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All Things Musical
134 Wyoming Ave.
j Shaw Piano from
the World's Fair in our
A Foe to Dyspepsia
And always have
Good Bread.
The Weston Mill Co,
Punch Cigars
B. & Co.,
tmnr'ntnil nn Earth Clflflr.
Carney, Brown & Co. Mffa.
T. A. Brnahsar, of St. Louis, was yester
day in the city.
Marlt E.iijar, Mayor Connell's private
eecrotavy, is on a fishing excursion in Pike
C. It. Archer, formerly of this city, has
been elected president of the Schuylkill
Press association.
Joseph Qaynor, of late tho night oper
ator at tho tolephotie exchaugo, has been
nssigned day duty. Jaino3 Niland has
bi eu engaged to Ml Mr. Gaynor's old posi
tion. Harry Wright, Frank Orchard. A. Cor
bin and Julius Spaeth, of Carbondale, were
among the out of town spectators who
saw the Scranton club shut out the Hazle
ton's yesterday aftornooti.
George II. Lancastor, Wayne county's
delegate to the recent Harrisburg conven
tion, hns became identified with busine-is
interests in this city, and will toon reside
here permanently. Mr. Lancaster was nn
enthnsinstic supporter of .lark Robinson,
and did much to further that candidacy.
He Is prominent in masonic circles and has
already mado man y friends in Scranton.
Thsv Qav a Clover Impersonation of
th Confidential Clerk.
The oornsrly drama, "A Confidential
Clerk," was produced before a comfort
ably filled home at Mnsio hall last
night. The piece was interpreted by
the members of the Father Whitty'g
Dramatic company for thf benefit of
Progressive assambly No. 15, Knijhts
of Labor.
The plot of the play is interesting
and as developed last night by the
talented young people of the Father
Whitty association held the closest at
tention of the audience. Tho work of
little Mammie Mahon as Bessie, shows
that the young miss possesses undoubt
ed talent.
After the curtain descended on the
last act the floor was cleared and a
social followed. Miss Katie Saltey
furnished the music.
Annual picnic of the Niagara Hose
tompany is advertised to be held at
Frear's Grove near the Dalaware and
Hudxon depot, Providancs, on June 4
and 5. The programme for the osca
ion holds out great inducements to
pleasure seekers.
"The Facb of Rose.vfkl."
MothcrnI Mothers! Mothers!!!
Mrs. Window's Soothing Syrup has been
osed for over fifty years by millions o.
mothers for their children while teething,
with perfect Bticcess. It soothes the child
softens the gums, nllays all pain; cures
wind colic, and is the Utst remedy for dl
arrhcoa. Sold bydiuggists in every part
of the world. Be sure and ask for "Mrs.
WlnsJow'g Soothing Syrup," and take no
no other kind. Twenty-live cents a bot
tle. "The Face o- Rosenkkl."
My physician said I could not live, my
liver out of order, frequently vomited
greenish mucous, skin yellow, small dry
humors on face, stomach would not retain
food. Burdock Blood Bitters cured me.
Mrs. Adelaide O'Brien, ;iv; Exchaneo St.,
Buffalo, N. Y.
A fine lino of wheels for reilt by the
hour or day at tho Scranton Bicycle Liv
CTT, 810 Washington Ave.
Beadle & Wosra's and BallantlneV
Ales nre the btst. E. J. Walsh, Agent,
C3 Lnckawa 1 na avenue.
How Memorial Day Was Observed In This
Part of the City.
It Will Be Heard at Music Hall on
June 13 Promises to Be a Musical
Treat Mrs. Anne Fletcher Laid to
Rest Cantata Given at the Plym
outh Congregational Church Oth
er Interesting News.
The West Side office of the Scranton
Ikihi ne is locatod nt 1040 Jackson street,
where subscriptions, advertisements and
communications will receive prompt at
tention. Memorial Day opened damp and dis
mally yesterday. Most of the business
bi ines were closod and th streets wore
in holiday attire. Those who did not
close in the morning did so at noon
Considering the rain a large nnmher
attended the services nt the Washburn
Street cemetery. A splendid address
was read by A. W. Cooper, piistir of
the Humpton Street Methodist EpIjOC
pal church. The rain ceased about
noon and large crowds thronged to the
central city to witness the parade.
Rendition of a Cantata.
