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How to
Keep Cool
Is asked by every one
during these summer
day3. The seaside and
mountain retreats offar a
solution of this question.
But none of these are
complete unless you avail
yourself first of ths right
kind of material to wear.
For our August offer
ings of requisites we
chosen exception-
CLES and recommend
them for their Useful
ness, Reasonable Price
and Desirable Quality.
Is a problem that
be faced by many.
Our Success
Has been largely due to
the fact that we furnish
good3 in style and finish
of the high-priced at a
Low Cost.
Clark's Green.
Mrs. Frank Gardner left bare
Thursday to viiit frinds iu Scott
Mrs. Geonre Wells and son, and sis
ter, Mrs. L ura Beahe, if Vilke-
Bsrre, returned to their bom- yeeter
day (Monday) utter a three weeks' so
journ here nua u friends.
Georfte Post, of Newtrk, N. J., will
spend a wkat the home of his father-
in law, J IS. AmtiD.
William runups, or went bni, wis
the guest of his brother, Frank Pbil
lip, on Thursday of last wank.
The Meaars Roberts, of l.enoiville,
and J, L. Lntsey, of Scranton, ant Mine
Nollie Lutsey and Miss Nellie Cal len
der, of this place, ara spending a abort
time at Ucean tiruvo.
George A. DuBree, of Knights of
Honor fame, returned to his home in
Philadelphia on Saturday last.
D L. Patrick, of Wilkes-Barre,
a truest of his sou, H. N. Patrick,
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wheeler,
their beautiful pair of twins,
guests of J. W. Mulleuiz ou Friday
and aiturd iy.
Quite a number of the members of
the Grand Army of tbe Republic untie!
pate attending tbe excursion, to Far-
view this week.
The Rev. G. D. Moore, the evangel
1st, arreted bis Gospel tent in the
Nichols grove on Saturday, holding tbe
first service on that evening, and three
services on Sunday, wtaiob were well
attended, Services during tba week
will be held every afternoon and even
inz. All are welcome.
Mr. and Mrs. Oz -nbiach, of Green
Kidge,spent Sunday witu tkeir friends,
Mr. and Mra. Silaa White.
A party was tendered by Mr. and
Mrs. B. F. Akerley to their daughter.
Miss Geneva Akerley, ou b riday even
Ing last. About thirty guests ware
present Among them were George
H. Nichols and Miss fanny Deacon
Harry Stone and Miss May Armstrong,
of Faetory villa ; Miss Cole, of Scran
ton: Minnie Gnernon, Clara Laltue
Cora Guernon, of Ciiinohilla; Mis
Harding, Miss Mayer, Miss Sanderson,
of Scranton; May Akerley and George
Akerley, of Glenbnrn; Miss FIoTink
bam, of Waverly; Kate Atherton,
Lydia Perkins, ot Clark's Summit
Miss Luella Frace, Miss Lizzie Fraae, Uoon, 11. JNortbup, W,
Coon, A. O. Courtrigbt, F. F. Brown,
w. IS. .Tarifar, x. '. barker, T. ri.
Green, of Clark'c Green; Ned W.
Nichols and other. They spent a very
pleasant and enjoyable evening, ad
journing at a late hour.
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Billman, re
turned home on Sunday.
Miss Edith Smitk was in Throop on
Bund ay.
William Ease, Thomas Evans and
Alfred Gill apent Sunday at Lake Wi
nds. Mr. and Mn. William Cosine, of
Petkvllle, cpent a few hours In town on
Bundav evnnlng.
Frank Faheringer, B. Bamfield, J. B.
Faherincer, G. Stanton, M. Hainond,
Oliver Sympson, W. M. Coleman and
George Short, of this place, are among
the boy in bine at Gettysburg.
Richard Ross, of Scranton, was in
town on Monday.
Miller Faheringer, of Providence,
called In town Monday.
John Sykes, burgess of Throop bor
ough, has one of tbe finest furnished
offices in the oounty.
