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General Manager.
tox. Pa., by The lHinusy Publishing
n-.-w Your OlflOII TrtmnNa Bni.otMO.
Fhank b. Gray. Msnaokh.
Internl at thr Vnttnftter nt Srmntnn, Pa
Bscond Cfcm Itati Halt1.
HI "R ANTON. MAY 8. 181.
If by any accident ft oompromite oD'
dldata fcr lieutenant governor ihonld
lin necetsnty nt llnrrisbnrii, tltero are
Borantonmna ready to vouch for the
mooing qualities of Colonel Tbonian J.
An Ideal Labor Day.
It is R nappy evldenoe of American
pluck Hint ilcspitp an loftOipioiooi
winter ami a hostilo iiiitionol admin
istration which Imvii lioth purely trieil
the patience of tho American artisan.
Labor Day, lc'!)4, was celebrated in ft
manner evincing good .judgment, self
control and general clieerfuliieHs. Per
haps at no prior time iu the history of
this generation has thern been larger
chance for pessimistic redactions, Til6
spectacle that confronts the American
toiler today is one well calculated to
temper hia firmness ami test his
courage. With wages reduced, oppor
tunities for employment decrease 1 iu
almost unnree-dented ratio and the
commonest necessaries of life in many
thousands of casts unobtainable, even
nt their present low prices, because
there is not, amng this enlTering clas,
the money wherewith to purchase, it
could readily bo understood and
par-loned were the oratory of yesterday
to hive assumed a moro dismal tone
tliKu lind previously been its keynote
and had there been in it a larger pro
portion of the unjust bitterues which
MifT-ring nearly always engenders.
Instead of all this, the pageantry
which presented itr If Wns in tlie main
well drea Md ud wi ll fed; was jovial
nop. I'.il sn l iletirtnineit. there may
ihivj been in it the occasional inggea
ti-is of po i: u al disapt t'intiu-nt mi l of
pTsonal cliifgin .but upon the whole it
was inch a matting of skilled ami edu
catcd trtwar.t si could be found on no
Other continent khan our own and on
der no other ayatem than that of pro
taction I l American industries It bore
the o'uVlniis imprint of yesrs of popular
liberty and common opportunity for
aelf-improTement It wan a parade of
laborers who ware men and dttfoni
not uiero industrial slaves; ami it
allowed, in a thousand different details,
th iffec' of the relatively high stan 1
i rds of living that for"i the Itstn
of Americ' indnatrial superiority over
ail the other BatlOM of lb arth.
The wis lnm of labor Jay hut alrady
beta demonatrated. it is no longer id
need of defence 8noh manning of
iutellijrent factort in the great indus
tries of or.r land as was shown in yes
terday's lccal i arade forms an oijct
1 snn that enrris it rnn to lorsatnnt
Inacrtbed cinspirurmsly 00 ils fc
Conoediag that in localities througn
cot this country of sotnetimej abused
l.terty there may bavo been demon
' rut ions that exceeded prudent
I onnd", these are rneraly the exeeri
tious ttiat attest the g'ieral rule of
1 ibor day's excellence a a a v robot of
e nr popular advancement. In jraatet
oay's parade were men who, today
tnp! yes. will tomorrow become
emrdoyert: anil m-n who, although
poor today, will tomorrow be honestly
rich with the fair rewards of thrifty
to-i ar.d wisely buabandad resources
Wa cannot, g a nation, kp this pau
oramis demonstration of Anerioa'a
lonndless possibilities tOO vividly be
fore our eyes. Nothing is a surer in
centive to patriotism, nothing a agfat
incitement to honest pride A hoi -day
which ctn leave all cla'ses th
l:otter for it discreet observance
tie'.- It no more elaborate enoonlQta,
Tut ROtm ..f the Hntflers' Base
Bull chit', ot Philadelphia, an amateur
organization eoBpriaing railway kings,
journsli-tic pr. in . rs and i 'Sot famous
men, includes fifty-1 WO officer, in ad
dition to tho regular nine plsyers.
Tlii- is a larger Innch of hnsth rs than
Philadelphia int previously got crodit
a i
That Ohio Pointer.