The musical event of the Benson will
be tho rendition of the charming can
tata, "Esther, the Beautiful tjueeo,"
by the Sumner Avenue Presbyterian
Church choir, at Muiic hall, this city,
011 WiducsJny evening, June 13. The
choir will be assisted tiy umu of tho
best talent in the city and valley, and
we have no hesitation in pronouncing
the ronditiou of this cantata to be as
ind as anything ever rendered by
Ul talent in tbil city. This chorus,
inhering about 125 voices, has per
med many cantatas within the last
r years, and have always given per-
s itiBfactiou ia allot them. The
.. is tin' cat of diameters:
Jliss Sadie E. Kaiser, of Wilkes-Barro
King Llew Herbert
Ilamon John T. Watkius
Zltrest, wife of Human,
Miss Maggie Jones
Mordecni F. Beynon
Mordeoai'l Sister Miss M. Thomas
Prophettss Miss Aldi Davies
The financial object of this perfor
mance is to raise uiouey for the build
ing fund of tho Sumuer Avenue Pres
byterian church, which is newly dedi
cated, the members of which are strug
gling hard in their efforts to got
enough money to ran current ex
Funeral of. lira. Fletcher.
Despite the inclemency of tho
weather, a large coneoursu of frieuds
gathered at the borne of the late Anne
Fletcher, wife of George Fletcher, ou
Meridian street, where the funeral
services ovr the deee ise'd were held
by Rev. M. H. Mill, rector of St.
David's Episcopal church. The floral
tribnteb included many handsomt de
signs. After the ctremouy Under
taker Will Prio uncovered the black
casket and the last look at the rem tins
was obtained. Iutermsnt was made
in the Washburn street cemetery,
The pall bearers wers J. Schull, Wil
liam E Clark, J. Williamson, J.
llurdy, G, Smith and R. M. Brown.
Cantata List Evening-.
The auditorium of the Plymouth
Congregational church was well filled
last evening at the cantata entitled,
"Dreamland," given by the young peo
ple of tho Sunday school, under thn
direction of A. 13. hyunn. the recita
tions, s )lo3 anil duets, were rendered in
a ni'inner whiati brought forth many
rounds of hearty applause, that reflect
ed great credit upon the young people
and their instructors. The affair will
be repeated this evening.
Injured in the Mines.
John Warren of Archbald street had
his face lacerated in theBellevue shaft
on Tuesday. Warren is employed as a
miner, and while doing some drilling a
large piece of rock fell. It struck the
drill in such a manner that tho sharp
end struck Mr. Warren's cheek and the
drill was driven into his mouth. Dr.
Roberts was called but the injured
man's face was too badly torn to take
up stitches.
Death of a Child.
Arthur J., a child of Mr. and Mrs.
John Morgan, of 435 Dicker's court,
died yesterday morning, aged 2 years
and S months. Funeral will take plaos
from their residence on Friday after
noon ut B o'clock. Interment at Wush
hurh Street cemetery. Rev. R, G.
Jones, of tho Sumner Avenue Presby
terian church, will officiate.
Told In a Fsw Line.
Many West Side people attended the
eisteddfod t Pitts ton yesterday.
John T. Evans, of Summit Hill, is
visiting his parents on South Snincor
Amos Hersner, of North Rebecci
avenue, is suffering from a burnt face.
Memorial Day exercises and a social
were held in the Jackson Street Bap
tist church last evening.
Willie, the son of John M. Bnvnn, of
Hampton streot, had his hand caught
in the tackle of a derrick yesterday.
One finger on the right hand is very
badly crushed.
Druggist A. W. Mnsgrave nnd fam
ily, have returned from Bloomshurg,
Contractor D. E Nicholas, who is
constructing the pipe drain in the
Twenty-first ward, has been nnable
to bo on with the work until the
wenther becomes more favorable.
The 'members of the Welsh Calvin
istio Methodist church will run au ex
oursion to Lake Arid on Jnno 12,
Mrs, John Fowler, of Eynou stroet,
slipped on a plank in the yard at her
home on Tuesday. The elbow of her
right was arm dislocated by the fall
Mrs. Steven Hendrick, of Brooklyn,
has returned homo after a visit with
frionds on this side.
