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All Things Musical
134 Wyoming Ave.
Tl Kill GKAD1C
Ml AW,
A I.I. 1'ltlCK
Seo the Shaw Piano from
the World's Fair in our
A Foe to Dyspepsia
-USE Tin:-
And always have
Good Bread.
ilo Hi Go lull USUI blli
Punch Cigars
G., B.&C0,
flupr'ilnJ en c-rh 01(11'
Camev, Brown & Co. Kfr's.
C. A. O'Malley, ofinrlt -mlale, wsn in tti
ritv yeitilij
ntatbaw Keaaadfi of Buffalo, is in this
city on business.
Mrs. H. 0, Walter hi been appointed
poetmistressat Will I'lty.
Anthmiy Mcl-ane will leave todav on an
tr'eiided trip to California.
Karena Hmith ami M. W. Watraj, of
WiUee-liarre, worn here veetcrday.
J. L Stone, of Waverly, anl C T. Hte
venum, of Neacopecs. arc at the Westmin
ster. J E. Allin, tho advene, programme
solicitor of the Baraaaa a iiadey show, it
lu iIih city.
Mr. ami Mm M A. Markl-, Miss BOBON
am) v. s. i banberlain, of Haaleton, were
in tl.e rity yeMcrday.
Mia, Flora Koth ami daughter, and Mi
nsnna .lonph, of .s,w Vrlt
their brother, Julius Joseph.
are Vlnltllig
Hka Kate llopkina, and Misi Kate
Mnrthv. ofBUx tnaborg, aro visiting at the
homo 1 f the former' parent! in tho city.
lieprosentatives John Knbaek. William
N. f'nrti.. V. .1. Ferberaad W. J, Sander
cork, of Way mi county, wore In tin city
t ilay.
C. H. Devero and John S Mcf'ahe are
attending the national convention of the
As elan t Order Hibernians Board r Ida
In Now York.
Mr. and Mrn. Qeortt Weed have been
colled to .Mm. Weed's home in Strathroy,
liaaada, OO account of tho death of her
youritfi-dt brother,
Mr. and Mil. A II. Shopland will leave
today for New York and will take the
MeaawbipFnlda onBetorday, May Ik, for
Ornoa. They expert to bo (one mx mon tba,
The Oalle7 Slave Will Be Presented To
di and Tomorrow.
There whi n good sized audience at
Wonderland to witness tho production
of "Our Hoy," a successful Kngliati
comedy by Manager Davis' excellent
atock comedy. While "Ob Boy a"
aohieved a remarkable tnooaai in Lon
don, It wen found by Mr. Davit to be
quite nnetiited for bin audiences, Tho
uoll tinlih humor waa too alow for
the kneii, appreciative aodieuOM at
Wonderltttid. Therefore, Mr. Dtwil
very wisely derided to discontinue, 'Our
Boys. "
In ita atead bo will substitute today
and tomorrow the popular 'Galley
Wave," which pleaiod bo nioch last
Soranton'a Kualnain Interetti.
Tn TiimtiNK will aeoa publish a rnre
fully complied nnd clamill,.d list of the
leading wholesale, banliin;;, inanufactur
ing and profeHMional intereiita of Scranton
and vicinity. The edition will ho bound
in book form, beautifully tlluetrated with
bhotogravure viown of our public linild
lugs, huniuotM blocke, streeta, etc., together
with portraits of loading, No
imilsr work has ever given an equal rep
resentation of Borantoa'a many Indus
triea. It will bo an invnluablo exposition
of our business resources. Sent to
persons outside tho city, copiea of
this handsome work will attract
new comers and bo an unequalled
advertisement of the city. The circu
lation Is on a plan that cannot fail of good
results to those concerned as well asthecity
at large. Representatives of Tltl Tumu nk
are DKsinKti in this edition and explalu
its nature more fully.
Those desiring views of their residence!
in this edition will please Kovo notice at
the oQlce.
Don't Mlsn It.
