The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, August 11, 1894, Page 8, Image 8

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How to
Keep Cool
Is asked by every one
during these summer
day3. Tha seaside and
mouatain retreats ofFar a
solution of thi3 question.
But none of these are
tomplete unles3 you avail
yourself first of the right
kind of material to wear.
For our August offer
ings of requisit93 we
have chosen exsaption
CLES and recommend
them for their Useful
ness, Reasonable Price
and Desirable Quility.
Is a problem that must
be faced by many.
!ur Success
Has besn largely due to
th9 fact that we furnish
good3 h style and flash
of the high-priced at a
Low Cost.
)o fflc-a in j hut C untry Are Back
N'i" b r- f he Ant leluvUn 8ort.
Washington, Aiu. 10 Little intr
m;.ti.u 1 1 t:i- transmission of t ti
Uniieil Stitea mails can be caa-tnd by
tun wnr over C"r, and bo npDrelien
aion of Htiy surt is f-m-rtsined hy ffi
ciuUof tbe prsi i ffice departuvut
Curea has. no regular postal system,
ami suoh crude service as is maintain, d
ii either und r tlie authority of tl
J.irnui-se srivrauaent or tliroutfb pri
vate enterprise.
There ar three post ofB '8 in tbe
kingdom, at Fnsam Pn, Ger Z iDshin
nnfl Jiuaen, whiuri are under J ipnen
jurisdiction. All otber nrrngctnnt
(or carrying tnnila are made by privut
business estal.listneiits, as in Cnina,
beyond Shanghai. Tne a mo nut of
mails transmitted between Korea and
tbis country is naturally v.ry small,
and is forwarded witn the mails sent
from Japan
A dispatch ponch is dent regularly
Viy onr lepr i lion at Sooul, Korea's cap
ital, to Yokohama, and reaches the
United States thr e or four times a
month. Its transportation from Seon.
to Yokohama is accomplished solely
tbronifn arrangements eff-cttd by the
state department. Steps were taken
last spring by tbe Kor-n govvrment,
through tbe legation offluials beri, to
secure all neceasary iu ormatloo pre
paratory to admission into the Uni
versal Postal Union, bat since then no
action baa been t ik-n.
High Frio of Our Will Make Go d
v V hiskv a L ixarr.
Chicago. An. 10. President Green
hnt, of the whisky trnst, is reported as
having; ordered all the distilling com
panies in the trnst to shnt down at
once. It is said this order is dne prt
ably to the recent sharp advance in the
price of corn and to the large anion in
of stock that the trust at present has
on its bands.
Tbe distillers mannfaetnred the
present stock with corn that cost thera
24 cents a bushel. With tbe cereal
ranging abont CO cents, as at present,
there is no encouragement to tiisra to
make much whisky. It would be a
Rev. J. B. Sweet, of Asbley, was a caller
in town last Wednesday evening.
Among those who ai tended the Chris
tian Endeavor excursion from this place
were Mrs. J B. Grover, Mrs. William
James, Mrs. Henry Oberts, Mrs. Jannis
Williams and Mist Ethel Boweo.
Mrs. Cowans, of Freelaud, is visiting
her (ion, James Cowan.
Grace, the beloved child of Mr. and Mrs.
George Mines, died at their borne venter
day morning at 7 o'clock from the effects
of swaliowtng a shoe button several weeks
ago. The dei'eas-d was aged A years and
Vi days. The funeral service will be held
at the Grassy chapel on Sunday afternoon
fit u o'clock, conducted Dy tne itev. . f.
Doty. Interment will be made In Pros
pect cemetery.
Don't fo'get to get your ticket for the
Union excursion to Lake Ariel on the
201b, two weeks from next Wednesday.
Four Big- Suooessss,
Saving tbe needed merit to more than
make good all the advertising claimed for
them, the 'following four remedies nave
reached a nbenomenal sale. Dr. King's
Kew Discovery for Consumption, Coughs
, and Colds, each bottle gna anteed Elec
tric Bitters, the great remedy for Liver.
fctomacli and Kidneys, Bucklen's Arnica
fcalve, the heat n tbe world, and Dr.