Curds are out announcing the mar
riage of Miss Cra Lavinia, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Benj tmin K-rdiner,
of 820 South Main avenue, to Jo3pli E
Evans, on June 20. nt 8 p. in. An
elaborate wedding, to which numerous
frirnds are invltod, will follow tho
T. W. O. A. Farvlew Excursion Post
poned Until Juiik 16
Many will be disappointed today to
learn that the proposed excursion of
the Young Women's Ckrietiau associa
tion to Farvlew has been postponed un
til 1 Sitnrdny, June 10. Ihe postpone
ment was decid-d npoa Is tu yesterday
nftprnooti by '.hi association officers on
account of the dampness of the ground
onUsed by so much rainy weather.
The excur-io:i was d'-signed to Be one
of the most enjoyable of the season nnd
the ladii s decide d that the large nnin i er
who had til" trip In pro pec t would
rather wait for a more enjoyable day.
All of the attractive features already
announced will be included in the trip
of June 11, and possibly new attrac
tions will be offered.
Raw Weather Does Not Interfere with
the Enjoyment
That Lnurel Hill park is a favorite
recreation spot with a largo number of
people, is shown by the attendance
there yostcrdsy. Notwithstanding the
inclement weather and ominous dark
huvd clouds, a good sized crowd rode
on the mcrry-go-round, lunched aud
otherwise enjoyed itself in the after
noon. The announcement that the Law
rence band would bn prosent during
the evening una that dnnctug would be
another nttrnctive feature, drew many
to the park in the evening.
The; Are Opiratlag; In R.g-ion Buck of
Sanderson' Hill.
Phiekan thieves are denlptinir the
han innate in that n rtinn of the eitv
lying between Clay avenue and Nay
Aug fails.
H..rr ml dnrinir the last week
they Imve made raids, on ono occasion
beheading twenty chickens in the yard
in which they were stolon, aud leav
ing the hea ls after them.
Tho thieves nre supposed to be n
gang of tramps who infest the rogion
about Nay Aug Falls.
H'mler thir, hearting short lottorSOf interest
will bo onbllslied when accompanied, for pnb-
lientioii, by the writer's name, Tub Tritons
will not be held resposetbla for opinions here
Editor of Tor. Ti IBUNB!
On rending the letter in vnur issue of
Thb Tribuiob on Tuesday over the name
ot John Davy, I was impressed with the
Idea that the writer was some sort of a
religious zealot. It reminded me of words
1 once heard n speaker make mo of: "I
would stai d With mv feet in the nshes of
Sinai and thunder tho terrors of tho law."
That is ju-t what John Davy seems to ho
trying to do. II" talks wildly nnd inco
herently, and makes bold assertions which
bandy have the semblance of truth.
In the llrst place, aftor his preliminary,
he misquotes Webster, It is nor.
but civil lilrorty that wo are to deal with,
and here follows Webster's definition en
tire. "OlVll liberty is tho liberty of men
in a state of society, or natural liberty, so
far only abridged and restrained as u ne-os-ary
and expedient for tbosafotv and in
terest of the society, state or nation. A
restraint ot natural liberty, not necessary
or expedient for the public, ts tyranny or
oppression, Civil liberty is an exemp
tion from the arbitrary will of Others,
wLich exemption is secured by established
laws, which restrain every man from in
juring or controlling another. Hence the
restraints of law Bro essential to civil lib
erty." As regnrds religious liberty, Webster
defines It as follows; "Religious liberty is
the fr w right of adopting and enjoying
opinions on religious subleets, and of wor
siiiping tho Supremo Being according to
the dictates of contoionce, without exter
nal control."
If there is any one thing a true Ameri
can citizen abhors more than another it is
religious intolerance. The writer of the
above-named lotter seeni3 to he a chain
nion of lynch law by onotiiie a Bible pins
ago, "that the congregation brought the
transgressor without the camp aud stoned
hiin with stoeos that he diod,"
A very righteous etieagemont for a con
gregation, stoning an orring brother to
death. lhoBe Uavs or ignorance ami su
perstitiou do uot flourish largely in these
L iiitea states.
