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134 Wyoming Ave.
We will show you what
you want.
And always have
Good Bread.
The Weston II Co,
Punch Cigars
G.( B. Se Co.,
Carney, Brown & Co. lift's.
DR. H. B. WARE will be
in his office on and after
the first weak in Septem
ber. To the Republican Party of Lacka
wanna County:
I hereby announce that I Will be a
candidate for the office of recorder of
deeds of Lackawanna county before
the next Republican convention.
John J. Kaufman is expected to return
from Ocsan Grove today.
Mrs. J. H. Ton ey is the guest of Mrs. J.
L. Wenlz at her Duhon home
His Sadie Spencer is the guest of Mrs.
John A, Luchworth at Lake Arid.
A.'r. aad Mrs. William Hfae, of Pasadena,
(Jul., are visiting their cousin, Mrs. C. E.
Miss Alice Benson, of Green Ridge, left
yesterday (or an extended visit at Clave
laud, 0.
The ilUies Leora and Nellie Lewis are
spending a few days at the Salem camp
Hisses Uargaret Tropp and Margaret
Scbimi ff returned home yesterday from a
stay ai Eluihurst.
Street Commissioner Philip Kirst de
parted yesterduy for Atlantic City and
win be aui'Dt a week.
YY. H. Davis, supsriutendentof Sanquoit
on jittnuiaciunng tympany, spent bua
day at Paieroou, Jf. J.
Misses Lona aud Gertrude Wnrnor. of
Gnschei,Itid..urn vibitiuR their friend, Miss
Luiiiuu waruarc, oi lUunroe avenue.
Miss Ai. A. Uilroy leaves this morning
jor a iwo waeas yarauou witn ner parents
anu menus in uinjuamton anu .ew lork,
John Gibbons, Danial W illmms and Su
perintendent Heemcr. of the noor board.
leave for Philadelphia on officio! business
Major J. B. Smith, of Pittston, rondo a
biMUess Cull in Scranton yesterday and
-as warmly greeted by bis many voteran
Miss Carrie Bishop, of Caponse avenue,
uroen Kidg-e, Is enjuymg a month's visit
with her sister and other relatives in New
xork city.
W. R. Robbing, formerly of Carbondale,
now of Seventh street, waa sworn In as
special for tbe Delaware and
Hudson new depot on Saturday.
Fred Tropp, of the accountant's depart
nieutoftlie Delaware. Lackawanna and
western railroad, raturuod home yester
day from Philadelphia and Barnesville,
wnere oe spent a ween.
The Pof.svilln Evening Chronicle says
that 0. B. Acker, manager and for over a
year last past editor of the Miners' Jour
nal, left on .Monday to take a position with
the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western
Railroad company, with headquarters at
bcranion. it pronouncos Mr. Acker
conscientious, careful aud pains-taking
newspaper man, who has gained tbe high
esteem 01 tne community.
To the Bea Shore Via the Lehigh Valley
Special excursion to Atlantio City via
Lehigh Valley railroad on Aug. 15,
Extremely low rates from nil stations.
Tickets good for ten days. Apply to agents
(or t"irt, time or. train, ruuman reser
vations, etc
Go to Poyntflle, Exourslon
Bates One
N w York. Ontario and Western
road will run excursions Wednesday and
K.tiirrlntr. Train leaves Scran ton 8.30 a.
m., returning leaves Poyntelle 4.60 p. m.
Good Ashing.
PitxsBTjRY Flour Mills
Of 17,600 barrels a day.
have a capacity
Bnoklen's Araloa Salve.
r tint 1 vii In tha world for Cuts
. Bruises. Bores. Ulcers, Salt Rheum.. Fever
Sorts, Tetter. Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns ana eu mid juruynuu,
.iwoiv nri PUna. ot no Dav rsoulred. I
i. mr.nti to nive perfect satisfaction
or money refunded. Price 86 cents per
o . 1
A Foe to Dyspepsia
, i
box. For sale by Matthews Bros.
Says He Will Not Rest Until the Charges Are
And Will Ask Councils at the Next
Meeting to Appoint a Special Com
mittee Mayor Connell Gives His
Opinion . of the Frable Charges.
