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Opport unity pass to possess
yourself of this incompara
ble art treasure.
rtftSt .tatuqri oejsj-
Series of Mnltichromes were
brnrttilul, thf second are lit
erally gorgeous.
Report of President Mc",rlde or the United
lint Workers,
Virginia Said to Be the Only Weak
Point President Robbins, of the
the Con' Ccke Company, Favors
the Movement Idleness in the
Pitlsbur); Region -Belleville Miners
Refuse to Go Out. All Quiet at the
Homestead Mills.
f'm i Miirs. IV. April 23.
Uj United Minn workers, received
r report from the various conl
J ri- td to l.iv. Iba ufnst Itttrttrtanl
n: which is the following: "Mnrpbvi'
boro, the supposed key to thituaiinn
Iri southern Illinois, is wild, also ih
Drtquein tlMrlct. Everything it fav
Kahl and 2,0 0 tuou ure out." The
leaders bnd little l;op. of iadueioif
southern Iltinol minor to join x iit
sink, and tins linn unexpected id II
rion t i -e strike force
McUride revises bit fi.-nr a to tii
nnmWr of rolnar ont today, a fnllnwi:
Aliib i - -. 8 000; Tenuoasee ml K-:;
tu-ky, 3 000; Weet irtrtrluls, 3 000; In
diitn , 8 000: Ohio. 20 000; iMIuois, 87.
000; Pennsylvania, 60.000: I t di m Ter
ritory. 8.000; Mlebigau, 'Mo. Iiwo, I,
800 The following is tu inbstanec of tin-
new giv n "Ot it . i t irters to lav:
The M itylan ! miners wnl ho I a on -eentiou
to determine whether I hey will
j dn the strik n a whole r not.
Southern Iow.1 is all out. del the
miner of the atnte will meet at Albia
ltd) 2, b deci ' wlMt ROtlon lh atate
nrganis ition will take. Tu Indian
Trrriiury i nnt toll l.
Many miner i-.r-.- rnt in th'' X-w
river and Kanawha river diotrieto, hut
tl.e miners will hold a contention at
Charleston, W V , t morrow, 1 1 a.-ree
on united action, Tba miners of t lie
Wheeliog nnd Monutvllle district!
have tie-n offered th waoei demanded
by tbe scale, bnttbey have been ordered
not to o to work until there it a nettleni th ot th . nke.
Vli.i.lMA l -;. BXTAUI
Th-r 'la danger iimt th- minor in
Weet Virginia) who Imv- iwn oStrad
eent" waeeo, will aewpt and tuns
wt"'k n t!i nik hi daneerona plee,
PirnMiM) April -Wuu few i-
ceptiiiii, nil of Hie iutn-0 in tii Piti-
hurif ilitriet uro i-il loiliiy. Lateel
ootiumtoH put t:io nnmher nuetn
pioy.l tain-ro at 18.000 Uoly m
tpinii la laekinK tu iuiktu. ttiu.
ajenora) tod that ia to hrin abont h
iooxtion of Trvrk it t be Sandy Creek,
Turtle Cr k an J I 'in- Crxvk tuui .
vitn tba oflciala .if the lmni oreao
leallon t eonfl lent that tiuo will -vcoiatiliotiod
daring tim af tornoon.
'i ha muloyaa f the company re imw
in OHrsMuii c.inid-riui th- inotinn.
Work U at a otHiicNtill on tba V ni
Irw dtvtaioe of the Baltimora nnd O no
today A loriir ih' Mantflol I valley
:u- idIitw ,,r Idl wqiI.j n ciia.Ur co i
:i'io:i oxtata iiloog the Moaoogebela
DEIXVTIIXI, III.. April 23 Tho
cOal u..:.-ri, of the Beileeilla .iitnct
here ueiermioed not to itrike. They
have alo dteimini not toroinoany
roal tn naed in Biting ooOtraotsen
lereii npon by nparaton wboea om
nloy ;ir..u a TbleMtloo will
loam ii f.,r k ru indoatrita and for
IIM Bl L 'iii market
HOXCaTUD, April 2:1 Xn airik-t
mnt ii. .;i:r,i' i ut (lie Crtrn-tfi Stnl
atwrkc :..iny and there are no proa pacta
ottrnnblo, Tuoromof pnUbbed tbii
rooming probably tartM I on account
oi twenty moil beinK laiJ olT It i.
