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H Foe to Dyspepsia
And always have
Good Bread.
Tho Mopfnn Mill Pn
i nr i 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
r 1 I f M u
Punch Cigars
G.. B. 8c Co.,
tmprlntfltj on Eaoh Olgnr.
Carney, Brown & Co. Mflrs.
Dr. H. B. WARE
406 Spruce Street.
Miss Maggie Hawxhnrst bas returned
irom visiting friends In Montreal.
0. V. Terwilliger and Brloe Sicklor leave
tomorrow on tbelr wheels to .New xork.
A large force of men are now at work
relaying the street car track by the Wes
ton switch.
Hiss Ida Mitchell, of Pittston, has ac
cepted' a portion in Bmitn's oakery on
Capouse avenue.
Class No. 11, of the North Main avenue
mptist Sunday school, held a lawn social
Thursday evening.
The members of the Christian church
re having a new hot air furnace put in
position in the church.
The Loyal legion will meet In the
Women's Christian Temperance anion
room on Tuesday evening.
M. J. Qerrity and Enos Flynn went to
New York to meet Rev. P. J. McManus
and Rev. William O'Donnell.
Patrick Neary, of Mary stroet, chal
lenges James juoiuann to wrestle him at
irom lie pounds to 13S pounds.
The old court house is to be moved to
the corner of Main avenue and Court
street, and the ground sold for building
John Alexander was found sleoping off
nis arunK last Wednesday nignt in sweet
Gendeuer's yard, Aldormaa Iloran fined
lilra S3.
"The Cltiztnls "tmnd- accompaolnd, the
Joint excursion of the Knights of Pythias
and Knights of the Golden Eagle to Lake
Ariel yesterday.
Stephen O'Boyle and John Heffren ex
pect to leave Tuesday for Toronto whore
ther will resume their studies at St.
Michael's college.
The Bldewalk in front of the Griffin es
tate, on Providence road above Terwilli
ger's butcher shop, has been repaired by
Contractor Stansbury.
Over 250 couples, lod by Thomas F. Iloaley
and Miss Mary A. English, were in the
grand march at the Crystal Literary club
social laet Thursday evening in Company
H. Armory hall.
Tbe Ladies' Aid society of the Park
Place Methodist Episcopal church have
finished paying the portion of the church
building debt for which they promised to
raise the money.
The teachers of the Greon Ridge Presby
terian Sunday school will meet at the resi
dence of J. H. Fisher, on Washington ave
nue, at 7. 45 o'clock to review the Sunday
school lesson for tomorrow.
The Rev. Dr. Hawxhurst will preach In
tbe Park Place Methodist Episcopal
church tomorrow morning on tbe subject,
"Tbe Profitable Debt," and in tho evening
on "Lessons from the Forest Fires."
The Crystal Literary club social, held in
Company H armory ball Thursday night,
was a great success, over 250 couples being
in the grand march, which was led by
Thomas F, Uealey and Miss Mary A. Eng
lish. Tbe music was furnished by Miss
Kate Saltry.
The Green Ridge branch of the Women's
Christian Temperance onion will meet at
the League rooms at 615 Green Ridge
street next Friday aftornoon at 3 o'clock,
at which time it will be decifledTwhether
or not tbe nnion will sond a delegate to
tbe county convention to be beld in Mos
cow next Friday.
Ecranton's Business Interests,
TBI Tbiboni will soon publish a care
fully compiled and classified list of the
leading wholesale, banking, manufactur
ing and professional interests of Boranton
and vicinity. The edition will be bound
In book form, beautifully illustrated with
photogravure views of our pnblle build
ings, business blocks, streets, etc, together
with portraits of leading citizens. No
similar work has ever given an equil rep
resentation of Scranton's many indus
tries. It will be an invaluable exposition
of our business resources. Bent to
persons outside the city, copies of
this handsome work will attraot
new comers and be an nnequalled
advertisement of the city. The circu
lation is on a plan that cannot fail of good
results to those concerned as well as the city
t Jarge. Representatives of Thb Tribunb
will call upon tuobb whose namks
are desired in this edition and explain
Its nature more fully.
Those desiring views of their residences
In this edition will please kave notice at
the office.
Muslo Boxsi Exclusively.
