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A New Plan Is Adopted to Baffle the Hobs of
Operators Announce That They May
Start Up Their Mills at Once-The
Strikers Realize That an Important
Movement Is on Foot and Are
Straining Every Nerve to Hold Out.
Colored Men Are Being Shipped
Into the Region from the South.
Cossn im ii i k. Ph.. May (V
frA AU'RDAY ml Uy of intense
P excitement in this section of the
MM region. The strikers made a
zJ heroic effort to got the men all
out nnil suceoded fairly well. The Paul
works of the Kuiney company ll the
only one in the entire region running
full. Mid the oompanT to determined to
keep their plants in operation at nil
Innards. They wonted an injunction
from the Untied state oonrt to Pittt
t nr.-, ree training the strikers from as-Bt-tnbllng
in mob ner the works.
Tbeta Ininnetlon papen wer plaoad in
sheriff Wili.elrn'i band! with strict or
den to txeente them. Tbii it a new
plan, hut one which the company hopes
will he successful.
The crisis has tesn reached in the
coke region, The other operators, a
fewdayt ago, annoanoed that they
WOBld start up Monday regardless of
cost or Mnatqaenaea, nnleaa Rslney
wu oloatd down, Report! show that
mi at of Kaincy's plant! are still m
i pernlion. Accordingly, the other op
erators have given or lers to their su-
nerintendenti to iuak ready for u start
An i fiicial of one of the landing com
panies laid Inst night: "We will start
iii Monday if half our men hare to be
urmed to pro ted the otner half, and if
neo ssary thestate troops will be called
out. We eaanot itan 1 i lly by and tea
our competitors get all the good con
tracts. 0IQAK1SBM AHK KltT.
Tim a trik'T realize that an extra
ordinary move Is on font. The
organizers are 1 njy preparing tne m-m
to relist the attempt to start. Meet
ings v.-re lo l I in the Vanderbilt,
Listiritig aud Ihinbsr districts today,
and nlso at tbe Mount i'Uasaut branch
The leaders spoke at these meetings
rd e' eonraged the men to stand firm.
Tbey have received assurances (ton
President Mcltride that the strikers
ontetdeof the coke region will win
within two weeks and retnrn to work
nt their own wag. S,000 a day li
promised tbe cokers and with that as
sistance the local leaders say the
strikers can hold ont till the operators
anrrendar. Qa the other hand the op
cr.itor say tno resiunptioni next week
will work the end of the strike.
it is charged that one of the leading
cniMptnies hit tent agents into tbe
;;!!.ern coke regions to secure labor
ers !o break the strike. It is given out
that a number of colored men were
bipped Into the region this week and
thai many more will arrive next week
Tbe companies say there lino trouble
to secure men from the West Virginia
and Alabama coke regions.
20HH8TOWH, Pa, May fi Serious
tronble is brcwinH here among the
striking miners of the Cambria Iron
company Warrants for the airestof
n DBI ibet of the strikers bare been
placed In Utolal hands and it is freely
btedl ted that the tin ment the papers
are terved the desperate Htingsrlen
iprlll precipitate a riot. The strikers
are not in the belt of humor to begin
with, the Cambria company having se
cure. I several new men to lake their
Of the 100 new men employed and
working Friday, over half hnvr. been
induced to nit and earnest eflorts are
being made to call the others out. It
b understood that the warrants which
have been issued are for the leaders of
the strikers.
Bit hadi.y hkathn.
Cniontown. P.. May 8 --The mats
meeting of strikers in Mountain View
park today was largely attended. Mi
chael Jhirrett, John Nugent and others
urged the men to stand out together
mid compel the operatori to recogniz
the organization as well at pay thu 00.
rent scale rate.
John Moore, a 10-yenr old boy. was
Imilly baten today by twottrikere noar
( llivs work, Warrants were issued for
the arrest of his assailants.
