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The leading teachers of cookery
and writers on Domestic Science
use and recommend Cleveland's
Baking Fowder, as
Mrs. Rorer, the Principal of the
Philadelphia Cooking School, "
. . f know what yon areW
f . eating when you use
Its tme composition is
given on every label, f
T "Pure "and "Sure. 'yT
Miss Farmer, the Principal Vol
the Boston Cooking School,
Miss Bedford, the Superintendent
of the New York Cooking School,
Mrs. Ewing, the Principal of the
Chautauqua School of Cookery.
Norrman& Moore
120 Wyoming Avenue
Mears k Hagen
Hare your riiLUKS starched in th old
when you can have them dono with soft,
tillable ButloiiUole for TWO CENTS EACH.
If you want
Carpets, Draperies,
Wall Paper or Window
Shades, come to us.
We have a full line of
goods, and our prices are
very low.
127 Wyoming Ave.
Trllmno rea-li-ri lonvlnu for their
miuiiner' vacation rnn liave tlielr favor
ite papar to tlieiu without extra
mat, by nntlfvini; thU nfllep of the ill-
Ireil rliancet in the paper' h.IiIi'pkh.
Employee of tuo street department will
be paid today,
('. I.. Griflln li9 purchased 100 feet front
on Columbia avenue from Arthur Frothing
ham. The picnic of St. Paul's Pioneer corpi
will be held at Laurel Hill park today. A
pli'nsnnt time is in store fur those who
will Attend.
Thomas J. I izpatrick, a traveling sales
man for tliH Veidenmayer brewery, of
Newark, N. J.,' lliel nt the liuruett House
at Strondabiirg yesterday morning. He
was well known in this city.
The members of the Delaware, Lacka
wanna and Western Mntunl Aid associa
tion and a large number of their friends
will npy an excursion today to Pleasant
Iteacu and Maple bay at Syracuse.
Contracts for constructing sowers in tho
Tenth district have been sinned by John
Ferguson and Peter Stipp and have been
tertifled by the city controller. Mayor
onnell's signature will complete the exe
cution of the contracts.'
S. M. Fairfield, a gentleman engnccd in
philanthropic work in Oreat Nerk, N. Y.,
will address the Railroad Men's moetiug
Sandav afternoon at the Kailroad Depart
ment Young Men's Christian associat ion,
, 15 Lackawanna avenue. Services begin at
B. 45 o'clock. All welcome.
On Saturday, July 21, the Kngineei's
club of this city will visit the mining plant
of Eckley H. Coxe at Drifton, Pu. The
club will leave Scrauton at 8 a.m. and
will tpend the day at Drifton, reaching
homo at 7 p.m. The Drif ton mine Is one
of the finest in the anthracite region.
The lecond photo-opticon entertainment
of the Siirricks was given last night at
Lanrol Hill park. The programme was a
most satisfactory one and pleased n very
large audience. Tho third of the series of
entertainments will be given tomorrow
night with an entire change of views and
Opn All Night
at Lobnian's Spruce street.
Y. M. C 0. NOTES.
There will be an informal song service
this evening at 8.30 o'clock.
Tomorrow afternoon at 8.45 o'clock
Secretary ilahy will conduct the third
study in the summer series of study in the
life of Christ. The subject will be, "The
Flight Into Egypt."
The 140,000 school bouse to be built on
Columbia avenue will be the handsomest
school boilding in the city, exceptiug
ichool No. 1. .
Mutlo Boxes Exolusivsly.
Best made. Play any desired number of
tunes. Oautscbi & Sons., manufacturers,
1030 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. Won
derful orchen'.r ial organs, only 15 and f IU.
Epecialtyt Old music boxes carefully re
paired and Improved with new tunes.
Williams k iHv
DR. fllLEjyilEST
Siys the Chickens About Mulberry Street Do
Not Slug Id the Sama Key.
It Proves That tho Doctor Has a Mu
sical Ear Can Find No Solution for
the Problem Recommends That
Council Take Some Action Concern
ing the Wykoff Pave on Penn Avenue.
Other Board of Health Business.