Best made. Play any desired number of
tunes. Gantscbi & Sons., manufacturers,
10S0 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. Won
derful orohestrlal organs, only 15 and $10.
Specialty i Old muBio boxes carefully re
paired and improved with new tunes.
Sr. Gibbons,
of New York oity, will be in bis Soranton
office, 441 Wyoming avenue, every Mon
day from 8 in the morning until 8 in the
evening. j
Eat Bread made from Plllsbury's Best
and be healthy.
Bay the Web.r
and get tho best. At Guernsey Bros.
Coptinq books and presses.
Pbatt'b Book Stori.
Thi Success which Hood's Sarsaparilla
has bad in freeing old and young from af
flictions caused by, Impure blood is really
Hood's Pills are purely vegetable and
do not purge, pain or gripe. Hold by all
druggists. ,
Prize for tbe HnntlHg Song Divided Between
Scranton and Forest City.
Captured tho Two Hundred Dollar
Prize for tho Best Rendition of tho
Gloria Fully Four Thousand Per
sons Attended the Festival Last
Night-Results of tho Competitions
at Morning and Afternoon Sessions.
Officers of the Sessions.
The second day's proceedings of tbo
Laurel Hill eisteddfod opened yester
day with delightful weather. Judge
Edwards in fellotious terms introduced
as conduotor of tbo morning session.
Colonel F. J. Fitzsimmons, wbo made
a stirring speech.
In the first contest one oomDstltor
only appeared, viz. : John W. Jones,
or ueiievue, who was awarded f 12. Dr.
Parry reiterated bis regret at the laak
of competitors which bud been so con
spicuous. Two. oomp9titors entered
me welsh recitatiou contest, "Con
octacua' Soliloquy." and John H. Pow
ell divided the prlzs of $12 between the
two, David Williams, of Wilke-Barro,
and Bn Griffiths, of Hyde Park.
A nomas Darlington, of Dulwicb,
London, was introduced by Judge El
wards and addressed the audience upon
the Welsh nationality and remarked
that wherever Englishmen went
they organized borss racing, bnt Welsh
men ereotpd obapels sad promoted eis
teddfods. Judge Edwards, speaking in Welsh,
in referring to tbo address, jooularly
remarked that Welsh was spoken in
tbe Garden of Eden until tbe tempter
came upon tbe scene and brought tbe
English language with him.
Four parties competed in tbequar
tetu "Madeline," prize $20, viz: Miss
Lydia Sayor , and party, Hyde Park ;
North End quartette ; David Ellas and
party, Plymouth, and Jobn T. Wat
kins and party, of Hyde Park. Tbe
prize was divided between the first and
tbird parties. Tbe morning session
concluded with tbe singing of the
Welsh national anthem, "Hen Wlad
fy Nhadan."
In the abssnoe of Mr, Beetem, Her
bert Y. Reese, of tbe Wilkes-Burro
Record, was elected president, and in
troduced A. J. Colborn, jr , tbe con
ductor of the afternoon session, who
delivered a magnificent oration on
"Musle and Its Charms," at the con
clusion of wbloh he was vociferously
Again but one eompetitor appeared,
namely, in tbe German party contest
of "WaldmorgoD," and the prize of
$100 was awarded to tbe Scranton
Leiderkranz through Its leader. Pro
fessor KoptT. Dr. Parry extolled their
singing and stated that they were
highly deserving of the prize.
In tbe oration on "Daniel Webster"
two contestants endeavored to seoure
the $23, wbloh Judge Edwards
awarded to Owen L. Lvans, of Wilkes-
barre, and paid a warm tribute to tbe
grace which was exhibltod by both
.Six ladies contested the honors of the
soprano solo, "The Promised Land,"
and after a keen eoinpotition the prize
of $12 was divided betweon Mrs. David
Lewis, Providnnee, and Sirs. Frank
Brundage. of iiyae Park.
The eontest la the rendition of the
contralto solo, "Guard My Beloved
Que," attracted six ladies who struggled
tor tbe nonors or the contralto cbam
plonsbip, Mrs. Mary J. Boston Wil
Hams being the snoeessful one. A
prize of $5 was privately handed to
Annie Morgan, of Providence, a very
little girl who displayed wonderful
qualities and the promise of a brilliant
voice during tbe contest.