Shoes at mnnufneturer's prices today,
Factory Shoe Store, 411 Lack'a avo.
Happenings of a Day That Will Interest
Many Tribune Readers.
Constable Burschel Did Not Exercise
His Usual Caution William J. Lewis
and Miss Jemima Richards Wedded
by Rev. David Jones Young Men
Hold an Interesting Debate Offi
cers of the Board of Trade to Be
Elected Interesting News Notes.
The Watt SliJo office of the Scranton
lRIBURI It located at 1 0 10 .lucksou street,
wbrt subscriptions, advertisements mul
communication! will receive prompt at
tention. John Noary, of Providence, was ar
rested yeaterday afteruoou on com
plaint of Morris Simon, a resident of
this side, for larceny. S'.rnnn was talk
ing to Nenry in a Protidanao saloon,
and had with him goods amonoting to
Q and a raoaipt hook worth 3 Simon
ibowad the gooda to Near? and the
latter became noxious to possess them
Ho offered Simon what the goods wro
worth and took them hotu to show to
hu wifrf, Biriiig that he would return
in a short time with the money. But
he never c imeback. Nnary wui given
a hearing before Alderman Blair aud
placed in 300 bail to appear at court,
At the close of the case, Morgan placed
the prisoner in charge of OooatabU
Bnnobal, Banebol aid not exercise
his usual oantion, and Nenry walked
off, and has not since berti heard of.
Wedded I. ss. r.vning.
The ntarrlaga of Miss .leinima Hich
ards and William .1 Lewis was solm
oiled last evening by Itev. David
Jonaa, of the FintWelib Oongrega-
tional church, at ! it home, I'M Siuth
Lincoln avenne The bridaanaid em
Mis t'assie L -wis, 1st r of the brlda
gfOOU) nnd the groomsman was I'hllip
Itilee, Both ladlei wore pretty cos
tumes. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis nro well I
known on this si le, whvre they hsv a
large circle of frienda who wish them I
unalloyed happiness during their mar
ried life. They will go at once to
boatekeeping in n neatly fnrniihed
home on Lynon street.
Cbate on Lsb-vr
A large nntnbat Wai present at tho
weekly meeting of the Hvi park Lit
erary and 1) dinting aooiety he. d last
evening in tborooma of tba Wei in Phil
oaophieal soeiety on Boath Mam aTaane
Cbairmao l'htllip l)vis presided
Doriog the evening there was a debate
on "Labor I'arai'.as." Much feeling ws
diaplayed In welcoming lark to their
circle W. A. Price, who recently went
to Forest City to reije.
Beard or AaU
Tho Waal Blda Board or Trade win
meet this evening in ( lark's hall
There are several mailers of tmpor
laaOO awaiting Mtion, and the annual
reports will ha rea l Offioen Will be
etaottd also. Tne aotaiuati m made
at the meeting a month ao were as
followa; President, Hon 1. M Joaaa:
Vice Presidents, Wtlliam I'arrell an 1
T Fellows Mason; Secretary, Charles
I'.. Iti!e!s. Ireasnrer, A. It. I'.vnon,
A M Morse and William It Williams
Piiccstsful Hotel Opsnlna.
The new hotel of Fred Waruke. on
N rth llain avenne, was thronga d it
mg the opening Inst evening. The
lirge I ar roOIDI and j r.vato rooms decked with BOWara ami brought
fotth many prai.'t fron t' .se .resent
A mandolin and guitar oroheetra con
aisting of Petal Bobappart, Edward
Curtis and W W. Kiss retidereJ a
iiuiulivr of fine selections
Fh it nwi Betae
The West Side Women's Christian
Temperance union will tnet tlnsaftr
noon at 'J N o'clock in the Welsh Phil
osophical lociety rooms on BOBth Mam
avenne All ladles are invited
Kev William M )ivie, of Fish
raard, is visiting at the bona of John
Thomas, of vTaaabnrn atrstt. Ha will
preach at the PlfBOOth Congregs
tional church nxt Sunday
The OptiOOl on the property f..r the
opening of Bwetlaod to Hfly feet in
width from Ninth street to North
Main avenue have lefn secured, and
are now in tln hands of Coiiucilmin
Laser for the consideration of the
Kev I) W. Skellrtiger, of th Wash
ban Btroet Praobrtoriaa church, waa
tn Perkeille yeatrday.