atalad that half a band rod m n. ui
'. oarpesleH and other, will be r
yotuetlinn dorlng 1 1 week
Pittbccro, April n, -Fraud L
K.' .'iniis, praaidant of th dobbin Coal
Coke coratMny, the largoat eompeny la
b rittati ii n district eontrolling mm
bell dtNMO mine, favor the otnk
nefeiniit Mr. Roboina clatnu, bow
over, tbat the notional offlciela of the
N lionet Woe Worker' organisation
ii to acted unfairly hv permltttnifla
dim hi d Iii, i. oi mi in- to continu"
workoatil Hay L The operator of
t;;OFO two a!!a aro, BOOOrdlag to Mr
Ilaibbtu! now rfe: vini Ihn OOntroetl
li- Io.iKi'iR to thin Held, A uniform rata
ibonia axlat, Mr. Butbin ye,a thrr
ia no money in tho cm I busiu-m cither
for oprrator or employee ooder prei,
rn regnletlone,
Union rOWX, I'n., April 23. Tbore I
noalgUOiil Itrike in tho outn -nd of
tba i nk- region today. In th adjacent
region, however, work Ii raapendel at
eeary point In the Fourth pool. A
infill, of the iimitrH at Cbarlerol
onrly thi i morning foroed tho men at
Work fof tb p'sto kIiih company to
roine out. Tbii company bne apocial
contr.'ir.t with thn men, A monster
tiuiM moctin; hold at. Fayette City nt
noon today woa uddresead by Jobu
Cuin;n, of PitUbnrg,
Tho iiin nt tba Clavatand coal work,
Fayetta City mid Cliitord mine, who
woreoixeraa thn adrence asked by the
organisation, have refused to go to
work. H'he miners claim the operator
uind'' thi move for the purpose of
breaking the strike, and for that re
aou they refnsd to icoept until all or
i majority of the operators nr to
pny the wile. The Tbomaon Qlasa
works shut down indefinitely today
owing to the iioiircltv of coal caused
by the slrlke. The Uniontmvn Glats
company will work no longer tlmu to
day mile Insured plenty of fuel.
Chief of PMIc of Waih'.naton Rqusat
Oix veoa to K p Awav.
WaSHINaTDS, 1). C, April 23 After
a eonf erehce today with ,S T, Thomas,
the attorney for the district, and Col.
Moore, tho chief of poliee of Washing
ton, ti e district commissioner issuer! a
pioelnmntion against the nisetnbling
st VVafblngton of the various o-cailnj
iudustnal nrmie now on their way
there, and ediin upon ail whoo n
template taking prt in such lietnon
itration to recondder their Intention
and remain away from the capital.
The proclamation fnrth t let forth
that no possible Kood can come from
such n gatberlug, that their ia noithnr
work for them nor means for their
maintonanoi In the district,
Prcpoaoa to Adminlilar Mnieae to ths
Limo Tariff Dill
Wasbihotox) April bjj it la learned
that bVcratary Oarluu has now taken
the amended tariff hill in baud, aud lh
endeavoring, In conjunction with
Senator Jones, of Arkansas, chairman
of the sab-committee, to straighten out
"nine of the entanglement with which
ths annate has surrounded the hill, so
as to aeoore praotia illy the unitrd sup
port .if Demnsratie senators
Booretary Carlisle and s nator Jones
began the consideration fthe hiiut
the treasury department this afternoon,
taking up the measure by paragraph.
Senator Gorman was potential in in
dncing Secretary Carlisle to taks the
matter up.
According to Decisions of Supreme
Court ol tho State of
New Ohlkahb, April 23 The
Olympic dub u n won a big victory in
luprem court which to lay ifflrmed the
decision of the lower conrt and ihe rn
ult of wbick !U-a:;n that the olati may
ive ti.'lil again. The Olympic had ar
rang i for the battle between Bowen
and Abbott, and had mad-all arrauge
tuenia fur tne content, wam the attor
ney general entered proceeding, pray
ing lor nn injnnotiou reetraiuing tne
club from giving the fight i'n- club
promptly ecqoleaoed and ssid it deiired
a legal opinion on the quMtlon of it
nfc-ht in kItc mob contents,
The SalltvanCorbeM and th othor
battks m theolnb had be i given uu
der aetata law paeaod wrs
ao and which permitted boxlag eon
teats In regolarly athletic clube, The
state hold that the Sulll VauCorbett
and similar nffura w-ro not boxing
contette, but oris lignts enro and
iiupie rnecion, on th ban I, eon
tended that t:i fight w-re fully uu
thoriiaj by the terms of the law.
