The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, March 28, 1894, Page 8, Image 8

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nirl Vrtn Uua nml thou tako it
fill 1UU JDiGl wk
tuck to the tore
Buy Something SS yZ
M . tell yon, "V e can't
Found You mrr
uiiCK, "lit W II ICl
yon have om
tliiuir elttl Aiul
lmve you been lotlie'.e.l wutit to take
instead, and eventually ct lomtthiDg
yon rould just us we I liavo done with
out? 1C o, you'll spprwlatt OUT of"
ftt to
Didn't Want
Return Money
m . i . a.
car to know u, tor Any Fur-
IM IIIHl lilCl
tliat you want your
money back is uf
ficientfor u. We Dp)Vpj lnc,l.
want jronr tutor llvivo uujui
S&S must isfactory from
t'e satutieil n
Any Cause.
Samples and Prices !
Will Be Cheerfully Given.
The More You Compare
The More Money You Will Save
The More Business We Will Do
Highest of all in Leavening Powef. Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
DqWJ Baking
ixsmm Powder
Her XT a few of this w?k
iuiT'e Price
Best Indigo Blue Prints 4 l-2fi
Fast Color Outing Flannels 8c
Johnson's Fine Seersuckers fOc
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Lace Insertion newandstylish,5c
Ail Wool Shawls FEZala 98c
vCrean. V.hite anl Pia's only)
Gorman's Grand Depot
Frcifoojor Th:ma' P'loil Gi a Very
Er j tyabla lUcital.
Special to the Scranton ZWettlM,
CaBBOSOAXI, Pa.. March 'i'.- Pro
faor A P. Thomas' recital, wQich wa
KtTu in the Presbyterian chapel tbia
eeenioic. waa the chief ociety event of
the evenin. A pleasing programme
waa rendered by me pupils in aacQ a
manner a to rttWct much credit upon
their teacher.
y. - Mae Haliock returned home
from Scranton this raoruinsr. after en
joying a brief eisit witn friendi.
Fred Emerick, of Scranton, made a
bueine trip to thin city today.
Will Allan, of Hyde Park, was a vis
itor in this city today, called by tt-.e
ilinestof bis father, Junes Allan, of
Copeland ayinne.
Mia Cora Avery, of Waahington
ttreet, waa a Scranton vioitor today.
Special aervieas were held in Endeav
or cDapei tnia evening. The meeting
wis condnated by L. R. Vernon, of
Tomorrow ( Wednesday i evening well
occur the much talkal of charity ball
for the benefit of tha Carbondale' hos
pital. It will be held in Kaystone baii.
CattTtT)Georgt J Benton will anpply
refreshments during the evening.
Intaligence has ben received by
friends in this eity announcing the
death of Mrs. William C. Smith, wife
of a former pastor of Mm Berean Baptist
church in tbia city Her death ocaurre 1
in Los Angles, Cal, Dceasd is sur
vived by her husband and fonr chil
dren, H. F. Q Smith, of L' Aojralee,
Cal. ; Miss Carrie Smith, of N'ew York
city;C. B. Smith, of Wiikes-Barre.and
Mrs. A. J Kehbein, of Honesdale.
Peter Herman, a carriage painter of
Scranton, haa purchased and will con
tinue the business of the lata Charles
Mrs. (ieorpe Chapman and son, 'my,
are visiting tha former's tno'her, Mr.
Vincent, In Hornsville, N. Y.
Aoolv, carriage manufacturer,
I . Si Carroll treer,, Buffalo, X. Y., utatn:
I waa troubled with names of the Htoin
ach, sick headache and (funeral debility.
Burdock's Blood Hittern cured me.
D.Ibert Knapp Olbro Fill Hev.n
tnth MttMay Annlv.riiary.
Special I" the Srranffn Trihune.
DOKYIU, Pa., March M, The seven
teenth birthday anniversary of llilbert
Knapp was celebrated at his home on
Monday evening. Those present wore
The Misses Anna Brown, Mutulo Hinds,
Nettie Brown, Oiive Pearl. 0, V widen
burg. Margaret Biwis. Blttb Smith,
Jennie Alexander. Mattie Hinds, of
Mooaic, Amos Wilson, George Baiter,
Arcmbald Stanton, Ellll Main warini,
Arthnr Wilson, of Duryaa; Charles
Warner, John Young, of Moonic. Tha
)! departed at lnt hour, wishing
Mr. Kua)p many happy birthdays.