King's New Life Pills which are a perfect
Sill. All these remedies are guaranteed to
o just what is claimed for tbein and the
dealer whose name is attached herewith
w ill be glad to tell you more of them. Hoid
bylluttkews Bros', arug store.
Dr. Strong's Suggestions Iq the Interest of
the Alliance Party.
The Sage of Starrucca Thinks That
the Best Interests of the New
Party Can Be Served In theJ
Annihilation of Free Trado An
Able Argument Against Free Tradu
From a Farmer's Standpoint A
Side Boom for ex-President Har-
Edit r of Tug Triiil'xe:
Knoviiiir vur sympnthy for the
OrtitiKO or Fanner' inoveimuit, 1 und
you the following for the bum-tit of the
grunge fleiui'iit that may read your
able paper.
It would sr-em that the urntiKe or
farmer i-lussex will tmluiall.v form the
bai-kbimu and foundation eli-tuciit of
the new political party, that must ne-
uiuLiiii'ilii uwni liui i trill lit lti l 1 1 ilMI 1
',;,' 7 1
power aim uiuueuue iu mo uinim
The farmer is neither a laborer nor a
manufacturer - nor N hea niiihlle-nmn.
He consequently occupies socially n
position between capital and labor,
which makes him iniiepindt-iit of each
to a certain decree, though atill givlm;
him a community of InterexU with
both that tits him, bet of all, to niter
tain that "happy medium'' of political
opinion awl principles now so needed
aiunnx tti, in the growing conflict be
tween the employer and tlieeuiil-yed.
He is to become, 1 think, the niUiinil
arbitrator and balance wheel in tlie
new political rgaiiizitiou about to
rise out of tlie present political chaos.
Uld party lines are broken up. Jv'evv
ones arc being formed.
I should like, therefore, the funning
class to understand how their interests
are iu the present politi al status,
closely allied with the success of the
IJopubiicau party, no matter how
widely they may diverge from that
party in the future.
It is but common-sense to under
stand, that it must be more beneficial
to our country and our people at large,
to keep our money and our labor at
home, than to fooiirhly B'-iid them
abroad. 1 rotec-i ion certainly ;eeps
both these at home, whereas free trade
or "lai iff reform," falsely so called
would send millions to foreign lands
that ought to be spent within our own
borders. Cons queiitly a free trade
policy must be injurious to the country.
And the truth uf this stuteJient is too
evideut to need any commentary.
Furthermore, I k .ow it is often
stated, that protection helps the manu
facturer at the expense of farmer.
Hut this is ndioaily false. Protection
aios the umnuf.icturtT simply to the
extent that it tuaUea tiianuiacturing
en erprises possible at fair wages to the
working mau. But in ist of u I protec
liou tieips the farmer, by creuiing
general prosci ity, asthehistoiy of our
country shows, and brings a grater
amount of wage-money into circula
tion, thereby atloraing the lanucr a
ready home market fr bis produce at
remunerative price. Any la.nicr
ought to understand this, especially at
the present hour, when the simple
threat of free trade has already paral
yzed our industries and withdrawn
money from the circulation, until nut
ter is uow selling at 13 instead of i5
cents, a pound, and iani"s at 2 instead
of 5 cents per pound. All of which
proves, that we. don't want theories
we don't want pontics wnat we wuut
is business. And, surely, so far, free
trade cannot be called a business suc
cess, whatever else it may be. Now,
Democracy at the present hour, means
nothing but free trade which, as we
all can see, is injurious to the tanner
and ruining the country Every fann
er, then, should alliu himself with l lie
Kepublican party to ueteat the tree
Untie policy. This is but common-
ense, freed from all party bias.
Oa the other hand, do not the farm.'
ers wish to see a new party a third or
Alliance party formed; Hence the
great Alliance movement in the United
Ktates winch neeils simply wisu ui
lection on well-delihed principles to
become a leading power in our national
po itics. Consequently, farmers have
no interest in prolonging the existence
of the present great po.incal organiza
tions at the exp-nse ot retarding the
definite formation of their own party.
I mean as follows:
At a glance any one can see that the
Republican parly has too great vitality
too good an organization and espe
daily too many sound conservative
pimclples to bo near lis end. nut the
same cannot be said of the Democratic
party. Indeed, so far as its o'd traili
lions are concerned aud its fundament
al principles, it can he said to be
al ready on t he verge of d isorgan izat ion.