Opinions of Select Councllmen Con
nell and Westpfahl,
The sweltering weather of dog days
cannot hold a candle to the caloritio
register of beat produced by George
Frable's inveinbuiont ugaiust the slip
bod expenditure of ward appropria
tions of South Side councilman. The
Twelfth ward eonncilmen against
whom Mr. Frable appears to have speo
tally directed his remarks are on tha
war path, freighted duly with a full
assortment of scalping knives, and war
Select Coanciltnau James Mauley
spsaks openly, declaring ttint he will
not rest until councils appoint a special
somuiittee to investigate the charges in
order to fully vindicate his character,
which be pronounces will bs the result
of the Investigation. The views of
Morgan Swssney, the member of the
lower branch, are substantially the
same as Mr. Mauley's.
Mayor Connell was seen in his ofttcs
yesterday afternoon by a Tkidune re
porter. He stid:
"I do not believe Mr, Frails meant
that any of the conueilnien ar dis
honest or that their methods of expen.l
ing the ward appropriations savors of
crookedness. The couueilmei), unaily
all of them, can not fiad tiuia to over
see tbe work dose in their wards and
for that reason, perhaps, it is ohnrgad
that tbe money is expended injudic
iously.'' Ales T. Connell, selsct councilman
of the Tweutieth wurd, said that Mr.
Fuble's charges were not worrying
him. "All I have to say.' said Mr.
Connell, ''is this: If any citizen or tax
payer of the Twentieth ward, or of any
other ward of tbe city, or of any city in
the United States, wishs to examine
the papers eoutalning the acoouats in
my dlstrtst, I would be (lad to have
tits sail on me at any time."
Councilman Connell outlined a
seheme to remedy tne grlevauee ootn
plained of. He believed tbe ward ap
propriations mtgbt be eipsuded more
satisfaetorily under the supervision of
the street eomutsslonsr. With three
or four assistants the street commis
sioner, being empowered to use his dis
cretion in the mutter, would be able to
do tar ketter worn than under the
present system.
Councilman Wsstofahl said be would
hail the day wbeu the ward appropria
tions snail oe utsu ont or toe bands or
the couneilmen; for if every deserving
man in the ward is cot given a jab on
the streets considerable criticism is
made. Mr. Westsfahl said that since
be became a ineuibsr ;of tbe councils
und it became a part of his duty to
expend tbe ward appropriation and tbe
work has been done to the best ot bis
ability and the accounts are open any
time for inspeotion.
Mr. McLann. ol tbe f ourteenth
ward: Mr. Battle, of the Twentieth,
and several other couueumea gave
similar opinions.
One Week of the Term of Court Has Been
Conrt oflicers are now working on
the September trial list and hive one
of the three weeks ot the term filled.
Tbe eases which will occupy the first
week are appended:
Josenh Fellows and C. Smith vs. F. E,
Lonmis and John II. Fellows. Ejectment,
William H. liarcy vs. Hillside Coal and
Iron company. Ejectment.
Charles ti. JicAvery vs. n. u. Ulttord
and Marv Clifford. Anneal, waeos.
John ilunon vs. fclk mil Coal ana iron
company. Appeal, wa'-es.
Isaac ureen vs. a. u. Mote, executor or
the estate of Mary Mott, deceased. Ap
peal, wages.
wiinam xtamDo vs. uooerc vcstiaKii.
Thomas McHale vs. Bridget McDonnell,
administratrix. Feigned issue.
Mrs. M. E. Ainey vs. Eliza Brown. In
iannio M, May vs. Lackawanna Trust
and Safe Deposit Company. Interpleader.
b. 13. llott, assignee, vs. Charles Sr. Jad-
wln. Assumpsit.
Mary McGuinness vi. Wilke-Earre aud
Scranton Railway company. Trespass.
Peter corrni vs. liocae & t uddeu. Ke-
John G. Jenumgi vs. Lcnigu valley Rail
road comrauy. Tretpas.
Isaac li. relts et al. vs. Delawnro, Lacka
wanna ana western Kuilroi-.d coi.inany.
M. M. Eaird vs. Walter B. Curtis. Tres
John Ftaunican vs. William Fallon et al.
C u. KIce vs. Fidelity and Casualty
company. Trespuss.
city of Scranton vs. J. R. Kent. Sci a.