Tne Oaaa was trioil before a jury in
lbs Civil coarl and after a long auJ in-t'-r-itiiiif
trial a Verdict wae given in
(ayoroftbe club The state promptly
app-alod to th supr-ine court and tno
argument an I brief were -dab irate
Tim court today rendered opinion
ifflrmuagtb juJgmanl of tuo lower
I conri in .,r inr auk t'.iiefjut-
lice Xicnols dissented.
Yt One Thoa.ead Co.l Crk Klnot
Dcid lo Wlk Ouv
KsOXVtUJ Tenn.. Airil 23 Tba
lltneiiuu in the mining region of the
snnth i tuor eriou than ut firt a::
n unoed Three tbooeand m-n qnit
work aronnd J, Ihoo Saturday an . WO
: ir-r Spring dncided yesterday 1 1
Walk out.
Strong pressare hs boon need t
for.:e tho Coal i.'rlc minor not, but
they have r-fneed to itrike without a
Itrievanoe A Goal Crook operator eo
noaooei thai l 000 of t'o mtuers tnro
have today decided to walk out any
way They will probahly quit tomor
Commanlor K liv Will H. no Loth
ario on Ih Ti iff
NtOLA, !", April 2 1 -Cntooel
Iiak-r, seeond in c immand of the KfHy
army, was this m irnin ridiovn i if hi
iboalder itrapt by General Klly for
in.' x c ition and being ont la-t night
with women of bod riirctr.
Coloael Maker, with one company
from 8u Francieoo, who took ma part.
divided from tie main body and
marched by iiaolf The army ia in
tpleodld spirit a rnlt of fiae
weather and plenty of provisions fur
uished the syinpiith-iic citi.-ns
i -i
Tb- Irllno Bag ir trm Anoth.r Pq ik.i.
M l On Ii Jjr-d.
WlKKS-1 AitHE. Pa., April 21. An
otbei rgteuaive cave-ia took plaoe in
tho Oayli rd mine at Plymontb tmlay
in a pi. ic known a th" O'foot vein,
Tiie mine i said to be "working" again
and Other falls of cm d and r Mk are i s
The timber men have all been or
dered ont ami suspended for un i ud--ti -niio
tim". No on era Injured,
By the nplotion Of a hnmb in l'enro,
Italy, nx pers'ins worn sevrrely lajured,
London police hare arret ted Btail Oarnot
an an ulli-ml acrouiplici of ihu anarclmt
Qermaoy'i board of health discovered
five cesei of leproey In an ilnst PrcMladl
trlct DUmal failnro marked llnrlin's apiiiiL'
fair, which wa Inteudel to rapplonitbs
famou Baiterfalr In Leipiiic.
Ex-Vlco President Levi I'. Morion la now
in Bogland, having reoevered from the ail
incut which c indued bin at I'urls.
There are now In the Willlmp0rt boom
about 74,000,000 feet of log ready for th j
MW mills.
Kobhers stopped Sniatinl leipenti, a rnil-
road h"s, near Bbaoebnrg, who had fl. kkj
in a valise, hut be fought tbetn off,
Student IJeiiulcr. of Slate OollegO, WO
heldfortrial at BeUefOOte for Inducing
up a lecture by ipuetly turning the gas m
a room.
Uaiiiel Edwards, president of the Klogs
ton (leal company, ha given 11.000 to the
fund now lining rained fur the WldoWl and
Orpbnmof the liaylord miue victims ut
Mis. Anna 11. BoUteiO, known all over
the state as a Orange lecturer and 0 the
regent of thi Valley roree Memorial o
elation, is daug.-rously ill at her homo near
Tho foilowinir fourth-clas-i p"Stniastors
were appointed far Peanaylvoniai F. H,
C'ooicr, llald Mount.; C S. Cnrroy, East
Benton; II 11. Heed, Ulenburu, Elias Uat
Ueld, New Salem,
Populist Petto Is Again Turocd Down by
the Senate,
They Present a Memorial Asking
Permission to Express Their Views
cn the Bill to the Finance Commit
tee The Majority Declines to Give
tho Humble Voders a Hearinp;--The
Resolution Asking That I Commit
tee Be Appointed to Receive Coney's
Army Is Also Frowned Ujion.
Washington1, April 23.
THK credent! U of l homes Jordan
inrvis us icnator from the etata
of North Carolina, to till the va
cancy caused by tho death of Mr
Winer, were proeonted by the vice
president, reed mid placed on file,
Mr. Aldtiob, Rhode (land, presented
th,- memorial of , delegation of work
ing women against the WiUon Tarilf
bill. Ho .-.tpl lined that ixtein nf th se
womeu (-n'gaged in textile mannfao
tnree) has visited the napitol for the
pnrpoae of proaenttng i respectful pro
test ngainst that till ml had aaked an
opportunity of sabmitting their view
to the tinaiice committee
The majority of the committee have
declined lo tfiv tliru a bearing, and
then they have aaked the minority of
th committee to do o. Tn- minority
beve heard -m ami the bearing K s
a very Important and Interesting one.