Even the future great leader of the
Democratic party, Senator Hill, has
oncnlv declared In the senate that "to
maintain itself Democracy Is actually
reduced to recruiting all the rag tag
and tiob-tniled element ot the commu
nity" which means the dissolution
aud near overthrow of any gieat poll
tical party In America. Aud a simple
review of the Democratic movement
since 183:2 will make this fact evident
to any Impartial observer.
Previous to 1832, the policy of pro
tectionwhich is now exclusively Ke
publican belonged as much to the De
mocratic as to any of the opp ising
pariies. After that period, however,
the interests or slave y forced the
majority of Hie Democrats Into the
free trade lines. Bo that since then the
fundamental principles of unity in that
party have been slavery, free trade and
state rights which latter from the old
Democratic standpoint, meant also the
right to secced. These three made
up the old Democratic trinity the
gods the Party invoked the idols be
fore which it bowed and the buttle
cry writteu on the banners around
which it rail ed. But session or state
rights as formerly understood und
slavery disappeared forever from among
us with the triumph of the "Boys iu
Blue." For years the Democratic
army was routed. Unfortunately
however, free trade remained and it
was the only principle around which
they could rally their scattered forces.
No other war-cry was familiar to their
ears, or found that echo in their hearts
which could lead them Iu unity to bat
tle, because free trade was all that Du
ally remained of their old ba'tle tl g
against northern industry and prosper
ity. Which fully explains why the
first time the Democrats regained the
directioti of public all'iirs after the
war, they regained it with the cry of
free trade.
Therefore, If we now crush the free
trade element if the free trade staff
and wing If the Democratic party Is
now routed, the old purtv will soon be
a disbanded army the last prop will
have been taken from under the falling
edifice. Then the party most virtually
dl-i'iuct; and its adherents must seek
new alliances and new I d: rs.
Tlie old sol. hers of Democr.iCV will
not go vcr to the It puidi un ranks.
Long acquired habits of tli ii'ili t -old
prejudices and lniux mused lancunes
will be too powerful. But Democrats
will flock to swell the ranks of a new
parly and must consequently rally
around tlie centers in the third pnrtv
already formed by tiie banners' Alli
ance and Populist movements.
I hold, conseqiientlv, that not onlv
practical y, but hIso politically, it is of
vital importance to the fanners that
they vote, from now on up to the next
presidential election, with the Kepub
lican party. Thus they will surely
Inisieil the disorganization of the free
trad" stall' and wing of Democracy,
w hich alone holds the party together.
From the ruins of tbe old party a new
one will be formed of winch as I have
said, the farming cln-ses will he the
back-bono and the balance wle el.
Finally, I would add one word more
to my brother grangers.
Let us not forget that this free (ratio
movement which is such an evident
curse to all business prosperity through
out the laud, is no more nor less, as 1
have Intimated, than the "tail end"
so to speak of the great dragon of the
' . ...
History proves il and pros-
lent acts uroc a in it. because flee
trade is the last ren aining person of
the old southern slave trinitv.
Now, ''The Boys iu Blue" barred, as
I have said, the two first persons of
this old aiitl-Amcric in trim y, when
tbe last gun was 11 red iu 'U at Itieh
luond. Therefore, when in the next
presidential elections, we sweep free
trade forever from our fair land and
send it back to "Hades" from whence
it came, what inline more uppr'priilo
in which to conqti 'r what slate-mnii
and patriot better filled armnd which
to mil v, than the orave soldier, Hen
Harrison'.' ex-pre-idejit and the la t
the very best probably of the great
Boys iu Blue, who can succe-sfully
aspire to the presidential honors of our
Let Harrison, then, become the
ni' rlcaii iainl Oeorge to cut in pieces
the lasi vestiges of tlie old dragon of
i he rebel liou.
Bo be it. Daviki. B. Strong.
Starucca, Pa., Au. 10, lsvu.
Mlm Ath-e Pot. if Msli uipn, is visit
ing Mr . Hi-ron Hi.ckintliaai.