TBI world is always interested in the
cure of consumption; yet its prevention is
of far more Importance. Dr. Wood's Nor
way Pine Byrnp is gnaranteed to cure
coughs and colds. Bold by all dealere on
a guarantee of satisfaction,
A party oui posed of tb following
person who comprise th member of
th Baptist choir ud their friends
ware rscorttd tn'rough No 3 inla on
Saturday evening by Foreman Morgan
Thoma; Miisfsld Mltonll. of Koran
ton; UenaDiley, Sarah Darig. Mlonia
Tttllman, Nattia Burdlolf, Eula Carey,
Emma mid Sarah Swigrrt, Ella Hub
hard and Lil itn Job, auJ M-ssre.
DmUl Difii, Jaraf Campboll, C. R
Mann, VYlllixm Thomas, Jobu Ctilltoii,
Morgan Watklus, Freemen Tlltnan.
Clmr! and Oliver Bailor, A. It. Joue
aad B It. Elall.
A benefit picoi will be held in Miir-
dock'i gro on Saturday of this week
in aid of Mrs Jain Cardan, wiuowoi
tba lata aomuion councilman. Tbt)
causa it a wortoy ona and abould r
it a literal patronage.
An infant child of Air. and Airs
William Scull, of CUrltu uveuu. i8 ill
with cholera infantum.
On Friday evening of thia weak will
occur tua appearnuoe ot nayuu
Erane' concert company iu the B.tutut
tnbernavle A fin tuuiioal treat is iu
tors for tha people ot Carboudale.
Dr. J. J. Tboiuusou, ot baleiu ureuue,
made a business trip to Sorautou yes tar
Lust evenlue tba Lrla nyar. due in
this oily at 0 o'clock p, m , struck aud
killud an old man at No. 10 bridge, a
poiut a short diaiuuce abora this city,
lie bud bau in that visiuity picking
berries, aud was ou his way homa,
walking dowu the track, and had
stepped out of the way of a coal train
in front ot biiii, und stepped directly
in front ot the Erie fiyr, ueeliuif
death iuatuntly. His tiask was broken
and ha was ottierwis sadly broken up.
No one ou the tralu knew who be was
but ha wal supposed to be a resident of
Jermyu. He was placed on the train
and brought to this city,
Bridget, the Uysar-old daughter or
Mr. and Mrs. Ttioma Lyucb, of Cot-
tug street, died o:i Suuday from chol
era infantum. Tho funeral will be held
this afternoon at 1) 3d o'clock, later-
in cut will be mailt) in St. Ivose eouie
tery. Ueorg Rodgers, of Suranlon, who is
spsuditig a few days with menus at
Duniiall, called ou turboudale meii'ia
(J. 1'owler. nr.. was admitted to tbe
boapital ou butiday evening sull -riu
from debility. Ills condition yesterday
was serious.
J. E Sears.clerk in Hotel Aothraoite,
is speudiug bia vacation iu Buffalo.
Delaware aud Hudaou steam road
employes reoeired their pay yesterday.
John Uouldou, ot Duumoro, apeut
tbe Sabbath In this city.
W. D. Iran It. of Scrauton, was a
visitor here Snuday.
jUlts Katie Kelly, of Kiver street, is
visiting frieudsiu Sorauton,
Arthur, son of Mr aud Mrs. Willinm
Johns, of Morris all'V, rec.-ived pan
ful injuries at No. 9 thaft yesterday,
where be is employed us an ouwiu
driver. Wbilc attending to his duties be
was caught between a Car aud the
trestle rail and had a ri broken and
one of his legs crushed. It was bis first
day at work driving, lie was a
brother of the boy J uns, who was
fatallv hurt at No. 10 shaft about a
month ago.
Dolpli Glennon, of Port Griffith,
and Miss Rose Hand, daughter oi
Michael Hand, proprietor of tba South
bi le brewery at Scranton, will be mar
ried st the South Side Cathollo chnreu,
text Wednesday evening at oo clock
Ed. Hutlcdge, of Pine street, will
be groomsmau, and Miss Agues Glen
noti, a sister of tbe groom, will be
bridesmaid. The ceremony will be
perrormea py uev. rainer meiiy
11 r. Ulennon aud his orlue wilt go m
housekeeping in a cozy bora-, at No. 11
Exeter street, on tbe West Side.