Sheriff Wilheltu is preparing to go to
Meroer and others of Kaidey's plants
to disperse mobe tomorrow in accord
ance with the injunction granted by
the United States conrtt. Forty evic
tions will take place at Oliver tomor
row. Preparations are nuder way to
etart a number of now coke works to
morrow. If they do trouble will fol
Ihey Fall to Create a Sensation at Eliza-
BUEABKTB, Ni J., May C Fitz
gerald's indnstrial array delegation
in tived here at noon and are now the
gneatt of the local socialistic labor
party. They held two poorly attended
There ware no aensational incident!
and iittle interest was exhibited. The
army will tramp to Plainfield to-morrow.
Bit Brigade at Divine Service at Horns
HoMKSTr.AD, Pa., May 6 Colonel
( lulvin moved his army to Dua,ueine to
day, a distance of two miles. As a part
ing contribution the people of Horae-
atAad supplied two large wagons
filled with food. The common weal-
i-rs today, for the first time tiuce leav
T.f the Pacific coast, were In
cited to attend church and accepted
the invitation of the pastors of tho Bap
jilt, Methodist and Catholic churches.
in CUD
After that a warm dinner was served
and at 3 o'cloek the army started to
march to McKeetport, six miles away.
A atop was made at Dntiuense. how
ever, on acoonnt of a heavy rain storm.
Proprietor Hunter, of the St. James
hotel, offered Oalvin and his officers
food and rooms for tho night, which
offer was accepted. Twenty recruits
were taken from Homestead. Tbe
army will movo to McKeesport at 10
o'clock tomorrow morning,
Another Dead Body Disordered In the
Vicinity of Hazleton.
Ha.lhton, Pa., May 0 Another
mysterious murder was discovered on
the mountain road heiw.-ou Hazleton
and i'.herval last night. Anthony
1 lobar. Hungarian, while crossing
the old stage road found the body in
tiie busties a short distnnue from the
roadside. From the condition of the
body it wns evident that it had been
there several days, as decomposition
had already set in.
The mau had been shot in the breast
and bis skull was fractured. His
poekets had been rifled and other cir
cumstance surrounding tho affair
showed conclusively that the man had
laen murdered and robbed. There
was nothing found about the body
that would lead to identification.
Suffer Slightly from Water, but Wil
Stay by Coxoy While tho
Grub Lasts.
WasiriHOTOK, D. C. May r, -The
common weaiers suffered somewhat
from the ram atnrni whieh prevailed
today, otherwise the men are apparent
ly satisfied with their mode of life.
Carl BfOWne delivered a re -incarnation
sermon to tne crowd twice to lay,
th second tim he claimed, was by re
qnea 1 Coxoy also aok, but only on
non interest bearing bon is and lood
roads Several ministers made applica
tion to hold religions services in the
camp but w.-re refused bv Pr owne.who
wanted nothing bnt re lm arnation
preached. ( le mlnlster.however, held
services outside the fem e
There are not more than 100 men
left in the camp of the crowd that
came over tbe mountains. Nearly al,
the old men have liecome dlsguted
and have taken their departure. There
are many about camp though woo are
willing to remain so loug aa they are
fed, uud nnmliers who are willing to
swell tire crowd on the same ooodl
ti me Browne t dav asserted that there
were VI men on the rolls.
" o
Believe That Ills P 11 1111 Chsck Tariff
Avttallr n for Prur Ysare.
NlW OmULM. May fi. Congressman
Wilson, ehalnnan of the wava aud
means r 'intuitu, who has been enjoy
ing the hospitality of Louisiana sugar
planter, for two weeks nndec the gnld
ance of Congressman Andrew Price,
today took a ride at ait the city to view
the points of Us tenet.
A repot let inooeeded in getting a
talk with him Mr. Wilson does not
believe that their wi)l le another tariff
agitation after the present one 1 over
for at leaat four years Mr Wilson
has no if . ut. t thai the Wilson bill will
pass the senate and house
A Louisville Butinset Man' Loni Trm
for Forferv
L'li'isvii.i.p, May 0 A It. Sutton
received Ihe limit -ten year in tb
penitentiary y .-idsy on Ihe second
indictment for uttering forged war--
houe receipt.