Tlicir view Wire now .reeiil-,t in ths
furm of a memorial and he asked that
tho memorial b presented In the form
of a document for th u of tba en
ate, Thir being no objection, it wa
o , rdero l
The Populist senetor from,
Mr Peffer, Introduced by recjnest, i
bill entitled "a bill to diapoee of idle
labor nod discour ig idle wealth in tno
lhstrirt of Colnmbia an I for other par
p ise " Ita object beln t,, ImpOS OU
all Idle land in the dlitrlat an annual
tuxupiai to Ita annnal Increaiemeut
of Tamo, and to us- the revenue thn
obtained in the SOnitmetion and tfisn
agemeot of public work to tbedlitrict,
acras to give employment lo Idle citi
z n.
Mr Dolph iniiiireil tho meaning of
ti:e erord "and f"r other pnrpceee in
the title of the mil If it meant tho
placing Of exlajtj ig iiuiur erittun reach
of tlie Mrmy marcnlni oo WaablngKm,
ho would object Mr Prffer replied
that he had intrduc-i th bill at tie
r-ijuest of a senMoman ol th- Dlttrirt
who had prepare I the lull. He knew
nothing abont it and did not know
what "for other purpose" meant.
no magma ron coxiy's a rut,
Mr Peffat moved to proceed lo the
condderation of ids resolution tor the
appointment of a committee to civ
bearing lo the Coxey army. Tho mo
tion wa r ijeeledj y. 17 nays, M
Mr my :ule I tht he Wonl I h .
Voted aye If he were not paired, I he
VOtS in dt all is a foHoWl Y ms A
drich. Allen, AHUou, Cullom, I,u-,
laliiner Hanabroogo, Uawtey, Kyi".
Martm, Pelfer, Perktoi Power, Shoap
st-wsrt. Teller and Waibbnrn 17
Nays Bate, Berry, Blanehard Chan
dlsr. Cock roll, Coke, Fr, George,
Ghirmau, Or .v, Harris, Jonaa, of Ar
kansas, McMillan. Mills. Uitcbdl, of
Wisoonson, M,,r i in. Palmer, Pco,
Puif, Roaub, Sherman, T rplo, Vest,
V rllee-', Wal 1 all I Willi J3
T ie sen it., than, it 1 p m , pro
eseded tu lb roodderatloa of the t ir ill
bill Mr. Qiiay, WHO wa eniiild to
tin- fl "r tm the delivery of ih fourth
instslment of his ipoocb, eiprecead hi
rllllnenM t" rl Id It to the nator
from Minnesota.
Mr Waahburn, M inoeeota, addreeeail
the aeniite In opp Wition to tho bill. Mr.
Washburn's opposition was partioo
larly dir-oied lotbe annulment of the
red prod ty feature! of the McKinley
At o 20 p. III. the senate ndj iQrni I,
The house today dev., led ilsslf t,,
business relating to the District of
Columbia, and ooonidrreil some meat
ures of local interoa:. A bill similar 10
the lve racing Uw of New York was
Wiiiuuispi't Oeronar Jarr Catties h
M an Kllle 'a Ai res'.
WrJsUaJfSPOST, Pa., April 23 The
coroner's jury lu Vet tig itmg the terrible
in cident on the lllinui iport and
Ni-rth Branch railroad on Saturday
ran tared s verdict i:u afternoon hold
ing Bngineer iie,.,icr respontlbie for
the accident. It was Moortalnsd that
he was running in Conflict with his
orders, and he was gniliy of the
gioi-i-st cireloKsues in tlie manage
ment of his eugiue
11 ssler was iirroated at once oa a
ohnrge of Involuntary uinnilangnter
and hronifbt to this city .lude Hell
erlixd Ins ball at $1,000, which was
fnrolsiivd. Mr. Idocietetunn, on ol
the vio i into, ie lying at the point of
death Mi Holey is Improving, iMi's
Welch, who was Ittltatltiy killed, will
0i burio I on We lue lay.
s .