Mrs. William Pereo. l S.rantoii, vis-
ltd friemls in Tuesday auJ Wednes
day. ilianes Helen, Maud and Audi Suy.ter
attuiolel tbe Chriktian Kadeuvor conven-
ion nr Karview lasi W- lne-ilay.
J E. Harding, of Ki -hels n, and pro-
piietor of one i'f the largnHt stores la that
mwu, whs enllieg ou I lien. In iu this place
Fnd iT mornu g.
ti. r. Uutterll- Id and Protesnor Lewis 1).
Aquauo ecj ived a tMiiair excursion to
Kiz-r'j peiid 1a-t Mmidav and Tuesday.
Mr. and. Mrs. t. V. ilsrlovv were call-
lug on Hi'irtntou fri-udi Fn lay afternoon.
A. IS. Dunning, of Sennit ui was tha
g ie-t or h s m, A. b Uuunius;, Jr., and
idUilly on w uueiila iftil.
i. Clir.-uctf ;jtcve.;5 i viiitinj; frijnJj
in M'ii'ow.
Mrs D. E O'd mid rtl'.dr-jn are visit
ing frie di in V vue county.
Proresur .var in, or tlnriuya, hns bea
ei.ifgd a principal of iho Elmhurst
graded hool tor the lorar g term.
lheh u-e or ILiul.-s W nitney on tbe
Exsl side Ih fust hearing couipl-tion and
when Cnisi.ed it will bo a very pleuBaut
El ner S'elev had part of his limb ampn
laied and is doiug well af ter suou a pain
ful operation.
The ti.llnwtng are the late arrivals at
H t-l El in burst; Vr. and Mrs Curtis
Ciane, Mrs. McK-e, Mi Mel. n McKeo, K
m raiiton, U. Lri est Cotnegvs, Mr. and
Mre. -A. J. (Joi tell, Mwter Ed ar Council,
Mr. and Mr-. A. Uldmi;b, Ma-terKalpb
(ioldsiiiuh, Jinn il, lJhelp , wl e aud
lung iter, Lohm 13mm II. ij. A. Patterson,
Samuel pro trick, VV. It. Storrs aud wife,
Mrs. Jam" Kuthern, Mr. Tovvusead, Mi-s
Ada Urignt, jlr aud Mrs. Moiri (iold
sinith, Mise M. audPiuiine Goldsmith,
Misses Jilldrnd and an I Morris, C .nrad
Schroe ler, Mr. and Mr-. T. A. .Stein and
sen, Scrantou; (J. Seemen, Mils N. See
men, C. 1 Harvey, H. (J. llolden, C. (tor
tin, New Y rkciu: Adam - tesjner, M.D.,
K-ial!iuni; W. Buckley, Washluxtoii, D.
C; Mi-s (Jell M. Osb, ArliugMu, Pa.:
F. M. Evnns an I wife Misses Nettie and
Lillian Evaus, PhlladrtiiiUia.
We are clearing out
stock of tine e chings.
1 27 Pbiiu aVt ntie.
the whole of our
(Juicugo Art Co.,
While wasliln clothes In the op'n air at
h-r home in Mouut Plassut Timrsdnv,
Mrs. A in Uarrian wm stru k by light
nini( and instantly kilied. It wa ah nt
').'M and dai k "threat - nine clouds had
covered tne skr. Mrs. Ilarruaa id: "Il
must be r iming hard at fionesdale." Th"ii
thro whs a tl .ah t lightning taat carried
fatality in its wake.
J. Kirk Ro-e left yesterday for a trip to
Alliauy and New York-.
A par y coniimaed of Misncs Florence
II m, L' ui'M li udeub r', Harriet llau
to K itlierlne Hlantou, Charlotte Donr
llitigei, Clara '1'orrev and has, We-ton,
the g e ts of Mr mid Mra.'W. F sjuydun
will lenVd tods for a oriva to Montic-llo,
where tn. y will witness the Kinneas and
return homo .Unudav.
Forepaiiun's circas w.ll show at Hjne
dal Sa uid i.v, Sept. Stli.
Rev. John N. Lewis Jr. will conduct
the servi ea n. the D, & H, depot
'Sunday. Tne depot services Bra special
services for boa men.
i ls Cnra A ;n merman, of Ilawley, is
visltiiu- friends her.