To assert that the Sabbath is as old as
creation is n mere assumption which he
stultifies wheu he refers to Babylon as
having a law prohibiting the observance
of the Jewish Sabbnth. Aud to compare
America to Babylon and other peoples
who have gone out ot existence, is irrel
event to tho case. As near as we can
learn from history thero never was n na
tion on tlie faco of the globe that pos
ses-ou the lroouom, tne civil ana religious
liberty tho people of the United States
If tho teachers of Christianity would
follow more in the footsteps of their aian
ter, they would proliably have more fol
lowers. It is lecorded (1 quoto from
memory) that Christ said, "S)ine men os-
teera ono day nbove another, oth
crs esteem every day alike; let every man
txi persuaded in his own mind." Again,
"the Sabb ith wns made for man nnd not
man for the Sabbath. ' Hearing, doubt
less, that the Sabbath wns instituted for
the good and welfare of the human race, a
nay of rest, relief from toil anil car.
day for innocont enjoyment, to drink in
tho beauties of nature, to feel grateful to
our trainer in neaven for the many nies-i
iurjs we enjoy; but not to be enslaved by
that day.
The Jews and some Oentiles beliovo that
Saturday is the true Sabbath. The word
"Lord's day" aro nowbore to bo found in
the Bible. And to everybody those words
in n law to enforce the obsomuico of .sun-
day for religious reasons is an insult to
the Saturday fnbbath worshipers. Our
constitution and laws do not restrain uny
person from observing Saturday or Son
Say, or any other day as n holy day. And
itiscontrary to sho spirit and letter of
our government to uiako law3 for the ob
servance of any one day of each week for
other than sanitary reasons. The govern
ment tolerates nil religious sects, nnd ig
nores them all. No union of church and
stte for me.
As the observance of Sunday as n day of
rest and religious exerciso is so very gen
eral it suits me as well as any other day. I
feel tha need of resting one day in seven
nnd eujoy the day very highly. This
world would bo very monotonous If wo
had to toll every day in the year, without
rest or rocroation other than sleop. Even
an inanimate machine, n locomotive for
instnnce, needs an occasional rest to keep
it from going to pieces prematurely.
I favor the oh-orya:. ci' nnd enforcement
Of all laws that are just and wholesome.
A law that is unjust and oppressive 1 am
not bound to respect. The Sunday law of
1704 is superannuated and not suited or
adapted to the present wants of society.
Thero Is no more harm In selling sodn
water than there Is in selling milk. And
to arrest a woman for Belling soda water
is downright tyranny. Wo ail know that
n blast f urnaco cannot be ruu ou Christian
Sabbath principles,
11. II VAU Bknthuyiiln,
4M Wyoming uveuuo
Jtasotniiona if Rmpjot.
The following resolutions were nnani-mossh-
adopted by Sam Shinn division,
No. Brotherhood of LoOOBOtiVe En
gineers: Whereas, A sudden and unexpected ac
cident has taken from our midst Brother
Ira Oearhai t, who was killed by being
struck by the tunnel guard post nt Nay
Aug tunnel on the Delaware, Lackawanna
end Western railroad nt Scranton, Pa
May 2".
Resolved. That our division has lost a
worthy and esteemed member, and beiiut
conscious of tho heavier loss to thoso
dearer to him, we, ns n band of brothers,
members of !Saiu Sloan division, No. 'JTli,
extend to his grief stricken widow and
relative our heartfelt sympathy, mid pray
our Heavenly Father With His ever
Watchful care to protect nud console them
in this, their great affliction. That as a
tribute of n spect wo drapo our charter
for thirty flays, nnd tnai a copy of these
resolutions be sent to the horosved widow
aud entered on the minutes of the division
ami lie pnblii bed In the Brotherhood of
Loconietlve Engineers' Journal and daily
papers. C. P ASHBLKAK,
W. J. Fisnicn.
Scranton, Pa.; II iy 90, W.)i.
Woui.n yon vide on a railroad that tups'
no danger signals!1 That, sough is a stgiinl
of danger, The rafest cure in Dr. Whim's
Norway Pin Sy i up. S.ild by nil dealers
ou a guarantee "1 satisfaction.
Two Boys Quarrel and One of Them Gets Ar
rested and Put Under Bail.
One of Their Number Scared a
Woman Yesterday and She Gave
Him His Breakfast and a Dime Be
sideMemorial Day Observed by
Minooka Catholics Timely Per
sonals and Shorter Paragraphs.
