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. The strength of Cleveland's
baking powder comes from pure
cream of tartar and soda only. It
effervesces more slowlv than
powders containing alum, ammonia
or tar' fc acid. -
To have the best result
the oven should not be too hot,
and it is not necessary to hurry the
dough into the oven.
Cleveland Halting Powder Co.,New Tork,
Suocessor to Cleveland Urotliers.
Norrmanfi Moore
120 Wyoming Avenuo
Hare your COLLARS starched to tk atl
way, hen yon can hare them done with toft
VUable Buttonhole! lor TWO CENTS KACH.
New and
Very Choice
Line of
Mears & Hagen
415 Lacka. Ave.
If you want
Carpets. Draperies,
Wall Paper or Window
Shades, come to us.
We have a full line of
goods, and our prices are
very low.
Williams k lilcAoultf
127 Wyoming Ave.
The Girls Friendly society of St. Lake's
church, gave a pleasant social on the lawn
at the church last night.
Professor A. Gross, for years organist at
St. Peter's cathedral, has opened a musical
studio in the rear of 718 Adams avenue.
The regular weekly prayer meeting of
tne renn Avenue Baptist church will be
held this week on Friday evening. Wo
service on Wednesday night.
The sacred cantata entitled "Bethany"
will be given a few weeks hence in the
Simpson Methodist Episcopal chnrob. The
cantata la under the supervision ot Profes
sor wunam J ones.
William Connell yesterday purchased a
strip of land having a frontage of fifty feet
on Washington avenue, alongside of the
building recently erected by him, which is
occupied by BUI and Connell. The pur
chase was made from the Alfred Gil more
The young women who frequent the
lunch rooms of the Young Women's Chris
tian association have been enjoying the
noon service wbiob Mr. Bliss has con
ducted. Today at 18 o'clock Mr. Btebbins
will conduct a praise service and wll 1 siog
several selections. AU young women are
Isaac Mills, teamster for A. M. Ather
ton, of Providence, met with an accident
in returning from Dickson City yesterday,
caused by the running away of the horses,
The wagon npset and was smashed, and
the driver seriously bruised about the
head. Dr. Kennedy, of Prlceburg, dressed
the wounds and he was shortly after
conveyed home.
On Sunday afternoon Bauer's band will
give a sacred concert at Laurel Hill park
and among the numbers that will thrill
the visitors are Rossini's "Stabat Mater"
and "Zampa Overture," whioh is the
piece played by the band at the recent
musical festival at ths park and for which
a prize of 1300 was offered. The concert
may be postponed if the weather is unfav
orable and in the event ot sunshine provis
ions are made for accommodating several
thousand visitors.
Two months ago Henry H. Bursohell, a
West Side milk desler, was driving down
Spruce street in his van, which was struck
by a Providence street ear at the Intersec
tion of Wyoming avenue. The collision
threw him from the wagon and he struck
heavily on the curbing, head foremost.
The Injury was so painful that he has not
recovered from its effects yet. Yesterday,
through his attorney, E. C. Newcomb, he
began a trespass suit, claiming damages in
the sum of 15,000.
The committee of councils, especially
appointed to investigate the Frsble charges
against South Side members, will meet at
the municipal building to-night. Mr.
Frable has been requested to be present,
fcince the committee was appointed it has
made several ineffectual efforts to secure
Mr. Frable't attendance. If he fails to
attend this evening it is probable that ths
committee will report no evidence and the
matter will be dropped. Members Laaer,
Tbomat and McCaun are the select body's
representation, and tnembers Golden.
Rogers and Simoo Thorns, the common
council's part oX the committee.
A Gospel service will be held at the
South Side Young Women's Christian
association Tuesday evening, at 8 o'clock,
led by Rev. G. L. Aldrion, of Grace
church, to which all women are invited.