Imvnrtant Opinion of tha Bnp-ema
Bench In th Maekaxall -w Cms. J
l'lllbAliKbl'llIA, April 23 TIh su
preme court today afBrtntl tba jule:
meiit of the court ol OOUIIOOU pleas of
LuSorn county in the case of Josepii
Freiburg, ct ul., appellant vs. Wi'
Ham Stiafdart, assignee ofF, V Rnoka
fellow & Co,, hankers at Wilkes-li ore
The opinion reuda:
"We concur in the c, inclusions
ri'iich-d by the learned master and the
court below, lr at the lima of the n
lignmsht, the pluintilT notes had been
found by the assignee uncollected, he
annul I hare returned them If a draft
or bond or a ipsdfio package of money
received in payment of the note had
been found among the asgota coming
into bis hunda, it should have bean
turned over to tbe plaintiffs. But
neither the notes nor any ecurity nor
sum of money received In payment of
theiucame into his hands. Mo holds
nothing which he or tho plaintiffs can
identify with the notes or trace an n
pavment of them. This is clearly
pointed out in thn opinion of the
learned jttdgC of the court below, and
we think the case mav verv properly
be. affirmed upon his opinion."
A Conspiracy t" Blow Up the Royal Kx
chanc in Loarlon.
London, April 28 Euiile Camot,
liiai Gnlaeppe Fornaro, the anarchist,
who was arrested on Sunday, was ar
raigned In ths BOW Street police court
this moriiini?. Csrnol admitted that
he was an aOCOmpllOS of Kraucis Poltl,
ami noon being further questioned
made a full confession of tbe plots in
which be and Pottl were engaged,
Carnot said that he and I'olti had in
tended to blow up tiie It iyal exohange,
and it was for that purpose that he
had designed the larit bombi, one of
which Poltl w-a currying when In
was arrested, Carnot nlou said that it
bad been the Intention f himself and
I'olti to murder Inspector Melville,
lie WO! reinai ! t
Thv Ar Treated to Vira b Torro
Bent Health offl lali
TeSRS HAUTE, Ind.. April 23 The
health offioen, under orders from the
slate bo o l n health, visited General
Prye'e army tin morning and vaedn
i ted all who did not hare good marks
on i heir arms
They ufierod no resistance, dmplv
laying th n they were sworn to oby
the i ,w nf tin-Valium states through
which they pass.
Four Murderers Sent to Their
Doom in Louisiana One Shot
Three Hanged,
VtcxssoBO, April '.':i -Four negroes
have already pod tie penalty for the
; brutal ossssainatlou of Manaeer Bnyo,
of the Bannne plantation, in ktidison
o'lii.-i, uu o i. in ii t ,-. -a i, . i ii is ma un
likely that sever. d more will have sum
m iry justice dealt out to them. One
of thn negroes WOl mot on Sat
urday Judg- Lytic i held hiifh carni
val diirin.' the nuhl at Tal tilah, A
mob gut bored in frootol tie jail and
went deliberately to work, an I with a
batterinvi rui burs; In too aide of the
jail and foroed opee the door
sm Slaughter, Tom Claxton nnd
DaVe llawkiu, w-ro lo.l t nt and switni,'
np lo th- balusivaale of the conrt hogeo,
inoir la Iios ."re haneing tliere this
CtaElon an t hia four pals are atill In
the swamp north rl tu railroad, bo.
two in Mill'k n's Hend road and tho
river. TtM hunt ia being rigorously
pressed, battue dogs
no' toll iw tip- trail OWlag tu the sold
Tba river and all aveonss of stsaos
aroclnso'y nunrlid, and tbe ultimate
Oil ore ut the five men is regarded H
mly a qoeetlnn nf tim,
as .
W; All g -I B.'OajSBOIO.
They Ar H petal sad I x?c. to Din
It ti V-l in Waahluotaa
ln iNaBORo,Md .April S3 The army
nf the loiiiiiion weul cimped tonini
with bop a hih and read v enough to
take the 18 mile wdk the! would be
necessary in I in I thin In Frederick to
morrow, They had mt tbe ,'re,: huh of ihsir movement, who had
(.me "a a mveaeager of hope fr un tr.'
a nop of tne toem t
Ciilonol Redtton, the agent of th
CoXey army, bad run out to meet th
i i i on tin- mid. and tne mccsaga that
!i. uronghl ws highly -latim; to those
whi were not familiar with the
aolonel'a roseate vapor that be oarrlee
in "tuck to hr.athe uhrnsd over every'
tblni w 1 1 ti winch be i connected.