Mutual Life Insurance coaiD inv vs. U.
S. Johnston and C. Winton. Ejectment.
Auu Munley vs. city of Scranton. Tres
George Sanderson et al vs. Lorenze Zeid
ler. Ejectment.
EnosFlynn vs. Patrick Moran. Appeal.
Claud Pitcher, by his next friend, C. R.
Pltchsr vs People's Street Railway com
pany. Trespass,
John Caff ray et al vs. Marearet Ilealev
et al. Ejsctrasnt.
WEDNkSDAY, SiPr. 19.
James O'Brien vs. Delaware and Hn'son
Canal company. Treipass.
Greenbaun & Co. vs. Sol Goldsmith. Ap
peal. Tnomas Jordan vs. Jones, Simpson &
Co. Trespass.
Benjamin Ilowey vs. James Wilson. Ap
peal. Swtetser, Pemhrook & Co. vs. P. F. Mo-
Donnell. Replevin.
S.W.Edgar etal vs. N. Hallstoad, Winton
Coal ompany and Dolph Coal company,
limited. Sci. fa.
Margaret Hamilton et al. vs. John A.
Lee. Appeal.
Mary . Chatnplin, administratrix, vs.
George M. Watson. Assumpsit.
Mary Jordan vs. Mary Regan and John
Regan. Ejectment.
Christian Alton vs. school district of
Carbondale township. Assumpsit.
Musio Bom Exoluelvsly.
Best made. Play any desired number of
tones. Gautschi & Sons., manufacturers,
1030 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. . Won.
derful orcheatrial organs, only to and $1(J.
Specialty: Old musio boxes carofully re
paired and improved with new tunes.
$40,000 School House No. 27.
E. L. Walter, architect, bids to be opened
this mouth, to be bunt on Columbia avenue.
Lots for sale on this avenue at low prices
for a brief period.
ARTnun Frotmnoham.
S. B. DrjHiKY, mate of the steamer Ari
zona, had his foot badly jammed.
Thomas' Eclectrlo Oil- cured it. Nothing
equal (or a quick pain reliever. '
ftl IflijIFilllD IIS &
Concluded from Page I.
Fred Barnard und Albert Daviea..tha
sergaaiit-niujors ot tho First aud Second
battalion, huveono ot the neatest at ted
np tents on the ground. Duo ot its unique
fratures is a clothes rack pateutud hv Mr.
Barnard, which can be fastened to the tent
poie oy means or. a thumb screw.
Eu route to Gettvalmrir fnnt.ln P. n
Fellows, of Company F. received a tele.
gram from Corporal Freeman and Privale
illtchell stating that thov bad minuud the
train and requested information us to
what thoy should do. They were directed
to prooeed to Gettysburg on the llrst train,
Polico Officer Block, who in aiiininher of
Company B, called on members of Troop
or the U lilted States cavalrv. venterdav.
Mr. Block snrved with them at Leaven
worth, Kan., und during tho bittiug Bull
troubles a low years n;io. .Mr. Block was
then a member ot Troop K, of United
Stutes cavulry.
Major C. C, Mattes was thrown from his
horse during dress parade on Saturday,
but fortunately escaped without injury.
His horse reared on its bind lees and thi-n
full sideways, taking the major with him.
Mr. Muttev lug was beneath the horBO, nud
his escapo fruui a bioken limb is matter
for congratulation.
Ilendnuartors Clerk Woistuflue was on
tho engine goiue to Gettysburg when the
crown sheet Imrst aud made the locomo
tive a tit subject for tho repair shop.
Richard derived littlo enjoyment from
that ride until the unginoer succeeded in
getting his iron steed under coutrol aftbr
the crown suout burst.
The rain which continued t fall with
out intermission all day Sunday, kep;
mobt of the b 'Vi within their tcms.
Munyof them upsnt tho day in Gettin!
their arms aud equipment i 1:1 tir.-st class
condition for yesterday's inip'ctmu while
others roved over the battlefield iu the
rear of tho camp looking tor relics.