A song service of interest will preeede the
meeting.- The gymnasium classes at the
association rooms will open the first week
iu October, nnder Miss Sbardlow, ot Brook
lyn, All wlshiug to enter these olasses are
requested to leave their names with the
secretary. Miss bbardlow will take
measurements this year and give only
those exercises as will strengthen each
pupil. The terms will be as easy as one
conld desire.
Pabst's Milwaukee Bksr, cool and
sparkling, at Lob man's, Spruce street
Young; Psopls Batsrtalnsd at the Bolsa
One of the largest and most enjoy,
able young people's parties ot the early
season was that given last night by
Mrs. H. M. Boies for Henri Oernean,
of Si. Louis, Mo., the Yale friend of
her aod, Joseph Boies.
The large reeeption parlors were
olearsd and crashed for dancing, and
were beautifully decorated with ex
quisite vari solored roses tastefully ar
ranges:, me Droaa piazza was lighted
by red and bine ineandescsnts. Prome
nading was enjoyed in the large con
servatory. Musio was furnished tor
dancing by Baner, and Huntington
served the refreshments.
Among the guests were
The Misses Archbald, Augusta Archbald,
Mudd, St. Louis; Plerson, Law, PltUton;
Gearbart, Finch, Anderson, Kingsbury,
(trace Kingsbnrv, Mary Besssll, Jones,
Mott, Eveline Gilmore, Simpson, Kauf
inann, Torrey, Bessie Torrey, Sherer,
Pecnypacker, Banley, Margaret lianley,
Wintou, Hunt, Gould, Seneca Falls, N, Y.;
Blair, Phelps, Matthews, Alice Mat
thews, William, Jay and - Band;
Messrs. Blair, Archbald, Jessup, Wolf,
Windsor Decker, Bevan Decker, Beliu,
Wa'ker, Fry, Moffat, Ed and James Gear
hart, Merrill, Theodore and Ezra Connell,
belden Kingsbury, Johnson, Percy, Mott,
Fred Piatt, John and George Brooks, Moi
timer Fuller, Frank Fuller, Fred Fuller,
Theodore Fuller, Torrey. Banley, Willis
and Harry Klrkpatrick, Jamie Handerson,
Edward Sanderson, Everett Hunt, Albert
Hunt, Jones, Knapp, South Norwalk,
Conn. '
That laughable creation of Charles H.
Boyt, "A Texas Steer,', will be seen at the
Academy of Music to-night. The plays of
Charles B. Boyt are always warmly re
ceived in this city, but none of them is a
greater favorite than "A Texas Steer."
James B. Jfackie's new play, "The Side
Show," which will be the attraction at the
Academy of Mnsio Thursday evening, is
said to be one of the most amusing come
dies known to the modern stage. It deals
with life as it exists at the present day in
the town of Georgetown, Muss., where
the scene is laid, especially on circus day.
"The Side Show" tells a coherent story,
which is carefully adhered to throughout
the play. It serves as an excellent me
dium for the introduction of many pleas
ing specialties. Be has gathered to bis
support a very strong coterie of come
dians, acrobats, singers and dancers,
whose efforts to please prove highly satis
factory. The ensemble of the company
consists ot the following well known ar
tists: George Topack, George Steele,
Waldo Whipple, George Turner, John T.
Hanson, Walter Phillips, B. E. Mosler,
Louise Sanford, Kittie Gilmore, Laura
Ashby, M'lle Addle, Nellie Russell and
James B. Mackie, the only Grimesoy, Me
t t t
In the galsxy surrounding Mr. Keene are
the following well-known people: t-dwin
Ardeu, Frank Bennig, Carl Ahrendt,
Thomas Eagleson, George Buckler, Lawrence-
Lowell, Lillian Lawrence, Gene
vive Beaman, Juliette Downs and Mrs. S.
A. Baker. Mr. Keene will be seen at the
Academy of Music on Monday evening
next in "Richelien," a powerful and en
tertaining drama from the fertile pen of
Bulwer Lytton. The flue acting of Mr.