John Cowan, of Butler street, who
was 1 inured lu tue uiues a rew uay
hlto. is alile to oe arouu't one again
C. J. Daroy, or imoago, agent ior
Gormlev & Jeffries, manufacturer
of the Rambler biaycles, was iu town
Tbe marriage or uicnara junney, ot
South Main street, and Miss h la
McQun, of Sbastopal, is aunoano d
to take place at St. John cnureu on
Wednesday evening, 'the 20 n inst.
Dr. Anna Law left yesterd ly for
Philadelphia to accept a position a
nhvaician in the Charity hospital.
M J. Ford, who ba charrn of J. II
Honck's West End apotbeearv, has re
turned from a fortniirht's sojourn at
Aabnrr Park.
Mrs P. Graham, of Nw York; Mis
Marr Madden and Miss Kttie Manley,
of Hawley, are tbe guests of Mrs. B J
Conlan. of Pine str-t.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Kelly, of Brond
street, spent Sunday with Luzerne bor
onirli relatives.
M. J. Golden, who holds a responsi
ble position lu Philadelphia under t ie
Pennsylvania Railroad company, is
visiting friends in fiis vicinity.
Tbe Baptist Sunday sohool mad
their excursion to Lake Ariel last Mon
day, and it was very largely attended
by many from this place.
Harry and Miss Alice Dixon, of
Kingston, are visiting relatives at this
Mrs. Stella has been on the nlatk list
for a few daya, but is recovsring.
Miss Cora Bevans, of Scranton, is
spending a few days with Miss Carrie
The Salvation Army of Scranton
held a meeting at Lily Lake last Sat
urday and Sunday and it was very
largely attended by many from the
surrounding country. Their meetings
are very Interesting aud their must
is fine.
Mra Brown of New York is visiting
her sister, Mra Brlgg s, ot this plaoe.
Mr. and Mrs. Stiles of Bingbamton
spent Suaday with Mr. and Mrs
Charles Rice of this plap.
Mrs. J. J. Jeunings is around again
attr her long nines.
Mr. ana Mrs. ueii &oigttt nave r
turnsd to their horn in this plaee after
spending a few weits with relatives at
Cooper town, N. Y,
A very Interesting game of bas ball
oaanrred at this plaoe last Saturday be
tween the Aotlves, of this pla and
the Tritons, of Tunkhannook, which
resulted in a score oi 11 to 7 in our
Mis Nellie Barns is visiting friends
at Blnghamten.
Miss Hattl Fistsr, of Pottiville, Pa.,
is visiting Mr. A. G. Ives, of this
The Methodist Episcopal Sunday
sohool and the Christian Endeavor
ociety of that eunreh held a plcnio at
Lake Manateka last Friday.
Mia Lucia Barton, of Clark' Sum
mlt, i visiting friend here.
Mrs. W. L. Culver, of New York
city, i spending a few week at the
residence of her (liter, Mr. W. A.
Dean, of this plao.
Mis CI audi Van Fleet, ot Walls
Till), i visiting at this place.
Mrs, C. C Miller, of Buffalo, Ii visit
lng at this place.
F. M. Francis, Surveyor Simmon, of
Laplume, and om others of this
plaoe have been very busy surveying
tua borough lim throughout the past
Mr, and Mrs. Will Gtdis, of Scran
ton, spent a tow daya this week witn
Mr. aud Mrs. A B. Davie, of this
On Thursday last a very serious ae
oideut occurred at tha Delaware) and
Hudson Coai company rallroid bridge
just u.inb of their station at thia pUi"
it A strret, A voun lad about 14
years of ag by the name or Morlev
wbau alighting from the cubooie ot a
moving train fall 'liroun the brhlge a
liataiice ol 10 r 13 f-t to tha highway
road below. D - M inley wai aum
monel immediately to administer to
his wants, it was found ue-jry to
out several stichoi iu his cheek. This
ic tbe stcoud one who his ratten
through this brllgo tiii season and
several hare fnllun through it before
ho were cripplud for lifeorklllei
Ihe funeral of William Eutlake was
held Suuday and wus very larg -ly at
tended. Services wore heli' iu the M.