As tho train ot elsvou cars sped on
through the niht, enveloped 7 tuu iu lit
that arose from the Snmiuehamia, iii".hhii-
gors Irom tho ronunaudors of the ditl'erent
conipauies tlittod through the train to t'w
ucacuuiarters car, in the center of the
train, beariug reports of the mouibership
ot the companies to Adjutant U.'uerul
Roaimsntal Clerk Richard Wo'senflns
wa honored with a call from Major Girst,
of General J. V. S. Gobiu's stuff, tiaturdoy,
ho suminoued the ettlcisut reimeutal
clerk to bripule headquarters to act as
clerk there. Joseph Davis, who was Mr.
Wci.enfiuo's assistant, will act as regi
mental clerk during the remuiiidor of ou-
The people of Gettysburg realize that
thay do not havo an encampment everyday
aud are making money while they may.
A trip to tne camp grounds on a bus
costs from 16 to M cents. Milk is sold for
10 cents a quart aud kerosene oil brings
twenty. ono cents a gallon. Relics aud
tales told by eyo witnesses of that memor
able event, cau be purchased at li Ue prices.
After tho inspection toduy the rille team
was excused (rum further duty in camp
and allowed to return home. This was
done because the team will have to go to
Mount Gretna on Aug. 27 to shoot in tho
state matches. Tho members of the team
are William Stout and W. W. Younsrs, of
companv D, Rlvso Wutkins, of beadquar
tors und licury cullen and Peter Kooling
oi company v.
The long crass on the parade zround in
iront or division headquarters became ig
nit'd Saturday afternoon and burned
fiorcely for a time. The wind whipped
tne names rapidly over the ground towards
the camp of the First brigade, and muny
tents wouia nave undoubtedly doh de
stroyed but for the prompt and effective
action or the Oetnll sent to light the tire by
ueuerat snowaeu.
Chief of Police Simpson, who was pres
ent at the battle of Gettysburg in tho ca
pacity ot a urummer boy. Is much sought
after by the soldiers who want to have the
positions or the dillereut generals and their
commands pointed out by a man who wus
on tho spot. Musician McDonald was al.o
on the field on tbe third duy us a drummer
boy and can relate many interesting inci
dents of the buttle. Captain Kellow was
with General Warren when Round Top
wus stormed and had a part in that des
perate adventure. lie had nn opportunity
to become thoroughly familiar with the
battle held and its surroundings and talks
most entertainingly concerning it.
Before the train had been long under
way Headquarters Clerk Weisenllue had
prepared from these reports the following
tubulated statement of tho number of men
each company bad on the train: Field und
stuff, 13 officers, 8 non-commissioned offi
cers; Company A, 3 officers and S3 men;
Company B, 2 officers and 51 men; Corn
puny C, 3 officers and 56 men; Company
D, 3 officers aud 57 men; Company E, 3
officers and 51 men; Company F, 3 officers
and 51 meu; Company G, 3 officers aud 51
men; Company 11, 3 officers und 53 men.
Total, 41)3, out of u possible 470. Tho two
mi-slng men were Corporal Freeman and
Private Antchell, of Company F. A guard
was stnnoniu ou each car to prevent, the
guardsmen from passing from one coach
to the other with a vio.v to preventing ac
cident. SOUTH SIDE.
of St. Paul's German Evangelical
Church la Octobir.
The congregation of St. Paul's Our
muu Evangelical church, Prospect av
enue uud Beech ttreot, will liuld a fair
lasting two weeks, Wuioii wilt Le
npjned ia Germauia hall ou Monday,
Ujt. M.
The pastor, Rav. EI ward Lanj, liaa
prepared a com plots programme for
tho two weeks the fair will bo hold,
and there will be u;iu 'he left undone
to repay .the visitors iu the line of enter
ing to the senses of pleasure Usin
bsrs of the parish are imtuitrloujiy
sauvassing for articles for the fair.
Are There any Sju'.h Elli Owners Am
bilious for a Itac?.
It there are any good horses on the
South Side, at leant any that ere capa
ble of giving tneir uust to tne speed
ers from Taylor, there is a show for
them now to win some tneuey. Several
Taylor horsemen informed a Tuibusk
reporter that they ure ready to rues
against any horse the South Side can
Is it possible that this flourishing;
community will ullow this ciiullengo to
go unanswered? Dr. J. L. (jrirU'.lis, ot
Taylor, will answer any queries that
may be addressed him-
John J. Murphy, tho bright young law
graduate who has been ill for two woeks,
waa able to leave lis oeu yestoruay.