The board of health held the first
meeting of July yesterday afternoou ut
us mom in the municipal building.
Dr. Uently, the president, called the
meeting to order ami the session which
followed wits nothing if not Interest
ing Dr. W. E. Allenrhenltli ofii.ier of the
board, when called upon for his report
uroso with a sly twinkle m his gray
eyes. Dr, Allen's report is always
looked forward to with pleasurable an
ticipations for the sidn splitting Humor
that prevniles them. His report of yes
terday is herewith giveu:
To the board of heath. Scranton, Pa.
ti kn it. km kn During the mouth of June
forty speviui complaints were made to the
board of health, mid all have been attend
ed to satisfactorily, excepting the one mut
ter of chickens. These bipeds nave been a
source of much trouble to t lie people of
souio parts of the city and likewise to the
board of health. They are complained of
for various reasons tho principal ones
being the objectionable aroma from their
environment, so to speak; the insects,
commonly known as lice, which are so
uninerous and friendly in their immediate
vicinity, and lust hut not least, the music
of their voices, which they send up hour
ly to heaven 'from early eve till dewy
morn," making sleep impossible and life n
burden. If they only Ming in tune it would
not be so bad, but they do not. Among
the hundreds of these vocalists in the
neighborhood of Mulberry street, no two,
1 n lit informed, are ever on tho same
pitch, from tho quavering high soprano to
tho tenors of rather limited experience
aud the croaking old rooster who tunes up
later iu the morning. Teis certainly is
terrible, but what cau be dono about it?
I have considered the mutter carefully and
have about giveu up. 1 will leave the sol
ution of the diUlculty to the board.
Tho most delisting, and I think dan
gerous nuisance now existing, is tho Wy
koff pavement, so culled, on Pen n avenue
and Spruce street. The odor from these
rotten old biocks that have been saturated
with everything oily from the time they
were put down is certainly daugorous as
well as disagreeable. There can bo no
species of genu left out, aud in tn v opinion
the atmosphere of tho whole neighborhood
is unsafe. 1 would suggest that councils
be importuui'd to pass an ordinauce re
quiring at least tho removal of tho rotten
wood and filth.
Scrauton street and Ninth Hreet, below
Robinson street, Hvesuffering gmitly from
the want of sewers. Tho gutiers nt times
receive the contents of water closets oil
the side hill, and unless there were an olli
cer ou every lot, it would be impossible to
stop it. This, I think, should bo urged
upon councils. Connor's court, Decker's
court and fig street remain iu tho same
The report was accepted nnd placsd
on file. Secretary Pjiigg'a report
showed the mortality of the month of
Juno to have been 11U; marriages, 221;
births, 111. The total deaths in the city
for tlvi lirst bulf of the current year
are T IS.
Seventy cases of cotitagiou.9 diseases
wne reported, rn follows: Aieasles,
Co; scarlet fever, T; diphtheria, G;nu"
case each of typhoid, scarlet fever, and
whooping couli.
The report of Superintendent II. W,
Loftus of tho garbage crematory tt
forth that during the month of June
the amount of stun? burned is ns fol
lows. Barrels find rims, 2,."i41'; dogs,
10: cats, 7; hogs, 1. Thirty-two tons of
coal were tued for the month.
The report of Food Inspector Richard
Thomas was of the same et-reotypo l
lotm us the past monthly effusions of
that nrgus eyed official hav-j been. It
contained tho important announce
ment that he has made 533 official
visits and so forth.
At this juncture James Dngun, of
the .North hud, chimed in. James is a
scavenger hy profession mid looks like
a dominie. Whether he ever kissed the
blarney stone or not is not quite cleur,
l.nt his 1 ingnag? wottid indicate that
by some hook or crook he was endowed
with the "gift of the gab." He nude a
very v.'.ciferons charge against Food
Inspector Thomas, nllvging that Mr.
Thomas had gone so far as to instruct
heads of families in the North End not
to give liny garbage to Dnggan or. in
fact, to any or the collectors of dial.