E. chureh at 3 n. m.. Hjv, F. G'lidall
presetted the tnaiul s.'i'inou iu which
ue spoke with feeling upon tin life of
tho deceased. Interment was made In
the Jertuvo cemetery. The pa'l bear
ers were J. G. Stioph'Td, Satnud Linn-
man, William Lengmaii, W. J. Toman,
Joseph Waters and N. 0born.
lhe (Jiitano and Weetern will pay on
btratitou divleion Ihurslay, Aug. IU
Hev F G'lidillwlio has nceii talt
ing a vaottlou for some few daya at
Farview and viaiuity returned borne
Miss U. A. Flaherty is taking her va
cation at Gulf Summit, witu her
The Uozirt band, of Carhoudale,
will give a free oprti air concert on the
lawu of St. James hpUcGptl church
here Thursday ev-nlng, An 10 Re
freshments will be served in Ui- tnn
ment of the churon by tho Young
Ladles guild.
Don t forgot th excursion to Mouut-
aiu Park, Au. IS
Forest Cily.
Thorax Joues, of Scr iuton.a stndont
at the University of iVunsylvani , vis
ited his school friend, Bert Blnkeslee,
last evenina:.
Lew F. Alleu, of Clark's Summit, is
visiting at his borne lu this borough.
Rev. H.J. Crane, of Uniondnle.gave
a very luieresting talk on his recent
trip to tbe Christian Endeavor con
vention at Cleveland, O ilo, in the
Presbyterian oburch Sunday evening
Tbe speoial eleotlon is to oe held t
day which is for the purpose of build
ing a borou;h bulldine;, with loclc-up,
aud to take up all outstanding orders
aud bonds aud balance for general im
proveoieuts on streets, etc Ine last
assessed valuation of tnxihln property
iu sail borough Is 1 139 807. t x'"t-
iug dht of said borough is $o57
The amount of the propo d incre-ia'j
indebtedness Is $i,U0O, said amoutu
being 08113 per cent., which witn th
existing debt will amount to .OG5303
per cent, of the last assessed valuui m
of the taxable property in said bor
ough. The polling places for the
First ward Is at Jl. J. Collins ulllje;
Second ward voters in basemeut of
Fleming Home. This electiou in all
probability will be carried by a large
us joritv.
Lost Lrisi Saturday afternoon Di
tweeu tbe lllllsiue company s small
railroad crossing and the Erie station
in this place, a valuable gold watch
and ouain with two lookets the pro
party of Miss Eunice Jones, daughter
of William T. Jon's, ofYandlitig. A
suitable reward will ba given for the r
tarn of the property to the owur. '
A burglar or burglars broke Into Aid'
rich a large hardware store bumlay
night or early Monday morning. The
eutrano was made by taking a pane of
gins nut of on of the windows. Only
fsw revolvers ana UulVei wre taaun
It is strange tbat mors articles were
not taken. Poihly a gang tbat will
rival the Jesse J ine or Dalton gang is
being nrs in !!.! in our mi 1st.
The Athletics do hereby challenge the
'ilonlcey Uuintoi" to a game to be playe
ou Thursday, Auj. It), at ' p. m., on the
grouau of the Athletics In this lac.
Answxr this challenge in euueailay i
Tkioune, if accep ed or not.
Fire pis discovered in the tower o
Jt-rmyn's air shaft ai No. 3 breaker a
5 o'ciook ou Saturday afternoon. Th
Mtixiu-iur gave the alarm and Eagl
IIos company quickly responded an
Xtlugmsiied the bra before anv serious
dmag was done.
A bai y girl arrived at the borne of
Chief of Police Muuley yesterday.
A number of our citiz-us attended
the excursion to llarveys lake on
A Vounz barber arrived nt the home
of .Michael Donnelly ou Friday 1 tat.