Keene is well known to Scrantonians, the
easy manner with which he handles the
different and difficult role commands the
admiration of all. The company, as seen
above, is a strong one, and thoroughly
competent to srive ''Kicbelieu" its proper
interpretation. Every attention will be
given the little minor details which often
make a performance so delightful. This
promises to be the dramatic evect of ths
season. Sale of seats will open at the box
office on Friday morning at V a. m.
Naturalization papers were yesterday
issued to Stephen Uall, Erica Audrlen and
John Brown, .
Marriage licenses were Issued yesterday
by Clerk of the Courts John H. Tbomas to
John B. Jones and Jennie Probert, of Oly
phaut; John F. Joyce and Kittie Mahon,
of this city.
The Dunmore Gas and Water company.
through Attorneys Watson & Diehl, began
equity proceedings yesterday against the
Moosie Mountain Coal company and the
Muosic Mountain Water company.
The hardware firm of Foote & Shear, of
this city, yesterday began an action in re
plevin against Thomas Kutules for the
value oi one cook stove ueiainea Dy ae
fendant, which is claimed by the plaintiff.
T. E. Davis. P. F. Griffin and J. D.
Riobard, co-partners in the firm of Davis
& Grimn, began in the orace or rrotnono
tary Pryor yesterday additional assumpsit
suits against three insurance companies,
namely, the Niagara Fire Insurance com.
f any, of New York, for $500; the Reliance
nsurance company, of Philadelphia, for
13,500; and the Firemen's Fund Insurance
company, or San Francisco, lor ?a,uuu.
Of Business and Shorthand.
The best business since the college was
Both sessions largely attended.
This year a large number of people find
it inconvenient to pay lor the scholarship
on entering. The management has set
aside a fund of $5,000 to accommodate
those who wish to pay on the instalment
Persons interested are Invited to calL
F. E. Wood, Principal
Miss Hardsnbsrsh'a Pianoforte fchool
TAnnnna Mnnrtnv fl.nL 17 A thnrnnrvhlv
high grade school for the study ot the
pmuu-iuriiv, luoury, uonnuoy, musical His
tory and analysis; in the famous Mason
system ui ivcumcs, v lrgii rraciice uiavier
aim tue mguer art oi musical interprets
A special training course for teachers.
437 Wvomins avenue.
Oxford. Bagster, International and
family Bibles. Pratt's Book Store.
' It' a Go.
The great sale of Binghamton shoes at
the 6- lire's shoe store. Regular prices are
cut square in two. Don't miss this chance
to set some oi the bargains.
would like to have engagements for Sep-
temDerana uctoDer. itererence rrom aoc
tors. Mrs. Thiku
223 Penn avenue.
City and Sobool Taxes, 1894.
The city and school tax duplicates for
the year 1884 are now in my hands for
collection. Persona wishing to pay can do
so now, or any person requiring state
ments of taxes by giving ward and loca
tion of property wll) be promptly
R. G. Brooks. Cltv Treasurer.
Municipal building, Washington avenue.
Office hours from (am, to o D. to., ex
cept Satuurday, this office will be closed
at noon. -
Was the Subject of Evangelist Moody's Im
pressive Appeal Last Night.
Farewell Address Will Ba Delivered
at the Elm Park Church To-night.
An Eloquent Address on "The Holy
Spirit" Was Given in the Afternoon.
Will Be Continued This Afternoon.
Plans for the Future.
Mr. Moody resumed his services yes
terday, when he addressed a large
gathering; at Elm Park ehnrch at 3 p.
ra bis snbjest being the "Holy
Spirit." Messrs. Stebbins and Caswal-
Ion Davies again conducted tbe pre
ceding musioal services. Mr. Moody
in his address said :
There are two scenes nrominent in mv
life which I hope I will never forget as
long as I live. The first was when! was
born of tbe Holy Spirit end the second
when God baptised me with tbe Boly
Ghost in 1871 and as I believe annotated
me for bis service. Life since then as well
as the work, has been altogether differ
ent. I was an older man in 1871 than I am
now and feel myself set tin it younger ev
ery day.