Ho alo said that Mr. Thomas was der
elict in attending to cafes of contagions
diseases, insomuch 119 that he was l.izy
in placarding the houses where these
diseases were, otten neglecting to post
notices until the patients were recov
ered. Uiiggau said that Dr. Hobs, of
Park Place, reported a ilozm cases of
measles nml Mr. Thomas did not plac
ard the houses until the children wire
Secretary Briggs lifted tho charge
from the shoulder of Mr, Thomas with
the statement that during the past two
months there were only four cases of
measles reported by Dr, Ross and that
in each case the receipts of Mr.Thomas
were in his possession showing that pla
cards had been taken out,
Colonel E. II. Ripple made a motion
that in order to justify Mr. Thomas,
the sanitary officer bj instructed
to visit the houses of the people whose
family was utllicted with mans
les as reported by Dr. Ross
and lenrn from them if Mr. Thomas
attended strictly to his duty, Duggnn
supplemented ins attack on Mr.
Thomas with the charge that a man
named John Morris, a hotel-keeper of
Providence, who rents a house owned
by Mr. Thomas, paying therefor if(55 a
month, refused to surrender any gar
Page, and Duggan alleged that Mr
Thomas was the cause of it, saying
that he whs in th habit of going
among his friends ami urging them to
burn their garbage or throw it In the
mauure pile, and not pay a monthly
fee to garbage collectors for carting it
Mr. Thomas stood up to contradict
Duggau, and after a spasm of giggling
be managed to get off the following
sentences: "My yard is perfectly clean
and I invite any person to come and
examine my little garden, and if he
can find a handful of garbage 1 will
make him a present of a aigar, a good
cigar. Ws do not have much garbago
My little family sometimes buys a head
01 cabbage, or two.
This succint argument was met in
Colonel Ripple made a motion that
the collectors of garbage be instructed
to give notice wbsre they can be
reached by telephone, so that they may
oe communicated with when com
plaints are Bent to the secretary or any
memuer or the board regarding the ao
cumulation of garbage at any place.
The discussion on the garbage ques
tion wai again onnod by Mr. Duucan
He was boiling over with wrath and
wanted to say anything and everything
against Food Inspector Thomas, but
Colonel Ripple shut him oil'. The plans
for the erection of a retaining wail at
the garbage crematory were examined
by the bourd and City hncineer Phil-.
lips came into the room for the purpose
of explaining the plans more fully to
the members of the board. I he erec
tion of the wall will post, according to
tho fsttmste, $11)9 0(1. O.i motion of
Colonel Ripple tue city engineer was
authorized to advertise for bids.
I he election of officers was next in
order and it resulted iu the chooiing of
tue present competent corns for an
other term. The salarv of Health Offi
cer Allen was fix id iitjUOO poryear,aud
of Secretary Driggs at iSJ;).
Seven Patients Were Brouicht to It Yt-
Tho Licknwanna hospital is crowded
to overflowing; there were seven pa
tients brought theroyesterdav. but the
officials were only able to accom
modate four, owing to the crowJoJ
The canes brought iu yesterday were
not of n serious nature at nil, except
that of William Mahady, of Arohbald.
Ho had been repairing the porch of Ins
house and iu mime uniiccoiintuble wny
slipped off igul seriously injured his
spine. He was brought to the hospital
where Ins condition wits Bald last night
to be rather critical.
LTrVigs an Action in Trospass to Re
cover $250,000 for Coal That
Has Been Mined.
Following in the wake of the famous
injunction case of tho Lackawanna
Iron and Steel company against the
Scranton (ias and Water companv
comes the stupendous trespass suit for
fJjO.onil of William 11. Mtircy, of Car
noudale, against the Hillside Coal and
Iron company. The declaration was
filed yesterday in the office of Fro
thonotary l'rvor. Attorneys Joseph
O'Drien, of this city; R. D. Evans,
John T. Leniihan and Edvviu S. Oiborn,
of Wilkes-llarre. represent Marcy, and
the law linn of- ll'.ard, Warren aud
Kiinpp are iu behalf of the defendant
coal company. The case will be tried
during tlie first week of the September
term of common pleas court and prom
ises to be un unusually conspicuous
In 1ST -i in Luzerne conntv at the
commissioners' sale of unseated lands,
Marcy bought a tract of 1!)3 acres of
land iu Carboudale township. That
was before the land was known to bo
underlaid with veins of coal , nud there
fore the value of it was not placod at a
Very high figure. However, the com
pany owning' the land Maintained that
it was an improper proceeding on the
part of tho commissioners to set tip lor
sale tho property as unseated land,
alleging that the tract was entitled to
classification as seated property.