His bookkeeper, Hecher, turnd
s'aie's evldenos and goes free. Sutton
must rv twelve years. Th otbr m-
dictmont against him are tiled away
Crowds we Ilarioguad by L-ng-Hlred
Orators at the Thalia.
NaT V.'HK. May 0. What appars
to let a revival of tbe autonomist agl
tation was mangarated today In this
Ore? 1,000 petlOU, the majority of
whom Were of a respectable appear
ance, aMemblel at the Thalia theatre
this afternoon aud liberally applauded
tho fiery speeches that were delivered.
Six of the Tarty Irrprlaontd in a Cava
Are Dead.
Bnxtlt, May It -A dispatch from
Vienna this evening says that six of
Lngloch tourists hay ben taken out
The youngest of tho party, a school
boy, is reported to have been rescued
A Kusslnn Warship is aiding materially
in relieving the suffering iuOrucce, due to
the earthquakes.
France and i'orttigol have patched op
their differences ami the French minister
will return to Lisbon.
Humor snys that Sir William Harcourt,
chancellor of the Uritish exchequer, will
let in- from public lite.
Tho French government gives 6,000
francs to tho fund for the telle of the suf
ferers from the Urecian earthquakes.
The differences between Fiance and Por
tugal having heen settled the Portugese
and French ministers will resume their
Cnspi, Italy's premier, while commend
ing disarmament, does not think the
times are ripe for Italy to lay down her
For his violent utterances in n May
day speech, M. Roches, editor of a So
cialistic paper at Hhcims, Franco, ;has boon
Austria has an earthquake prophot far
more perspicacious than even Coxey's oy
clone astronomer, for hepredictod (Greece's
recent quakes. He is Professor Rudolph
Kir Julian Pnmicefoto and Secretary
Carlisle have reached an ngreemout on
the sealing instructions to the joint fleets
in Bering tea.
U has been proposed by tbe senate naval
affairs committee to authorize the con
struction of twelve torpedo boats, to coat,
exelusivo of premiums, fi, 400,000.
far the Present Week
In the
Halls of Congress.
Tho Tariff WiM Come Up for Share
of the Conversation in the Senate
Many Debates and Speeches Will
Be of an Impromptu Nature A
Mild System of Filibustering to Be
Adopted by the Minority Appro
priation Bills in Sight.
W inmiQTOX, Mav 8
MHBDIATBLY after the routine
mnrniug business tomorrow, pot
sihly as early as 11 .'10 o'cloek, the
senate will go into executive see
sion to Jiscuts the Chinese treaty The
finance commute will meet Tuesday
morning and after giving a formal
consideration to the tariff amendments
will report them favorably
1 lie course of dsnate nfter i ttesday is
somewhat problematical. Ttiaslay Mr
Hoar, of Mastachnaett, will speak on
the pending tan" bill, and it is not un
likely that Mr. Aldftob will addreeelthi
emit ou th rrvenue feature of the
ineasnre. Lat w ek the clause fixing
the dato wben the lull shall take effect
was psssed over, and when BelStdef
cam" tbe diarusM n was ostensibly the
second ssnate committee auiMidlli"iit
found in line six and seven of the
peuing paragrapu, which adds .o the
honae provisi n that theie thai! ! eo)
Urted ou all artiole iui Dotted from
foreign countries the word "or with
drawn for consumption," tbe rate of
luty. etc.
iMliti'MiTi Dggam
Much of the debate of the w."k fol
lowing tti introduction of tne imend '
ment will be of an impr.impta chsr
arter OOnOetWlng the changes mads
aud it will donhtles b the policy of
the majority to draw out thir i i
nls by rauttic OMMiOM a'. I (nbt ll
tbetn la OOllOQeisfl aa to why and kow
tb numerous amendments cam to b
Mr Harris, if the remarks that he
hat droiid are correctly interpreted .
will I u let upon long aecalon. and if
this DOOree is pursue.) KepuMlcans
will meet it wititsu.'h means as happen
to com to hand Tbey will dobal th
bill at at pr sent lit. til o'nlock, but
after that nonr will protect again-'
further diti -assiou M the tusasur fr
Ihe day. it is not among the ImpiMtl
bl condition that if Mr Harri be
oorflee periini in in deem tat n
immediate prolongation of th dally
debate a laild system of fllltutteri ng
may be Inaugurated by the uilnnnly.
