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1 mt sj MM mb 1 iiii
Punch Cigars
Gi., E3. S Co.,
Carney , Brown & Co. Mfr's.
Major and Mrs, Everett Warren jros
tertlay gave for tnelr children, flsr
jorle nd their bom, 030
Madison aveane, ;i pink domiuo uijs
qnerade party to about forty little ones
Mrs. H'tiry Kingsbury ami Mrs. P.P.
Price atlllted iu entert lining. Tie
juvenile j;n.'s: began to arrive at 5
o'clock and for ;iu liour following re
iimined massed. Refreshments were
ervd at 0 o'olook. Toe balance of the
venitij: until ; o'clock win devoted to
danoing and gaui. Tin following
wore among tb. little ones present:
Margarette and Lauiotte Bello.Eleanor
aud Donglaa Moihtt. Sophia and Annie
Price, RobMn, Willie and Arthur
Muttliows, Gladys and Law Watkin.
Gertrude, Blga and Walter Coarsen,
Jennie Linen, CI irencs Glltnore, Aliee
Knapp, U'ie and John Ui.iir, Mary
and Elisabeth Dickson, Kenneth aud
Paul Wlles, Ruth and rlusth Aroh
bald, Helen and D.ivld Boies, Drier
Parke, Elith and Eldi Holland, Clare
and Charlie Wade, K.iti and Lela
Bteell, Ctiarlie and Francis Sherrard,
Francis Jertnvn, E ting Lebarr, Emer
son Rose n l Matgaent Ktrkpatrick.
Siine of the you::,' mon from the
School oi tlie L.tckiiWann t ive an iu
formal danclog party last night under
the obaperooage of Mrs. A. H. Win ton
at her residence, 436 Wyoming avenue.
About twenty young p ople Were pres
ent. Crash was )ni I in the lnrr'e
double reception parlor anl refresh
ments were nerved durins t'u evening.
The leaden of the affair were .'-d
Moffatt, Fr . Spencer, Bcranton
Wolf and Charles Swift.
Mr. nnl Mm J. W. B. L:ij irain
were ten leretl i surprise pirty at tiiir
liuiue, 10 IT Tr:yp Street, last Monday
nii:iis Among ttiose who attended
were: ili.-: Eva b.'-ele, Minnie
Kenvon, Marie 01 fiord, tola Qi fiord,
K itlerty. Grace S.csier, (-ore Rosen-
krans, Jamei Hope Weil, Sam Lwi.
George W Davis, S. Beers, Art Lrslion,
Geortju Field.
llioiuas Price Cbargfld with Taking Money
Irciu Friend,
C. M. He.ilman, of Reauinif, was in .-'crau-ton
L.T. Sniitb, of Mount Fucouo, visited
this city yeKtetday,
Judge Edwards is expected to return
from Philadelphia today.
Donald Snyder, of Pittatoo, Called yes
terday on bcranton friends
Itisi Tracey, of Wells college, is visitiog
Wis- Sblier, f Madison avenue.
Frederick Karkir.s, r.t Eas'on, was en
gage 1 OM business here yesterday.
Attorney John V. Reynolds, of c'arbon
dle, was a visitor here yesterday.
Oh Prank lo-t, of Lafayette H6, Is visit
ing E H. Qearbart, of Monro" avenue.
M. J Dizoo, of Avoca, yesinrday regis
teredaaa student nt law with Attorney
L B. Hams, of this city.
J. B. Diegelman mid family, of Los
Ao(e!e. Cel., and J. VV. Russell, of Allen
town, nro at tli Valley House.
Mrs. rhomas W, Davis, of Caponse ave
nue, an i her daughter Delphin, who have
Ih-cu visiting Iriends in Carboadale, re
tum'ii yesterday.
Rev. D. (iilbrt Reed, of Now Vurk, will
tomorrow t-v-nin preach on ''.Mission
Work in bir.ago." in tt.o Providence
Presbyterian chur h,
Becrrtary Pesrsdit, of the fimlron-i
Young Men's cb-iKtian association, and
V. A. Stautoij, are attending the Railroad
Vnuns Men's ( In Istiau association conven
tion in NbW York.
K.-V. L. w. Sksllenger, of the Washburn
Btreel Praebyt irian chorch, and It-v. A.