You bear of ministers brsaking down
from overwork. It I were to ask the au
dience "What did Christ come to the
world forf ' almost every child could read
ily answer that he came to seek aud save
that which is lost, but if I ask what is tbe
work of the Holv Ghost a large number
of the audience would be bewildered and
confused. Tbe Father, the Son and the
Boly Ghost each have their own work,
and the work ot the SDirit is to convlnoe
people of their sin. People like to be flat
tered and to be told of their good points,
but they cannot appreciate being told of
their weak points, their failures or faults,
and that is tbe reason why people do not
like the meetings when the Spirit ot God
manifests itself. Let us preach the gospel
and tbe Holy Spirit will do the rest.
If an aneel from heaven came down to
preach be would not convince siuners of
their sins and wickedness aud men have
no power to do so, it is tbe work of the
n oly spirit. let us Keep that in mind.
We sometimes see a man rise from the
meetings in an angry mood and slam the
dood behind him. (I prefer that to those
who come up and' thank you for the ser
mon and then forget all about it as soon
as they get Into the street. The first man
dm beeu convicted of bis sin and has seen
his wickedness.
Mr. Moodv then enumerated the
work of the Holy Spirit as follows:
After conversion it sheds the love ot
God abroad In the heart; imparts hope;
gives liberty; of Jesus Christ;
"tie shall teach yon all things and
guide into all truth In tbe latter end
of bis address Mr. Moody mads a tern-
no onslaught on tobacco smokers, in
tbe following terms-
I am now going to hurt the feelings of
some or you, but 1 am going to say what
1 honestly believe. If these bodies of ours
are going to be kept sweet, no child ot God
ought to be saturated with tobacco. Why
make a smoke stack or yourselves? Give
up the bablt for Christ's sake, and you will
have more power and influence to work in
his cause.
At the conclusion of his address the
evangelist invited all to stay for an
hour s prayer meeting; and asked those
wbo did not care to do so or who were
not able to remain to walk ont quietly
while a nymn was otine sung. The
majority of tbe audience remained in
response to the invitation.
As a result of the invitation, 800 peo
ple adjourned to tbe basement when
Mr. Moodv engaged! In a general con
versation, and fifty came forward and
signed the eards pledging themselves
to tbe Christian faith.
Io the evening Mr. Moody addressed
tbe male portion of his audience in
compliance with an invitation whicb
be bad Issued, and arrangements were
made whereby tbe body of tbe Elm
Park church auditorium was reserved
exclusively for the men, ths ladies being
seated in tbe gallery. All the availa
ble seating aeoommodation was occu
pied. Tallie Morgan conducted ths
singing, while Mr. Stebbins accom
panied and contributed some of his ex
cellent solos.
Rev. Warren G. Partridge announced
an offtrtory in aid of tbe expense of
tbe mission, Mr. Moody hoped tbe
audience would give liberally as they
did not want the money, it would be
spent in Seranton. Mr. Bliss sod Mr.
Bcnivera wouia continue to bold the
mission services until Out. 1. Couven
(ton after convention had been held to
decide tbe question as to how they
could reach tbe masses, and be was
sure from bis experience that tbe tent
meeting was tbe best means. If but
100 tenls were arranged, about 600,000
people could be rsaehed by tbeir meet
lugs. He hoped that this was but the
beginning of a great work that was
going right through the country. When
Mr. Schivera arrived, meetings would
wonld be held in Providence. In de
livering bis address Mr. Moody opened
py saying:
I have three texts, one Is a question, the
other is an exhortation and the last is a
command. Some men have a great Cbrlt
and others have a little Christ it is just as
yon make Bim to be. A great many, upon
the advent of Christ, followed 11 im for
what they could get, and they were ths
disappointed ones. Some thought Be Was
a temporal King ana expected cmces, sucb
as postmaster, secretary ot state, etc.. and
when they found that Be was a spiritual
king they left Bim. Others went for
curiosity to see what He bad to say,
Others went after the loaves and fishes
and did not care for the pure doctrine Be
hsd bronght from heaven. Another class
followed Him to engage Bim in theological
discussions lias higher criticism or to make
Bim blasphemy. Another class slmnlv
followed the crowd and couldn't give the
reason why, and here and there a man
sought Bim for what He was.