1 lie WeeK w lil, no doubt, lore to the
front th line of policy to b purad
by both i 1, for the Hern cru ooufi-
drllt of their Sl.llltV 11 .W to -n
1 ass the bill, will assume the aggreiiv
froui this tuns on
Appropriation bills will continue to
engage the attention of the In use u-i
til th calender has teu cleared of
measure of that character . There are
the navy, agricultural and Indian bills
In eight for thlt week, and th Uglala
live, executive and judh lnl and gn
eral deficiency yt in tor with the
committee on appropriations to l re
leiruJ Th tlrtt it tbe IWO lst BMMd
bill will be placed on tbe calendar
probably the Bret of next weuk, but
tbe deficiency bill I not expected be
fore Hie end of the mouth.
- - WM
Mlaert Pretectal hv th Mavor and
Civilian rf an Illtnol Tow a.
St. Li 'I is, May ' I nr hundred
men at the ( lyd and I illl'Cpi unties
in Illinois are the latest to join th
ranks of the striker.
At Stauaton, where several hnndred
men struck on Thursday, the mayor
and several hundred citizens escorted
miners who wer willing to work to
mine Mo and guaranteed' them pro.
tectiou. The mine is now running
with one-third its unal force.
Protection to all miners wt.o with to
work has boeu offered by tbe citizens
of that town.
A delegation of strikers from Pans,
Cofeen aud other places, visited the
Hillsboro, HI., mine yesterday to in
duce the men to go out
They paraded the streets with Hags
and a baud of music. Ail but a very
few men here dotlfa to work, but are
intimidated. Sheriifl Michael bat
summoned a posts of 100 citlzsnt, as
trouble is anticipated
A Oang of Kentucky Counterfeiter Qet
Even With Informer.
PitiM iiTos. Ky , May 0 W. Q
Parker, leader of a gang of counter
feiters, was arrested at Salem, Ky , a
few duya ago. Two iiiercbantt named
Uoyd and Haphalee were the in
formants. That night Boyd'l store, with tho
post office, was burned. The next
night Wyatt's stable was burned, and
last night it plot to blow up Hnpbleu's
store was frustrated.
Th Accompaniment of a Pottsvllle
Pottsvii.i.r, Pa., May 0 A thunder
storm accompanied by hail at big as
eggs prevailed here this afternoon. It
took au hour to pais over tbe towu.
A house was streck by lightning,
the roof being pierced and badly
Iterant K. vents Interpreted to Forebode
Another General Uprising.
London, May 0 The Spectator pub
lishes an alarmist article in regard to
tho possibility of serions troublo in
The Spectator refers to the excite
ment reported to prevail in North
Behar, owing to tbe foot that all tbe
mango trees in svvernl districts had
been fouud smeared with a mixture of
mud and of the hairs of some animal.
The Spectwtor recalls that next Thurs
day is the anniversary of the Indian
Mutiny, and that this anniversary has
been preceded by a mysterious distri
bution of calces throughout Hebar and
th" northwest.
According to the Spectator, there is
something stirring among the Nepau- I
lose priests, and it is feared that it
porteuds another serious rising in In
dia. Th rialng, If it takes place, accord
ing to the Spectator, will be due to the
disaffection which exists on account of
the rulings of the opium commission,
increased taxes, the cow question and
other matters which havo caused deep
muttering! among the populace
Kht Topple on the llearh Near Fort
New Yi irk. May 0.- The French line
steamer La Cbetnpagne, which arrived
this morning, lies hur l and fast upon
t he brarh under the lag guns of Fort
Hamilton, within 100 varls of the
shore, an i tbete the is likely to stay
until the cargo it taken ont. Sh went
ashore this morning during a thick fog
at high water while going at a good
tate of ep.-ed. The next high tide will
uot float her without the ship is light
ened considerably.
The passenger were not much
alarmed when the vessel struck, aa a
few moments showed that she was to
near snore that it OOOld bo no trouble
to land
Effects of the Great Bituminous
Strike arc Ft It Out in tho
Far West.