Mln Aline Callnhau who bas boon
visiting i r uncle P, K. Callihau
the BiiitT r-i, will be tendered a fare
well rei ;).i :t on uoxt Tuesday even
Ing, prev ':i t hor departure for her
home in i i r; bnrg
Dr. V. P. Kennedy, C. G. Itogors,
James R id, Joseph Reynolds and
Samuel Pritcbard, rinzon of tlii
borough and m rubers of the
teentli regiment, are in camp at Get
t ysbnrg.
we are anxiously waiting for some
one to bent th iv publican corres
pondent nuke a story.
Joseph Uelily and sister Mrs. John
Cairns have returned kouie after
pending the past tew days in New
Tue Christian mission members
owing to the uncertain wealuer did
not hold (heir omp mt'titi on Su i
d.ty. Services were held in Munic
hall In the cveniug.
Grover Hollister, of llollisterville,
called on friends here yesterday.
JIlii Lllth (ireelay, of KoMntou. is
the guest of friends here.
Miss Fanny Forbes, SiTauton. is
spending a abort time with relative in
Mr. Cbarle Lyle and daughter
Mamie, of Philadelphia, and Miss Kite
Farnbam, of Seranton, are vleltiug at
th home of Fred C Faruham.
E Theodore Smith, G. W. Soblois,
Wtlkes-Barrc. and John Frotuer.
Scranton, registered at the Alleu Home
The service advertised to D neiti la
the Delaware and Unison depot Sua
day ware held at the Episcopal church.
Miss Heckcr, of New York, who hat
been visiting Honesdale friend, re
turned home Saturday.
When Baby was slob, we gave her Castor!.
When she tros a Child, she cried for Ciutorla,
When she became Miss, she clung to Castorla.
When she had Children, she gave them Castorls,
Mussr. Flau.'itthau. Mussey and
Wesilalce, ot the defunct Soranton
State bague team, callel ou Mart
Swift yest-rday.
l nomas Foley, of Soranton, eauoa on
frieuds ber on Sunday.
11. C. Liudermm, of Main street,
returned on Saturday from a brief
viait to Canadensis, Monroe county .
lu some parts of the borough tnre
bas never been such a scarcity of water
s at present. Tbe creek are well
Iried up and many wells have a's
tried on account of the continued
lrought. At to R .yinoudah ft, dull
aud breaker mine water ha beea used
r neveral weeks. A pipe baa been
oonneoted witu the main of tho Arch-
bald Water companr at the Riverside
store and au effort will be made to
force water to the Raymond works.
On t rid iv uiuhl a number or boys
entered the gardeu of John Linderuiun
ou South Mam street and stole a quan
tity of fruit aud damaged nearly all
his vegetables. This is but one of mauy
iiuiiar depredations thut have been
committed lu thut neighborhood re
cently, and it is only natural that peo
ple living there should expect promo
tion from these miduluht marauders,
Attention has been called to this matter
before, but the warning have uot b.en
hueded. The parties who committed
the latest theft are known aud will he
Mr. and Mrs. E. II Ritter, of Psck-
vi Ilo, visited at th home ot Andrew
Clarkson ou Sunday.
Mrs John pfoor. aud sons George
and Walter, and Mr Lottie Linder
man and sou, Harry, are visiting rela
tives lu lloiiesdale.
To lay the treat regatta of the Prsts
club takes place at Lake Ariel and it is
exp'oteit that an immense crowd from
bis part ot the valley will attend It.
It will be, without duu.'t the greatest
amust merit of the season and all who
can should witness It. Atchbal 1 Hose
compmy bus ehariie of lb arrange
ments for the excursiou in this part of
he valloy ami they mad prepara
tions to accommodate a large umvrd
lickets mav be had at Monle's drag
s'ore and Jones, Simpson & Co', store
ino price is only ?l.
The sciiool boid met last evening.
All the members were present. Presi-
leut Lally presl led. 1 he meeting Whs
held principally for the purp m of as
xia'i'Ug the taoun and nxiug the
salaries. The educational otmmlttee,
to which these matters had beea re
ferred, reported that tbe member war
unable to agree aud the matter was
aid over until a latsr meeting. Tho
selection of janitrixis for the eoming
term provoked oousi'israble dtseussiou.
It was finally decided to retain those
of last year at the Ridge, Elitcrton
Creek and Third ward schools. At this
meeting the selections for the other
luil lings had not b-en made.