.Not until Viyj did Marcy bring stilt
to dispossess the Hillside Coal and Iron
company. Then he began an action
nndvr the right nnd title conferred
upon him in his deed of purchase.
Owing to the indisposition of r.. A.
Willard at the time the case was con
tinued from the June terra. It has
been placed on the docket where it Will
be reached in September.
The declaration tiled yestordiy sets
forth that tho defendant company, in
the period from Nov. 20, 1SS9, to the
date of the present suit, retained 11s
profits and revenues from the land in
this tract a sum aggregating $)0,00o,
and also that by optming 11 mine on tho
property removed approximately 400 -
OnO tons of en d,' rated at GO cents n ton,
altogether $200,000.
The suit 111 t j -ftment began in 1880,
will determiue the question of damages
iu tho trespass suit begun yesterday.
A p-jplfxy Cuusod tho Diath of Edward
The denth of Edward Luughev, of
Oly pliant, who was found dead near the
HillsuU home, where ho was a patient,
was investigated by Coroner Kelly aud
jurv yesterday.
A verdict of ueatn lrom npoplexy
was rendered from the evidence that
the deceased was an epileptic and from
tile result of the post mortem examina
tion, in which the coroner was assisted
by Dr. L. Kelly. The facj bare the
marks of many scratches which were
decided to have been caused by the
rolling about of Lnughey before he
The jury consisted of Dr. L Kelly,
P. II. Uihlions, Edward Cay gill. John
Coggino, Thomas. Fallon and Edward
Oaoriri Lutz, of O'Connor Court, Bled
After an Operation.
Georgo Lnlz, a young mnn 17 years
of age, die 1 yestenl iy at his home in
O'Connor court, Dodgetown, nfter nn
operation hud been performed for the
i)iirpo3e of removing on abcess from
his side.
The funeral of Mr. Lutz will tnkn
place tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock,
inttrmout will bo made in Hyde Par It
Catholic cemetery.
Thero is talk of District Attorney John
M. tiarnuin, of Nnnticol;e, going into the
l.u.eruo congressional light against limes,
but this has nothing hack of it. (iartnau
is out for Judge Rhone's Hhoes, and thinks
hois going to get 'em. As to lliues, his
doom wiM come at tho polh.
It is announced that ex-l'nited Stutes
Senator (.'harles H. litiekalow is to be nom
inated as the candidate for congress in the
Seventeenth di-trict This district em
braces the counties of ('0I11111 bin, Montour
atiii Northumberland, and is at present
represented hy Simon P. Wolverton. Uuck
alew, however, is generally regarded lis a
back number and would ho the Ideal Dem
ocratic candidate from the lii publican
Humor has it that Henry C. McCormick,
of Williiimsport, has the promise of the at
torney generalship in Hastings' cabinet if
be can pull Representative A. (.'. Hopkins
through the hixteinth district convention
this year, against rx-sonator Horace II.
Packer, of Tioga. Packer, however, al
ready has tho 'lioga mid Lycoming con
ferees and cannot be defeated except
through treachery. Tho rumor that he
will be is probably false.
$40,000 Eohool House No. 27,
E. L. Walter, architect, bids to be opened
this mouth, to bo hull ton Columbia avenue.
Lots for nalo on this avenue at low prices
for a brief period.
Arthur Frotiiinuiiau.
buy 1 ha
and got the best. At Guernsey Bros.
Rkal kaitu never grows weak by hav
ing to wait. Sufferers taking Hood's Sar
saparilla for chronic complaints should bs
patient aud the result will be satisfactory.
Hood's Caret.