W. Coojjer, of the Hampton Street Moth
ohist Ki.iscopal thnrcb, exchange jmljdts
for the morning isrvlcs tomorrow.
Adjnta'.t W, H. .Millar, who for thepnst
aevnn years ims represented the Penn Mn-
tiiul Lite Lisurnuce Company, lia n-iineil
that Officn to become the Kon-ral autmt of
nortbasU)i n Pennsylvania for the Secu
rity Mutual of bingbamton,
Hi : .' 'tar Jon. Refused to Assnms
Cbargf nf Nwt'jn'. Hody.
William Newton, aged BO yean, was
found d-ad in bed at liis borne on
Hollister aviiiin, l'rovi -leiu-, yester
day morning at 5 o'clock. Undertaker
Ji.nt-s refused to sssuma charge of the
the body and noli fi li Corouer Kelly of
the death
The coroner ImpaoOtled 1 jurv com
posed of Ur. A. Strang, John U' Boyle,
'J'. VV. Dsvis, J'-orjjo Ij.ivis, A. Carmou
and John Lynott, who retomed u
verdict that ujionl-xy was the cause of
Wanttd- Youna Mn and Women Out
of Kmplnymnnt.
We UaVS bad a good year. To meet the
demands of tb" school extra teaoucrs were
employed they are with us now. Ov-r
BOO yOOCg men and women are out of em
ployment in Bcranton, This spring ami
rummer we propose to taio those young
people in our school on o isy terms.
Iho (li-miiuu for i ropln is not Croat in
any line, but count, up th people w no do
clerical work iu all the ofilces, storo,.
iu ui uw aeruvn .wuuraruvra auu
etks ij r - Mnniovea. Lliess neraons urn
3 uj.-ini'm mon oi lomorrn,v,
I II nil ti I. f it vrmr FrL.ti.tu Ituv.i .,.., n,
. .... i 1 1 1 . naye saooeeaen.
laiiatui ones win; iiu inattentive ran.
iikb iBBse next lew moutns una nam
pf notaSj uratts, cuscksj kuow something
of commercial law, and wind up with the
buelnese practice.
You have the time rome in and seo us.
Wood's Colleuk ok IIcsinkss and Siiukt-
ii a ml P, K. Wood, Propiietor.
Fire in the House ot Mrs. Wadj, of
Garfield Avenue, Caused by Upset
ting of a Lamp Frank Smith Com
mitted for Breaking Windows Mrs.
J. Williams Injured - Brilliant Dis
play of Northern Lights,
The West Si,l, oflice of the S.-t.Mo
T iubcmk is located at into Jackson street,
where subscriptions, advertisements and
communications Will receive prompt at
Thomas I'rice, a barber, who re
eently opened a shop nr Hatnpton
str-."-t, on South Main avenue, was ar
rested yesterday by Constable Timothy
Jones. A warrant whs issued by Alder
man Blair, of the Fifth ward, on u
charge preferred against him by
William ThomsS, of PittstOtl, who al
leges that he relieved him of 11
Thomas was in l'i ice's company on
russdsy evening and with another
friend were indulging rather too freely
in intoxicating beverages. Having no
immediate place to sUv for the niijht,
I hey were Kivti the privilege of sleep
in the bartwr shot). Thomas now claims
; hat dnring the night ttw above amount
was extracted Irom hi clothes. Price
wis arraigned before Alderman ill dr
ii 1 placed under bail in the sum of
(300 to appear at co'irt. He Is yet in
the station house awaiting ball.
last Evening' Firp.
The overtnrning of a lamp st the
home Of Mrs, Wade, on Ciarliulil ave
nue, cans, 1 a fir- alarm to he sent iu
from box 89 at 7 4 o'olock last evening,
The Franklin ami Columbia Engine
companies promptly responded, but
their services were not required. Mrs.
Wade, in doing some household duties,
accidentally knocked the lamp over,
aud tbo oil caught fir iiruitiuj,' arti
cles in th immediate vicinity.