The blovcle club composed of mouibsrs
of Ihe Scranton Athletic club, have elected
the following ollk-ors; President, Charles
Rosur; secretary, Albert Westpfahl; treas
nrvr, Peter Marker.
James Connell lodge of Odd Fellows will
hold a regular meeting at Truehan's hall
tomorrow night.
Mrs. Michael Natter, or cedar avenue,
ts seriously ill.
The marriage of Mis Sarah Moore, of
Brick street, to Joseph R -uard, of 1'ittntou
aveuue, will take place tomorrow after
noon at John's church.
The choir of St. John's church will enjoy
an outing at L.ake usury next Jionany.
Miss Mary Erobson, of Genet street, is
Visitlug in Shamokiu.
Druggist F. L. Terppe has cansed the
beautiful poplar shade treos in trout of his
residence to be cut down.
Thomas J. Moore, mnnagor of tbe
Meadow Brook and Mlnooka stores, is re
ouperat.lng rapidly and will be able to re
sume his duties in a week.
Miohaol J. Cusick, of Duryea, is vilitij
his parents on Brook street.
An Instructive Discourse to Be Given
Several Interesting; Subjects An
nounced Three Vagrants Miss
Connections and Ride to Jail Pic
turesque Scones at a Polish Mar
riage A Number of Important
Notes and Personals.
A lecture which will be interesting
will tin jriven this evening in St.
David's Episcopal ohuroh by Dr. John
Saadi a native of Syria, who will
speuk on "Islam's Faith ami Tradi
tions," "The Woman of the East," and
a short sketch on the "Gordon Relief
i he lecture will commenoe at 7 .10
o'clock. No admission fee will be
charged but a collection will be taken
up during the uveuiug. Dr. Saudi
has delivered leotures in many oitles
each with unbounded satisfaction.
The following are a few opinions of
the piess on the leotures:
Three Vagrants Arrsstsd for Free Fas-
Detective Kemineror, ot the Dela
ware, Lackawanna aud Western Rail
road company, caught three men giving
tueir names as Jouu martin, Audrew
Shay aud John Mullen, all of Philadel
phia, as they were louvlng a train ou
the Blooinsburg division yesterday aft
'ilia men were in the car at Pittston,
where tho detective boarded it, and as
ttity loft it a short distunes below the
crossing on Sorantou street thoy were
csugut. The vagrants were taken be-
lord Alderman lilair, who sentenced
oach of them to ton days in tbe county
j ill lu defuult of a $3 tiuo.
A Picturesque Scene Wltnssssd
at a
Tbe borne of Mr. and Mrs. Lingia
on North Bromley avenue was tbe
scene of a typical Polish wedding yes
terday morning. The contrasting
parties were thair daughter, Miss Mary
Lingis and Muthew Breskoutz of the
North End.
The female portion of tbe bridal
party was dressed iu a pioturesque
manner, of their native land. After the
cereaiony an exoellont wedding break
fast wus served. The newly wedded
couple will reside in Proridense.
Mrs. Stephen Myers and Mrs. John
Whenler, oi' North Bromley avenue, are
guests or menus at scnouoiauien.
Ooorge Wstzol, who has resided at Nan-
ticoke for tho past two mouths, has re
turned to his home on r rink street.
Mr. aud Mrs. Matthew Gross, of Wilkes-
Barre, havo returned borne after a visit
with Daniel Mohr, of North Sumner ave
Joseph Phillips, a clork at Far roll's
store, has returned from New York city.
An accldout which might have proven
seriously occurred last evening on iNorth
Alain avenue. As car JNo. 77 of the Swet
laud street line was muking a trip to
ward the ceutral city, it collided with t
two-wheeled gig driven bv Edcar Davis.
of Eynon street. The oar struck the
wheel of tho vehicle and smashed it. Tho
horse took (right and the gig overturned
Davis, with a companion, were carried a
short distunes in their precarious condi
tion, but fortunately without lujury.
Stephen Huuhes. ot llazloton. is visit
ing at tno home ot v . j. ungues on
isorth Main avenue.
Miss Susio Brown, of Plymouth, has re
turned home after a visit with triends on
this side.