Yesterday morning Fred Hamm ap
peared before Alderman Holding, of
the Eleventh ward, aud had u warrant
issued for the arrest of Thorn is Han 1 -ley,
a boy of 17, living on Pittston nvo-
nue. uumms son anu young uanaisy
became engaged in a quarrel over base
ball, and in tho scrimmage tho side of
llitniiii's hoad was mado to resomble a
chopping block from tho energetic
pounding with n cobhlo by Hundley,
The tildorinnn, after listening to the
stories of both youngsters, deol led to
place the defendant under fa JO bail to
await the action of tho gran 1 jary
Hundley s father t m ais bonds
Tramp' Bold Action.
Tho burglary at the Steel Works de
pot reported in another column, brings
to mind again the comments, ut various
times in the several papers of the au
dacity of the band of tramps stationed
within the city limits alonsr the Lack
awanna river near the Liulra wanna
township line. Every morning n com
mittee of these gentlemen of leisure go
from floor to door throug'.i the lower
end of the South Side skirmishing for
food, lbo hour of their visits
is sure to bo after the time when tho
masculine members of the families
have left for work. A worn in who doe.
not wish her name given toll n Tuili-
I'NK reporter yesterday that in the
morning, about twenty minutes nfter
her busband and son went to work, a
burly tramp came to her house an 1
told her to get bun his breakfast in a
hurry. Siie complied with his demand
and alter he had (unshod hm meal he
wanted 10 OtntS, Hue gave tho money
to bim wiihout a murmur, because he
said h-' would choke the life out of her
if she refused. A squad of police should
be sent to the quarters of these gentle-
Memorial Services to Xinooke,
Tho f ongregtttion of St. Joseph's
church, Minooka. worship d yesterday
with a high mass and music by the full
choir, in honor of Mem rinl Day.
O'Connell Council, Young Men's Insti
tute, received holy communion in a
body iu m"inory of their departed mem
bers. Aster tho iiissh thn pastor, Rev.
John Loughrau, preached a brilliant
sermon, addressing himself particu
larly to the members of the Young
Men's Institute. He import'ined tho
young men to striv and possess nil the
knowledge possible, the batter to com
bat the kuow-nothing onslaughts of go
cities whose patriotism, he said, has
yet to bo tried. It was a sermon re
plete with patriotic outbursts and
deeply i m pressed the congregation.
Shorter Paragraphs.
Drnfrgist Daniel O. Oelt.ert, of South
Washington avenue, is on a business
trip to New York.
A. D. Powers, of Wiikea-Burre, is
visiting his brother, L. D. Powers,
barber Owen Walsh is visiting rela
tives in Brooklyn.
Rev. P. (J. Christ, of St. Mary's Ger
man Catholic church, returned last
night from a fortnight's visit to his
parents in Lbnnon.
Everett Cimpbeli, of Minooka, nud
George H Doud, of Greenwood, went
fulling lo Lake Como und return d yes
tetdny with fifty pounds of porch
The picnio of Washington Drum
corps at Central park yesterday was
well attended despite tho rain. A snug
sum wns realized notwithstanding the
objection of the weather.
Tho pupils of No. 10 school under
tho charge of Mi6s Anna Mslia, deliv
ered a very interesting Memorial Day
programme yesterday.
On tho graves of the departed herofs
of Ears G;l!llii post, No. 189. Grand
Army of tho Republic, buried iu Pitts
ton avenus aud St. Mary's cemetjrie?,
the members of the post yesterday
erected nivtnl markers two feet high.
On top of tho marker is a fcc-siinile of
the iuaignia of the post. Thero is a
setting on top in wuich a 11 ig can be
pi a cod.
At the rooms of Young Woman's
Christian association tomorrow even
ing will be given a "L Hiking Dick
ward" social, the characters taking
part boing young ladies from the cen
tral branch exclusively. A feature
whiob undoubtedly will add to tho
amusement very greatly will be u se
ries of oalistbenio drills by classna from
tho gymnasium Admission will be
free, and all aro invited.
Next Sunday there will bo n lovo
feast at 0 a m. in the Cedar Avenne
Mellio list Episcopal clmrcii, followed
With preaching by the pastor, nnd at
1(1 .10 tho members of thu church will
partake of the Lard's supper. Sunday
school will boat tho nsuul nfternoou
hour, and special services will be held
in tho ovoniug at 7 110.
Onadimt gels one part of the beautiful
"America" portfolio. Twenty dimes got
twenty pnrts. No coupon neoeesary,
They're too bothersome. Stamps or cash,
Ecrnnton's Business Intf-rests.