J.irvis Tlinpe. of the Wyoming somiu
ry. isspeudiug his vacatiou wuu uii par
ems. Willistn II. Ije aid rinutjh ter, Louise,
are e Joying a trip to Philadelphia and
New York.
Misses L ah LoU. flattie Ln'.o.of Ilones-dl-
and Ned W und ward, t Hawley, nar
rowly esoai ed a serious accldoni Tlnirs
(lav. T in y.inaif la lie w roT- Irivi 'g.
Impure Blood
Caused large Deils niy face and nerk
I was told to take Hood's Sarsnparlllu faithful
Hood's Scrsa-
1 JlHU 2arilla
ly, and after using 3
battles was free from
all eruptions. I am per
fectly cured and lu x-
oelleut health. A. J.IUvenport, Milton, N. J,
Hood's Pills ar A purely vegetable and do
uot purge, iaiu or gr.a, Try a box. iio.
Mr, A. J, Davenport
Paines Calery
. -J-MT t''A. -Sif'
While the sun shines the former
make hay.
Men and women wlvst stnra ol
strength and nervous en rtrv has f ill-i
8) low that It b-rdv k'eps them
tbrouxh the day shouol till their veins
now wiih fresa blood foil of rsd cor
puscles, aud store the million tin v
nerve cells with enersy bv mns o
Paitie's cslery cmp' und, while it is
-nuiuier aud the son shines.
There are now few drafts upon the
strength of the hod v ; no wlnt-r colls
to resist, nor spring isnguor to draw
on- tak. It is atnscinf how rspid y
1 1 is uow posMtde to lay up nerve fore
and vigor, over and above t : dallv . X-
peditnre, T os who suffer from kid
ney troubles, liver or stomaoh wenk
ueases, and rheuinatiiiu Qud no tiui
so suited as th present to ovrsominiz
these diseases hy giving thse ov-r-work-d,
p"orlv fed orif ins nlond that
is rich aud pare in quality, and sure to
This i what Palna'f clrv sompnnnd
isil' iug all over the con itry h;ls It is
ftiiiiuier md while every cue feels that
now is taw time to gt wall.
Tlut liiont reinsrkihls hlood and
and in turning around at tbe corner of
hast and Fourteenth streets, a wheel of
the buggr, the ladies Were bidly
frnthtened but uninjured.
airs, m ui A. Ksy. of Plttsbura. s t i
lling f i lends here.
W. vv. Wo'id made a haatv trln to Mid-
dletowu yesterday.
the nietntiers of Company E, left here
yeslerday at 1.85 on the Erie aud Wyom
ing tor Ki 'tiysDnrg.
Valier Whitney and vi alter W. Wood
sec unpaided Company E to Gettyabura.
llirv win act as wator carriers.
Ueurg" P. R"8, uf the Wayne Independ
ent, is the late t addition to the fast in
creasing ran us of iiuuesdale's cyclists.
Harry and Stanley Rettevv. of John
street, ar'-visiting relatives in Etstou
MesBrs. J. J. onahnn and i ll iiiem Mes-
sett are enj wing a trip to Ni igars Fa Is.
Mrs. C W. Meyers i.ud duidreu. of P rt
Jervis, are visiting tlie former's parents,
Mr. aud Mrs. li. W. Harris, of Belmont
TheTallmsn Dii famiiio' of this section
will hold Ih-ir Htieenth annusl gathering
at the home of II. M. iu Harford
on August ii'J.
1 be following programme win be ren
dered by the Mozart ba d this evening
rrom the 11 tel Anthracite balcouy: "S nr
hpaiuded Banuet;" march, "Cctnps") 0,"
hurrell; cornet solo. "Seel the ConnuerinB
Hero Comes," lia tninn. U airce II. Acker
man: Igsvoite, "Fancies," Dalb. y; ov r
ture, "Faatastiqile," Imla yj tlsrlonet
solo, "Coining ihrougii the Itye," ( antn
sia), Thornton, ". .'i.cAndrew; waltz,
"Lucille." Siivd.-r: grand selection. "Ilo.-
cacio," Von Soppe; march, "LiDerty B -ll, "
Sotia: ' Am rica.