Through the prompt action of those
pressnt uo soriom damage was done,
A singular f iture in connection with
i tie affair Was the actions of the Ox
ford tire gouj;. When the alarm was
blowu at the blast furnace, the Wt
Sid alalia failej to sound The spnoa
occupied from the time of the alarm to
the signal to blow lor out was about 15
minutes, mid when Chief Ferbsr sent
in t'.ie alarm of two blows, tte gongs
at the Oxford mine bigau blowing for
the tire.
Arreotd for Breaking Windows.
Frank Smith, a young tnati who re
sides with bis parents on N'orth Re
becca aveuue, was arrested yesterday
afternoon on a charge of breaking win
dows iii a house at Lafayette street an 1
Rebecca avenue. H- was given a hear
lug beior- Alderman Blair, of the Fifth
ward, yesterday. Smith w-is acioin
panied bv Ins father, and during the
j trial they assumed a defiant sir and
had to be reprunand-d. Smith was
lined 3 and costs, In default of which
be was sent to the cjuuty j iii for a pe
riod of ten days.
Cut Ker Foreheal
Mrs. J, Wiliiauis.of Avenue B. Rsile
vue, received a painful injury on
Thursday morning, .Some boy on the
street w-p engaged in the popular
game of "Catty" when the stick di
rected by one of the lads struck her a
blow on the heal. The instrument
caused a deep cut on her forehead, from
whlebshe suiters great pain.
Th Aurora Boroalis.
The aurora borealis Which appeared
in the heavens last evaning was
watcued with intense interest by
crowds or people on this side. Th
heavens were illuminated with a bril
liant blue light, which darted hither
and thither with lightning flishes In
the north the llishes were unusually
brilliant, and were the oansoof great
comment by Ws: Side astronom -rs.
E. !ef No:s of Ia'?rest.
The funeral of Mrs. Celia Durkin, a
prominent resident of this city, who
..ied at her homo on Jackson street on
Wednesday evening, will occur this
morning. A solemn high mass of re
(iiiem will be celebrated in St. Pat
rick's church. Interment iu Uunmore
A young child of Mr and Mr. Keese
Samuels, of Hack street. Bellevue, died
yesterday, The funeral will occur to
morrow t :'. 30 o'clock. Interment
will be mads in the Washburn street
The Ladles' Aid society of the I'ly
month Congregational church, c in
ducted a clam ebowder social at the
home of John 8 Evans, of Lafayette
street. last evening. An enjoyable
time was had.
David Lewis, of N'owark. N. J , re
turned home yesterday after a visit
with West Side friend.
Tho funeral of th infant child of
Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas, of North
Main avenue, occurred ystriay
Rev, D O. Hughes, rjastor of tho .lack
s'. n Street Baptist church, officiated,
Iri!ormnt was made in the Washburn
Str -et CPIlietel J,
The Sir Knight nf Pleasure danoing
class Will Continue its dances on Mon
day evening dining the following
in .nth and on Monday evening, April
80, will give a complimentary social to
the members of the clasi only at Mears'
hull. The society has made exoellent
progress uoder the instruction of Pro
lessor George Taylor, with Mlsi Nellie
Corran as pianist.
A monthly reunion of the several
city (Mtri j.s of the Patriotic Order Sons
of America, wns held in the rooms of
ciinip 178, on .North Main avenue, last
While Lanf Flour (best flour
made j o
Feed, Meal or Corn Hf,
Haled Hay, long or cut 89
88 lbs. Qranulated Sugar l 00
Quod Mutter m
Oilt Edge Butler Z SO
Full (,'ream Cheese, mild H
Stowers' Hum 2
Btowers' Bacon 09
Btowers' hard. , io
Eggs, Sttiotly fresh 14
Potatoes (ji)
Jos. A, Mkaus,
1 18 S Main uveuue.
Divorce rrAfsedlnai Are Follow rd by a
StriiH(f!e for Hcu-iolioM Oioi..
Mrs. Emma ll Wells through At
torney W. W. Baylor yesterday ob
tained a writ of replovin to recover
household furniture valued at 74,
which Him says belongs to hr.
Mrs. Wells was formerly Miss Emma
Storms, of this city. She was married
here to Elliot E Wells, who was for a
time employed by Jones Bros, as a tea
Hgent, Mr. and Mrs. Wlls moved to
Cleveland, O. , where domestic troubles
ensued, nud Mrs. Wells applied for s
About three months ago Mr. Wells
purchased a store at Duudaff, Susque
hanna county, of which he ie now the
proprietor, When h attempted to
move their household effects to DUU
dafl Mrs. Wells hal curtain article
attached, claiming they were her sep
arate property.