Dun more.
R-v. J. R. Duvies, pastor of tbe
Fourth Aveuue Presbyterian ohurcb
New York city, occupied the pulpit of
the Presbyterian church Sunday.
Mr and Mrs. T. S. llopkln have
turned from a week's visit to Lak
Arch Washer and Charles Potter
were visitors at Lake Winoia on Sua
With the exception of one the entire
corp of last year' teacher have been
re-appointed for the ensuing year.
Harry b until bas returned from
Chicago where he has been located for
some time
L. L VanWormer nttended the hop
at tbe Lake Winoia House last Satur
day evening.
John Wolf, of Providence, wa
visitor her on Sunday.
A new time table went into effect on
the Erie and Wyomiug Valley railroad
yesterday. The Lake Ariel train is tbe
only one affected by the change. It
will now leave Scranton at 5.10 p. m
and returning leave the luke at G 43
A. II Alleu i about to erect
resid hue at the corner ot Fifth aud
Dudley streets.
Tbe Blublrds Base Ball club, of this
place, beat tue Little Tyoooug, ot
Scranton, two games last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Bridges, of Jer
myu, speut Suudav with tho latter'i
parents, Mr, aud Mrs, James Nute, at
B-ll Place!
Burulars broke Into the blacksmith
shop of H II. hoii'Ckir last Saturday
oierbt or early Sunday morning and
stole loin i carpenters toots, lhuy then
went across tho bridgo and broke open
the back door of tbe tailor hop at A. A,
Ayres aud took aVut $100 worth of
r.ady-tnadH clothing.
Mrs. J. B Sweet, of Ashley, and
Mls May Dewitt, of Puiladelphla
visited Mrs. Joseph G Uy.l last b.itur
The remains of Clmrle Brown, the
son of the late Mr, b imtiel Holcotub,
was buried ut Prospect cemetery yes
Mrs. S, W. Arnold who has besn
visiting with frl-nds at Conneatieut
lor the last two we-ks returned home
last Saturday.
P. G Hirdingand Josoph Q'vnn
spent Sun lay with the latter par-nts
at Lake Ariel.
Guaranteed Cure.
ffo authorize our ndvertieed druggist to
soil Dr. King s .New Discovery for Con
ruinptlou, Coughs and (.'nils, upon this
condition. IT you are aniieted with
Cough, Cold, orauy Lung, Throat or Client
trouble, and ill use thia remedy aa ill
reeled, Kivlug it a fair trial, and experience
no beuttlt, you may return the bottle and
have your monuy refunded. W o could not
nmke this offer did wo not know that Dr,
Kinu'e New Dincoverv cuiild be roliud ou
It never disappoints. Trial bottles free at
Matthew liroe'. drug store. Large size
50o. and 1 1.
Pat M tv, of Hyde Park, called on
Minooka frieuds yesterday.
Will Connelly, of Si rauton, called on
P. Connolly yesterday.
Mrs. John Gormally, nee Catherine
Ryan, of Fort Wayne, Iud., is vislllng
her hone on Main street.
R"port ha it that th Greenwood
colliery will toon start ou full lim.
Ths gam of base ball ou Saturday
afternooti on Burks' ground between
lhe Bit Smasher of Taylor and the
MsTihwer of tbi place resulted,
exp.otad, In a vletory for the home
club by a score ot 9 to 4
Maggie Gaughan i visiting A fuss
Courielly, of Needsm's Patch, this
Mis Cell a Nailln and Annie Council,
who have besn sojonrulug at Atlantlo
City l av returned horn.
M. II. McDonough was lotd dole
kit to attend at tbe Yonng Men' In
stitute convention, which i to b hall
at Louisville, Ky on th 5th and 0' a
ot Septsmbar. The society ba decided
to participate in a parade, whlh will
be held ou the same day, consisting of
all the different council in th Atlan
tic jurisdiction.
The oprtta which isjjbslng re
hearsed by th Minooka choir under
th tuition of Professor Davis, will be
produced oi the 27th ot next month,
John Egn, tbe Times correspondent,
who bag been attending sohool at St.