Tbe cbief Interest of tho afternoon
attached to tbe male eborus contest.
the test piese being "The Martyrs of
tbe Arena, prize $150. Tbe following
three uhoruses ooinpated: The Druids,
of Hvde Park, thirty-eloht voioei. con-
duotor. Lewis Watklni; Wllkes-Barre
male oborus, twenty-seven voices.
Thomas C. Lewis conduotor: the
Gwents, of Eiwardsvllle, Oliver
Prydderch conduotor, thirty-seven
voices. Dr. Parry In giving his de
cision stated that tho first choir started
well; tenor red ted good and dramatio;
voices rich and hue: quartette good.
Second eholr, intonation not so fine as
first oboir; tenor recitative not so ef
fective; quartette good. Third oholr,
difficult passages very fine and drama
tio; tenor recital good; Quartette beau
tiful and most devotional. The prize
was inereiore awarded to tne upwards-
dale oholr.
All Soranton seemed to be gathered
together last night at tbe Laurel QUI
eisteddfod at tho closing session.
Fully 4,000 persons were assembled in
the huge semi olrcle when Llew Her
bert opened tbe meeting with tbe old
Walah mnif
Judge Edwards efhsjently dlschsrged
tbe duties of president and received a
roost eotbdslafltlo reception from bis
Four soloists entered tho lists in the 1
tenor competition, "Orpheus and HiVj
Lute," and the various offorts to cap
ture the $12 prize were highly appreci
ated by tbe audience. Edwin Bowen,
of Bellevne, was declared tbe winner.
Tbo Catbolio choirs' contest inter
ested a large seotion of tbe audience.
Tbe test piece selected was "Tbo
Gloria" from Mozart's Twelfth mass,
the sum of $200 being offered for tbe
best rendition. Tbe following three
choirs entered tbe musical arena: For
est City oholr led by Jobn L. Morgan ;
Father McMurray's choir. Dunmore,
14 by David John, and Ssranton
United Catholio society, led by John
T. Watklns.
In the case of the Dnnmore oholr a
protest was lodged against tbe mem
bers on tbe grouud that tli6y ware not
members of a Catholio choir. It was
found when tbe members were oonnted
by Judge Edwards that fifty-five were
on the stage and in compliance with
bis request five members were with
drawn, A protest wss also entered
against tbe Watklns choir 'on the
ground that they also were not mem
bers of a Catbolio oholr.
Dr. Parry gave an elaborate adjudi
cation and out of a possible 100
granted the following marks: Forest
City, 70; Dnamore, 88; Watklns, 04.
Mies Gwen Williams, a visitor from
Wales, sang "When tbo Heart Is
Yonng," sad was highly appreciated.
Tbe great event, however, of tbe
whole festival was . the great oboral
competition In which tbe committee
had offered the handsome prize of $000
tor the best rendition of the "Hunting
Bong" (Mendelssohn). Elaborate prep
arations had been made by six
choirs 'wbloh sang in tbs fol
lowing order; Forest City, united
oboir, conduotor, John L. Morgan;
Plymouth Choral union, John P.
Thomas, conduotor; Meadolssohnf. of
Hyde Park, William Evans, coaduoter;
Wllkes-Barre Choral society. Morgan
a Jones, conductor; Hydo Park Choral
society, Daniel Thomas, eondoeton
Worth uid unorai union, William W.
Davis, conduotor.
Amrd Intense oxoltement Dr. Parrv
delivered his decision and out of tho
100 marks possible granted the follow
ing marks: Forest City, 00; Plymouth,
71; Mendelssohns (Hyde Park), 03;
Willrai-Ta. (17. il-A. t.h.
Ti.i.,rv.ll.j V t , iauw i lift VUVI.I
society, 70; North End Choral union,
78. Tbe prize was therefore divided
between the Forest City ehoir and tbe
Mendelssohns, of Hyde Park.
Names of Veterans Wbo Will Leave To
day for Pittsburg.
Many members of Lieutenant Ezra S.