1m view of tlie great ado which has
been made in the 1hii rrttlc papers
over the fact that the DoJBOCf etit cau
date. Surg, was rtC ntly elected loCoU
Kress in the 'J' bird Ihlo district, to till
out the niin.xi ired tam of H' presenta -
MvtBouk, Dan., it might be Inferred
that thin Dutch ngptQfO of Hulland was
as little Paterkln would say, a "fatn
ona victory." The New York BOO,
however, dispels this fond illusion
of the tariff smashers in the following
crnl fashion i
The New York I.- I'nst speaks of
the Democrats as "holding their own" at
thespeclsl election in the Third district of
Ohio. This la the remarkable mathematical
process by which It arrives at tin- retoltl
"The Denoorata have iimw rarriisl the
district by about &QO0L which is about t ho
majority given to Mr. Ilonk Id 1WJ." Mr.'s majority over the Bepnbllcan
candidate, Donley, in the election of INK,
which the Post describes as "about 8.000,
was precisely 4,;ilfi. The Pott'l "about"
covers a deliberate misstatement iu tho way
of reduction amounting to a fraction less
than forty-four per cent. Mr. Sorg'a
majority on Tuesday over Kathbone,
which the I'ott likewise describes as
"about tm," is l.rjt, according to the
unofficial returns, This other "about" of
the 1'nst covers a second misstatement,
this time in the way of exaggeration,
amounting to just a little over 74 per cent.
Using theso two "abonta" in the disin
genuous manner here shown, the Post in
forms its readers that tho Democrats in
tho Third Ohio district have held tie u
own; that there has been no falling off in
the Democratic majority as comparod
with the last congress election. The state
in ni would bo coinfortiug if it were true:
bat it is untrue. Tho truth is thnt the
Democratic majority in the district has
fallen off from 4,.'llti to 1,7-1. It has buen
more than cut in half. It has suffered a
loss of CO por cont. Congressman Horg is
a brand snatched from tho burning. The
reeult iu ti n Third Ohio district is hardly
lets lane ntably significant than was that
iu tho Fourteenth and Fifteenth districts
of New Yorlt threo mouths ago.
TheDunoratic inability to state facts
correctlyis further shown in nn at
teupt of several Democratic organs to
charge tliia alleged Republican ''de
feat" to tho influence exerted upon or
ganized labor by the prompt course of
Governor McKinloy in ordering atate
troops to dislodge riotous tramps from
n freight train they baa stolon daring
the recent Coxey crusade, The fore
going figures of the Sun show that if
this incident played any part whatever
in the third district special election,
Oovernor MeKinley's fearless and
ready discharge of a disagreeable duty
was properly appreciated by the people
The Intimation that organized labor
would encouraze theft and riot by
frownintr upon a proper exercise of
wholesome and necessary authority is
an iimnlt which self-respecting work--
ingmtn will not relish, coming from the
party that has so generally robbed la
bor of Its wages and He work.
If a timk should como when sensitive
Scranton would want to bury its great
est nuisances, th p dlueid Lackawannt
should not go quicker than tho attenu
ated Spruce street block pave.
W i i .
It srfmeu at the time of the original
order hard linea for trninmen that they
could not quit work ou a road Operated
within tlie control of the federal courts
while on roads not thus operated fellow
trainmen could quit at will. Tho house
judiciary committee did not run far
counter to public sentiment when It
overruled .tndge Jenkins and voted to
define more clearly the duties of a fed
eral judge. The legal rights of railway
operatives as a class ought certainly to
be uniform, whether the road by which
they are employed bo under a receiver
ship or not.
TBI PIOPL1 of HailetOn and vicinity
have additional cause for cotnplsint
now thnt Wilkes-ltarre lies coldly ig
nored them iu its grand tchotne of an
nexation. mm
Have Courage in Principle.