Daniel Thomas, of Somurset county,
is visiting with friends in the vicinity.
There will be an entertainment held
in the Brick church Wednesday even
ing for the benelit of the uiinister.
Electric Bitters.
Thisromody is becoming so woll known
and so popular as to need no special men
tion. All who have ued Electric Bitters
sine the same fong of pralie. - A purer
medicino does uot exist nnd it is guars n
teed to do all that is claimed. Electric
Bitters will cure all diseases of the Liver
and Kidneys, will romove Pimples, Boils,
Salt Hhoum and other affections caused by
impure blood. Will drive Malaria from
the system and prevent as woll as cure nil
Malarial fevers.- For cure of Headache,
'.'ontispation nnd Indigestion try Electric
Bitters Entire satisfaction guaranteed,
or mouey refunded. Price 60 cts. and $1
per bottle at Matthews Bros., Drug stora.
Out of town correspondents of Tni rii
DMSihoaldatgn their names In full lo aaotl
news tetter, not for publication uuittfuarJ deoeDtion l
Loaves from a KeinirtHi' Tad it-fpro-duoxd
for Gmisral Ra ttuif.
Special n tit SbeowfON rViouaa.
ARCHBALO Pa., March 80.- ConitaV
ble Mica i l Loftoi, of the Tuird war I.
has resignod his otitis nnd William
P mgbar has baan wppoinltd to inooaad
MitiM Suah tlarlry and Bridget
Brown, of Biogbamton, spent L.wttr at
their former homes here.
Bavaral out f town orators ditsnitad
the qoNtton, "What Is tlu Cause That
So ninny Men Are of Work;'' at a
saloon on Smith Main street Sivuiav af
ternoon The speakers W(N of the pro
aon DO id socialistic school. Ttiey did
not mcoted In makiug converts to
the ir radical belief.
Charlaa Miller, of North Maiu streot,
ipeut Sunday in Soranton.
It lias been rumored for some tint
that Mark Cawley, proprietor of ttio
Uiverside hotel, would lake chsrg of
the Movies hotel on April 1 Tins is
now dsulfd and it is stated that John
A Moylta, of Winton, will assume
eharga, Mr. Muliiollaud, the present
proprietor, will go to Jermyn. Mr.
Movies will bo assisted iu tha manage
meut of the hotel by his nephew, Mr
John J. Gilgallou, of Soraaton.
Missos Allie ud Agues Byrni", of
Washington, N J . are visiting Mrs.
M. A. Foote . of Main street.
The council u having a hard time
trying to organize a board of health
rhe third attempt w is mide at a spsi
lal meeting las; evening, wneu William
F. Breuuan was appointed for one, Tliadd-us Borke for two year.
Diniel P. O'Ronrkfl for three years and
John J. Hull bin for fonr years. At this
meeting also Auditor H. C Lindermtu
preMnted the au litors' report for the
year ending March 3, ISO 4. It wai
orJered printed in the SCEUNTO!) 1'riu
CSt, and will appear on Wednesday.
A riot ot small prop rtions ocenrre 1
on the Hi Ige on Moo Jay among aomi
of the foreigners residing there. The
: ur "s was obliged to en J three spec
lal policed n out t the assistance of
ibe constable to arrest a fisry Huu who
was recklessly neiag a revolver. One
of the specials. Thorn ts Dabigg, ha 1
uis ringer bitten by a mau wuom lie
utempted to arrest.
The Father Math-w society conln;t
ed an excellent entercainmsn; at thsir
hall on Monday evening The pr.i
gramme was very interesting and the
varioue numbers were interpreted in a
satisfactory m toner. The same night
the East Side band con lucted an en
joyaale and successful ball.
At 5 o'clock Sunday morning Michael
Manady. one of the ol lest residents of
tilts borough, passed away after a brief
illness. Mr. Mahady came here when
quite a young man, and was well
known and universally esteemed. Tue
sorrow that his death occasion is in
tensihVd by the fact fiat his wife is
very ill iu Lackawanna hospital and
was not able to be at his bedside who i
he died Mr Uabady was tliafatli-r
of William and Patrick Mahady an 1
Mrs. William Brennan, Jr , all living
here. His funeral took plaee (hit
morning. A requiem masa was sung
in St. Tnomss' cuuroh and interment
was made in tne Catholic cemerery
The funeral of the late Mrs. Ellen
Gilrnartin, wnodie l luddanly last Fri
day evening, took place yestrlay
morning. At i) o'olook th remains
wsre borne to St. Thomas' churco
where a high mass of r rqnientn was
sang vTne celebrant Rev. Dr. Lucas,
paid fitting tribute to tne character of
the deceased lady. He spoke of li-r
devotion to her religion and
her family, ami of the uni
form charity ant gentUneei that
marked hor long and virtuous life The
r-muns were interred in tha Catholic
cemetery. The pall bearrs wt
.fuos Corcoran. Thorn is Finuerty,
Thomas fiaugh in, Patrick DnlTy,
Michael Nealon and Tnomaa Philtnn.