Through all the 1,800 years human na
ture bad not changed and such a crowd
can be found in Seranton and tbe same
motives which animated the crowd in
these days have prompted many of yon to
be present tonight. If I could only get at
Jour consciences and knew the real reason
would find that some have come to hear
the singing,- they are;the people who don't
like a sermon; soms have come to please
their wives; another man has come because
his mother entreated bim to.
' Today Mr. Moody will continue his
excellent address upon "Tbe Holy
Spirit" at 8 p. m. at ths Elm Park
church, and will also speak at the even
ing meeting at 7.80 p. m, Evsngeliat
Bliss will eonduct the meetings at the
gospel tent, Hyde Park, at 7.80 p. m.
Mr. Bliis is very well satisfied with
the large audienses in ths gospel tent,
notwithstanding the thousands who
attend ths Elm Park chnrob to hearMr.
Moody, and states that it speaks well
of the great interest taken by Scranton
isns in the mission serviocs that auoh
large congregations are gathered to
la ther at tbe same time. '
Evsngslist Sobivsra it taking a few
days' rest and is expected t'i commence
bis duties on Sunday next in the new
tent wblsh will be located in the oity.
Mr. Moody will not conduct the mis
sion services aftw today and will de
liver his last address at the Elm Park
church this evening.
The Nw Kaaacemsnt Will Assume
Control next Monday.
Next Monday the Seranton Times
will pass from tbe bands of the present
ownership to the control of Messrs,
Bell and Hudson, two experienced
rniiaaeipbta newspaper men.
Under the new regime tbe readers of
the Times will be supplied with full
telegraphic servioe and aa interesting
supply of local and suburban nsws.
The Times will continue to espouse tbe
canse of Democracy.
Mr. Bell is now In this city busily en
gaged in perfecting all the details ot
Miss Battle Reynolds, ot Decker's court
is visiting friends at Binghamton. N. Y.
The Druid Glee society will have an im
portant meeting this evening in Doug
herty's ball.
Mrs. David James, of Ecklev. has re-
turned home from a visit with West Bide
William Riley, a driver in the Hyde Park
sbaft, had his jaw broken on Monday by a
kick from a -mule. Bis home is on the
South bide.
The members of the Simpson church
choir are requested to meet in tbe church
on Wednesday evening to rehearse for tbe
cantata "Bethany." Professor Jones is
The following programme will be ren
dered at the entertainment and drawing
for the benefit of Abram Thomas this
evening in Mears' hall: Selection, Druid
glee party; solo, Edwin Bowen; recita
tion, Charles Cadogan; solo, Mrs. David
Lewis; bass solo, Philip Warren; solo,
David Stephens; recitation, Charles
Cadugan; duet, Mrs. Lewis and Mrs.
At an earlv hour yesterday morning
Mrs. Elizabeth Roberts, an sued lady re
siding with bor daughter, Mrs. Rosser
Reynolds, in Decker's court, was found
dead in bed. Mrs. Roberts retired to bed
tbe evening before in comparatively good
health. She did not disturb any of the
family during the night, or complain of
any illness. Yesterday morning her
daughter went to her room with the pur
pose ot waking her and was shocked to
find her dead. Coroner Kelly was sum
moned but found that an inquest would be
unnecessary as aeatn was aue to heart
failure. Mrs. Roberts was born In Wales
and was about- 63 years of age. She has
several married children residing in Car-
Donaaie ana on tne west mae. me iu
neral announcement will appear later.