It is ai;ain intimated, this time in the
Philadelphia Tress, that the motive of
Senator tiaay in taking a tentative
atand in favor of free silver was to as
certain the drift of sentiment among
the people, with a view to guarding
against errors In the forthcoming state
platform. The Press eays: "When
the stato convention meets it will not
only have tho work of nominating a
state ticket, but it will ho expected to
deliver itself of a platform that will be
a battle cry for tho Kepublican party
in lv tor tins reason the leaden in
the ttate have begun casting about to
ascertain how the people of Paontyl
vania stand on the political QQMtioni
that are now to the fr uit. It is the
intention of the Republican leaders to
be very sure of their ground In tlie
coi ling election". The unsettled stale
of stTairt brought ibottt by Democratic
mismanagement and it mrbra malice,
have sat so many political vagariee
all at that it is highly important to
know how deeply they hae DCM
trated "
CaUtlOU in this, as in other direc
tions, ts no doubt admirable, but it It
poaaible to ptirena It too far It ommI
in the nature of things tie the fntnr-
natation of tne Republican psrty or the
expectation of its rell-ctive leader. tO
compete with Democracy for the fickle
faver of th"te voters who are likely .it
any initiate to he tOMOd hither and
tbltbet i'v fiontlng political vagaries
In tool) a e.nupetltiOD ttta Republican
inrtv w.iui I rr-'in tha .ttr-. I loipe
leltlv handicapped It woul 1 be haudi
Mppad first by it traditions, which
form a gl rious record of adhesion to
tix -I nod Invariable principles. It
Wool 1 be hamiica; pad secondly by its
controlling anmbarablp, which ie not
willing to be m ole the spirt a'i I by
play of demagogoea nor so anxious to
tuin office as to b-i willing t t ItC ip I I
the deptu which form tne natural an I
normal Uvel of DclttOOratlo Otiptign
Oanagemant And, tintlly, it would
be prevented by it manlfett destiny
at the one grest progressive poltlical
organizetion to winch the BMaOM
w'.eti wary of Dan o ratio dkaumala
tion, bypooriay, loooopateoar and de
ceit, may turn with c-mrilenee in Ite
at Hit to legislate tggrettively and ad
tnini'ter without ftr
If the recent Imoerttic restoration
bas taught tliia generation of votert
one tiling more d-cieively than another
it i that the Democrtlic partv is ti -.ft t
(0 govern the republic. It is tit only to
look on and grumble As minority ob
strncttonuts. it- lesders ar abln and
possibly oacfnl, As majority con
ttraotlonlata, they are the ltnghing
atwk of civilization. The Republican
party if safe beyond possibility of per
manent disaster so long ts It bases it
Hppal to th" coutcienoe and to the In -lelligenr
of the Americ iD people. Its
mlaaioa ll to art, to legislate, to achieve.
It cannot and it dare not deiceml to
jugglery or to dissimulation An hon
rat dollar is its companion demand to
an honest ballot and an honest wage.
There ire no poaaible ileviations from
these matiifettly cardinal principles.
It it not worth while to stop to experi
ment with Machiavellian methods
The path of Repnblicai.iim points
straight and clear to the consummation
of its fundamental purposes, the forti
flcatl'iii of protection, the purification
of ttie franchise and the establishment
of ft onrranoy worth its fact value iu
ovory mart where men buy and sell.
Tiik RftPOBT which conies from Tike
eounty that much illegal fishing has
been done iu the once-prodigal streams
of that paradise of piscatorial enthusi
asts is only too plamible. The dee
c. ination of Penntylvania's game lisli
is progressing at a rate altogether nut
of proportion to the reported legal
catches and can be explained by no
other theory than that the lith laws
are generally and systematically vio
lated. It is an emphatic shame that
the voracity of poachers should thus
exhaust a natural resource which, once
gone, can never bo replaced.
HiiTM FitiKMis and oppooents of Sun
day closing onght to insist with equal
amphnsis on a rigid inforcemeut of tht
Sunday laws. If these laws arc tuited
to the wiabee of the majority, they will
remain on tho ttatute book; if not, they
will bo repealed. The American peo
plo nre not elow to secure tho ennet
inont of lawa conforming to their
TBI MiNiSTitmi of Lexington may
through mistaken charity loud nid to a
perfidious man's political ambitions,
but while thai are doing this Rev.
I'rank D'Witt falmtga it preaching
sound eonso. ' Aritness thit extract:
Tho universal disgust over sensational
breach of promise trials is not in lie fact
so much that a defendant lies. There are
more hara Minn one. Not that he is guilty.