There were in my from o it of town at
the funeral.
The New Wrought Iron fltnire Company
Op.ns I:,. .... Cp.-a'ions
t.tufii to th seraafon TVieeae
Dai.t'iN, Pa, March 27 -Our town
is enlivened by the arrival of T, A.
Braabtaf with twelve nan and te, no
representing tha Wrought Iron Itange
company of St. LuOII. They have e.
tahlish'd bladqntfMM here nnd will
IbOTOngbly canvas tli territory ad
jacent to us, S"lling their wares. They
expect to remain here for at least fi v
Mrs W. A. Dean and son. Maurice,
are visiting friends in New York.
Miss Helen Blown, of Newhsld, N
Y , hi in this place.
( org" VV. iienle is in town today.
E B, Von Storch is going to erect a
fine dwelling here this spring. Con
tractor Thomas Is now engaged on the
Howard Ball, the Mffiaf for Tllic
TbIBOME it just recovering from an
attack of the measles His plsoe has
la-en ably tilled by Master Hobble
Sims. '
H E Phillips has been putting In
more shelving and adding to his stock
of gfOOeriel in order to meet the wants
of his numerous friends
In Holland, Mich,, ('. J. Doesbnry puh
lilbaj the News, and in its OvlDUM
Htrongly recommends Dr. Thoinas' Eleo
trie Oil for roughs, colds, sore throat, ca
tarrh and asthma
Judge Strong Taken III While Rsturn
inir Home from Churob.
fpecai to the Scronton Trthunt.
HORtlDALt, March 27. Judge
Strbng, father of Mrs. E O. Hamlin,
austsined a severe stroke of paralysis
vstorday afternoon. Although near
ing the fonr score year mark, Mr.
Strong has been blessed with remark
ablo vitality, and active in many pur
suits. On E ister Sunday, the superin
tendent of Grace Snuday school re
ported that Mr. Strong bad been an
nctiv.i in. tuber of the BptlCOpal church
for eeveuty years, and during the past
rear had (not miaiad a single Nation of
the Sunday lOhool where he taught.
Oil M n, lav b acted as teller at the
lection of the vestry of Qraae obnroba
lie waa returning homo fm there at
5.80, when iu tha poitt-ffi'Jfl he was
saitad with a Ollili and was curried
into an Adjoining store Aphytieisn
being inntmonad it was found the
whole left aide was paralyzed canard
by a rupture of a blood Veattl near the
bise of the brim Today there are
chances that Judge Strong may bo out
again, although be suffers IDUOD,
Paragraphi of Nw. Traetv Oomplled
for Hurried Reading
Siwioi lo the ssranfoa IWbaae
POHIST CtTY, Pa., March V, A City correspondent in the
ton Truth recently sent a letter to that
journal which oontaina many misstate
ments. In the first plaOO, lie states
that W. J. Mux. y cin nl among
Ins politioal friends a petition setting
forth that an Illegal count was made
in tho First war l for the ofll -a of coun
cilman. Mr Maxey never tried to se
cure one signer to the petition In lines
lion. Next it is said that ''Tbomal
Brown, sr , and L-w Wo lemati have
both dropped out of the fight for the
nomination of ropr s.'iitative at the
coming couuty convention " Mr.
Wedetnan uevr annonnoed bltnteif ns
i candidate. Mr Brown was and etill
is a candidate, and his chances for
the nomination are second to
no other candidate in Susquehanna
oonnty. Again, tins Truth correspond
cut tries to belittle the ootnnwndable
efforts of Burgess Benjamin Many In
ittemptiuis to enforce the borough or
dinance, and MOtuei him of not men
tioning the bad condition of the side
walks when he speaks about the filthy
habit "f spitting tobacco juice on the
sidewalks, n Mr. Maxey's first pro
olamatiou he was treating simply of
dilorderly action, filthy habits, etc.,
and not of borough improvements
Liter the burgess called the attention
of conncil to sidewalks and other
need 1 improvements iu a very beroin
ing and forcible manner. The Truth
correspondent evidently was anxious
to tiu 1 fault and was not particularly
Ol ireful to follow the truth in his fault
finding He should endeavor in his
next heavy mental effort to furnish a
few facts instead of dealing entirely in
sin ill spirited fiction.