AJT" lie, II iv 1 The coal famine
is her 1 n inpplt from Clyde aud
tillUspie eral ont Of! ylr lav and the
entire j, lent of the lilinola Ulae com
pany Wet cloeed down last evening
The mil's and other factories will prob
ably do likewise ou Monday.
imovi, III . Mar '. ' sceonnt of
lack of cnl the N'ew Jerusalem and
Cteeeent paper m ils, employing tOO
men, shut down at lo on yterdy aud
other factories will follow The tupply
of coal la fofj I tAail and aa none can
be proeBred from entetdsi point th
little city will be without a pound of
coal witbia a few Uv.
A Tall Otrmin Damn' Verv Tall Story
Ileautv a d Pert vine scniiil.
Hv Kit as. i- . May I "llsron
I'eetlli of lletitn. rhamlerrlain 1st ihe
rinperur.oRi.-er of the ilyal Ln-iera,'
was Ihe name, aldre and airing of
titles Intrribed on Ihe reenter of the
Palace hotel en M m h - Id' the 11 let t
man that ha vialteJ San Francisco for
many a day
Tbe tall heron I rooght letters of in
troduction which tex'nre.1 him entrance
to club an I t . a tew bouts on Knob
li ill. II" beeenec MMgieMM 'igur
in Ihe swell tel and received Ml at
tontlOBO, particularly in Herman cir
cle Pot now the tall man witb many
title baa fled, He left yetlerly and
bis !! rtel dee'.i latl n is New r
leana The BxaBltDOf print an Inter
view, in whlen .the baron declared r.e
wa driven ont Of Bel K.-nrnro by th
liupotlutiity of the cliy t society girl,
who wer anxious to exchange their
bearlt. bands and fortunes for bil rang
and his castie on the Khme.
Fabuloti fortums wereiail at the
batou'a feet, he cay When the
society women finally wonld give him
no peace and hi BMil each luorniug
len tme a thing to be drea icd be tied
tb etty,
- e -HE'S
Colossi Brecklnntt-" Hapsata III Ttttl
meni Befere Churoh Offl-iala.
Lr.ts OfOM, Ky , May fl. Atthetol
icltation of a proiiiiiienl l'reetiyterian
gentleman Co.onel llreckinrlvlg yet
terday c itifeesed tils sins before the of
ficers and pastor of Moiiut Horeb Pre
bytenati ohiirch of this eonuty, which
was fnandei by hit fattier, Robert J
Breckinridge He kept back nothing
from the represent ilives of the church
and sske l their forgiveness of hit tint.
The oAoetl will rounder the matter
for lOBIC tun befor any action will be
taken. It had leeu reported that C d
onel llreckinndge had been exiatlled
from th church, but this report Is
not true.
Death of a Novel K-avl.r Who Regarded
Bulnide a Fine Art.
Plili.ADKi.l'iiU, May 5 Joeepb Mor
gan, aged '.'0 years, a paper csrrier,
nlew bis brains out this morning.
Morgan' suicide w it the logical cent
iiuence of a morbid mind brooding
over self- iestrnctlon.
Tho young mau wss a great reader
and his choicest subjects were of a
gloomy and depressing character, and
he frequently expressed the opinion
that suicide was a tine art, and that be
was snxious lo experiment with death.
Mrs. Potter Palmer will bo appointed on
Chicago e Hoard of l.aucstlon.
(Ireat deposit of coal havo boon found
on the .Minnesota-Canada lino.
Ani;ry ore trimmers at Ashland, Wis.,
terribly kicied and heat Contractor
Chattel King.
High water in the Kod river nt Fulton,
Ark., has stopped lactorles and threatens
tin- whole city.
Pursued bv ofllcers, John Truskuv. a
fugitive murderer, shut himself fatally to
escape being captured.
Having fniled to sell the fair building U
a whole, tbe t hicngo 1 ark board will now
offur them eingly or In groups.
A sti iko of tellurium and ruby silver.
worth :i,ticil a ton, has been made in tho
Golden Fleece tniue at Lake City, Cul.