Tim TmiiUNtt will soon publish a cure
fully compiled nud olsssined list of tho
leading wholesale, banking, manufactur
ing ami professional interests ot Scranton
and vicinity. The edition Will bo bouad
In book form, beautifully Illustrated with
photogravure views of our pnhlic build
ings, business blocks, streets, etc., together
witn portraits oi leaning citizens. No
similar work has ever given an equal rep
resentation nf Bcrentott'e many Indus
tiies. It will be au invaluable exposition
'if our business resources. Sent to
persons outsido tho city, copies of
this handsome work will attract
new coiners nnd be an Unequalled
ndvertltement of thn city. The circu
lation i on a piau that cannot fail of good
results to thoic concerned as well as the city
ai large, Bepreieiftalivei of Tn TmncNii
will call upon TBOSS WBOU namf.h
are UKSItUlO In this edition and explain
its nature more fully.
Those desiring views of their residences
in this edition will please Kayo uotico at
tho office.
By anew arrangement The Tiiiii
UNE in oi. nb t'd to offer its readers
ai y one of ihe twenty parts of tho
"America" portfolio for ton cents.
All parts nre now ready. This U tho
finest collection of popular Photogra
phic view., in print. Send (tamps or
cu.-h. qo coupon Is necessary,
. .
"The Pace ok RosiiNfkl."
pon't lose sight of the
fact that we will sell you
a good
Tor less money than you
can buy it elsewhere.
jVVe have made many ad
ditions to our
They are choice and
make a beautiful present
with a Silk or Lace
We NEVER allow our
stock of
Tea er Toilet Sets
to run low. You know
the quality. Come in
and we will give you the
116 Wyoming Avonua.
81.B0 Per Dozen
In 3 aud 5 1L. Pixils.
K'gs received Dally from tlie
Home Poultry Farm.
Ye Tournament
Oi'Yo Clothiers, of Scranton.
A Truo Tale,
Come li-tnn, nil yo p eoplo to tho wonders
that befell
At tlit tournnmpnt of Clothiers a truo
Ktory thnt 1 tollj
It i-i liku tho knightly wonders, that oc
curred iu battles won
By the great nnd uoblo Lauucelot in the
tali's of Tennyson.
It's up to date In time and place, and euro
to interest;
It tells how Collins & Hackett in com
bat yot tho best
Of nil tlio competition that is known tho
i ountry ro in I.
It makes n most dramatic tnle none bet
ter can bo found.
Tho coinlmlnnts enmo early they woro
eager i fir lbs f my.
And they rode all Hurts of horses, never
seen until tugt day.
The champion ro I o n mustang, that could
Kick and bro.ik a rock.
And the legend on bis blanket read, "You
hot we own our stock."
Another rude a pranc ing steed nnd seemed
to cut a swell.
And turning abowod his namo to be, "We
make tho clothus we sell."
Another rode a raw-boned horse, stono
blind in both his eyes.
And buLsted tlio csceuirlo name; "Vo
never advertise "
Came dolefnIvisaged "Bankrupt Stock"
so sleepy that ho Miorcs.
Aud one who bi re tin bauuer "Wo own
our stores.'1
And other minor knights wore there in
quaint or bright nrrhy.
All ho'iii(? that Dame Fortune coy night
east her smiles their way.
Uut here are two youngsters In the tbroug,
lads whom no one kuows.
Ou a blooded horse "Promoters of Fino
Fashionable Clothes,"
The eager press olose to themi tho Knight
around them flock.
Aud read upon their blazing shield the
mufjic words, "l'INUST stock."
Fine clothes, fine cut, fine styles, flue fits,
were weapons int hoir hand.
With that honest reputation so wtU known
throughout the land.
And then then the pe.iplo understood as
clear ns li.;ht or day
That tlio greatest living forces would
wrestio in thu fray.
Tho crowd set up a mighty cheer and
swelled it long mid loud.
The other knights were jealous COLLUtl
A HAGKKTT won tile crowd.
Tho trumpets blow a mighty blast, which
told tlMin all that they
Would quickly so ) the Bgtti tor "Iioady-
mado'1 supremacy,
Thore was hurrying1, timro was ikurrying,
there wai clash of brass and steel.