Impressive services over the remains
of the late Charles Phillips, who was killed
on Saturday last in the Delaware, Lack
awanna and Western yards, were con
ducted by Rev. A. W. Cooper, pastor of
the Bampton Street Methodist Episcopal
church at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon.
A very large number ot friends gathered
at tbe family home, 817 Bampton street,
wnere tne services were neia. Liscxa
wanna lodge No. 95. Brotherhood of Rail
road Trainmen, were in attendance.
Among tne large number of floral offer
ings were two wreathes, one of which
bore the inscription "Charles.'1 Inter
ment was made in the Washburn street
cemetery. The flower bearers were R. H.
Matthews and George K Hammett; pall
bearers, W. B. Payne, John Harris, B, 8,
Ketchum, J. C. Peck. Samuel Beavers and
G. M. Wallace.
The regular meeting of the West Side
hoard of trade was held last evening in St.
David's hall William Farrell presided.
It was reported that Mr. Kirst had been
seen in regard to approaches to Fillmore
avenue, ana saia mat ne was now uuabie to
do anything. D. D. Evans suggested that
it more publio meetings were held on the
viaduct question it would probably be the
means ot creating more enthusiasm. The
petitions which were circulated will be
presented at the next meeting of councils,
Tbe viaduct committee was continued.
The matter of consolidation of tbe boards
of trade was brought up. It was thought
that if tbeir could be a general meeting of
tbe several city boards Quarterly they
could co-operate more successfully. The
viaduct matter was freely discussed, and
a second publio demonstration will no
doubt be held in the near future.
The persons who are interested in
the Seranton Oratorio society will
kindly meet the undersigned at tbe
inirteentn regiment armory on Thurs
day, Sept 13, at 8 o'clock. The ob
jects of the society will then be set
lortri by tne conductor.
All will be made welcome.
Richard F. Lindsay.
Dr. E. L, Xtatvaa.
Dr. Reeves, who is permanently located
at 412 spruce street, seranton. is perform
ing some wonderful cures and has already
gained the confidence of the people of
seranton ana vicinity. Having bad thirty
seven years of hospital and private prao-
tire aud tbe association of many "leadine?
lights" In his profession, he stands first
among the learned and experienced and
can and does treat successfully all acute
and cbroulc diseases or men, women and
children. Office hours daily from 9 a. m.
to 0 p. m. Consultation and examinations
rree io all.
Is This Tru.P
It was stated yesterday on good author
ity that a lending jeweler in this city bad
called a meeting ot his creditors to be held
the latter part ot this week, with a view
to arranging for an extension of time,
This will probably be granted, as the stock
is koown to be worth much more than the
Great Sals of Einghamtoa Shoes
opens at the 5-Bro.'s shoe store this morn
ing. It will be a red hot roaster from start
to finish, it will be a hammer and $1 will
do the business oi fj.
The &40.000 School Hons
fnr CnlnmhiA avAnnn hn hatn lnt anil will
be commenced immediately. There are
still a lew lots lert at a low price.
Arthur Frothinoham,
. Office, Theater Lobby
Bill books, memorandums, time books
and blank books, in stock or made to or
der. Pratt's Book Store.
ROBERTS In Seranton, Sept. 11', 1894,
Mrs. Elizabeth Roberts, at the residence
of Rosssr Reynolds, 519 Decker's court.
Funeral notice hereafter.
10 pound baskets, 25c,;
Fancy Del aware s, 25o.
Large, ripe Melons, 15c. to
20c. each.
Fancy Peaches
CHEAP. You buy di
rect if you buy of ua.