Hoon's riu.8 act easily, yet promptly
and elBciently.on theliyeraud bowels, 'Zba
It Was Inspcc'ed Yes'.erday by Memte of
the Poor Board.
Contract for Remodelling the Old
Women's Building Awarded to John
Bcnore & Son and Hunt & Conncll.
When Completed It Will Be Used as
a Home for Old and Infirm Men.
Structures a Credit to the City.
A special meeting of the poor board
was held yesterday afternoon ut
tho Hillside hom-, overlooKing the
picture'ipte Newton valley, which
just now wears its most becoming
garb. After the meeting the membors
inspected the new women's buildinir,
which is the most complete of the
kind in the state.
The mooting was cilled to order by
President VI. L. LatiL'stalf; the other
directors present being: Mrs, Frances
H. Swan, aud Messrs, Gibbons, Wil
liams, Sliotten and Murphy.
The question of awarding the con
tract for the remodelling of the build
ing formally used by women wss the
mutter that engaged the attention of
the board. Toe bids were received at
the lust meeting but were referred to
tho home committee to ascertain if the
district could not linve the building re
modelled better and cheaper by having
the work dono by the day and employ
ing such inmates of the home as could
be utilized on the work
After fully considering the matter
the home c liimittee and Architect
Amsden enme to tho conclusion that
tho district would not make anything
by undertaking the reconstruction of
tho building itself, and so reported to
the meeting yesterday.
Mr. Gibbons inclined to the belief
that it would be cheaper for the dls
trict to have the work dono by the day
and employ as much of its own help us
possible, until he heard Architect Ams
den 'a opinion and those of the mem
bers of the home committee. He
then n.-reed with the other members
to have tho work done by contract
and John ISenore & Sou being the low
est bidders were awarded the contract
for IJS.200. The contract for steam and
gas fitting, plumbing, etc., was award
ed to Hunt & Connell for $3,490 Work
011 the remodelling of the building will
commence at once aud it will probably
be ready for occupancy by winter.
Secretary Lynett reported that the
hoard of underwriters had reconsidered
the adverse report of Mr. Bradell, the
electrical expert who examined tho
wiring of the new building, nnd were
anxious to have the policies stand us
originally issnod. On motion of Mr.
Gibbons the action of the board in or
dering the policies cancelled was re
cinded, Tho house committee was directed to
have the eiectrio lights taken out of
the octagon baru to prevent the possi
bility of lire.
After tho business meeting adjourned
the members proceeded to tue new
women's building nnd inspected it. It
was first occupied lust Monday. The
building is an imposing brick structure
with stone trimmings, and is the first
one that greets the evens the visitor ap
proaches the farm. It is fireproof, hoi
low firebricks and steel girders form
ing the floors, nnd the walls are also of
hollow firebrick. All of the floors are
covered with slate tileB.
The very latest sanitary ideas were
employed in its construction, nud it is
aa nearly a perfect building for the use
of old nnd infirm women as could be
imagined, The dormitories lire well
lighted, cheerful and comfortable. The
building is 5(1x100 feet in size, with a
wing SiOx'.'U feet, and is three stories in
height. Its total coat was about
$40, uiio
Tue new building and its appoint
ments met tho entire approval of the
membnrs, who proceeded to make n
general inspection of the other build
ing, which they found neat and well
kept, showing that Mr, Deemer nnd
his wife, who is matron of the institu
tion, give unceasing care and attention
to the proper management of the home
and the care of the 'MO inmates they
have in charge. '
sew men's uni.nisfl.
The building which isabont to be re
modelled will, when complotod, be
need ns a homo for old and infirmeil
men. At present tho men are quar
tered in a frame building, which, was
the first building nt the farm used ns
an nluuhonse, and in the first floor of
the insane building.
The plans contemplato a thorongh
change in the interior of the building
and also a radical change in the exte
rior. When completed it will bear fa
vorable comparison with the ndminis
(ration building, women's building and
insane buildings. It is doubtful if there
is another city in the country of the
siza of Scranton that so well and hu
manely cires for its insane as does
The work oT tearing out partitions,
grading about the building nnd laying
foundations for the additions will be
done by tho inmates under the direc
tion of Superintendent Bsomcr.