Ii kail l,tl be told to tlie ntamtaaaai
of the oommonweal an I to te war
i- ri .-nnailents who yisii-ii htm ne
trii", there i-i a loyal reception watting
lbs army in Waablncton,
ISCAP.. UH a Hurto CAR.
ileal n Watchman a id PtaodW a Rl!-
r -ait Statten aad Peetsglje
BoiXiDAYSBURU Ph., April 88. Four
masked men broke in U h' general
itors it Galliitar early tin morning,
beat Watchman l,vit Dmuelly Into
suhmiasliin au l foroed blm to open tba
sfc Donnelly was then bound an I
H if iTi and several humlrol d dlars
uii'l Tuluable ito ul were taken
The gain; siOQ atnle money and tirk-
eis from the Pennsylvania rsllroal of
fice, nioaey, tamH and mail from tin,
potti lii and With their plunder es
cape! on a handcar.
Although her link H br Ken, Mrs .Mary
McMiillln I still ol i v.- in a Brooklyn bus
pital, 01 tbeitootore' amoseraent,
Uh keen will divide thi 08,000,000 ro-
reived from the sub of strip bonrl,eob
uisn. woman and Chun gattlag io).
Aflst be'ng brought near to death bv
two week of btcrouvhlne, William Uasr,
uf WapplnverV Pdla, N, v., It recovering.
Aftei marrying undlvorced Mr-. Ann
Dyson w ith hi i yes open, .lacohs,
of providence, repented In batta, but cau
net no red res , from ourt
Trying to blackmail wealthy Mrs. Brawn
not of $.00, Henry Baton, a Marshall illi i
V nt ti, wan shn dead by ofBosri while
Be iO with a dec.,.v nv. lop.
The executive committee of the National
Kepiiblicau league will meet today nt
Washington, D. I ., to arrange for the uu
nnal convention in Denver in Jane.
Tim efforts of George Donford) oft.' m-
ada, and Marshal Nix, to establish a lodt,'e
ot the American Protective Aitodation at
Palatka, FlO., bus reaultud iu the I 'a tho
lid driving them from the town. Nix was
severely OOWhldad fur making retuurUs af
fectiug the morality a priest.
Senator lligulns, of Delaware, will ar
raign the adtntnittration' Hawaiian pol
icy on Wednesday.
Senator Voorheos' b -nlth Is broken
down, and he will no to the Virginia
Springs to rccupu. ate.
Louisiana sugar planters will put tholr
shoulders to the wheel to defeat tbe Wil
ton bill. They will confer at New Orleans
next Saturday.
Eight Villages in Greece Are baslrojed an!
Many Pi ople Killed.
Full Reports cf the Devastation Tbe
Ancient Temples and Statues for
the Most Part Escaped Deslruction
in tho General Ruin Largo Chasms
Opened In the Earth About Atalanli.
Numerous Houses Tottered and
Collapsed During tho Disturbance.
London, April 23.
n DISPATCH to the Tim from
lAl Athene says that the earlhquiki
U destroyed iii(i:t villages in the
Uu diitrlet of Aiolooti. lothlidlt
Ittct iiIoiih forty-right persons were
Injured. The monasteries of Saint
Idarttnoi and Proskyns were deetroy
od. Tin- pier at I'.dll Wll lent seiluder
and n.uU below the waters of the har
bor. Largs bowlder were detached from
the mountain of Braganda, and torn
of them f 11 npon ebepberda1 hut that
wen- olnitored .it tbe toot of tbe mono
tain. AH the Uiluates if tne bills
were crushed to death, 1 1 ti ic chasms
; opened ill the earth about Atlanti. A
Urge nnmber nf houses swung to and
Iroon their foundations for a time nnd
then collapse I
The nid Venetian fortification at
Chalele, capital of tin northern divi
sion f tbe island of Buboea, nnd the
church tower fell. Extremely violent
shocks Were felt the BabOOa
nnd the liland in the vicinity.
The walls of number of houses In
Athens were crrk d and partitions
thrown down. Il.uvy piocot of furni
ture were thrown in s una imtanoes
almost aero. the room, and picture
were mined by Iwing thrown from
tbdr banginga
Tli dispatch add that none of the
sndent monnments, except tb rch
of Hadrian, was injured All th
school iu Athens have bon closed.
Another viol-nt ihook occurred at
I'nali i at iioou ye.ier lay. causing nn
immense imoOUl of damage.
Buboea, the largiat liland of Greece,
Which ha been leVoreW ufj clod by the
shocks, owes r insularity lo an earth
Make ii it a well eitabllthed foot
that Baboia at bo time formed part
of tbe inalnland In 483 B ' a violent
ibotk caused a i art ol th land to siuk.
and BnOOM was left snrroiinde 1 by
wster Iu aome portloni the channel
betweea the isiml aul mainland i o
narrow that it is .panned by a hi Idg .