429 Lacka, Ave.
Mrs. Married to W. H. Thompson
on His Deatb Bed,
Mr. Thompson Clung Tenaciously to
Life Until Mrs. McQuade Secured
a Divorce at IO O'Clock Monday
Morning Their Marriage Followed
Immediately Afterwards and a Few
Hours Later the Groom Calmly
A romantio love story culminated
Monday in a decree of divorce issued
at 10 o'clock in the morning, a mar
riage at noon and the death of the
groom a few hoar's later. Tbe princi
pal aetors in the pathetlo story were
W. H. Thompson, last year s county
chairman of tbe People's party, well
known in this eltv's labor ciroles, and
Mrs. Mary E. McQuade, who became a
widow within three hours.
Tbe marriage osremony was per
formed by Rv. Warren O. Partridge,
of ths Penn Avenne Baptist shuroh, at
the bedside of the dying man in the
presence of a few friends and wit
nesses. It was the third time Mrs.
McQuade had become a wife.
Her maiden name was Miss Mary E,
Fry and soon after the deatb of her first
husband, named Bebrens, she was mm
ried to William J. MeQaade, Juue .10,
1889, by Rev. D. D. Spencer, then of the
Penn Avenue Baptist ohuron, and lived
with him at 83 Dana street, Wilkes.
Barre. McQuade deserted her Nov. 6,
1891, and has not been heard from
since. Soon after her desertion Mrs,
MeQaade came to Seranton and for a
time was a clerk in White s bakery at
825 Penn avenue.
During last year a strong bond of
friendship existed between her and
Thompson. He was foreman In the
printing establishment ot the People
company, and prior to that had edited
the industrial JNews, of which he was
tbe founder.
Mrs. MeQaade soon became known
as Mrs. Tnomosou. and his friends
suppossd Mrs. McQuade was his wife.
in December, through her next friend.
John Carlson, she instituted dlvoroe
proceedings against McQuade on the
ground of desertion. In June of the
present year ample proof was offered
that tbe defendant could not be found
and evidence was heard by Judge
Archbald, whose decree, granting the
woman complete release from her vows
to McQuade, was obtained only Mon
day morning at 10 o'clock,
Meanwhile, during the period of di
vorce proceedings, a disease bad fast
ened itself npon Thompson and he was
dying slowly but surely at bis home,
628 Forest court Mrs. MeQaade
nursed bim tenderly, submitted to
personal deprivations and made every
possible effort toward his comfort.
TbomDson anally really realized that
his life was in immediate danger, and,
wishing to ln-ike Mrs. McQuade bis
wife, solloited tbe assistance of Albert
B. Clay, wbo is associated with a loan
association and has an office in tbe
Dime Bank building.
Uu baturday Mr. Clay and others
knew that the sisk man's lease on life
wss short, and mane strenuous efforts
to obtain Mrs McQuaJe's divorce de
cree. However, owing to tbe interven
tion of Sunday thevnlued ppr could
lot oe secured nntu Monday morning.
Many men with less will power
would have died under tbe strain, bat
Thompson hung tenaciously to ths last
glimmer of mortality and spent tbe
morning praying for a few hours res
pite from death. With tbe Ink almost
undried on tbe favorable decree and
with scaresly strength to respond to
tbe clergyman's nuptial questions, he
became Mrs. McQaade's legal husband
at noon.
The form of bis will, lenvinz his
wire a nominal sum of insurance and
some real estate, bad been drafted.
Tbe dates were filled in, bis signature
attacnea, ana wiuin two hours Mrs
Thompson was a widow.
Thompson hss always been respect
ed, and, bis friends say, was a member
or tbe ttaptlst eburch and a professed
cnrisiian. mat Mrs. Thompson loved
i. t . . .
mm, mere is no aouoi.
Mr. Thompson was a member of the
Seranton Typographical union and
was held in high esteem by tbe mem
bers of that and other labor organiza
tions. His funeral will take placa to
day at 2 o'clock from bis late home.
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