Tho bill cutting off tho New York
couuty sheriff's fees nnd making his
salary gal 000 was Bigned by Oovornor
liy tho upsetting of a boat, Richard
Thotuiison. Carrie McKlbben and Hannah
Peters wero drowned In the Mississippi, at
Keokuk, In.
On one count for swindling on a mythical
mine, William Wbalen, of St. Louis, who
is mi wl to have made iuu,uw, was given
four yesrs in prison.
Futile Attempt to Get a Story from His Own
The General Slill Protests That Ho Is
Not a Candidate for Re-Election.
He Does Not Deny tho Opinion in
Reference to the Certain Success
of Any Republican Candidalo Who
May Bo Nominated.
Nrw YiMiK. May &
it stopping at the Fifth Avetine
Hotel, has expressed his opinions
upon the political outlook to a
Commercial-Advertiser reporter yes
terday. Mr. Harrison bad stated nt
TaOOtne, Washington, that ho consid
ered the Republican nomination was
etiilvaletit to an leetlon, but on ac
count of family sfll.ctlons he wss not
anxious to enter a contest (or another
The ex president was asked about
the rumor that one of hi friends had
purchased the Chicago Inter Ocean to
ho.. m him for the presidency.
"It is a pure invention and I know
nothing AOOBt it whatver," he said in
hit earnest wa. The merry twinkle
that always gathers In the etatesman'a
eyi when he Is going to inlulg in
peaentrv r iiua to his aid ar.d he said:
"The story reminds ui of a dinner
of the Gridiron iub in Washington
that 1 atten 1-: Previous to the dln-
ni r I had presided at a congress of in
ventor. When It came my turn t
tpeak to the assemble! j nrtialltlt I
tald tomethl'ig to the etT et that this
wss an occasion where I Wee iddfCB
tug a congrats of social inventors "
When quedloned about th article in
the ineiiinati Commercial QaaetlC
advocating him for lb presidency, b
said be ktow Mr llentb, one of the
owners el the (.aper He had seen a
reporter for th paper about I o clock
at t.lg t, when n was in Cincinnati,
tut bad mere cbaken bands with bun
and bad sal 1 n t lag.
BftUi ""T UK LgfUIUWgaX
"When you were here lest, ienerat,
yon est ! It at Pre! lent Cleveland
Would find c ngrett a very wiil team
to manage I yon care to mak any
comment now?"
"No, I do not wish to b ln'ervlewe.1
on that ml JestL is frt, I do not car
to elaborate on what 1 said. 1 he pre
ent condition of th - country, 1 think.
I a nf!lcint llluttrallon. Celitorsia!
Ye. 1 tOyd my visit there. The
ceutry It heatitilul an i tti- c i in ale
brae. ng. I era at th Midwinter fair
in Nan rrancieco twic. i t.ev
having a ilroughl when 1 waa there ."
'Will y. u ' back bexl year to de
liver y .ur Uw lecture at Ihe Manford
ouivarsil) r
T do not know. It ail depend upon
my butlheti an I my ability to leave it
Ihe fact it, my contract to deliver ti e
lecture it a tlrxit 1 one. aud leaves me
to do a I I'tusas in trie matter "
Th i -president then r-ferre I .giln
to his visit to ( li.clnnsll. and laid h
would not htv gone, but b det i 1 it
hi duly to see bis successor to li e
comiuandershlp of the I. oval Legion
installed Again the merry IWlBbie M
hit eyes pretsge 1 a bumoroiit remark
T bad a g d lime with my DBBV
radet and naturally we eel late the
night of the Installation."
"Do you wish i say anything about
tb kaooeae text
"Mothlngi 1 .'o not with to be Inter
viewed the nwpvr men, how
ever, put thu and Lhlt together and
make a tory l moat ask to be n .- 1
thlt time from Kring a regular inter
view.'' A . i SIlVtR NUGGET.
Weighs 3,300 Poundt, and It Said to
He ill Largest on Kec nil.