There are more guilty than oue; but be
cuute,ia nearly every case, they try to clear
their own records by claiming that most
women are bud and that most men are hyp
ocrats, and they just happeu to be found
out. There are billions of stars in tho
heavens, yet the only light wo seo is the
meteor running astray. There are nun
d reds of happy homes, yet the only homo
that ever crawls, reeking with slime, into
the court room, is that iu which there is a
scandal and a divorce. We ought to feel
sad that oue of the most brilliant repre
sentatives of ono of tho most brilliant
families of old Kentucky bns boon ruined:
that one of the brightest lights of congress
is about to be snuffed out; that one of the
most honored public speakers is disgraced!
Hut cannot WO rejoice that onr I omes
have bean vindicated; cannot we bo thank'
fill that public aautiment iu almost every
case thinks right if man does not always
act l ight?
Thit is talk that has the true ring
to it.
Pie Counter.
Mamma Bobby has a promising voice.
( idler Do you propose to have it culti
voled? Mamma Yes, Ho is up at the ball
grounds now developing for chorus work
yelling on the bleaching boards.
llenx-Do vou believo that thirteen is n
faial number'
JoaZ Well, all the people who lived in
the thirteenth century nre dead, PMIa
ileii'hiti ffecoroX
a n
Tragedian He thou a spirit of health
Amateur lihost -1 ought to bo; I've just
been vaccinated.
e e
Lena She would be better mi without
her hiisbsud, wouldn't she?
Laura 1 should say so. Hit lifo is in
sured forf4 ',000. Truth.
They tell me your husband Is 4 very
grave man.
Voi. He's an undertaker,
e e e
"ChMly'e In love, or else he's verwy
roach ilntWeHsad."
"Iliiw do you know?"
"He has gwotro careless in his attire.
He a actually teen on the stwaat with
out ins twonaaju woiied up. ' - WnaMnoion
Teacher Johnny, name a synonym for
Johnny (promptly -Wilkes Ilarre.
e e e
"BoXic hts done well with grand opera
In spile of the hard ttfttOft ' said one man
ager to another. "I wonder how he
Worked It 10 keep ahead of hie exp-nee "
"no did It ana uy. n stipulated m the
aofttTMte that SVary tune the prime donna
quarreled they thouid be Bned. Most of
the time they are III debt to him '- Haul
injti'i Mae.
e e
Si. Ml! l'sss, Tlbil 'IIITS:
It .! le t require an iinexcepti na'.ly
good man to ditcover the fault uf hi
The Htle uf a ginger nap l on a plftfta
with th of three linger of Jersey light
nuig ill lie el re i f 1 1. a Minday cloemg law
In the eyea of the CVfl man all the
world'K awry.
It is impottibln to judge a man by th
tale of v.o he may unfold. The bowl of a
coyote, even, bat a dolafol found.
Th lieutenant governorship fight d ubt-
leaa retta at preeenl almost who.iy npon
the daeieton of th Pbilaalerpbtadalagatton
If tbey oaa le- beld together for I. yon, tbe
man from Alltgbeni arlll be n mitittad
with H aenona diflcoliy. If. however,
i t rt of ,lct ltonlnon and Colonel
Stewart 10 break in on tht aMkltt v shall
I uc el t nay g'eat exteat. the outcome
will be thrown la doubt, wl'h the chnces
I favoring ltobioon. Thnee w!ei know tar
i th- pMltdelphla c inftncent will be
divided in t n of the boastful claim
that it i uuaiiimons f r I.von.
i e
The Mttere jaditial fight of the vear
wll lv dede at today' ltpabliean
primarletln Delft waroooaaty, th- contest.
tMe being -'ailg- I lavton, who want a
renotmnetion, and ' aptatn Joimon. who
reprixanta those that believr that Judge
i ay ton la naflt f or a IntBctal mat ftnd
tbftt hi- raftOBlnatlOfti In tbe face f grave i
; ires t 'a'. Jedgmettt ad tmm -re.
iipp-irt, would be a public mWfortnua
jnoging from the ti-wpp. r of Delsweto
county, there i only one aide to thit fight,
thai hanVd by ( aptatn Johaeon. Hat it j
will take tbe primary vote to settle the
qneation Jack Koblnson' Media Ledger
i aeotinjl,
The conviction ie dawning ore n many !