The HtUchuent was dissolved end
Mr. Wells proceeded to more them to
Dnndsff. The writ of replevin was ob
tained yesterday and tbo goods seissd
at Carbondnte en route to Dandaff,
Charles K, Robinson, D. D., iiasior. Ser
vices 10,80 a. m., and 7. 30 p, m. Rev Dr,
unbelt Bold, of Cbefoo, China, will
preach iu the morning. In tho oven-
Ing the pastor will preaeli on "Tne Oflice
and Panes of Hie Elder," utter which J. A.
Lansing, a li. Williams and Uharlee Chan
dler will be Ordained to the eldership. All
are cordially invited.
Tbinitv Evangki 11 m. Mission Corner
Luke and Kurt, streets. Rev J. G Whit
mire, paetor. Preaching services, 10-80 s
m.; prayer and testimony, 11.40 a. m.;
Bahbath School, 2 u. in : evening services
at 7.80 p. 111.
SUM' l.t'KK's 1 111 mil BoV, linger
Israel lector, bust Sunday alter Blaster,
The K:. Rev. Rishop Rnlison will ail
minister the apostolic rite of continua
tion. Holy Coinuinnlon, s a. m.,
Holy commuuion, confirmation and ser
mon, 10:80 a. m. ; Sunday school, Hp.
m. : evening prayer and sermon, 7.8i p,m,;
nursery opeu at in a. in, at KM
Washington avenue, wlmre cblldreu will
la kindly cared for While parents attend
Saint Luki's Dunuors Mission a. l
Urban in charge. Bunday school a p, m.;
evening prayer ami sermon -l p. in.; con
firmation and sermon Saturday, 8 p m.
All Soil's Church Rev, Qeorge w.
Powell, of New York city, will occupy the
pulpit of the All Hoill' church, col lier of
lJiuo street aud Adams avenue, Suinlav
morning, April 1, Hubjoctfor the morn
ing, "The Dawning 01 the Moraine;'1
evening, "Midnight Music;" Young Peo
ple's union at 0 ;o p. m. Strangers made
Welcome at all service.
Crubch or Christ, Scientist spencer
bunaing, 510 Adams street, iiible losiou
lit 10:311 a. 111. and church service at 7:81) p.
111. I). N. McKeo, speaker. All are wel
come, Seats fi re.
Prnn Avkkcb Baptist Chcroh Rev.
Warreu U. I'arndge, l'astor. Services at
10.80 a. 111. and at 7.811 p, m. The Lord's
supper will be celebrated at the morning
service. Subject in tho evening. "Trans--
gresslon and its Peualty." All welbomo.3
Boward Place African Mxthooist
Episcopal 1 hcrch Bov. O, a. McQee,
pastor. Preaching by pastor at n. m.
and S p. m. Morning topic! "Alone With
God." Kvo ing topic: "A Lost Blessing."
Sabbath school at 80 p, in.
Park Place Methodist Episcopal
Church Rev, J. P, Jones, pastor; preach
ing 10.80 u. in. and "i.M p. m. by the
First Baptist Cuurch l'astor T, J,
Collins Will breach Ins Sixth anniversary
sermon as pastor of this church; Sabbath
at 10.80 a. 111. ;i aud will begin a series of
sermons 11 rostrated by Pilgrims' Progress
iu the ovenirg. Scats free; all welcome.
liit.u'E Bbporubd Episcopal Church
SaUuatli services at 10:80 a. iu. and 7:30 p.
111.; morning subject, Jehovab-Ropjieca,"
Exodus lSiiig, Eveniug subject, "Whence
and Whither," (ieue-is 18:8, Union Uihlo
class Thursday at 7:lfi p. m.
Washburn m Prbsbytbrian Church
Services at 1U;1IU a. m., w hen tUti Kev. A.
W. Cooper will preach, and at 7;'.'U p. m.,
when the pastor Will preach. Iiible School
at TJ: Christian Endeavor, Junior, at 4,
and Young People at 6:20 p. m. All wei
(iin.E Ridge Baptist Church. Rev.