Mrs, Thomas W. Phillips and daughter
Margaret, or isoutn Main avenue, have re
turned from Atlantic City.
Druggist John S. Davies, of Eynon
street, is on a trip through New xork
Misses Maggie Burnett and Lizzie Stan
ton, of Plea-ant street, are spending a two
weeks' vacation at Lake v mola.
Martha Washincton ChaDter. Order of
Lastern Star, run an excursion to Lake
Ariel yesterday.
Mrs. Jenkins Morgan, ot North Hvdo
Park avenue, left last evening tor Seuule,
-waso. ueiuro leaving .airs. .Morgan cuter-
talued her numerous friends at her home.
We are clearing ont the whole of our
stock of tine etchiugs, Chicago Art Co.
l-f i'cun uvenue.
William R. William', of Newark. N. J..
returned home last evening after a visit
with b:imuol Rogers, of llydo Park
Tho new stroet car schedule will co int
effect to-day, Tha last car will leave
i nmklin avenue lor tiyuo fork, mnking
e run to Lvnou street and lay lor, at
11.35 p. m. Only ono car will be placed on
tuu bwotiauu iino.
3,003 People Ei Joy the Bracing Air
Mouatain Park.
The lnrgost excursion of the year was
t tint of the parish of St. Peter s eathe
dral which wont to Mountain park yet
terday. It required seventy-five
coaches to carry the pleasure seekers
from tlnscitv and tbe crowds mcrcass
later in the day by delegations on the
rcirNilar trains.
At the grotuiJs the refreahmen
stands were managed by a tireless
corps of waitresses and many yame
were there to furnish relaxation to the
muscular ones henton feats of streuetli
A very haipliomo sum was realiz
from the procseds.
Tbe only to mar the day'
njoymnt befell Tbomus Oerrity, o:
322 Gibson street, who was u-jsiHting 1
ollocting tlukots on one or the merry
go-rounds and fell ort wuue the ma
chine wsa moving rapidly. Tho acci
dent oscurred at uoon and Mr, (ierrity
wr.s nlnced on the 1 80 train an
brought to this city and the Lacko
wanna hospital. An txaminutiou
showed that bis leg and one rib were
Building- Material fcr Bale.
Inquire at Conrad Schrooder's
Comuionweulth Building.
Shoe repairing promptly
the Globe Shoo store.
nlteuJod to nt
Ladies' Wa!ch.
etem Wind
an. I i.
V arrante.l.
813 Lacka. Ave.
Ecranton'a Bnslneaa Interests.
Tux Trihune will soon publish a care
fully compiled aud clussiliud list of the
leading wholesale, banking, manufactur
ing and professional interests ot Scranton
and vicinity. The edition will be bound
In book (orm, beautifully IHut-tratuU with
photogravure view of our public build-
lugs, business blocks, streets, etc.. toeotber
with portraits of leading citizens, No
similar work has ever given an equal rep
resentation of Scranton'B many indus
tries. It will bo an invaluable exposition
ot our business renounces. Sent to
persons outsido the city, copies of
this iianiisome worit win attract
new comers and be an unequalled
advertisement of the city. The circu
lation ts on a plan that cannot fail of good
results to thowconcemod as well as the city
atlargn. Representatives of Tiik Thihunic
Will call Upou T1IOHK WllliSK NAMKsS
are dkhiiikd in this edition und explain
its nature more fully.
Those desiring views of thnir residences
in tuin edition will please have notice nt
tho office.
Water Filters.
Pure water secures cood health. T. V.
Leonard, at 605 Lackawauua avenue, has
or Bale four stylus of stone water lilterj
that are sold at prices within reach of all,
nnd are us eanily cleaned and taken euro of
s a water pail, and will lust for years.
The filter is all stone, nothing to ru-.t, cor
rode or become foul aud will titter from
four to twelve gallons per day. Drop in
and see them.
Warded Off Disease.
"I hnve used several bottlos of Hood's
Sar.arparilla und found it to be all that it
is recommended. It has warded oft' dis
uses from noverul members ot the fumilv."
Mary A. Venkor, Eluihurst, Pa.
Hood's Pi u.8 cures sick hendache.