DeuuH-ratic minds that whan all Iceaid,
no hotter adjastment of this year' fi r
lorn gabel aiotl 0 bopa eau tai made thii
I indicaled in tint ticket For governor,
William t't.lerv lleswl, of I aneaiter. mi I
for lieutenant governor, William Henry
Biftaa, of Lnaerna Hera we harehai
mony. anph nr. tlllta ration an I pyroa
laebbiat trithoni sttnt Hurrah for llne
and line' -
Philadelphia RapnbfleftM win tio year
oppoae MoAlaar by the Acniraattaa of a
traight oiii, Rpubllrau protection) ll , f
the slaving kind. The vl ronnnerclsl
and industrial interests of thit rich dis
trict cannot be . i fb'e I with ssfclv to anr
niaintier of a party which can whip It
representative i line, agaiftti their pre
Vate coovicti i t, for a measure menacing
the itiiflntt of the country with grant
curtailmeu. or dow nr ight destruction,
e e
With reference to the charge of personal
anemlea that he bed already aspended
ll '.ooi In hi tight f..r delegate Hapr.
aeetattva Robinaon avs: "i never h-ei
Mo.'uKi iii my life to end. 1 have a Utile
money and have to ue It carefully, as 1
am not a millionaire. They told a story
that 1 tptut tU,ootl to get Hlalr county.
Now, the faci is, all that fight cost tne,
and It was the bittertet one, was only
f:iVi. of this amount tl.'e) went to newt
papftfl for advertising." The man who
should ptv out Ho.inui or even a tenth of
that sum. id pursuit of an ofllce that has
little alsry and no pmpiisites would ol
vioiisly Is. a fool. Mr Robinsoii has never
been accused of such a grave lack of
That was a bright definition of the gan
ius of the Republican partv which Con
gressman Lemuel Dl Quigggave when he
aald: "It detests evasion. It decplsei
OOnproniiBa, It rejoices in opportunity.
Endeavor is its element and opposition its
Hiiicktning spirit. It is boldest when
overmatched, readiest when most beset,
soberest when most successful. It goes
directly from one duty to tbe next thnt is
to bo done. Its mission will end when all
construction ends, or when society divides
on some other lines than those of action
ami inaction, whnfi the moving current
proceeds from other polos thau tbe puai
live and tho negative."
Even the staidly Democratic Uazleton
Plain Speaker Is moved to hilarity at tbe
unconscious comicalities of tbe Demo
cratic member f roin Lnnorno. Itfnrotioualy
remarks: "W'blto-wluged peace rolgns
supreme now betweeu Hon. William
Hines, of the Twelfth Congressional dis
trict, and Postmaster Illssell. The clr
cuiunmhlunt atmosphere that for a time
was of a decidodly corulean hue, owing to
tho vivid nature of tho Utile congress
man's ejaculations, is once moro restorod
to ils normal o.ouio stato. Hut when
shall we have a decision at to the Ilnzle
tOnottotP 1 hat's the question. When?
Senator .Inmea K. F'ruit, of Sharon. denies
thnt western Pennsylvania Kepublicau
friendi Of Major McDowell intend to Km To
Lyon should HulT heat their oanuidate in
convention. In Saturday 'a Mercer county
primaries eX-Oongreatman Sam Miller de
feated A. V Williams, of Sharon, tor the
judgeship nomlnfttlon against Hod. N. s.
M chard.
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lie obtained:
B.W. Mullifrau, Cashier tveond
National Hank, Wilkes liarre. L'a.
W. L. Watson, ':i-liier First Na
tional Hank, Pittaton, l'a.
J. L. Polen, Oaibiei People's
BavingiBank, Pittaton, Pa,
A. A. linden, President Minors'
Bavin Bank, Pittaton, Pa,
Ami by the BcrantOn Savings
l?ank and Trust Oomp any, Trustee
under tho Mortgage.
T. a Atherton, Connsel,
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The Great Mattel 01 Dents! tk-ienco
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316 Lackawanna Ava
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SEEDS in bulk and in pack
ages. Pierce's Market