A Portion of th- ceiling :ri the i no
occupied by tbe king s grandchildren
was shaken down, but nobody wa
hurt Una Ineident oansed mneh es-
Cltelliellt In tile i .1 B
P.LOGuTHIftm Q-H B " R
Ha Baa it's Victim tared t Bit Flaot
end Bald Be Carve Kin.
Boston, April 88 -Alfonso If arm
woa attacked by Camilla Nataro this
morning ami probably fatally ilaahed
with a rs::or. The nolloeoay atarroli
a virtlin uf OOOiplracy, S..m month,
ago Naaaro made a derogatory remark
about Mai ro wife and the husband
brought Wvil anil gatiist him and re
aoveti d 300
Naaaro swore T-ng-nnre and got
Ceirpolo Archangel lo have tbe nnane
laKtlng Mar.. i in front of Nassro'i
barber slio;i tc I sagoged h in iu n an ir
rel. NBsro apir . i arasor and attacked
the defenseless Usrro when hold mi
the ground by Archangel
d: BATt mnra in murDi r.
Tm Men Ki Ud d r,.x I 'Jared ii an
Obte :ohoi 1 Boa Vlfht
Lima, April 88 -At a oonntry
ehool debate neat Winchester, a fighl
broke out, in which Nathan htanifldd
was filially statilia i j., fi" back an 1
K l Carr ill a';ull wai crushed with a
club Th fighl started among some
of the mi iiler ( hildreu an l toou every
body iu the house wit mlxd mi in it,
Eva Krai-, r, i he leaober, arm -d her
self with a slick nf Wood and dealt
Henri Btolnmnn a blow oyer tii bead,
six persons i eaj i.s the two wh i were
.lliiosi Instantly killed bad to b- taken
The director of the lohools luive
sworn out More "f warranto,
- ,1
Wllke. Dairn'a Ihisi la Ks, p . r Arq'lit'.l d
- f reckwav'am,
Wn ki b-Hauhi', April 88 Tbe prison
board, wbleh b e been iuveillgattngtha
alleged abnae at thee nnty prison, to
day submitted their report to the oonrt.
They exonerate Watchman Pallon from
the charge of halsh tr-atu t. b 'Cause
they (ind he was justified in what he
did by the miebehaVlor Of tho prison
ers who iiui roruied a sonspiseoy in
order to get him dfamlssed, Tbe I oard
formulatei new rules gowning the
punlibmint of tbs prisoners and directs
that a new du igeofl he built.
T. H. Connifi, preildentof Hie board.
submitted a niiiiorily report Baking for
the dismlsssl oi Of mure uf Fallon,
a .
Thi Terraplu Kai-ri Condauin lh Unlt'd
Rtat,t Senate
BALTtMORg, Anril 23. Tho follow
ing petition Was pUt Iu circulation to
day by Dnil'd Miller, preiident of the
Merchiints' an i Uunufaoturers assooia
lion i
"We, the undersigned citi.-n nnd
busiuesi men of Baltimore city and
member of the Demooratio party,
hereby unito ia iv call for a town m et
ing to bu held In this city at tho earli
est practicable date to give expression
to the feeling. if Indignation and alarm
with which we viow the delay of the
United State eeuute in i losing ',
tariff bill, and especially tlio fe" 1 " Qj
our own senators to prj.e-; MpWMnt
the wishes aud seat, yof tltl6 peo.
pie of Maryland npon this lubjaot, nn 1
contribute to tln ir personal aud vUor
ous efforts to secure prompt notion in
favor of tho hid."
Mr Miller sai l ha believes that ths
failure of the isnate to pass the tariff
bill is the mother of all tli- ilia fr"in
which tho country is now Buffering,
Many names worn attached to the pall
ium toasy,
- a ...
Crowd of Aernrlaii Booislttt Attack a
Hnncarlan Trwn Hall .
Budapest, April 88 A mob of So
ci diat agrarians mads an attack npon
the municipal building at Holdmeso,
vaiarbely, Hungary, yesterday eve
ning and threatened to demolish it.
Tim police were able, to hold the mob
at buy until they cmiid summon rein
forcements, when they c'mrio'd upon the
mob and drove them buck.