Mothers! Mothers!! Mothsrolll
Mrs.Wins)ow's Soothing Syrup has been
used for over titty years by millions or
mothers for their children while teething,
with perfect success. It soothes the child,
softens the guniH, alluys all pain; cures
wind colic, and is the best remedy for di
iirrhoaa. Sold bydiuggmts in every part
f tho world, lie sure und ask for "Mrs.
Wiuslow's Soothing Syrup," and take no
no other kind. Twenty-live cents u bt-
Import Samples mean 20
per cent, less than import
No two pieces alike.
Flower Vases, Jarden-
ieres, Plates, Chocolate and
Tea Pots, &c.
To secure REAL BAR
GAINS, come at once.
Ii6 Wyoming Ave.
If a Tornado
Strike Scranton
It would cause little
surprise to our citizens than
never have been sold before at
such prices; but, remember there
is no CREDIT at Freeman's,
Our lin3 of Groceries is
complete and you can
rely on them bein th9
If you want a delicious,
high-flavored TEA, try
our New Crop JAPAN
for 59c; worth 75c.
Meat Market
The Finest in tho City
Tha latest improved fur
nishings and apparatus (or
keeping meat, batter and eggs.
38 Wyoming At,
You feed Them
And a visit to Martin & Delany's will be
wilder you at their immense stock of thin
goods. Just the stuff to keep you cool.
Our novelty in summer goods is a
Nobby, Long-cut, Double-breast Blue and
Black Serge Coat. The proper thing for
Slartiia & Delany
Custom Tailors and Clothiers,
Til ia
308 Lacka. Ave. 1
i i ,,am mm
56 Ooz.
be closed
half value.
E CAPS, worth from 39c.
be closed out at
At less than HALF VALUE and other
goods in proportion.
Scientific Eye
For Fall Wear
305 Lackawanna Ave.
It's a Great Shock
to tlio folks rrhn are clnlmlnir they undersell
ill others to tind that without the lojnt fnse
or Waxter we are divine cutnmrs the ben.
etit ot such op fegt initia a tliena.
A MrietlT I. .h Ormln I.lclit-wetglit
VVhrfl, 18U4 putiMi-it, f.-r 1 10
1!3 viittei n, i-tftO Whenl, fur 75.
18114 pBltern, 100 Whnol, for aKS eali
rhebo prices make tho business atourstor'
Maloney Oil and
Manufactur'g Co.
'1 c, ii -r
lie at Pruta! th. Untt Pennlar and fnhmJ ht
LraSilvi AVtuia
Wsreroomt; Opposite Columbus Monument,
AQ5 Washington Av.Scrantor,ia
."-Y . j.
Lace Caps I
out at LESS than 1
to $1. 25, will OPZr I
6Ui s
Testing Free
The Specialist on the Eye. Ileadaches and Ner
vousness relieved. Latest and Improved Style of
Eyeglasses and Spectacles at tbe Lowest Prices,
liest Artificial Eyes inserted for K.
303 Sl'KlCIi ST., Opp. Old Post Office.
City Musio Store,
Alar a larr sSMfcsf InWM
Anotlier Advocate of
OKMLl.MIN-lt afliirde me
Slfanr to atat that yonr new pvveea
of.ltracling trrth waa a sraBd tnceaaa Is
mj ee, nnd I heartily rocnmmexl It M
all. I alncarely hope that othare wlU
taitlti nirilii.
. Your, renpoctfiilly,
CAPT. 8. B. BUY ANT, Sorauton, Fa
Kenwood k Wardell,
816 Lackawanna Ave.
Will on and after Mav SI make a great redan
tlon IB the prices of platea. All work guaV
anteed flrat-class ia every Derttoular,
rioter, Qendsfln. Eclipse. LovelL Diamond
and Other whaela.
ROOF tlnnlnff and eoldeiinv all flone away
with by the nse of HAKTMAN'8 PAT-
KNT PAINT, whieh eoualnta of Ingredients
well-known to all It can be applied to tin.
Salvinleed tin, Kheet iron roora, also to brio It
wellinits, which will prevent absolutely any
crumblins, cracking or breaking of the
brick. It will outlast tinning ot any kind by
many yearn.and it's oont dom not exceed ona
fifth thatot the coat of tinning. Ia sold by
tbe Job or pound. Contraotn talren by
amomo uAuxjaAN.wr BhrebSi