Q Q Pbfllipa, of Jsrkson stret,
lias returned from Ltblbton
John A Bdwarda, too of Setb F. I
wards, of Prioa i treat, is Mrionaly ill
John Mullen, of North Sumner ave
nne, woo baa been Very low with
pnanmonln for the psst week, la bet
ter. William Smt. of Jackson street, has
pnrcbsfol of William F. Iginton, of
South Hyde Park avenne, an acre of
grmmd on tha West mountain, which
contains a large amount of atone
adapted for Belgian block pavement
A delegation of tha members of Kyd"
Park lodge, No. MB, Free and Accepted
Masons, will leave on the llelaware,
Lackawanna and Weataro train at
0.10 o'clock this evening for Clark's
Snmmt, to take part in the dedicatory
ceremonies, of a new Masonic hall at
that place.
The Christian F.ndeavor; aociety of
the Wash hum Street Proabvteriau
church will conduct n sorial on Thurs
day evening in the church parlors.
Mr and Mrs Tbomai Kicharda have
returned from their bridal tour.
Tha Rstldente Will Ask Councilman to
Itepalr That F.traat.
The property owners on Grant ave
nne, near Jackann street, are auffering
from the deplorable condition of that
In the spring and enrly winter the
road is iiiipnssa'nle, and it would re
quire very little to repiir it.
Tne OOOOOilman from the Fourth and
Fifth wards will he asked to expend dur
ing the coming year a part of the np
popriatlou toward the improvement of
Urnut avenue,
Thnaa Wbo Do So Will Meet at tha
Court Houai Tonight.
The persons who beliive that the
beat Inturi'Hts of the oity woull be
served by locating the proposed new
bridge that is to connect the West Sid
with the central ciiy at Mulberry
alreet luatead of Linden atreet, as was
decided np n at tiie last municipal
election, have called a meeting to take
some definite action in regard to ohaug
ingthe location of the bridge.
Those who favor the Mulberry atreet
aite claim that it will be n saving of
$50,000 to have the bridge located at
thia point.
The meeting will bo held At the arhi-
Or I
trntion room in tha court bouse this
evening at a o clock, when nil persons
who lire interested are invited to, at
Prominent Business Man to Be Prose
cuted for Sailing on Sunday.
Rev. F. A. Dony, aecrotary of tho
American Satibath union, the active
head of the movement to auenra a bet
ter observance of the Sunday in Scran
ton, last eveuing informed a TBIBDNB
reporter that at least a dozen prominent
business men of the city will be ar
rested today on the charge of violating
tho law regarding a proper observance
of tho Sabbath.
The majority of theie nrrenta will be
druggists and some of the loading
apothecaries of the oity may expect to
he arrested during day and pay u
sfi-dollar flue iu addition to the costs
of prosecution.
Mr. Dony says that in every ease he
has suflicient proof for conviction.
The men at the head of the move
ment are at work getting evidence
against saloon-keepers who keep open
on Sundays. However, none of tboit
who will be arrested today nre saloon
keepers, sa a ohanaa will tirst be given
the OOOOty constables to prosecute vio
lators of tho Brooks law
Tin Well-Known Comedian to B Seaa
In ranjandrum Tonight.