W. J. Ford, pastor. Preaching at lu.:tna.
m. and 7.:io p. m. Subject for morning:
"Friends of Christ.'' Tne Lord's Supper
Will be celebrated at the close of the ser
mon. Subject for evening- "The Pro
phecy of Joel."
Calvary Reformed Church Corner of
Monroe avenue and (iib-ou street, Kev.
W. H. Stubblebine. pastor. Preaching
10.80 a.m. and 7.3o i. m. Morning sub
ject: "The Supreme Possession." Even
ing subject: "shaii We Know Each Other
in Beaven!
Hampton Street Methodist Episcopal
I Church.- Kv. A. W. Cooner. nastor.
Morning sermon at lu a. m., by Kev. D,
W. Skelienger, Evening sermon by the
pastor. Bunday school at usual hour.
Elm Park Methodist Episcopal
Church W, K, Pearce, pastor. Morning
service at 10.80 o'clock Sermon by Rev.
J. G. Eckmsn, presiding elder. Iu tho
evening, services conducted by tho pastor,
with repe; Itlou of Easter music.
Simpson Uethodist Episcoi m. Chi rch
Lov,- feast in the morning at 0 o'clock,
followed by the reception of members and
the communion service at 10.80. Babbath
school and missionary anniversary nt l'p.
m. Epwortband Junior Leagues at 6.3Q,
and at 7.30 p. m, the Kev. J. (.!. Ecktnau
will preach. The umic given bv ihe
chorus choir on Easter Will be repeated by
request Strangers welcome.
Cedar Avenue Methodist Episcopal
Cbckch Sermon by the pastor at 10.80 s,
111., end at 7.80 p. in. Sunday school at
Up in. Epworth League meeting, 6.48 p,
m. The new officers of the Epworth
League who were elected at the business
meeting on Tuesday evening, are as fol
lows: President, A C. M. veis; first vice.
president. Miss Cora Turner; second vice
pres. dent, iuisn Mayme ( learwatei , fourth
vice-president. .Miss .Maine Qoddard; Mere
Inry, Miss Minnie Tittlebory; treasurer,
Miss Haggle Oriffith. There will be n pink
social hi Id by the King's iJaughturs on
Tuesday evening net.
stcninton' I nstosse Intereets,
Thb Tribuni will soon publish a care
fully compiled end classified list of the
leading wholesale, banking, manufactur
ing and professional Interests of Bcranton
and vicinity. Tho edition w ill bo bound
iu book form, beautifully Illustrated with
1 b ' Bravura views of our public build
1 i, I'liHines blocks, streets, etc., together
vi ii portraits of loading citizens. No
n , ., work has ever given an i ( m h 1 rep.
res itntlon of Boranton's many tudits
tiies. it will bo an Invaluable exposition
of our business reR'iiirces. Sunt to
persons outside the city, copies of
this handsome work will attract
new comers and be au unequalled
advertleement of the city, The circu
lation is on a plsn that cann l fail of good
resuits to t ho- concerned as well as the city
atlarge, Reproentativot of Ths Tribune
will call upon THOSE WHOSE RAJCE8
ore DESIRED in tins edition and explain
its nature more fullv.
Those desiring views of their residences
in this edition will pleass 1 uvu notice at
the office,
J'epub'lcan Coib nt Oieen H dr.
A Republican clnb has been organised at
Qreen Ridge undor thenameof the List
End Republican olub. The officers are
Alexander Alkman, president: Captain E.
W. Pearce, vu e president! Evan Trehorne,
secrelary. ami llnorgo Mitchell treasurer.
At, llm meeting id the club to be held
Aprllfi several well known Republicans
are expei t, , o nddre-s tin, meeting, The
club already lm, a memhorship of about
Youthful Tlilv.n tfeld.
Qeorge Here, Andrew Noon and Frank
(lehr.ns, t lie three juvenile thieves arrest
oil Thursday for a series of nett.y i-obher-les,
were given a bearing yesterday at DO
lioe court'by Aldermau Fuller, Ail plead
guilty, ami in default of bail Qehrens was
committed to jnil until the next, quarter
si ssioii". Bail in lle sum "I Jinn each was
furnished for More and Noon by Patriot
Duffy and Peter Mills, respectively, for
their appearance at court,
Bemoval of F. m. Aylnworth.