Griffin post, No. 130, Grand Army of the
Republic and tiiolr friends will leave on a
special. Delaware, Lackawanna and West
ern train at 1.80 o'clock this afternoon for
the national encampment of the Grand
Army at Pittsburg. Which will be In pro
gross during the lirst four days of noxt
week. The Thirteenth regiment drum
corps will accompany tbe veterans, whose
expenses will be reduced to a very small
sum by the use of the proceeds of their
excursion to Farview during the Seven
County reunion. The train will reach
Pittsburg tomorrow morning at e o'clock.
The following officers are expected to ac
company tbe post: bmith B. Mott, com
mander; J. R. Thomas, senior vice com
mander; A. R. Raub, junior vice com
mander; W. J. McDonald, officer ot the
day; F. P. Amsden, quartermaster; Rev.
N. F. Stahl, chaplain; A. W. Colony; ad
jutant; Dr. A. Van Cleft, surgeon; 8. Y.
Ilaupt, sergeant major: (i. L. Preston,
quartermaster sergeant. Following are the
names or tne post members wno win
make the trip: F. J. Amsden, T. II.
Allon, John Ammerman, F. F. Adams,
J. M. Armstrong, William Bluine,
M. Bumgartner, D. W. Brundage,
William Cohen. Choator Cammor, E. K.
Urothamel, T. II. Dibble, M. P. Daniels,
George Forest, Jobn Fern, George Goary,
N. M. Gardner, C. N. Graham, Samuel
Oress, J. II. Hoffman. Arthur Hitchcock.
U. C. Harrington. N. F. Hine, F. L. Hitch
cock, D. M. Jones, D. D. Jones, U. W.
Littoll, Anthony Lang, Moses Morey, J. J.
Murray, A. T. Miller,T. G. Morgan, Sid
ney Miller, W.J. McDonnell, Charles Ma
Rovorn, L. J. Northrup, William Puhl, A.
P. Ruch, Jacob Keibert, Samuel Shoener,
J. 8. Short, Georgo fihultz, T. C. Hnover,
Thomas Thomas, J. W. Van Camp, Charles
Van Valen, John Westpfahl, W. J. Wil
liams. '
Eff.ot That Haa Been Froduoed at Gor
man's Grand Depot.
The show window of Gormans grand
depot on Wyoming avenue attracted much
attention lat evening. In It was a perfect
representation of the administration build,
ing at the World's fair. Tho structure
was wrought with buttons and spools of
thread by tbe doft fingers ot John Doyle,
the window dresser of tbe house.
The building it perfect in every detail,
evon tbo colors used in decorating that
noble pile which received bo much atten
tion at the fair having been reproduced by
the judicious use of different colored but.
tons and tread.
A background of white adds to tbe
beauty of the structure when illuminated
by electric lights at night. The work is a
compliment to Mr, Doyle's originality and
artistic taste.
Mrs. James Williams, of Jackson stroet,
is the guost of friends in Kingston.
The Bellevne Mine Accidental fund will
run an excursion to Lake Poyntelle this
Honry Smith, of Nebraska, has returned
homo after a visit with friends on .North
Sumner avenue.
Scranton Division, No. 00, Knights of
f ytnias, win visit if airview lodge or fo-
tersDurg tnis morning.
The members ot tbe Father Matthew
society of the West Side met last evening
in St. Paul's armory in uniform.
Hon. D. M. Jones, wife and dnugbter,wlll
loaye today on the Grand Army of the
Republio excursion to Pittsburg.
Mrs. T. H. Griffiths, of Wilkos-Barre,
called on ner sister, Mrs. jouu x. will
iams, of South Main avenue, yesterday.
Thomas Anthony, of North Filmore
avenue, and Miss May Robertson, of
North Robecca avenue, will bo married
next month.
The Welsh nows notes today contains an
item of interest to relatives ot Captain
Rogers and others formerly of Hyde Park,
but now or ratagonta.
The Iroquois dancing class has re-organized
and elected officers for the coming
season. They will bold their opening so
cial in Hears' ball on Oct. l.
The attention of the Fifteenth ward
councilman is called to the dangerous
crossing at the intersection of Hampton
atreot and south Alain avonne.
The Hyde Park Literary and Debating
society will have a special programme of
jvionuay evening, wnicn win consist or a
literary and musical festival which bas
been carefully arranged. We regret to
note that Emerson uwnn, who was ex
nected to recite "The Miser." will be una
ble to do so on account of bis eyes, which
are now Doing treated.