Thomns' college during tbe past sea
son, will leave for Baltimore
to euUr iip.m a theological course.
Branch No. 184, Youuk Mvu's ir.tti-
tute, of wbtcu lie has been an active
member since its organization, will
present him with a set of books as a
token of their esteem. The Ti mes will
he represented iu thia district b P. F.
The Mayflower Base Ball lnb. nf
this plaoe, traveled to M xisio yester-
lay an I put up a soed irume with tua
Ponndors, of Avoca, Tho genre was:
'.yflmors, It): Pounders, 1
What Is the mutter with theoltlzsns
who had so mueh kicking in rnard to
the school building at Moosic? Whv
ou't thny come and have their names
Igued to the putitllion at MuDouougb's
s tore j
Mr. and Mrs. Therou G. Osborne and
family, of Greeuwood, returned bom
yesterday aft -r a week's outing iu Sus
quehanna county.
A. U. Doud, of (ireenwood, left yes
terday fur Montrose.
Supervisor Michael Gibbons is re
covered fully from his recent illuoiis,
Miss Lizzie Lovering, of u.eunwood,
is vial'iug in Brooklyn,
lhe murriage of Miss Kitlu lioban
nd Michael Hanahoo will occur to
morrow afternoon at i o clock at bi.
Joseph's cnuioti.
Mies Maine J udL'e returned yedtur lay
from Lake SVitiola.
A movement is on loot to eularue the
membership of the R.ilroad Young
Men's Chiistien association in this
place, which lutliiuttou is one of the
tin I iu this aeetiou of the state. Great
credit is to be given to the L'enlal and
pleasing secretury, Mr. Adair, who
conducts tho lutue vsry skilfully.
liortt, to Mr. and Mrs. rred Van
Former, Aug 11, a son
Euward U Hiiu and family apunt
Sunday witu frieuds aud relatives at
New Mllford.
Rev. J. S. Croinpton, of Grsut Bind.
will address th gonp'l iu -nti g uc the
Railroad Young .Men's Cnrlsti.tu aito-
oiatlou next Suuday. All are welcome.
J. J. tottiptou wusia Alford today.
Fred D. Lamb, Tiik Tiiiuunk corra-
poudent at this plao, spent Siturday
nd buuay with his gruu'liiar juts at
Royal, Pa.
l he Hallstcad Fir E igine and Hone
compauy and the it. C. DuBhs Hook
and Ladder company, of tan place, will
give a dtiuo la Fireinau's hail on Tuet-
lay, Aug. 14, to defray the expenses of
tbe annual parade wbish 1 to tak
plao her Sept. 0
Alar ion and Ltllie Church are visiting
friends in Brldgnw.tnr, N Y.
miss Annie 11. Dunham is viuitinir
friends in Scranton,
S. P. Morse, the editor of the Grmt
Ben 1 PlaludeaUr, whose plant was de
stroyed by fire some weeks ago, is in
New loikelty buying new type and
other Material.
Miss Carrie Trundall, of Kirkwood. la
th KUt ot Mary Scot ton.
Mrs. Nellie Hardcastle is visitlmr
friends in Clark's Sumit.
James Taylor, jr., of Ithtcais spend
ing a fsw day with frieud iu this
Mrs. John Curtis, of Scranton. is call
ing on friends in town.
Charles Capwell aud Vincent Wil-
mot visited Xline lakes today.
Miss Jennie Adair, of Chicago, is
visitiug bar brother. Secretary Adair.
of tbe Railroad Youug Men's Christian
A conversational Bible study is being
conducted lu the Railroad Youuir Meu'g
Christian Association rooms every Sun
day morning at v.oJ o clock, wbiou is
tor men ouly.
Blackberries are vary plentiful in
this section and are being sold for 10
cent per quart.
Mr. and Airs. Arthur Thompson, of
Oueouta, is vleitiug at th resideuce of
Charles Cepwoll, ou Williams street.
Peter Koch, frem the Moody school,
is now presetting th icospel in the opu
air in Great Beud. lie is to be ou this
side ot tbe river next week.
James Kirby calltd on Scranton
frieuds today.