P. If, Aylsworlh will remove to '-'28 Wy
oming avenue, next to Economy Furniture
company's store, during the first week iu
New Hicyoi.
A new bicycle worth $7j will be sold for
tSti. The machine is guaranteed aud is n
rarebargaln. Mnchiuu may be boeu at the
Tribune olllce.
ibduw lor People ta Invust lu Stock ol H-
Iruu Coinpao;,
Address at the Y. W. C. A. Rooms
Tomorrow Alternoon Outlook lor
Work at Hie Mines During the Com
ing Month- Coming Meeting of the
Board ot Trade Personals and
Short Hems ot News.
People with money to invest and de
sire to put it where there will bono
doubt Of its safety and at the same
time reap a good profit from It aud
benefit the Community besides, could
do UO better thmi subscribe for shares
of stock iu the plant of the transferred
llonesdale Iron works, which, bevond
any doubt, will be built on the site iu
Mlnooka mentioned iu yesterday'
Tribune The proprietor, Mr. Wood,
bus made up his mind that ScrsntOU,
from its energetic and bustling SOtiV
ity, is a butter field for his labor
than Bonesdale, That is the
reason why he wants to count lwre.
He opened negotiations with the board
of trade of tne central city and the
matter was referred to the South Bide
body. That organisation delegated
thre of it shrewd and enterprising
members, C. (J. Bolaud, Thomas ,f
Moore and John Scheuer, jr., to viit
the plant and take an Inventory of it.
They returned with a recommendation
advising that 11 wiHer or more benefi
cial Step could not be taken than to get
tii rlonwsdale plant here, Joint meet
ings of ihe manufacturing committees
01 thv central and South Side boards
of trade have since been .held, aud all
their deliberations have rsillte. ill
recommendations tho stme a that of
the committee from the South Side
board after its inspection of the plant.
Will Address Y W. C. A. Member.
Mis Anna St.itilheber will address
the lueiting tomorrow afternoon at
8:43 at the moms of the Yonnu
Women's (Tiristinn association on
(.'nl ir avenue. Song sorvico and prayer
will precede the address, tho subject of
which will be: "How Can We Make
the Most of our Li reef" Miss Statll
heber is one ,of the most entertaining
speakers in the country. In the
evening at 8:110 a cottage meeting will
take place nt tho residence of Mr. Btid
Mrs. Prod Eleftneron beech ei: -Hi All
women invited.
How the Mins Will Work In epiil.
'I he output of coal at the mines of
Wiilium Coiinell & Co. will 1 1- only -10
per cent, of the maximum uuota, that
is to say the works will operate about
twenty live hours per week, or tho
same as thsy have been running Ibis
month. It was anticipated that work
would he brisker for April than it has
been, but the outlook is not any brighter.
It is expected, however, that at least
three-quarters timo will be worked
during May.
Frank McQnrgao rturned yesterday
to Stroudsburg Normal school, after
spending his Easter vacatiou at .his
home 011 Pear street.
Pete Murray and wife, of Pitlston
avenue, left yesterday for Auburn, N.
Y., to attend the funeral of Mr. Mur
ray's brother, who died there on Thurs
day Thomas F. Lofttia, editor of tho
Pittstou Gazette, visited Professor
Thomas J. Coyne, of Brack street, yes
terday. Shorter Paragraph.
-Toll 11 Mullaney, of Bellevue.ii break
Ing ground on Palin street, between
Cedar and Pittstou avenues, for the
erection of a large frame dwelling
Warren Dnnnings and family, of
Brook street, bave commenced to move
their household ell cts to Elmhurst,
where the havo leased a farm of 840
The Epworth leHirue of the Cedar
avenue Metbodist Kpitcopsl church
elected officers for the ensuing year at
a meeting held Thursday night.
A full attendance ol the members of
the South Side boird of trade is re
quested at Tuesday night's meeting.
'J he lime has arrived when active ttepi
are in order relative to the llouodale
Iron works.