"Panjandrum," the oornie opera
spectacle, which for live months held
tho boards of the Broadway Theatre,
New Y .rk city, will be the attraction
at tho Academy of Music this ovau
ing. Da Wolf Hopper, and his merry asso
elates will essay the leuliug roles of
"P.iuj'indrum, in which the big com
edian impersonates tiro different char
aotera The first is that of a font hfn I
aailor, returmtiu to his sweeth-art
alter a long Vovage; the scroti. I that of
a Bpantab bull tighter, which lis as
sumes for the purpose of winning
glory nnd thu nuke an impression un
his lady love, the third that of a storm
tooted mariner on tha snip tnat burs
tbe principal characters of the opera
awsy to Spun . the fourth an Indian
fakir who mvttitles the people of
Borneo, ant the list a Lornese
Mf MOHIAL DaV OHeHU iR(viY pflfcADt.
An Kntertattinient u HI Ita Furnished at
tha Frothlrgbam It. tha BvoatBB
K.ra tinlliti post, No. 189, Grand
Army of the KrpabHo, will have ita
usual par-id" on the aft-rnooa of Mem
orial Day.
The peat will giv an entertainment
at the Frothiiighum theater in the
evening Ti pfleee of ndmlattoa are
Bled at 15, 39 an 1 .'el cents
T.'ie best local talent of the city will
take part in this etitertalutu ut. Cd
ontd Htxter, the brilliant Kitnira law
yer, who addr.ssed the (irand Armv
vetennsat the recent Wyoming 0OO
feraooe In tba Un Park ebaroh, hs
been nt -n l d an I hss accepted an in
vitation t-i deliver an addreai
The i roc e. Is, after delrayii g M. tn
rial Day expanaea, will go to the post
traarary for tne raliaf of any loperan
united veterans wtio nur i..-1 usi-.t
a nee.
Aa InUrastlng Kvaut to Ba Ulvan f ir
Y org T-.n'ahl
i in aceonnl of the abeenre of I'r F
W. Lang from the city tha "Health
Talk " advertised for this evening at the
Yonng Women's Cbriattaa aoMalatlo
will be postponed. Instead, a "Flowar
Sicial" will be hell, which will he
MMBetblag nalt)aa Tna Art class will
ilao give aa exnibitiofl ofaotaeoftbe
work doaa during tne year
Y mug women are cordially invited
to rajoy this e.tcial cath-nng. which is
free to tion inembers and tnsmhrra
mmmam - .
Lackawanna Uoapital Contributors
Trai aaat .la p -rtant
Tne eontribotori of the LBokawaaaa
hospital geat laat night an I eiertet
Janet 1' Dlekaoo, Alfred Hand and
J A iillniily directors for thr.-e
Annntl reports wer receive i fron
the tresstirer, eecrtary and lODtf
lotaodaot The president's tddrtet
Wat fcelvad All was referred to ti a
inromlog board of directors, alio wul
tnaet 'for organisation on Friday
The Fattier Whitty aociety hald n
maatiaf ytaterday at Bt, Marr's bail
ami orgaatt'd a i bugle corps wnh
( harles llsrry as r tadaotof The corps
will consist of twelve bugles au 1 seven
drums, nineteen instruments in all It
was also arranged to bold musiesl
ami literary entertainment on the
evening of May 80, DaCOratlOB Day, to
ilefray the m csary expanses of pro -vitling
the instruments Mr Harry in
tends to make tna bugl c irpf one ul
the bast in lb" state.
Tho fn-oral of Mra Jane M. r.-sn
took pltOI HatBrdaf fron ber home on
Oortoa Street, Interment was made
In F rest H.ll reineterv
'1 ha death or Miss Nettie QrifBtbt,
of Montrose, and well known In this
action took place last week at home in
the latter place has caused general re
gret among her tnanv friends. De
oeased was a particularly bright ami
intellectual young lady and her earlv
death in the bloom of youth is greatly
a -All
Those who have used Or King's New
Discovery know Its value, and those who
Iinve not, have now the opportunity b try
It Free. Call on the advertised Druggist
and get a Trial Mottle, Free. Send v-ur
name and address to tl. K. Buck) en & Co.,
Chicago, and g-t a sample box of Dft
King's New Life Fills, fojaa, ns well as a
copv of Qntda to Health anil BoBttbold
Instructor, Free. All of which is guarnn
teist toilo you good nnd cost you nothing.