Am'KN, Col , May 6 A nugget hat
bean buttled out of the Smuggler mine
at this point that for si., surpssse
anything ou rocord and for richness is
aluioet as remarkable. A few days
igvi tb" workmen encounterid a huge
ho.iy of . re, aud, iii digging aroun 1 it,
a-certalned that it was u monster ntlg
get After OOUtdernble work tbey
succeed I in hoisting It to the surface
The chunk weighed 1,800 pounds
and continued silver to tbo value of
33,00) It is th largest aitvsr nugget
ever known, and I almost pure. I his
beats lbs record made in the GHbeOta
mine a few yean ago, when a nugget
weighing 11,000 poundt wa remove I.
A Suit for a Divorce Crea'st a Scandal
for a Watarbiry Phvslclao,
WATi.itnntY, Conn., May fl Ilr.
Thomas Axtell, n prominent phytician,
lo. . been ud for divorce by bis wife,
Mary E Axtell, of New llaveii.formery
of New York, on tbe grounds of deser
tion and cruelty.
Mr. and Mrs, Axtell wer married In
New Y'ork on November li. isst, and
have one child. Dr. Axtell was then a
pbyslciau in the Ilelluvuo Hospital and
Mrs. Murphy, who became Mrs. Ax
tell, was a nurse. Tho marriage was
kept a secret until last wiuter, Dr. Ax
tell, posing as a bachelor. Mrs. Axcoll
want! $'..'.1,000 nlimony.
Demonstrations Muds by EoaHsb Work
Inameo In Loadon.
London, May 6, Bngllih workine-
roen as usual made their itrht honr tie
monstraliou this vear on the first Sun
day after May flay. Thousands of
workors met in Hyde Park and wero
addressed by speakers from a dozen
stands. All the meeting pussed resol
utions in favor of theei;ht hour day.
They also resolved that the working-
men oonld free themselves economi
cally and socially only after getting
control of the political machinery now
in the bunds of the capitalists.
Socialist speakers were more numor.
oub end conspicuous than iu any pri-
oeding year, 'i hey advised the work
ing men to attack conservatives and
liberals alike and try to prevent tbe
turtles from passing further legislation
before both agreed to placa in the fore
ground proposals to better the condi
tion of the laboring class. Enormous
crowds watched the procession psss to
and from the park, There was no dis
order. In Dublin a workingmen's meeting
in Phoenix park passed the familiar
eight hour resolution, besides calling
for manhood suffrage and the payment
of members of parliament.
The worklngmen'i meeting in
Glasgow, after adopting tho eight honr
resolution, demanded the abolition of
the honse of lords and the nationaliza
tion of the railways.
In other large towns in the United
Kingdom resolutions of a similar tenor
were approved by the working people.
A Etvtr Mi k In Plt at Thbi.
Llvadla and Atahmtn.
ATHENS, May 8 A severe earth
quake was felt at o o'elcok this morn
log in Thebes, Livadia and Alalaul.
A violent trembling wns felt in
Northern FuWa.
Tho Louisville Courier-Journal Stern
ly Rebukes the Nerve of Colo
nel Breckinridge Ky., May fl The Cnnr
ler-.lotirnal, which has heretofore
maintained a position of strict neutral
ity regarding the ease of Congressman
Hreokinridg llnoi tbe beginning of
the Pollard scandal, breaks silence in
an e lit -rial toliy declaring that Mr.
Hrei kinrldge should be beaten fur re
nomination The(.aper sirs: "The titnstion In
tho Ashland district, nnfnrtnnate as it
is nnpteO lent! I, mattes It Imperative
that every ionraei watch has the good I
of th party al heart, which cherish I
th honor of us stale and which an-.
prenat its l ligation to society shall
ptVMCOt with all its power ageintt th
r. election of Colonel Hreckinridge
We do not nnderrate what ho has done
for his nerty and the cause, of tariff
reform Id the patt. Hut even if bis
ability for future uttf.ilne were not
destroyed by the miserable scandal
which ha darkarei hi name, the
party ooold not afford lo accept hi
eei tiuce at iho prtoe it would t roreed
to pay.
