing himself, and Councilman
Tigne was absent with the firemen who
went to Wilkee-Baere during the day.
money freely offered.
The Citizens' Advisory commute,
which has encouraged the street paving
roform through all its devious pro
cesses, on Wednesday afternoon almost
unanimously recommonded the selec
tion ot vitrified brick. Public senti
ment, too, as nearly as can be ascer
tained, is in favor of briek pave. But
brick pave was not adopted, despite tbe
fact that it was the council's original
Councilman Tigne, the ehegetio pro
prietor of tbe American house, got
wotd at Wilkes-Barre how things were
going and took the first car back. He
reached the council room too late to
vote, bnt when the vote was an
nounced, be stld. in front of Glick's
drug store, and in the presence of R.
B. Cutler, John Connell, Charles
Curry, School Director M. J. Brennan,
J. M, Fahy and more than a aeore of
others, that he bad Intended to vote
for tbe lowest reliable vitrified brick
hid, as a matter of publio duty; but
that, had he cared to bave accepted
bribes, he conld have made a good sum
of money by voting for asphalt.
"Within the past few days," con
tinued Mr. Tiguu, "I was approached
by a representative of tb nsnhalt com
pany who offered me $500 'spot cash
for my vote aud said 'ther'd be more in
it' if bis side carried. At another
time a fellow councilman, whose name
I am prepared to ttivn to the proper
parties, offered me $000 to vote for as
phalt, and said that tlier-) would be
$1,000 in it only that $100 had to be
given to a certain third party. Further
than that, I was offered $000 by a
prominent man to vote for the Hol
lowood brick pave. This man is a
borough official and I am prepared to
make my affllavit, stating the. full
names, if it is desired."
Theso'names are in The Tribune's
possession. They are witheld pending
the drawing up of paptrs necessary
to a rigid investigation. That money
was used on council would seem to be
a reasonable inference from this testi
mony; but positive proof will be plaoed
in the proper bands before many days
nnd a turning of the calcium light may
be expeoted.
Old Line Democratio 8uitar Planters Or
ganialng- Against Their Party.
New Orleans, S pt. 13 The bolt
ing sugar planters from the Demo
cratio party and a great many of the
old line Republicans held a meet
ing yesterday in Plaquemine parish,
at Point la Haclie, near the borne
of ex-Governor Warmoth. There were
about 300 bolters, Republican negroes
and about 100 Democrats in the meet
ing. The meeting was called for the
purpose of discussing the situation in
sugar, but turned . out to be a straight
Republican meeting got up by the bolt
ers in order to organize the party in
the First congressional district.
Two special trains were run down
from New Orleans, nnd the ride, to
friends, was free. The meeting was
lively, James Wilkinson, brother ot the
collector ot the port and a bolting
planter, addressed tbe meeting, coming
out squarely for tbe R 'publican party.
Attorney Ganetal Hoosel Ie Pooh
Bah HoCarty.
Harrisbdro. Sept. 13 Attorney
Gdneral Uensel is after Davis MeCiirty,
the burgess aud postmaster of New
Kensington, Westmoreland county,
who is one and the same person.
He has instituted quo warranto pro
ceedings to oast McUarty from the of
fice of burgees.
An Armed Body Gone to Capture Sus
pected Bango-Riders.
De Beqob. Col, Sept. 13 The re
ported killing of 5 .000 sheep at the
Book Cliffs is verified, both us to the
number and detail. It is estimated by
some that 600 men would bs required
to do tbe work in the short time re
ported. The sheepmen bave armed in
a body and goue to the scene of the
The abject ot the expedition is re
ported here to be the capture of eertain
range riders who bave been employed
on adjaoent territory, whom they sus
pect of having been implicated in the
destruction of the sheep. They are re
ported to bave declared that they in
tend to hang these suspects or oompel
them to divulge the names ot their
The Boy Stolen on the Street at Putnam
While Going- to School,
Putnam, Conn., Sept. 13. Clarence,
the 10 year-old son ot Ferdinand
Ward, of Grant & Ward fame, living
with his uncle, Fred D. Gser, at
Thompson, was kidnapped at 9 o'clock
this morning in a publio street while
on his way .to sohool, by two men in a
carriage, wbo drove towards the Mas
sachusetts line on a deserted road,
tbe boy soreaming lustily.