T he marriage of Miss Lizzie Schnei -der
and Joseph Myers, both of Stone
avenue, is announced to take place
May 8,
The Badenser society of the South
Side held a social in Ualdner's hall on
Willow street Thnrsdav nlolit In i,,.
of the birthday ol Richard Klnmaobor,
oue of the members, Mr. Kinmaober
is a courteous attache of the Bcranton
Miss Annette Rtynolile, of New York,
to Angle! the Choir Tomorrow.
Iii response to a general demand,
ihe choir or the First Presbyterian
church will repeat part of the Easter
music tomorrow morning and evening
This simple announcement would be
enough to attract many Strangers to
the church, but the rct thai the choir
is to be assisted by Ulsi Annette Reyn
olds, of New York, will awaken gen
eral interest, aud hundreds will avail
themselves of this opportunity of hear
ing this talented andgifted eiiig'T, who
has won so mauy friends dnring her
stay iu this city.
Ni ws from Moelinif of Traction Company
Qeneral Manager Archer, of the
Bcranton Traction company, returned
from the Philadelphia meeting ol the
stockholders of the oompany on th
D.IM o'clock train lust evening
When seen by a TrIBONI reporter
Mr. Archer statod that the expected
Sole Agent,
205 Lackawanna Ave.
trial of fenders di 1 not take place, but
would come off M mday. He expects
lo return to Philadelphia and witness
the test.
No definite action was taken in re
gard to tho contemplated purchase of
the lines of tbu Carbon Isle Traction
A matinee performance of "The
Prodigal Father" will be given nt The
Prothlngham this afternoon. It will
also be produced again tonight. The
prices for tho iiiatiuro performance wnl
be 75, 50 and BO cents.
Deninsn Thompson'! famous home
like drama, "The Old Homestead."
which loses nothing iv repetition dur
ing each season s amusements, is again
to bo the attraction at the Academy of
Music, on Monday evening, aud al
though the piny has been seen here
time and litnu again, it seemingly
gains in popularity ami public favor
with every visit. The cast of characters
is the sine- as when seen here before,
and Ibis long CO- ip iration should guar
antee a realistic portrayal,
NIHIIT owls' two PBBF0RMAN0B8,
T his is the sixth season ot the "Night
Owls," who will appear at the Acad
emy of Mosio Tuesday and Wednesday
evenings, ami though an organisation
nf the best, ns variety and burlesque
shows go. never before has it presented
so many pleasing features, or so many
people who might be conscientiously
termed slever. The programme is 0110
of merit throughout, and ho well di
versified (list it would be difficult to
suggest improvement,
- -
Splendid Concert Tuesday Evening.
Victor Herbs rt, the renowned viollncello
player, formerly with Theodore Thomas
but more recently leaner ofi iiluiore's baud,
Will give a concert at Voung Men's Christ
ian Association hall Tuesday evening un
der tbeausplceeof the Ladies' Aid society
of tho Asbury Metbodisi Episcopal church.
be will he ae-usti-d by Miss Jean isieo, n
contralto singer who possesses a voloe of
rare power and sweetness. The concert
will be one of the mmt enjoyable that
Bcrantonlans bave had an opportunity of
attending this season,
Wademun W as Ulschargoi.
Alfred Wademau, who, on March IT,
shot Joseph McDermott in the leg, though
the bullet was intended for Frank Jordan,
au alleged slanderer of Wademau's sister,
was yesterday released fiom ball and dis
charged by Alderman fuller. Wademan
had a score or more of witnesses present,
but tho plaintiff iu the case did not appear.
Bnadlslon ft Woersfs and Bnllantlne'e
Alea arti the best. E, J, Vv, agendas
L.4.fke.VailllH ItvoeriA
Go where they have
the best selection.
116 Wyoming Avenue.
i Pi u His M"t Popnlsi .nj ptsfsrrMl br
Lciulitii; ArtiM.
Wareresrasi opposite Columbus Monument,
20o Washington Av. Scranton.Pa.
n you hunt, fish, ril- a wheel, or
Intend to Do yon want line Pocket
Cutlery, a Rssor, or any of the Qumer
ous articles sportsmen and sporting
men use If so, on and after APRIL
Will lm prepared to furnish eonio nt
reasonsbie prices at his store,
435 Spruce Street
Remember, everything new; stock
just bought, no old stock to dispose of.