The vacanoy of principal at No. 14 school.
caused by tbe Inability of Prof. W. George
JAnvoll to teacn on account or a severe
affoctlon ot tho ryes which makes it im
possible for him to read, will he tilled by
Prof. H. L. Morgan. Mr. Morgan has
been among us for a long time and is ably
fitted for the position. He recently beld
a responsible charge in Wyoming Seminary
and was last year's principal at No. 83
This evening a farewell renentian will
be tendered to Evan R. Williams.' of
Hampton street, wno nas decided to take
a ministerial course, and will leave tbe
city noxt Tuesday for Marietta colldare.
Ohio. Mr. Williams will begin his career
in this line with the best wishes of his
numerous friends. The reception will be
held Ht the home of Miss Delia P. Evans
on South Main avenuo. Mr. Williams
will be accompanied to the college bv
John W. Davis who is vieitiog bis parents
Seldon Polhamus, of Winchester, Vs., is
visiting nis orotners sam and nuos.
Witb" the last three days business has
increase- almost doubio on tbe Delaware,
Liaoaawanna ina western.
Engineer Sam Polhamus says he wants
to sell bis place at Clark's Green and oome
to soranton to live among the people.
Complaint was made by the express com'
pany that peaches were carried and sold by
ran roan employees, tnorony saving express
charges.- On Thursday Detective 8. B.
Stillwell was ordered to investigate. The
result was 1W bushels were found on one
train and now tbe conductor bas a vac
tion. '
Seasonable SuBe-eatiODS
Perhana von mav not reAlizA if tint.
tumn is bore. Within the next few weeks
a change in tbe elemeuts must necessarily
tulrn n 1 a na Tf halinAit.. n 1 1
prepare for cold weather during tbe balmy
... T .1 1 ...1 1 !
una ui iuuinu Bummer wuuu HUtippuig
yusuiYe ueiigm. rmi nouie cleaning
bouse replenishing is as necessary as
J .1 .i l : i . .
springtime renovating, whiohbas InsDired
. i .
the poets to many an epio upon the dust
ciotn ana stove pipe.
Do you intend to replenish aov of vonr
furniture or household utensils this fall?
In case yon do, tbo Economy Furniture
Store bas anticipated your wishes and is
prepared to assist you in every way possl-
nlA. . A flaw .nrl afai.. nt lltiu nf r.. . . ,.1
fall trade has been received this week at
iue JMX-Domy. MeBigns are tne lateu;
OUalltv nnsurnaiaed. and nrlnw lira vlthln
the reach of all. It is nredlees to enumer
ate the stocK, is too large and ot too varied
m nntiirA. W hfth nut n nun a nlinnnln. Inn.
m U -- " - w .HVfpug IVU I
just step in their spacious ware rooms at
At u -" T ' ' J W ...... H.H.. mu, u, wu
Emll Frltfrer, a Plltston Avenue Baker, Is
Funeral of Thomas Collins Will Take
Place Tomorrow Afternoon South
Side Barbers Want Shorter Hours.
New Building and Loan Association
Organized Services at Young
Women's Christian Association
Rooms Apron Social in Cavan
augh's Hall.
In totaling up the ballots at tho No
vember general aleotion the count in
tbe Nineteenth ward will not Include
in tho first list the vote of Euil Frit
erer, lately of 725 Pittston avenue.
Nor perhups will Mr. Friterer s name
be among tbe voters iu that district at
any election for years, and maybe for
ever. He conducted for four months the
bakery at the above number, having
bought out the baker shop and goo.l
will of John M. Llnder, wbo owns the
premises, and from all aeeouuta he ap
peared to do a thriving business. Early
yesterday morniug he packed up his
trunk: and told Mrs. Linder be wus
going to New York on a short trip.
ihe Unders thought It quite strange
that Friterer would start on a junket
iog trip while he might better be en
gaged in tending to business, especially
when bis debts amounted to $500. But
be went, and yeatorday Constable
woelkers was at tho shop with execu
tions from different creditors amount
ing altogether to tbe sum named.