Horses stumbled) men were huinblod, as
from olt their steeds tboy reel.
Hours tho rough and tumble lasted, end
tho mud iinil feathers flew,
Till the stream fiom off tlio uorsos hid tho
gory scene fr,mi view.
But at lasl the light grew feeble, and to
every one's -urpi iso
Colli h a HacXIR walked alone with
victory in their ayes,
Tho multitude wont crazy, wild; it yelled
with beer tit light,
As the Qba mi s Public crowned with
laurel wreathl tlio victor knights.
Now to tbe heroes dally flocks the crowd,
for Well .t knows
Thnt none can equal or surpat-a Collins &
llAf'KKTT's clothes;
Aud mothers tell then- children of that day
Mini its great racket,
And advise thorn evermore to buy of Col-
LIX8 & liAt'KKTT.
Fine Suits, $7 to $:5, Pine Trousers,
S2.50 tn $7. Workiny Pnnl3,Sl tj $ 50
B y3' S its, $1. 0 to S 12. Hats, $1 to
53. Caps, 25c, to 8 I.
Promoter. o Fashionable Clolhing.
N.. 220lt'cluw Avo.,
Hindoo ffandk
Now on sale for 25c. or given
away with purchase of every suit.
Handsome line of Spring Overcoats
and the Nobby "Bell" Cutaway Snits
Martin & Delany
Custom Tailors and Clothiers,
Wyoming Avenue.
5 Special
A Ladies Vest, our regular price 19c,
A Ladio3' Black Hose, full,
lengin, worcn 4uc, r- s-x 25c. s
A Child's Black Hose, all sizes, double
knea.heel and toe,always sold for 37a,
I FOR 25c. 5
s A Ladies' Fine White Lawn Shirt Waist,
embroidery trimmed, good value at
I $2.00, .... FOR $1,23. :
I A Ladies' Silk Necktie
S sold in New York city
I FOR 49c. I
A new line of Children's Gimp3 just received.
s I
At 41- Ppruco streot, will ho opened to
the public next Saturday, Juno 2, with
tho largest and moBt complete lino of
Oentlenien's Furnishlncs in Northeast
ern Pennsylvania,
Tho old btoro at 205 Liek iwnnna avo
nue v.-ilL tn tho future, bo a branch of
tho new Spruco stroet establishment.
It will always bo staekod with tha very
host ; ooils.
Christian's two store9 will sell noth
ing but the latest nnd best, which will
he sold at tho most reasonable prices.
Consider yourself personally invited
to thn opoiiine of the now storo noxt
Saturday, Juno 2.
412 Spruce Street
It's a Great Shock
fo tho folks who are olsimlUg they undersell
ill others to find that without t he fuss
er bluMtur vo iiv jvinK cii-iounrs tho ben
efit of such ouportuuities M tuesc.
A Rtrfotti High Orada Mcht-woiehr
Wheel, 1HU4 pnttarn, Irr 1 10 ennli.
ifi:i pattern, tiro Wheel, for sail.
18P4 pattern, moo Wheoi, for ams cmTv
Theoe prices raako tho business at our storo.
Bicycle Riders,
Take Notice!
CAPS Invented
by a rider
Something New
Has the Agency
for the
'.rn at PfMOSI Iho Mo.t Pnrjilnr and l"rrrwd by
Lva.liuff ArUbtu
Wtrerooms: PppoaiteColum!iu3 Monument,
OB Wnshlngtan Aw. Scranton, Pat.
i m
v itf&fit 'v '
f I JL Iff
erchief Puzzle
FOR 12c. s
regular, extra
for Chemisette,
for 75c,
A Fine
Worsted Suit
for Men,
in colors black
and blue, for
English, Wear Well Scrgo,
Tuxedo Cotit, Silk Lined,
Skirt with deep hem.
They arc truly tailor-made,
Navy or Black.
ONLY $10.60
Striped, Spot or Figured Effects.
Well mado, cool to wear.
$3.50 TO $5. 00
Aliout L5 different styles.
Tourist Raymond on Tab Styles;
the importer's expectation, $12.
You will need one ror street,
excursion or ( raveling,
There's a lit to ours.
THE PRICE, $5 TO $12
Furs Stored and Repaired.
G.W.Owens & Co.
Tailors, Clofik anil Suit Makors
and Furriors,
coukt house syuAUK