"It is idle to attetn;.t to obeciir the
isn with sophistical distinction be
twen Ooloail Hrcckinrldgc's public
a' 1 priest life The rase has gone
far beyond the possibility of that. The
iiueatlon limply la do tbe people of
Kentucky pmpoOO to soud as a tepre
MtBtlfe t c ugrest the nun whom
C .lonel llreckinndge oonfesied himself
to I In bit l.-ctlmony before a Wtth
ington jury? It U a question which th limits of the Athlaud
dletriel and of Kentnoky Itself It n a
tjneetl In Whiok the people of the en
tire nalmn are lnterelet '
That part of hi t(ch ytttrrday
devoeed lo tbe seaiijal In which be has
figured w-r btter paattd oyer in pity
It is a Strang exhibition of marvelou
effrontery, wretched taste ami men telly
an 1 morally nMln.Be osn!stry.
Hayes. ef the X-iight i t Lsb-vr, Tromlttt
fX.-m Pu'prlset.
Putt IDU i BT v, Mav''. t reneril Sec
retary -T reasurer Joan W. Hayes, of tbe
Knlgbtt of Lsbor. returned to thlt city
from Chicago today ar.d tpoke of th
ttrong fight the order will make to se
cure acreeainns to their ranks The
preaent regime makes no secret of its
hostility o am ilg im itiori with the
tb great rival organization, tbe Amer
ican l idtralion of Labor.
"We look no action whatever re
garding th meeting of labor men hel 1
in Philadelphia ll week, H they
talked of amalgamation between tbe
Knight and the Federation that is all
l will amount to -their own talk.
I he executive board does not recog
nlt It In any way, and will pay no at
tention to U 1 aaw by the papers
that A. W Wright was at the Phila
delphia conference lie duel not rep
resent any assembly whatever in the
P.Twderly was there anil be repre
aenls only a half of one tine thing
may be considered as certain the
Knights will not sink their individu
ality in an v amalgamation. All thrt
talk indulged in at tbe labor meeting
of last week is idle. The unattached
trades unions are now all coming over
to us instead of to the federation. We
are going to do something soon
will make people open their eyes.
Blood Bil.tlet" Qovtrner to Bt
Nominated f r the Hannte.
PUBBLO, Col., May 0. At tho meet
ing of the Popnllll state central com
mittee held her Saturday, it was
agreed that .T Warner Miller should be
nominated (or Kcoruor nod Qovenw
Wai to lor the 1'nited States senate.
Representative Hell in slated to encceed
The flro in Peeler colliery, near Ash
land, is Unabated, ami threatens other
Tho prison board of Itorks county must
hereafter Itemize all accounts of expendi
tures. Since the Harmony society In Heaver
county paid it-..- - .1 t.ta it is almost
A ga'.eline stovo ignitod the gown of
Mrs. .lames Swnilcs, AllltttOWtt, ami she
was fatally burned.
Police have raided bogus employment
agencies at Pittsburg, which hnvu de
frauded working people.
A rille accideuta'ly discharged by her
son sent a hullt through tbeoeiling and
the tied upon which Mrs. t'ronuu, of IScott.
dale, wns sleeping, killing her,
WaRIUNc.ton, Msy r.. Forecast
for .VoMifoj; f.'or A'usfVrn
Pcnasifmnid, sAntccr fnntoif;
ftfoteolyJMr Ifoaday, cooler (n
OltCTtl portions, snuthiecst tritnfs.
For llVt'ern V'iiiis'i'(iniit, tAouicrs in tht:
tarty monu'iio, ofciicrif by iieiicrallu fair
U'Caffier, west umifs.
The Great Popularity of Cur
Lais' Shirt Waists
Proves that thoy ury correct 1q
Style iimi Qtjjtlity. They com.
prise Plain ood Fancy silks, Lir
ens, Oberiotg, Lawns, PerogJoetot
on; stock of
Arc of the liost, in Style and
Workmanship, ami include "Thi
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Plain White, Gtaghams, Peiralej
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We Examine Ejes
Froo of charge, Tf a doctor
is needed you are promptly
told so. Wo also gmirantoa
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