T. J. Mo l'ighe, formerly of Carbon
dale, and well known iu this place, was
in town to lay intro lucing n choice line
of cigars for a Uoadlila, K. Y., cigar
Harry Yewens, snrrever for the Hill
side Coal and Iron eompiny, of Scran
ton, was in town today.
Mr. Henry Box spent yesterday with
Carbondale friend
James White, jr., a ion of Mine
Foreman White, was severely bitten
by a dog belonging to Mrs. McDermott
Qneataattbe Forest House today,
S. N Callenler. J E. Cailender, of
Scranton, and W. A Smith, of Bing
h a in ton, N. Y
Erie Operator .lame Cunningham is
on the sick list today,
Notes of Oeneral I .t.rset Comeming
Inhabitant of a Huatiintr Town.
JgRMYN, Pa., March i'.- Evan Da
vies is visiting fiienda in Wilk-s
The third degree team of the inde
pendent )rder of till Fellows will go
to Arob bald ttatnrday night to coufer
the d-gres.
Harry Bovart and Robert and Frank
Blakeslee returned to their school du
ties at Wyoming s.-minury y titer day,
Tho funeral of Mollit f'ory took pi ice
yesterday interment in Tompklnt
villo. C D Winter tranactod business in
Scranton yrster lay.
The nocial at the residence of Joseph
Tennis lsst evening, in aid of the Bt
Jamn thnrob, was a great success A
larg- n nin tier attended and helped thn
cause financially. Hufreshinents were
served by the young ladies ot the
1 -
Evente of a Day Ohronltled In Nnwsy
Little Parairraphs.
ftveefaJ lo is Be ma few fwtaat,
MOOSIC, Pa, March il Thomas Me
J nal I, of Stark's patch, au old resi
Oentof this tOWO, putted away Monday
morning of pneumonia Dtotaaed wag
70 years of age and had liveil in this
vicinity for thirty y.-ars. Tne funeral
will take place Wodneaday morning at
I) o'clock from Ins resilience in Stark's
pateh. an I a high mass of requiem will
be Celebrated Hist Mary's church at
lb o'clock In Avoca Interment will be
in idt In the Market street uemetery in
Archie Young will conduct a Bible
reading in thn liasemem ,.f the I'r shy
tor i mi church T hursiay evmiug. Sun
ject, 'Holy Spirit. "
Alexander ftloKtOlit was In Scranton
on businea yesterday
Hev. Mr. Jones, Of Providence, and
Hev, Mr. QtOtge, of PittatoD, will hold
service at the home of Daniel Price, of
Brook street, Thursday evening
Only a Step
from Weak Limns () Con
sumption, from Depleted
Blood to An;i;mi;i, from Dis
ea ted Blood to ScroiiilajfrorD
Loss of Flesh to tllneiSi
tho Cream of Cod-liver Oil,
provonls this step from being
taken and restore! Health.
Physicians, tho world over, en
dorse it.
Don't be deceived by Substitutes!
iviwo .i tj Scott a Bewae, n. t. an Drufgist.
Preaching in Welsh will be given iu
the evening
Miss Frances El well, of Scranton,
spsnt Tuesday with a eister, Mrs. W.
H. Manners, of Main street.
Master Samuel Altemus, of Minooka
avenue, met with an accident Monday
by hating his loot badly hurt by jump
in g on the cars.
Cottage prayer matting will be hold ,
Friday evening at the home of David
Wildriolt, of Walnut street, at 7.U0
- n i
IliiMiaiilnua ot Two Lively Horouifh
Kpiducsd In Bravlttei.
ttyctfll to laeaaeaaloa JVItaaa
PltlCKBOKO, Pa , M irch U7. -I.mkie
tribe, No. 107, mprovtd Ordtr of Bad
Men, ntltHidnJ ih iuueral of Archie
Corcoran, the young nun who was
killed al the Bin., Hi, Ige colliery. 1 i
tarmant took place at the Forest Home
oenietary, Taylor, on Monday. Dj
ceased was a highly rtaptoted mem
ber of this In he and was in goo 1 elan 1
in-' in the time of Ins dc ah.