Matthews Hros. Drugstore.
Muslo Boxes Fxrluslvsly.
Fest made. Play any desired number of
ttinee. (Inutschi rV Sons., mnnnfaottirers,
1c:i Chestnut street, Philadelphia Won
derfol orrhestrinl orgaus, only V, and tin.
Bpedaltyi old music boxtt earafaJly re
paired and improved with new tunes.
How Is It
F.voryonn goes or inquires for tho Factory
Shoe Store, 411 Lack'a nvef e
Headlston ft Woarafi nnd Ballantlne'a
Ales are the best. K J. Walhii, agent,
Laakawanaa avenne.
Tha Opinion of a Rival
fTTIeei fffirri iVewaBialef,
Bcrantoalaat have ut last recognized
that the shim covered Laclanvnnna with
its totuatocau nnd offal lined banks Is not
only a breeder of disease but also a most
unsightly conjunction to portions of the
city which are not the mo?t cleanly and a
movement Is now being made to kavu it
coveoed by masonry, on the top of w hich
will ho constructed u boulevard. Tho
completion of she proposed work would
cost a goodly sum of money, but the out
luy would never ba regretted by those eu
tcrpiitlng citizens who have the welfare
of the city ut heart.
Kickers Against Twentieth Ward Sewer Una
ble to Make a Decent Showing.
A Heavy Team of Blacks Consigned
to tho Centurys Arrives from Chi
cagoPeanuts and Circus Sights in
South Side Base Ball Park First
Edition of Father Aust's Paper Just
Out Shorter Paragraphs.
Any movement that does not meet
with opposition in its course of do
velopment is not worth wasting breath
in mentioning it. Tba most sanguine
upholders of tho sower in the Twentieth
wsrd were not so far carried uway with
the project as to fail to aee that kickera
would come to tho surface. But the
Wonder is that there is so little grum
bling. Perhaps m the Bourse of a few
mouths the croakers innv blossom out
in greater fullness. On Sunday after
noon those opposed to the sewer were
invited to meet in Battle's hall. A half
dozen men tntwered the call, but
seemingly did not feel much inclined
to do any business It ie widely circu
lated throughout the ward that Com
mon Councilman D. P. Bsttle ia one of
the bitterest antagonists of tile sewer,
and that he busies himself in poisoning
the minds of nil his fri-nils aga mat it
This dees Mr. Little a great wrong,
because he I on the ottinr hand one of
the most earnest champions of it. The
b-'St people of the war I want sewers,
those on whom t ie burden of expense
will !... I beavieet, ant that nrnves
very nearly at a guess that at an early
data the Twentieth will be fully sew
ered. The Century's New Team
An appropriation was mnda bv the
eat tmetee committee o( the last coun
cils for the purchase of a team of
horses for tho Century company.
Vetterday morning a heavy team of
blacks arrived front tha C icsg.t ttook
yards, shipped to the above company
The animals are splendid Specimen! of
boraefletb, and look aa if they could he
easily trained for their work The
boyi will hook tbam to the aarriaga
tins afternoon and give them a trial on
tl.e streets for n ftW hours. It might
not be remitl to remind the powers
ti. at lei tnat an appropriation of fSOO
p issed at the aama time aa the una III
favor of the Ceotnrya to provide a
horse for the William Cotiovlls. The
one at present use I by them is an un
derail ' inline), not aapablt of polling
a good lived wheelbarrow, much less
ti e Iimvv hose carriage, which weighs
nearly 3,000
01 mu at Bake Hal'. Park
tl S Csry s circus pitchel tend in
the South Sole Pase Mill pirk yeeter
.uy and exhibited before a large gath
ering of curiosity seekers in the even
log i tie pianio of tba labor orgaaita
Moot did not lotarfera much with tne
attendance at the circus, but ame t .