'I he mob rlnsi d np and made annth. r
assault npon tba town hail, when the
gendarme fired into iho crowd, killing
two and wounding dt sen or more. A
troop of Husisr then clearol the
streets, and the police completed their
work by arresting tho ringleaders of
the mob,
Sheriff Wilhtlm's Encounter with In
furiated Women at Union
town. rjNIONTOWN, Pa., April 23 Blood
shed was narrowly evened at the
Oliver pl.oit to-day. A Warrant bad
boon issii. . f,.r the arrest of Mike I
I ' IS for etoiii-i : workmen. Knowing j
lh character of the man wanted, the I
ntire force ot deputies, Ho iu number,
were sent to Fetso's house to capture
him At the dour of his home, the
deputi's were met by a mob of Infur
iated women led by Mr Pel XI, tbe
latter with an ix i In her band, Fetzi
barred the entrance with a jo't-r aul
butchers' knife. The deputie were
to ed md beaten mercilessly,
Deputy Sheriff Richards ordered a
sharge with club, and the deputies
Waded In, knocking the female ti
Ereaies down right and left. Mn
i'eio was - i mii i nis that the had to be
k i eked down with a revolver by
Sheriff Richards and rendered uncon
clous rhe of the foreigner!
tbongbt she haJ b.'n killed end tl-d
Peta i whs eaptul l after t dng knocked
d .wn an. I handnilf 1 and tak-n to j.ol.
On the way to the jail tba deputies
roeeued workman who woa being
terribly beaten bv Itriken an 1 arretd
two of the assiida.ils S lenff W liieliu
is ovsrrnn with olUfor depune lo
night, but oannol mpply all. It looks
a if tin, scenes of two weeks ago are
suing to b reprale 1.
Ho Will IUclv. ih Coxsy Army in
Wi h if ton,
Nl W FORK, A rll 88 (,'itizsn O-orge
Pi is Trin isenea the following
prod imatloa tonight
' The senate, 26 to 17, refused to re
c ive Cox-y'i people, I aav taken
M r .t Music ball in Washington,
tor Thursday night, to raoeive the
Ohlefl of ail ariiii-mar. hing on Wash.
Ington, when tn. whole Idea of the
march will be esplntned, 1 leave by
the late irain Wednesday night, reach1
lug Washington rhnreday morning in
ONer lO give want tiie senate denied,
ind I guarantee that they will receive
lull an i frir'heariaga."
ao -
RP-d fr m Dntff Pendlne; 7nvtle-
tio b.' ih. 8ia' Oetamttaieb
But ira, April 23. The board of
manag-r of the Elmlra reformatory
is mnrniug relieved Snperlntandenl
Brook way from duty and gave blm
leave of abeenoe pending th-concln
Ion oj tbe ex imin ition bv tba special
oommieiion ippolnted by Governor
The superintendent evinced no snr
pise at the, snspensinn, end siid that
no would probably leave tlie city for a
lime II-will, however. ak to" testify
in Ina own liehuif during tin, investigi
lion. 1 a m
Rl QU in It ami All w Himself to Be
fht At.
, Bebun, April 23 Hsrr Dowe, the
Hauhdm tailor, gave an exhibition of
till bullet-proof eost yesterday before
the surgeons' oongrese now lnsaeion
I ore. Tn bullets, tired at a gg fv,,
range, failed tn penetrate the cunt, or
even to startle D two, who was in
slda it.
When iho bet was over Dowe was
Hpplnnded heartily, and several mem
bers Of the congress Hpoko tl itteritigly
of in Inveuliotk
' 1 s-
Vlorlda Sheriffs i.ivsiv Battle wiiii, d.k-
psrat, Ni'irrosa
JaCXSONVILLB, April 23. -A special
from stark-, Fin., lava: xTeeterday
Bhei ;. John mid posse had a deiperare
battle with a gang of negro gamblers
u"ir thii place, The negroes opened
ore on t ie officers us they approached,
Tho latter returned tbe lire, killing a
negro n iine.l Marshall ami wounding
Baveral oth.'is. The officers Nosped
a i.
William Houiell, ttrst Baron Bmly, ami
poitmaater In Qladstono's tirst cabinet
lined 88,
At Watervllle, Me., .lames R, Hansen,
principal oi Uohurn Clsssical Institute.
aged T
At Nantlcjke, Rev, E. 0. Goodtlns
formerly of York, i n , pastor of the First
Presbyterian church.
At Bon Delgo, Cal, .T-se B, Bellgmau,
the now Turk banker, who went there fi r
his health a few days ago.
At Ranisi City, Michael Boland wrr
was at one tune .1 member of the t anion.
"Triangle" ot the Glan-na-Gari.
At Obeyenne. Wy E. s. Uonara for
merly a member ,.r the PeunsyYvania
legislature and ox -secretary ot tho terri
tory. as
Wasiiimiton, April, "n.-Mirp-rot
for rnday: For tatttm
nnnsyleaftia, parttg cfotidy
wrafherand finit ihowers, nori-
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