It Has Cauid a $10,000 Dsmige Suit to
Be Instituted.
About sis months ago John Ksstiltch,
of this city, had an nching tooth that
made his nights a continual round of
misery. 11j determine! to get the
troublesome grin lor removed from its
Maori Lemons
25c. Per Dozen.
5 Dozen for $1.
Rodi Sweet Oranges
35c, 40c. and 50c.
429 Lacka. Ave.
bed of repose and uccorriiugly wont to
the ( flice of Dentist Q E. Hill.
The operation to which he submitted
iu the dental parlor, he alleges, was a
bungling piece of work, and ever since
he has not had ease or naca- with his
lower mandible. Tue side of bis face
became ulcerated and the bones of his
jaw are sloughing off, he claims.
Therefore yesterday, through bis at
torney, V. H. Stanton, he began a
damage uit against (Jenrga E. und
Charles L. Hill for ifMO.OOO.
He claims that prior to the tooth
pulling episode his jaw was in a Bound
healthy condition, hut that since every
moment has been to him one of in
tolerable pain, not mentioning the de
fection of bit beauty.
On the Fly.
June is generally supposed to be the
most popular month with brides, and
there is a belief that a greater number
of them make their dohut during
June than any otlu r month in the
year. Tho facts do not la-nr ont this
assertion. During June, 10!) marriage
licenses were granted by the clerk of
of the courts of this county. Exactly
the same number wero grunted in Sep
tember and October lust. March has
the lowest record, having only til to its
credit, while February is next lowest
with 70. January was the most popu
lar month during the year that ended
with June, i:!l licenses having boen is
sued during that mouth. In June of
last year 1 1 'J licenses were issued.
During the year which ended June lit),
lfSDl, there was 11 total of 1 ;!n marriage
licenses granted by Clerk of the Courts
The Presbyterians of Wyalming,
Bradford county, recently removed to
its new church ediliue in the central
part of tho village. The beli, which is
one of the largest iu Northeastern
Pennsylvania, has been removed to the
new structure. It was manufactured
in 18111 by Jones 00 Hitchcock, of Troy,
,N. Y, and weighs without fixtures,
over 1,2J3 pounds, Iu connection with
the removal of this old landmark, it
may not be 11 mis a to state that the
church bell which first broke the sil
ence of the upper Susquehanna valley,
was the one used iu the Moravian mis
sion, in the Indian village, Friedeii
shutten, ten miles below
the year 170'.' or n little Inter, it having
been brought from Hetblehem, Pa,,
and couveyed through an unsettled
region on horseback und by canoe the
entire distance.
The Easton Express says that some
of the "sets" of E iston society have
introduced tliepreizdl as the piece do
resistance, ns it were, of ths rafrssh
meuts served at eveuiug gatherings.
Young man who Mud fault at home if
the pie is burned or the bread a little
hard will sit and munch mouth-choking
pretzils as thougu they were luppv,
when they are really aching to hie
themselves to a saloon to counteract
those salt und lie astringents.
A tramp became sick at Lewistown,
Pa., with a mild attack of small pox
and the board of health isolated the
case nnd hired another tramp to take
care of him. As a mntter of course,
No. '1 went near to see how No. 1 was
getting along, nud according to tramp
No. 2, in a few days No. 1 died. The
board of health notified tramp No. '2 to
bury No. 1 and present his bill for the
same. Tramp No. 2 followed his direc
tions and presented a bill for 115,
which was promptly paid, It has since
transpired that Tramp No. 1 was only
sick a few days, nud that the scheme
was concocted by both to beat the bor
ough. The grave was opened aud the
cjilin was found to be empty.
Y. W. C. A. NOTES.
A pleasing musical proginnimo will bo
rendered lit the Young Women's Christian
association Tuesday evening, July 17, from
7.;il) till '.(.30. Icecream served at 5 cents
per plate. Come aud enjoy tho evening
with us.