Increase it Tba perf finance giveti by
Mr Cory's, trtiete ! w.rtn maab inor
than tne price charged for ifl
an I o an par at favor .My wan snows of
greater prtteaaioBt, Aftarn "tn an I
avaaiog txbibtUoat will t given to
Father Atiat'a Taper Appsars.
'I he Oral latat of Rev, Riohard Ami's
new papar, davotad t tha Interests of
ti, 1'. .1-:. p. ! of r . intv. mile
its tppaaraaca for the tirst thia week
It Is a blight and newsy journal, well
edited, aud dealt with local affairs
wlt.'i cleverness an 1 ability The ppr
wst issued from the Timet press, out
will be printed lu the Truth offlot h-re
after. Father Aust shows himsolf to
be a newspaper BUM up to dale.
Btigeeatlon m lb Truth.
With no de re at ail to inonal th
hih bOTta, it .s r.sctf ully sngg-sted
t" the S Bth Side OOfTtap indent of the
1 ruth t.. avoi I one thing lu the fiiltii.
and that is. li d c'r.rg- any Bjitttttv
tio-at Hint May aptetr in one in Thing
taper lo all of tbem. Tux '1 nun nk
dote tint swagger when it alaimt tne
i radii of being morn accurate in its ra
portl tli sen any of the other pap-r
1 his is a OOBOBdtd fact.
Rhortar I'siaerap'ta
1 1 P. Battle ltd G I Roland are in
NaW Vork aa delegates to the national
convention of the Ancient Order of
Btbernlaot, Hoard of Erin,
tine of I homat J Qallagbar't obil
dr -n is very sii-k from a o ld
Patrick Joatph RoOaay, , years old,
ami of Winifred Hooney, of 817 Maple
street, died yesterday. The fantral
will take place tomorrow afternoon at
I o'ci. ck Barial la Hv.u perk ceme
tery the funeral of Michael M Hale, of
Pear street, will occur at o'clock th'.s
morning. A rvqniem msaa will be snug
at SU John's church. I itermant wi.l
Bt in lite in Hyde l ark oeuieteiy.
Tba 8 year-old son of John Wood
raff, of Alder street, bad his arm
broken yesterday by falling off the
stoop of I'ndertnker Storr's residence,
a distance of but lour teet to the
grouud. Dr. K Inset the broken mtttt
Tue fantral of Edward Walsh, of
South Witehmglon avenue, will take
place this morning at 0 o'clock, inter
uieiit in Hyde i'ark ceuiutery
Misa Minnie Htttingtr, of Willow
llreetis visiting in New York.
Additional Ii.junoiloue 8curad Against
tha Coke Strikers.
Si'uttdai.k, Pa., May 7. This morn
ing Siiiriutemleul Frank Bradford, of
the Bainay Coke company, weut to
Pittsburg to aerure additional injunc
lions against the strikers. All of the
atrikers arrested lust eveuing were re
leased on bail today.
The operators refusal to meet the
scale committee Saturday is takeu ns u
declaration of war to the lluish, and
thia week promises to be au exciting
one from one end of the region to the
a ' - .
Colonel Breckinridge a Digger Mao Than
Jamsa Corbett.
Pahis, Ky., May 7. Colonol Breck
inridge arrived on the 8 o'clock train
from Lexington. A crowd had gathered
at tho depot. Kver since his arrival a
stream of callers have passed into
Colonel ltreckiuridge'e room at bis
hotel and cordially greeted bin.
Breckinridge will speak here this
Advice from Luasrne.
W.lkci Bnriv 7 1 tti'S.
If Scranton Is wine, and it generally is
when It comes to making municipal im
provements, it will cert.nuly pattern after
Wilkes-Harre wbeu il conies to contract
ing for its new bridges. Lverybody knows
tho best goods come high but they wear
long and well. 11 isn't economy to take a
thing because it's chenp, especially iu the
matter of bridge.