He "stuok" Llnder for $U75, Stowers
Packing eompauy for a smull amount.
one of bis employes to the amouut of a
month s wagos.and several sundry bills
on the South Side are yet to be can.
The Mozart Glee club will nosltivelv
hold a business meeting Monday night.
The Germania band bas been en traced bv
the Crystal Hose company for Sept. 21 and
John Klllcullen, of South Washington
avenue, returned yesterday from New
Jobn Fickus, of Oedar avenue.announces
himself as a candidate for delegate to the
Democratic oountv conveutlon from the
Seoond dlstriot of tbe Eleventh ward.
The funeral of Thomas Collins, the boy
who was killed yesterday morning at tbe
steel mill, will take place tomorrow after
noon at 1 o'clock, from bis father's home,
1,010 otone avenue.
The South Side barbers will meet next
Tuesday evening at John Zang's barber
shop, on Birch street, to combine in the
matter of early closing. They propose to
close their shops hereafter at 8 p. m ex
cept on Wednesday and Saturday nights.
The remains of Mrs. Sarah Malonev ar
rived at the residence of her eon, Thomas
maioney, cornor or mokory stroet and
Pittston avenue, at 8 o'clock yesterday
afternoon. Interment will be made this
morning in Hyde Park Catholic cemetery.
At 0 o'clock a solemn high mass ot requiem
will be snug at bt. Poter's cathedral.
A merry time was spent at Cavanaugh's
ball on River street last night. The num
erous lady and gentlemou friends ot Mibsfs
Jessie Alcuoldrlck, .Bridget Jndge, Lilllo
Keenan and Winnie Mohan attended on
BDron social oiven by these vounir ladina.
McDonald's orchestra furnished tbe music
and the evening passed away entranc
A new Building and Loan association
was organized Thursday night at Moellor's
notei on rrospeot avenue. The following
officers were elected: President, Frank
Klieuschrodt; vice president, Michael Judge;
ireaeuier, rrnnK juuiar; secretary, John
uiouons, jr.; aircciors, i nomas j. uoyne,
M. fiznvtltr. M. J. TlnnAhnA Jnhn nihhnn.
sr.: Fred Kloss. Herman Schnffer unii
Frank Moollor. M. J. Donnhoe was en
gaged as attorney and instructed to pro
cure a charter.
As announced before, but which is re
peated by requoet, tbe Sabbath exorcises
at the South Side Young Women's Chris
tian association begin ach Sunday at 8.45
instead oi o ciocs, wmon was the hour
during tbe summer montbs. After usunl
song service Miss Ethel Flnunigan will
address the young ladies, "Reioice" wl'.l
be her subject and bar talks are always
1 . L .J X- A I 1 "
luiereauug. uu juonnay evening a
"towel social" will be bold and a most en
gaging programme of music rendered.
Keireshments win bo served ana every'
body is invited and will be welcomed. A
very modest request to tho well wishers
or the association is that the donation of
a towel be male as an offering.
City and Sobool Taxe, 1894.
The city and school tax duplicates for
tne year ioih are now in my nanos ror
collection, Persons wishing to pay can do
so now, or any porson requiring state
ments or taxes or giving ward and loca
tion of property wil) be promptly
R, G. Brooks, City Treasurer.
Municipal building, Washington avenue,
Office-hours from 9 a. m. to 5 n. m.. ex.
cept Satuurday, this office will be closed
at noon. "
At tiie recent drawing of the ML
Pleasant Benefit association No. 436 won
tbe suit ot clothes and No. 835 the stiver
watch. The holders of tbe above tickets
will nleaaa call at 1.006 Swetland street..
. Grocers and but chore' pass Dooks.
Pratt's Book Stori.
Restful to tired tollers, bread made
from JfiiisDurys Best.
GILES LEWIS At tbe'parsonage of tbe
Scrauton Street Baptist church, Sept. 6,
by Rev. T. J. Collins. Philip Giles and
Miss Lassie Liewis, ontu or soranton.
S No belter spoons are made
5 than those of Wm. Rogers'
B Manufacturing Co. They
S were never sold at this prloe
S before. Buy now
TEA SPOONS 60o. F03 6.
RexfordJewelfyGo., unlive, I
- H
' We aro prepared to furnish all
kinds of School Book and School
Supplies at short notice.