Call and e inline and you will lavs
tini" nnl in mev
liVl' 11.11 it on
To the dollars when they will bring you inch
ratna la return as Is offered yon hero. Who
over beard ot sueh ohanoe ?
A $160 Bicycle for $75
We me enuring our BOYS' and uiuls'
WniDBtiSat very low prices, We do notco
by the satatogue list
Florey & Holt
Martin & IDelany
Clothiers and Custom Tailors.
K INVITE your attention to our new
new spring stock, which is complete,
and beg to add a word with reference to the
advantages offered by us.
The particular care exercised in the se
lection and manufacture of all garments, the
perfection of pattern and novelty of design,
all guarantee the best value at
No Higher Prices
than are frequently asked for goods of infe
rior workmanship.
A careful inspection will convince you of
their value.
Fine Clothiers, Hatters and Furnishers,
8c Co.
Cloak Makers and Furriers.
Three of Our
Good Things
AT $5.00
The New Enj-lish Jacket, Full
su-eve, Large Reveres, Poll Back.
New Leuglh.
AT $7.50
Tan, Navy. Begar Brown, Mixed
Brown and Grey, A very stylish
Jacket. Tit ami shape perfect.
AT $10.00
e will give you a choice of four
styles of Jackets, Clay, Twill or
Covet Cloth. For dress or street
wear there are none better.
' 5
Cloak Makers and Furriers,
I Court House Square.
Special for This Com
ing Week.
Ladles' Kid Button, pointed and
I'hiladi'lidiia toes, patent lestht-r
tips; special prloe, S5i 69; worth, 3.00.
I. sdios' Doncola Kid ltiitton.haiid
sewed, wpecinl priee, $3; worth $4 60,
Mins' Kid Button, plain tees,
spring heel, special prloe, ft. 50;
worth if'J 00
Boys' school shoos, Donftola top,
sizes'.'; to 5), special price, $1 50;
worth f.'.OO
Ken's 'lf Patent Leather Lace,
pointed toes, upocul price, (3.00;
worth fl.00
lion's t'slf Bluoher, hand sewed
welt. I'u-rarlilly I est, special prion,
?j.8g; worth $8.50
Little Boys' Bhoes, button nd
laet, spring lipd. made "just like
papa's, sites B to i"1. special price.
i b; worth $1.00
Vontha1 Calf, button ami lace,
spline heels, (i.iodvear wlts. sizes
11 toil, special prloe, $2; worth, $i.50
SCHANK'S Aivade Sliofl Store.
I AST YEAR he bad saved 1300.
i He bought a house worth $1850
iiaii! 300 down, gave :i mort-
gage for $1, .Vo. Today ho csti-
mates ns follows:
Kent invid
Interest on mortgage.
Tuxi-s nn.l iviuirs
MetsaTingoa r.nt.,..
Bafed oo sirv
HMD 01
. M an jd
jiii ;i
i.v) ua
To spply on mortgage t-o jJ
house will be free liren debt uu,l I iini
lo,. ii hoaae ol my on."
QBKBN RIDOB In tho ,nirnJUi. foe
loon, . I inn & sn lo,,,. reoeotljr Iln.
j lehed s beautiful villa, uliioli they ofl, r.
on uii payments, m 1880
Call in their office, between Washington
sad Adamson Olive street,
The tireat Marvel oi Dental Bcienos
A recent discovery and Iho sole
property of
Henwood k Wardell,
316 Lackawanna Ava
Aftee having eleven teeth eatraoted t
iii'e nlltlnir by tlin lullnli Nh inelliml, I prii
liouneii It entirely siillnliirtol-v 111 every
perilcalan j. u. ti AMOMS
The GENUINE New Haven
"Mutator Pianos
New York areroonis No. 80
Kii'lli Avenue.
E, C. RICK BR & CO.,
Sols denlers in this soction.
Scientific Eye Testing Free
By Dr. Shimberg,
Tim Specialist on tlio Kyo. llcidselie nnd
NorvouMieHs relieve.l. I.tet nnd Improved
Stylo of T.yo tllassos aud Bpeotaelos lit the
Lowest Pikes. Artiiiciui i.yei Inserted
lor S,
5 SPRUCb ST., op. Old Post OfHce.