Mits Mary Thompson will lead the short
gospel service to bs held iu the Young
Voinen's Christian associatiou parlors
Sunday. July 1.1, at 3.45 p. m. Topic, "Kx
cusing Ourselves." All young women tiro
assured a cordial welcome.
Lawn E.izjrr, R: fi lgeratorr, lea Cream
1 hnve uow on hand nnd will sell at cost
l'.l Lawn Razors,
lit Refrigerators,
15 Ice Cream Freezers.
Coino and cot one before they are all
gone. Tuos. F. Lkonaiiu,
505 Lackawanna avo.
Pit. C. C Laviiauh, uentist, Gas and
Water company building, Wyoming ave
nue. Latest improvements. Light years in
Mrs. W. F. Ilallstead lodge, Division Si,
(. P A., to li. of L. K., will run an excur
sii n tj lliiiL'hnmton, Thursday July l!l h.
Tickets, i?l :25; children, 5(1 cents. Tram
will leave I)., L. V- W. depot nt 1) o'clock
a. m,, Thursuay, July l'.l.
Tub secret art of benuty lies not in
cosmetic, but is only in pure blood, nnd n
healthy performance of the vital func
tions, to bo obtained by using liurdoek
lllood Hitters.
And Right Up
to Date. . . .
We have Artistic
Designs in Wed
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the Latest Novel
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Two Eltaats Are Very Badly Mixed Up at
Ho Resorted to Vigorous Measures
to Prevent the Marriage of His
Stepdaughter to William Ace Lat
ter Disliked His Treatment and Had
the Stepfather Arrastsd and Was
Himself Arrested in Turn.
A love nffair, followed by a revolver
episode nnd an arn-st on it charge of
assault nnd buttery, followed by an ar
rest on a charge of obtaining uoods un
der false pretense, is tho rather con
glomerated laws which evolved from
an attempt ou the pin t of a Providence
ample to become man and wife. It
begun quietly notili,but by yesterday
the prospective Kroouisman had been
arrested tor obtninini? goods under false
preten-e, the prospective father iu-laiv
had been held in !f:)i) t ail to answer at
court to a charge of assault and bat
tery, tho bride tint is-not whs lau
nuishinir in the seclusion of her bou
doir and tho mother-in-law was not
waist-deep in excitement and willing to
whip anything in sight. It all hap
pened this way.
' ni:ci!'i:i to mauhv.
William Ace. who lives in the neigh
borhood of tho I'l'ishin shaft, had for a
long time been worshipping at tile
shrine of Miss Heese, a step
daughter of William Atkiiiflon. As
young folks frequently do, they made
ii) their minds they would hie them
selves to a minister nnd be made one,
In the still of u few evening ago they
saunttred hand-in -hand toward the
homo of a Pink Place clergyman, but
hard fate intervened in the shadowy
form of the irat'j stepfather, who was
also out in the still of the same eveu
At tho point of a revolver the pair
had to "about face'' and wond their
way homeward in single bb ssedness,
I nt with two ill-arts tii it beat ns one.
Tho stepfather bused his olj action to
the match on the delicate health of
both the young parties.
Now, to wit, the William Ace nfore-
snid yesterday Mpp-aled to tho law and
had the stepr ituer-in-law-to-le ar
is :dT
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retted for nssanlt and battery .and
threat to kill. Alderman William
bound the defendant over to the next
quarter sessions in the sum of $300
b:iil, which was furnished forthwith, by
Mrs. Mary Louchi, ltTrfl Aflrln.An
played her trumps in this little domes
tic diversement by having the disap
pointed groom arresUd on the charge
of having obtuined goods under falsa
pretense. Whether tho goods are aup
postd to be the body of one Miss Lizzie
Knese or dry goods does not appear, but
the mother-in-law-to-be played her lit
tle cue ball just th same t
Friends of tho parties mentioned sny '
that this snarl of love, revolvers, law,
false-pretenses, mother-in-law, etc.,
etc., will never nfi'jct the general re
sult of matrimony finally and an ex
pression of requiescat iu pace from all
nothing but the Lest.
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to lies
11114 0NU inUHIUIH