Charles Clift, a trainman employed on
Conductor William Aunger's Uelawnre
and Hudson imin bad tne mi Idle fln
uT on bis right hand crushed heiween the
buinpera yesierd iy ui'Tiiiug while efidea-
voting io make a coupling
Mis- uni y Jones, i t K.vsr Btreet. is vis
iting relativ.-s at Eikdale.
The funeral of th late Airs. Bridget Kil-
hullen, of Wotidlswn avenue, will ho held
this a ternonii nt 3 la o'cIuck.
In the absence of the pastor. Rev. E. E.
Jeps-oi, the pulpit will be occupied hot i
tiiornlng mid evening by Rev. Jumes I'oue.
of Pruatoii.
The ri-maiiisof Edivnrd Dunn, an infaiit.
son of Mr. and Mis. Frank i'unn, of Ri b-
uiondale, were iutorred in St. R isc ceme
tery yi s erdny aftoruoon.
J.ihu M 'Oonoiijjii, employea at No. 1.
shaft, had a fool b nilv criuhnd while t
vvorg yenerilay lnornlug hy having it
caught between th bumpers of a Inp ol
loaded cars whicn he was sianduig un.
A.iss An in Haugerty retarued t her
home In 8rmion y.sierlny afternoon
af er spending a lew day with berauut,
Aire. AlcAn.lrew, ol Hpring street.
Jnmo-Barrett has returned home from
a visit with friuiids in Most 'U.
A new Btreet bsa biou laid out In the
w. stem part of town, running from Du
Boir sire t bark to the creek, cming out
ut C W, Alun-on's new house. A new
street has nU, been opened from New York
avenue al Aire.'s to connect with the
Thomas MrCarty Is having city water
put iuto his bouse on Front street.
T e public schools will open Sept. 3.
J n uies Uionte, the (lemma who bad his
arm so badly smash d that it had io be
amputate i a weoa ag", left yesterday
bis native rouutry, where be has a wife
and six children.
The R C. DuBois Hook and Lidder com
psuy will hold lis annual election of offi
cers ou Aug. 15.
H. C. Knights, of Wave ly,
is visitiug his daughter Mrs.
Be her.
S rvlcei at ths Presbyterian
Sunday morbiue at 11 o'clock as usual,
and In the afternoon at 4 o'clock there
will h- an open air preschlug on
the church lawn. Everybody mvited.
Rev. aud Mrs. W, A. B-cher sod chil
dren attended the Chrl-tiau Endeavor
rally at Farview, Wednesday.
Eurl Rockway was hurt at ths Mount
Loi.knnt mines Thursday. He was restiug
quite easy lat evenlug.
Atrs. O. P. Gamett is Convalescent.
Itev. and Mrs. F, P. Doty, ot PsckvlUe,
Compound Did for
1 '''..K-SvVn.lHijv
nerve remedy of this contitrv Pain'
vl 'iy eomponn I in k-s new, vi'or-
ua red blood; rem iv s disease from
vnal organs hy rienly fee ling worn
out n-rv tis-u-s all ov-r tho dy and
nil ling np the strength of the bo Iv
tnat is wny it uak.?s people s qnickly
Well. '
Prof. Elward E. 'Phelpn, M D ,LL.
D . of Dartmout h college, firm pre
pared Psln-'s oelnry coinpound. It has
in 1 t'ie hertr approvd of p lysioians
and scien'ifio uie i all nvr the world.
It ru k people w-ll.
Sty D pnty tiieiillJnho Sinnott.of
Vhitehail. Nw York, wuost portrait
is giveti atiove;
"In my opinion, Paln-'$ cl"ry oom
pound is the best ruiedy in th world
Ihivben troubled with infl.mim-
ory rheutustlsm som twelve yars
souietlui-s crippled Tor three mouths
t a time A friend told me to try
Pdna's cel-ry o unpiunl, un 1 I am
now on my twelfth bottl-, and it has
mails a new man of me. I heartily
recommend it to avry one troubled
with rheumatism.''
It makes people well
were guests of Air. and Mrs. Joseph Mc
Rill Wednendav.