Mrs. I nomas McAloon, of Nichol-
n. is visitiug her sou, John, iu this
John Snow, who bas been visiting
friend in Uinghauilou, bas returned
Michael G tthsny, of Binghamton, is
the guest ot William Suilivan.
The teachers' uieeliug will be held
on Friday evening at the home of G.
W. Capwell ou Cuui ch street
The Infant aon of Mr. and Mrs. A. J,
Carver, of Great Bead, died yesterday
uio.-fiir.g. Tim furioral will be held at
the homo at '2 o'clork.
Old Forge.
Fred Avery, of Kink's Ferry. X. Y
is vis lting at the home ot bi uucle, M.
V. Marie.
Th Traction company began work
on their line in Oi l Forgo tosvnship
on Monday, at Carbon hill. They had
laid the tie for some distance when
they were waited upon by the super
viaers, auditors, and a committee of
citizens who requested them to uspond
operations until an agreement botwnsti
the towushln aud tha sotnpsny aonld
i e signed. Messrs. Walrous aud Am
uihimaa, for th company, were there
during the afternoon, but they came
lo no agreement. They will in-ot this
morning at 0 o'clock to complete tl.e
erre Ifein nta
Like a New Woman
I am feeling since I took Hood's Sarsaparllla. 1
was suffering from ladigeetiea, Catarrh
Sar8a- i
aad Mirk Headache
and did not have aay
. -,!.. T . . VV J
say Hood's Sarsiinarllla wwwww
has cured me of catarrh and all my other
troubles. Grack Wilson, IlalnesvlUc, N. J.
Hood's Pills cure all liver Ills, constipa
tion, biliousness, sick headache, Indigestion,
At his newly-renovated and lleenied Hotol at
I'IjAKK'K SUMMIT, Is now prepared to fur
nish travelinj men aud eoulal parties with
the LATEST, NEW-STYLED K108, shutle
or double, to take thom to l ake WhiMa,
Gravel Pond and all suburban points and
Bummer resorts at reasonable prices. A large
livery baru oouueoted with uotol (or travel
log public
Miss Urace H(fon
400402 Lackawanna Aye,
Fine Holland Shades, with heavy
knot fringe, Hartshorn Rollers,
Plain Shades, 20, 25 and 30c. each.
Measuteiueuts taken aud shades put up by experienced workmen.
Ie Carry All Widths Store Shades in Stock.
Brass Extension Sash Rods
15 and 20c. each. v
A few Vienna Porch Shades
left that we will close out at cost
406 and 408 Lacka. Avenue.
infQsf.ymmvff .'iwwjffie.4Stisaiisa.M nmtmemwS'i
Due to tbii Fast Arrival of Our Immense
Fall Stock.
y7E ARE anxious to dispose of our
VV remaining ODD and END Stock,
and this is how:
$21 Dodrooui Suits. ,
ij'.V) Bedroom Suit. ,
$'2S Brdrooui Suits.
fl)5 Bi'drocin Suit.
$15 Sideboards
$18 Sidbtiosrd
if .'l Sideboards
:10 Sideboards
P3 Parlor Suits....
$10 Parlor iSnits...,.
$o0 Parlor Suit
ifTj Purler fcnlta. ...
Numerous other things iu the
Carpets will bo reduced to make it interesting:
65c. Ingrain Reduced to 85s,
05a Ingrtiln Rduced to 45o.
75c. Ingrain Reduced to 53o.
$1 Tapestry Brussels Rdood to 75o.
00c, Tapvttry Brussels Roduoed to C3e.
75c. Tapestry Brossels ,.Rduei to 60a
Rugs. Art Squares. Mattings and Oil Cloths will also be chopped. Bsmem
br. nnr Liberil Credit Offerings holds g.iod during tbi Reduction Sale.
Rducd to $14
RduceJ to $17.
Rdcd to $20.
Rednsed to $20.
Rducd to $9.50.
Rdad to $11 50. ,
Rdod to $18.
Rdaed to $2
Rdaod to $28.
Rdad to $33.
Rdued to $40.
Reduced to $50.
Furniture line cut equally 83 low-
Desks, Tables, etc.