Ward hss tried several times to get
peaceful possession of the child. The
Ward boy eomes into possession of a
trust fund of $80,000 when of age,
which sum was left him by bis mother.
Shocking Tragedy at Lebanon tylrs.
Garrett Murdered by Her
Lebanon, Sept. 13. Mrs. Charles
Garrett was murdered here at 9 o'clook
this morning by her husband, wbo cnt
ber throat from ear to ear. Garret
had just been released from the eastern
penitentiary, after serving three and a
half years for assaulting Israel Light,
and arrived here from Philadelphia at
midaight. He mot a number of old
time companions who told him that
dnring his Incarceration his wife bad
been unfaithful.
Mrs. Garrett lived at Third and
Chestnut streets, and she was standing
at the doorway when her husband
came down the street. She nttered a
scream of terror and run. He followed
and caught her in the yard of a neigh
bor. Grabbing ber by the hair he bore
her to the ground, and whipping ont a
ruzor threw it from ear to ear. She
staggered a few feet, when she fell iu a
bloody pool and expired. Ths murder
was witnessed by several persons, but
they seemed powerless to interfere.
This aftornoon three men were ar
rested at Pine Grove, and it was be
lieved that one of them was the mur
derer. He gave bis name as William
Garrett and answered the description
of tbe husband. It was expected that
he would be brought in on tbe after
noon train, bnt tho offiaers tailed to
arrive with him and 400 people wbo
had gathered at the depot were disap
Mrs. Garrett was but 31 years of age
and possessed of considerable beauty.
Garrett waa a worthless fellow.
They Boh and Murder FtaoeaWe Citi
zens and Seek Border Towua,
Oaxaca, Mexico, Sept. 13 Late of
ficial advices from Chiapas state that
tbe troubles on the Guatemalan border
are growing more serious, and the in
dications are favorable for bloodshed
unless tbe two governments come to
some understanding us to what shall
be done with the b.tndsof brigands aud
cut-throats, wbo make the border coun
try their rendezvous, aud war espec
ially upon the pauceaole citizens of tbe
two countries.
Several villages nlong tbe border in
tbe Republio of Guatemala have boon
attacked and sacked by these outlaws,
nnd many murders and other outrages
committed by them.
Cleaves' Mojjrlty Approach Iflf Forty
Augusta, Me., Sept. 13. Chairmtn
Mauley today announced the official
resnlt of the election in a tviogrntn to
Governor. Mr. Manloy 8'iys that the
completed returns show that 107,240
votes were cust and that Governor
Cleaves' majority is 33.428. Oyer 5,000
defective vote cast were not ooun ted.
The Republicans eleot every senator
and all hut four members of the hmiu
of representatives.
Bevlval of the Rumor Seye Hie Nomi
nation Will Occur in Doembar.
New York, Sept. 13 A cablegram
from Rome to the Herald says; It is
stated that tbe pope will bold a con
sistory in Deoembjr, at which Mgr.
Satolli, the papal ablegate in tbe
United States, will be nominated a
It is expected that Cardinal Gibbouti
and possibly Archbishop Corrigan wil!
be present at tbe consistory.
A London syndicate is said to be buyiug
tbe old Baring stock.
Tbe now issuo of Panama Canal stock is
expected to carry on the work for eighteen
Tbe sultan of Turkoy and the Khedive
of Egypt are said to be on far from friend
ly terms.
Inoculation with Dr. Haffkine's cholera
vims failed to save soldiers during the
epidemio at Lockuow.
Bocnnsn of bis bitter criticism ot the
authorities of Cairo. Pietro Ouarnierl, an
Italian editor, hat boon expelled.
Ex-Postmaster General James, of Now
York, waa banquuted at London by repre
sentatives of ocean steamship lines.
Holland's government aunounres that
"a friendly power" has oiToied to help tbo
Dutch with troops in the subjugatiou or
Tbe toast of Emperor Francis Joseph, of
Austria, at tbe imperial banquet, at Lem
berg, to his "dear friend, the czar," was
londly cheered.
The acceptance of Thomas Sexton of the
position of resident commie doner for the
board of education, is likely to canse a
fresh disturbance in tbe Irish party.
Washington, Sept. 13. For
eastern 'ennsycanta, generally
fair; sUiwly rising temperature;
eastwindi. For wenturn I'ennsvl-
tania, thowers in early morning, followed
by fair, tovthcaat winds.
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