John M. D.ivia and Csradoc Hsese, of
Provldvnoe, were visitor ill town yes
terday. Batter was celebrated In a very
quiet inaaiier in town Impressive
services Were held in the chiirchee.
The Diokton poatofflaa has hail a
renovating. T'hu boxes newly
numbered and painted, which reflsote
oredit on the pottmaater Thomas
Drier, and his able assistant. The fa
cilities for handling mail matter in
Dickton are better than ever.
Rev. Father Longhrtn, of Minooka,
was a visitor in town on Tuttday,
Will McLaughlin, for many years a
reeident bntinee man of this place,
moved to Carbondale yeaterday, where
ho will conduct bUtiuetl ill the Arling
ton hotel,
Tbeohoir of the Primitive Methodist
church is composed of well trained
voices and rendered some beautiful
musical selections on Bitter morn.
Willie Fan-..II lias bought a very de
sirable lot on Lard island.
P, J. MoGtovern, of Scranton. was a
visitor here yeaterday,
Miram lli-gius aud James Snyder
have been awarded the contract for
building a fence nround Diokton tlits.
Sim Pritchard, of Dickson, made a
business trip to Scranton yesterday.
Any news item intended lor this de
partment may be handed to the can lei
boy or left at the office of 'Squire Logan
on Main atreet.
Prominent Cltfzu ol Taylor Expiree
Suddenly Alter Short Illnoei.
Special to ttir Scran'ton JWten.
Taylor, Pa, March 27. William
Killmartin died at the home of hi
mother, on Oak street, Taylor, yester
day morning. He was sick but a week
and his death was entirely unexpected.
He was '.'') years old and a brother of
Patrick Killmartin. of K-triek A Kill
martin, of this city.
The funeral will take place tomor
row morning. M is will be celebrated
ut St. Joseph's cburcb, Miuooka, at 9
o'clock. Interment in St. Joseph's
cemetery. Taylor Cornet band, of
whion tho deceased was a member,
Will head the tuneral procession.
Cured of Catarrh
Feels Like A New Woman
Since Taking Hood's
Indigestion and Sick Headaches
Also Relieved.
"C. I II. .oil St Co . Lowell, .Muss.:
" I have hern taking Hood' Bartapai ilia sine
last December for Indigettlon, catarrh and tick
head he, aiul it has made me leel like a new
woman, wuru i eomme .1 tnkiniMt i iii.i nut
nave any appetite and for n ;m I hail to he er-
caiefnl about in) tlitt. Now I can eat any kind
ol iiinii without nnydlatreu afterward. I had a
severe CAM pf Catarrh, and this with mv Indiges
tion brought on frequent attack ol sfek head
Bene. Tliey bothered me very much. Bui ilnea
taking several bottle of Hood' aaruparilla
All Is ChaiiKed.
It has cured me ot catarrh ami hi) other
troubles, I hope evei) one similaily at-
Dieted will try Uood't BaraeparUla and be
eouvlnced ol its merit " Misk Rlla Johx
e... uu Btreet, Phlladetpbla, Penn.
Hood'n Pills ii"' hand made, and nlct
IB proportion and Blipearance. iV. a Inn.
We have the hand
somest line of Parlor
and 1 )rawing Room
ever shown in this
state and we would
like you to see it.
Hill &
Washington Ave.
To know that a tingle applica
tion of the Cuticura Remedies will
afford instant relief, permit rest
and sleep, and point to a speedy
and economical cure of torturing,
disfiguring, itching, hurninand
scaly humors, and not to use
them without a moment'.-delay
is to fail in your duly. Cures
made in childhood are speedy,
economical and permanent.
Bold throughout tho world, PoTTM DnttoxRD
Cum, i ' suir prepri. tort, Botoa -" ail
AlHiutUieUloo l,HklD,esialpiidHktr,''mlkidfrw,
e facial lllmlhe,fallui bail tndunpl
Lull) rub prvnled bj (,'uiUuia s.mj..
-, It tired, aehlngi nervous moth.
X"d7jMan knew the comfort, ttrengtb, and
L ufiP vitalltj in Cutleura fiaier, the
I would never be without them, in
ever) wa tUu pureat, twettett a.a
tint ot plaster.