A gentleman who used to visit Scran
ton more frequently than has beeu his
want of late, is just now winning ns
many laurels m a musical direction as he
has long been accustomed to wiu in busi
ness relations. Hetereuce is made to
Manager Atklo of the Wilkes-Uarro luce
works, whose singing at the recent Con
cordia concert iu Wilkes-liarre was n
notable foaturo. Mr. Atkiu is a jovial
compuuion, a membor of numerous fra
ternal orders, including tho Elks, and vies
with Joseph P. Burns as a robust tenor
who knows how to sing,
Rev. Dr. N. O. Porke, of West Pittstou,
who, at the closo of tile present year will
conclude a half century of continuous
service in the pastorate of the First Pres
byterian church of Pittstou, will this
Hummer occupy a handsome new cottage
nt lilen Summit, the plans for which were
recently drawn by Architect Duckworth.
After tho various experiments iu the
climates of Florida, New Knglind aud the
seashore, I'r. Parke has decided that
nothing better Hints his needs than the
pure oxygen on tVilkes-Marrn mountain,
ami his countless Scrnutou friends hope
ho may tie benefited by the coining mm -mor's
Representative QalBIBB A. tlrow, whom
Scran toniant have recently come to regard
as really one of their own citizens, that is
to say, a r lldtBt of one of Scrauton's sub
urbs, has been chosen as one of the orators
at. this year1! Fourth of July celebration at
Woodstock, Colin. The honor is a signal
one when It ll remembered that speekera
ut Woodstock are nlwayH men of Inter
national renown.
In the present apportionment of its Su
preme conclave offiolalt, the Improved
order of Reptaaopbi has oontorred un
common dltttootton on BcraatoB, giving to
us tha supreme arobon lu the peraOO of F.
L. Brown, the supreme provost m tba par-
sou of Attorney J Elliott Boat, and one
member of lln- comuntt n laws end np-
pe.ils in the person ot Edward II. House.
Imt, then, this is no more than proper, con-
ldorlng .the nnmbsr of nourishing con
claves that Scranton and lis Immediate
vicinity gives to the order. The latest
of these, BleOtrifl Ity conclave, No. Ka
Instituted lael than two months ago. al
ready hits a membership of nearly loo and
is growing rapidly, beranton city alone
hse live AonrieBiBg Baptaaopb aoodavet
and there an- as many in no uIuumI within
eiL-y balling distance.
S 4 S
The recant graeafnl to tion of the em
ployes in the transportation department
f the Delaware Lackawanna ami
Western railroad In prataattng Train
master George kL Balls lead wnh a hand
some Watch of tare value attests the
esteem in which this popular Scrautnoiau
held among thoet enn whom he is
brought into Intimate Contact. The watch
is a repeater with spin leeoad aad atop
Bttaehmanl) and Witt a hands unely eti-
travtd Id-karat caaa eon tola teg a 8-karat
diamond, It was it birthday token, which
ra i I reeiptent will not suou tire of
- a
Iteooarffepatrs FumiiM
We nre prepared to faralth bntlnam bob
with flrat-claai ateaograpBara by the day
ir hour Btpert Iwok keeping a sptejialty.
Heraaton Coramaroia A..e:iation, Urn
itod, im spruce ttraata
a mi
Ill I ll
W years, Mav 7, I MM, at her la- r.
dance In Newton, nueral at lata r.iai
deaai m Nawtoa, May P, at 0 N a. m.
JoNF.S- In Btrantoa, Mar Mrs. ti. w
Jones, at the home of her sister, Mrs.
W il ism Raaley, M Monroe avenue.
Funeral will t at Baa vTtdfleaday
ntt-rn.sin at i o'clock Interment in
Forest llul cemetery. BocbeatBl pairs
B . ase copv
fkdiM saw A tW
H J w
w w a 4 UeaW - w WWW
Neapolitan Wore? It
is the Most Artistic
ever made.
If you want ii goof car
riage you should sec
dlilU i UllOU sVwUJ
Best Assortment.