Mrs. Aduai Robblns. of Sixth street, nre.
seated her husband wiih a flue little
daughter Thursday morning.
Ths font services were again well at
tended on Thursday evening, re pie
ninereu rrom tbesurrouuuiiiff towns, inn
G spel as prcacb-dby Air. B iss is making
au iticreaslnir impression upou the neonlo.
niter meetings are uelU every night alter
the usunl a rvices and last for twenty
miiiu'es. Wsterdny afteruoon Air. Bliss
spi'ke to a Inre number of children,
taking tor bis subject "A Cp:ive Bov"
Some change has b-en nrndu iu tbe
nrrang-ments of the meetlugs as an
nounced. ()i Sunday roaring the'e will
be tbe usual church services at It); ISO, tha
teut sorvices being omitted. In ih aftr
uoou a union meetitur of tbe Sabbsth
school, nt '.'.3D will be addressed by Air.
Hns. Liiion services und. r canvas iu the
evening at 7.30. Miss Perrin will sing nt
these services. There will not bo nuv
servic- to-night. N . 5 aud 0 hymn boks
are used at all services.
Aliss Maine Kane and Nellie McGlynn
ended on Pittstoii friend- yesierdav.
Airs. Goodwin, of Luzerne, is visiting
her son, Mr. Hugh Goudwiu, oa Parker
Alis Lizzie Sheridan, of Plymouth, is
sptoalmg n few weeks wiih fri-nds I town.
.Mi-a Canie AlaeDoisld hns returued
home alter spending her vacation at Lake
Anoi.F Lai.loz, carriage runnn'nctnrer,
! Ill larroli street, liutlaio, IS. i., Btules:
Iwastronhlel with nausea of the stom
ach, sick headache aud general debility.
uuruooK Ulood bitters cured me. '
Vhen Tiahy was sli-k, we gave hor Custorta,
Alien s'ae was a Child, she cried fnr Cutorla,
IVlien s!ie b"carno Miss, she clung to C'astoria.
tVhcn she had Children, she gave them Castor!
.... ... -in.
m mm
tew;y. !;c';i:v:;;5;j4f
I, ! 4:-!.o. .-haj. LtKINTON.V'.;X. !r
'- - -. -;.si -.'4
Is cn !:r?rovcxcnt in Soap.
In the Trolley i'o:tp ckl methtaJs
mJ materials are superseded by new
jnes. The Trollry Soap leaves the
.-follies sweet and clean and last-, longer
ban other soaps.
Ask Your Grocer for It
f he docs not keep it send us order for
r for a Box 100 cakes 75 pounds $4.50.
'eph p.Thom$.EIIpnl;on,
1 rvss-..i n.t
At his newly renovated and licensed H0t.1I at
CLARK'S aUMMir, is now prepared to far
nlBUtraveinr men and sieUI parties with
nr dnubl.i, t tik" them to I ake Win. la,
(travel Pond and all suburban points and
Bummer resorts at rewn ible nrfous. A lare
livery ni a eonueated with nvtel tor tray el
ing public
HirHniiiiiKniuuii iiiHKHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiimr
400-402 Lackawanna Ave,
We can serve you well. All the
desirable kinds are here and at
right prices. Then we have
other kinds of
Floor : Coverings
Linoleums, Mattings, Art Spares,
Linen Crumb Cloths, k
Byzantine, Smyrna and Oriental
Rugs all sizes, from a single door to
sizes large enough to cover an entire
f ,
406 and 408 Lacka. Avenue.
fc,T-'-t'l'VS'v'ip.tii!i i.iiiiij,.wwioisiai''v.,ytWlfl.l,' l'!!.'",'wwy"
No tales or history goes with the goods
we sell at our
Odd and End Sale
You will find money by attending our
Odd asid End Sale
It is cheap goodness not cheap cheap
ness that distinguishes our
Odd and End Sale
Figures are eloquent when used to indi
cate the value we are giving at our
Odd and End Sale
From a critical inspector you will turn an
eager buyer at our
Odd and End Sale
Goods marked in plain, large, low figures
at our
Odd and End Sale
jt" ,l,ni 1 ) " ' ' isisssjmJ
Building. Carbondile.