Dr. E. Grewer
Hie Philadelphia rp;cialist,
And Lis auoclalu-1 lUttof Bnallah and r,er
man hh) Kia:n,.are now tierujaiieutly located
Temple Court Building
Where the, may ho roii-ulted DAILY AND
The Doctor Is a graduate ot tho Fnlversitv
trraiuylvaaia, formerlr d.-montrtor of
pajwolosr and raraerv at the Wedicochir
oriclciij C.illrne, of PbUadelphU He Is tlao
an himiirary n emhor of the MeUico ( hirur
rical Asso.intl.m. end w ihysici.m snd
Mrnon-in chief of the mrt m.ted Am-riean
h i Uerman hospitals, comes hlirhly Indorsed
NW Y k professor of Philadelphia and
Bla many year et hosnital .xperienae en
blcs this eminent physician and surgeon to
correctly oiagnoee and treat ail def.rnrt
and diseases with the mint flattering success,
and hi hih etnndina in the stat. will not
ll w him 'o secept any incurable case
I o- i m Iiimiii KKsTOHl l
) I lhM- Ol YOUNG Ml N II UKtl
It you have otta given up .,y your i hvsl
clan rnll upon the doctor i,nd 1 examined
He cur. ihe worst caxwof Nervous Debility.
rnfuln. Uld Korea i atairh. Piles. Female
Weakness. Affection of thn Ear. Eyo, Nose
And Throat, Asthma Dewiness, Tumor. i'u
ceis and Crti t.lrs of every description Cm
nltailon in English and Herman Free, which
hall Isi con adored aacred ami strictly couil
i IHae Honrs: 0 A. M. to U P. SI. Dally,
tun. la,, O lo Ii . in.
Third National
Bank of Scranton.
Statement Feb '.'a . ihi4. called for by
Ihe Comptroller i.l the nnenoy,
III Mil lit I g,
I nns 1,916,340 00
Overdraft! 947.3?
United State lion. is no. no., on
Oilier It. .mis 518.K7S.TA
llniiLlnt: House , SH, 074.4(1
rrciiiiiims on I'. S liotid.... 04:17.".
Due ir. mi t . s i reaeurer . ... 7,600.00
line from Hanks 106,416.73
Cash 140,640.04
Capital asoo ooo no
turolns am ooo no
Dmllvlded fronts 86160.06
Clrenlat ion 000,00
Dividend t i.pai.i 334 so
Depodt . 1,664,660.84
Due lo tlanlis m 666 86
ae,tot,88o 1.0
u 11 1 1 m iinm 1 1 . rresldent
tif o 11 CATLIN, Vice-President
wit u t 11 rt 1 t. 1 nehler
nun CTOR8
ltlliuut Connell, Qeerge n. Catlla,
AHip.I llnn.l. .lame Arenbald, Henri
llclln, Jr., Willi,,,, T. IbiIUl l.uther
Heller. bank nffbr to depneltort every
fai llltj warranted by their balauoee, bait
nrss nn.t retpnnRlhlllty.
Speelal attention given to bnelnettae
eevnta Intoreal paid on time depoelta
Theroaro hnndreda of young men nml young women in thn
country who lave spleudid ability, hut they have never been
wakened up.
Wood's College of Business and Shorthand.
Has been an Inspiration to hundreds of young peoplo. If yoa
me tired of Inactivity and want to do something tangible,
come to the College.
Bl sii ss COURSE.
" IMIK F. E. WOOD, Froprietor.
90 cts.
All wool, Bj 1
tra Super, yard
Wide, usually
75e. and 80c,
65 cts,
v e still have a lew
patterns left ol the
40c. Tapestn Brussels.
Chenille Curtains, $3.25.
(An unusual bargain.)
Extra heavy and extra
wide, $5.
Furniture Coverings
Imported Tapestry, Satin
Derby, Satin Damasks
Wool Tapestry.
Satinette Fringed, lj4 yda
square, $1.25.
Holland Shades, fringed,
Hartshorn Rollers, 50c.
each; usual price, 65c.
406 and 408 Lackawanna Ave.
The most complete
in the market.
HuH U Co.
205 AliD 207 1101 AYE.
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"No star was ever lost we once have seen,
We always may be what we might have been,"
Scranton, Pa.
22 and 23 Commonwealth Building.
MARCH 28, 1894.
Your choice of three beautiful
plotures, "Telephone Girl," "De
livering Christmas Presents''
ami "Maidens Swinging." Bend
bj iiuiil or lui'sscni'i' or bring
coupotm like t his of three differ-
cut dales, with 10 tints, Stamps
or coin, to
Cor. Penn Ave. and Spruce St.
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