116 Wyoming Avenue.
Print Butter
25c. a lb.
427 Lackawanna Ave.
Why run nil over thocitv looking for coll
dollars vtth one nil 1 ten oeDtl' Worth
or irolit in themr Hut yon will tent Tart
close to it it If y hi will rail at the rlulit place.
Bi-lnij your dollars Hold, silver ami irn.on-
hanka to
tag IFBCCB BTBBBT, nnd get full value
for your money In
Bicyciea. lire arms, etc., repaired nt abort
notice. Key llttiuir a suocialty. Llive me a call.
Magic, Mirth and
Hindoo Handkerchief Puzzle
We have engaged FBQF. VBEUBLO, the Cclebiated
llititloo llagletaBs Bxhibitiona daily iu our large center
window from 3.30 to 0.30 P. M. and from S to 0.30 P.M.
The Puzzle Given Away with purchase of every
Suit of Clothes or sold at TWENTY-FIVE CENTS.
Martin 6c IDelauiy
Wyoming Avenue.
ana mm gaj 1 1 i ass awn iiwsnai n
I the paqhinnl
M)S L.-icknwannfi Ave.
! Hiliinery
5 Just opeuad a new Una of Sailors
S Winch will be e .l 1 Lclow prices.
-' Wi rth U T5 for II 25
S Worth si ;i for f
S Worth t ,. i lir s ,
s Worth $is oo for ra.
X The lurgeit and larat assorted line
2 In the state from tho obnpett to
S the bail
S :i styes, worth fj M f r 83
5 ldatylei, worth fQ 00 for f: 78
; '.'it stvles real llrutsels.froui 1L50
S to 90 1 -i i pur.
S BOatylaa Irish Point from 1400
r ' I ILL ami BEE Till
Now Open
Look In
ThArtfn liritnlnc totovn; tVilVom Tljirm !
Ii.ib b(M htir; V R hvt btto hn: w ,m ,
hrn; w will )m hTt. Au'ft'ti Wt mtf look
in nn mi. rvnl if WtOfMaMlMOW JIM thfl ftnat '
OOODM, uid ft i4cofd of sioci Moyclti ftifaj
thtnnnv-'li r Arm in UN dtjr, wo will tfik'
yoq to the nhoir.
All the Rage.
Will buy a
very good one
Are nt PrrMMtt ttir Kotl Poprlnr mnl I'rpfrrrrd B
UMattr Arums.
Warprooms : Opposite Columbus Monument,
205 Washington Av. Scrnnton,Pa.
SMI ! ;
Department. I
Ladlot' Capes In Hne, Xavy
utid Brown,
Worth tj.. 00 for $1,89
Worm B.68 for 1 D8
Worth 10,00 for BSS
Worm 1- 00 for 8 . 9
Wttrtlt '.'"i t( for 12 UU
Laiies and Misses' Jackets
Muit be sold Now is your
.lack-ets wot lh 8 00 for if 1 08
.lai kets Wftr.;. 0 5 I tor J U8
Jackets Worth '.-'-'I for '488
WorthflO 80 for S 00
W orth 8. SO for 8 78
Worth 11 00 f ir B.8G
A Fine
Worsted Suit
for Men,
in colors black
and blue, for
Only $9.90
ri.ll LLAJ i; r !
ll ffi is up.r.s flt rum;.qnpra
For Women
Soil, Sell, Sell, is tho order
of tho day.
Imported clay J&ckots. Cat,
Style and W ork llio best of
the tailor's art. A redaction
of 60 Tor Gent. Bee this offer
inp; of High-olasi JaoketSt
Your size is here,
In Cloth, Morio Silk, Covet
Cloth and Lace. Many st y ion
and prices thai will please you
Printed Duck and Serges,
Striped and Spot Patterns.
You OBghl to huvo otic. Tho
price, $3.50 to $7.50.
G.W. Owens & Co
Plonk nn 1 Suits Mnknp!.
Court Hou3c 3cuiar3