. We always have in stock a com
plete lino of Blank Books, Sta
tionery and Office Supplies.
r. r
Wall Paper, Window Shades
Pictures and Frames
The 840,000 Sobool House '
for Columbia avenue has been let aad will
be commenced immediately. Thr am
still a few lota left at a low price.
Office, Theater Lobby.
MiMEOORArns aud neostvles for dnrjli-
oatlng and copyUng. t
We are clearing out the whole of our
stock of fine etchings. Chicago Art Co.,
137 Penn avenue.
Wood, bamboo and braiss easels,
Pratt'b Book Store.
Import Samples mean 20
per cent, less than import
prices. .
No two pieces alike.
Flower Vases, Jarden-
teres, Plates, Chocolate and
Tea Pots, &c. .
To secure REAL BAB-
GAINS, come at once.
116 Wyoming Ave.
New Store,
New Goods,
New Styles,
New Prices.
' The namos are tho same but our "Puffs,"
"Knot?," and "Four-in-hands'' aro ot a dif
ferent kind.
Ours are in the nockwear line and thoy
are In the very latest colors, alindos and com
binations. If you are looking for Fall neckwear, don't
miss looking at our line. Tho game at both
412 SPRUCE ST. andv
ClristianrfTe Halter.
In at r recent th. Mom Papnlar sal Praitrnd by
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Warerooms : Opposite Columbus Homment,
208 Washington Av. 8oranton,Pa,
For fail Wear
305 Lackawanna Ava.
Martin 6c Delany
Custom Tailors and Clothiers,
aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir
308 Lacka, Ave.
Has just received some special val-
i ues in
I I RAH. anilsTBM- a ex m
It will pay you to see them.
150 pairs Nottingham, 3 yds. long, worth $1.50,
for $1. a
75 pairs Nottingham, worth $2.50, for $1.39.
g 50 pairs Nottingham, worth $5, for $2.75. g
25pair3 Irish Point (see window), worth $15, 5
for $11. I
10 pairs Real Brussels (see window), worth $35,
5 for $21.
E 100 Chenille Table Covers, 6-4, worth $2.25, for 1
Scientific Eye
"On the Fence.
Soon be over tho season for riding. Ii
you want a Bicycle now is tho time to get
it. We are cloaring up all stock, and will
eivo you such a chance as yon never bad
before. One ot our bargains:
A FiMt-olaaa, High Grade $150 Bicycle
for $05.
Bring your cash and GET OFF THE
Successor to Florey & Holt
! !
Our Boys' Department
Is a Parent's Paradise
moderate priced suits like theso:
Short-Pant Suits
Short Pant Suits, sizes 4 to 14,
Effects . . .
Short Pant Suits, iu a variety
Plaids, sizes 4 to 14
A special lino of Dark Gray
Paut Suits, all sizes
137 AND 13D
Complete Outfitters.
in Blue and Black
Box Coats
Also' a first"ciass
scock oi l reported
Suitings and Trous
erings. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaiiiiiiiMiiiiu
Testing Free
The Specialist on tho Ere. Ileadachos and Nor.
vouaneia relieved. Latest and Improved Style of
Eyeglasses and Spectacle at the Lowert Prices,
Best Artificial Eyes inserted for $3.
305 SPKLCIi ST., Opp. Old Post Office.
All Things"
Dnt if the time you carry is in
accurate, wbut then?
Think of tbis, and if in need ot
a TVATCII, call on na We'll
save you hard dollars, in the
price, and give you a good
guarantee for quality, backed
by a record of over 20 years'
successful experience In Scran
Dealer in Watohos and Jewelry
IT MATTERS not what kind of a
Suit you want for the lad or what
you want to pay, you'll find it here
at the right price.
Good, plain, serviceable suits for
every-day wear; suits for Sunday and
dress occasions.
We not only show you more styles
than you'll meet with in any other house
in Scranton, but many of the styles
shown can be seen only here, as they
are styles which we create and control.
And a mammoth assortment of plain and
Dark Gray Cheviot
of Dark Chocks and O CXCi
. . . . w.VJU
Mixed Cheviot Short SZf
. . . . U
,' S, L, GALLEN,